Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 22, 2004 · Page 128
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 128

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 22, 2004
Page 128
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Page 128 article text (OCR)

Post-GazetteSunday,August22,2004 G-13 MORTGAGE RATES (412) 429-9000 www.omegafsi.com *APPLY ONLINE* FINANCIAL SERVICES INC. 15 YEAR FIXED 5.375 % APR APR 15 YEAR FIXED 4.75 % 4.98 % 30 YEAR FIXED 5.25 % 5.45 % APRAPR 10 YEAR FIXED 4.5 % 4.63 % OPEN SUNDAY 11AM-5PM • 412-215-9001 5.41 % NO CLOSING COST REFI “Guaranteed closing costs from the name you can TRUST!!” • Licensed by PA Dept. of Banking See some rates below: www.alacarterealestate.net Licensed by PA Dept.of Banking. *RESTRICTIONS APPLY Mortgages•Real Estate•Title Insurance A DVOCATE FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC. REAL ESTATE COMPANY LA CARTE 412-561-3196 We BEA T All Written Quotes! FINANCIAL30- YEAR (APR)15- YEAR (APR)30- YEAR (APR)1- YEAR (APR)30- YEAR (APR)15- YEAR (APR) INSTITUTIONFIXEDFIXEDFHA/VAARMJUMBOJUMBOADDITIONALPROGRAMS www.post-gazette.com *Member: Mortgage Bankers Association–Southwestern Pennsylvania (email address: mbaswpa@usaor.net) The Mortgage Bankers Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania, now in its 54 TH year, is one of the six chapters of the Mortgage Bankers Association of Pennsylvania. At both the state and local level MBAmembers are comprised of Mortgage Bankers, Mortgage Brokers, Commercial Bankers, savings institutions, and other entities that collectively make up the Mortgage Banking industry. Our members, through their affiliation with agencies such as the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Veterans Administration (VA), Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) and Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA), provide a vast assortment of mortgage programs and engage in an endless pursuit of making home ownership affordable. Our members subscribe to a strict code of ethics and fair lending practices. Mortgage rates and programs updated daily. Visit our websites at: www.post-gazette.com and www.cnsfn.com/ppg H H OME OME MORTGAGE MORTGAGE G G UIDE UIDE Lenders, to be listed in this survey, call 1-800-CNS-8525 Information is current as of August 19, 2004. Rates, points, and programs change daily and cannot be guaranteed. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is not responsible for any errors, ommissions or misprints within this ad. Points quoted are discount fees only. 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C ONSUMER N EWS S YSTEMS www.CNSfn.com/ppg Howard Hanna 5.5+0(5.679)5.0+0(5.274)5.75+0(5.934)2.75+05.75+0(5.924)5.25+0(5.393)Rates are still great! Call and ask about Financial 5.25+1/5.5404.75+1/5.1755.5+1(5.773)2.5+1our wide range of products. 412-967-9000*269 Iron and Glass 5.875+0(5.978)5.25+0(5.32)6.25+0(6.271)5.625+0(5.660)Buying a home? Free Pre-Approval Bank and Program Analysis. 