Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 27, 2004 · Page 29
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 29

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, September 27, 2004
Page 29
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� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �������������������������� ������������������������ � �������������������������� ��� SHERIFF’SSALE PeterR.DeFazio Sheriff —Abstractsof propertiestakenin executionuponthe writsshown,atthe numbersandterm s shown,astheprop- ertiesoftheseveral- lynameddefen- dants,ownersorre - pu tedowners,andto besoldbyPeterR. DeFazio,Sheriffof AlleghenyCounty, Pennsylvania,o n MONDAY,OCTO- BE R4 ,200 4 at9:00 o ’ clockA.M.,at Room410(Gol d Room),Fourth Floor,CourtHouse, City ofPittsburgh. CONDITIONSOF SALE Successfulbidde r w illpayfullamount ofbidin CASH , CERTIFIE D CHECKORCASH- IE R ’SCHECK at timeofsale,other- wisetheproperty willberesold;pro- vided, thatifthesale ismadeon MONDA Y,OCTOBER4, 20 04, thebiddermay payten(10%)per - centofpurchasin g pricebutnotless than$75.00,in CASH ,CERTI- FI EDCHECK,OR CASHIE R ’S C HECK attimeof saleandthebalance in CASH ,CERTI- FI EDCHECK,OR CASHIE R’S CHECK, on or before FRIDAY,OC- TOBER8,2004 at 10:00o’clockA.M.,at whichtimetheprop- ertywillberesoldif thebalanceisno t paid;andinsuch caseallmoneyspaid inatoriginalsale shallbeappliedto anydeficiencyinthe priceofwhichprop- ertyisresold;and providedfurthertha t ifsuccessfulbidder istheplaintiffinth e executiontheBID- DE Rs hallpayful l amountofbid ON OR BEFORETH E FI RSTMONDA Y OFTHEFOLLOW- INGMONTH,OTH - ERWISEWRI T WI LLBERETUR- NE DMARKE D "REALESTATE UNSOLD" andall moneysadvancedby plaintiffwillbeap - p lieda srequiredby CommonPlea s CourtRule 3129(b)(5). AS REQUIREDBY SECTIO N1 4O F ACTNO. 77OF 19 86. TH ECOST OF PENNSYLVA- NI ADOCUMENTA - RY STAMPSWILL BE DEDUCTED BYTHES HERIFF FROM THEPRO - CEED SOFTHE SA LE . Localt rans - fertaxstamps,i f any,mustbepur- chasedandaffixed bysuccessfulbid - ders.Purchaser s must Recordtheir ownDeedsandpay thenecessaryRe- cordingfees.Pursu- anttoRule313 6 P.R.C.P.,noticeis herebygiventhata scheduleofdistribu - tion willbefiledby th eSheriffnotlater than 30daysfrom date ofsaleandtha t distribution willbe made inaccordance with theschedule unlessexceptions arefiledthereto, withinten(10)days thereafter .Nofur - thernoticeofthefil- ingoftheschedule ofdistributionwillbe given. Noticeisgiventhat allSheriff ’sDeeds tenderedtopurchas- erswillcontainthe following: "Thisdocumentmay nots ell,convey, transfer,includeor insure thetitletothe coalandrightofsup- portunderneathth e surfacelandde- scribedorreferre d tohereinandthe owne rorownerso f suchcoalmayhave thecompletelegal righttoremoveallof suchcoal,andin thatconnectiondam- agemayresultto thesurfaceofthe land,anyhouse, buildingorother structureonorin suchland." 001.-LouisJ. McAfee. GD04-1283 $84,529.13 RobSaltzman, Esquire,Atty. Allthefollowingde- scribedrealestate situatedinthe City ofPittsburgh,15th Ward , Common- wealthofPennsylva- nia,havingerecte d thereonadwelling knownas4573Win- terburnStreet,Pitts- burgh,PA15207. ParcelNo.:55-R-229. 