Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 8, 1952 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 8, 1952
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Vf^r,"', V'VJ I, *»A,* • KR^W*ff - flr ffr^ * ' »f/ r . fjf;V r ' ) r f f* «- ^ 1 t HOP I IT A*, AKKAMiAI Tuesdoy, October 7, 1*S2 *rfH •'V^'Jk tn» K». fit piner*; thtro rW*MW»f«.*«l* #A°" a lltvcd, «ltliou»h ii'-xft ift«o;w«> ot tn« b,r invert (V W*», iW**»> .' , ^JWMteM. ''th* _4 CewmfrW front jh'i,'MM. to afuna 8, ^'^i^/ : ,WflceM mat* Mtd thn flvoldanco of duty. or «ourtd W« maximum U« h* no wounded hlWi«tt, disability paym«nU sut PRESCOTT NEW! Tutsdiy, Oefc&ff 1 ' . The Oroor of ttw E««t«rn Star meet Tuesday «v«ml«< nt 7:30 tor « r«i«W »t»ted meeting. «Ut of f**r of IjHttte wh!«h- the sot '*f'h«»n't y*t oxpocloneM. OW Hm«r» of the Army »«y they h«v» nnllcad tha mwJorJly of «rtt urnong mun Who h«v«? not tuean much action, the ««ldi«r whtt goes IhrouKh h!» first cn«««ertiinl find find* that hff and mo»t '" w« men Ift hi* o«MIt »r« «llv« and un* hurt, h«* P*»*ort h<» >no»t d«p»r» W anwety and fear, There Is ono foflluto of tho Ko* e»n Wor which moy help to explain thtt «r*p«wit low Incldcnc* of jn>tMnfllct*dl wound ««»«»In World War U therw WH» no Oetobtr I Witt l» pray«r (ho Cmiwrtt of N«»f«nc ovonlng nt 7; 30, Wednes- Britain May Have Set Off H-Blast D«mocratt Plan Fund Campaign WASHINGTON — A new type of tund-ralsln* drive will be started by the Democratic National Fl- ... nance Committee Wednesday. Rum! explained the plan on Thousands of volunteer solicitors nation-wide broadcast las tnlght. will »ct out to try to obtain five! contributions of $5 each toward the 1952 campaign. The National Committee is din- WouM^Almost the lfjWjny'«iitiintot'» ! fr<musi roty primarily on »'. Wouftd < iflfllwUns IT?'*;;. -*""' torn In KWrwi, undor which 'the uvcrMge man can flHiirt* lur will stsrt horn* nttsr »nywhei'«» from U to nboMl 14 months, innkfls u dlf- rnnco In woldlor thlnklnit, »ny IN pcrtit. Jl« hes » known, definite lima when he e«n expect to «efc through with hi* Job nd h« doesn't need to puncture hlmttolf with « bullet to Itel nut, m*«Un« will bc»ln at ts30 on Wednesday evening at MHI Idtwrty Nnxarmie Church, the following mid week services pul be hold at tho rir»t oaptlsi Cnufch Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. teacher* and officers mooting <;iiO pray«r and Ulblo study. There Will be Bible study and prayer «n«oHn« »l 7 p.m. \*odncs- tiny OvcnWi at the First Christian Church, Choir i>r»ctlce wilt follow A mid Week service will bo held vi ?:4D p.m. Wednesday at tho l Christ. at at IVTI —An today th<* blnst from Britain's first ntonile explosion — us he snw It from tho mainland M miles own/ — could ht.vc! been made by a type of hy dnitfnn bomb, cratic Finance Committee, told reporters the success of a few trail runs of the fund-raising idea In New York and elsewhere had been "loo fantastic for words." tic predicts It will revolutionize the financing of political campaigns trlbutirig 800,0«K) rcd-whitc-and-blue booklets, each containing five certificates, to thc solicitors. Everyone who contributes $5 gets a certificate bearing a thnnk-you message from Gov. Adlal E. Stevenson, Democratic presidential nominee. 20 DROWN MULL, J5n«l»nd - Twenty crewmen of. the British flshijtg ttawlar Norman drownmj whon their W0«t<w vee»«rt foundered in « dense (OK M tho rocky Southeast Const of Ortwnlond, U w«» report- oil hero today. day by singing "In a Little Spanish Town" and "Little Brown Jug." but said slie'd rather fly to Hall- fax, where she lived in a lighthouse for 28 years. She celebrated thc occasion yesterday with six of her children, 32 grandchildren, 63 great grand- The plan was originated byi children and four great-great William J. Monginl w n t c h o d Bcjirdnlcy RumI, -the New York grandchildren, from » press lookout yesterday! economist and corporation director! Her observations: .._..„, ' " "-••' vho helped father thc pay-ns-you-, doesn't get you any place," and, yesterday urn income tax withholding plan "Modern girls show more intclli-l iiii irlnK World War II. lluml, chairman of thc Demo- REACHES 100TH BIRTHDAY LOS ANGELES —Mrs. Annie birth- Tobin celebrated her -Mrs. 100th Woman Found Dead in Seat of Auto STUTTGART — Thi> night clrrk of a Little .Rock hotel was found dead in the back seat of an automobile here early this morn- Inp nnd her two companions are being questioned by city and count> police. She was Mrs. Grace of thc Southern Hotel at 01 me souinern noiei a^ ftp"? I ^ A A Rock, Sheriff Harold WooclsoTfSlul.j ner ac _ He did not give the cause of death. Woodson said Mrs. Hayden from the farm they stopped In __Bluff for coffee, then headed »r Sluttgart, arriving here at about 2 a. m. They said they thought Mrs Hayden was asleep and left her in the back seat of the car while they went into a cafe. * At about 8:30 they returned 10( the car and found Mrs. Hayden still in the back seat. They became worried and tooR the woman to a local clinic where Dr. E. A. McCracken pronounced Doily Scropbog g y HAL BOYLE UfiW YORK UrV- How would you & ;: Mt« to earn a living giving away Hope MARRIES STAGE MANAGER SAN FRANCISCO — J a n e t ,5 ^«tt)£~ifrkj'Qift „„ pww ,*„,,•„«, p..in i T- - tumttMlN" W»4 vitality, changtag d*ik months ' * * ' and y«*r» to brltmw, lfcpp<« times. So to» Cftrdui fa«lp you look, ii%lttb3u35 C*«awl "Insttrsnct" trow yooi " *mls*todny.