Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 9, 1952 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, October 9, 1952
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i^fV'^^ ?r»., f V l •-}' ? <r * ff * * Wcdneidoy, October I, 5|F|EP for Salt MUST ««lt quJcWjr, Piano, r«frl««r »wr, m«n'» Buiavft watch. B«r t«ln (or cart. Bin W. Av«. 15. 1.00 10.80 1100 is!oo DISPLAY LOT8 M X MO, In three block* ot Hit tyeti hornet in town, farms flO per month. Ceil Y. N, Belew. ._ - u»«d machine*. Hound and long bobbin; treedie writl electric, portubla ami cow soln modelf. Priced to sell. Bui' ton hole attachment free with each machine, ftlriger C«n«er, JW ArKinnM. South Kim, Hope, 90 pound l»rd cnns. Me ««ch. M«)r< «rs Bakery, Highway 07 £«((> 8-121 For Rtnt UMSIltAUUC 4 room unfutnUh«d apartment. Hardwood floor*, UuilHttt. Privets bntlt and en tmnoo. Clone in, 307 Shover St. Phono INI and m ROOM unfurnlBhod npartmoht, Hwrdwood f iourn, venollitn blinds. Children allowed, Rent 123 por month. Utilitlo* pnld, Phono Mantle, Mize Heroes of World^ries I? dAVj.lt TAt-BOT ciuilon* i — Two main eon- drawn from the World 8erl*i which ended jester With Brooklyn »«»ln In mourn ittff, (Or th* nixth time The from OMohoiWt, i* .. to become roc ognUed K law more seasons as the fory ''(rf'taaVuftt Tho kid'' , mine. There's DO defense »gn&ist mm, - ,• The J ,»je«)a,_o«|ualiy Ine»cu pable, fn* PRESCOH NEWS October I There will b« prayer meeting »t the Church of Nazareno Wednesday evening ot 7:30. Prnyer meeting will begin at 7:30 o'clock on Wednesday evening at the Liberty NflJiarene Church. The following mid week services be bcW.Kt the First nuptial . Church WednesdJiy evening at 7 p,m. teachers and officers meeting 7:30 prnyer and Bible study. in white and embossed with their names In pink. Each cake held a favor. Alter the guests, Karina Hooks, Marlon Buchanan, Nelda McBrayer, Nancy Lewis, Glnncln Iniow, Linda Vandlvcr, Amelia Harrcll. Jessia Bcrnis, Dolores Ehcarver, Put Haltom, Belvn Joe Langslon, AVH Lou Oarrett and Jano Kitchens and Jlmrnle Lou Dchnn of Emrnet went to the "pep meeting'' a pic ure show party was enjoyed at he theater. „„, Stengel, the bemused .„_„_ Ottfce New York Yankee*. J-advenes Information from the " " " |,h* mo*** each move, difficult to prove that i »m«rle»t pilot the game Mis Couches aru con r _ nl he Is. fill*'* contributions to his Sorios clincher ycster- dots yield were more Ir than Stengel's. Evory- He arena saw thu "Phoe- the home run nnd the uccmive Innings — tha the second light- r'put victory beypnd 0 ROOM unfurnished house At Wait Avenue "H5" Call 7'5dM. 6-at Wonted to Buy , WANTED TO BUY One Inch rough groan bok lumbor — regular lengths and tie siding, For prices ond specifications write — Gurdon Lumber Company Bfllrno, Arkansas There wJH be Bible study and prayer meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday evening at the First Christian Church. Choir practice will follow A mid week service will be held at 7:45 p.m. Wednesday at the Church of Christ. There will be Bible study at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday evening at tho Central Baptist Church. This Board of Deacons of the Presbyterian Church will meet on Wednesday evening ul 7 p.m. Wanted The prooeii Known-as "or«ek* ing" oblulni approximately twice nv much gasoline frottt a barrel of crude oil as was formerly obtained by straight uinUlntion. w,.»wt*~.«D w«Hrti»g t Salary T _ a day piun tlitu ut\d man Is, Apply nmn«Hor of Diamond Cwfu. fl-tl OPKMAtOft for Skclly Sarvlco Station, Polnit nluu busmen*, Contact U. J, Qttiloy or J. W. Perkins, 7-fll 3,RIDERS to lam Star or Hud ttlvei', Swing »hi(t, Meet mo ut Shortte i^aruoi Sorvlco Station \ Any day H 3 p.tn, A. a, MtdcUo- brooks, S3T Pencil SU'set, tt-lt the wheels whirring When he waved to pilch to Puke >otte»t ot the Dodgers, lilted and only one ,th inning. But they alt right, «mt it \» _ that Stengel Knew ioutbpaw from Wyan- would stop the Nal««d from there midway, 1 a numbur'i tioni* to the he put thorn b,««k - .,. whon they appeared to" I Htit Mnntlo wot In there' «l »uk« SitltUu- dd for tho death nnd fielding like an ani lit Ind dm ddtoult which enabl thc Yiinkn to tie It at M be . Vic RnKchl on Thursday, He pr v idea the insurance second run, Alllu Itnynolds' Saturday shuuu by tripling In the ninth and dcffi Ing on Heeweft ills home run on Monday the winning run in the 8>| victory which aont the the nt'Vcnth gumo, and iiw l)oti«cr« completely dead wll hU twu tila onus yenlordRy, In all, tho Mlik propelled in 3D appearances tor on ol .348. By an this w«* exactly what Beet Duki' Snorior did for the B CIUIHO, Snldpr. (or a tlnio, boing th« hero of the fnct, tht! bltf swinger I nlu bnttlint th» Yank to tlio wire While company (ailed, to I end im had to yield M«ry Lou Thoma* Reveal* Engagement Mr. and Mm. Charles C. Thomas announce the engagement of their daughter, Mnry Lou, to Ernest IfnrU'y Cox, son of Mr and