0 02.-Elsie &Mary Ruggiero,withno- ticetoheirsandas - signs,ownersan d reputedowners. GD04-000680 $4,698.25 MichaelG.McCabe, Esquire,Atty. BoroughofSwiss- vale , DB V0 9301, page110,Block& Lot178-A,Lot336, an dHETa2-2sty. brk.dup.knowna s 7128 SchroyerAve. , Pittsburgh,PA 15218. 003.-RonaldCarder &M argaretB.Card- er,3093Eastmont Ave.,Pittsburgh,PA 15216. GD03-23812 $148,581.51 StephenM.Hladik, Esquire,425W. MainStreet,L ans- dale ,PA19446;215 - 855-9521, Attorney forPlaintiff,Home- comingsFinancial Network,Inc.,c/o WilshireCreditCor- poration. Allthatcertainlo t orpieceofgroundin the BoroughofDor- mont, CountyofAl- legheny,Stateo f Pennsylvania,being LotNo.801inDel- montLandCompa- ny’sPlano fL ot s calle d" Delmont",a s recordedinsaid CountyinPlanBook Vol.25,pages108 and109andbeing boundedandde - scribedasfollows : Havingerecte d thereona1-1/2story brickdwellingand built-ingarage know nasandnum- bere da s 3093 Eastmont Avenue.Being Bloc kNo. 98 M, Lo t No.149. PG CLASSIFIED ad s getresults.412-263-1201 004.-NancyS. Hammer. GD03-7673 $16,668.22 LouisP.Vitti& Associates,P.C., Attys.,916FifthAve- nue,Pittsburgh,P A 15219. HarmarTwp. , Al- leghenyCty.&Cm- wlth.ofPA,being knownasUnitNo. 152,Parcel0.28,in thePlanofFores t HighlandsPhaseII, PBV154,pgs.195- 200&amendments thereto,PBV168, pge.60.HETadwg . k/a152Shadow RidgeDrive,Pitts- burgh,PA15238. Block&Lot361-G- 180. 005.-WilliamD. Rainey. GD02-005600 $3,032.32 LawrenceG. Paladin,Jr.,Atty. E.McKeesport , Lot120inE.McK. Pl.atPBV14,pp. 156-61 .HET2sty . hse.k/a1303Hild a Ave.,E.McK- eesport,PA15035. 547-E-332.DBV8653, p.7. 007.-RobertE. McKeagandJacque- lineD.McKeag. GD04-1865 $62,684.38 FrankFederman, Esquire,Atty. A.T.C.lotsit. Boro. of Verona, Co.of Alleg.,Comm.ofPA. Togetherwithany improvementsthere- onerected.Bein g knownas408Seldon Avenue,Verona,PA 15147.Blk./Lot364-B- 4. 008.-GlennEarl Derusha,Jr.andDi- aneDerusha. GD04-10421 $168,029.50 FrankFederman, Esquire,Atty. A.T.C.lotsit.inthe Munic.ofMount Lebanon, Co.of Alleg.,Comm.ofPA. Togetherwithan y improvementsthere- on erected. Being knownas1123Co - chranRoad,Pitts- burgh,PA15243. Blk./Lot99-R-150. 009.-TheodoreT. Patterson. GD03-17159 $65,399.60 FrankFederman, Esquire,Atty. A.T.C. lotsit.in the Twsp.o fS towe , Co. of Alleg.,C o mm.of PAtogetherwith anyimprovements thereonerected.Be- in gk nown as22 HarlemStreet,McK- eesRocks,PA15136. Blk./Lot73-M-188. 010.-Estateof AnthonyM.Plansi- nis,MadonnaD . Plansinis,Executrix, Devisee,andall heirsatlawofthe estateofAnthonyM. Plansinis. GD04-10744 $40,894.67 FrankFederman, Esquire,Atty. A.T.C.lotsit.in Boro .ofM unhall, Alleg.Co.,Comm.of PA together with anyimprovement s thereonerected.Be- ing knownas216-218 18t hAvenue,Mun- hall ,P A15120.Blk./ Lot131-H-39. 011.-JohnJ . Bennett. GD04-6088 $166,193.19 MarkJ.Udren, Esquire,Atty. Allthatcertainlo t orpieceofground, situateinthe 11th WardoftheCityo f Pittsburgh, County ofAlleghenyand Commonwealtho f Pennsylvania.Hav- in ge rectedthereo n aresidentialdwell- ingknownas6308 SaintMarieStreet, Pittsburgh,PA 15206.TaxMa p Block/Lot#124-E - 2000. 