(8«yi*oi>r<J-VO«wH/»''). L, A R D U S I Monthly Crompi • Chang* ot sSU IINE ^ ••» .A-CwO-C '$?<&> ,y';, &?-¥><> v NC CENTER W?e WPiH. 'Jtioro will be Bible study ,.4.1 p«m, Wednesdoy evening inu Central Baptist Church. Trio Hoard ot Deacons of the l*r8Sl>yt«rJ»thphurch will moot on rtean«»dfiy ifveniiiK at 7 p.m. Mrn AtfMtf »mlth III BnUrtnlm with Brld«« P*rty Mri, Alfred Smith III of Boton itougrf, La.^who Is tho 1 house Kuost oi! her pnrehMi, Mr. nnd Mrs. H. P. HumpyT onto>t«lnod with a bridge party Thursday afternoon at iho Lawton Hotel, Ko«us and chrysanthemums In graceful itrrDnacntonu wore used (or douorutions. The high icoifft PjrUo wn« won by Mrs. Jack Hobey and the cut prize by Mr*,'^len O«0 ?K 'jfflfa, , Other BUusU Inqiu4wpr», OU«B| Mrs. Jnck Harrftll, MJl, 8. B.jftott Jr., Mrs. Charlie Scott, Mrs. CKur- no l)uw», Mr*, 0, Qt. Hirst, Mrs. j, T, Worthlngton, Mrs, R. W. «oyrmkl», Mrs. Hansol Herttof, and Mrs Hurold Purkor. Tho Hnlloween moth* was oarrifid, out m thu tiitlys, napkins anu aplec- itioiu dessert course that was ser- V(!(l, morning when Britain set off the mighty blfidl nt th« deserted Monto Bcllo If.lnndd off tho northwest coast of Aufttrallo. "Thin could have boon a hydro- gem bomb of the dimensions of n Plutonium bomb." Mnnglnl sold. "Tho color of the fUnh mid its differed materially from the descriptions and photographs <jf n plutonium bomb," He added thnt thc blnst appeared to bo more destructive than those produced by U. S, ntomlc explosions. Itcporlern who wntchud the atom explosion— thc world's 37th— said the burnt of light nnd thc subse qucnt atomic cloud did riot rcsem bio those produced by American tests. They described the explosion as orange-red in color, thc shape and sl/.e of the setting sun, nnd «fll(l the cloud did not take the familiar mushroom form but bullet up Into n razzed Z-shape. Miinginl siild, however, the dif forences In nppeiirunce could hiivo rOHUltod from differences In th terrain whore tho tests wore miidt- Tho Australian physicist nald th companions, Ralph Burke Shaddox and Faith Burke Shaddox, whose address was given as the Southern Hotel, gave him this explanation: Mrs. Hnyden and the Shaddox's went to the Cummins Prison Farm "Worry! to visit Mrs. Hayden's husband afternoon. Returning Blair, 31, blonde star of "South, Pacific," married her stage man-j ager, Nick Mayo, 32, here lasj night between stops of the road show, Diamonds are composed oj cat* B^ bon. gctice for not working as hard as girls did In my day." blast from yesterday's explosion bounced 3,000 feet oft thc ground in three seconds— equivalent t ;f bout 2BO mile an hour— Indlcat ^JhK tremendous explosive power. America's first novel, "Power of Sympathy." by Susannah H. R6w- son, uppcurod In 1700. ATTENTION!! FORD TRACTOR OWNERS For a limited time only. FREE Paint Job with each complete tractor overhaul. Let us prepare your tractor for the tough jobs ahead. We pick up and deliver. HOPE TRACTOR CO 500 S. Walnut Hope, Ark. Authorized Dealer Phone 7-2479 Ford Tractors . . . Dearborn Farm Equipment DID YOU KNOW THAT: The National Safety Council Reports that a summary of accidents reports in 24 states showed that 17 out of 100 drivers involved in fatal accidents had been drinking. Also that in 22 out of 100 fatal accidents a driver or pedestrian had been drinking. If you drink don't drive — If you drive don't drink. The life you save may be your own. ARE YOU PROTECTED SEE ROY ANDERSON & CO. — INSURANCE — 21 OS. Main Box 405 Hope, Arkansat a Sound easy? It has its problems," says Janic« Gilbert, who is known as "Miss Moneybags" In the entertainment world. 