412-488-52075.875+0(6.436) 5.375+1+$300(6.048) Irwin Bank&Trust 5.375+3(5.682)4.625+3(5.155)5.500+1(5.912)NQ6.0+3(6.308)5.125+3/5.629First-Time Buyer/Bond 30 Yr 5.375%+1=5.601 APR. Company 5.625+1(5.837)4.875+1(5.095)6.125+1(6.233)5.375+1/5.552 Conventional Loans are Available with Less than 724-863-31005.750+0(5.791)5.250+0(5.304)6.250+0(6.264)5.750+0/5.77120% Down. Call for APR. 10 yr fixed 5.125+0=5.154, stated income 5.875+0=5.937 APR - 30 yr. * Laurel Savings Bank 6.000+0(6.09)5.375+0(5.51)NA3.25+0/4.806.25+0/6.315.625+0/5.723/1 ARM 4.0+0/4.74 412-782-74245/1 ARM 4.625+0/4.86 APR Fixed home equtiy loans available with terms up to 15 years. Loan Web USA 5.625+0/5.7594.875+0/5.02CallCall5.75+0/5.8795.125+0/5.339Purchasing a home? You simply won’t find a 412-391-0697better deal! We will walk you thru every step 1-888-536-5677in the homebuying process. Lowest closing fees and interest rates available. *Mortgage Capital 5.375+0/5.3914.750+0/4.7774.875+0/4.6362.750+0/4.5565.625+0/5.6365.125+0/5.150 Please Visit Us At: www.mtgcapital.com Associates 7/1 Conforming 800-974-4434 “Put More House in Your Wallet” www.mtgcapital.com *ARM Programs $300 Homebuyer Discount *3.875+0/4.207 (3/1conf.) *4.250+0/4.292 (5/1conf.) *4.875+0/4.548 (7/1jbo) on Closing Costs. *3.875+0/4.196 (3/1jbo) *4.125+0/4.228 (5/1jbo) *5.125+0/4.863 (10/1conf.) Interest Only Loans Available. *Mortgages Plus Inc. 5.375+0(5.427)4.75+0(4.959)5.625+0(5.776)NQ5.625+0(5.708)4.875+0(5.201)New construction financing available 5% 800-360-75875.125+1(5.286)4.50+1(4.644)5.375+1.25/5.6125.375+1/5.4924.625+1(4.736)down. We have stated income programs and, 100% financing programs. National City Bank of 5.500+14.750+15.500+1Call5.875+05.250+0Additional rate/fee options available. Pennslyvania 5.625+05.000+05.750+0No PMI with only 5% down payment. 800-806-7681 Home equity and construction loans available. National Future 5.25+0(5.36)4.625+0(4.83)NQ1.25+0(4.73)5.625+0/5.734.875+0/5.03Specializing in commercial loans from Mortgage 4.75+2(4.86)4.125+2(4.33)5.125+2/5.344.375+2/4.58$100k to $250 mil. all property types. 800-291-7900 Call now for residential loans as low as 1.95%. *NorthSide Bank 6.125+0(6.26)5.125+0(5.35)NQ3.50+0/3.646.125+0(6.42)5.25+0(5.40)I NTERESTONLYARMS ARE HERE!! 412-369-6850 Low Jumbo Rates 9 to 20 year terms New Construction Program. Call 412-369-6850. * Northwest 5.500+1.250(5.644)5.0+1(5.205)5.500+1.250(5.621)5.750+1.250(5.859)5.250+1(5.395) New construction; owner-built; free Savings Bank 5.375+2(5.587)4.750+2.250(5.1405.375+2(5.564)5.625+2(5.803)5.0+2.250(5.339 pre-approval, no origination fees. 724-443-6100 5.125+3.375(5.463)4.500+3.5(5.0925.125+3.375(5.439)5.375+3.375(5.6804.750+3.5(5.284) Land/investment property loans. 412-221-4000 Jumbo * Omega Financial 5.25+0(5.456)4.75+0(4.99)5.5+0(6.19)3.25+0/3.945.625+0(5.72)4.875+0(5.20) Not a pre-approval a 24 hr full credit Servicesapproval (documentation req’d) 412-429-9000 Sun 11 to 4pm 412-215-9001 Oxford Mortgage, 5.375+0(5.56)4.75+0(5.10)5.75+0(6.465)3.375+0/3.675.625+0(5.74)5.0+0(5.17) “0” DOWN PAYMENTREFINANCES. Inc. 24 HOUR FREE RECORDED MESSAGE 724-942-6933 888-478-2794 *8603 * PAMortgage 5.5+0(5.749)4.875+0(5.289)5.875+0(6.699)3.250+0/8.3635.625+0/5.7664.875+0(5.107)Receive a $500 closing cost credit if you Network make application by 8/31/04. 