Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 20, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 20, 1894
Page 2
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"If Christ: Beadyin Came to ... a ,ew d a/ s... Chicago" neglected may grow f Beecham JOURNAL READERS LOOK OUT FOR IT- Greatest Sensation OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. THE FAMOUS EDITOR OF THE REVIEW OF REVIEWS WM. T. STEAD OF LONDON The most remarkable figure of reform in modern civilization, whose books Imve been sold till over the English-speaking world BY MILLIONS, Has Written this Book for America SELECTING CHICAGO AS THE TYPICAL CITY OF CORRUPTION AND OF GREATNESS TruthH are told us they have not been told since CHK1.ST OA3IK TO PALKST1XK. Anil the evils known to modern life are sketched like vi pers and their chief iibeltoi-s tire named openly without regard to person or consequence.". Supply yourself ut once with thi.s ^roar book. Send in your order at once, as tills will be tlic most advertise*! book, by the denunciations and laudations of the press, that has been issued in this country. STRIKINGLY ILLUSTRATED SPLENDIDLY BOUND NEARLY 000 PAGES The Journal is pleased to announce that it has secured a larjio number of copies of the tint edition of this wonderful book, which will be shipped aB it is oir the press, anil will be sold to Journal readers at as low a price as possible, together with one coupon clipped from this paper. JS'o one should.miss reading this trreat book which contains startling facts never before presouteil in such a graphic manner. Watch for the coupon which will be started as soon as the books arrive. ALL PROMISES KEPT. When The Journal began the now great distribution of WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIOS A promise was made-to the public that the Portfolios wculd contain the finest series of views ever offered to the public by a newspaper. In point of mechanical and artistic excellence the DREAM CITY views HAVE SURPASSED EVERYTHING. which has yet been offered and it may safely be stated that their like will not be seen again When the scries is completed it will include the following subjects: Architecture and Bulldlnps 9 * Photographs. Landscape and Water Scenes 2 ^ ' | Fountains, Sculpture and Statuary 86 Exlbltx of All Nations ^' 6 " Famous Paintings of tho World 37 ^ Types of Various Nations • Jjl Miscellaneous Views - 5 This will constitute a complete pictorial and descriptive history of the great WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION. Don't fail to secure ALL of these superb Portfolios. See cpupon on 1st page. PART 6 NOW READY Portfolio No. 7 will contain 1 Detaili of the Golden Doorway, 9 3 Moonlight on the Grand Basin, 10 3 Water View of Manufactures Bldg. 11 4 Sweedn. and Norway BldgB. 12 6 French and Spanish Bldtftf. 13 6 Grand Logla, Machinery Hall. 14 7 Viow from ot Woman'* Bid*. 15 9 Procter's-Statue—The Cowboy. 18 Proctor's Statue—The Indian Scout, Village of Alaskan Indians, Penobscot Indian Village, Boat Parade on Transportation Day, The Cliff Dwellers' Exhibit, The Statue of Germania, State Bldgi. of Colorado ftnd Maine, The SUrer Queen. P?-o (GUINEA ^£i in all cases where Liver and Stomach trouble is suspected .,1 (."• MANY SLAIN. A Cyclone Deals Death and Destruction ia the South ( Over Twenty Lives Reported Lost in Texas and Indian Territory—Live Stock and Poultry Killed. MUCH I'BOVKBTY DESTHOYBD. LONGVIKW, Tex., M:i.rch l^.—A de- struciive storm passed over this place at 1 o'clock Sunday morning. Oail- HtonCb fell weighing- fourteen to eiffht- een ounces. Chicken* and turkeys roosting in trees were killed, while ducks, geese and IIORS were pelted to death. S^ r*irH<Mi» Killed. At Lansing Switch tlie cyclone struck tho house of John Cuiiia, occupied by a family of negroes. The house was destroyed and six persons were killed, three mortally wounded and live seriously hurt. Olti man Alexander Lester was found entirely nude 50yards from the house de:id, Alexander Lester, Jr., 18 years old, the mother, iSarali Lester, Kobert Luster, Jasper Collins, and Sissy Lester, '2 years old, were also killed. Sissy Lester was found several yards away in a treetop. Many Injured. Mollie Collins has a hole in her head and many bruises; Silas Johnson, who •was visiting the family, received ugly abrasions from