Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 5, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 5, 1896
Page 5
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Up=to=Date Styles - FOR Fall and Winter. DEWENTER, The HATTER And FURNISHER ANSWE The Free Silver Leader is Lame in Biblical Lore. 1 " : Preacher Takes the Candidate's Own Text and Turns it Against Him. UP-TO-DATE TAILORING. POPULAR PRICES. That'* He—My Fall Woolens are ready for inspection. Can't I show you through. H.'G, TUCKER, The Original Pearl Street Tailor. i GREATER Republican Meetings. Ever Beyond the shadow of a doubt, our new arrivals in Stylish Shoes Stevenson & Klinsick 403 Broadway. Greatest Discovery of t»3 19U Century. NITVWOtgDT Medicated Alt ' For the Cure ol Catarrh, Anthma and all Pulmonary DlMuei, It ba» DO equal lot Sick and Nervon* Hetd- acfce, 1.000,000 people die amraallj from the abate named illseai W-toj nofler and die, when Medicated Hi U guaranteed to cure 7011. Medicated Air and Drue Co., Richmond, Ind., U. 8. i. THE FIRSI NATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT, . . INDIANA. CAPITAL, $200,000. A. J. Murdock, Pr««. W. W. Ron, Own. j. F. Breokmeyer, AMt-.Cub. D1BKTOB8: a B. Bice. W. B. Bdngbont, A. 3. MordocJi, Dennli Ubl. . Banking In ali Its DepartmentB promptly »nd carefully done. ' Safety to Cuitorocrt and Stockholders •oucht for. Re*err« Fund maintained. KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. Tie Logansport Humane Society (INCORPORATED.) . . For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals E. S. Rico—Pren. Geo. W. Wnlter»-8ec. J. ,1. Hlldebrandt—Trenn. •\V. M. Wlnlioji—Hnninne Offlcer. I. S. Rice. J.C. Hauler. V. C. Coolbough GftoWWultera, J.J. Hlldebrandt, Peeked Justlco. Isaah Adnnu. Mrs. W. D. Fratt Mr».'J, N, Neff. Telephone So. 80, Bejort'csies blyeraeUj to Secretarj. , Michigan peaVjhes.—Hothermcl. ' Boston cream puffs at Strecker's. Mochn and Jct'va coffee.—Rotherrnel. Disease attacks the weak nnd debilitated. Keep' yourself healthy and strong by taking Hood'e Sariaparllla. You should not'fail to see the new- fall underwear ,for gents,, ia.dle's, boys and girls, In . 'cndless j ,'yarjetyj^: also gents' shirts,••''collars," ties','-' cuffs,' overalls, etc., all KO in Mr. Reed's department,—Trade Palace. Kid gloves nnd hosiery,' bisr drives. Republican speakingswill be held at the following places in Cass county: Frank Swigart will speak at Ford's school house, .Tefferson township, Saturday, Sept. 5th. Saturday evening, Sept. 5, A Miller will speak at Clymers. Saturday afternoon nt 2:30 o'clock there will be a pole raising seven miles north on the Michigan pike in Bethlehem township where S. T, McConneil will speak. Saturday evening, Sept. 5, Orlando Powell will Address the McKinley club .at Michaels' school bouse, Betblehem township. Monday evening, Sept. 7, Lincoln, W. T. Wilson. Wednesday evening, Sept. 0, Center school house, Noble township, Geo. W. Walters. Wednesday evening, Sept.. 9, 7:30 o'clock, Palmer's school house, Wasb- jngton township, Q. A. Myers. - . Thursday evening, Sept. 10, Onward, Q. A. Myers. Thursday evening, Sept. 10, Critten- dcn, Deer Creek township, W. T. Wilson. Saturday evening, Sept, 12, Wintergreen school house, Adams township, Mayor George P. McKee, George Gamble. Saturday evening, Sept. 12, Calloway school house, Q. A. Myers. Monday evening, Sept. 14, Metea. Geo. W. Steele, W. T. Wilson, 3. G. Meek. Tuesday evening, Sept. 15, Young America, Geff. W, Steele, W. T, Wilson, J. B. 'Smith, Wednesday evening, Sept, 16, Galveston, Geo. W. Steele, D. C. Justice, E. B. McConneil. Thursday evening, Sept. 17, Walton, Geo. W. Steele, D. B, McConneil, Claud Bishop, Friday evening, Sept. 18, Center school house, Washington township, Geo. W. Steele, . D. C. Justice, Geo. Walters, Saturday evening; Sept 19, Twelve \Iiie, Geo. W. Steele, Geo. Funk, Mayor McKee. Monday evening, Sept 21, Waverly, Geo. W. Steele, S. T. McConneil, Mayor McKee. Tuesday evening, Sept. 22, Clymers, Geo. W". Steele, D. C. Justice, W. T. Wilson. .. ;.' .-• Wednesday evening, Sept. 23, West land Ridge school house, Noble town- hip, Geo. ,W. Steele, Col. Cromer, Frank Swigart. • * f Thursday evening, Sept. 24, Lucerne', Geo. W. Steele, Q, A. Myers, Geo. Funk. Friday evening, Sept. 25, Calloway school house, Jefferson township, Geo. W. Steele, S. T. McConneil, Frank Swigart. Saturdiy evening, Sept. 20,- Royal Center, Geo. W. Steele, Q. A. Myers, 0. B. McConneil. An Oli.'o preacher takes Mr. Bryan to task for misquoting -the Bible.. In'a communication to the Cincinnati Tribune the reverend gentleman says: "The following quotation from '-Mr. Bryan's sj>eech nt Madalin. 