Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 9, 1952 · Page 19
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 19

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1952
Page 19
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lt*» of Ho(M C*n»olld<»t«<J January , Ottdtet 9,1951 - -' I* Ctifek f0«Mf foBEPAYINQMY FOR TWO VERY OBVIOUS REASONS, ...BUT YOU MAY HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF TURNING WAY INTO m STADIUM, ANYVVAY- JUS I~H O7APH KID PLAYf >-> > IN VDUR RESIGNATION IF YOUU AGREE TO STAY WITH THE TEAM UNTIL AFTER OUR NEXT SAME WITH IN OUR FIRST TWO GAMES Of THE '•i SEASON/... By Michael O'Malley arid Ralph Lane to PNvloui Poult LOWS/ JUST THE /WAN) U3UI&THE /._ o«rv, 00/K flO* > ifj \ _ ,TU«3T ^K^r'IKI/'i V t» iXJT HOW r« J/ AKJtr A6 HE 5TEP» ON IT... HOWS P0« HEU?IW<«i COULC' IT HAVB fi*LUBfO OUT OP POCKBT OP SOMEONE WITM A L.ITTL& PBTBCnVE WOKK? HC KICKS- TMl' T IW TH' SMSfiT FLIPS ...WATCH/ 5T1CWM2. TO SHOE. dit* 29 Heavy blow 46 Ctrl'* nt.me or WASH TUBBS :p«U'i n«t' Bt Amount <hb,) v«lra '/. 83 DimlnuUv* of I'HAVB A HUMCH THIS 15 THE •8.25....-TMB OM A BOV OF HIS GOT YOU f BB<SIWWIWS OF A WBW 5BM56 OP spfhwt wm ; LOUI*« PRBSEMfl MOMOft FOR HIMl WWT...ILL CALL PESCRIPTIOW, 6IG. WHEW HE FIRST 1 BUT WE \ TO BE OKMl WONDER. W6REMT SURE «EV HOW HE RW&ED Tl SOT ITi AND DIDN'T Mb, C^H TOP^ ? NICE 6HlRr BUT VYHY- WAMTED 60WETHIMG THAT COST EXACTLV VJHV HE SOLO PIMT 0' BLOOD'. Wilh Mojor Hoople H& SODOENlLV HAS . FUMD&, f.W A6 SUSPICIOUS MASTER \MiTH A KMIP6 INJ MiG PACK BOulS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin HAVE ARTICLES ABOUT •y Dick Turner Mj*j***»i jj*^MAAETLS-AJCiA~£l. -^—1^-S^-J * «"CU * ,. ' ''V 1952 k,M;A S,-r"ic«. Inc. T M. R,. ;: . U S. I'll. O BUGS BUNNY By Hershbcrger **" *" '"•' ' ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin I CAM'T GET ANYTHING / WELL, I'M ON THE VIEW-SCREEN ( GOING 1C BUT A, DOG,SO 1 DON'TV TRY, ^^4Y• KNOW IF YOU CAM ^. HCW,' BRIMS ALLEY BACK IT \\A3AM ACCIDENT... TH'MUTT? THEY'LL 1AKE CARE OF THE MUTT V'ROS6 ME... BUT DO OUMPIN QUICK .WILL YUHP I CAN'T HANG HERE ALL DAY/ , \ ^ J l« worth ten bucks, YOU'RE cr.M»r AK| HIS FRIINDS CHRIS WELKIN, By Russ V/interbotham CAUL.IN& J_ T NOTHING WQUl.e» HAPPEN TX3lOU*~. NO TBE TO^«IN6 WALL.Out By Carl Anderson ccwaov STORIES »^»s.«v s>«.^«'»\r' I** " .'* : f^Tyvtn'™ *£™ ''.H" I "ht, tJmrtJay, OtJoter 9, 1962 rw CLASSIHED Ad» Must Bf In Office Dsv Before Publication HOPE STAR By Tne At*oel«t«d CINCINNATI — Etiard Charles lf.9, Cincinnati. knocked.?.flit nie Reynolds. 187, ClttfiMt, N. J. U. 1929 cokctav aftemoo'- h\ JtAB PUBLISHING CO. C. t. Polmtf, PrtlWtflt *!•« H. Waihburn. Stcy-TMi *i tht Slot Building II Jl« South Walnut Sl»«t Hope. Arkansas n H frMDbbrn, Editor & Publhh«r Paul H. Jants, Managing Editor 6*919* W. Hatmcr, Mtch. Supt. its* M. Oa»l», Advertising Monngor ..