Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 7, 2004 · Page 21
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October 7, 2004

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 21

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, October 7, 2004
Page 21
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� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �������������������������� ������������������������ � ������������������������� ���� CLASSIFIED OBITUARIES Cont.fromPageA-20 McDERMOTT JOSEPH J. Ag e9 0o fB ethe lP ar ko nW ednes- day,October6,2004.Hewasborno n January10,1914 in Pittsburgh,PA, son of the late JohnPaulandEliza- bethMillerM cDermott. Belove d husband for 59yearsofDoloresMc- Dermott.Devotedand loving father ofJohn (Kathie) McDermott, Flora (Regis)Brennan,Linda(David)Ag - ostiandChristine(Ronald)Eiben. The oldest of 12, hewasthebrother ofGenevieve,AnnaMae,Dolores , Alice,Rose,Clare,Williamandth e late SisterRoseClare, Ri ta ,J oh n andElizabeth.DearGrandfatherof RichardandRobertBrennan, Patri- ciaClever, MichaelMcDermott , Mi cheleandChristopherAgostiand RonaldJr.andAdamEiben.Great - grandfather ofthree.Heserved in th eA rmyAirCorpsdurin gWWII, wherehestationed in Africa an dIta - ly.While in Italy,hemethissweet - he ar tA ddolorata"Dolores"Caramia. Theymarrie do nD ecember1 5, 1945 . Followingthewar,h ew asemployed byColumbiaGasCompanyforover 30years. He especially enjoyedth e outdoors .Hel ovedhunting, hishunt- ing dogs, working in the garden, and spendingtimewith hi sfamily.He wasasteadfas tR omanCatholic and theconcreteexampl eo fa familypa - triarch.Knownaffectionatelyas "Daddy"an d" Pap",h ei sl oved dearly byfriendsandfamilyandwillbe greatlymissed.Visitationwillbe from2-4and7-9ThursdayandFri- da yat JEFFERSON MEMORIAL FUNERALHOME,INC., 301Curry HollowRd.,PleasantHills. AMass ofChristianBurialwillbecelebrat- ed Saturday10amatSt.Germaine’ s RomanCatholicChurch.Entomb- ment inJeffersonMemorialPark . Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com METROPULOS CHRIST N. Ag e9 1o fC hicago,l oving husband of Irene;hewasatreasure d& devoted father ofNick , Esther (Bob) Dieringer,Dean (Arlene)Metropu- los,Christine&the late Thomas;lovinggrandfathert o Chris(Kelli-Ann),Rose(Robert ) Ashby, Nicole,Jim( Laura)Dieringer ,CindyDieringer, Dr .Rober t Dieringer, Ralp h( HalinaG ranat) Dieringer, Michael (Wilda),Denise (B rian )M urray, Mark &Deanna; lovingPapou to18 great-grandchildren ,Alexandra ,T ommy,Gracie, Joey ,B obby,Ryan, Amanda, Morghan,Michael,Johnny,Vickie , Veronica ,M ichayla, Meredith , Dena, Alicia,Stephanie,Brianna& as pecialuncl et omanynieces& nephews.Visitatio nT hursday5- 8 pm, Friday2-8pm at KURTZ MEMORIAL CHAPEL, 102E.Francis Rd., Ne wLenox,I L. Services w ill startat10amSaturday, October 9, 2004atSt.Constantin e&Helen GreekOrthodoxChurch,P alos Hills , IL.Intermentwilltake plac eatElm - woodCemeteryinRiverGrove .M e- mori alstothePalosCommunity HospitalHospiceortheAmerican CancerSociety.Info 815-485-3200 . Pleasesignthe guest bookatpost-gazette.com MILLAN HELEN(HAUCK) OnTues., Oct.5, 2004, Helen (Hauck) Millan, age 90,ofAvalon ; wife of thelateThomasG.Millan, Jr.; beloved mothero f ThomasG. (Elfrede )M illan, III, Judith An n (Frank),Gerald J.Millan, LindaM . (Joseph) HeaneyandDanielF.Mill- an;sistero fDorothy Re illy ,Mildred Monheim,ReginaHe nnesse yand th el ateGertrud eV ogel,M arie Lappan,Joseph andHerber tHauck; alsosurvivedbysevengrandchil - dren ;n in eg reat-grandchildren. Friendsreceive dF ri .2 -4&7-9 LAWRENCE T. MILLER FUNER - ALHO ME ,I NC., AP URSUIT OF EXCELLENC EAWARDFIRM , 46 0 Lincol