012.-JohnMc- KeageZold. GD04-10047 $116,817.03 MarkJ.Udren, Esquire,Atty. Allthatcertainlo t orpieceofground locatedinthe 19th WardoftheCityo f Pittsburgh, County ofAlleghenyand StateofPennsylva - nia.Havingerecte d thereonaresidential dwellingknownas 230OneidaStreet , Pittsburgh, PA 15211.TaxMap Block/Lot#6-R-345. 013.-MarkD. Boehler. GD03-24673 $28,133.76 StephenM.Hladik, Esquire,425W. MainStreet,Land- sale,PA1 9446;215855-9521,Attorney forPlaintiff,Home - comingsFinancial Network,Inc.c/o WilshireCreditCor- poration. Allthatcertain pieceorparcelo f landsituateinthe Twenty-Fourt h (24th)Wardofthe CityofPittsburgh, CountyofAllegheny andCommonwealt h ofPennsylvania,be - ingparts ofLotNos. 66and67intheW.A. Hoeveler’sRevised PlanofLots,asre- cordedintheRe- corder’sOfficeofAl- leghenyCounty, Pennsylvania,in PlanBookVolume 6, Page287andtogeth- erboundedandde - scribedasfollows,to- wit:Designated BlockandLotNo.24 - A-142.Havingerect- edthereonadwell- inghouseknowna s 38RostockStreet, Pittsburgh,PA 15212. 014.-TheUnknown Executors,Adminis- tratorsandHeirso f theEstateofJoh n R.Civitts . GD04-1682 $92,214.13 KristineM.Anthou, Atty.,Grenen&Bir- sic,P.C.,OneGate - wayCnt.,9W.,Pgh. , PA15222. Sit. Mun.Penn Hills,f/k/aTwn.of PennHills, Cty.of AlleghenyandCmn- wlth.ofPA.HE T dwlg.knwn.as342 LongRd.,Pitts - burgh,PA15235. DB V9 516,pg.185 , Blk.&Lot#369-H - 149. 015.-Est.ofGeorge E.Rollins,dec ’s.and Est. ofAliceB.Roll- ins,Dec’d. GD04-6168 $27,087.18 Ja yE.Kivitz, Esquire, Atty. Al lthatcertainlo t orpieceofgroun d situateinthe 12th (frmly.21st)Ward of theCityofPitts- burgh, Cty.ofAlle- ghenyandStateof PA,beingpartofLot No.4inT.A.Mel- lon ’sPlanofLotsre- cordedintheRe- corder ’sOfficeof saidcountyinPBV 3,pg.60.Having erectedthereon a singlefamilydwell- ingknownandnum- bered as6337Mead- owStreet,Pitts- burgh,PA15206. BlockandLot124-N- 302. 016.-JohnD. GaluskaandKim- berlyJ.Galuska,his wife. GD01-1091 6 $55,173.81 ThomasI.Puleo, Atty. Allthatcertainlo t orpieceofgroundin th e 27thWardof theCityofPitts- burgh, County ofAl- leghenyandCom- monwealthofPenn- sylvania,having erectedthereon a dwellinghous e knownandnum- beredas3418Gas Avenue,Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania15212. Block75-H,Lot174 intheAlleghen y CountyDeedRegis- tryRecords. 017.-LoisM. Tucker. GD04-1198 0 $68,563.07 LouisP.V itti& Associates,P.C.,At- tys,916FifthAve- nue,Pittsburgh,P A 15219. 12thWard , Mc- KeesportCity , Alle- ghenyCty.&Cm - wlth.ofPA,being theNortherly 19feet ofLotNo.790&the Southerly22 feetof LotNo.791inth e HallParkPlanof Lots,PBV25,pg.54. HET adwg.k/a2135 DaltonStreet,Mc- Keesport,PA15132. Block&Lot462-J - 279. 018.-MartinJ. Manning. GD04-7514 $129,468.71 StephenM.Hladik, Esquire,Atty.,425 W.MainStreet, Landsdale,PA 19446;215-855-9521, AttorneyforPlain - tiff, DeutscheBank NationalTrustCom- pany,asTrusteefor theMorganStanley AB SCapital 1Inc. Tructc/oWilshire CreditCorporation. Allthatcertainlo t orpieceofgroun d situateinthe Bor- oughofWhitehall, Countyof Allegheny andCommonwealt h ofPennsylvania , boundedanddescribedasfollows: BlockandLotNo. 