Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 14, 2004 · Page 84
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 84

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 14, 2004
Page 84
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Page 84 article text (OCR)

J-14 Sunday,November14,2004Post-Gazette HOROSCOPE /JERALDINE SAUNDERS/NOVEMBER 14, 2004 ARIES (March 21-April 19): Restless dissatisfaction with routines can make you or someone close eager to explore greener pastures today. Watch out for misunderstandings. Making a stand or acting on impulse may give self-gratification — but could cause trouble in a key relationship. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Romantic fires burning bright may sputter and disappear if put to the test. Don’t make waves where your wallet or your heart are concerned. Do be prepared to jump to defend your reputation. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Inspiration can be found in the smallest things around you. Write down ideas or have a cozy chat with a partner about the future. You can have your finger on the pulse of future prosperity if you will let your intuition be your guide. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Changes in the career sector of your life could have consequences at home, so keep your ambitions cloaked until you have all the facts. Acting on passionate urges could put you in an awkward position. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): A general improvement in the overall mood means you can win brownie points in busi- ness. But don’t start down any path that may prove too narrow for maneuvering or too limiting to your authority. Romance that looks promising could fizzle. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Listen with your heart as well as your mind. Be sensitive to your partner’s emotional needs and do not push for decisions until the time is perfect. Mental harmony can ensure material success in the future if you will sit patiently and let events unfold without active interference. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): It is best to be reassuring and confident where others are concerned. However, avoid asking for commitment. Love can be a maverick that shies from the branding iron under these stars. Avoid purchasing clothing or luxury items, as your pretty new things may have small flaws that escape your scrutiny. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Impulsive spending may prove disappointing, so put that credit card away today. Others close could waver about their affections but you are steadfast and will fare better if you let small disruptions roll off like water from a duck’s back. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. 21): Have faith and bide your time. Others close will be sensitive to your mood and willing to give up small pleasures in order to have greater security. Warmth and friendliness can change frowns to smiles. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Push may be coming to shove in the background but you have an opportunity to take a needed rest from arduous tasks. Allow others to carry part of the load for a while. Pay attention to inspirational ideas that can make your money grow and write them down for future reference. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): You are willing to work hard to make your dreams come true and are able to leap over obstacles in your path. A sense of adventure that prods you to explore new avenues and entertain out-of-the-ordinary ideas is your best ally. You may need to forge a new path on your own and leave others behind. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Sensitivity to the thoughts and views of others can bring better understanding. While you should yield to the opinions of others, it isn’t wise to be a pushover. It is a good day to fix things that need creative genius and a flair for innovation. Be resourceful. IF NOVEMBER 14 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Between now and Christmas you may be working harder than ever to fulfill responsibilities, but obstacles will fade and only burning ambition will be left in 2005. You will be blessed with heightened stamina and resourcefulness all year that can help you reach your career objectives. Next July and September, look for a cosmic Santa Claus who will grant your most profound wishes. The following astrological forecasts should be read for entertainment value only. These predictions have no reliable basis in scientific fact. Prejudice is just stupid D EAR HARLAN: My partner and I live in the suburbs. We’ve both been married to women and have children. We live a quiet lifestyle, and, up until last night, I didn’t think we called attention to ourselves. Last evening, while my partner was walking our dog, one of our neighbors confronted him. While shining a flashlight in his eyes, she started yelling about curbing the dog. This led into calling him an offensive slur! This woman obviously has more issues than just the dog. How should we handle this? — S IN FLORIDA DEAR S IN FLORIDA: Not only does this woman have to worry about stepping in your dog’s mess, but she has to worry about stepping in her own. It’s not easy living next to Ms. Ima Ignoramus. You’re not the only one dealing with it. There are Ignoramus family members all over. There are two ways to handle her: ignore her and let her sit in her own stink; or approach her and explain that she’s made you extremely uncomfortable. Should you decide to approach her, take your flashlight and your partner, and leave the dog at home. Knock on her door and let her know that she doesn’t have to agree with your lifestyle, but she doesn’t have a right to be hateful; no one has that right. If she’s open to conversation, invite her to ask questions about your lifestyle rather than judging it and throwing insults. But if she’s not open to this and can’t handle it, she can move. Should she become aggressive, tell the police. She can be ignorant, just not hateful. DEAR HARLAN: I bet you get many letters about your theory of 1,000 soul mates for every person. I find this theory to be the craziest thing. I mean, you seem so logical, and your advice almost always sounds so sane, as if there is a rational idea behind it, but this 1,000 soul mates must have been pulled right out of the air. I’m not complaining. I like the fact that the person so many people go to for advice is strangely quirky and isn’t always logical. I just wanted to say, though, that I don’t know if I agree with the 1,000 soul mates. I do enjoy the fact that you stand by this crazy rule for no real reason. — FELLOW MIDWESTERNER DEAR FELLOW MID- WESTERNER: I almost appreciate the almost compliment, but there is logic behind this theory. It all started with those people who hang on to abusive, destructive and unhealthy relationships and label that partner a “soul mate.” Assuming this is in fact a soul mate, there must be more than one. I can’t believe our one and only would abuse us, insult us, degrade us, betray us, belittle us and alienate us. With more than a billion people out there, I’m thinking the number is at least 1,000 soul mates, maybe even 10,000. I believe we meet our soul mates at different times and places in life. Each one fills a different role. Each one teaches us something different about ourselves. Not all last forever. But the soul mate who lasts the longest should be the one who respects us, loves us and encourages us to be our best. For those lucky enough to find this mate, there might be others who occasionally catch their eye at work, at a coffee shop or during their daily routine. But that’s normal. And it’s OK to let him or her go. We only need one good one. Write Harlan at harlan@ helpmeharlan.com or visit www.helpmeharlan.com. All letters submitted become property of the author. Send paper to Help Me, Harlan! 2506 N. Clark St., Suite 223, Chicago, IL 60614. HELP ME HARLAN ATTENTION: PROFIT SEEKERS For in-depth financial reporting and stock updates, the buck stops in PG Business. 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Proposalsmustbe madeontheAuthority’s formandinaccordance withallapplicablein- structionsandtermsand conditionsallofwhich maybeviewedatthe OfficeofProcurement, PittsburghWaterand SewerAuthority,441 SmithfieldStreet,Third Floor,Pittsburgh,PAon andafterNovember15, 2004. ThePittsburghWater andSewerAuthorityre- servestherighttoreject anyorallbids. GREGORYF.TUTSOCK ExecutiveDirector ThePittsburghWater andSewerAuthority LegalServices ABANKRUPTCY AsLowAs$300+Costs Sat.