Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 8, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1952
Page 7
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it**, H»M, AKKA^IAt wood amif"Ibt'.bfljw »Mrt WfUt Mr. A<I»m* to fllf wt,*l»lf<>H'*i« v nt card*. Puftl* Family Reunion Held Sunday nt Roiiton Thff f»iirll« family reunion wa» held'at lh« home of Winnie Purtl*-, «gc 83, nenr llonnum Stimlny, October «. (trestttt wore: Mr, nnd Mr* 76 Bodies ftlelurd* tfo#*r& Mr« !*«SlS»j 1" ' h<< dfnlnjr room . _, . Mtftft Bfryl llwy pf«»M*fl Hi th* illvsr «?rv!cjfr,. Mf».'Wc- the birthcliiy eftKr. , ^w,,v»4ai«--~*~— • ' tit* Chapter of ' « Qiimm* M««ti ' Chapter of BclUi itnmft K W tor **, B. held in T;80 p,m. Mm, H. K. the Snlnry l-nw Tor MM. H, C. Hynlt re- OvwiU of the HiiHft Nnllonal Con von- In Orookwood PTA ff Ail •«4«y nfumooh, OdteWr I, e*«euttv< *0m wilt wt«t at »»rl|04 Pf Will ftfUrnoor,, Omob.r I, rt-to totriUwiU m«et ecruitment, Wolfnro, Daffodil Osrdftn Club , § , Jirrt W. High Jehoot m at qjao p.m. on Mr*, J, A. Marl In. Hodcaw, Mr. Wllburn Purlle, Ha**ton. Mr. and Mr». R, L, Purtle, Pino Bluff, Mr. end Mrs. C. A. Purtle nnd (frand- ton, 0wl*ht Camp, ftotston, Mr. nn»l Mr». C, W. Purtli;, Sulphur, OMa,,, Mr. nnd Mrs Hale Purtlc |"" . Continued from Page One torches nnd uteel sawn to reach Visibility wan only 100 yard* when the speeding "Night Scot 1 ' vxptft* crashed Into a nine-coach l/mrton-bound local stopped in the station. Some of the coaches caught fire. one conch, tossed on end. toppled H footbridge across which passeng- •She's about 10 years o!d. with brown hair and brown eyes, about 5 feet 0 Inches tall and weighs Ufi pounds," said Pyle. She had a $20 bill and a road map marked Shrevrporl, La., to Oklahoma . 4 Of the "Night find cWfidrcrr, Puisy iitui Teddy,! Scot's" conches and its engine Mr, Wftfl-'t'o Purtle rtndj v,'<:rr derailed. Nancy nnd Kathy, Cale, i Thf crash stopped every clock In Mr. rind Mr«. II, A. Piirtlo and son. ((| )0 station nt 8: l(J a. m. (2:10 m, KST> — the peak of the com- n,tcr rush hour, Hub, i;i Oorado. Mr. and Mr*, filll i Inni* and baby, Slir-ila, tittle Rock, | Mr. nnrl Mrs. J. L. Purtle. Cale. i ner( . wa » a moment of silence on Mrs. OU«n Plncher nnd not i. Bi-ntun, Mrs llatismi Jloth- ! well and b<w«, Kll(«, Illrhard and i?Xi. y,^J^ ' nd ^H^^ to-Sc- K^,' ttir • he crashes, Thon stunnod, passengers crawled from . from turned coaches Girl Dretsed at Boy Held by Police NOHTH LITTLE ROCK (* — A Icon age girl, picked up by police . . hero Sunday night, ha* flatly re- C::ty, through Little Rock. The girl fused to help officers truce her was picked up after a rain, but Identity, nnd insists on being ncl- she was not wet. dressed as "Miss X". Just call me Miss X, she told police after (he was arrested v;hlle walking alone on Highway (i.3 near the city limits. "There were so many dead I could not cfnmt thorn," he said. Tho platforms worn littered with bloody stained scats, cushions and wreckage. Hundreds of volunteer rescue workers joined axo-wielding firemen and police to free screaming, moaning poSsertKcrs trapped hi the wr.eckage, frlirndx in the nfternnnn. Junior Q A'B Hflv* Party Tli<! Jfs-innotlc Hunker Junior Screams and xhouts from the in Ambulances twin London, 10 program "World Af- Ynur Affair*" »» ihe the program for th« year, ami)tort Hflncjjjw, pr0»i- r .int«<J top