412-489-1340 www.PA-MortgageNetwork.com *Parkvale Bank 5.875+0(5.922)5.25+0(5.328)6.375+0(6.375)2.875+0(4.142)5.875+0(5.922)5.25+0(5.328)www.parkvale.com. 412-373-48565.75+1(5.890)5.125+1(5.357)5.75+1(5.890)5.125+1(5.357)1st time homebuyer 5.50(0) 5.546 5.625+2(5.858)5.00+2(5.388)5.625+2/5.8585.00+2(5.388)Loans 80/10/10 or 80/15/5 Home equity loans available. *Pennsylvania 5.5+0(5.56)4.875+0(4.94)5.75+0(5.80)5.75+0(5.81)5.125+0(5.19)Slow credit, 100% financing and construction. Preferred Mortgage 5.25+1/5.314.625+1/4.695.5+1.25/5.555.5+1(5.56)5.0+.5(5.06) 5/1 ARM 15% down, no MI. Interest Only Co., Inc. Programs. FHA3/1 ARM and FHA5/1 ARM 412-369-5363 www.papreferredmortgage.com *Pittsburgh 5.625+0(5.646) 5.0+0(5.036)NANA5.75+0(5.772)5.125+0(5.161)The name to know for all your mortgage Financial Network 5.375+1(5.487) 4.75+1(4.937)5.625+1(5.739)5.0+1(5.189)needs! Call 412-494-7430 for a free 412-494-74305.25+2(5.453)4.50+2(4.839)5.375+2(5.579)4.75+2/5.092pre-approval and our 1.25% payment rates! 866-736-3092 www.pghfinancial.com Sky Bank 5.875+0(5.898)5.25+0(5.283)NA4.0+0/4.06.125+0/6.1495.375+0/5.409Over 50 products and programs to fit your 888-504-0013needs. State Farm Bank 6.0+0/6.0825.375+0/5.514.25+0/5.0136.0+0/6.075.5+0/5.539For all product information, 877-734-2265Call 877-SF4-BANK or your local State Farm agent. * Union National 5.625+0(5.81)5.0+0(5.18)5.75+0(6.13)3.875+0(4.5)5.875+0(6.13)5.375+0(5.73)5.375% First Time Homebuyer Rates Mortgage Co. Available - Call for Details. 412-429-5877 412-831-3330 * USMortgage 5.50+0(5.67)4.875+0(4.94)5.50+0(5.67)5.75+0(5.89)5.25+0(5.42)Loans with 5-10-15% down with no Network 5.25+1/5.744.625+1/4.935.25+1/5.625.50+1(5.72)5.0+1(5.38)mortgage insurance, cash out REFI 724-933-9300up to 95% LTV, new construction loans. * Washington 5.75+0(5.788)5.0+0(5.058) 4.875+0/4.961(5/25) 6.0+0(6.028)5.375+0(5.417)45 day lock-in. One Federal 5.25+0/5.319(7/23)clo sing construction loans Savings Bank available. 724-222-3120 *Wells Fargo 5.875+0(5.9741)5.25+0(5.4132)6.0+0(6.50276.0+0(6.0296)5.375+0(5.4235)WELLS FARGO - THE NATIONS #1 Home Mortgage LENDER (ACCORDING TO “INSIDE 800-535-9035MORTGAGE FINANCE”), DOING BUSINESS 412-630-8002FOR OVER 150 YEARS! 412-851-1172 Westmoreland 5.125+3(5.40)4.375+3(4.84)NQNQ5.25+3(5.52)4.50+3(4.96)10 YEAR - 0 PTS - 4.77 APR Federal Savings 5.625+1(5.72)4.875+1(5.03)5.75+1(5.84)5.00+1(5.15) FOR LOAN $100,000 TO $333,700 724-539-97555.875+0(5.88)5.125+0(5.13)6.00+0(6.00)5.25+0(5.25)WE DO NOTSELLOUR LOANS! *West View 5.625+0(5.68)5.125+0(5.22)NQ3.25+0(4.89)6.125+0/6.155.50+0/5.545 yr HEL4.625 (4.71%) Savings Bank 5.375+1.125(5.50)4.875+.75(5.03)3.125+1(4.97)5.75+1/5.875.25+.875/5.4310 yr HEL5.625 (5.67%) 724-935-740015 yr HEL5.875 (5.91%) HELLOC 2.99% (2.99) 10 year fixed 4.875%/4.99 412-931-1622 1st Hometown 5.5+0/5.654.875+1/5.12NQ1.25+0/5.385.875+0/5.965.25+0/5.40 HONEST RATE QUOTES AND LOW FEES Mortgage ASK ABOUT LOW START RATE LOANS 877-439-2567 FREE PURCHASE PRE-QUALIFICATION. Apply at 1sthometownmortgage.com A-Advantage Mortgage 5.50+0/5.544.875+0/4.914.00+0/4.045.625+0/5.665.125+0/5.15Reputable company with honest rate Services, Inc. quotes. Stated income 15 year fixed rate 412-422-0200 4.875%. Stated 30 year 5.50% AAE Mortgage 5.375+0(5.39)4.875+0(4.89)5.375+0/5.391.05+0/1.115.5+0/5.574.875+0/4.89100% purchase or refi, no doc loans, Management 5.25+1(5.31)4.75+1/4.81free approvals! Credit problem experts. 