1ft the last seven years she has u handed out more than two million rilduars to contestants as the pay* filg teller of 'Break the Bank," <me of the pioneer radio and television network quiz programs. The trouble with this otherwise pleasant chore is that many In the audience fail to realize Janice is merely a paid performer, dishing out the sponsor's dough. They per 81st in regarding her as a Privately wealthy "lady bountiful" with a philanthropic urge to shower her *• ._ ...i— are able Star WEAtHKfl ARKANSAS -* GfiWeralty t« slowly rising temperatures tni afternoon Thursday, Cold •••flu tonight. *& 5 T«mp«ratUrai High 60 Low 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 307 Stat Of N»M > Jan. HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8,1952 fcfiSTl 'O.NS Cotton Crop Forecast Is Increased WASHINGTON (/P) The Agriculture Department In a harvest-time report, today estimated this ycar'r W. H. Dovis, 73, Succumbs at His Home Here W. H. Davis, aged 73, a resident of Hope, died early today at his home on North Hcrvcy Street. He is survived by his wife, five daughters, Ruth Taylor, Mrs. Bit Brooks, Mrs. Orrie Bycrs, Mrs own money on people who are, aoie . = , ™ aTiM^D bales of to give the name »* ft* nat gg 500 pounds gross weight, anthem or tell who killed CocK p uTh ^ s {lgurc ls 52 4,000 bales more K ^H is weird - really sometimes thanjas^ month's forecast of 18, frightening," she said. < produced" last year and Three times she has had ^tc. £>^ m £ or thc ten ycar 1941 . 5 i her average, of I Thc indicated crop Is South Koreans Retake Points Seized by Reds By GEORGE A. MeARTHUR SEOUL, Korea I.TI — South 1 roan infantrymen fighting with bay Imon Payton and Mrs. Jessie Brooks and a son, Ernest Davis, all of Hempsteud. i "••»•• •""".•"•', " T „ vlt ^i Funeral services will be held onets tonight recaptured a vital at 3 p.m. Thursday at Carroll shell-eratored peak overlooking the Memorial Baptist Church by the ancient Invasion, route to Seou 1 In - • • w m| a brutal battle that has ragea since Monday night. A front line officer said the Korean troops cut a Chinese battalion ot 700 men down to 150 men in recapturing the crest of White Horse Hill on the Western Front. The peak-main objective ot the biggest, Communist attack in a , year — has chanucd hands more than a dozen times as both sides 0. A. Graves Admitted to Bar 50 Years Ago On October 8. 1902 Circuit .Indue Joel D. Comvny. admitted n young Hope lawyer to the Hcmpstcnd bur, enabling him to start the practice of law in Arkansas. , The young attorney was O. A. Graves, sunior member of Grave* and Graves, widely know Hope law firm, ^^^sT • • • ^sW ^P J Dead, 3 Rev. Klbcrt "O'Stccn. Burial bo in Rose Hill Cemetery. require flt and ^g^essure salesmen also mis-1 '£^~£? ^^cMt take her for a brunette gold^minej menui^ *^ 5<m ba , eSi _ weather in some sections "">•» - —«,— -- and I of the cotton belt cut production cat ?: t d . riVC ..5 n ,™l°^ ll l*™: !l below what it would have been had conditions been more favorable. till Johnson on Ulrtfid»y Mr. und Mrs. Archje Johnson .iHuriuiiKU with A not dog supper on thc luwn of IhcU 1 hom« Thursday evening honoring tholr son, Uil, on Ins sixth birthday, HuHuwoun favors marked placos lof Mtko Daniel, A(«; Q<> L " J - wolly IMttinnn, Jimmy and m-d Qrahom, Bill JustUa,^ • o«jnl» «rtd U.I a» thu UW« Qi».«. with H whltu cloth and, ccnlorod Wii.i un of*.n«6 and brown birth- a,.y cn(fu topped with a Hallowoou UfitJOMtlOU, ^mt8«, CUM «n4 >Qj h.rm in tno Hnilowoch tnotl? J ul»o used. • ' ' :>\« -, «- ; fs*. Room Mothiri M«*t 84 Room MaUior* oi coU Schools met «t i'liuradwy ufto " ' School onto Haltom Jr. m churao, Tho uutlos mndu lor thu «unu,ttl which stftrlflU^ ue« untH 10th, fi'ormu »nd .M J <-" ** i. ^s* Mr«. at the Mr, and ,~,, m , », ot Uont) aoftch^': Announcing the 1952-53 Essay Contests of THE LION OIL COMPANY which will award 18 COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS to Students and Teachers Lion Oil Company has again expanded the Lion Oil Scholarship Fund-this time to provide additional scholarships /or high school students and schdlarsliips for elementary school teachers 'as well as high school teachers. The future progress of the South depends not only on educational advancement of Southern Youth-our Future Leaders, but also on the continuing advancement of Southern teachers who guide our Soutliern boys and girls. wouldn't buy an island oft Fieri da." But Janice, who* acts in from four to eight soap^ operas a day besides her quiz show stint, and her husband are sinking their sav ings in a new home they call "break-the-bank, Because that s what it did — it broke our bank account." V . At the start of each show she •duffs UD to several thousand dol , „,_,„..— Sri in her handbag. Two body- Sen. Richard M. Nixon said las guards and a watchdog stand by | night Fr«identJTrumjm _and Sec Raps Attacks on Reputation of Eisenhower ABOARD NIXON TRAIN Iff) — threw tanks, artillery into the raging battle. A few hours earlier the men Sparkman in Tour of W. Virginia ) A ICW nours uumur mu ^.*...*-"HUNTINGTON, W. Va. M — Thchccklcssly charged through an nl Jemocralic vice presidential nom-1 \i c ft artillery barrage and capture! nee mi'tle four brief appearances t nc crest. Then they hit the Ko and a major address in West Vir-j ean defenders on the south slop ginia yesterday, then headed intoU> u t thc Republicans held fast, neighboring Ohio for more cam- Fighting was only slightly less psigninK today. _ bitter elsewhere along the front as " the big Red offensive moved into Chinese A~t Huntington, Sen. John J Sparkman expressed doubt that ;i s third day. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, GOP Allied warplanes rocketed' over- presidential nominee, can ever get head, plastering Red lines directly hio "R«i"ii,Klin!}n tftnm in Ujnrk tf)-l t.-l-J 1 4U« f..nnt behind the front. I sUll'get a real thrill out of its cost to the prestige of Amer- nys. '"speaking to a Republican rally eleTg^e out was $U.840 at Canton O., Republican vice e his Republican team to work to gcther should he win the election. The Alabaman called out the names of Sen. Joseph McCarthy, Son. James Ken of Missouri and other .Republican congressmen, then said: 'I wonder if Eisenhower really believes he is going to whip this bunch into a winning ball team should he ever be given the C "He C 'must know they are opposed! EN ROUTE WITH EISENHOW to everything that he has support- ER, (OP) It will be BB years next to a corporal who had been crip pled in Korea." , Once she became so nervous she tore up $500 in bills, another time bit her tongue so sharply she had to go to a hospital, In other mis.- adventures she ,has beea glared by"a raccoon, nipped by a mon- kc-y, and insulted by a non-housebroken hen used to illustrate queries on the program.- . • Still another time, told to "bring out the next animal," she blithely opened a cage and started to lift out the occupant — a wild ocelot. Its trainer screamed a warning. COX. Mm. & ^5J5STr. »»1U Friday in El Doj-ttdo and, was accompanied homo by Major Seett • w ~ spent uw wo>fc 4nd " SCOPE OF STUDENT-ESSAY CONTESTS BROADENED » $1,OOO Scholarships for High School Sfudenfs ~372 Cash Awards for Students and Sponsors ..j, QrviUo Kolly ind «OR, John ny ot Vmldron htvc licon th? ttuents ot her p»reiiU, Mr. Mid Mrs, Jaluiny Hook*. Mi** Marilyn M»y of Cumdcu was U\o Krld«y guo*t wl Mr. und Mlrs. Chftrtte Tfeoww «n4 M»ry U>u Thwna». Mr. «««» Mr». X Hou« WfCf: Frld»y «V guest* «»\v Vc»c> NEW CONTIST ION 15 omecujavo y««3|» t ,_ W ««WM *iO WWMW oJF few contests, open to WgH sihool ktudontJ in public, ^iv»to or parochial schools InwraAt whore Uon potrotetaQ products are sold at the sign of the Uon. The total area of eUgibllity U divided into Uuee go* graphical tones which iue4described to detail in the Scholarship Fund Rules Booklet In *aoh of the four con- ASY TO ENTER A 40 ejiter. u high school student must write an essay in *E}00 words or less, get the essay approved und signed by Jttis toucher, and send it-to: V. Ll6N OIL SCHOLARSHIP FUND '** ^1 Dorado, Arkansas FIRST CONTEST STARTS NOW Th* subject for the first con^wt Is; Kt l*|f*MV*** *^^*»V* ~ «•***» »»* *fW***~r*" ™? T1 » —• —' ._,,--, , - _. Scholarship Fui^d Rules Boolfct In each of the four con- .« My Definition Of Gw4 Citizenship" tests to beTwld during this school year, a separate set of ** *"« * rf " /s „}„. ..^ii i._ ^.cf^^<..S i-. ..%^k «WVMO *T*k**e eiitrtiAit^e \i\ ft KV»**Jne tvitiul- I\A Tirtcfmurtftrf linmrA miflnicfht' JlJCtOl Itrt. Tom Powwdy and Mv». Oftwoodjr n\otoc«l to Tex. W<ninc*d.iy tor tho day. Brad Bright and Mrs, (Wa Stokwt sp«nt Tuesday (n T««ai> k«au and ytitted Bmyc« HW who I* W In ft» ho«p4t«i Mr, and Mr«. Q«or«e Chrlstoph«r and son, O«or«e Hamlltoa, spent * p«rt ot l*ft wc*» (n UUle Rack Show. ^Mr*. J. M^ McK*n»le *n4 Jim, Sid Purtl* tn4 to Little , awards will bo offered in each zone. Thus, students in given xoue will not compete against students in other tones. ' MORI SCHOLARSHIPS Fiwt-place winner in each tone, in each of the four contests, wins a one-year scholjfrship (cash value $1,000) to any accredited college or university of his or her choice. The scholarship are unusual in tfeat thov are sufficient to cover not only tuition, but also such incidental expenses »$ laboratory fees, books, room and board. Twt-lve sclwil- Mtships wUl be »wwded during the school year. MORI CASH PRIZIS The number of merit awards in «nch contest has been iucreastid to 45; that is, 15 in each %one. If aat essay does not will « $1,000 schobwship but is among the 15 nest best entries in a zone, the writer will rectuv e a cash awurd of $25.QCK One hundred and eighty merit awards will be given during th* school year. Entries must be postmarked before midnight, ^October 31, 1052. Subjects ft>r the other essay contests wiU b^ pnounced at a later ditto and aro listed in Rules Booklets. High School Students. ., Don't M/JJ Opportunity to Attend the College of ' Choice on a Lion Oil Scholarship Ask your teaclu-r ur prindiwl for free- rules booklet, or write the Uon Oil Scholarship Fund. Endarted by State Education «nd CaAoite NOW/ ESSAY CONTESTS FOR GRADE AND HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS Six $1,200 Scholarships Now . . . Lion Oil