&eve.appts.avail AttyPowell412-373-3753 ADIVORCE$195TOTAL No-FaultUncontested AttysReisman&Davis FreeInfo24Hours Notravel800-486-4070Pgh BANKRUPTCY Getridofbills! Getridofbillcollectors! MAZZEI&ASSOCIATES Pittsburgh-BelleVernon-Tarentum 1-800-405-0935 Auctions AUCTION Harry Davis &Co. 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See www.fhfall.com.For pictures,directions, termsNobuyerspenalty FallLiquidations AY-52L(412)241-7443 AuctionofRealEstate Sat.,Nov.20,10AM Loc.1mioffPARt21 westofthevillageof WindRidgePAonBris- toriaRd.83ac+/-par- celofrealestatelocated inRichhillTwp,nrRy- ersonStationStatePark &DukeLakeinGreene Co.PA.Thereisrestor- ableoriginalloghome w/countrycavecellar. Additionally,thereisa doublewidehomesitu- atedonthistractof ground.Callfordetails. SaleGreeneCounty BoardofCommissioners www.behmsauction.com CharlesBehmAU1393L 724-428-3664 BUILDINGMATERIAL AUCTION Sat.,Nov.20@10AM WashingtonCo. Fairgrounds 215N.MainSt. Washington,PA15301 DOORS: Pre-hunginte- riordoors,exteriordoors &entrancesystems,pa- tio&slidingunits. WINDOWS: doublehung, casements,fixed. FLOORING: carpet remnants,hardwood flooring,laminate,ce- ramictile. TRIM: casing,baseboard,crown, chairrail,stairparts. KITCHEN&BATH: Co- rian®stylesinks,cabi- netsets,jettedtubs,hot tub,toilets,pedestal sinks,faucets. NAME BRANDTOOLS: nailers &aircompressors,power tools&more.Terms: Driverslicensetoregis- ter.Cash,Checkor CreditCard.5%buyers fee. ViewOnline: www.pbauctions.com Auct:TomParanzino PARANZINOBROS.AUCTIONEERS (330)549-3133...AU003736 COMPLETESCREWMACHINE& MACHINESHOPAUCTION RiscoIndustriesInc. 971Route910 Pittsburgh,PA15238 Sat.,11/20/04,10:00am Inspection8:30AM www. hartlandmachinery.com forcompletedetails Equipment: (7)Screw Machines,Lathes,Burg- masters,(14)DrillPress- es,T&CGrinder,Saws, WeldingEquip.,Presses, Tooling,ForkTruck, BrassStock,ShopEquip, Hand&PowerTools, AntiqueTools. 350+LOTS! Directions: PATurnpiketoAlleghe- nyValleyexittowards Pittsburgh.Rightonto Route910W.approx.5 miles-4thhouseonleft afterSaxonburgBlvd. Watchforauctionsigns. Terms: Sold"AsIs, WhereIs"forcash,ct check,plcheckw/bank letter.10%buyer’spre- mium,termsatauction. HartlandMachineryAuctioneers P.O.Box209 Portersville,PA16051 724-368-9788 724-368-9839fax PALIC.#AU-002918-L PALIC.#AY-000190-L EquipmentAuction Dinda’sRestaurant Tues.,Nov.16,5:00PM 4200SteubenvillePike, Pittsburgh,PA15205 (RobinsonTwp-Alleghe- nyCo.)Terms:Buyer’s premiumapplies.Visit websiteforcomplete terms&details! www.HostetterAuctioneers.com ShermanHostetter Lic#AU002184L ESTATEAUCTION TODAY@1PM GrandOpening!Wine, beer,food. Youchose whatgoesupforsale from1,000items.Doc- tor’swidowsellscon- tentsoflovelyVict. homepackedw/75yrsof stuff!Antg.&finefurn, Orientalrugs,muchart- work.Goodjewelry,chi- na,crystal,lamps,mir- rors,stainedglass.Old toys,coins,sportsstuff books,records&much, muchmore.Rt.60past GreaterPitt.Ex13-A Beaver.Then1/2mi.MC/ VisaDelivery724-417-3385 AARON’SAUCT1919L LARGEAUCTION MovedForConvenience JOHNSON’SGARAGE Rt.40,1-Mile EastBrownsville,PA Tues.,Nov.16,10AM Convection/Rotisserie Ovens;Fryers;Ranges; SteamKettle;Slicers; EspressoMaker;Coffee Grinders;IceMakers; YogurtMaker;Coolers &Frzrs;Pizza/Sandwich PrepTables;Plymold Booths;BallyWalk-In Box;SteamTables;Dip Cabinet;Concession Trailer&MoreTERMS: CashorApproved Funds.10%BuyersPre- mium.VisitWebsiteFor Photos&List FredPetersAuctioneers www.fpauctioneers.com (724)785-8954AU1460-L PLEASECHECK www.auctionlistings.info Quad-EEnterprisesInc. PUBLICAUTOAuction EVERYTHURS.6P.M. MAG-(412)464-4340 BuyandSellwithPG Classifiedads. BusinessOpportunities RESTAURANT Bridgev- illearea,allnewequip. Seriousinq.$30,000. 412-656-3150 RESTAURANT Compl equipforkit,dining&bar forlgefacility.Withor withoutArmstrongCo.liq license$49,900877-426-2504 RESTAURANT ForSale. Cafe/Pizzaria.Grtpoten- tial/grtconcept.Shaler area.