Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 2, 2004 · Page 30
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 30

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 2, 2004
Page 30
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Page 30 article text (OCR)

Sep 2 2004 4:22:31:483AM B-4 PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2004 1 6 7 8 9 10 11 COMICS Classic Peanuts By Charles Schulz Dilbert By Scott Adams I ASSUNE YOU UJANT A NArAE THAT WILL HELP DISGUISE YOUR TREACH AND NOW A WORD FROM, THE CEO OF KRAP2IDIOTS. ERY. NOT SO rAUCH. i Hagar the Horrible CAM We&TM, Mat MhJp of 0i rip WOULP YOU LIK0 ? SCHOOL START5 WHERE AM I V D0NT HAVE f REALLY 7 ) JUST WAIT 'TIL I CATCH A 8 ( NEXT WEEK J 601NS TO SET TD W YOUR OWN Vl I THE KID WHO SOLD ME Uf ... THREE WLLARS PE5K!U)HERE'P T I THAT ONE LA5T YEAR i -w-. I NEED A NArAE FOR ANOTHER J SET THAT IDEA? f SifcTT 1 FOR IAY COfAPANY. I (ck Jj PK ir" ( J1 1 c ? 1 fWl 1 -006 THEN I CAN FILh ! ) J THE INFOhERCIAL. By Chris Browne fW CBZTAlbilY, 'Hl The Boondocks By Aaron McGruder Ho I MET WITH THE PRESIDENT "CHENEY CAME AND OFFEREON THE STEM CELl FALLOUT, PART 10: O.P.&., AkTA ROSSEL JONES. AKA PIRT ACGRT, TESTIFIES PEFORE CONGRESS. MAN ... THAT POPE AIN'T THAT FRIGHT I MEAN ... I AlNT REALLY INTO POLITICS, PUT EVEN I ICNOW THIS GUY'S ME 20 POCICS TO ACT LlkfE A SCIENTIST AND TILL PUSH THAT STEM CELL RESEARCH WOULP DESTROY AN IPIOT V THE COUNTRY ... HEY, WHERE CONPOLEEZZA AT? SHE ii s r i v STILL NEEP A MAN?.1 JLlM I Iik. IB lil Blondie By Dean Young and Denis Lebrun MY CLASSMATES SET TOGETHER , WHAT'S ( IT'S A NOTICE ASOUT V THAT, J v MY HISH SCHOOL 7 YOU A MEAN, ON ( PURPOSE ) BVBRV TEN YEARS TO TALK ABOUT WHEN WE ; WERE STUDENTS Doonesbury By Garry Trudeau RICHARP CHBNY IS NOIV 1 APPROACHING THE POPIUM, I MAFK. H GRIPS IT FIRMLY f i UHATKJILL HeSAYfmPITB THIS CONVENTION'S imMSS OF COMPASSION ANPM0P5RA-TION, TMGUFSSIN6 IT'LL 0F SOMETHING HARP-CHARGING AHPMANLY! 6 -r, A Drabble By Kevin Fag an I. -r , I Tw-TTi www.comics.com . I U3XTCW, NOW f PAD CAN (DOeBHTKAUMHS? imitate r7Sf hippo r i 1 1 1 1 ' i ' ; 1 ' ! ' tittGG U)GLE 1 ' I ' 'yO The Amazing Spider-Man By Stan Lee 1 1 I THE WAY HE I I NO OHE Sr-P l VOBS HAVB &?PB J A 1 7HE TARANTULA! Asfw IT'S THE TARINni.!' IU WBB 'M SO WB CAM TALK hsMm kj Ksfe'm Mother Goose and Grimm By Mike Peters 1 WHATS WW IS HE H0(JMN6THE LIFTING weights. THABCWIBP TH6CL6AM ANPtJERK. CtAN!N'JRK, POINGf HIS H&AiDKE ATlM r J 1 THm? THAT? a The Piranha Club By Bud Grace l A i At I -riCtiJliirL TH6M WE SHOVE IT ( I wspe eyeasy w?w J IS A PURNIAI6 n U)Ai6lA)e FOR 6yf 61HAT IP P6R W WUPCte EAST , REALLY AAiP TRUty POfiT Wtlr PSocPACY? sof-pfrERMiAiA-noA); PcSIRE to BE FREE r rnr 11 lav ArBa THE KIDS' CORNER: HISTORY QUIZ Western Pennsylvania and the nation are in the midst of the 250th anniversary of the French and Indian War, a series of battles that were largely fought over control of Pittsburgh's Point. Can you answer the following questions about the battles fought in Western Zippy By Bill Griffith Sponsored by: 4. Which battle claimed the life of a British general along the banks of the Monongahela River? 