offers Southern teachers in elementary and high schools the opportunity to win scholarships for advanced education. Lion will conduct two essay contests for Southom teachers. Three winners will be selected in each contest. The three winners in each contest will each receive a $1,200 scholarship to the college or university of his or her choice. Teachers, principals and superintendents teaching in public, private and parochial high schools or elementary schools in areas where Lion petroleum products are sold at the sign of the Lion are eligible to'enter these contests. The first contest is now open. To enter, a teacher should write an essay in 1,500 words or lew on the following subject: "What J Can Do To Become A Better Teacher" Entries in this first contest must be postmarked before midnight of November 30, 1952- For complete information write tha Lion Oil Scholarship Fund. •* Office* of Arkansas, Mimurfppi and T 'I just thought it was a big cat," said Janice. 'It could have taken my arm off, but all it did was lick my hand." Giving away a fortune in casn over the years has taught her a lot about people. •The shyest, most introspective people are the real hams a heart," -she said. "Doctors, oddl enough, are the biggest showoffs And what worries most people isn't how much money they'll win. , They fret over whether their California Usually on Winning Side Iran Peace Bid Has a Condition :TEHHAN, Iran, (UP)—Premier Mnhamnicd Mossadegh has left the 0137.200,000 price tag on his offer to resume negotiations with Britain for settlement of thc Anglo-Iranian oil dispute, it was dis- clcscd today. Tho aficd and ailing premier in vlled Britain to send a mission to Tehran to resume discussions bro ken off nearly a ycar ago. But he tacked on a demand fo immediate payment of $50,000,00 before Britain sends its mlssk)' here and an additional $B1,200;QO three weeks later. Britain previously had rejected Mossadegh's demands foi '^cash payment of "indemnities" clrilmed due by Iran as a prercguisite renewed negotiations. British Express Trains Collide, IOO Feared Are Injure 76 Bodies Ar Recovered Fr Wreckage Truman Defends Brannan Plan to Farm Crowd By DAYTON MOORB , • SHENDANOAH, to that anyone hod , rind, better-than any- £|U \^dIibVllt V^»1 v*»*» —, — £- — .presidential nominee said. 'They I now blame Eisenhower for everything, for high prices, for tremendous losses to the Communists — even for Korea." The California senator, on the ftrst leg of a two-day whistle-stop our of Ohio, said, "n the ordei of importance the Democratic line up now reads: Truman, Acheson and Stevenson," and added: •Stevenson's failure to disavow hese dishonest attacks against Gen. Eisenhower by Truman and Acheson has spelled his defeat." Nixon said it is essential to maintain a sound national economy in order to beat world communism. 'I charge that the record of ed so valiantly in thc past. Does month since California voters, by he think he can capture them?" a small margin, preferred James On his swing through Southern G. Blainc to Grover Cleveland for West Virginia earlier in thc day, president ot the United Slates. Sparkman ridiculed the Republi- Cleveland was thc nation's can cry that it is time for a choice, however, in every election since" that one of 1884, California change. iiiiigv* I a*i-njv- nis*v u»»»- •—-• -— -i Any change thc Republicans has been on the winning side of could, make could only be one to presidential contests, sometimes by the 'hord times ot Hoover," ha no more than a whisker. ?a id. . It looks like a close one again Crook Couni Tired of Majfy Straw Polls BALTIMORE.- I/PI — A far-ranging coi'respondant of the QJVHirnoro Sun reports thc badgercdjvotcrs of Crook County in Orcgoiniore sick and tired of having their pulso) taken by election POlJstcrs.,;,;, Idcnt Truman today"dotondedl th Brannan plan and called Qpuora Dwight D. Elsunhowor'8, .farm speeches "unbelievable" and "conglomeration of generalities platitudes, half truths and plol misrepresentation." v> i Mr. Truman told a fbim crowd here that Secr6,ta^y. ot Agriculture Chorlog, Brannan ."rrjttdo tho best recommendations to tako caro ^ ot perishables thought ot. . ...... ono has thought of since. He said,Eisenhower had engaged In "some, cheap name-calling" In criticizing the Brannan plan. In a speech prepared for delivery at tho annual Slienondoah Pancake Festival, the President said lha Elsenhower hud tried to "steal th<- iSomocratlc record," but warnet that tho GOP would Junk admlnlB tratlon farm programs If It got tho Herald that Gov. Adlal E. Stevenson's^ farm speeches make U •'plain" that "ho stands on tho Democratic record and the Demo"3 platform." OU, can count on tie and Ixriprovo Iho Jury Rules tor Defendant In Damage Suit Boforo adjourning until November late yesterday ot Hcmpstoiid Circuit Court Jury ruled for the, defendant nnd declared "both parties negligent" In u $10,000 person- it damage suit. Hugh Bourdon ot Hope sought compsonation from tho Hope Brick Works following an auto-truck accident. By 0. D, GALLAGHER HARROW, England., (XJ speeding oxprosa trains rtop a crowded commuter Death All But Wipes Out Family BATESVILLE Iff! — Death nil but wiped out a North Arkansas family yesterday, when u small panel truck carrying four persons plummeted Into thc Whlto Blver. Tho four, Inducing an Infant boy, drowned whon the truck, Us brakes apparently defective, roared down a ntecp Incline nnd crashed tP'.