following com. liBalanciK Memborithlp, "~ «tort. J»)onoor Women , Mlits Beryl tlcnty, M. Paul Klliweh, Hynlt, lleacnrch nnd f », I*. i>, Perkins, Pub' ... r< ««_> i, flwr(?nce B. JHck- Mr».' Mrs. Mr*. < for PuWl- Gwendolyn Dehn, "' .Klmcr Wll*ott or 'Mayflet.d. O A a of the Kirnl Flaplldl Church entertiilni'd thrlr mothers nnd new Hirmhr-rst f»f llif <'• A with a party lit th" hcnii- of Pcxt:y Ann Hoblnson Monday tifirwiooi) hiiicnts qf snndwichcg, iiiid irolfl drinks* wore to thirty-i.;ii{ht members Comina and Going Mrs. Knthryn Wnrd nnd little «on, Kerry, have returned to thr:ir home in Snydt-r. Texas, after briny called to the bedside of her fntln-i, Mr. K, L, Powell, who i.s in n local hospital. Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Abbot of Gttrno.r, lowi'. are vislllnM Mr, nnd Mr*, J. H, Taylor. miles to the sovitheast, and its suburbs rushed to Harrow. Police rars jiircil and trapped broke Ihe eerie) cruised the town summoning doctors nnd nurses. Hundreds of fjlrl typists and clerks, trained during World War II London blit/.(.'s, volunteered as nurses. Two hours after the crash They cnmc from Rlrls on •their way to work In London's fi- Miim.'lal district soldiers on the "Nlicht Scot" express, children on way to school nt nearby Wembley, nnd businessmen In the injured won 1 being carried oh striped trousers nnd black jackets, i stretchers from the station at the HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main A Country Club rd. WEDNESDAY WlUMM rWELLMJW THURSDAY- FRIDAY 'CATTLE "* ^ f * f^ Th* WUUria QBrdmi Club will u«t Thmji^ey*Bft«^u«Wi at a o' •'"•"• lrt t UM» ltom« «({ Mr«. l''.»r? |U vsflth Wr^ Domfty :iub ._V-Oflli|»i' S(, nt «]eet n?w offlcpra for the . Tn« mooting was called to by Mr*. Oroenlfo. The foil . ;ieer» were elected: Presif Joyce HIU*y, vico-prcHldont, Jo A doll carriage stuck out the window of a wrecked coach. Blood ;ii-c'pL'd through the doorway of another arid dripped on to the tracks. The slightly injured began to pull and drag the dead and seriously injured from wreckage pil«d 30 tret hifih. Soon there wore 500 rescue worker? on (he scene, including doctors and nurses. At intervals over tho station's Icudspenker system, the command "keep quiet" boomed out. Rescuers were listening for crlos — some very faint — to guide thnm to trapped and injured. Priests and, clergymen of many A-.1c nnd Mrs. Flaymond Bonos- : doiiominations.knelt urn Id the litter coni and A-3c nnd Mrs. John Ilul- lock of Shcppiird Air t'orco HII.SI:. Wichita Falls. Toxas, were the wec-k end Kueslx <>f Mr, and Mrs. J. D. IJullock. JHospital Notes n' Branch Horpltnl Admitti.'d: Mrs. Vurnin Shcpai'd. Mrs. Hnle Bowden administering last rites and com- ( foiling the- Injured. It wns tho worst train wreck since 1915. In that World War I year, 227 persons wore killed in a tiiiin accident. Previously tho worst wrecks had been in 181)9, when 110 persons were killed and in jliTU when 7!) were killed. An army of anxious relative. 