Mrs Ernest H. Cox. Miss Thomas, n senior in Home Economics at the University of Arkansas, Is u member of PI Butt Pill and served as Hush Cuptalr thl* year. She l» u member o Mortar Board and Phi Upsllon Qmlcron, honorary homo economic organization. She has been selected as a "Hoolin Hube" for three years. Mr, Cox, n senior law student at tho University Is past president ( Kappa Slumu und wus Cudct 'Colonel of JIOTC, Air Force, he n membor of Scabbard nnd ade, he bolonics to Blue Key anil ultn Thela Phi, honorary law PTA School of Information Held Friday Evening The annual school of Information! rotiductcd by the Nevada County' PTA Council was held on Friday n the Educational building of the First Methodist Church. Mrs, J. A. Oswalt of Kl Dorado, district director, assisted by Mrs. J. E. Moffict and Mrs. R. K. Snider of Stnackover conducted , the school. Lunch was served at noon. Twenty executive board members from Willisvilk', Lunoburg, Houston and Preucott were present for the meeting. Pee Wee Football Team Elect Cheer Leaders The Pee Wee football teams have selected Amelia Harrcll and Jes- sln Bemis for the White Cap »uam cheer leaders and Sissie Mitchell and Nancy Lewis for the Red Cap cheer leaders. Alfred Smith III of Baton Ro^ue spent the week end with Mrs Smith and their son, Randolph, anc her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. P llamby. Hope Journeys to Hot Springs Friday Night Friday night the Hope Bobcats, holding a 3-1 win record will journey to Hot Springs tor a game with the luckless Trojans! step child of the so rallefl ''Big" Seven. ..-:•• ; While the Bobcats 'were handily turning back Proscott 19 td 6, the Trojans took a 55-0 pasting at the hands of oft-beaten 'Little Rock. Holding victoria* o v 91, Hot Springs arc Texarkana —- which ound them stubborn and Nashville — which hnd to come from behind io eke out a victory. Although nostly on the losing end the Spa ioys are "spotty" players and at Limes show possibilities of really laying in on some team. And that team may be Hope come Friday night. The Bobcats, smirking for a victory over a potent nrid kcyed-up Prcscott eleven, could have that let down this weekend. Ensmlngcr, who formerly coached at Hot Springs, would hate to see his boys get beat by Hot Springs and is putting them through hard workouts well aware that the Bobcats will have to fight hard to win. On the local scene last night the Tcxarkana "B" team defeated the Hope seconds by a 12-0 tally. For rest Campbell scored on a B5-yarc dash in the second quarter -anc James Sheffield made the othei tally in the final period. Top Radio Programs NEW VXMK (/P> — Listening tonight: NBC — 6-45 One Man's Family 7:30 Great Gilderslceve; 8 Groucho Marx. CBS — 7 FBI in Peace and War; 7:30 Dr. Christian 8 The Lineup. ABC — 6:30 Lone Ranger 7:30 Life Begins at 40, Mr. President. MBC — 6:15 Men's Corner; 7 Musical Comedy Hour; 8:05 Family Theater. WANT LKSHf 'FLOPPY BISCUITS THAT MELT IN YOUR MOUTH Thursday: NBC —1 a. m. Strike t Rich. . . CBS — 10:30 a. m. rand Slam. , .' ABC — 10:30 a.m. Break the .Bank. . . MBS — 10 .m. Ladies';-Fair. U'* •»? en Both are members of old South- ;Wcst ArkitnsH.i families. Miss Thomas iti thv grand daughter of Dr. J, E, Gentry find the late Mrs. Gentry of Blevins-McCnsklll. Mr. Cox Is the grandson of Mrs. W. K. Cox and tho latu Mr. Cox of Fulton. The wedding Is planned for Do- I nit ructions 1NSTHUCT10N. Uigh School now oa»y to cowplata at homo, »paro JJIplomK awarded, No job No time Cover ail , , ,.. valBjy, For Free Catalog 9, W»y»e SclftooJ, HOK "B" Hope Stub !>rK o/o 6-31 DllSSKL POWKR Mtichanlcnlly Incllnetl wen eet book, "Earnlnn Power In " Covov« big n«w field of i\gln*» f« road-buUdtag uquipnicnt, trucju, trsctor*. lo» comotlvon, powor plants, s We train you in your »puro tluie, Wrlla living ago aiv4 iu'««ent we. tion, UlUlUcn JJle»el Box "0" c/o Hop* Tl»u ma,*t unfort Joe Ulack, Die Who rocketed tho with A beautifully- uver Reynolds .in, w but wait turned shutout In tho Ch«rlle alack, out ot equaliser to. well rested ftwr and than lack tat »n\nrtly for the an would h«Vft U>o prwviou* only put The Negro Community cabled ouv, wxd aU «!«»»«; VTIrglna CUra Cruse Honored on Birthday Mf». Lucy Lee Cruse and Mrs. I*oo '"Montgomery entertained with party on Thursday evening nt olr home for tho pleasure of ,holr daughter and granddaughter,/ "Irglnla Clara, who was celvbrut- ing her 1 1th birthday. The rooms were decorated with arrangements of zcnnitis and spider Hllos. Tho guests were Invited Into the dining room where they wore scut- «t small tables and served ice com and individual cakes frosted Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lane anc Melody of Snyder, Tex., were the Friday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kurl King Jr. Mrs. Duncan Mitchell anil Mar- clu Ann have been the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mis. Dullis Atkins. Mrs. Atkins accompanied them home for n visit. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hale and Pal spent Friday and Saturday in Little Hock and were accompanied home by Gene Jr. who spent the week Inure with the fr'FA boys. Mrs. Wat W. White- Sr. spent part of last week in Tcxarknnu as the guest ot Mrs. Norvall Parker and Miss Prudence Parker. Mrs. Imon Gee and Mrs. Hoy' C. Adams of Conway spent several Fights Last Night By The Associated Press PORTLAND, Ore. — Freddie Be shore, 197, Oakland, Calif., stoppei Joe Kahut, 181*, Woodburn, Ore. 8. NEWARK N. J. — Victor Saure? 152", Havana, outpointed Charle Wright, 154, New York 8. MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Dieg Sosa, 133, Havana, outpointed P lucobucci, K!1 J> , Cincinnati, 1. days in Texarkana last week. In Ohio, 86 per cent of the elec- rlcity Is produced from coal-op- rated generators. NOW HEAR WHY THOUSANDS SWITCH TO SAHITONE ...the New, Different, Better Dry Cleaning Service, North, South, East and Weat, folks are praising this nationally advertised, miracle dry cleaning service that gets out BO much more dirt . . . actually restores a like- new look and feel to every garment. Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Duke, Rce and Judy have returned to thci home in Brownficld, Texas after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Hervey Bemis. .j*. Miss Fay Mcllao of Little Rock has been the guest o£ Mrs. Mary Montgomery. Mr. and Mrs. Carrol Bratton and children spent thu week end Little Rock.' in HOUSEWIFE. It's simply amazing the way Sanitone Dry Cleaning gets out the deeply embedded dirt, even from the kids' grimy clothes. Colors nnd patterns just seem to spring back to life. And what a surprise to find out that clothes actually last longer when they're completely clean. Stubborn spots vanish. Never any trace of smell There's no other dry cleaning service in tbo world like itl STENOGRAPHER. Personal ap-l pearance is certainly one big factor** in holding on to a job, in determin-y" ing how often you can scare up a raise. And certainly no dry cleaning service keeps personal appearance at tha peak of perfection like Sanitone. Even embedded dirt is removed so that color, pattern, and soft pliable texture are re-; stored. Stubborn spots vanish ... even perspiration is gone! Never any sign of cleaning odors. The beautiful press just lasts and lasts. \ Minor mending is free. No wonder i Sanitone Dry Cleaning is fast be-ii} coming the favorite of the working | girl. Why not drop in or call today,' Discover for yourself how truly better) our service really is. J-23 NATIONAL LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Phone 7-2764 lead in tha last three innings. After yesterday's third Inning, it may be conceded, Black was tired nnd wavering. So was Ed Lopat, and Vic Raschl, who tired to take Reynolds oft the hook. Preacher Roe, who came In after had given up, didn't .have thing except a long time between pitches. And that wus the point aV which Stengel wheeled out his secret v,oapon, Kuzava, the only pitcher in the park who wasn't about to collapse of the blind sM^i*"*?. inn Casey used the same 1 Mictics ^ tgalnst the New York year ago. It was KUNWB, the most obscure southpaw in mod 100% ALL WOOL WORSTED SUITS Tailored in Mayfield The Best Clothing Value of the Season .75 the owiferenoi, wn history, who alan, portt ol Uu< i «ft\e« and ' and conf«r« BUhop W. It. 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SID ROGERS BUICK CO. wfc^TWrS' SUAEANTII MoylieW Four-Star Suit tvpy o^lvanto^e »t forth in its nptioflstty osjyerfcwdl statement for quqlity, we<jrc(b«ltry, style f^l fit -fa Fine Pure Worsted Fabrics -X- The Best Fitting Popular Priced Suit You'll Find •fa The Styling 1$ Done by a Nationally Famous Designer The Value Is Exceptional by Comparison With Other Unes ry on a four-star suit and compare I^the fit with any suit you've ever Both single and double models in the newest patterns and colors. Regu- touts, shorts, longs. ,*» Daily Scrapbag HAL BOYLt VOtlK (/P) — I never ... ought to get up and give Mats to men in a bus, or r hats In an elevator W* "~ man enters. womanly gestures of chiv* toward the new weaker sex flinty wouldn't be Inappropriate |y, but I have set up no cry I them. . V do such ideas get aroun< ay? All I did was to poin a recent essay the obvious at as a result of the em an of. women the clinging has been replaced by th vine husband. lust changes places with She steers the family bus spends the money and spanks th , fcW, He merely sits onthe lance fe, umpires her errors and tells he W boldy, "Gee, honey, I'm a luck *" man to have * girl like you t Star WIATHtK Arkinaas — slowly rising temperaWf « " afternoon. Coolof _ . TempertturA High 64 Low 42 53D Y€AR: VOL. 53 - NO. 308 HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9, 19S2 *».. N«» MM * AH*M M*i. PRICE 5e Plan of Hempstead Soil District ferre - Rouge-Bodcaw Soil Conservation District is due for a mcnt of wider program, and