'Aug. 22, shows that he has stepped into'the domain of the preacher and must, therefore, expect the gentlemen of the cloth to get after him if he' misapplies scripture, as he certainly does'. m''liis unfortunate allusion to' Demetrius'. sil : versroith at Corinth.. . - } . r: "The following scripture 'to. -which the Presidential candidate refers, wi'll speak for itself: . <...... "Acts xv!ill., 24. Foi'.a certain rnarj named Demetrius, a silversmith, wtiiph made silver shrines for Diann. brought, no small gain unto the craftsmen whom he called together with the workmen of the occupation, aad said Sirs, ye know that by this craft we have our wealth. -Moreover, ye see and hear, that'not alone at Ephesus but almost throughout all Asia/this paid hath persuaded and turned away much people, sa.vinft that they be no gods which are made with hands. So that not only this, our craft, is in danger to be set at naught, but. also that the temple of the great goddess Diana should be despised, and her magnificence should be destroyed, whom all Asia and the world worship- eth. And wben-they. heard those sayings, they were full of wrath, and cried out, saying, Great is Diana of the EphesiaES. And the whole city .was filled with confusion. Somp, therefore, cried one thing, and some another; for the-more part knew not wherefore, they were come together. And all with one voice about the space of two hours cried out. Great is Diana of the Ephe.- slans.' . . -.. " 'And when the town clerk had.ap,^ peased the people, he said:.Ye men of Ephesns. what man is there that know:. Read Circular 1 Left at Your House New Otto Kraus. N6W ShOBS Otto Kraus. Nei HatS Otto Kraus N6W Otto Kraus not wherefore they were come to eta not how that the city of the.Ephe- slans is a worshiper of the great Goddess Diana? Seeing then that these things cannot be spoken against ye ought to be. quieted, nnd do nothing rashly. Wherefore, 1C.Demetrius and 'the craftsmen that are with biro, have 'a matter against any man, the law 1* open, and there are deputies. 1 • .MR. BRYAN'S VERSION, ."The following is Mr. Bryan's version: • : "Story of Demetrius—'Do you . remember the Good Book' tells us. that some 1,800 years ago a man. named Demetrius complained of the preaching of the Gospel? -Why? "Why," he said, "it destroys the business in which we are engaged. We are making. 1m: apes for the worship of Diana,-anti these people say that they be not gods that are made with hands.': " 'But Demetrius was much like men,who have lived since h!s- any.. When he bad made up tils mind that the preaching of the Gospel Interfered with his -business he didn't go out and say to the world 'Our business is being Injured and we are mad.' What: did he. say? He said, 'Great is. Diana of the Ephesians,' • • . -,•••-.• -..-•" " 'W'e have some today .who are very- much like Demetrius; They -know .that: the restoration of bimetallism .destroys. geth'eV." '•'••::• "• "One thing Is'evident, that Paul wa oil the gold basis, and wanted to mak be silver worship business subsidiary :o it,.appreciating the difficulty of bo' ;t.eriug it up to par. Demetrius stoO' squarely.' for the free and unlimitet lOinage of silver, ultimate redemption lower" and all that, and against tlv Apostle Paul and his fellow coinpan ions. Demetrius tramps all around and up and down Corinth,, keeps tb city in a turmoil on the silver ques tion, with their vociferous applause and his Popucracy, anarchical, social igtlc, silverlstlc bellowing (16 shouts to 1 second) until the town clerk sat down on him,, and gave a certificate of good character to the Apostle Paul and his followers in spite of all the false statements Demetrius in his silver cam paign could conjure up against them." 1 MEMW, Logansport Driving Club Will Have Best'Horses Going. Some Fast Ones Who Will Enter the Free-For-AII Pace. Tbe.F.-iIl meeting .of the Logansport Driving, club,'to be held September 15, Iflj. 17, ami' IS, while not yet thorough- Jy'.'idyerlisi.'d over the country, is receiving.'favorable notice from horse SENT IT TO HIS MOTHER, IN GERMANY. Mr. Jacob Esbensen, who is In the employ of the Chicago Lumber Co., at DOS Moines, Iowa, says: "I have just sent some medicine back to my mother in the old country, that I know from personal use to be the best medicine in the world for rheumatism, having used it in my family for several years. It is called Chamberlain's Pain Balm.. It always does the work." 50- cent bottles for sale by, B. F. Keesllng, drug gist. . '...' All our 50c nnd 75c neckwear, 25c; our 25c scarfs, 13c; linen collars and cuffs, one : haif price; 25c suspenders for men and boys, So.