the crown of his head to his hucls, he may die; Frank Dizer had his leg- broken below the knee; Dock Simmons, a relative, has a badly crushed head and will die; Odessa Lester, 4 years old, was found iu the field with her right leg- broken above and below the knee, she will die; Arthur Lester, 0 years old, Willie Lester, 9 years old, were injured seriously. Half a mile south of tho ill-fated Lester house the house of John Uuffltt, a white man, was dashed to splinters, leaving the family unhurt, except from bruises from hailstones. Two miles east the large barn of Nick Harris was unroofed, and ] mile farther the house of Sallie Jatnas (colored) was destroyed. The inmates escaped, Lorilla James, 8 years, was badly and perhaps fatally hurt with hailstones. A Mr. Davis, living- on tho Little Nick Harris place, three-quarter* of a mile from the Lester house,. had his house demolished. escaping with many bruises. N«T*n Morr Dead. At Emery, the county seat of Rains county, the entire western portion of tho town was ruined at 7:80 Saturday evening. Miss Easter Alexander, Bras Henry, George Walker and the 4-year- old son of Henry Murray (colored) are the known dead. Three unidentified bodies were found north of pmery Sunday. The post office was used as a hospital and morgue, Fire 8l»ln ID One Family. SANTA ANNA, Tex., March 19.—A tornado swept over portions of this town and of the cotton counties, wrecking buildings and leveling fences. At Trickham, in Coleman county, W. D. Watson's house was blowu to the ground. Mrs. Watson and four children were killed outright. An Infant escaped unhurt, while Watson's iniu- ries will prove fatal. Four Killed In Indian Territory. EUFAI.IA, I. T., March ID.—The most disastrous cyclone in tho history of this section of the Indian territory swept over the Choctaw nation at an early hour Sunday morning, destroying both life and property. Telegraph -wires were blown down in every direction and particulars are not obtainable, but it Is known that four lives have been lost in the vicinity of Spencer, a small town In tho interior. The residence of WiU liam Lott was blown down and Lott and his wife and two children, were instantly killed. Their bodies were blown a quarter of a mile and terribly mangled. A number of residences at Spence were wrecked. Killed ny r.lelitnliiK. LAWKKNCBVILLE, Ga., March 19,— While the family of John Johnson, about 4 miles from here, were gathered together at supper time (Saturday night a storm came up rind the lightning •truck the house and instantly killed Mr. Johnson's wife and his 0-year-old son, also knocking Mr. Johnson senseless for more thun an hour. Kuln In Every Ulruotlno. FOHT SMITH, Ark., March 19.—A terrific wind and electric storm passed over the southwestern portion of Arkansas and the southeastern portion ol the Indian territory Sunday morning. Farms were devastated, fences blown away and ruin spread in every direction. The portion most affected is remote from telegraphic communication, and the full extent of the damage cannot be ascertained. Crop* Waihud Awny. MEMPHIS, Tenn., March 19.— Considerable damage has been done to cropi by heavy rains in this section during the past few days. The lowlands hav« been flooded and in many caaea growing crops have been vraihed away, necessitating replanting. SHORT SPECIALS. Fire in Gloucester, Mass., caused damage that will reach »100,000. Hurry Meyar, 88 years old, was thrown from a horse and killed at Canton, 0. Albert Boyle, aged 13, ot Grinnell, la., tried to mount a moving- train of cars and was killed. Pugilist Corbott in an Interview says he will quit the arena after his fight with Peter Jackson. Senator Palmer predicts the end of the "solid south" and dissolution of existing political parties. Two Mexicans at Guanajuato killed Pedro Letrero, aged 80, and his grandchildren, aged 9 and 5 years. Emil Smith shot and killed himself at Peoria, 111. Despondency at losing his position is said to be the cause. The senate finance committee has decided to restore the old tax on cigars in response to the protest of workmen. Canadian Pacific is said to bo backing a company incorporated to build an air line from Superior, Wis., to Chicago. As a result of revelations in tho Pollard trial Col. BreckinnJgo is likely to be made defendant in a suit for divorce. John Kountz, a WellsviUo (0.) saloonkeeper, accidentally shot and killed Harvey Morrison, his bartender. Mrs, Cornelia A. Splndlor, a widow at Defiance, O., has sued lirice M. Ms- house for f&,000 for breach of promise. It has been predicted by a senator that Vice President Stevenson will be the next democratic candidate for president. At Norwood, Minn., an elevator containing 0,000 bushels of grain was burned. The loss will aggregate about $25,000. A Naw York paper alleges Croker will soun retire from the leadership of Tammany, to be succeeded by Muyur Gilroy. In a sermon at St Paul Archbishop Ireland said foreign nationalism should g-ivo place in church and slate to Americanism. A convention of delegates representing railroad orders will meet in Kew York in May to consider a plan ot political awtion. Sever Peterson, <>:! years old, committed suicide by hanging »t his home in LaCrosso, Wis. Overindulgence iu drink was tho cause. WON'T TAKE THE FREIGHT. Kftllroudhi, JJxpoctlnt thn Winter llr«*k- llp, Kefune to Ship Heavy Good*. MINNEAPOLIS, March 10,—A Duluth special lo tho Journal says that the railroads are now refusing to accept heavy freight for the Kainy Lake gold regions in anticipation of an early breaking up of the winter roads. A Chicago firm wanted to ship a twenty-stamp mill over the Mesaba road to be hauled by team from Mountain Iron, the terminus of the road, but it was refused. Provisions are being hurried forward to prevent a famine in the Eldorado during the interval between the breaking up of the winter roads »nd the opening of the water routes. __ Died In 'FrlMO. KBNOSBA, Wis., March 19.—Word has reached here from San Francisco of the death of Charles H. Bain, of the Bain Wagon company, in that city Sunday. Mr. Bain was single and 40 years of age. Be was a son of E. Bain, founder of the company. • •» H»ttlo filnlno to Wed. WASHINOTON, March 19.—Announcement is made of tho engagement, of Miss Hattie Blaine, daughter of the late James G. Blaine, and Truxton Bcale, son of the late Gen. Beale. Two Students Drownvd. PROVIDENCE, It. I., March 19.—Edward H. Bennett and Charles P, Spencer, two students at East Greenwich seminary, were drowned in Greenwich bay ."Saturday while duck hunting-. Illft Fir« ut Jtronklyn. UBOOKI.YX, X. Y., March JO,—The tinware manufactory of llslcy & Co., has been destroyed by fire, causing a loss of §200,000. Good Att»na»D«» «t n» miawinur r»ir. SAN FHAXCISOO, March m—The total attendance at the midwinter fair Saturday was fl«;444, greater than any other day linee th« opening, when it was about 72,000. The average attendance is gradually increasing, and it is probable that it will be much heavier from this time on. Sousa's baud hat- begun a live weeks' engagement at the fair. t_ Died *t th» Age of 121. PHILADELPHIA, March 19.—At the age of 121 years Mrs. Annie Bailey (colored) died suddenly in her room at 921 Lombard street. Although there is no authentic record of the old woman's birth, her own story and the testimony of her relatives leave little doubt thai she was 1*21. F»tlierl«M HOJH Become Iu»nu. KALI. KIVBR, Mass., March 19.—Alexander J. McDonald died suddenly last Wednesday of heart disease. Saturday Daniel J. McDonald, a son, became violently insane,' and now another son, Frank, is insane. Both boys are being guarded by the police 1 . Kevlvitl Rt 'Frl»i!0. SAN ITBANCISCO, March JO.— The MeUiodist churches of the city Sunday inaugurated it big series of revivals in a largo tent on tho new post oftlce site. The leader is Rev. C. II. Vatman, of New York. Three thousand people were present. Kowbnry H Firm Home Killer. LONDON, March 19,—-Michael Daviu, the well-known Irish leader, on .Sunday addressed a meeting ut Kallybvothy, Queens county, Ireland, He declared he was convinced that Lord Roscbcry was as firm :i home ruler us any (ihid- stonian. I'M hi ?uARivJ2T;j. <![-Hlh, 1'rovikiuiiB, Kto. CHICAGO. Marcli 10 Fl.0l.-li—Quid, wi'.li a very inoclc:nlH! ilc- m;«nJ. Prlcrw biin-Jy sirjul.v, Qm>t:ition,s arc: . Whiter— P. ilcnl,-., K.Kin U.60, clours, }S.Oa»i:!0: iicamus, il.S'J&I. Krttiie.s, H.003170. Sprinn— J'uicuis. :i.t»; striilnlnii. :i!.:»4t^.OJ; Hirers'. tJ,? low ifntilcs. Tl.-tUttl.5u; Roc! Dog, il.'. Kyc. n-lOQiM. WHEAT— MuJii.MWly ai-tivi- ;mJ Cash. 5i\a.M;!.jc: May, CUHN— MoilfiMU-ly aciivt! anil vasifr No. S tiiiJ No. 2 Yo!lon\ l'/Jc nmli:r Muv: No. 3, -lie, nnil No. a Yellow. 