5. To which area did the losing army retreat following this battle? 6. In which battle was Lt. Col. John Armstrong victorious? 7. Which side won the battle of Fort Ligonier? 8. When did Fort Duquesne become Fort Pitt? 9. Who was the leader of the British forces at Bushy Run? 10. Why was Western Pennsylvania considered so important at that time? 5ENATOR JOHN HEINZ PITTSBURGH REGIONAL 1. How many actual battles were fought during the French and Indian War in Western Pennsylvania? 2. Which of these was George Washington's first engagement? 3. In which battle was Washington forced to surrender? HISTORY CENTER N ASSOCtATlON WITH THE INSTITUTION For more information about these and many other exciting topics, visit the History Center. 412-4544000 www.pghhistory.org Cathy By Cathy Guisewite SQUWT AND IH1A&1ME Pi EABUL0U5 HAIRDO WITH TIARA AMD MEIL. SQUINT AND EMVISIOM PR0?ES5I0MAL MAKEUP AND PERFECT IEV1ELRV. squint mo pRerewo THE DRESS 15 THREE 5I2ES SMALLER MD TmlO fEET SHORTER. Tissue 9 7, utuub;;tx jo '9 umo;uotuq JB9U 'diUBQ s(JBquna -g ;b9J9(i s(5poppi3jg -f A;tss909N ;joj -g U9JO 9TJIAUOlUnf -g ANSWERS: MOTJ UJ9S9M S;i pUB J9AT OTIJO 9m PBIIOJTIOO 9in pgnojpoo Aiujb eijj, -oi ;enbnoa Ajuen too '6 8QLI 'SI '100 '8 irrva Airsng ptre jgraoSiq Vd 'Sutuub;;t jo 9i;;Bg 9i; ';B9j -90 sooppBjg 'A;tss909N ;joj 'irajo gniAuoiunf xig - The Kids' Corner quiz appears every Thursday. SQUINT AND VISUALIZE TONED ARfflS TRIMMED WAIST WHITENED TEETH AND A SPARKLM PEOICURE. IROMICALLV, m NO OTHER TIME IK UfE IS IT WORE IMPORTANT FOR A BRIDE TO HWE HER EVES WIDE OPEN. Garfield By Jim Davis IT'S NOT SO MUCH THg ( HE HAP T i f THAT COAIN& ) I HEAT, IT'S THE HUMIPITV I wHew;...iT J r SURE 16 HOT J 0 ! w'tc- & S3 '"- Sally Forth By Francesco Marciuliano WHY DO YOU THINK I THINK I'LL STAY HERE. WHAT ARE f SOMEWHERE, I 1 LOADED UP ON MUFFINS AND fmU ccniciiiv rl COFFEE? 'A liITU Vl ID MAMcll YOU GOING TO DO HERE? SKIP MEALS AND STAND GUARD UNTIL THE Dennis the Menace By Hank Ketcham OFFICE THIEF IS by Dick Rogers KidSp0t CAUGHT? l Villi? dap At first glance, these five drawings look alike. But one is different. Can you spot the odd one? Fox Trot By Bill Amend CAN I WRITE IT ON YOUR SWEATSHIRT, THEN? PAIGE, WRITING MY WHAT ARE LOCKER COMBl- YOU NATION ON Doing? my HAND. THAT'S WHERE So THAT'S ALL OF Mf NOT THE IMPORTANT CHEM LAB INFO GOES. I SMELL? A TYPICAL NEWBlE FRESHMAN mistake, as soon as you pick up a bar of Soap, you're dead. you need to write it on something that never gets washed. HA HA. y ' i 0 "Oh, dear. You've skinned your elbow.' "Don't fret, Ma'am . It's only a flesh wound." iNayaddia si aauHi aaawnN sm 92 WBID

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