—Harry Frank's farewell sale. . the' business in which Ihey have been engaged, " 'But when they make public-speeches they don't say that the Democratic party, is wrong because it-'Ihierferes with our business. What do they say5 They say, 'Great is sound money; great is an honest dollar.'" • : • '-.;' THE PASTOR'S VERSION.'• • ••• "The scripture story clearly shows ttuJt Demetrius was a silver man, and was in bad company, for his associates used 'curious arts' (vs. 10), and they were all in the silver combine together. They were making:, silver: shrines to aid deluded people to -worship a false god. They were puttln'g a higher price upon silver than : the market value, and 'made no small gain for the craftsmen.' The Apostle Paul came along, demonetized silver, and at the same time there arose no small stir that way about the crime which the Apostle Paul fraudulently, committed. Demetrius then -called together the workmen of like occupation— the silver shrine rankers—held a convention, prepared a platform of principles, on which Demetrius agreed to stand, because he was an expert in injecting value Into the 'silver 'shrine bxisiness, had good lungs and was" well qualified to breed contention among the people. This involved the Apo'stle Paul In difficulties, because of the great danger of a fall in' the price -Of silver and the ruin of the whole Dlanrt' and sliver business, as practical-at ; Corinth. - The people had -lost- their- heads on the silver question; Brother' 'Demetrius evidently- believed- :in- a short-necked silver dollar rather.'-thaW in honest labor to earn, an honest. \W j> ing, and so confused the whole-'CeTIii 1 '' thian assembly, Tho more part-knew owners already. . Letters have been received from a number of horsemen, •uid' it is reasonably certain that such liorsVfts Deck Wright, 2:11%, Slumber, 2.-10M, NompareJl, 2:1G>/., and the ctag-.ot them all in .the free-for-all pac- ng,!class. Coleridge, 2:05^, will enter 'in.XJie'.fre'e^tor-all pace. There will be splendid: sport provided on every day of 'the four days of the meeting, and the c promoters have determined to make^tbis meeting as great a success a si yeas that of last year. • .^tqdn'esday, September 1C,, will. be 'Logansport. day, and a day of cracker: jack''racing.' The track will be put \n the finest condition possible, and bfirr- Jifg bad .weather, there is nothing to 'indicate .that the meeting .will not be 'a gre.it success. There never was so many horses' campaigning as there are this y.ear,.and as the purses to be bung .-well worth tbe going after, RACES AT DRIVING PARK SEPTEMBER 15, 16, 17, 18. $3,000.00 in Premiums. T. P. A. Ball Game - AT THE PARK = Ft Wayne vs LogansporL At 2 p. m. Today hat dollar. Knowing all this and act- j HOME FOR THE FRIENDLESS, ng with ordinary common sense, j _____ Donations Received During the hey took a stand against this cheap loney. And for this they are insulted y the Pharos. A RAILROAD DEMOCRAT. OBLIGED TO POSTPONE IT. Field Day Sports WiJI Lay Over Until After the Races. Au unexpected hitch has come up in the arrangement for a field day of sport.. The projectors had determined to give the events on next Friday, but as the Driving club has announced four days of racing for the following week, and the track will be in constant use in the meantime, it will be impos- hbrseiuen : -wiH- be : eager to -enter for a' slble to hold the affair at the driving piece- of th* .-money. ' The Logansport ' " ''* Driving club- people have the reputation of paying every cent they promise to\pay, and-, this fact will bring many good,. horses Jn. . . . ,. '..,;. ,.., ..... A PROTEST. ' Jtr. •.TpurnaJ : . There .is no intelligent reflso.n-jfpEi.iuiy -man to think he .can promote. -his own- welfare by injuring jifs 'employer's welfare. The employer iiid employe have-equal interest in the succeRR T 6f "iiny" business,' It Is only on lieMiitestion of a. division of the.earn- ngisu.tha.t-.d1spur.es -arise. .This has nothing J'o:do' with: the general propo- sitlon.thot lt:'Js-to the interest of all to niake-t-he business succeed. Any fool ought, to -kBOw'thnt no Institution can fun long-and pay wages at a. loss. The fli-Kfc proposition labor lays down is that it -must. do all it can Id mnke a business -.profitable. "so that it can. ask for hotter- wages and shorter hours. : TS'ben the .'employes of the Panhandle 1 ]ioad;.«aw.jtbe effect 'of free coinage "tjhey 'recognized that it was a blow at them as well as their employers. When they saw their employers with- out.-irtgnrd -to party affiliations coming oiUiflgiiins.t- .it they recognized that their employers saw that The danger was mutual. Most of 'them knew that (lie .company to make extensions which gave them wore work borrowed money. They knew that the company promised tb.