Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 10, 2004 · Page 94
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 94

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 10, 2004
Page 94
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Page 94 article text (OCR)

J-14 Sunday,October10,2004Post-Gazette Services BUSINESS DIRECTORY AND AsbestosRemoval ASBESTOS&MOLDRe- movalService, resid.& commer.(412)638-5248 Carpentry EXP’DTRIM/FINISH Carpenter.Qualitywork guar. Steve...724-899-3568 TO PLACE A SERVICES AND BUSINESS AD: 412-263-1088 or email: jdavis@post-gazette.com Trades PROJECTMANAGER ConstructionProject Manager-Continued growthatLandauBuild- ingCompanyhascreat- edanexcitingopportu- nityforanexp.Con- structionProjectManag- erforalargeGeneral Contractortomanage multi-milliondollar projects.Greatcompen- sationpkg.&growth potentialinateamen- vironment.Pleaseemail yourresume jobrien@landau-bldg.com orfaxto724-935-6510. RESIDENTIAL DIVISIONMANAGER BURNS&SCALO ROOFINGCOMPANY Corporateheadquar- tersseekingaSales/ OperationsManager toheadtheirhighly successfulmulti- milliondollarresi- dential/steepslope division.Musthave roofingbackground. Attractivesalary andfullbenefits, plusbonusprogram. Faxresume: ResidentialManager @412-928-8703 ROOFERS-EXP.IN new homecontr.Transpa must.$9-$12/hr.DeLuca Roofing.412-241-1643 ROOFINGFOREPER- SON, Mechanics,tinners &laborers,412-341-9400. ROOFINGLABORERS (412)341-8022 ROOFINGMECHANICS Toppayw/jobexp.50yr. oldcompany 412-761-5400 HOROSCOPE /JERALDINE SAUNDERS/OCT. 10, 2004 ARIES (March 21-April 19): The seeds of unrest could prod you to jump into new activity without proper caution. Go ahead and make necessary changes to ensure things run more smoothly, but put major projects on the back burner for careful consideration. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Where love and social affairs are concerned it is best to “make hay while the sun shines” and get out for some fun. Rest and relaxation now will prepare you for a grueling and tense week ahead. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Those in your immediate circle could be filled with enthusiasm and brimming with optimism for the future. It is easy for you to reach into your private bag of tricks and make plans a reality, as you are just the person to do the necessary research. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Others could have a change of heart or otherwise upset your apple cart. You are fascinated by the unusual, so spur-of-the-moment plans may be attractive. Have a good time but avoid beginning new relationships unless you are looking for short-lived fun. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): A few surprises could be in store for you. New friends and entertainments could take center stage. Fascinating moments with a new someone could set an exhilarating mood and get you out of your rut today. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): It is a good time to experiment and try on new looks and fresh ideas. Enthusiastic friends can brighten the domestic scene and provide thought-provoking perspectives. Learn progressive techniques to make your workload easier. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22.): The exhilarating effect of making new contacts brightens your world, and your charm is still at a peak. You and a partner can work together to make dynamic changes a reality and improve conditions close to home. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Take some time out for delightful domestic bliss while congenial stars are still shining. Projects close to home might require all your energy and attention. Get small tasks done and let the big ones wait. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. 21): The carousel of fun and excitement is slowing to a stop, but you may have made memories that you can treasure for months to come. It is time to act on recently formed objectives and reinforce recently formed friendships. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22- Jan. 19): Preserve the feeling of open-mindedness in the air by adopting a more tolerant viewpoint and sticking to your guns. Make some promises to yourself about being fair and generous toward others in the week to come. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20- Feb. 18): You may need to restrain your freewheeling, happy-go-lucky style in the week ahead, so enjoy yourself today and kick up your heels. You are likely to be at the right place at the right time to score points where your objectives are concerned. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Your world revolves around significant others, so put some extra effort into pleasing your partner. A little TLC will work wonders and bring the two of you closer. A little frivolous spending may be just what the doctor ordered to brighten your day. IF OCT. 10 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: There’s nothing in the stars to hold you back this coming year. Jupiter, planet of abundance and blessings, will be in your sector of the zodiac and shower you with opportunities to improve your life from late December through March. You will be feeling younger than ever as spring arrives, when you should reach a long-term period of peace and prosperity and can successfully seek your dreams. Help from the planet Neptune is likely to aid your quest for romantic dreams all summer long. The following astrological forecasts should be read for entertainment value only. These predictions have no reliable basis in scientific fact. Daughter’s boyfriend is no good D EAR HARLAN : I just had a huge argument with my 18-year-old daughter. She left for college three weeks ago. She has always been an excellent child — no problems, no drinking, no drugs, etc. Now she has a boyfriend, whom I thought would be OK. He is not. He’s not abusive, but she has turned her life around for him. She is not interested in spending time with her family. He comes to our house and insults our son, who is 15. The last straw was when we were talking about my horses, and he said to just shoot them in the head. I’m very sensitive when it comes to my family and my animals. This boyfriend has changed her. She mopes around the house when she comes home for the weekend. He cancels plans without notice. He didn’t do anything for her birthday. She does not call anyone when she gets home. She sounds like she is enjoying college and is meeting a lot of people, but she’s not the same. We used to be closer, and she was more respectful until he blew into the picture. Should we just let her run with it? — BIG MAMA HI BIG MAMA: He sounds like a horse’s a-- (with all due respect to your horse). The problem is that you can’t tell her what to do because she’ll do whatever she wants at college. But you can explain that college is naturally an uncomfortable place in the first year. Sometimes, new students use relation- ships as a safety buoy in unfamiliar waters. The risk is that they don’t learn how to take care of themselves — which is not good. That’s why it’s so important for her to get involved and to find balance the first year — socially, academically and romantically. Let her know that you respect her choices, BUT that she deserves the very best. From what you’ve seen so far — he’s not the best. He hasn’t treated you, your family or her with respect. Tell her you hope that will change. Then trust that her 18 years will show her the path — and him the door leading out. DEAR HARLAN: My boyfriend doesn’t seem to get the point when I want him to stop touching me. He’ll go to put his hand down my pants when he’s kissing me, but I hate when he does that. It’s annoying, so I move his hand. Two seconds later he has it down my pants again. He doesn’t get the point. What should I do next? — BOYFRIEND TROUBLE. DEAR BOYFRIEND TROUBLE: There’s no excuse for him not listening — but then again, it could all just be one big misunderstanding (although that’s unlikely). For example:  His hand keeps falling asleep, into your pants.  He lost something and keeps looking to find it.  He loses his balance when kissing and tries to steady himself.  He has a bad memory — a VERY bad memory.  He can’t find any other places to put his hand.  He’s just finished reading a new how-to book (“How to Get Dumped”).  He mistakenly thought he was putting his hand in his own pants.  Denim, he loves the feel of denim.  His hands were cold and he was trying to warm them up.  He’s thinks that you’re playing hard to get, but he doesn’t realize that all he’s getting is you aggravated, upset and disgusted. Next time, tell him: “NO. STOP TOUCHING ME. You’re making me uncomfortable.” If he does it again, kiss him goodbye — over the phone. Write Harlan at harlan@helpmeharlan.com or visit online: www.helpmeharlan.com. All letters submitted become property of the author. Send paper to Help Me, Harlan! 2506 N. Clark St., Ste. 223, Chicago, IL 60614. HELP ME HARLAN Computers ON-SITESERVICE Inyourhomeoroffice. MicroComp724-776-5777 Buyandsellwiththe PGclassifieds. Trades ROOFINGSUBCON- TRACTORS. 