Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 26, 2004 · Page 76
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 76

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 26, 2004
Page 76
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Page 76 article text (OCR)

L-4 Sunday,September26,2004Post-Gazette How to heat your car and self in a blizzard D ear Tom and Ray: Living in Colorado, I wonder about being stuck in the snow in a blizzard. Let’s say I have a full tank of gas and keep the tailpipe clear. Is it better to start the car every few minutes to run the heater before the car cools again, or to get as cold as I can stand before starting it again? Wouldn’t the time it takes to warm the engine waste more gas than starting it every few minutes? Please let me know, just in case. — Kerry RAY: I can see that you’re worried. You’re afraid of being stranded out there in the wilderness, and ending up passing through the digestive systems of wolves. TOM: So, I guess the question is, how do we make sure the wolves have a warm meal? RAY: Stop that, you insensitive oaf. TOM: Well, keeping the tank full in the winter is an excellent idea. And making sure the tailpipe is clear when you’re stuck in the snow is essential. So, the question is, how do you make the most efficient use of the gasoline you have to generate heat inside the car? RAY: Well, if it were one of my brother’s old cars, I’d pour the gasoline on top and start a bonfire. TOM: Here’s what you should do. Turn the heat up all the way and run the engine until the passenger compartment is nice and toasty. Then shut off the engine. You can leave the key in the accessory position so you can listen to the radio and have some company. RAY: Then wait until you start to feel cold and uncomfortable. Depending on your own tolerance and the outside temperature, that could be 10 minutes, or it could be half an hour. At that point, start up the engine and run the heat at full blast again until you’re warm. Keep doing that. TOM: In the time it takes the passenger compartment to cool down, the internal parts of the engine will still be “warm.” So you won’t waste extra gas warming it up (as you would from a completely cold start), and it won’t take much — if any — time to produce heat each time you start it. RAY: Contrary to the urban myth, it takes less gas to start and run an engine intermittently than it does to run it continuously. It’s simply not true that starting a car somehow consumes extra gasoline. TOM: So, try not to worry. But if you do get stuck in a blizzard, follow these instructions, and you should be able to stay comfortably warm until help arrives. And whatever you do, don’t lock yourself out of the car!  Dear Tom and Ray: I have a silly question to ask you. A co-worker of mine has an old, beat-up car. It’s at least 20 years old. We live in a state where we have strict emissions testing. He couldn’t pass the emissions test, so he says he put a fifth of Old Grand Dad whiskey in his car. He said it passed with the highest score pos- sible, and he got his plates. What do you think? — Mikey RAY: I think he’s telling the absolute truth. He got his plates by putting a fifth of Old Grand Dad in his car. TOM: When the inspector slid into the front seat and saw the bottle of bourbon with a bow on it, perfectly perched right atop the vehicle registration, he happily took it and gave your buddy his plates. RAY: So, I would say that the solution your buddy employed was not a fuel-system fix, as you suspected. It was more of a lube job.  Dear Tom and Ray: I just bought a 1980 Subaru GL5 wagon with a 1600 engine and an odometer showing 257,000 miles. OK, so I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer. The engine ran rough when I bought it for 600 bucks, but I figured, hey, if Tom and Ray can fix cars, it can’t be that tough, right? Well, it’s three months later, and I’ve had a lot of phone consultations with some very nice people who know a lot more about cars than I do. Turns out I have a bad anti-afterburn valve. Of course, the part I need has gone the way of the dodo bird. So, I stuffed a blue plastic Wal-Mart bag under the valve, and the engine smoothed right out. What are the consequences (besides the obvious fire hazard) of making this permanent? — Tim TOM: The consequences? Well, for starters, it’s going to be hard to bring home all your stuff from Wal-Mart now. RAY: Actually, there are only two other consequences I can think of. One is that the repair is not going to last, and your problem will return. Think about it. If this was really a viable, long-term fix, we’d all be using Wal-Mart bags to fix our cars. The other problem is that you’re going to be breathing burning plastic until the repair does fail. And if you think you’re slow on the uptake now, just wait a few weeks! TOM: The anti-afterburn valve is better known as an anti-backfire valve. It’s an early emission-control device that injected pulses of fresh air into the catalytic converter to help burn up any unburned fuel that managed to get that far. RAY: My brother used the past tense because we suspect the valve’s not working anymore. But the nonfunctioning valve is not what’s causing your engine to run rough. That’s caused by a vacuum leak that has developed between the valve and the engine . There’s supposed to be an airtight gasket in there. Your gasket has disintegrated. TOM: Gaskets sometimes disintegrate after 257,000 miles, believe it or not. That now-melted Wal-Mart bag is serving as a temporary gasket. But you can easily make a new one. RAY: Go to your favorite parts store and buy a piece of gasket material. It’s cheap — a few bucks. Then remove the valve and trace the bottom of i t onto the gasket material. Then cut it out, put it all back together, and we guarantee you’ll be good for at least another 257, Tim. TOM: That’s 257 seconds, not thousands of miles. “Car Talk with Click & Clack” airs at 10 a.m. Saturday s on WDUQ-FM, 90.5. You can write to Click & Clack in care o f King Features, 888 Seventh Ave. , New York, NY 10019, or e-mail them by visiting the Car Talk Web site at www.cartalk.com. CLICK & CLACK TOM & RAY MAGLIOZZI 50 th 50 th MSRP $28,254- LESS College Grad $500, Rebate $5000, Owner Loyalty $500, Baierl Savings $1255, Cash or Trade $2000 Automatic • Leather • Sunroof • CD $ 18 , 999 MSRP $18,994- LESS College Grad $500, Rebate $1500, Owner Loyalty $500, Baierl Savings $594, Cash or Trade $2000 $ 13 , 999 Overdrive • Air Condition • Power Windows/Locks • CD $ 11 , 499 Automatic • Air Condition • Power Windows/Locks • CD 1-866-525-3094 CALL TOLL FREE www.baierl.com 150 To Choose From UP TO $5000 REBATES AVAILABLE 0 % ON ALL NEW 2004 MITSUBISHI 3 Year/45,000 Mile Scheduled Maintenance Program Included 5 Year/60,000 Mile Bumper To Bumper Warranty 10 Year/100,000 Mile Powertrain Limited Waranty ✔ ✔ ✔ MSRP $17,192- LESS College Grad $500, Rebate $2000, Owner Loyalty $500, Baierl Savings $693, Cash or Trade $2000 Baierl Celebrates 50 years Of Serving Pittsburgh With Tremendous Savings During The Month Of September... Hurry While Supplies Last! 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