-pn.Vv back this, in as good money as it got when. It borrowed it. They knew that. raws were largely established by law; li-ud could not .be'increascd. They kne\y thntrwith a 53-cent dollar Taken In for a- full dollar the company would liave ^o-use two to buy a good dollar with Jwlilch- to pay. back its loan and thevinterest oii it. They knew that this would bankrupt and. suspend every railroad in the United States. They knew tha't-'even a receiver under 'an or- der-6f''conr't- couldn't continue a.roai^ of affairs existing;. 'that with their wages con-! park, so a postponement was unavoidable. It was decided at the meeting of those interested In the matter, held last night at the Riverside Cycle club rooms, that nothing further will be clone aside from pushing the soliciting for prizes, and urging contestants to enter their names for the events. Another meeting will be called for some evening next week, when reports will be received from the committees already appointed, and everyone interested will "hustle" for the success of the affair. Month of August. Donations to the Home for the Friendless for the month of August: •' ' Mrs. Stanton, two baskets of plums; Mrs. Stanton, two baskets of grapes; Mrs, Dale, two baskets of grapes; Mi- Jos; Roher, one can peas, two chic*-' ens, one bushel grapes; Mr. Wynkoqp, corn and cabbage; Mr. Miller, -onus,. bushel apples; Miss Manlovc, clothing; Ladies' Aid Society of the Cumberland Presbyterian chapel, four miles -north of the city, one handsome quilt. Donations thankfully receives. BOARD OF MANAGERS. .-• •" tjh6ed- - tlTey 'could n'ot possibly be In-. Tlie'y knew that if they were t dollars'they could 'only ' of groceries wltu MR. PRATT REMOVES. Mr. W. D. Pratt has removed to In dianapolis to take charge of his business interests there. Mr. W. H. Lecdy, who has retired from the management of the Indiana Newspaper Union, will give all his time to his work as Secretary of the State Odd Fellows. It is with great regret that Logansport loses Mr. Pratt. An enterprising citizen, a geninl companion, a good entertainer, "Pratty" will be missed. And no less deeply will his helpmate's absence from the circles she lias graced be a cause of sorrow. Well wishes go with them in their new home. FUNERAL OF MRS. PATTERSON. The funeral of Mr.s. Cecelia Patterson,-who died, at GreencasUe, will be held this morning at 10 o'clock from the Broadway-M. E. church, services conducted by the Rev. E. L. Semans. Interment will be made in Mt. Hope cemetery. The remains were brought to this city yesterday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock, and were, taken to the -residence of the late Mrs. Long at the corner of Eighth and North streets. F. W. Potter, who painted the handsome and flrtlstlCrbapner which poials the way to the Republican headquarters oii Broadway, has secured the contract for painting a similar banner for the Republicans at Kokggio. the How : ard county central committee having closed a contract to that effect yeser- day. . . DEATH AT THE JAIL. The death of John Maher,, the dltafc- er, who was locked up Thursday Digbt on a charge of drunkenness, occucrdft early yesterday morning at the i*QL When he was taken In by tho poticc,'Jlt was seen that he had fallen and that his head was bleeding. Patrolman Morgan made the arrestl The death of the old ditcher was die- covered yesterday morning by Jolra Cambine, who told the turnkey. The Corpse was moved to Kroeger 6t 'Strain's undertaking establishment, 'and the coroner's inquest showed that the man's death resulted from concus-' sion of the 'brain', the result of falls at' Burns's saloon. •,'':' The deceased was a soldier in the late war of the rebellion, having servefl for three 'years In Co. D., Fifth InA. Cav., under Lieut. Andrew- Stevens. The funeral will be held this afternoon. Interment w'ill be made in the Monument lot. A LADY RUN DOWN. A scorcher whose namo was -not learned, collided with Miss AbDie Howe of LOUR Cliff Thursday n'igut, while that lady was riding with a party, of friends. The accident occurred at tho front of Burgman's cycling exchange, and resulted in the wrecking. of Miss Howe's wheel. The reckless rider did not wait to le.irn If the young lady was injured, or to make good .the damage done, but quickly mounted his • wheel and continued on his rockleas scorch. DON'T MOVE. : You will lose your vote if you mow out of your township after todaj- You can move anywhere within tie township till thirty days before the election. After that you cannot m<r?e out of the precinct or ward. Th* does not prevent moving from on* ward to another for the next tv* • days, but you must not move out of the ownsnip. New York Counts,—Rotlicrmel.

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