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Whitetummyandall4 paws.Smallpatch ofmissingfuronback rightleg.Sexyandhigh energy.Maybewearing fleacollar.Smallcutin ear.LostinBethelPark area.Pleasereturnif found,muchemotional distressduetoloss.Call Jessat412-478-7237 LOSTIN Flood,Evans City,Rte528,Barn Beams,3012-20ft.long. Pleasecall(412)366-7154 MedicAlertBracelet Gold,Downtown,Mon. Oct4. 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STEELERvsBROWNS (2)500lvlMakeoffer, (412)279-5787 ZONESWANTED STEELERTICKETS 412-606-4164 Zones-50yd.ln.Wanted STEELERTICKETS (412)551-5154 ZZTOP&ALL STEELERTICKETS Wanted.412-951-2204 LEGALS BidsandProposals ADVERTISEMENT Publicnoticeishereby giventhattheKiski ValleyWaterPollution ControlAuthoritywill receivesealedbidsat theKiskiValleyWater PollutionControlAuthor- itySewageTreatment Plant,1200PineCamp Road,AlleghenyTown- ship,Leechburg,Penn- sylvania15656until2:00 p.m.prevailingtimeon Friday,October29,2004 fortheconstructionof improvementsunderthe followingContracts: WASTEWATER PUMPINGFACILITIES ANDBELTFILTER PRESS MODIFICATIONS CONTRACTNO.04-01- GENERAL CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTNO.04-02- ELECTRICALWORK Plansandspecifica- tionsareonfileatthe KiskiValleyWaterPol- lutionControlAuthority SewageTreatment Plant,andattheoffice ofATS-ChesterEngi- neers,AirsideBusiness Park,250AirsideDrive, MoonTownship,PA 15108.Bidsmaynot qualifyanyofthespeci- fications.Immediately aftertheclosingtimefor receiptofbids,allbids willbepubliclyopened andreadaloudatthe KiskiValleyWaterPol- lutionControlAuthority SewageTreatment Plant. Copiesoftheplans andspecificationsfor thisContractmaybe purchasedforonehun- dredfiftydollars ($150.00)perset,nonre- fundable,fromATS- ChesterEngineers. Acertifiedcheckpay- abletotheKiskiValley WaterPollutioncontrol Authorityorabidbond onthebidformexecuted bytheBidderanda suretycompanyap- provedbytheOwner,in anamountequaltoten percent(10%)ofthebid, shallbesubmittedwith eachbid,toguarantee theBidder’sentrance intoacontractifgiven theaward.Nobidbond shallbewaivedorre- turnedbecausetheBid- derhasfailedtoorcan- notcomplywithanyre- quirementsassetforth intheplans,specifica- tions,oranyapplicable statutesoftheCommon- wealthofPennsylvania oranyapplicablemu- nicipalordinances.No bidmaybewithdrawn foronehundredtwenty (120)calendardaysafter thescheduledclosing timeforreceiptofbids. Thisprojectisbeing fundedinpartbythe PennsylvaniaInfrastruc- tureInvestmentAuthori- ty(PENNVEST).As such,allbiddersshall complywiththeFederal requirementsforTitle VIoftheCivilRights Actof1964(P.L.88-352); withthePresident’sEx- ecutiveOrderNo.11246; withEPApolicyforin- creaseduseofminority consultantsandcon- structioncontractors; andwiththeStatere- quirementsforThe PennsylvaniaSteel ProductsProcurement Act(No.178-3)andthe PennsylvaniaHuman RelationsAct,as amended. Aprebidconference willbeheldattheKiski ValleyWaterPollution ControlAuthoritySew- ageTreatmentPlant, 1200PineCampRoad, AlleghenyTownship, Leechburg,Pennsylvania 15656onTuesday,Octo- ber19,2004at10:00a.m. Attendanceatthismeet- ingisstronglyrecom- mended. Workundertheafore- mentionedContractis subjecttotherequire- mentsandthepredeter- minedminimumwage ratesestablishedbythe U.S.DepartmentofLa- bor. TheOwnerreserves therighttorejectanyor allbidsandtowaive anyinformalitiesinthe bidding. 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NEW Landscaping Equip. &More! • George Joseph Nursery,Canonsburg,PA • Morganza Rd.- I-79 to exit 48 SATURDAY,OCT.23 at 9:30 a.m. ATTENTION: HEALTHY TYPES For the recommended daily allowance of health news, take one of these every Tuesday. BidsandProposals PGCLASSIFEDS GETRESULTS! CALL412-263-1201 Auctions BidsandProposals ALBERTGALLATIN AREA SCHOOLDISTRICT 2625MORGANTOWN ROAD UNIONTOWN,PA 15401-6703 October1,2004 TheAlbertGallatin AreaSchoolDistrict, 2625MorgantownRoad, Uniontown,PA15401-6703 issolicitingbidsfor WINTERATHLETIC SPORTSEQUIPMENT. Specificationscanbe obtainedfromtheOffice oftheSuperintendent, locatedat2625Morgan- townRoad,Uniontown, PA15401.Specifications maybepickedupMon- day-Friday8:00a.m.