-ough thc guard rail on a forry. Dead arc 45-your-old Lynn Crowell his wife, Mrs. Donnte Crowell, 41 her daughter, Mrs, Minnie L. Shorrln, 25, und : Mr». Shorrln's 7-mot\th-01d s°n, Sumuol». • — --•T.r. .Only two men surveyed, tho vie- end crushed . 1 - . — . «M .. _ . _ 111 ^ '1. 1 -U.^ A b.ur4 ill CntlflM A I On H|tVlI>4/•.<•>• Mr *«^IC ~»"~.^T'^—"• '- n. for American agrl row Station today In _ trnln wreck In 37 your.*, ijKIU Bocond worst In Us hlBlpryw Roscuo wortera toy midfnfif' had dragged 41 bod<8Bt,|w| tangled, SO-foot-hlgh .hf"-" brla In which tho dead ».,-.-. were trapped. They osUmlJ, death loll may oxceed JJTOi^ flclal ostlmato placed J * "' of dead'at 75. ...,«, Threo hundred potson8'We| Jurod. Hospital treatment •"-* quired by 111 and only 3:, number could be discharge emergency dressing of wounds, v . Tho toll was 'mounting hoUf$ volunteer reHCtie teams 8s«s 50 American modlcal, coti from nearby alrbasos, putlog tho crumpled and twisted ot wrecked passenger Shortly aftec tho 111 been removed Worn fyo' W: n huge emria lifted lh(f hulk of ono coach, least 20 additional tim«: Mrs, CroweU's son; by a , vlous marrla'go, who lies seriously wpundpd in a^Astnfc^hOBj^.at), member 6f the armed tprcos. , Several yet J ago Sparkman had a crowd of about here this year. Aboard Dwight 2,000 in the Huntington City Audi- Eisenhower's Republican Spocia torium, a highly receptive crowd which entered - California '--'-•• estimated by police at 1,500 at Lo- they are saying, that as gan and smaller groups at Beck ' - - •*— —"-ley, Mullens and Pinevillc. Crook County has been besi by pollsters because in'every tion since 1H80 it has voted He was scheduled to speak to a | Adlai Jackson-Jefferson dinner at Colum bus, O.. tonight at 9 p. m. (EST) goes, so goes thc nation. That was the ,word, too, at GoV. i wus> uiu ,wuiu, iuu, »,. w> .. E. Stevenson's Democrats »«" vor of the candidate who lu. todav l out to bc Iho majority cholc^pfp voters throughout thc nation. Th6 reaction of Crook c6unUans was reported by THomas 'O'N'eUlt: • : 'UTie inuaiwcM'' » w*-*---— elided;across .Nebraska during ^KCh .fivul Sen. Robert A. the night. ' friends will think them, dumb they, miss an easy question." Janice said that an agent from \} the Bureau of Internal Revenue usually stands by to chck the names and addresses of all win ners. Often he alshs them if they want to pay their income tax righl then and there," she said, "but so Truman and Acheson — as well as that of Acheson's former' assistant Adlai Stevenson — gives the American people no hope for safety at home from the sinister threat ot Communism. If we' continue this team In office for another four years, there will be more Algcr Hisses, more atomic spies, more crises," .. The election of Eisenhower, the senator said, will be the signa for the general to rid the govern ment of Communists 'and the peo pie who put them there." At Canton, Nixon addressed a near-capacity crowd in thc 6,000- corrospbndent. headquarters back in SprlnsCleld.l "7'' ^ks/' OINclll aald In ineludina thc dispatch from balem, urc., - , through, tol People of Crook County population thc other half seat Memorial Hall. A police-esti mated crowd of 750 greeted the senator on his arrival at the railroad station. Earlier, Nixon gave rear-plat- Had Enough Excitement Says Mantle (Mickey Mantle's sixth inning homer proved to bo the run that won thc 1952 World Series for the Yankees but he added a run producing single in the seventh for good measure. In the following dispatch, he tells how he did it.) ars^^a^ffiSTtfe ^r^s-s^'te ; ^ai'' ^ '"•ft -or .UU, U T,», H.Attfo^'Sl™"^ to refusing, to state a preference. JlOrai VOll! 11IK1IIK UIU VUI.OI l . r it. J_, - «« nnoull'llv ^£fSS^^^^^J^£A^% JTssw^afe^^tsSS-^i now as. the ^eight mountain statesfways tackle is St<w* Bailey. e3i 'V,M«H' to'' of the weekly i>i""-^ «..;«»— Srles almost as much weightl-ccun^ 5 eat, Prlnevillc (population - -2fiftt.T T7l« f <1r.H^k 1 ,'M'niir TTflrtlonH * 3.233). r Mrs. only about 3 minutes before tho no araonR th victims.' ,„, will also speak at tho i; Festival but did not pro- Tatt aide said the depend a » M .-^n said. Truman said, r ,vnt.