877-793-1400M - F 8:00 - 8:30, Sat-Sun 8-4 www.mortgageresidential.com Aapex Discount 5.50+0/5.594.75+0/4.905.50+0/5.573.00+1/3.085.75+0/5.845.13+0/5.28100% Financing Available. One Hour Mortgage 5.25+1/5.434.625+.88/4.915.50+.88/5.674.88+1/5.18Approval! Interest Only Products Also 800-344-27395.125+1.88/5.384.50+1.50/4.885.38+2/5.654.75+2/5.21Available. Poor Credit No Problem. Call Now. Absolute Mortgage 5.5+0/5.534.875+0/4.8735.25+0/5.28Lowest Rates in the Industry! Free Float - Company, Inc.5.25+1/5.35 4.5+2/4.8154.75+3/5.216Downs! Fees are Only $399! Call Now. 888-90-HOMESAbsolute Mortgage Licensed by: PA, DE, FL, MA, RI, MI, MD, CT, MN, VADepts of Banking Advocate Financial Open Saturday and Sunday 9-12. Services 5.25+0(5.40)4.50+0/4.76CallCallCallCallListen Sunday 9 - 10 on 104.7 FM. 412-561-31965.0+1/5.244.25+1/4.66See ad above. Allegheny Licensed by the PADept. of Banking. Mortgage Corp. 5.75+0(5.99)5.25+0(5.43)5.75+0(6.27)Call6.125+0/6.315.5+0/5.68Founded 1984. 1-800-728-3505 www.allegheny-mortgage.com 412-672-8710 Rates quoted do not have an org. fee Allied Home Mortgage 5.50+0/5.64.79+0(5.0)5.75+0(6.0)4.0+0/5.505.75+0(5.8)5.25+0(5.30) Fast - Free Pre-Approval Capital Corp (East) 5.0+3/5.14.25+2/4.6 FHA/VA- 100% No MIP5.89% 888-339-5654 One Loan 5.99 APR 724-861-5441 All Counties - Western PA. *Allstate Financial Where banks compete for your business! 412-369-95005.375+0/5.504.750+0(4.97)5.500+0/5.733.250+0(7.90)5.625+0(5.73)5.000+0(5.18)State Bond 5.375% +1 pt. 10/1 ARM 5.125% Free Pre-Approvals American Financial www.betterrates.net Mortgage Corp. 5.50+0(5.66)5.00+0(5.28)5.75+0(5.98)3.25+0(7.90)5.875+0(5.90)5.25+0(5.29)State Bond 5.875+0, 5/1 ARM 4.75+0 724-942-0700 New Construction 6.125+1. Open Sunday 11am - 4pm American Home 6.125+0/6.3555.375+0/5.6576.250+0/6.9074.375+0/5.0286.250+0/6.3755.625+0/5.924Option ARM 1.250% Mortgage Teacher Discounts. 800-882-4687 Fireman, Paramedic, Nurse, Policeman Discounts. American Union 5.625+0/5.6914.875+0/4.9845.875+0/5.9025.25+0/5.294Free analysis at Mortgage www.americanunion.com 412-788-0101 Choose from 5 payment options on some programs. Low payments. You choose! Amity Home WE’LLPAYYOU $500 IF WE FAILTO Mortgage Corp. 5.25+0(5.3)4.50+0(4.6)NQ3.0+0(3.1)5.50+0(5.6)4.875+0(5.0) OFFER THE LOWEST RATE/FEES - 412-486-4700 COMPARE APR/COST. *CONDITIONS APPLY. AmTrust Rates quoted for 30-day locks. Ask Financial Services 5.625+0(5.711)5.00+0(5.142)about other low rate/low payment 724-935-7810 options. Arc Financial, Inc. Home Equity Loans - No Closing Cost 412-471-67055.625+0(5.91)4.875+0(4.93)CallCall6.0+0/6.0945.375+0/5.42Construction Loans Bratich Mortgage 5.375+0/5.534.875+0/5.04CallCall5.75+0/5.915.25+0/5.41T eacher purchase special! 80/20 stated income Group 6% seller concession! Lowest industry rates 724-933-7280 on 5+ unit apts. - 30 yr amortization! 103% programs - call for free prequalification! Citizens Bank 5.625+0/5.684.875+0/5.015.625+0/6.172.375+0/2.505.75+0/5.775.25+0/5.31Summer is here! 800-258-6884 Call us for your construction loan. Neighborhood plus program. 5.625+0/5.68APR Countrywide Home 5.75+0(5.89)5.25+0(5.39)5.875+0(6.02)3.25+0(4.61)6.00+0(6.18)5.5+0(5.68)We offer a wide range of products and Loans services. Our fast and easy program is the 1-800-877-LOAN industry leader. We Make It Easy. Really. *Dollar Bank Purchase Rates Quoted. 