Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 9, 1952 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1952
Page 14
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* ,* - |^K f , OtMHf f, im '_ J* •§ Thumlay, October9, t*J2 Annm . of Spurkmnri'i t^flfktmoK) Wtlcomt Sporkmcin TBXAWKANA, T«x. W — l*fl«f>- >t) f'.-x » ""^i er«l« frrtm four «t8|M Will tH^ff 1'ttnmn x.tl'l Hparkmnn will hm Oct. 24 for fl t*!g#£jt*n* ' '** •'' " ' w '' rn ln '"•"• "' rtrtlly «1 which VtS* . ••* I$fbq4 * Around Arkansas «^' MA'iSH ' 6 11 E I) E S-. r. ' * / -fe ISES-;^;^ , n ' * ^TttltBAUT V AII Duck Hunters in America! 5i" (' ' , —, ,.. .(** gsHen l» h« « IrmlHIon In » eotnei'Bo on Aiknnmn, |»«t like « mmltrule gl««i» ttvtfotetnNr, ' of Iwr. NM In Hil*«(«(«null)' live. „.„„., '. , . , They ««!«? ih« 1T'«'I (liinw In Uf« rljtlw-nlnw on tht * l ' dj *«"*«<••• %iH«ter«U hmmtf ' '" (he »«w«m, »W tolly In » C)P« %A< mam, /IM,, / u, Unit Km, A Vouflo? OLA-BERON-12 .iCttfnfiWX mfttuil i con 1 F talfl,er*,pojieni U % P . 01) ftirw^Ccy Kiflih ft* B»18r nfus* tivst lian |Ull,«« Coppwi thai helped m«ny *Hp«(i*n'"*' i>" w * lovind vigor nnd r«> rt*w«d nest lot lite iparFIa r -"W'^m. Over Truman s Expenses By FRANK-CAREY i Vi A IS I 1 11WC* * ON tfn — A *jtinf*o sifli-iiff drvfclopc'l t'xlnjurm Pr«-sl- .i.-.t Trnmnn'd cmitrovcrslnl health {.•ominiHslon met to ran aider the <li.r<ti.in of how best to pay the i " , i V-IH'-:' ,ra arc expected to attend. i <••[,:,( kmnn nnrl hi« party will HI-S,-i-, r about noon. They will leave | a,,- foilowinK day for Ari/mia. $11.95 P. (OX 0 DIAL 7-/ 1 - 1* i- 7-A617 *•'* WE GIVi EAGLE STAMPS > ON SAlffHUlDAY, FRIDAY & SATUpY *" ,... 3** agency DRUG STORE ANNUAL HALF PRICE SALE DOROTHY GRAY Dry Skin Mixture 1.00 1.75 $2.25 Jar $4.00 Jar 1&»^T* *JH 1C). 'ON MOUIAK CAKE». 'APER < illette Blue Blades ' IR. WEST'S L Tooth Brushes ^rved head V. ,'- ! F|«xino" bti oi genlla ctaanino BRUSH M. Hit Oil of tergr Synlhelic n,i, NUIV . . . s.' v " '•"""> "" ggj HOME-HANDY BUYS! p si.. DAMP P*»W' -w- » CHEESE Curter IITCHII ftllf IRON BOARD FASTENERS RH 3) FIGHT COLDS FAST imtf«r w«Mt -JPS,- fi«r OQe i»-..,..*«| AdlulT Glycerine Suppoiitories J3' p^ 1 ^ ANACIN TABLETS 50 for 75c 1^^*^™^ OAifte* 'Pure COD LIVER Oil JV<*r F'li'H,, «1S N Intk PMU * One Third Million Prescriptions hove tan filled ot Cox'*. BHng us yout next Afnerlcart doctor bill. dlnpute resulted from Issu- »y thf American Mpdrral As i i <AMA> of a press relf-nsci „ AMA Economist Frank O.' Oickmwil a* saying a "Fact Honk" on n.radical car'- costs'prepared by Ihr roiTiiifljflM'Jii prfSents "only halt the slorjft of medical economies' ;<r>it "Kiv^ltjothif.g on whnt we ttif Ami-rii-rill' jSCfiplc net for what wo ;-pi?nd." ''" : i Dickinson was scheduled to ad-1 rlir:i'< ;i rtlVeting sponsored iiy the j fominiislrVri ((gulf _~ and thf AMA! embargoed release of his remarks. for 12 noon, (ESTi today. ! A spokesman for the commission, who s:iid he had seen the I AMA r i-Ira so, told a reporter the cornmisMon "protests the making of a charge — in an advance press release, without 'opportunity for refutation --- against a fact book which was actually designed only as a rough statistical compilation ot facts on what is spent for mod- iral care." "The quality of medical care is finite another matter," he added. "That is, what we get for what we spend is a matter of judgment." fl m He said furthermore that the "Fact Book" — prepared by the commission "on the basis of sta- UxtU-H gathered from various sources" — was designed for the information of individuals scheduled to attend today's commission hearinR on the: subject "method ot financing health program." KUneySlow-DQMi May Bring I Restless Nights •fMr Bluest lime stoni IN TOWN" Wh*n kldner.fu folk* complain of nHKKlnff ,*»*—-= »chrt. dliilneiM and low of p*r»« ll <i Don't flutter restless night* tomforta If reduced kidney tint you down—due to «uch —_-as sirens »nd strain, over-exertw* sure to cold. Minor bladder Inrlt"* to coW or *ronit diet may eausl nlchts nr frequent passages Don't neglect your kidneys If t tioi'.s bother you. Try Uoan'i diuretic. tJsed sueeessfully by . over50 years. It's amailnghow Doan's gi%'e happy relief from tl forta-helpthc 16 mllesof kldnoy I ten flush out waste. 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Nixon I said last night as he climaxed H day oC campaigning with a speech .it the Syria Mosque before a j crowd estimated at 4,100. i Before beginning a two-day swing through, the state, Nixon told his audience in this Democratic stronghold Communists propagandists; have been 'cranking out vitupera- Urn against the Republican ticket wnile becoming "most sli-angeiy si-1 lent on Harry Truman's handpicked cai'ididate. Mr. Stevenson." Nixon assisted the attack on El-| senhowor by the 19th congress of the Soviet Communist party In Moscow proved 'that the one man in tin.: v.o.-iu most tuned ana marca bj the Kremlin and their satellites! Dwight Eisenhower." || Declaring the attministration fov-;| eign policy is "the blackest mess of Trunum-Aclioson-Stcvcnson and Company," Nixon called for ousting of those from Dean Acheson on flown" who are responsible. i In an Ohio campaign speech yesterday Nixon brought up the Alger Hiss case. He asked residents of tjclletontaine, 0., to ask-President Truman about the case when the: President's whistle stop campaign «r.ccial stops there today. Nixon clvrgetl that Truman ordered nori- eooperation with a congressional committee investigating Commu- ; iiists. J A football is not covered with pig skin as its nickname would indi cnte, but with steer hide. ( When PILE Misery Robs You of Sleep ...HERE'S QUICK RELIEF! TnnlRlit you can »!ecpl Thornton Minor Rcrial Ointment lirinKs quick relief from nnKKinK l>nin nnd nerve-rnc'ilmr lt,ch ot ' Bimple piles. This socitliinK formula Koo« , I,, work fust. Helps nature heal raw. sore tissues . . . reduce swelling. Developed and Kiiaranlccd liy world-famous Thornton Minor Rectal Clinic. Get it today—sleep tonight! Thornton Minor in tubes ot cones at good drug stores everywhere. In Hope at Gibson Drug. 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