389-A-64.Having erectedthereon a dwellinghouse knownas378 StreetsRunRoad, Pittsburgh,PA 15236. 019.-MichaelA. GyureandShanno n M.Gyure. GD03-20745 $30,781.50 Edward T.Harvey , Atty ,Hergenroeder, Rega &S ommer, LLC,Centre City Tower, 650Smith - fiel dStreet,Suit e 1700, Pittsburgh ,P A 15222. CityofPittsburgh, 19thWard, Lot 13in H.C.AltemusPlan, PlanBookVolume6, page200,having erectedthereona dwellinghous e knownas1320Vir- giniaAvenue,Pitts - burgh,PA15211, Block&Lot5-C-18. SeeDeedBookVol- ume1 0754,page288, andMortgageBook Volume 19701,page 310. 020.-ClaraE. Johnson. GD03-016378 $89,211.94 JosephA.Goldbeck , Jr.Atty. A.T.C.lotsit . TownshipofShal - er, AlleghenyCoun- ty,D.B.V.6718,page 618,Block&Lot353- D-206.Havingerect- edthereonadwell- ingknown andnum- beredas803Vilsac k Road,Glenshaw, PA 15116. 021.-JenniferA. Crowe&StephenW. Crowe,II . GD04-010166 $47,010.10 JosephA.Goldbeck , Jr.,Atty. A.T.C.lotsit.7th Ward , CityofMc- Keesport , Allegheny County,D.B.V.Deed Book10380,page 171,Block&Lot381- G-306,havingerect- edthereonadwell- ingknownandnum- beredas1415Mead- owStreet,McKees- port, PA15132. 022.-Richard Faulkner, Jr. GD03-025234 $97,634.49 LeonP.Haller, Esquire,Atty. Municipalityof PennHills, Lot 1230,ChurchillVal- leyPlanNo.12,P.B. 46,pgs.152 &153, H.T.E.adwlg.k/ a 340PennviewDrive, Pittsburgh,PA 15235,B/L451-E-378. SeeDeed Book1120, page212. 0 23.-Edwar dP. Maroney,Jr. GD03-022644 $105,597.17 LeonP.Haller, Esquire,Atty. 20thWard,City of Pittsburgh,Lot45 , SheridanLandIm - provementCo. Sheridan2ndAddi- tionPlan,P.B.6,pg. 212.H.T.E.adwlg . k/a2322Thaye r Street,P ittsburgh, PA15204,Block/Lot 71-S-231.SeeDee d Book 10353, page 75. 025.-MichaelE. LeistandAngela M.Leist . GD03-00319 2 $50,805.33 BernsteinLaw Firm, P.C.,Attys. Sit. 27thWd., Pgh., beingallofLo t 3andpartofLot4in theHilldalePlan, PB V4 ,pg. 73,HGET dwg.k/a3019Shade- landAve.,Pgh.,PA 15212.B/L45-A-62. DBV 10118,pg.543. 0 28.-Timothy L. Frederickand MarlysJ.Frederick, Husbanda ndWife , withnoticetoheirs , owners an dr eputed owners . GD04-3930 $3,236.14 Mark S.Danek, Esquire &LauraM. Miller ,Esquire,At- tys. Twp.ofHampton, DBV8156,p.525, Block6 16-B,Lot244, beingknownand designatedasLots #23&24inaPlanof Lotscalled Allison Park,PBV 8,pp.318- 319andHETa 2 stry.multi-fam.hse. w/anop.fr.prch. andenc.f r.prch.k/a 2605WhiteLane,Al- lisonPark,PA15101 . 029.-JosephE. ProfozichandRose MarieProfozich, Husband andWife. GD03-13871 $1,050.99 MarkS.Danek, Esquire &LauraM. Miller,Esquire,Attys. Cty.ofPgh.-6th Wd., DBV6041,p. 815,Block49-P,Lo t 142,beingLot#19in aPlanofLotslaid outbyAmosW.Ew- ing,PBV3,pp.81 andHETa2stry . oldstl.hse. w/msnry.stp.k/ a 3815MintwoodSt., Pgh., PA15201. 0 30.-Rober tJ. Potts . GD01-024769 $87,315.65 LouisP.V itti& Associates,P.C., Attys., 916FifthAve- nue,Pittsburgh,P A 15219. Municipalityof BethelPark (formerlytheBoro. ofBethelPark),Cty. ofAllegheny&Cm - wlth.ofPA,bein g known aspartofLot No.4intheWillow ManorPlanofLot s No.1,PBV51,pg.39. HET adwg.k/a5605 MarilynnDrive, Pittsburgh,PA 15236.Block&Lo t 391-C-212. 031.