$150K.412-302-5350 RESTAURANT InterstateExit WesternPA.814-238-4638 RESTAURANT Monro- eville.Liquorlic.,busi- ness&eqpt.412-551-0597. RESTAURANT North HillsItalianGreat$$$ maker.Mustsellfast NorthgateR.E. 412-487-6333 RESTAURANT OaklandRestaurant- Bar-BanquetRoom. Parking100+-cars. (PrevLaseks-Jamesons) JOHNCRKELLYR.E. 412-683-7300 RESTAURANT quickser- vice,businessmall,5day- M-F.49K.412-535-0446. RESTAURANT South Hills,turn-key,Mexican/ Chinesetake-out,financ- ingavail,412-600-0368. RESTAURANT/LOUNGE Plum,wellestab.seats 160+banquetarea.Bldg, liquorlic.,equipment+ add’lincomebldg. Irv 412-373-8900 WeinerRE SERVICESTATION insp/ mech.repairs,gas/diesel &conv.store,Washing- tonCo.Seriousinq.only. Bldgalsoavl724-929-4587 Auctions ROYALYORK AUCTIONGALLERY,LTD 5925BaumBoulevard Pittsburgh,15206 EstateAuction:Sat, Nov.20,2004,9:00AM Preview:Thurs,11/18,5- 8PM;Fri,11/199:30am- 3pm.Ant&FineFurn: Mah.&walnutdining& bedroomsuites,Victori- anfurn,desks,lighting, paintings,prints,mirrors,linens,Oriental rugs. Crystal,china,silver&coll: silver&SP flatware&holloware, fineestate&costume jewelry. Manyitemsfor entirehome: books, toys,trains,dolls,tray lots. Terms: Cash, checksw/PAlicense& majorcreditcardforID only.Absenteebidswel- comeLicenseAU001034. Phoneforphotomailer 412-661-1171.E-mail: Auctionryg@aol.com. NoBuyer’sPenalty. SQUIRRELHILLESTATE Guns-Jewelry-Furniture TUES.,NOV.16,5:30PM DIR:PkyWestpass airportExit8,straight 3.5miMoonTwp.Pre- view5pm.Highlights; TanleatherLRset; gametbl&chrs;plus fullhomefurnishings;21 GUNSIncl:1873Win- chester38-40,ColtLight- ing22;1845Muzzle loadingshotpiston20" barreletc;olderestate Jewelryincl14Kpcs; Lg.amt.Glass&china; RadialArmsaw&asst. tools!Seeweb www.johnsonauctionservice.com Vintagetoys IfyouareaCollector orDealer DoNotMissThisAuction! Sat.Nov.20@10:00am Sun.Nov.21@10:00am. SixmilesSouthofI-90. At11103Rt.19,Sparrow PONDCampground, Waterford,PA. Hundredsoftoysfrom the70’s&80’s,thou- sandsofalbums,Marx toys,lunchboxes,slot cars,baseballcards, Tonka’s,hotwheels, modelkits,etc.Too manyitemstolist.there isasemitruckfullof collectables.Termsare cash,localcheckorcer- tafiedcheck. NERO Auction&Appraisals 814-796-6301 AU-3256-L BuildingMaterials BarJoists 1440’Lx24"D $75eachyouhaul(412) 795-4325;(724)238-4300 BELGIANBLOCK Forsale.WillDeliver. (412)344-5503 BOWLINGALLEY, 8 lane,alllumberforsale, Makeoffer. 412-287-5481 COPPER&IRONPIPE 11/4"dia.,finntube&1 1/4"threadedvalves,all unused.412-835-5621. GARAGEDRS (2) 8’x6’6"woodencomp,gd shape.$150.Gardr opener$55;concretedbl lndrytub$50 724-775-6789 GLASSBlockWindows 32x24solid$54;32x24vent- ed$72/anyszpanel,loose block$2.50 412-829-7211 KITCHENDISPLAYS, Vanities,Tops,Shower Doors,Misc. 4146Library Rd.(rear),CastleShan- non.412-388-1340.Nov.12, 13,19&20hours8-4. METALBUILDING WALLPANELS New26gauge,painted gray,13,000sq.ft.,vari- ouslengths.724-287-5585 STEELBEAMS 18"X8" variouslengths,bestof- fer ............(412)287-5033 Cameras&Supplies CANONA1, 35mm w/50mm1.4lensw/Canon spdlight,MAmotordrive w/bag$400.724-334-1015 JVCDIGITAL camcord- erVHS/C,600Xzoom, nighttimelumination,2 excbatt&ACadapt. $300OBO.412-654-3349 MINOLTADIMAGE Xi Digitalcamera.Excllent condition.$200orB/O. Call412-788-0586. Computers/Games HP850 80Gig,kybrd, mouse,printer,monitor, spkrs;lthrofficechair; $350.(412)498-0285 IPOD40GB Lessthan1 monthold.PerfectCondi- tioninOriginalBox.Rare- lyUsed.$375.412-343- 9975 NEWDELL Dimension 3000P4@3GHZ,256- 512MBRAM,80GBHDD, DVD-CDRW-DUAL&15" LCDDisplay,Factory Sealed,NeverUsed$499 -888-205-7889 P3866, 128MBRAM, 20GBHD,17"monitor, keyboard,mouse,incl. AltecLansingspeaker system,$150.412-491-7667 FarmMachinery MCCORMICKFAR- MALL tractor340sickle bar,norearhydraulics. $2995.724-664-4199 FleaMarkets Fuel&Cordwood CHERRY/OAK/MIX FIREWOODFullcord Del.$150. (412)469-2554 FIREWOODMIXED $275.YouHaul. (412)704-5409 BusinessOpportunities SIGNFRANCHISE hasexistingwell- establishedclientele& location.Lowinitialin- vestment.Trainingand support.Financing available. 1-800-286-8671 TANNINGSALON exc loc.,substantialclient base.Gorgeousfacil. w/spaceforaddedsrvcs. Start-up$18K,turn-key. Finc.avail.727-480-8233. TanningSalon S.Hills,6 beds,vrygoodloc.1000’s ofcustomers.Owners moving.412760-7866 TAVERN attractive, gross$25K/mo.inclreal estate,currentliquorlic. 412-884-6066;412-874-0688. USLAWNSLandscape Maintenanceexpanding inyourarea.Provenoper- atingsystem.Ongoing training,fieldsupport, marketing,financing avail.1-800-USLAWNS. www.uslawns.com Morelistings formore homesthan you’llfind anywhereelse, everyweek inthe PGClassifieds 1114J14.011--Composite

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