2q isntliT May: Miiy, .Will 3CJ;c: July, :i7;,e3TJic; September, :ts^fc3!i'«c. OATS— l ; '»irly ai-ilvc and su-uly. No. ~ cash, 30tt3lH t i:; May, KfJ.aSOi.c: July, 2Ti4aW:i<s. Samjuus in now! demand anil lower. No H, SOW »9l?ic; No. 3 Wliite. :«J33c; No. 1!, .TOyttSHic; No. 1! Whlic, :»!?;tt^;«c. MESS I'oliB — TradiriB light ami prices stonily. Quotations ranged at 510.i37il9!0.9:!^ for cash resulur; I10.7&310.K5 for May, ai;d WO SO«10.90 July, LAUD— Market moderately active and Heady. nH ranged at MtOttasS'/t cash: ia.4'-!i for May. and I&40tt0.4& lor July. POULTRY— Per pound: Chickens. 03 80; -Turkeys. *<0,1c; Ducks, S@ftc; . (ieese, t300a8.0U imr dozen. UL'TTEK— Creamery, 12C12KC; Dairy, llffilBo; Packing Slock, oaiOc. Orr.s— Wisconsin Prime While, 7S<c; Water Wliite., 7Ho; Michigan Frlmo While, Stfc; War ler White, 9c; Indiana Prime While, 8^c; Water White, 8«c: Headlight, 1715 test, 8!fc; Gasoline, 87 dog's, 11 ^o; 7« dog's, 9c; Naphtha, 83 deg'u. 6tfc. LiQUons— Dlntilled nplrtt» steady on Ihe bnslu of H.I6 per gaL for Untuned goods. NBW YOHK. March 19. WHEAT— No. 2 rod opened weak and soldoS to6UiO61«o Jor May, the tint figure being » new record; July, 63XO«< Moo; December, COHN— No. 2 weaker and fdirly active, but ralllodaomewhRi before noon. May. 42 5-1*3 42«o; July, 437-18tt48Ho. OATS— No. S dull and weaker. May, 8<)iffl 84^c; track while State, 38JB41c; track white Western, 38S4IO, PnovisioNS-Beof— Quiet but Moady: family. J11.OOO1S.00: extra mess, 47.50. Pork- Quiet; new muss, Il2.85ai2.76: family, JiasC 614.00: short clear. »iaw>CI650. Lard— Steady; prime Woatern steam, »7.10; nominal TOLEI>O, O-, March 15. WHEAT— Lower and QuIcM. No. 2 cas,h and March, 66Ho; May, 68540; July, Sac. COIIN—Dull and easy. No. '- cash, 37Sic; May, 3i)?ic. O.(TS—Sto»i3y. N T o. 2 mixt'il, Kc; No. - White, 34c. Kvy—Dull. Cash. lOUc bid. CI.OVKKSRED—HlRhor and quiet. Prime cash and March, »f.50; April, N.40; OctoDur, H.73 bin. Live Stock. CHICAGO. March lit. HuGS—Market fairly active. Light- lots 60 lowor. Other grades unchanged. Sales ranged at $<.lft«*4.0T> for Pigs; M 45ffii.7(> ror light; W.30iJ>-(.36 for rough packing: J'4.4034.05 tor lulxud, and S4.4034.G5 for licavy packing and shlpplni; low. CATTI.B—Market, moderately active and the reallng Meuily. Prices nnelmngeil. Quotations ranged at, 34.7U3K.05 for choice to extra .shipping Stocra; H. 1)034.(W for goo'i to choice do.; !X!»a at>0 for fair uj gooii; B.80JJ3L3B for comcinn to medium do.; Si.7oO,1-(i for butchers' Steers; iSMinc!!. 10 for Stnckers: KI.1UQ>,'!.(» for Feeders: II SOaaWS fn r Cows: S2L«tt3.-,'0 lor Ilclfcrs; H.00..«a«o for Hulls; $i,"»as.75 for Tcsa» Steers, and Si.WaG.On for Vi-a) Culves. •KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with leas expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced iu «ie remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly * A.* .1 _j?_ ......r/wLt IOY_ speng cos, eaaces and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met withtfho approval of the.medical profession; because it acts on the KIU- neya, Liver and Bowels; without weakening them and it is'perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- glstiin 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, wodUlng wolf informed, TOOi will not MOipt any iuft#<t6 if offend- The Lnnd of FromUr. Is the might; West, tne land that "tickled with a Loe ImiKhs a harvest:" tlw Kl Dorado of the miner; tlmgonl of the neflcnltural emigrant. While It teems with all the element* of wealth and prosperity, come of the fairest and most fruitful portions of It Iwnni harvest of malaria reaped In Its fulhiKM by those uniirolecli-d by u medicine safeguard. No one seeking or dwelling In a malnrlal locality Is safe from the scourge without Hostetter'B Stomach Bitters. Emigrants Dear nils In mind, lommerclal traveler* sojourner.s in malarious districts should carry abottle of the Bitters in the traditional crlpsaek. Against tlio tITects of exposure, mental or bodily overwork, damp and unwr-oicsome food or water. It Is (in Infallible defense. Constipation, rheumatism, biliousness, dyspepsia, nervousness nnd loss or scrength. are all remedied by tills genial restore- atlve, _ Xuilre FonndtUoni Dlicotered. Chicago citizens In their desire to excel, have lately accomplished a big feat, namely: in discovering