Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 9, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1952
Page 10
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:i* i.' blU, &Y f A &MH!ft L>At ,,:JIMU i'&vt i ^ -«r f jjftor~.km. bftad\ »<HUfhfl» to Ih* f^,. tot** I. jy&* fj* £# '*' Vo in Nee Sympathy uMHb. Plan Expal Contlrtucfl from Page One l',y .»AMKS MAfir.OW «ny« "j»ior IKTI. Kis Cmv. Sti'vi fisuii tlii-y fnn 1 fully tir'*(l Irfttn thf.'i I'.'inni ll'« bfcn tough nn ihorn. Out ll'ii tlinf somebody b»'i iijfiijxitlil/o with the -voters. I .rn firstly t«>MK)i fin thr-m. Uyind t" !"''!(' ''I' with HIP (irvl bo rnnvcntlon.i rnn- Alter Ihf C'hlrnRi) lni<l sutr.iiu'i' the mini cll<l,ilc«. wlm h;i'l lii'cn onmpulRil-, Iritt around Ihf cnunlry for th" . nornlnntion. Hr.ittornl in tlwis fur ;i rc>il Hut th:it won Mily thf> PLASTIC PROTECTED Holium It prolMltd In'th* pleitlt* coat*d w»app«r—n6 m»wy wgn to ivb olf—kutpt Holiwm flavor fr«ih«r, eoiti no more. •, Int gwxl conservation practice*. John Keck, v/h'i left 12 yciirii' s«?rvic«- in noil coimcrviition work to Ijecnmc nn implement dealer, told the iTiwctinn, "The blKBPSt T-'vrrvhodv 1 '"' 0 '"''" 1 '* lo * :< ' 1 wr mp«gai(c . J. V ""..MhrouRh to the consciousness of thi- pciplo Tlic downfall of n.i- Uons is tittrfhtitwj to thr>lr cvpntn- iill i isht i " lly nmnln f oul « f ffwl — Just an- b''t!'l(l (n'"" 1 '' 1 '*"' y °' *"y' n K th(t^ cxhiHislt'd It'.»." >cir """' T ' le I" r 'l)lcm of today's too i ^«»'"" - rv;itlorilst Is to drive; this iirrH l( ''""" '"'""' to ,°V!' " w " peopls — I whi-th.'i they !lv>> "fn "t'nwn or ori thf farm, for it concerns all of us equally. Maybe it's n terrible thing to le/ive a hiiK« d<*bt to posterity, it'?, even worse to leave the dlrV'p. liin(i •'" l"' stRr "y can't rvtii begin I to (lit) ili.it debt off." artlns' Chairman Thompson closed tho point for Kldcnhowrr and St< vcn-| m " < ' lini< wilh " n a PP«ul for mem- •on, They spent thr month of Aiif[-, her.ihlps and n stiKRcstion that all us! mostly KOttliiK thi'ir campaign; t ' ortllmu " f>s Promptly hold their orxnnlxi'd, with only n few dny«|" w " »!i''|iip sessions. out for vnciillon. j "°"' is tne "neup of comrnlttcos Their ord.'al b»u'«n with the nr- H " f ll "' Terre HoiiKc-Bodcaw di3- rjviil o( ScptiTtitH-r. Nov. r , after nj l( ' (: ' : • month of phi/it's, trains, renr plnt-j Education: FOImcr Hrown, R. E. form talks, major spcM'hcs, motor- Jnek.non. James K. Jones, Oliver elide*, hnnduhakitiK and .speech- Adams. Fred MeJunklns. wrltlim they must be rmiipk'tely Puhllclty: L. n. Tooley, A. It. wi'iiry, i VVashburn. Ray Lnwrcnce, Vincent Yet. they Jillll h/ivr- a month to i Knstei •, ,1. M. Case, Hiley I.ewallcn So, J.lu! UK do Ihc vntfi-s who Ht'r-j<W<'s Nlnemlre sat in for Mr. louiily try to follow the whole nut'.-j Tooley at yesterday's meeting), nalftn. Not only KiM'iihuwor ari'li Proornm: Hervey Holt, J. I. Stevenson, but Ken Sparkinan find | l-ioblnnR. 