-Stonewall Partlow,Jr.,withno- ticetoheirsandas - signs,ownersan d reputedowners . GD04-006656 $5,224.26 MichaelG.McCabe, Esquire,Atty . BoroughofBrad- dock, DBV8398, page280,Block301- J, Lo t395andHET a2sty.fra.hse. know nas537Core y Avenue,Braddock, PA15104. 032.-Gregory Marcello,withnotic e toheirsandassigns, ownersandreputed owners . GD04-00028 0 $2,664.75 MichaelG.McCabe, Esquire,Atty. BoroughofSwiss- vale, DB V1 0765, page314,Block178- H,Lot 209,andHET a2sty.brk.hse. knownas221 1 WoodstockAvenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15218. 033.-PrinceMarion LP,withnoticet o heirsand assigns, ownersandreputed owners . GD04-006519 $4,054.21 MichaelG.McCabe, Esquire,Atty. BoroughofFor- estHills, DB V 11524, page268, Bloc k373-E,Lot77, an dHETa2sty. brk. dup.knownas 536 PacificAvenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15221. 035.-Yolanda Rising. GD03-17470 $30,912.99 TerrenceJ. - McCabe,Esquire, Atty. Allthatcert.loto r pc.ofgr.sit.inth e Boro.ofMunhall, dwlg.k/a24121st Ave.,Munhall,PA 15120.B/L131-H-318. 036.-GynithHarris. GD03-22694 $57,013.21 TerrenceJ. - McCabe,Esquire, Atty. Allthatcert.loto r pc.ofgr.sit.inth e 11thWd.,Cty.of Pgh. , dwlg.k/a212 NorthAikenAve. , Pgh.,PA15206.B/L 50-M-182. 037.-CurtisR. Nelson. GD04-00282 8 $55,527.87 TerrenceJ.- McCabe,Esquire , Atty. Allthatcert.pcl. of ld.sit.inthe 13th Wd.,Cty.ofPgh., Pl.desc.inPBV6 , pg.243,1stvacant landk/a 7238-7238-1/2Fleury Way,Pgh.,PA15208. 2nddwlg.k/a7240 FleuryWay,Pgh. , PA15208.B/L174-J- 102-A. 038.-ShirleyJ. Platt. GD04-2266 $142,832.84 TerrenceJ. - McCabe,Esquire , Atty. Allthosecert.lts. orpcs.ofgr.sit.in th e Twp.ofRoss, Pl.desc.inPBV31, pg .6 0-66,dwlg.k/ a 121GassRoad,Pgh., PA15229.B/L350-J - 126. 039.-RobertA. Shelleby,Jr.and PamelaJ .Shelleby. GD03-21310 $79,138.26 BrettA.Solomon , Esquire,Atty. Allthatcertain propertysituatedin th e Townshipof Neville, Allegheny County,Comm.of PA,fullydescribe d inadeeddated06/20/ 1991,recorded06/28/ 1991,amongthe landrecordsofthe CountyandStatese t forthabove,inDeed Book8610,page29, HE Ta twostory framedwellingk/ a 129ThirdStreet, NevilleIsland,Penn- sylvania15225-1334 . BlockandLot#211 - B-173. 040.-MarthaL. Anderson,withno- ticetoheirs,owners andreputedowners . GD02-21935 $2,378.77 MarkS.Danek,Esq. &L aura M. Miller, Esq.,Attys. Muni .ofP en n Hills, DB V8 624,p . 46, block173-C,lot 395,beingknown anddesignateda s lot#337intheLin - colnParkPlanof Lots,PBV18,pp1 2 andHETa2-stryold stlhsew/opmsnr y prch &wooddec k k/a 1781TiersSt. , Pgh.,PA15235. FROMAUDIS toYugos, grea tautomotivebuys areavailableeveryday inthePGClassifieds. 041.-GlennMason Harvey,withnotice toheirs,ownersand reputedownersand TheUnitedStates of America. GD03-20933 $1,325.49 MarkS.Danek, Esquire&LauraM. Miller,Esquire,Atty . Cty.ofMcKees- port -8thWd.,DB V 9354,p.373,Block 380-M,Lot357,being Lots#315and 316in theTubeMillsPlan ofLots,PBV21,pp. 138andHETa 2 stry.oldstl.hse. w/fr.bayarea,op. fr. prch.,enc.msnry. prch .&det.fm.gar . k/ a635Grandview Ave,McKeesport , PA 15132. 046.