nA ve., Bellevue.Masso f ChristianBurialCelebratedi nt he Church of th eA ssumption, Bellevue, onSat.at10AM. In lieu of flowers, memorialcontributionsmayb e madetoAssumptionChurch,45N. SpragueAve.,Pgh.,15202ortoth e CharityofDonor’sChoice. www.ltmillerfuneralhome.com Pleasesignthe guest bookatpost-gazette.com MILLER JAMES CLIFFORD Age58,ofLee’sSummit,MO,on Monday,O ctober 4,2004;husband of Cheryl (Shaefer )Miller ;f athero f ShannonMiller;he is alsosurvived byonesister,threebrothersand on e aunt.Friendsareinvitedtocall2-4 &7-9pmFridayatthe HENRY R. HENNEY FUNERA LH OME, 52 4 WashingtonAvenue, Carnegie. Fu - neralMassonSaturday inSt.Igna- tiusChurchofSt.ElizabethAnnSet - onParishat12:30pm.Familysug- gests contributions to theAmerican Diabetes Association-Memorialand HonorProgram/Callcenter,P.O. Box2 680, NorthCanton,O H4 4720 (412) 824-1181 or AmericanHear tA s- sociation,10DuffRoad,Suite304 , Pittsburgh,P A1 5235.Arrangement s byth e LE OJ .HENNEYFUNERAL HOME, Carnegie. www.leohenneyfuneralhome.com Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com MOUGANIS JOHNN. OnSunday,October3,2004,age 80oftheNorthHills.Beloved hus- bandof56yearstoBeatriceMouga- nis;heissurvivedbyhissonJohnC. MouganisandhiswifeRebeccaan d daughtersNancyWehrheim,andJa - netHelmsand her husbandWorth alloftheNorthHills;hisgrandchil- drenStephanie,JamesJonathon, Emanuel,Katherine,Nicholas, AnnaBeatrice,andLeahMargaret ; hisbrothersGeorgeandAchilles Mouganis,andsistersIsabelleWilt, andHarrietHoag.Hewaspreceded indeathbyhisbrothersEmmanuel andChristopherMouganis.Friend s willbereceivedWednesday7 -9PM andThursday2-4&7-9PMatth e H.P.BRANDTFUNERALHOME, INC., 1032PerryHighway,Perrys - v ille ( 412-364-4444).Afuneralser- vicewillbeheldFridayat1PMa t ChristChurchatGroveFarm.Ev- eryone pleasemeetatthechurch. Intermen tAlleghenyCountyMemo- rial Park.Memorialcontributions maybemadetoLoveandCareFam- ily,c/ oCox,343Partri dg eR unRoad , Gibsonia, PA 15044.LoveandCar e Familyisan organization thathelp s support UgandanOrphans. www.brandtfuneralhome.com Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com MULHOLLAND DANIEL M., JR. OnTuesday, Octobe r5,2 004, of Edgewood;beloved husbandof53 ye ar st oNoraRitaKin gM ulhol- land ;l ovingf athero fDanie lM .Mul - ho lland II Ia nd hi swif eS usanof Swissvale;deargrandfatherofMar - ian,Teresa, Patrick, Brigid,Clar e andPeter;brotherofThomasMul- hollandof Slidell,LA;alsosurvived byclosenieces,nephews,grandniec- es,g randnephewsandsister-in- laws.D an wasthe former President ofth eI rishCentre of Pittsburgh . Also,h ew asaveteran having served in WWII and Koreaandwas amemberoftheAmericanLegion. Friends received 2-4&7-9Thursday &Fridaya t the THOMAS L. NIED FUNERAL HOME ,I NC ., 7441Wash- ington Street,Swissvale .Masso f ChristianBurialintheSaintAnselm R.C.Church on Saturdaya t9:30am . Memorialcontributionsmaybe madetotheWordofGodSchool, 7436McClureAvenue,Swissvale, PA15218. www.niedfuneralhome.com Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com NOVAKOVIC KATHLEENK. Age 57, onWednesday, Octobe r6, 2004, belovedw if eofR ober tA .Novakovic; loving daughterofDr. Will- iamandJeanKelly;sisterofTimo- thyK e lly ,Sean(Mary)Ke lly , Patric kKelly,K aren Snyderman, Colle en KellyandTe dK elly ;a ls o nephews and nieces .K athywa sa RegisteredNurseatSt.FrancisHos- pital. Friends receiveda t WOLF E MEMORIAL IN C ., ForestHills Chapel,3604GreensburgPike(412) - 731-5001Fridayonly,2-4&7-9p.m. TraditionalLatinRequiemMassat St.BonifaceChurch, Nort hSide, Sat - urday,10a.m.EVERYONE PLEASE MEETATCHURCH . www.wolfememorialinc.com Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com