1.. T. Lawrence, Mrs. Hin. Nixon and President Truman, ; t',. O. WinRfield, Ed Thrash, E. M. too, : McW illiarns. Just trying to kcf-p tabs on Wluitj Legislation: Mayor John L.. Wil- they're all saylnii would be a mon-json. Itoyre WeisenberKor, LU/yd umcntal tank for any man who j Sponrer. State Senator K C. Crow nttornpted It In his livin« room j State Representative Talbot Feild. with the help of hi.-i newspapers, | Jr., OeorKe Peck. Slomnn Goodlett! radio and TV set. j Finance: County Treasurer L,u- To tin It In an orderly way hejcille RiiKRles. Syd McMoth, Dale would i'.uve lo keep a file: not just; j (m es, Charles Reynerson, John Keck, Crit SUiart, Emory A. Thorn-i Grand Buys! Farm Fresh fruits and vegetables SOCIETY •non* M4»1 »etwe«n I A. M. M 4 P. M. new and old members Are to be present. Tuesday. October t4 Hope Country Club will n* Vklns on Mon ber 6. with M formative talk on d work ot Cominftdhd v progrnm| M«, Homer Jairtea «nd children, " " and MtHc. reWrned Tuesday Mrs R. I.. Broach, leader. hour following frOJttn vl|lt In NMhvllI* T.,... ... ------ ..... - aco-s, dimf'Tue,.| sid - c d nnd'-o^ncd the ™efeKJthe p.,,,-, am, h,, I«T. -rv« ; cl pfttMU. Mr. mul Mr.. ft* Wllc». v Get 14 ti-omBiSOWt*. Every wiln pv . ivc , Aftol . „ s |,ovt i>iW*«:« *«!««« Pla««- "Hh hot u> « <" f " 1 " ' ' - lor a MUM i misi*'^**.^ " ,.*....*. t .. • on'e'n^t'wearVm.*. A pmeliWeetiVn'.* eoHcc'Uo,, of dues, j teen member* and one RH e.l. Mrs x *r* tor tho ** orl " \ ffi^o£ w : rrn?rVr,££! N "" ! " "• • - - NOtfiS ttt* ot Branch A Admitted: Mrs, t*n«rft tt«rrftftt$« Hope, .tohn Flowers, ' Ittlendar . -i Must Bo About My Father' y, Octbber 10 .The Camellia Garden Club \vill meet Friday afternoon, October 10, " at 3 o'clock in the home of • Mrs. .T. Pranks with Mrs. L. D. tiurn as co-hostess. -_-^-~—•—•"' •"• t * 1»HII» * *Jl f\l.^'Hl >**." »•."•-Junior Garden Clubs will have a Thc Ms (^,,-den Club* will meet Business" as her subject Mrs. joint meeting Friday afternoon at Tuesdav , October 14. tft the home V . Nunn,,.Sr presented' nn inter- Artorbuvv ot, Uischai o'clock at Biookwood School. f Mvs A A Albrltton, Hussion cs tin R prosvam assisted by Mis. ML •>»" •«»•• AI ,, , , ,l ,f <?,,i-.<««» oLIOCK H. DI.U oi IMI^. . - ... . ( . .. _ . wlk| (llscl , SSC( t the Malvern announce the arrival of haliituRa. liroach Rave* Admitted:. Mr». Eugene Gnines, nUiomflelet, N, 4.. Wm. T. Uowcll, iib, Atvfc 0, Heynmon, Hope, TOKAY GRAPES 3 Ibs. 25c Christina Service of the Emmet will present ,. ; ,-nu al u»=. Methodist Church will present Mrs. plnns wi n | JO m ade to enter nrran- -""-ijohn W. Rushing in a book review Remonts in the fall Flower Show of Churches orgam-,.. The s|lvcr Cnali( . 0 - by Thomas !, 0 be hek , October 29 in tne VFU - a meeting aV J !c as i a in on Monday evening, Oct. j 13, at 1 o'clock in the educational | building. • R. l vff *»* uti »** « niw\.**»«ei» »^» " .Friday.