-i '*. *.v»«d cl<m moMcr nt <jl "ope, Arkansas, '?' •«d«r t(i« Att ef Match >. , \*97. M«mb«» of Ih* Audit Bureau ef Circulation! Home Study Course 'COMPLETE your high school nt '* home in spare time. Diploma No classes. Texts HirniKhed Write for free booklet. Amci-iciin School, 2005 Alabama, For 1 ' {Smith, Arkansas. . S-ll-ln ...by looking up numbers in the new telephone directory instead of calling "InformatioiT SOUTHWESTERN BIU /STS TELEPHONE COMPANY \&J _ Noti ce WILL appreciate your renewals; for Reader's Digest. Christinas , rate is on. Cull Mrs. Then P. Wilt. "-»I Lost I ladies glasses. Dork plastic frames with silver trim. Reward Call 7-3481. 7-(it : /r Services Offered FOR upholstering work, curtains and drapes, contact Mrs. J. \V. Cunningham and Mrs. A. S. Willis. Phone 7-2720. 0-Ot For Sale MUST sell quickly. Piano, rotrijror- ator, man's Bulova watch. Bargain for cash. 815 W. Ave. E. 4-If LOTS 50 X 240. In throe block:; of ,thc best harm's in town. $200. 'Terms $10 per mouth. Call 7-LHM2 T. N. Below. • 0-tf / .** =¥; PRODUCTION ' - •••'.< . — I . ••' _.;•' eutd SHORT MEN of PRODUCTION GUARANTEED used machine.'::. Round uncl long bobbin, treadlo and electric, portable and eon-, sole modclst Pi-iced to sell. Button liole -jittachmont free? with each machine. Singer Sc\vini; Center, 1U8 South Elm, Hope, j Arkansas. 7-31' •*\ "»= 53 pound lard cans. 25c each.. Meyer s Bakery, Highway G7 .East. "8-121 THIS ^ LABEL Allen portable adding machine, KOOd cbndition $05.00 Bryants Office Supply, 123 South .Walnut. 0-(it 1951 model Chevrolet pick-up truck half ton, only 1)700 miles, ground- grip tires, radio, heater, oak cattle frame. Priced $1400. C. F. Baker at Foster-Ellis Realty Co. Phone 7-4691. 0-St LIVING room and bedroom heater. Ill S. Spruce Street. Phone 7$2397, a aer 5 p.m. :%.'Ji. LEI US FIT For Rent DESIRABLE 4 room unfurnished apartment. Hardwood floors. Built-ins. Private . bath and entrance. Close in. 207,fShover St. Phone 7-4486. x 12-tf 3 ROOM unfurnished apartment. Hardwood floors, Venetian blinds. Children allowed. Rent §25 per ™ month. Utilities paid. Phone 7-2145. 3-lit IN Type ,1 Army Cloth irfected.. CLOTHES •• Only: MATCH Wanted to Buy WANTED TO BUY One inch rough green oak lumber — regular lengths and tie siding. For prices and specifications write — Gurdon Lumber Company Beirne, Arkansas Wanted process known as "cracking" obtains approximately twice a? much gasoline from a barrel of crude oil as was formerly Obtained by straight distillation. •EXPERIENCED waitress. Salary $5 'a day plus tips and meals. Apply manager of Diamond Cn'V G-tf ' ? i\' . ** ROHAN'S BUY NOW USE OUR LAY-^WAY PLAN MENS SPORT SHIRTS Long sleeve sport shirts in green, blue and brown. Sizes small and medium. Special 1.98 Other Sport Shirts . . . $2.98 to $5.98 MENS DRESS PANTS Smart new fdl| qnd;winter styles, materials and ' colons'you"wl|l. want. All sizes.' • 498 to 12.98 MENS DRESS SHIRTS New shipment : of -these in solids and stripes. Complete range of sizes. Special for only 1.98 You'll wenMo see the many valuti wt hav* for Fall HKtf - • •• ** - ~' 7 j now <&\Wr fc - ui """- 4 Winriiv Buy tht thing* you n«4 ahead, New merchandi$« arHvihg dblly; Buy flow use our Lav Awav Plan. ' ' BOYS SPORT SHIRTS Wings rayon plaid sport shirts ideal for school and sports wear. Unconditionally washable. Sizes 8 to 18. 