PETRAS IVAG."SNOOKY" Age78o f Munhall.Belovedwife of JohnPetras ;M othero f Jay (Mary)PetrasofVA;SisterofFer n BottsofFL;Grandmothero fJac - queline andAlexandra.Friends maycallThursday& Friday2to4 and7to9 pm at GEORGE IRVIN GREE NF U NERA LH OME, IN C ., 3511MainStreet, Munhall, (Family Owne da ndOperated )4 12-461-6394. FuneralServices will be held Satur - dayat10:00amintheHomestead ParkUnitedMethodis tC hurch,Mu- nhall. Contributionsmaybe made to HomesteadParkUnitedMethodist Church,4231ShadyAve., Munhall, PA 15120. www.georgeigreenfuneralhome.com Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com PIEL ALBERT W. Age8 1o fP leasantHillsonOct.5, 2004,beloved husbandof Norm a (Rectenwald)Piel;loving father of MaryLou(Denny)Haramica ndSu- sanne (Dave) Shearer ;b rotherof Robertan dR ussellPiel;g randfa- therofJason,LoriBeth,Krisand ToddHaramic, Rachel andRebecc a Shearer. Alwasaretire eo fP NC Bank after4 3yearsofserviceanda WWII Navy Veteran.Visitationwill be7-9PMThurs.,2-4&7-9PM Fri. at th e JEFFERSON MEMORIAL FUNERAL HOME ,I NC., 301CurryHol- low Rd.,PleasantHills.AMassof ChristianBurialwillbecelebrated 11:30A MS at .i nS t.Elizabetho fH un - gary Catholic C hurch,Pleasant Hills.IntermentQueen of Heave n Cemetery.Inlieuofflowers,memo- rialcontributionsmaybe made to FamilyHospice,250Mt.Lebanon Blvd., Suite 203, Pgh.,P A 15234. Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com POLLARD MADELINE(GILCHRIST) 72,ofEastHills,suddenlyo n Oc- tober3 ,2004;wife of the lateRev. TheodoreI.Pollard;motherofNor- ma J. Morton of GrandPrairie, TX, Christin aSweeney,J ac quelin eWal - lace,LoriandRev.RobinPollard; grandmotherofsevengrandchil- drenandfourgreat-grandchildren. SisterofGerald Gilchristandth e late GeorgeGilchristandJean Green;mother-in-lawofLeland Swee ne yandRogersMorton of GrandPrairie,TX;sister-in-lawof BarbaraG ans andEleanorGil- christ ;a lsos urvivedb yah osto f cousins,nieces,nephews, andother relatives. Friendsreceive dT hurs- day2-4&7-9attheShilo hC ommuni - tyBaptistChurch,6940Frankstow n Ave.,Homewood .S erviceFriday 1 1:0 0amfromthechurch.Inter- mentSmithfie ld Cemetery,South DallasAve. GOODEN &BROWN FUNERAL HOME, 605Brushton, East End. Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com RAIBLE HILDA J. (YEAGER) OfHamptonTwp.,age94,on Tues.Oct.5 ,2004;wife of thelate EdwardA.Raible;m othe ro fB isho p E.PaulRaibleandRichardF . (Jan)Raible;grandmothero fDav- id W.(MaryAnn),Dale,Debbie,De - nise,Dennis(Babeth),andDanny; great-grandmotherofDalton, Dil- lon,SamanthaandJacob.Hildawa s afounderoftheAllSaintsChurch ChristianMothersinEtnaandwas a vo lunteeratKaneRegionalRoss. FriendswillbereceivedThurs.2-4& 7- 9 BOCK FUNERALHOME,LTD., 1 500 Mt.RoyalBlvd.,Glenshaw, www. bockltd.com.MassofChris- tianBurial inSt.UrsulaChurch,Al- lisonPark,onFri.at10am.Inlieu offlowers,donationsmaybemade totheRegencyHallNursingHome , AllisonPark,P A15101. Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com RAMPOLLA JOSEPHINE OnSunday,September26,2004, Josephine,ofFairOaks,Pittsburgh, formerlyofVeroBeachFL.Born December12,1902,inPolizziGener- osa, Sicily; belovedwife of thelat e Do naldP.Rampolla;daughtero f thelateStefanoandAntoninaSira- gusa; motherofDonaldS.(Patrica S. )Rampolla;grandmothero f Brian, Karen,Paul,MaryBeth, Jo hnandMark;great-grandmother ofMatthewandStephe nD ebonis , Christopher andLaurenRampolla, Ciar aandAlexisRampollaan d H ans Grohs; sister ofConstance Courtin of WestHartford,CT;pre- cede di nd e athbysevenbrothers an ds isters.Amemorialservicewil l be heldon Friday, November26,at 10amatFairOaksNursingHome , 2200WestLibert yA venue,Pittsburgh,P A1 5226.The family sug- gestsm emorialcontributionsbe made toth eG reaterPittsburgh, Community FoodBank,1NorthLin - den Street,Duquesne, PA, 15110. Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com RANIERI PETER Age89,onTuesday,October5, 2004;lovinghusbandofTeresa (Guerra)Ranieri;loving father of GeorgeiannaBrown,DonnaBrown andDeniseRanieri;beloved grandfather ofChristinaPendrakandPe - terBrown;brotherofDanRanieri; alsosurvivedbyniecesand nephews. Friendsmaycall on Wednesday from 1-4 &7-9pmandThursda y from 11am to 1pma tthe H.P. BRANDT FUNERALHOME,INC., 1032PerryHighway, Perrysville wherea Blessing Servicewillbe held on Thursday1pm. Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com REINECKER MARY(RUDAVSKY) Age91,ofMoonTwp.,passed awayWednesday, October6, 2004; wife of th el ateFrankA.Reinecker; belove dm othe ro fR ober tR .Reinecker andwifeNancyandGiniA. Reinecker;lovin gg randmotherof LisaR .SentnerandDavidSiegel; sisterofthelateElizabethHildabid- dle,John,WilliamandArthurRu- davsky; formeremployee of Carnegie Library, L. SchmidtJeweler s an dP ittsburg hI nternationalAir- port ,MoonTwp.MemberofSt.M ar - garet MaryChurch.Service is pri- vate.Arrangementsby C OPELAND’S, MOON TWP . Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com REITHEL BERNADETTE Age9 8, passe dawa yMonday, Oc - tober4,2004.Sheissurvivedbysev- engrandchildren,sevengreat - grandchildren,niecesandan ephew. Arrangement sb y A UER MEMORIAL HOME ANDCREMATIONSER- VICES, INC . Harrisburg, PA . Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com RIBARCHAK EDWARD P. Suddenlyo nW ed., Octobe r6, 2004, age 63,ofPleasantHills,for- merl yo fG reenfield.Belove dh us- band of Carolyn (Nuss) Ribarchak. Loving father ofLisa(Matt)Mozin- go, Laurie (Norm) KirschandPaul E.(Candy)Ribarchak.PapPapof Joshua ,T essa ,J illie, Gage ,Tori, Sara,Lexi,Normie,Hunter,and Joy.Son of Mary(Kohanyi)andthe late EdwardRibarchak.Brotherof Thomas(Sue)Ribarchak.Alsosur- vive db yn ieces and nephews. Friendsw illbe receive dFRIDA Y ONLY 2-4&7-9pm in th e EDWARD P. KA NA IF UNERA LH OME, 500 Greenfiel dA ve.Funeralo n Saturday at11:30amwithFuneralMass inSt.RosaliaChurchat12noon.In lieuof flowers, thefamilysuggests remembrances to th eA merica n HeartAssociation. Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com ROURKE LOUISE E. Ag e7 5o fB rooklin eo nW e dnes- dayOct.6 ,2004husband of thelate Mary"Betsy" (Schaum) beloved fa- therofLaura(Michael)Schwartz andJaneRourke;PapPapofChris- topher,MollyandMatthew;brother KathleenPaulette,RuthRourkeand thelateRoseVoke;brotherin-lawof C.EarlSchaumJr., Nancy Gordon andSueJohnson.FuneralArrange- ment sb y BEINHAUERS , Friends welcomeat2630WestLibertyAve- nue Dormont,(412)531-4000Thurs- da y& Friday2-4& 7- 9pm. MassSat- urday11am .i nt he Church of th e Resurrection,Brookline.On anan- n ualbasisMr.R oukehandmade andfurnisheddollhousesforResur - rectionChurchFundFair, beside s dollhouseshealsoprovided log cabins andlighthousesforUSSPitts- burghFamily.Hevolunteeredhi s timeasasubmarinetourguide for theCarnegieScienceCenterand an elementary tutorinthePghschools. HewasTreasurerfortheNavy LeagueofPgh.andBusinessManag- eroftheNorthernareaMultiSer- viceCenter.Hew asformer 29 year ForemanatAllis Chalmersand served in theU S Navy.Family suggest smemoria lcontributions to : The JuvenileDiabetesFoundatio n 960 PennAve.,PghP A 15222Please add atributeat www.woodrufffamilyservices.com Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com SATINI IRENE M. (FYE) OnTuesday,October5,2004, Iren eofB aldwinBoro.;belove d wife of thelateWilliamSatini; daughterofth el ateDeweyan d Anna Marie( Doetsch)Fye; sister of DeweyL.