800-344-56265.500+0(5.643)4.875+0(5.113)5.875+0(6.441)3.750+0(4.709)NQNQ5/1 ARM Construction = 4.750+0/4.799 Equity Edge 100% purchase programs Funding Corp. 5.375+0(5.45)4.75+0(4.89NQCall5.75+0(5.80)5.125+0(5.20)5/1 ARM 4.375% 412-831-4776 Apply www.equityedgefunding.com *ESB Bank New Construction 80-15-5 program! - No 1-888-ESB-MORT5.625+0(5.698)5.125+0(5.226)NQNQ5.75+0(5.772)5.25+0(5.287)PMI. Apply online! www.esbbank.com 724-934-8988 Federated Mortgage 5.500+0(5.637)4.875+0/5.104NQ3.250+0(7.909)5.750+0(5.861)5.000+0/5.184Apply online Corp. 5.375+1/5.5714.625+1/5.0075.625+1/5.8294.875+1/5.213www.fedmc.com 412-390-35305.250+2/04.375+2/4.9895.500+2/5.7974.625+2/5.117877-533-2784 10/1 Year Arm 5.250%+1 Point * Fidelity Bank 10/1 ARM 5.000% 412-367-33005.375+1(5.505)4.750+1(4.967)NA3.250+1(4.836)5.625+1(5.729)5.000+1(5.172)Construction / Perm Loans Available. 5.625+0(5.665)5.000+0(5.066)3.500+0(4.773)5.875+0(5.887)5.250+0(5.270)Call Lynda Wargo or Cheryl Giampole 412-367-3300 www.fidelitybank-pa.com * Fifth Third Bank Please call for current rate information. 412-937-1855 x 205.75+0/6.105.125+0/5.204.000+0/4.095.875+0/5.955.375+0/5.45 * First Capital First Time Homebuyers Mortgage Group 5.375+0/5.5094.750+0(4.966)5.625+0/5.7173.625+0(7.939)5.500+0(5.607)5.250+0(5.430)FHA 412-278-35005.125+1/5.3434.500+1(4.946)5.375+0/5.597No Money Down Investment Property 1-800-813-6131 *First Choice 5.625+0/5.7885.00+0/5.2715.5+0/6.4613.25+0/3.3925.875+0/5.9925.5+0/5.694Free pre-qualifications. B, C, D programs Mortgage Services 5.5+.5/5.7094.875+.5/5.2235.375+1.25/6.462available. Ask about 100% financing. 412-931-46005.25+1.5/5.5494.75+1.25/5.213Competitive 5/1 4.625+0/4.779 724-772-20227/1 5.0+0/5.157 First Federal Jumbo construction perm loans are Savings Bank 6.125+0(6.23)5.875+0(6.04)NQ4.50+0(4.55)5/16.125+0(6.22)5.875+0(6.01)available at the same rate as jumbo 724-258-33005.00+0(5.04)7/1purchase loans. No tax or insurance escrows required for any loans. Good Deeds Inc. 5.625+0/5.7815.0+0/5.158Call3.750+0/3.7715.750+0/5.7815.250+0/5.324How much does your realtor pay you? 412-391-28006 mo int. onlyDeedlaw .com. We use realtors to lower closing costs and buy down your rate. Find out how. FINANCIAL30- YEAR (APR)15- YEAR (APR)30- YEAR (APR)1- YEAR (APR)30- YEAR (APR)15- YEAR (APR) INSTITUTIONFIXEDFIXEDFHA/VAARMJUMBOJUMBOADDITIONALPROGRAMS FREE Mortgage Pre-Approvals 5 % -10 % -15 % Down with No Mortgage Insurance New Construction Loans Investment Properties with 10% Down FHA/VA Loans 100% FINANCING Cash Out REFINANCING www.usmortgagenetwork.com *Assumptions with FHA/VA: 0-3% down on 100,000 mortgage. All others are 150,000 mortgage and are based on 20% down with 0 points, and includes a 1% origination fee. Licensed by the PA Department of Banking Call 724.933.9300 Up to 95% Loan-to-Value RATEPRODUCT 5.50 % 30 Year Fixed........................................ *5.67% APR 4.875 % 15 Year Fixed......................................... *4.94% APR 5.50 % FHA/VA 30 Year Fixed...................... *5.67% APR 4.50 % 5/1 ARM.................................................. *4.73% APR 5.25 % New Construction 10/1 ARM......... *5.74% APR MORTGAGE RATES MORTGAGE RATES www.FEDMC.com Apply Online! Apply Online! 412.390.3530 Federated Mortgage Corp. Licensed by PA Dept of Banking. *Rates subject to change and certain conditions may apply. 30 YEAR FIXED 5.500% APR 5.637% 10/1 YEAR ARM 5.250% APR 5.385% 5/1 YEAR ARM 4.625% APR 4.755% • 100% Financing• Interest Only Financing • Construction-Perm Loans• Less Than Perfect Credit It's still not too late to refinance. Call now! Advertise Your Business Here. Call Becky Murchak at 412-263-3545 0822G13.011--Composite

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