-.October 10, at the Chiitch. Mrs. II. H. JONATHAN APPLES Lb. 15c 4 DOZ. SIZE LETTUCE Head 15c CELLO CARROTS KENTUCKY WONDIR GREEN BEANS :er trf Little ; R6ck, $^ate presi -.in,m, will'install i Officers and b.d Ugliest Speaker. . All church women Of Mo£e are invited to attend. |&};irfay, October 10 Sttifcie Blossom and Rose Bud Chapter AE of PtIO will meet Tuesday afternoon, October 14. at ; Tuesday aiicrnuou, miuwi-i .-i. ••• Rebecca Sunday School Class of. lne home of Mrs. F. C. Crow, :)U .the First Baptist Church will meet w ,, st 5l h.' Monday' evening at 7 o'clock at the church for a pot luck, supper. New officers will be installed. All 'Super-Right Meats „ ._ ) SUPER RIGHT * SMOKED PICNICS 39 RIGHT \ FRESH GROUND MEAT u, 49c ! !T'S NICE AND WARM IN THESE THEATRES TONIGHT! RIALTO FINAL SHOWING • *SAENGER • LAST TIMES TODAY • RfDBAll SUPER RIGHT HEAVY CALF fAfWhat You Like Without Sour Stomach Tum».ntup.«a«. taut 10 CRAMPS' e you that __ onthly look? (Jtl III! l«l« Hlllty. "mivn" Ihtw la yiir lyti? " youpmlrrur uliow nn oliler-kiuklnii, pson. , n«rv«vi« fuce ilurln Wliy lot men «MI 111 yniir "bml — tlmt you nr» ' ffsm monllily crnm|i»T Try n Unto III CO nil ilny nil Ihuimunitu nf wninun do. lit hvlij.bulKI ulrvnittli unit rrxiiUnce no hnve fci« nna 1»» niinary cncli month. I go thhuigll ucrlutb without feeling »nr nforti ftl all. Ainu hvli>* rt*lux jittery »-«l«wp belter. I.nult, frwl in-t yutiiiiivr, f liuniikl Alt month. A§k fur Cnrdul. I MONrHtv onwcj ARDUI Actress Has Third Child HOLLYWOOD Iffi — Movie nc- Ircs.i Kh-anor Parker and her luis- b'lHid, producer Bert Friedlob, became parents for tho third time last nic.ht with tho birth of a son wriijhinK si'Vfii pounds, flvo ounees. The eutiple's two other children nn. 1 Susan and Sharon a day l>y day file but a tuple by topic flu-, broken clown into what eaeh one said on foreign affairs, U.xos, Korea and all the rest. That itself would only be a starting point. For then the serious man i who attempted such a prnj e c t would havo to examine what each one said on each topic for contradictions and for comparison with what the others said. Too much already has been said (or any individual to keep it all fijetl in His head, and it would be a rare voter who kept any other Kind of file. Most voters probably 'ctaln Renernl imnressions a n d pieces of what's been said. The present campaign is the tra- litlonal kind, since the candidates seom to think the endless talking and o petition and personal appearances have the manic for election. It wus suRKCsted before the campaign began that Eisenhower and Stevenson could help everyone to a better understundinu and appraisal of both of them if they'd meet faco to face in n radio-TV debate. Neither of them showed m u ch enthusiasm for the Idea. But it would have made it oasicr for the voters to reach an understanding onci appraisal of the two men if they had met. ' SIRLOIN STEAK Ib. 8k SUPER RIGHT FRESH FRYERS Lb. 55c Super Right Heavy Calf — Brisket or Ribs STEW MEAT Lb 37c FRESH FROZEN — FILLETS OCEAN PERCH Lb35c ^tmsm JEFF CHANDLER ALEX N1COL JUDITH JKAUN ALSO: NEWS - MUSICAL & 'Hollywood Goes Western' with GENE AUTRY Plus: "Pardon Us Penguins" • FRIDAY & SATURDAY • FRESH 'FROZEN v- FILLETS ' FISH Lb. 29c PRATT LOW WHOLE SPICED PEACHES No. 2} Can ANN PAGE SALAD DRESSING Pt. Jar ANN PAGE PORKS BEANS - 1(X CRISPO CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES 9 Ox. Box WHITE HOUSE MILK 3 Toll Cans JANE PARKER -.HUTS SUGARED, PLAIN or : -'CINNAMON 19c .'