Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 16, 2004 · Page 30
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 30

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 2004
Page 30
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Page 30 article text (OCR)

Sep 16 2004 4:23:08:960AM B-6 PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2004 1 6 7 9 10 11 COMICS Classic Peanuts Dilbert By Charles Schulz By Scott Adams f HERE'S THE WORLD WAR I FLYING ACE 5ITTIN6 IN AN Rf ENEMY PRISON CELL... ri HiS, HE HAP TO STAY THERE OVERNISHT FOR X-RA5.. m THEY'LL KEEP HiM IN A CA6E OR 50METHINS, WON'T THE1 ? HOW U)ILL HE EVER STANP IT ? IF YOU HIRE rAE, I WILL USE fAY ENORNOUS BRAIN TO DEVELOP WORLD-CHANGING PRODUCTS. I REQUIRE NO PAY AND NO CUBICLE. I WILL EAT USED PAPER , AND CLING TO THE CEILING. IN hY DEFENSE , HE INTERVIEWS VERY WELL. Hagar the Horrible By Chris Browne UU-OilJ it l-OOKZ MOV V MY &UL5 1& IF &OPY IB UK& HA6A2'4 RAIP CAN LARGSR THAN Tde6ACK Ue'& M&H'T &UCCB5&FUt,l Y&U CAKktINV IT WASN'T. The Boondocks By Aaron McGruder SNOOPV'S 1 ihl f ANP NOW FOR THE N THE FOLLOWING RACIALLY Y THE POSH MOGHTERSX -nil: irrrn nfti-ilTrnr AMPIGOOOS WOMEN SHOULP IdC K.CKKT VHUtmiCKJ, Hilary pofps sister, NEVER PE SEEN ON TELEVISION MONTHLY OPPATE ON WHITE WOMEN WHO SHOOIP NEVER FE SEEN ON TELEVISION AGAIN: PARIS HILTON. NICOLE RICHIE. J AGAIN ... j -r1 ASHLEE SIMPSON. WAT. I THlNkT NlCOLEA (gjgQQj by Kng Feaures syndicate, Inc. World rights resejTrBjB Blondie By Dean Young and Denis Lebrun OAS, YOUR K YEAH, I CAN NEVER - i BOWLING BALL SET MIME TO LOOK WHAT 00 yOU " I IT'S A SECRET J ( HE USES PEPPERONI ) USE TO KEEP IT j vir PIZZA GREASE v-V I LOOKING s M V - 5 ALWAYS .--SV, LIKE THAT.' rA SO NICE ANt? SHINY Doonesbury By Garry Trudeau i mm ifuicwyours-- YoipimlTVN' Mj.fi' 1 pp" 1 1WU6KT yok , GREAT ' QUESTON! 'Wm A5K A U6I0USIY CM FOKNEWS, ANUI COULPNr THINK OF ANY MISTAKES YOU'PMPE, 'J Drabble By Kevin Fag an mHCAj U)ANT, -J g OR "TROPICAL bUFJ L1.IKF. poop r-'ir 6ETrR fAAE IT www.cxirnics.com H'lfr The Amazing Spider-Man By Stan Lee I OUZ REBEL- U&BS THIS VOCKSIPe WARtHOU&B FOR VROP-OFF3. 1 K M STAN I Ml j IP THE PO.C PlSCOVez. Mother Goose and Grimm 1 By Mike Peters rR!MM,lcMtWAfTIi 7juat TboKS6iKEvicowsecoNa Iff tflMH LL The Piranha Club By Bud Grace I 1U SPRAY YOU I All cVER with ( AUI6AT0RI REPELl-EMrJ BACK I WTb THAT 0 ok.' mm mu A106J 0 1 Hm..."2M41AlTS S SET THOSE MA6IC 5PRAV-O0 , N I4T SKA-; OPAUSATOKs- M A1 THE KIDS7 CORNER: HISTORY QUIZ 'n which year did these Pirates lead the league in hitting? I Zippy By Bill Griffith 7 1 lyvAl -.C TU t THou&HT I DO 7lPW lUHftT P gUToNEMOlr vnu ATf Sponsored by: A, OFTrt'gfAft TH LOCAL Mo$T,si2ifFj; MOST l if inn' Si niTi-ilcn EEVI5IT VTf 71M)N...n lb C2,V-A(ZAT? k NOT A CJOULETTC? 1 TrtAT HSH- 1 PITCHED TIN- L0?T I UM6 15 TH' flSAUV r?WPT(?AC 8 MTH ! OF Dopm, 2lpyV-. jceftfC TABLE S TH'flPeN'y A HUH, f 'CAttToeiEp- )&piFFi 1 NAL DAM- y 1 fJATjy c 1 viunc-v V (ou CAM r. ..1 1. Dick Groat. 2. Arkie Vaughan. 3. Bill Madlock. 4. Dave Parker. 5. Roberto Clemente. 6. Debs Garms. 7. Matty Alou. 8. Paul Warner. 9. Honus Wagner. 10. Clarence Beaumont. P(CTU(2.E- 5ENATOR JOHN HEINZ " PITTSBURGH REGIONAL HISTORY CENTER IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION For more information about these and many other exciting topics, visit the History Center. 412-4544000 www.pghhistory.org Cathy By Cathy Guisewite "9861 'Z '0961 'I ANSWERS: S06I '01 TI-S06I '0061 '6 frS6I 'LZ61 '8 9961 7, '(Ml '9 99-961 '1961 'S 8L-LL6I T 88-1861 '8 WHN HOT ampLW The Kids' Corner quiz every Thursday. (HOTEL: I ( RESTAURANT ' T ( NOT A)fllLfl6LE. ( NOT Wfl!Lfl6LE. ) HOTEL ) f RESTAURANT-. ) 1 NOT fWftllfWIE. ) ( MOT AMfllLASLE . j HOTEL'- J ( RESTAURAMT: j V MOT AUAILABLE) f m A)AILA8LEM 0 0 ofo HAVE THE WEDDIN& RECEPTION IN OUR., Z x BACK MARD'- 1 I MOT AVAILABLE. K y I ' I f 0 0 y 'Jl. v 1 Garfield By Jim Davis Sally Forth By Francesco Marciuliano 1 SIGH... WHY COULDN'T THIS BE i J MARCIE, EVEN IF THEY FIRE RALPH A T THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE SONE, a TOO. AFTER ALL, THE NEXT PERSON I HAPPENING AFTER I WON BUT YOU KNOW HOW IT IS. NEW BOSSES ALWAYS BRING IN THEIR OWN PEOPLE. MY DAYS WILL BE NUMBERED FOR I IOMEGA MILLIONS'? T?M YEAH, V ZTJBJ EVERYTHING Dennis the Menace By Hank Ketcham SURE., by Dick Rogers KidSp t THE ' ' ' Fox Trot By Bill Amend Do you like to play "I gotcha' on friends? "I gotcha' is a trick question. Let's see if you can answer this "I gotcha' question. How many fingers are there on one hand? How many fingers on two hands? How many fingers are there on ten hands? I THINK THET'VE FWALLT WE ALSO HAVE TT3 RADIANS PIZZA SLICES. OI77A CI trCC Found A way To MAKE US STUDY. . A. o. v -0 1 Today s Speciq ib, borger avec pommefrifes and a 473.HGCC dfmk 1 "How come you always send me to bed without my dessert? Why not without my broccoli?" 0 1 sawn saasNid bah sonvh 0 1 no saaoNia os 3HV 3H3H1 "VHOiOO I 'SH3SNI3 001 (HINDOO flOA 31 -SNV

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