the on How did you pick me ou mcnt of wider program, ana we ,1 thfmW InTe world* I'm recruiting of a larger member, really so much to look at." ship. from opposing this trend, I Th This was disclosed at a meeting now it was a fine thing. Everyone o f the district's Greater Service now knows that women are physi- committees at 3 o'clock Wednes- celly more durable, emotionally day afternoon in the assembly more stable (I must have read room of Hope Chamber of Conv that somewhere), and far tougher- mcrce . There was virtually 100 minded than men. Since they now per cent attendance of the 32 mum- have the freedom to use this bers o £ the various committnes greater strength, it is only natural Among the proposals pending that they should take over the lob arc . of running this troubled world. 1 To cmp hasi2c the 100 per Men thus can* relax into the soft cent loca i character of the dis- AclUiging vine role their sex plays trict an d increase its membei- "so often in the vast.relam of na- snip cards will be issued to^ lure. . prospective members at Hope \ i n putting down these, thoughts chamber of Commerce on pay- I intended only to pay tribute to mcnt o£ thc $5 tcc for the com the woman of the future -a confident herculean figure striding the earth in triumph, one who, like the the lady spider, takes the mere male as a luxury and a treat, not a necessity. I 3. to launch a Farm Face- Put the more man praises a Llttlng demonstration, taking woman the more she regards mm gome rundown Jocal f arm and • 0 with suspicion. My mail from in-| making it a s how window of Ozon Club Leader Is Delegate to National Meet Mrs. Monroe Stuart, Rt. 1, Ozan president of thc Hcmpstend County Council of Home Demonstration Clubs, has been elected as an official delegate to the National HD Council meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina, October 24 through October 31, according to Mrs. Lorraine Blackwood, agent. The theme of the program this year is "Forward to Peace with Freedom" and promises to be most interesting. Mrs. Stuart will travel by chartered bus from Little Hock with 36 other HD Club members from Arkansas with stops and places of interest such as Wilson Dam, "Thc Hermitage" home of Andrew Jack- Youths Admit Six Arkansas Burglaries VAN nURKN. W — Police Chief Voll Russell said two Kansas City youths have admitted stealing a car in the Missouri city and com milting at least six burglaries in Arkansas. Russell Identified the pair Insl night as Monte Grlffee, 17, and Leon O'Neal, 10, addresses unavail able. They were arrested yesterday and will be turned over to the FBI for violation of the Dyer Act (transporting stolen car across state borders). Russell said Griffcc and O'Neal Candidates Tear Into Each Other By JOHN L. CUTTER KANSAS CITY, Mo., (UP> —Ad lai E. Stevenson borrowed thc 1048 "give 'em hell" technique of Pros ident Truman today with a charge that thc Republicans arc a do ^ ^ (h ^^ ^ ^ , n nothing, care-nothing, k n o w-j Kfinsns ci(y Mont | ily n nd drove •JUI W vUIrWwWlIWw Expense Records of Candidates LITTLE Harvest Festival Again Planned by Home Clubs Plans arc well underway for the 2nd Annual Harvest Festival sponsored by tho Hempstead County Council of Homo Demonstration Clubs to be held Tuesday night, Oct. 14, nt 7 p.m. 'in tho Exhibit „ „ Rl Fnlr Mpark BCCOrdlng to R nr a Kressman Boyd tnokctt J*«*J* MrB . Monroe Stuart, 0»6n, council . today that candidate^ ror governor p ros i c jont subpoenaed to Bto*tii«i» onrnpalgp ^ rah expenses to the grand jury will be P> extension nothing party." His speech, prepared for delivery in tho President's home state of Missouri, was reminiscient of Mr. Truman's "do-nothing, good- son, the capital of Tennessee, Par-:f ol nothing" attacks four years ago through West Arkansas and Into Louisiana before returning here. In addition to tin- six Arkansas burglaries, Russell said, the pair admitted a burglary in Missouri. Four rifles, a pistol, ammunition, thenon at Nashville, University of on the Republican-controlled 80th clothin( , !incl o tlu>r merchandise today.' „ Tho Nashville man, Who community activities specialist, of kittle Rock, will direct the group 1 during the recreational period in r*" group .singing and folk games. An . third In tho 1952 Arkansas prefer- old f,, 8 hi<med spoiling bee Will bo out* directed by Mrs. O. B. Hodnett ' entlal primary, was . . . ken of the candidawijft asked, o { ' the Hopewcll Cl«b. Ench HD Tennessee, Kaoxvillc and others. I At the close or the council .meeting the Arkansas delegation will make a two day side trip to the Atlantic coast before returning home. ye . ar 2 To cnangc the organlza- tioh's name- to Hcmpstead Coun t y Soil Conservation Dis- wivn suo^".""" — •> •• — - . _i.j i maKing u a »uuw wmuv,.» — dignant women has been so heatea md agricultural methods, it-almost has to be handled withl __ .» „. j^,..