-CharlesR. Martin. GD03-2889 $22,335.16 LouisP.Vitti&As- sociates,P.C.,916 FifthAvenue,Pitts - burgh,PA15219, Atty. Boro.ofNorth Braddock , Cty.of Allegheny&Cm - wlth.ofPA.Bein g partsofLotsNos.2 &3inA.W.Mellon ’s SubdivisionofLot s Nos.28thru32.PBV 18,pg.40.HET a dwg.k/a1206Mc- DonoughAvenue, NorthBraddock,PA 15104.Block&Lot No.302-F333. 047.-LarryA. BeyerandDeborah A.Beyer. GD04-9807 $35,762.96 LouisP.V itti&As- sociates,P.C.,91 6 FifthAvenue,Pitts - burgh,PA15219, Atty. MunhallBoro. , Al- leghenyCty.&Cm - wlth.ofPA.LotNo. 904&theadjoining Southerly1 6’ofLot No.905,Block9of theHomesteadPark PlanofLots.PBV 20,pgs.26,etc.HE T ad wg.k/a3410Hill Street,Munhall,PA 15120.Block&Lot 132-S-82. 048.-DianeTerrant andSebastian Terrant. GD04-860 5 $76,746.41 MarthaE.Von Rosenstiel,Esquire , Atty. Townshipof SouthPar k (for- merl ySnowden), CountyofAllegheny &Commonwealtho f PA>Beingknow n asLotNo.66inLi- braryNo.1Planof Lots.Recordedi n PBV42,page42 & 43.Havingerected thereonadwelling knownas360 3 DowningStreet,Li- brary,PA15129. Block&Lot#886-K - 15. 049.-Jacqueline Lukacevi c (mortgagor&rea l owner)andMichael J.Lukacevic (mortgagor). GD04-1610 $97,007.35 MarthaE.Vo n Rosenstiel,Esquire , Atty. Township of Nort hFayette , County ofAllegheny, Commonwealt ho f PA.BeingLotNo. 144inHanke y FarmsPlanNo.1. Recordedin PBV68, pages16,17&18. Havingerected thereonadwelling knowna s222Han- keyFarmsDrive, Oakdale,PA15071. Block&Lot#9929-X- 632. GetthePGClassifieds. 050.-MarkR. Majorsky. GD04-11268 $33,203.40 FrankFederman, Esquire,Atty. A.T.D.lotsit.in Boro.ofMunhall, Alleg.Co.,Comm.o f PA.Togetherwit h anyimprovement s thereon erected.Be- ingknown as612 East9thAvenue, Munhall,PA15120 Blk./Lot130-M-149. 051.-LorraineMar- nellandGregoryP. Marnell. GD04-10582 $126,853.22 FrankFederman, Esquire,Atty . A.T.C.lotsit.inthe Boro.ofMonroe- ville , Co.ofAlleg., Comm.ofPA.To- getherwithanyim- provementsthereo n erected.Being knownas211 8 BeechwoodRoad a/k/a2118Beech- woodAvenue,Mon - roeville,PA15146 Blk./Lot746-S-151. 053.-BenjaminF. Mooney,IVand PameliaMooney. GD04-11254 $30,689.74 FrankFederman, Esquire,Atty . A.T.C.lotsit . City ofPittsburgh, Co.o f Alleg.,Comm.ofPA. Togetherwithany improvementsthere- onerected.Bein g knownas121Finley Street,P ittsburgh, PA15206Blk./Lot 125-F-301. 054.-CarolAnn Kelsey. GD02-002470 $145,358.2 4 FrankFederman, Esquire,Atty . A.T.C.lotsit.inthe Twsp.ofCollier, Co.ofAlleg.,Comm. of PA.Togetherwith anyimprovement s thereonerected.Be- ingknownas63 CowanDrive,Carn- egie,PA1 5106Blk./ Lot9905-X-343. 055.-Unknown Heirs,Successors, Assigns,andallper- sons,firms,orasso - ciationsclaiming right,titleorinterest fromorunderFlo- renceA.Smith,de- ceased. GD04-3810 $40,919.51 FrankFederman, Esquire A.T.C.lotsit.i n Boro.ofMonroe- ville, Alleg.,Co., Comm. of PA.To- getherwithanyim- provementsthereo n erected. Bein g know nas772Cot- tonwoodDrive,Mon- roeville,PA15146 Blk./Lot 637-K-252. Lookingfor somenew wheels?Cruise throughthe PGClassifieds. Cont.onPageB-10 ATTENTION: SOCIALBUTTERFLIES Before you gofor anight on the town this weekend, checkWeekend MagonFriday morning.

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