3 98 and 4.98 SMALL BOYS SUITS Gabardine 2 piece Suits, Coats fully lined, pants with elastic waist and belt. Sizes 3 to 7. 5.98 MENS WINTER Warm, winter weight unions for cold wedine^ ^ ohedd, Slrts*36»46. Buy ' MENS ' ' ~* i ' i* t i - - i u> V** i are heavy, J fleeCe'))n^;SwieW,al5lrf!i Ih wHlU- «& These BOYS ^Hifs: ( k r ' t /V V Flannel plaW sHIi'ts in" qssqfted cdlors. '-2 "^ocketsij' «"j- > •' soft flannel in distinfctlve'^lqrsV SW««J2"«J) 18. ,," rth! » > j 4 ' -jii it 1 ' . SHIRTS Wings whife^rJfM^ltthot are just like dad!s...Bwi^Pi»ifHesqn 0 w, f9i§^aiff.&':.'.-^ ftO PANTS Boys :.*w^ViSa$Ver pants in assorted colors. C 1 ~^f\r* ,'A&ir**-s'-\ iT. "' '' I j-l»%*N I' &nf ««*»l*i^\/~\ I r^ r ffl CnC C .^'lp/il'4 1 :;''.Ideal for school or dress, BOYS wikfeft r ™ T ., M , lV ^Just the cap f^r. winter ( wear,* 2«ldrt'w<jter_ *repellant wl^'w&ol ftaps n ' L^ath,er 6nd'avi%^fcJ :aps. ' • " "',. ,''.. • , i,«*l v f^-J 98c;to''43lx . .«. » ..in.fi BOYS BLUE > i »«r < These are heav'y 5plue jeans, Sar^ffir'lMd' dj^lj made for wepr and comfort. Sizes 6 to ,16 ' 4J ',J^9''"3 "'^ MEN'S JACKETS MEN'S PLAID,p|||TSv Flannel plaid .shirts 1r||)i|^||!^^co(-X>l Just the jackets for cold weather ors. Casey Jon^s. S||i)|;|f^vt?J'',''l^ >| wear. Denim, gabardine, and zelan. ;| ;J Lined and unlmed in assorted colons. Ideal for cold MllS^ New fall felts in the new colors, and'sfyjes you will want. Just' 'the. hats ' for you, ';-•'• •;•'/'. '•.• 3.98 , 9.9$ MEN'S WORlf 1 Blue chdmbray work shirti| sanforized and full'cut; 17. Special . I.! 1 iEN'S BLUE ,'•'! " • ," ->m ' '« .t,;-fjlre,|; These are heavy, soaforlied, blue *, !• «f ^g ;l:| : ^p:*;-jeans. Made for weqr and comfit. IV*,, .»!?! ^^'•1^'Sizes 28 to 38 Special ' ; V *' ',' I ' lf ; I*. "**' - i;98 - f mM COATS Just the- styles i6f& • •":'. ';;',;'; :':c,6fbf VkfffK St'&SA'', IQ| vy'ear. New materials and it. coat npw, ^,98 ^A>fjPLAN , Sbpj! V?*f^ ; /» ii W feiii. |P« x» »y,| mm HOME OF GOOD 2nd & Main ®^ IPEBATOR lew Skclly Sen-vice tation. Doing nice business, intact H. J. Bailey or J. V.' jerkins. 7-iJr R«ol Estate for Sale v .Your .Opportunity for , home ol 4-5 or See A. P. DEUQNY, Manager Otfiicc Phone . . . 7-6374 Re*. Phone . . . 7-3697 D. FRANKLIN COMPANY. 9-3 ,t . T , » laying hens eat abowt 31,000 We Have ICKS Our Showroom ew cars ready for delivery npw, and more coming. We can 1 take your order for any color or bpdy style that you want. We invite you to come in today and see these new Buicks. SID ROGERS BUICK CO. •» T'^yi^nK, . ' ^••jk.feV,^'- k.'W'-Vi'^ 'il.SE OUR i^AY AWAY PLAN. »|SFALt SHOES ••t^^lSSIS* s ^l k ^ fi th *»« ^ oe « '^ ?« suc <^ • sdhdaiSTjnd 'oxfordj. ManVv #yl«s, dnrf <?9l *« FUNNE GOWNS Udjes warA» flflnp^l gowns in florols, 9 rid:polka dots. All sizef. Buy now (Formerly Roair CU»tp« 207 , 209 Eait Third S*f . "It

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