(Ann)Fye, Jr.ofRoches- ter,NY,HarryJ.(Betty)Fyeof Curwensville,P A, W illiamA . (Marlene)Fyeo fMaplewood,MN, GeraldE.(Lillian)FyeofBellevue, NE, Cecili aF.(Ronald)ofMt.Leba - non,PA,andthelateCharles Fye andKatherineOberlies; alsogreat- niecesandnephews.Friendsre - ceivedFriday2-4and 7-9pmatthe GRIFFITH MORTUARY,INC., 563 6 BrownsvilleRd.,Brough ton-Curry-SouthParkTwp.Funera l PrayerSaturday9:15amwithMas s ofChristianBurial inSt.Elizabeth Churchat10:00am.Pleasemakedo- nationstoHospicePreferredChoice, 2400ArdmoreBlvd.,PittsburghPA 1 5221, orJuvenileDiabetesRe- searchFoundationInternational , Wester nP ennsylvaniaChapter, ConventionTower,Suite 1000,960 PennAvenue,Pittsburgh,P A15222. Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com SAXMAN ELLENM. Ellen("Brownie")MorrisonSax- man,76,ofLigonier,PA,died peace- full yo nM ondayevening, Octobe r4 , 2004.ShewasbornMarch 30,1928to thelateGuyMorrisonandElle n (Graves) Morrison.Sheispreceded indeathb yMarcusW.SaxmanIII, herlovinghusbandof48years,and he rsisters BeckyTownley,Jean QuickandRuthWeidenbacher.She issurvivedbyhertwosons,Marcus ChristianS axma nandMichae lM or - risonSaxman.She is alsosurvived byherbrother,Rober tM orrison. Browni ea ttende dt heDana Hall Schooland graduatedfrom Bennett JuniorCollege in 194 7.Shebe ga nh er careerinretail at the KaufmansDe- partment Storei nP ittsburgh, PA. There,sherose tobecomethechief representativeforSteubenGlassin Pittsburghandserved in thisrole until marrying her husband,Mark. Shethenbecame involvedin anum- bero fv olunteerandcivic-minde d o rganizations,withaparticularem- phasisonthearts.Shewasactive withtheWestmorelandMuseumof AmericanAr tinG reensburg, PA and servedasaDirectoro ft he SouthernAllegheni e sMuseumo f Art("SAMA") in Loretto,PA.Asa Director ofSAMA,shewasinstru- me ntal indevelopingsatellitemuse- umsinJohnstown,Hollidaysburg, AltoonaandLigonier.Her work with thesemuseums reflectedher lifelong love of art, aesthetic, and th e natural world.Shewasanaficiona- do offolk artandwhimsyand fos - teredawildflowergarde ni nt he woodsbehin dh er home .S healsovol- unteeredat theL ittleSho patt heLa- trobeAreaHospitalandwasamem- bero ft heLatrobePresbyteria n Church aswellastheRollingRock Club andt heDuquesn eC lub.Brown- ie willberemembered fo rthe gener- ositya nd graciousnesswhic hshe shared with her friends, colleagues and guests and for herwarmsmile and quick wit.Aboveall,herfamily will mi ss th esteadfast love,c ar e anddevotionthatshegavetothem andtoMark during many years of marr iageand duringh is extende d illness atthe end ofhis life.Friend s will bereceived at the HARTMAN- GR AZIANO FUNERA LH OME, 1500LigonierStreet,L atrobe ,P A, onFriday,October8from6to8 pm. FuneralServiceswillbeheldSatur- day,October 9at3 :30pminUnity Chapel, UnityT ownship, Pa .E V- ERYONE PLEASEGODIRECTLY TO UNITYCHAPEL .Privatee n- tombmentwill be in th ef amilymau- so leumin Unit yC emetery.In lie uo f flowers, Memorial Contributions may be made totheLigonierAmbu- lanc eServicec/o121W.2n dA ve., Latrobe, PA 15650ortotheLatrobe PresbyterianChurch, 428MainSt., Latrobe, PA 15650. Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com SLAUGHTER ANNIE LAURA GERTRUDE Age 93, peacefully on Saturday, October 2, 2004, of Homewood; beloved wife of the late Melvin Jac k Slaughter; cherished mother of Melvin Jr. and Emma; sister of Emmett Thomas of Detroit and late brothers Frank, Roosevelt, L ane and Paul; sister-in-law of Mary Thomas of MN; host of nieces, nephews and friends. Visitation Friday 2-4 & 79 pm. Service Saturday 11 am at SPRIGGS-WATSO NF UNERAL HOME, INC., 720 N. Lang Avenue, E.E. In lieu of flowers please make donations to Homewood Art Museum, P.O. Box 5118, Pgh. PA 15206. Please sign the guest book at post-gazette.com SLAUGHTER MELVIN JR. Age 74, pea cefully on Monday, October 4, 2004, of Homewood; beloved son of the late Gertrude Slaughter; cherished brother of Emma; nephew of Emmett Thomas of Detroit, Mary Thomas of MN ; host of nieces, nephews and friends. Visitation Friday 2-4 & 7-9 pm at SPRIGGS-WATSONFUNERAL HOME, INC., 720 N. Lang Avenue, E.E. Funeral Service 11 am Saturday at funeral home. In lieu of flowers please make donations to Homewood Art Museum, P.O. Box 5118, Pgh. PA 15206. Please sign the guest book at post-gazette.com STANIZZO RICHARD A. SR. Age 82, on Monday, October 4, 2004, husband of Louise Malgarin De llana and t he late Mary P apin- chak; father of Richard Jr . (Roseanne) and Jack (Lois) Staniz- zo; grandfather of Richard I II, Russell and Rachael Buckholt, Christie , Alicia Hawks and Jennifer Daube; alsosurvivedby11 great- grandchildren; brother of Art Sta- nizzo and the late Peter, Pat, Fred Stanizzo, Millie Cescon, Jane Gaetano, Dolores Rubeo and Lilia Mastroianni; brother-in-law of Ann Civi l and Martin Rubeo. Richard was a life-long member of Ironworkers Local #3, WWII Veteran (3rd. Army) and a member of the Mt. Washington VFW Post # 5111 until health problems caused him to become inactive. Friends received at the BRUSCO-FALVO FUNERAL HOME , INC. 214 Virginia Ave., Mt. Washington. Funeral Mass in St. Mary of th e Mount Church, Friday, 12 no on. Visitation Weds. & Thurs. 2-4 & 7-9 p.m. Please sign the guest book at post-gazette.com STAUS MARY (HAMERWKA) Of Plum, on Tuesday, October 5, 2004; Mrs. Staus w as t he belove d wife of the late John F. Staus; mother of Blanche Berckbickler (John) of Shaler, Carla Kelley (Tim) of Pl um, John V. Staus (Betty) of Plum; sister of the late Anna, John and Mike Hamerwka; also se ve n grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Celebrate Mrs. Staus’s life with h er family at t he FRANK R. PERMAN FUNERAL HOME, INC. , 923 Saxonburg Blvd. at Rt. 8 Shaler Twp., on Thursday from 2 -4 & 7-9 pm. Mass of Christian Burial at St . Mary of t he Assumption Church, Glenshaw on Friday at 9:00 am . Family respectfully suggests donations be made to Presbyterian Seni or Care, 1215 Hulton Rd., Oakmont, PA 15139. Please sign the guest book at post-gazette.com STRANKO TINA L. (KRALJ) Ag e4 2,ofBaldwi nT wp .o n Wednesday, October6, 2004.Wife of WilliamJ.Stranko .M othero fKater - in aStranko .D aughterofL orraine (Halloran) KraljandthelateJohn Kralj.SisterofGaryNovay, Lind a Pratt,Barr yK rallyandFr.Joh n Agapito.Also nieces and nephe ws. Friendsare invitedt oc all7 -9 pm Thursdayan d2 -4&7-9 pm Fridayat BAGNAT OF UNERALHOME , IN C ., 50Jefferso nS t.,C arnegie. Funeral MassonSaturdayinSt.Igna - tiusChurch of St.ElizabethAnnSet - on Parishat9:30am.Contributions maybemadetoSt.ElizabethAnn Seto nSchoolo rP arish, 20 6Mary Street,Carnegie,PA15106.Arrange- ment s LEOJ.HENNEYFUNERAL HOME, 323SecondAve.,Carnegie. www.leohenneyfuneralhome.com Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com STRAUSS AUDREY BANDELL OnTuesday, October 5,2004;Beloved wifeofthelateJudgeSamuel Strauss.Belove dmothe ro fH enry (Ellen)StraussandthelateJoelB. Strauss.Mother-in-lawo fS usan StraussWilliams.Sisterofthelat e RobertandHaroldBandell.Grand- mother ofGabrie lJ .andJoelV. StraussandNanStrauss.Great- grandmothe ro fO liverandSebas- tianSahlman.Alsosurvivedbyniec - es &n ephews .ServicesatRode f ShalomTemple,4905FifthAvenue (atMorewood) on Fridayat2:00 PM.Visitatio no ne hour priortoser - vicesatTempl e( 1- 2P M).I nterment WestViewCemeteryofRodefSha - lo mC o ngregation. Co ntribution s maybemadetoTheJoelB.Strauss ScholarshipFund@NCJW,1620 MurrayAvenue,Pittsburgh,PA 15217.Arrangementsentrustedt o RALPH SCHUGARCHAPEL,INC . Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com TANCOSH ALAN H. SR. Age 58,ofS toweTwp.,o n Tues- day,Octobe r5,2 0 04; beloved hus - bandofPatricia;fatherofDenis e Camano,AlanJr.,Jeffreyand ChristopherT ancosh ;5grandchil - dren ;brotherofHenrietta Jo rdan andJamesT ancosh. Friendsmay call 2-4&7-9 pm ThursdayandFri- da y MCDERMOT TF U NERAL HOME ,INC ., 1225Char tiersA ve., McKees Rocks (Familyowne d& operated since1 886) ,M as sofC hristian burial9amSaturday, St .Joh no f GodParish, St. Mary’sChurch. Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com TERESI FRANK Age 82, ofWilkinsburg,died on Monday, Octobe r4,2 00 4atU PM C Braddock .HewasbornFebruar y 20,1 922inPittsburgh; ason of th e late JosephandMary(Battaglia ) Teresi .H es tarted hi sc areer as a GarageAttendantwithEquitable AutoCo. in1945 and joined thePort AuthorityofAlleghenyCo. 1964. He retired from PATin 1984. Hewasa memberofAmalgamate dT ransit Unio nD iv.8 5,Elks #577,E agles and Sub Alpine ,h ea lsoserve dint he ArmyduringWWII.On eo fh is favorite past-time swas watching NASCAR.Heissurvivedbyhisson, Frank an dw ife, PattyT eresi; daughter,Debbieand husband , MikeGrimaldiand four grandchildren wh ow ill miss hi mdearly,Jim, Michael,KerriandMatthew;als o hi ssister, AnnaMari aTeresiand sisters-in-law,DorothyDi - Francesco,AnnTeresiandShirley Teresiandtheirfamilies;in addi- tiontohisparents,hewaspreceded in de athbybrothers, Augie,Joe and NickandsisterCoraTeresi.Frank wasafrequentcustomerofDick’ s Di ne ri nM u rraysville andEat’N ParkinMonroeville,whereh ehad many friendswhowill mi sshim. FriendsmaycallThursday 2-4pm& 7-9p ma tthe MAURIC EL.KNE E LTD. ,FUNERALHOME, 7663Salts- burgRd.,(AcrossfromS&TBank) Plum.MassofChristianBurialFri- day 10am,St.JamesChurch , Wilkinsburg.IntermentCalvary Cemetery . Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com THOMAS DONALD J. OfMcKeesport,onMonday,O cto- ber4 ,2004;husbando fB lanche (Swainson) Thomas;employeeo f MonValleyOfficeEquipmentin Charleroi;besideshiswife heis sur - vivedbyt wo sons,CliffordA.of Lafayette, COand JohnD. of Wies - baden,Germany;fivegrandchil- dren; onebrother,TerryThomasof Newport,Wales.Heispredeceased byabrother,RayThomas.Friend s arebeingreceivedat WILLIAM H. CRAI GFUNERALHOME, 3000Ver- saillesAve.,McKeesportonThurs- dayfrom2-4and6-8pm.Services will be held Fridayat11am in thefu- nera lhomewithaprivateintermen t to follow.Familyrequestsmemorial contributionstoacharityofchoice. Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com VENSON GILDAHILDA OfHomewood,tragicallyonTues- day,October 5,2004;motherofEri- ca, Serita,William, Susie;sister of LoreyVenson;grandmothero fSan- tika,Taglaya,Tadaya,andPatric k Venson;hostofrelativesan d friends .Visitationa t SPRIGGS- WATSON FUNERALHOME,INC., 720N.LangAvenue,E.E.2-4&7-9 pm Friday.ServicesSat.1pmat ShilohCommunityBaptistChurch. Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com WATSON JOSEPHA.Ph.D. Age78,ofKennedyTwp.,on Wed.,Oct.6,2004,husbandofDo - loresJeanWatson;fatherofLeslie Dawn Guthrie(husbandDan)an d Susan VictoriaWatson (husband MichaelSeid);alsosurvivedbyhi s beloved companion"ChiChi"an d sister-in-lawNormaDrake.Novisi- tation.MemorialServiceSat.,Oct . 9,11AM at MCDERMOTT FUNERAL HOME, INC ., 334ForestGrove Rd.,KennedyTwp. (Familyowned &o perateds ince 1886 ) ,theRev. KarlMcDonald offi ciating.Respect - fully,memorialcontributionstoAni- ma lFriends,2646PennAve., Pgh. PA15222. Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com WHITMORE MAIZIE D . DiedOct.2,2004i n Springhill,F L, formerlyofDuquesne.Shewasthe wife of th el ateSidneyWhitmore; motherofDoreen(James)Nagy andBarry(Roberta)Whitmore ; grandmotherof Lynn eJ ennings, DavidW hitmoreandKimberlyAlts - man; alsoseve ng reat-grandchil - dren .F riends received TEICHART - GRACAN FUNERAL HOME,INC . WilmotandKennedyAvenue,Du - quesneThurs. 2-4&7-9.PrayerSer- viceFri. 10:3 0a mi nt he f uneral home ,f ollowedb y1 1a mFuneral ServiceatChristLutheranChurch withRev.JohnGropp.Entombment followingJeffersonMemorialPark. Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com WILLIAMS ROGERG. OnWednesday, Octobe r6,2 004, Roger, 64,o f SouthP ark Twp., be- love dfatherofWilliamJ.Williams; sonofMildredE .Williamsandthe lateRogerP.Williams;brotherof Ke n( Sherry)Williamso fD a llas, TX;grandfatherof Dylan, Lindsey, DevonandKylie;uncleo fN icol e an dT ia.Friends received Thursday 7-9p m andFriday 2-4& 7- 9p ma tthe GRIFFITH MORT UARY ,I NC ., 5636 Brownsvill eR oad, Broughton-Curry - SouthP ar kTwp.,whereBlessin g Services will be heldon Saturdayat 11:00am .Famil yrequest sd ona- tionstoVFW Post 1940"CurryVets", 970HoughDr.,Pgh.PA15236. Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com YADOUGA ANNE C. Age81,ofMcKeesport,onMon- day,October 4,2004,bornJan.17, 1923inMcKeesport,daughterofthe lateCharlesCerepaniandthelat e Mary(Kanuk)Cerepani;wif eo ft he lateV incentJ.Yadouga, Sr. Mem- bero fS t.NicholasByzantin e Church;m othe ro fLawrenc eV.Y a- douga, Sr. McKeesportandVincent J.Y adouga, Jr ., Bethel Park ; grandmotherofLisa ,A mos, Michelle ,Ellwood,L awrenc eV.Y a- douga,Jr.,ChristinaYadougaand BrianYadouga;great-grandmother ofMorganEllwood, TylerEllwood andDillo nY adouga;sisterof CharlesCerepani,WestMifflinand Jo hn Cerepani,M cKeesport; also nieces and nephews. VisitationWed. 2- 4& 7- 9p .m .a t WILLI GF UNERA L HOME & CREMATION SERVICES 220NinthAvenue, McKeesport,PA. (412)664-9178. A Memorial Service forthe deceased willbe held Thurs- da yat10:30a.m. in th ef uneral homechapelwithRev.Fr.Donald J.Vossofficiating.Intermentat th e McKeesport-VersaillesCemetery . Pleasesigntheguestbookatpost-gazette.com CardsofThanks SNYDER THOMAS B. 4-13-35/9-6-04 The family ofthe late ThomasB. Snyderwould like to expresst heir sinceregratitudetoourman y friendsforeveryactofk indness. Aboveall,thankyouforyou r prayerson our behalf.OdessaKan e andtheSnyderFamily. InMemoriam AXELSON DOLORES It’sbeen on ey earsinceyo u passedaway,wethinkabout yo u more eachday. We missyo uand you’llremain in our heartsforever. YourLovingFamily BRILL PETERJ.SR. Oct.7,1929-Aug.23,1988 Sadlymissedbyhisfamily DUGAS MARY’JACKIE’ June 13, 1920-October 7, 2003 AyearhaspassedsinceMomhas goneaway&she is dearlythoughtof each &everyday.Asmoreyearsgo by,herloving memorywillforever stay.Sadlymissedbyallo fh er family, friends, &herdearfriendTom. DaughtersChris &Trish LAM HELEN(ARMENTI) 1-20-1914-10-7-1999 Go dhasyo ui nhis ke eping&I haveyouinmyheart.I’llneverfor- getyou.SadlymissedbybrotherJoe SCHNEPP DEBBIESCHWAB Jan.7,1960-Oct.7,1998 Debbie - The day youleftusthe family hasnotbeenthesame.Yo u were so muchfun& the lifeof th e party. Thanksforallthegoodtimes. Love,allthefamily. SNYDER KIML. 8-8-68 /9-23-04 InlovingmemoryofKimL.Sny- der, formerlyofPittsburgh,passed in Woodbridge,VA.Love,Odessa KaneandtheSnyderFamily. STUNCARD JULIAA. October7 ,2001 Yo uareforeverinourhearts . Sadl ymissedb yhusbandRichard andfamily.

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