1 ; rushed to Harrow seeking informa- rule ")t one a minute. A witness snicl the crush occurred in n thick mist with visibility of only 100 yards. He snid he heard a series of muffled explosions followed by "big banus" after the collision. Drugstores nnd neai-by homes were turned into emergency first aid stations. Fifty U.S. Air Force doctors, nurses and litter bearers from South Ruislip, Bushy; Park. nnd Bovinfiton Air Stations near London sped to Harrow. Under the direction of Capt. Joseph Dillehay, Mount Morris, 111. Some children en route to school wore reported among the causal- tits. "YOU NEVER CAN TELL" mtntinf r«u) ?anilll*l*th»t miillaU «»«rtt il> hrfMt ent mtet trtrV «*«* HR* «on» cx*mloe4. Entire tattAvQ m»? be victims and not kn»W It To tfet vld of Pin-WoTBiB^ invM nnta muit not only b« klltad. but killed in the lunte IntMtWI* J»n*f» they llve •id mult 'E 1 ti.' Th *J I ?.S!* «<tfy «»h«t Jwn«-« f-jr tiBlrti* ... and h*re'« how the* do It) Fffit-a-teientlfld coating ««*«- rf« the tablets Into th«bo*eH6«!> fore they dlieolve. THeti— ' modern.; rjediwljy*«iJf Kredient'Roeii riltht to Wovk-'. l'lti«Worm« quickly nnd e»«llr- Don't take ehaneo with thl* dtniTeroiu, highly conUmlbliJl eott* ditlob. At the first sign of Pin- WoHnt, a»k yaot dnirtlst fen. OiHvliir J»in«'«P.W Vermlfago... the imall. ™«y-t6-tftke tablets perfected by fcj«iW» Df. D. JaynS it Son, ipMlkfrjia in worm remedies' fdjf over WO ye»«. i—^^ * i lion on relatives, llospintls and U b.-iljy (jirl, Houtr J. Hop.-. ] U(m on re lntivos. Hospitals and Ij. Juke Wlllli.ms. Itnuto l.-Lewis-! fj|u . rl w(th injurot , !mrt dead . le. Mr. IU-.-b,-n Sip,.s. Colum-j J()hn EUi()U| ch , cf of Ulc nation . .ili/.od railways, took personal nnil Mrs. Vernls Shopnrd of Wiildo unpoutu'e the nrrl^n't of n charge of tho rescue work. Heavy r::ilroad cranes and wrecking equipment wore rushed to Harrow and bc-Kan lifting the roofs off cars nnd'pulling coaches apart. As the? roof was lifted from one car, rescue workers wore amnxcc tr, see a small man in striped A witness said the triple crash littered the Harrow station area with "n -great heap of wreckage, with telescoped coaches and overturned engines." Police cars cruised the Harrow re-en with loudspeakers cnllint; for doctors. CHILDREN 1 ,^ Pure oronee flavor makes this specialized aspirin so easy to take. Tablets are \'t adult dose. 39c ST.JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN makes all your coofa'ffa your fast coot/tip ""• «n$e pew jUithaUds, $1,65 Ijf yooVe cv«r longed to be a fcmroe fatalc — these nattering' for you. The dr»nutic 4airk heel and t • v scam add glamour to every date dress. And Lukw<>od$ fit like your skjn -^ tight down to the fashion-cued Y shape toe, ^, '; BUck Heel o| Chiffon, » rosey beigt.or' tuffeto, * gnyed t»upe, $3.90 to Hot Springs Frktey Other Lorkwoods As low as r-tirfae PLEASE took far the number in the new telephone directory before caUinff "Information AIM, reporter, Polly ttuth CorWo, program commlttt'C, B SuMon, Mary nnd Martha irt't, *cr«pbook, Waniia baby girl nn Octobr ti, )8fl2. 'Julia Chester Hospltnl ' Mrs. 'Hnrlciv. Steed. Proscptt Mrs. F, 'D. Hlder. Pal inojt. Cljde M. Miller, Ilopo. JilschurBotl Mrs. Alma Foster, Ofllnby 4.H qiu.U trousers and derby emerge, carry Hopo, Mrs. kill. TVtt,'- nnd Mrs. tnol. announco thi> Bolt,; IVlcCas- ing a smiill suilcnse. He stepped . In the platforni, dusted himsel' off and disappeared in the crowd. Acetelyne torches were used to D. ni(lcr, Patson, 183 NEW CASUATIES cut' open some of the Mangled WASH1NC3TON wrecked cars In the hunt Department today Identified cillo Ili'teht, vlco-proftldwt, James trapped passengers nnd injured. battle casualties in Koreu* A now One railway official said' the dead included 19 killed, w*ve placed on the 18P woiintlod, 27 misslns nrt"nUno platforms in rows. AH hwdx tunx townd a well-Mined wxklc. ;Jfywdoub*it...tryUrk*-ood'ilovely j «^^ ^ l! «.