- 303 Garis 25c ^GOLDEN Legal Notice ORDINANCE NO. 696 AN ORDINANCE TO BE AN ORDINANCE ENTlTL£p.>"AN ORDINANCE TO LEV^A..TAX ON TAXABLE PROPERTY; IN THE CITY OF HOPEJ ARKANSAS, FOR THE YEAR OJKJ852,. AND FOR OTHER BE IT ORDAINED BT i nq»j CITY COUNjCHfcpF THE *" ~~™°™~",ax of five is hereby property, rad'iiiiiKwithin the ^VflmB the year 'leeted and raised "4s T. 1.'- •w CHOICE MS ATS BEEF Frath L*«n U. BACON U. 49c POfiK LIVER T«n4*r Lb, SALT MEAT Far Boiling U. 15c OF FOODUND SUPER MKT. October IQHiondllth the general and oydlna of the B»W City ol Hopf •nd that said levy be the Cjark ot Hompsteatt County, Arkansas, lo be placed upon the hooks and collected at the same time and in the sanie manner as State and County taxes are col- lectcd. SECTTION 2: That all ordnances and or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed, m\d this ordinance being necessary for the public health, safety and Kenernl welfare of the inhabitants of the. City of Hope, an emergency U hereby declared and this or dinunce shall be in full foree and effect from and alter its passage and publication. PASSED ON THIS 16TH DAY OP SEPTEMBER AND. APPROVED ON OCTOBER 7, 195S. PUBLISHED IN THE HOPE STAR ON OCTOBER 9. 1952. John Wilson, Mayor Attest: Mrs. Chas. P. Reynerson City Clerk Legal Notice No, 7441 In this Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. Mary JL*e Bradley PtaintiK Benjamin L«e Bradley Defendant WARNING ORDER The Defendant, B*niarom Le« Bradley is warned to appear in this court within thirty day* *nd U»« coruplalivt of the PJ*inUf. IVORY 4 Personal Bare l IVORY 2 IVORY Mtd. October Cheese Festival MILD WISCONSIN A(3ED - - Pound CH|ESE59c % ? Nobltc? - Qreo •'. Plain Chili . Il-Oi. Can 43* DraAitdary CHEEK ..•..n/«.oi. 23* DRIFT Tlm» "Volumli.d" Popcorn. .1, .p. 20* OXYPOL fef .•! of EvvrRtady CMM «-o«. FOI SPilOHl DISHWASKiNft IVORY SNOW Friday & Saturday Lizabefrh Scott Paul Henreid 'STOLEN FACE" JIES STAR Charles Starrett Smiley Burnette "Raiders of Tomahawk Creek" Members of the executive com-] mittee of Ciarlnnd School will meet Tuesday morning at !) o'clock at i the school. Miss Nilla Dean Compton Complimented With Party • Mrs. John Bissell. ' 504 North Elm. complimented Miss Nitla Dean Compton, bride-elect of Sgt. Reese Miller, with a Canasta party Wednesday night at 7:30. •Artistic arrangements of fall flowers were used throughout the house. High score prize was won by Mrs. Buddy Sutton. ' The honorce was presented a ors:iyo of white carnations and a ift of crystal in her chosen put- ern. Angel food cake and hot choco- atc was served to the following: 'he honorce. Mrs. Joe B. Greene. Miss Mary Anita Laseter, Mrs Buddy Sutton. Mrs. Martin Green, Mrs. Harold Higgason, and the lostess. COMING!!! DIAMOND CITY" Miss Nannie