- 3:00p.m.Telephone:724- 564-7190.Questionsre- gardingbidsmaybedi- rectedtoCharlesCol- born,AthleticDirector at724-564-9050. Sealedbidsaretobe senttotheattentionof DeniseSheetz,Control- ler,byTuesday,October 12,2004-1:00p.m.Bids mustbesentCertified Mail,PrivateCarrier,or HandDeliveredandare tobesealedandclearly markedontheoutsideof theenvelope:WINTER ATHLETICSPORTS EQUIPMENT. TheSchoolDistrictre- servestherighttoreject anyorallbids. AlbertGallatinArea SchoolBoard EDWARDCOLEBANK, President EDWARDF.ANDRIA, Secretary LEGALNOTICE Sealedbidswillbere- ceivedattheDirectorof Facilities,Mt.Lebanon SchoolDistrict,7Hors- manDrive,Pittsburgh, PA15228,until9:00 a.m.,prevailingtime, Thursday,October14, 2004,forRefuseRemoval andRecyclingforthe Mt.LebanonSchoolDis- trict.Specificationsand bidformswillbefur- nisheduponapplication tothesuperintendentat theaboveaddress,onor afterWednesday,Octo- ber6,2004.TheSchool Boardreservestheright torejectanyorallbids. JANICER.KLEIN, Secretary,Boardof SchoolDirectors THEBOARDOF PUBLICEDUCATION OFTHE SCHOOLDISTRICTOF PITTSBURGH AdministrationBuilding 341SouthBellefield Avenue Pittsburgh,PA15213-3516 October11,2004 Sealedproposalsarere- questedforGENERAL, PLUMBING,MECHANI- CALORELECTRICAL workatVARIOUS Schools. Pre-bidmeetingsare mandatoryforallbid- ders. Contractdocuments fortheproject(s)willbe issuedtoContractors whoapplyattheoffice oftheFacilitiesDivision, 1305MurielStreet,Pitts- burgh,PA15203,and depositbetweenTen Dollars($10.00)and ThreeHundredDollars ($300.00),incashier’s checkormoneyorder, foreachsetofdocu- mentstakenout.The depositwillbereturned atanytimethecontract documentsarereturned withinfive(5)daysaf- terthetimesetfor closingbids,onlyto thosewhosubmitbids. Thedepositshallbefor- feitedotherwise. Proposalswillbere- ceivedintheOfficeof theChiefOperationsOf- ficerandAssistantSec- retary,Room251,Ad- ministrationBuilding, 341SouthBellefieldAve- nue,Pittsburgh,PA 15213,until2:00p.m., (PrevailingTime),No- vember2,2004,atwhich timetheywillbepublicly openedandreadaloud. Specificationscontain ariderrequiringmini- mumlevelsofminority businessparticipation andmustbecompleted andsubmittedwiththe bid. Eachproposalmustbe signed,sealedandac- companiedbyaBidder’s BondofaSuretyCom- panylicensedtodo businessintheCom- monwealthofPennsyl- vania,intheamountof twenty-fivepercent (25%)oftheBaseBid. Acertifiedcheckin theamountof25%ofthe BaseBidisalsoaccept- able. Nobiddermaywith- drawhisbidforaperiod ofninety(90)daysafter thedatesetforthe openingthereof. Therightisreserved torejectanyorallbids andtowaiveinformali- tiesinanybid. 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Terms 10%Buyersprem Visitwebsite-complete terms&details! www.sherm.org ShermanHostetter 800-875-2437AU002184L AUCTION Supermarket& BakeryEquipment FORMERSUPERVALUWAREHOUSE 216FinleyRd. BelleVernon,PA (Exit43offI-70, Rt.201South) TUES.,OCT.12,10AM RescheduledAuctionincl (100)FoodCases;(100) OakSlatTables/Carts; PlusMeatRoom,Deli, Bakery&FoodPrep Items.ViewWebsitefor DetailedList&Photos. TERMS:Cashor ApprovedFunds.10% BuyersPremium. www.fpauctioneers.com FREDPETERSAUCTIONEERS (724)785-8954AU1460-L AUCTION BecksNursery Sat.,Oct16,10AM Loc:Ex25offI-70Rt. 519No.Watchforauc- tionarrows.Shrubbery, Trees,FarmItems,An- tiques&Collectibles; approx2500pcsoftrees &shrubs;nursery items;’93FordAerostar XLmini-van,V6,3.0. Callforinfo.Terms: Cash.CharlesBehm www.behmsauction.com Graysville,PA15337 (724)428-3664AU1393L CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENTAUCTION Fri,Oct15&Sat16,2004 NewmanConcrete& McKeesportLanding BargeLoading Terminal 208RebeccaSt. McKeesport,PA15132 SaleStarts10:00AM Fridaywithvehicles, equipment&tools.10 AMSaturdayw/toolsin- ventory&surplusitems Limacrane,300poclain excalator,Heltzelmobile concreteplant,generator truck,concretetrucks, tractors,dumps,tandem trailers,flattrailers, dumptrailers,pettibone forklift,airtools,power tools,supplies,motors, engines,cables,buckets &more!Soldasis, whereis!Subjecttoer- rors&corrections AU2023.Terms:Cash 10%buyerspremium BillAndersonAuctioneers (724)327-3344 www.billandersonauctioneer.com PUBLICAUTOAuction EVERYTHURS.6P.M. MAG-(412)464-4340 QUALITYFURNITURE& ANTIQUES Friday,Oct.,15,2004 @6:30p.m. AUCTIONBARN 20333RT.19 CRANBERRYTWP,PA 724-776-9967 Indoor-Heat-Seats- Food-NoBuyersFee. ThomasvillecherryB/R w/Queenposterbed, chestonchestdresser& nitestand,D/Rset w/chinatable&6chairs, LaZBoyhide-a-bed, qualityendtables& lamps,otherB/Rset, mirroredent.enter,cus- tomdiningtablew/2 benches,washer&dry- er,fridg,cherrydesk w/leatherchair,sofa& loveseat,recliner,lots more,Antiquehallrack, cornercab.,mahogfurn pcs,oldB/Rset,lots otherfurnpcs,trunks, lotcrocks&jugs,lots oldglassware&collecti- bles,completehousehold w/additions,manybox lots-QualitySale- Preview2p.m.dayof sale.Visa-Master- Checks.Storehrs:Wk- days10am-4pm,sell- ingantiques,furniture, appliances.Wedoon sitesales.484-L 1010J14.011--Composite

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