-...M W »-St. attempt to fe» Demo.cralic record that i Have aver seen." the vor BVJCU. ., says the larm programs oi t 25 ye»)?s wore brought inu> rujhffH Bald> Ho 8ajr8 ^^ been ' overwholmingly WI/V*M»«*-»"« l***T *J * ' aoid that that a ip show that 'the , B »u J t know much about wnavB penn golnU on in the United Iffi 4uiin{ th% 40 years ho' B been In. the arwy," accident that her son, Samuel Pin son, had been wounded , In' Korean combat, He said the family was en route to Batosvillo, whoro , CrowCll was to be examined 1 rit a hospital. The officer said the brttkoa on the truck apparently .wero detective and Mrs. Crowoll, the driver, was unable to stop as the truck tpproached the Oil Trough forry. He said on examination ot tho 'truck, hauled out of eight foot ot water about an hour and 20 minutes uftor tho accident, showed that Mrs. Crowoll had shut oft the ignition and shifted to a low- tCJUB,f I»"T*» *T r m f i—'^JT— T -{ rear tha twined Httr^W Boys, Whic nl Prlmo» chill. ' ' J. llQ r *ip*,ifv r a~ ".T" 'f r 'j gommularfl wnitmjj we whon tno^ tfciPMS .creoh Tho "NlJrtW Sgot'Ku: Perth, Scotland'to — „—,Ing at (58, mUas nmnpuj heavy irH ^ >>M ^ n ^ > ^ Affr ^ i; hAn^ er gear In a futllo oltort to stop the vehicle. England, far as I know eveV^ody a^ayll to£ uii.>t Coshocton Steuben says, "No. thanks. I'll figure it out vil'e, Dennison. N—* later'/' I ville. Fire Chief Three Escapees Are Recaptured By MICKEY MANTLE As told to the United Press BROOKLYN (UP) —I've had, _ .. . enough excitement'for one season— r- 6 *;™ 1 . •••, t r SJtt1C^ to ^|^a3afeL5r i i homa where things are",;.a Itttie more quiet. 3,2331 . 'Bfjley, who in the county, Hcilds Routine ^ to the were topped, expi-csB, train to I Vlllc. C lie v^nick. »? *••* •• —— j j timated 6,000 persons surrounded Nixon's train platform at Coshoc- °On his swing through the state's Eastern coal-mining area, Njxon said the way to defeat cpmmuQism "without a war is to win th^ bav __ authorities today are expected to near t s of the people. It's a spiritual came oitf one of Joe _.,_.. pick up three escapees from the an( j ro0 ral offensive. You've . go* | didn't feel any special elation Shelby County penal farm at Mem- to ge t the crooks out of Washing' whi|e I was going around phis who were recaptured 1 a s t ton . Eisenhower will restore sound| bases, figure it was night on a sheriff's "hunch." morals." Sheriff Burton Arnold said two of the prisoners, John Dailey. 23, and) %AJT n Hugh Farrell, 18, were arrested on TTpmwn . SirS ?i.^ g wa hser p e icke s dl Corbon MQIWX«|« up at a nearby tourist court. as a LmakW riuo toosldwittal can, - f rowiUon McCarthy have gained from 1040 to Tribune:. .Eisenhower '68, Stevenson, 38, undecided 39 won't tell 15, not .ro8- istc-rd 5. ' • ; . "Bailey," O'Neill reported, " _ * . . .. !„„„ t-fr by nftjne/H 1 , B o*"" jvi " » ,: r ~ . iiFii, delivery ih iho University ot Wis- 1 - fieldhouse, In a roulino Hussion lost night Council nccepted » pro» ; Board pf Trustees of u fee charged in the area, nor to Califor- will be stake is enormous, interests are enor- » Jr-J :r &^\sy-ss.'ssss\ssjri race relations and touching practi- I cally every Issue which in other get Brooklyn to make nine 1 outs. It was the same way when «• was me same «v»j •..«.« . 1at -_ r i n »« a hell SS^JfJL"^* 1 ^? ±ST S Sta T:U_ln g arow,now,Republicans "Arnold said he first suspected! medical the fugitives were in this territory wfcen he recovered a "stripped "l.life of r; car from the White River late BQ<?K r W- The I the seventh. What state c he e r about? have picked a Californian for their *eer about? , presidential candidate. That's The game was far fronn be ng _,» tlcal S8 i ute to the 8tat e's loning claimed the over. But I sure was tickled pink I a ROC* woman found w j, en Qene Woodling made the His check at the court house showed the registration is 2,404 Democrats, 1.790 Republicans and 47 unaffiliated. ,, ,, It also showed considerable changing to Republican for each Republican switching to Democrat. Election officials reported most pf those chan'glng appeared under tr-e eluclon it is necessary to be a-egisttcred as a Republican ta cost a Republican ballot or as a Democrat vote for a Democratic candidate at the November 'elee- (U P) Dwlgbt D. Eisenhower, who recently said that President Truman was shooting "harmless blanks" in his direction, was ready today to "«re some real heavy saVes" at the chief, <*ecu- tivc. |*t> ITF#»W* »**»rf', ** **T^ "~ *• *«,-» 9 i.Hl«hi School football team tar use of the park would be drop- P *>The fee, wiU be waived for one fieason arid in return tho .Tigers will play a benefit gamo io help the Civic Improvement, Aseocifttlon meet a loan, payment pn the park. It the plan fttlls the fee will be slapped back oh next season. the council voted to pay expenses for sending the mayor, city attorney, t«M*«urer and clerk swl one alderman .to a meeting oi the Ar • -- 51 -- Wunicipal league October the Harrc fcllO Oft !