- tongs. A few scorching ' "Your mother must A. Thompson, district Commies Told U.S.Can't Stand a War By EDDY G1LMORE And THOMAS P. WHITNEY MOSCOW Iff) — Soviet Deputy Premier Nikolai Bulganin told the big 19th Ail-Union C o m m u nist Congress. Although Stevenson has been accused of trying to gel out from under the "Truman Label" the Democratic presidential candidate paid high tribute in his Kansas City speech to Mr. Truman, who comes from nearby Independence. By JOHN U. STEELE KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UP) — The Republican "truth team" assailc( Adlai E. Stevenson today 'for mak ins "utterly false" statements about Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy' charges of Communist infiltration in the state department. The tree-man senate flying tear hit out at the Democratic pros nri about $25 in silver wore found n the car, Russell added. Party ™* np • pe^ alrman, told yesterdays assern. nave i dropped y,ou on your head as child." .„ "You ... you ... censored. , . H ^ important lhat the pu bhc undcrstand soil conservation dis- Uriels are strictly local in nature, bci units organized voluntarily .. ^ "Why do you hate women, you l der gtate law and having nothing coward?" / UQ do with the federal system. "No real woman wants a cling- .. Terrc RoU g e .Bodcaw District ing vine husband and you know ^ - opganlzed undcr a law a dopt- *vo »»*"' • — - i was organized uuuur a iaw awr* it"" ,. . .„„ ed about 1937," Mr. Thompson .. "If you were ™V™n? nrdtW continued. "It took its name from husband, I'd pull all y° ur , > P rotty the Tcrre Rouge and Bodcaw creek little leaves off — but fast. •The trohble with all you men is you're ijealous — you stand competition." watersheds because originally it 1 most of Hempstead,- La- ahd Nevada counties. In end competition a sensible! recent years, however, the trend On the^ other hand, ajsensiDiei ag ^^ to .^^^ th(j pro g ram J ' ...... " ...... """ eldely widow wrote: around units of one county e^ph. , . *«„ n filtnff mfT't ttl UUU\* Uil**t3 w*. w,»^ ..«*«.-,, ^ 2 p.^.^ ^-Ste: •s&z&ssss-si last night that a war would finish the United States as a fighting power Bulganin and British Communist Chief Harry Pollitt joined the parade of speakers to the podium of the congress — apparently the larg est meeting of Communist leaders in history — after Maxim . Sabur- ov, chairman of the state planning commission, outlined objectives of the current five year plan. Pollitt stressed principally the significance of the congress for workers of the world. The British Red leader is one of at least 115 delegates here from Communist parties ot 45'foreign countries. Observers recall no previous Commu dcntial nominee just as Steven son arrived hero to deliver a majo address tonight. campaign accounting!^ LITTLE ROCK, County Grand alleged irregular -(,; i * I Club Is expected to have nt least one talent number tor tho program. A buffet stylo supper will b« served promptly at 7 p.m. All Sparkman Hits 'Sit-Still' GOP Policy COLUMBUS, O. l/fl— The Demo- 2-hour scsslp cratlc vice presidential nominee findings cried out against 'sit-still" Repub- mission licans last night and said Demori cental) ot the state Highj yesterday ordered paign records of tl tho last two Dcmoc* torial primaries A second invcstlgqJ by tho Highway that "waste, dlshdnej! trnvugancc" existed J| way Department wliw 'opened by thc jury yesterday, *, In n statement;,releaBod flftbr n •"*" II -The Com- vi .. Operations Home Demonstration Club mem U.S.Anom Admi While in By RU88ELU BRINKS WASHINGTON Oft — 8 DojK told House Invastltt^ day he uBi-nod $86,000 fiv.i legal 'fees between 19w while serving 'as tf, S t for Southern Illinois. Tho total, ho agreed, Wna ly double 'his salary but M tended his butsldo pvnctlOO- small ho never kept ro» maintained an outsldq otf private practice, ho i ' tlrely legal and did CORPS which concerned ,1 mont. WWrttment bm , g ond tholl , f nrn iu cg urc urged nuolld - ti-u _jt8sion| nd ex- iO-Hlgh-l crats have a Mel's meet the c\\tm\ or lengc philosophy. tie directly To .Wfcigh cost of run- vine , • • • i one? Any husband is better than] none." [ In answer, the clinging vine ...... Many modern worrijn selfishly ] have tried to turn the equal rights and. therefore we are „ the feasibility of asking legisfatlve change in the name By MERRIMAN SMITH EN ROUTE WITH EISENHOWER, (UP) — Dwifiht D. Eisenhower charged that the Truman administration has allowed Russia to "swindle" America in the Korean truce talks and has let Communist influences creep "into our citadel." The Republican presidential nominee's special train pushed into Southern California today alter Eisenhower made the fiercest attack to date on President Tru man and his secretary of state Dean Acheson. 'That, 1 think, is the basic.j ference between Republicans 'J^ttl Democrats," said Sen. John J. Sparkmnn of Alabama in n speech, to a $SO-a-plalc Jackson-Joffcrson Day banquet attended by Ohio parly leaders. 