Purklns Hostess to Circle No. 1 of WSCS Circle No. 1 of WSCS of the First Methodist Church met in the home HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main & Country Club rd. THURSDAY - FRIDAY "CATTLE DRIVE" .Plus "YOU NEVER CAN TELL" — Coming Saturday — "JAPANESE WAR BRIDE" Plus Second Feature "NO ROOM FOR THE GROOM" Serving You Since 1896 Brings You Another Week of Low Prices Dressed Fresh Dressed 50 39 MOORE BROS, OWN PURE PORK WILSON 4S 48 NO. 1 LEAN DRY SALT ESH PORK 12 ROLLS 4 SOFTEX TISSUE I. 8 POUND PAIL 4 ftfl PURE LARD ... l.UU 7 LARGE CANS ' A PET MILK. ... .1. 7 CANS NO. 2 SIZE A TOMATOES... 1. 5 CANS OCEAN SPRAY A I Cranberry Sauce I. 4 - 12 OZ. JARS BAMA jg. _ w .PRESERVES^^l. 7 CANS NO. 2J^ ^Hr '• " 4 AA ; LIMA,p|p;. 1.00 DonaWDuck Juice 1.00 1.00 l! HUNTS Qt. Post. . < • Qt. B. Milk.... ^ ' ' ™j._ ^ 1«. »• t "...... JUARTSIZE irocleWhip qt GREIN LABEL Star-Kist Tuna . . I W. CARTON MRS, TUCKERS. lk 10 LI. BAG 25c Pure Cane Sugar 24c "• $ HO, i POTATOES 1& ^^^J 1 !-^' >•'* - ito^fc.r..W Red, Olso Green 7.9S - *+ * Ij .' Black and Brown Suecie 7.95 for Perfect companions for the clays ahead, whejhcr your life be c:\mpus or career. Designed for smart, busy people like jou... tailored to take you on or off'the campus. Smart new shapes with a look that is more.than casual .,. that teams up perfectly with trim town suits. (CASUAL , • y* lovely lfn«« »o H* and flatter A town and country casual you'll want to wear, ^ and wear. Composed of Bobbins' crease-resistant rayon _ -^ Sabre ribbed fabric that looks and tailors like flni, / wool. Typical Charles Hymen finesse In the pocket quartet, the ocean pearl buttons, sleeves. Medium or oxford grey, b'urflt Ujf.^ or mauve. Sizes-10 to 20 and 12M to ? bu '* ' 112 W.,Second St. „,X-RAY FITTINGS. /^ SHOE STOI Phone 7-2 ..„„„ X-RAY > HI IMF BURKE'S mi i£. -'V, ,s*'i- Am > \ **"'fK>\ S vmm . \ .»*. \',' ~^f • "• "*.<' &***> 5 ,... . ..j»iPw \v v V •>• • ' * ^J-*-* V"^ i "'J>'^''' .>rf £& v< : ^4«»y > , ^' i '; V , * ? ^'H Hf*^^ I /JL -.f f "" " ' % •» • '••'&'% ''$$• '&fw F W> : T'\ .« ?/,r t<J ; ^" y %-v-'J»-L if vHBSHB - 4^^i^v^^ Tbei 1 *'* the thihg-»od JLou'H discover this about a Buick; The more you drive it, the more you like it; the longer your trip, the louder your praise. ^ That's what people tell us, An(j| we'll tell oqt p { you why. satiny •H^VW..*.-^^-•— You can drive a Buick three, four, five hundred . ordrivinitonsipiK ^ v miles in a single day, and feel fresh enough /<?_... «... -« ^-m keep right on going. You can romp up high hilli, cruise straightaways, paiw u^iij ease through traffic-tangled towns, clock off hour ree ^ ^ offer hour of relaxed and pleasurable driving*- T . , and be no more tired than a neighborhood jaunt *£•» * would make you. put 1 room for I all the cho.re whple ride A e of ttlw -•'••• . T» v* M* f-w^ d»»»p^^*^rr^r»«¥» How come this comfort.rich grouud-covering . ability in a PUM?k? * n * r * m l Wi *^ -Two. a/tet tfluvijiflfi w«fl«* frt l A.

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