• HP *•••»»'" W ^rm^sf'^'*- T ' tZ'g loot bridge^' ft'cros*' whw commutes v"" «»—-..i— tholr trains, , . , ,.. Within Bficonaa the bji overturned, c mountain Ql There wa» tf after tho Then tho pierced with , injured and trapp • In ono — p^Uet04 that he ; with fcoth bfiFrelB" major campaign H<™>T»-* --. rr- Franelsco's Cow Pa^ee tonight. TIACHIt-**ONSOtS WIN, TOO The t«4dter spousotuvg a first-pUoe winner in any contest mxiv«$ $300 cash. A teacher spunsoriivg the winner of « $25.00 merit award will recei\ti $25.00 cosh. Th* NiW . £$»>•$ will be nMnd <MI the fo»k>wi»g baas: (ll (8) Why Th* Scholarthip Fund W*l i if oblh h*d Lion Oil is part-aiid-parcel of the South, employing more than 2,600 pel-sous with an annual payroll of more than $11,000,000. Lion Oil manufactures more than sixty petroleum products which keep tha wheels of Soutliern industry, transportation «ud agriculture spinning. Lion's nitrogen fertilizers earich the sou of LION Oil II Porodo Southern Isam... help Southern f anuea produce more and better crops. The Schol«uship Fund is LJoo Oil Cocnpftjky'f way of saying. Wo believe in the South... an eaEE^'to »ss& its sow and daughters , , .our -Good Neighbor*!* 57 '.COMPANY Arkansas VOf 4-t Vft*4 %**S* *» •*•»*. •»»» —• -»-»T-^ f j terday. The automobile bpre Tenn: essee license plates, he said. ' The convicts admitted they Stolen a par in Memphis alter es2*pe last Thursday, the f &id. All were serving rob- terms. [ ^ JgUiAK f^lf)rnt TfVf»«M»» »»-"-— , wiidi v*^ 111 - '• vwv.....^ in ^^utomoblle at Stuttgart na i ou t O f the game. Anderson NettlesWp said ting the homer or the single. Win Lee Wilson Hayden, ning th e World Series in the big- .bly was overcome monoxide while the °y gest kick any player can get, car think. sis Truman to Home New Czech --*-• <HJHM*"| ( *M"* > * •» wp^w—• »-i— w- i b»i*«4z»i . [raveling from Pine BJuH to Just as soon a s I can I'm get- Syt, en route to Uttle Rock, ting back to my home in Okla- 4»n», Hayden Who had visited herUoma. I'm going to get some kind husband, Stanton E. Hackle Hay- \ ol a j ob j n the mines. I don t den at Cummins Prison F»aran, Know just what but I think I n was returning to Wttte Rock with worlt as a roustabout or something ^ •"-"- T — '"""'jjke that. It'll keep me in shape for next season. _.__ _ _ _ Eisen . "and"Caiifornia's s'en. Richard M. Nixon can achieve what Gov. Thomas E. D«wey and California's Gov. Earl Warren could not do four years agor-bring California back to the Republican col- umn - . . ,,_, The blue chips are down in this tion. , ..,. Crook County gave a majprlty to President Truman last year IO jrrcbiucuv ** «».*»•» .-.-- . . while Oregon was going the. Other visy. Pipefitters Walk Out qt Pine Bluff Now in College ' juaw*»v»***' *• *T*T **' "*F***4 . soo SHippy K-wa^S, 19. t««)erly Korea, is a ft«W member oi tne '. West .Virginia University freshman peWon to a,b*indon an allpy be twcen South, Watout and Main »d» joining l?th s,nd 13th, Streets, waft turned ovey & tlie Strict and Committee. • , The hWfc offlcofwail instruc to took JntP ft dralriege Wa W»lnuJt;i}(J;eet,,betweeB 4th Street^ * * The gst* to, » unlverBlty cdu- cation and ma^be a degree to medl- Ralph Burke Shaddox, both . . Officials expect the post will go to George Wadsworth, forroer am- ^police said the trio stopped at Stuttgart and the couple left Mrs. Hayden in the back ot the car because they thought she was asleep. When they were unable to awakes her pa returntegj*. tto* b*r DIES OF POLIO ROCK Wayne Taylor, three-year-old son oi Mr. and Mrs. John D. Taylor ot Sheridan, Ark., died »t a bos- ital here last night ot polio. |fe Tli Itrlcfc^ wittTthe 4J* frankly acknowledge It, Both Ste^ venson and Elsenhower will be expected to talk much here of the Pa* cific, Asia and Korea. Korea would be hot in California if those young national guardsmen never had left home. The voters here have an anxious — John! eye and an ear tor the Orient on Bluff Ajr*enal toa«»y in the long series of strikes at tfee federal construction project, Union officials could reached for a comment eUi» WM years ago not on the j-^dwiicu *•«"« •* *--"-—-—--- - ~ . ^ • strike, but individual worker* say tht dispute involves a pay rai?e. . The Army Engineers in Utu< Rock, however,, say tb* walkout ^^%&%Es5ff%*jFir''' |« jnucn w^ «*»j '"j/goi, A . mr. Starkeir. ex* he Christian District Church Rally Oct. 13 ^K<p*» 1"»w "W—-T ~r-<* "' Farr ot Hinlon, yr.Va. A forlorn Uttle waif of 12, Skippy was sitting by a roadside In the rain when Gus «r»t met him in Korea- SWppy cot. There wll} b.e a ,.,,,, Of the seventh, dijjtrtet : ,. ™_,as Christian Cburcbei ai | v|ile, Ark., Oct. J9. ?t " ' Principal speakers w national ^»-.W tlve, do \m

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