'The stand-pat Republicans s| sit still, bo patient, prosperity • ust around the corner," Vie uclde Thc Democrats say let's moat J, M. Case presented a general to his favorite barstool, • and when he goes to for his sald> "it is hard for us to realize nist gathering that included so many leaders, or such a number from so many different countries. Moscow newspapers disclosed today that Deputy Premier Lavrenty B. Beria head of the Soviet police organization, has called for vigilance against American spies, which he said were being sent in-, cesantly into Russia. In his speech to the congress tPam he is answered with that two-thirds of the world's peo- team he is « MW «~ ra ™g plc , wcnt to bed hungry last night, their Soil conservation holds as much time importance for the man in town as soprano boo. . s.m s, p,r,w -»t.'tra.'srs.'^ts th Ju"'7ll«"jS tin't that row.,* W th.t w. hav« sc ,n h.pp.n . „ .in other countries." ^ rowed a man out of his , Mr. Case ^pointcd^ut UuU the Tuesday — published in full only today — Beria declared: By DAYTON MOORE EN ROUTE WITH TRUMAN (UP) — President Truman warnec today that Republicans would murder what is left of price con trols" and added they "might b willing" to cause a minor deprcs sicn in America. Mr. Truman said the Rcpuhl can party won't let Dwight D. Ei enhowcr say anything 'positiv about price controls because the •\SWbp06rtaes wcvo ordered for the jftmpaign records of Gov. Sid Me- Math and former Gov. Ben Laney in tho 1050 primary, and for the records ot McMath, Judge Francis Cherry, Atty. Gen. Ike Murry Hep. Boyd Tockett and Jack Holt in the 1052 gubernatorial primary The Jury, which was to rccon vene at 10 a. m. today, did not _„,„ -, . j i f_i VCnG Ut A« **• '*'' »wv»*»(T» »••" •»—he challenge. We don't know what:»"' witnesses yesterday. Will work, but lets try something, li Wmun .,,, r Hnrbort Thomas of Little The vigilance of the Soviet pco- special itcrcst lobbies who con- turn'to — their old world. He! .shrivels into the twining vine. I Know a fellow who has turned to making quilts as a hobby because as he says, "It's the only thing I know of that women aren't trying M to beat a man at." A w Come right down to it, it would * be nice to have women tip their * hats to you, I'm tired of showing" , r my bald spot, and a little token * of respect from their sex these days wouldn't do any harm. , Eleven Killed A in Crash of B-29 Bomber PORTLAND, Ore. (ffl — An Air Force crew of 11 died in the ex piosion and crash of a B29 bomb er. 18 miles south of here yester ; The craft, on a training fligh from Travis Air Force Base a A Faicfield, Calif., was blown apar * in flight and plummeted to earth Air Force investigators searchec the wreckage for a clue to th duction level is but a small part the price of a finished article, and therefore he is entitled to the very best technical help in making a profit on his end of the deal. The speaker said the wood pulp that goes into a ton of paper nets the farmer only about $7, but the finished paper brings anywhere from $126 for newsprint to $150 for kraft wrappirig paper. Chairman. Thompson asked Ray Lawrence to , outline a project tnown as the Farm Face-Lifting Demonstration. Mr. Lawrence said cause of the accident. Names of nine of the t is proposed to obtain a rundown pie is the keenest weapon in the struggle against enemy infiltrators and there is no doubt that by height cninfi and sharpening their vigilance, th,e Soviet people will be able to render harmless agents ot the imperialist warmongers, no matter how many they send to us ard no matter how they disguise them," , Beria also confidently predicted the Soviets would triumph in any future war. "If any enemy dares to come at us with war, then the Soviet people, standing at the Head of the camp of peace and democracy, will be able crushingly to rpulsc any grouping of aggressive emperialisl states and be able to defeat anc tamo the rampant aggressors' and warmongers." The congress has-been told re peatedly that the Soviet Union js a bulwark of peace and, with the .... , trol that party are against them. In a speech prepared for delivery at Cleveland, O., the President slammed away at Eisenhow cr by saying he did not recall "any conspicuous examples" of economy or efficiency during the former general's term as chief ot staff. "Those, 1 believe arc the basic philosophies of the two parties," Jpavkman will make • shQ'rt speeches at Mt. Vernon, • B o wllnlj Green, and Mansfield, O.,' toda~$ and a major speech at a '.jDemo- cratic rally in Toledo tonight. Sen. Sparkman said Gen. Dwl D. Kisenhower, Republican pr dcWfU'i nominee, is "a "man 1 talks loud and long about prograir ot which he knows nothing." Ho lauded Democratic accomplishments. 'Here is what we have done, this and nothing more," ho said. 