by actual measurements that there are eome lady residents who can wear shoei twelve Inches long. Your blood needs regulating In spring. "Lafeld Cabinet Port" is nature's own blood purifier. Mild and mellow. Price, quarts, fl; ptott, 60 cents. For sale by W. H. Porter, prescription druggist, 826 Market street. Logansport, Ind. I*nel YMNlly MiUlclu* note* Bow*l> Everyday Meat people need to •I Ivy Poisoning Eight Years of Suffering Perfect Cur* by Hood's ••rsaparlllk "C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.: " D«u Sinn—We hare tried Hood's Sarsspv rill* and find it to be .ill you claim for It. My •wife w»s poisoned by try when a young woman,' and for eight years wu troubled erery seuon Hood's^Cures -with the breaking out snd terrible Itching and burning. I thought her« WM a» bad. » c»s« u anyone ever had. She WM in this distressing condition every year until she began to take Hood's Sarsap.-irllla. which lias effected a perfect cure, without liMViiig any scars, and sh» lias had No Sign of the Poison Since. She Is well and liearty. I liavc taken lIood'B Sars^parllla alter tliu #•!» with good results, and have also given it to our four children. We ar« all pictures of perfect health and owe it to Hood's Sarsaparllla." J. C. FHKKMAX, Vandalla, Illinois. „ ^ N h Jf vuu dcciilo to take Hood s xirsapa- rilladouolfjuiniliwed lo buy any otln-r mstuad. Hood's Pills : 're hand made, and perfect in proportion and appearance. 2Sc. per box. 'JT)io Trouble Over. A proinincct man in town exclaimed tho other Oay: "My wife has been wearing out her life from the effects of dyspepsia, liver complaint and in- ijigestion. Her cisse billed the skill of our best physicians. Afler ufinp three packages of Bacon's O.lery King- for tho ne'ves sbo is almost entirely we!l." Keep your blood in a hoa'thy condition by the use of this jrrcat vegetable compound. Call on Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth street, sole agent, and get a trial package free. Large- size 50 cents. Children Cry for Pitcher'* Castorla. Kor Over fifty Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup hat been used for over fifty years by millions of motbera for their children while teething, with perfect aucoeM- It soothes the child, softens the gume. allays all pain, cures wind colic, and IB the beat remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by druggist* IE every part of the world. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for •Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup" and take no other kind. Children Cry for Pitchcr*» O»«toyla. A Horrible Hallroa* Accident Is a daily chronicle in our papers; also the death of some dear friend, who has died with consumption, whereas, if he or she had taken Otto's Cure for throat and lung diseases in time, life would have been rendered happier and perhaps saved. Heed tho warning!', If you have a cough or any affection of the throat and lungs call at Bon Fisher's, 311 Fourth street, soleaRent, and get a trial bottle free. Large size- 50 cents. When Baby TTM rick, ve K&TB ber Caswrla. •When ibo wan » Child, slw cried for Castorta. When she )«v*mo Mlffl, bhe <-'u"K «« CastorU. When »he bad Children, abe *swth«m CartorU. California Fruit Laxative is nature'i own true remedy. It combines tho medicinal virtues of California fruit* and plants which are known to have » beneficial effect on the human system. Although harmless to tho most delicate constitution it Is thorough and effective, and will afford a pei manent ouro for habitual constipation and tbe many disorders arising from a weak or inactive condition of the kidneys, liver, stomach and bowels. For sain by all druggietB at 60 cents a NHtle. Children Cry for Pitcher'* Cattoria. "Horal Kubr'' Fort Wine. If you are reduced in vitality or strength by illness or any other cause, we recommend the use of this Old Port Wine, the very blood of tbe grape. A grand tonio for nursing mothers, and those reduced by wasting disease. It creates strength; improves the appetite; nature's own remedy, mucl preferable to drugs; guaranteed absolutely pure and over five years of age. Young wine ordinarily sold is not ftt to i»e. Insist OB having this standard brand, it «wt» no more. $1 In %u»rt bottles. Bottled by Royal WUe o-, C ««•«* For ale »'

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