^ ?W ;> . You H, renew ' SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY 6060 Holds Fake Tteth Eases sore NOW! Eat, talk, laugh as you please. Goodbye forever to loose, rocking, wobbly, uncomfortable plates. On? re-liner lasts for months; easy, absolutely, safe. 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W sheets of a marvelous, scientific plastic material which dentists call acrylics. Simply place one of these wonderful re-liners on the cleaned denture (upper or lower) according to simple instructions in package, and presto! You have practically, a new plate. No waiting, ready to bite on anything, ioWvrer* first used come to comfort that have e-lined with Snug Denture Cushions can be cleaned in a jiffy by brushing under cold water. The Cufhions we tasteless, odorless '"Why put up with the bother of KjlhesivM that must be used every . day when Snug Denture Cushions . -* are W, clean and convenient, lasd I to —-"--• •f REASONS WHY Y i SHOULDTR1 harden and rob* plate, JNftU rifbt out when ready to * Resurfaces Iwv m Gum ^ yaw (tentisfr Wednesdoy, October 8, 1952 HE FOSGOT ABOUT THB SNAP UOC* ON THE BROOM E^SS OADOV? HAVEN'T SEEM WiM ALL AFT6RMOON i { MR.8UMSTBAD V COME OUT, COMB OUT, WHER6VBR VOU ARE Bv Mlehatl O'Ma By j. R. Wllii*n» OUT OUR WAY LOOKS LIKB tMB TH*P HAP SOMP IStr OP SACK OR SAltHBU R8ST1N» PUOOR WH6M TMBWATSR TH6 SPOT TVe REST OP THB. F=LOOK Answer to Previous Around the World VERTICAL 1 Line of junction 2 Italian river 3 Begin 4 Peruses 5 Capital of Norway 0 Boy Scout unit 7 Europe (ab.) 8 Wins 9 Major and Minor HORIZONTAL Paulo In Brazil 4 Heavy cord . 8 Pacific Island 12 Make a mistake 13 Brother of Jacob (Bib.) 14 Open*.: sojp 15 Blackbird 16 Helpers of ; others 18 Seaport in ' Morocco 20 Grind the teeth 21 Possessive pronoun 22 Night birds 24 City in Nevada 26 Soviet mountains WOM'T <3lT OUT.' 40 Pants 41 Kind of oil 42 Fashion 43 Prayer ending 44 Expired 46 Opposed 47 Ireland 48 Hire 50 Mountain in Crete 25 Dash 20 Item of property 10 Small islands 27 Insulation 11 Crush materials 17 Less pretty 28 Solar disk 19 Make amends 29 Drove 23 Part of Great 31 Reveries Britain 33 Yawned 24 Network 38 Body of water WASH TUBBS IT TOOK * LONG TIW6 BU.iy-5 CQNPI0EMC6 BUT WB RAlf, M M»p HB UST6N6 TO U$!M$ , WHOIB MTITUDB &BOUT RIGHT sBStllWNS \& CHNNfilMSl HI LBT US OOWM 27 Chinese game, HEROES ARE MAPE-MOT BORN antelopes 32 Envoy 34 Potatoes • .(coll.) 35 Rubber 36 Compass point 37 Lampreys 39 Small lake 40 Spanish cat 41 Marsh 42 Courtesy title 45 More showy 49 Things left out 51 Cravat 52 Profound 53 Be very fond 54 Sea eagle 55 "The .of . the earth" - iG6 Indigo 57 Placed With Major HoopU OUR BOARtING HOUSE ESAt> SPARROW/ C>M MY BOTHER ASSISTIN6 l^ MV CAMPAIGN FOR AMD FOP? tH& HOUSE UKeH5.3UST INHERITED ATOLL BOOTS AND HER BU CLOSE AS'A (5OAJ, X WAS 3 VOO^V>\K><0 VOS.WTC By Dick Turner CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNY By Herihbqrgfr FUNNY BUSINESS T. M. R«{. U. S. Pal. OH. r. 1952 Ly NEA Strut.*. Inc. -"Another thing—^1 certainly hope these -sgge were laid/ -- after I ordered them!". By Galbroith SIDE GLANCES CHRIS WEUKIN, Pto«f!««ff ANp HIS FRIENDS boe USTENIM&

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