'We have wisely responded to great unfulfilled needs of our j pie. And, in doing this, we h used just one yardstick. We h measured each, proposal, each pB gram, each policy jn terms of However, Herbert Thomas Bock, a member of the Audit Com- .mission, conferred with tho jurors for almost an hour. In asking for »hq campaign roc U. S. Attacks Ouster of Ambassador WASHINGTON W) — The United States rapped Russia last night for lusting American Ambnsaac\6r juorgo I? 1 . Konnan and for "syS 1 tematlcally" keoping foreign envoys In Moscow from contacts with tho Russian people. , A new American noto to the Kremlin said tho Imposing of re- .strlctlons on foreign diplomats "grossly violates' tho t r a clltlons nnd customs In Intcrnntionnl Intercourse developed over generations." It snld nothing, however, about retaliation nnd authorities forecast that the Truman administration will leave 11 up to the new president to decide whether to c*£ol Soviet Ambassador Quorgto ,. Zarubln or hit back^n any other'way, The note replied to^ tho Oct. 3, Soviet demand fpr ,th"o recall of WASHINGTON W — Doyle, veteran. U. .sr Springfield, III., a,pp4at»M House investigators today, ' tloulng about outside Jotf ties. , Tho B8-yenr-otd has said he has warrant nn summoned as #' Witness„ Houao Judiciary s .which Is probing tho partrhcnt. Doyle's offlco , U. S. attorneys^ offloesr, subcommlttoo has Chairman Ohdt Robert Collie!^ tho counsel, sold Doyle *'! , In outside pvaotlpo ovor of years, and thoro Is donco that such practice may Involved a conflict with ft e&tb ot tho {(ovornmortt" has boon u. S, attdrnoy f6r cr;i Illinois sl/icci 103% Newspaper ords, the jury said it had four Knnnun on U)p f . ground that ho "definite objectives" in mind. voiced ""slanderous, atlncft* hontUo "First, wo want to find out ; If to trie' Sovlot Union,"'Kennan had any contributions wore made for said In Berlin-Sept, 18 ,that an ampMB^^w'PowiiV*'^ We in Mosc6w"is not •gald, ' • much different fropr. tha oxporl- OOP , wo hope to establish be- onces of American .^diplomats ln» public ybnd' 1 question tho need for cor- terncd in Germany after Poarl rSimve'legislation that will enable Harbor. Accused by GOP PINE newspapers w^tfjj I day b; defen Military Men Amazed at South Koreans W;HITK (UP) TAIN, Ko Lie Wants All to Help in Korean War* ' esin ri"^^ 1 , Jackson , NEWPORT, W — A leader in the UNITED NATIONS N. -K <VP> campaign to set up a public pow— United Nations SecreUnH$Jener- er monopoly in Jackson County al Trygve Lie today victims were announced at Travis today. The pther two will be disclosed s(tr et relatives are notified. Th* dead: Maj. Robert W. Hess, 34, Travis AFB, plane commander #«). Robert C. Jobe. 8?, Travis FB Lt, Orval L. Huffman, 3?. 'ftcaville Calif Capt. Parker A- jdjill, 35, Travis AFS S. Sgt. rence Krobn. 22. Eden, Idaho ,n 2c Charles E. Wovries, 21 O. S. Sgt. Billy E. Butler, lem, N.'J. Airman 2* P. DaUey Jr.. 32, Muskogee, Jrman 2c WWlani E. Gii- QWahoma City. for a I yesterday said a private power ex- thejecutlve's charge that the project . He was inspired by outside interests the was far from the truth." Commu- Corbett Johnston, president of the ,-^re peaceU-armer's Electric Co-operative embattled pe- Corp., said instead that the proposal actually was Inspired by the I report, 'prepared Ark.an*as Power and Light Co. s .. mountain faced h mor guys arfc unbeliev Maj. Clarence Crab 'flopmsburg, Pa., "I've see plenty of war, but I've never see soldiers with such fierce determ nation to succeed." Sgt. 1-C Alfred F. Hughes of Seattle, wash., said the South Koreans "just gon't quit." "That hill was a bouncing, flaming inferno," he said. "It's unbelievable any of them could live through that,shelling, let alone stay there and continue to tight." Hughes described one tremendous pounding delivered by the Communists about midnight. 'The whole top of the mountain seemed to explode at once. We estimated that some 300 artillery and rocket sheUs landed at the most good for the most people, have never allowed the ambition ot small, selfish, special interest •oups to interfere with this objec-| ve," He said Gen. Eisenhower would 8,ve no freedom of action 'if he houjd ever be elected to thc office long with this motley crew of Republicans who are now hanging on o his military toga." He accused the general of pa- ing "from one state to the next .y embracing the arch iapla- li<ttlts and reactionaries." i prepared text, Sparkman I metJJJiQned Gov. James Byrnes of na, a Democrat .who rts Eisenhower, and Jfe. mo wa S thai Hrt seek high; otf Ice in Arkon- The Soviet demand-meant that iout being? subjected to the Kennan, then In Geneva, could jiot B that is so often applied return to tho Moscow'post ho had e who arc always ready to mj 0 d loss than five months. .' ' such campaigns In ox-1 The State Dopartmont told^Mos£e 'for placos of privilege. cow that "Ambassador Kennan's rd, wo feel It our duty as statement accurately and In mod- (jltizcns to lend impetus to crate language described the ppsl- " "e movement for ' al tlon ot foreign dlplomatH accredited standard In govern- to tho Sovlot government." > Tho BO-word mesHago, delivered of the High- to tho foreign office by Counselor *$• Indicate O'Shaughncssy, concluded percentage of the saying tho U. S. government Ire- \ 1*^52 opera Wsm arltles Uncovered by tho|j ftcic( i the Soviet charges against lln bo,4ftflbuted directly t» Kennan. cost ol running for gov-l Although thc administration op'• - ' parontly has decided against hit* ,„ Cpnuimlsslon was set t lng back'by other than verbal ' i«l Wglslature to study means, Secretory of State Acheson .he Highway Deport- sa |d yesterday that tho U. S, is »way Commission, continuing to examine "all aspects ™ its probe early this O f our relations with the Sovlot pWohgly Criticized the government," Ho said th/ ' pn ot Gov. McMath. ^ a meisa j c to Sen. Km on, and Department m ~* waste, dlshon- ln highway of the U. N. action in taking over servicing of opening here Gray's Addition to Newport. C, Hamilton Moses, A. P. & •y action |n Korea. .1 beard ch'airman, said here Tues. jnder taken an4 day night that "Washington and, toe U, N. enly to throw Northwest interests who want to jgjressors, to bring the nationalize the electric industry to an $nd. and to re- were behind the project. , and security. Jackson County residents will •e IS »n armistice, it vote-Nov. 4 on a proposal to set ^, It wi*iom and ol, duty up an n-member_ county^ power ^te charter for members to commission which tak* over Sr«gbt tor toe attain the property of the three electric oese.oWwlllves and to do w-mpanies now operating in the with a more equitable sharing county. The companies are A.F.*u the burdens. ^"^ the Citi*ens Ligbf and Power Co., V- M. feas sought and of Twckerman and the Farmers' wntinue to se^k to all ways Co-op. I reaaooaSi ao* «»lr ar- Tb* Gray's Addition J»»S«toto aareenwnt wtihout gacri- wbu* Johnston referred involved prtacipst-AB wmi- the supplying power to that area same time. "The Chinese repeated it two more times within a few minutes. I thought sure the Koreans were finished. "A Chinese battalion swept up the hill immediately afterwards. To everybody's amazement, the Koreans stopped them cold." Four hours later, a fresh and reinforced Chinese battalion drove frantically into the handful of South Koreans »iill holding the Mil and forced those who could withdraw to the foot of the hill. Other Candidates , LEiPANtO '(*! — Francis Cherry was second, Adlai and Ike were back in the field and Ginger came from nowhere to win Lepanto's annual Terrapin Derby yesterday. Ginger, an outsider, nosed out Francis Cherry — the turf lie — to win $100 for his owri' er C. E. Tolllver of Lepanto. Cherry, entered by Johnny Kelly of Marked Tree, brought $50 to his ow/ier for place. There was no price for show. Turtles, bearing tags of Adlai and Ike, were way bacH among the stragglers. : / Some 600 turtles started the 100-foot-long race. Democratic G u b ernatorial Nominee Francis Cherry was a guest at the Derby, there were — and political campaign highway equip- MoMath promptly charged the HAC's report WB8 inspired by nW political foes, and the report be cam? an issue In, last summer js primaries In which McMath los to Judge Cherry in his bid for a third term nomination. The Steering Committee of tne current Grand Jury^ will transcript of testimony heard a Grftnd Jury that, considered th HAG findW«B last March. Tha jury was dismissed when It coul not reach a di^ston on the report, and (R-Caltf) who had orged expolslon of Zarhbln and withdraw! al of the recognition of tho Soviet regime which the United States ox- tended in 1933. One Killed, Five Hurt in Wreck 'Even, thom vim .them w .,-. -- --« 'tho privilege of a free pr| Speck spoke W, the-,, . System in Arkar" na " that It wouW be)|l lights of an bile sent a car dplvwynby Espino of San Antonio, big state oui in tem, ,, Arkansas* The Arkansas supported eata party system, to, kanoas, -- into a brtriw ol her*, on • State ^ cfdejrt froni ,, 0r«sh. ff south . Uwrt ntaht, ««ttjRtlf Fiemlnjl wife, • MM, iu lr an. hour ajtw the including ;Ksplno w Garage Damaged in Local Blaze Hope Firemen put out two biases in the city yesterday one causing considerable damage to a garage at 516 South Hervey Street. Firemen said the garage caught fire from Woman Sentenced for Slaying By KENNETH BRQDY MUNICH, Germany, (VP) Mr*, Mtrtha JOan Wage 19-yew"0ld G.J bride, was .sentenced tod»y to twp and one-half years in prison tor fatally »hqoting,t»r Air ?orce sergeant husband, ' She wa» conyleted of brought to a ,.,.., , .... Tha Jnjiked,. *&* noembef8 of same temtty, are Sober*, 27 Ft jr., id Avwb, & .and Nor»,_iJ, Another daughter, 80 e»cape4 injury. FtemiM quoted , as paying her father failed ing )lghtj from an approacWrj| They were enroute to |b*^ Antonio home from Wlnfield where they b»4 worked to *; cannery. the U. wbteh found her jjiyiiity, Mrs. Wage testified ttwt sh« confronted her syc Roundup"Club ,._. Wm." The court, in caovicting her it wag unable to gocis; spawns Wm. ( -a.

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