Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 18, 1894 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 18, 1894
Page 7
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Tho most certain and safe Pain Remedy In the world that instantly •tojiH the most excruciating pains. It IB truly the great CONQUEROR OF PAIN and has done more good than »n,y known remedy. FOR SPRAINS, BRUISES, BACKACHE PAIN IN THE CHEST OR BIDE HEADACHE, TOOTHACHE, OR ANY OTHER EXTERNAL PAIN, a few applications rubbed on by the hand act like magic causing the palu to instantly stop. CURBS AND PREVENTS, Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Inflammation, Bronchitis Pneumonia, Asthma. Difficult Breathing, Influenza, UxinttUn, fffnr»l»l«, SdUlc., Latnbigo, Snail)!* of the Joint", Pilau !• Hick, Client or l.lmlm. The nppllcntlontif the KKADY RELIEF to the part or partu wlit»re dllllcultJ or pnla «xists will •flord ease unil comfort. ALL INTERNAL PAINS, PAINS IN BOWELS or STOMACH, CRAMPS, SOUR STOMACH, NAUSEA, VOMITING, HEARTBURN, NERVOUSNESS, SLEEPLESSNESS, SICK HEADACHE, DIAR- RHCEA, COLIC, FLATULENCY, FAINTIJftt SPELLS are relieved instantly aud quickly cured by taking Internally it Imlf to ft teaspoonful of Beady Relief in lialf toaspoonful of water. MALARIA. CMlls and Fever, Fever and Ague Conquered. The™ is not a remedial agent In the world that will cnrw Fever and AKUO and all other Malarious, Billons, iinil other Fever*, aided by Kadwaj'B Pills, so quid:!? as Kuclwiiy's Ready Roller. Price 50c per bottle. Sold by drugalsts. DAD WAY'S I\ PIT T,S PILLS, for the cure of >ll illnonlfm or tlie SIGH•I'll I IYKII, IWWKLS, KIDNEYS, BLADUEB, SKItVo'lS WSKASKS, JltAllitllK, CONSTIPATION (OSTIVIIXESS, ISUIUKSTIOS, DTSPEf. IA, BI1.IOCSVKSS, l-KVEB, INFLAMMATION OF THK BOWKI.S, PltKS, mill «11 Ucr»B)t«- mejits «t the liitetnal \i«c*r», 1'urelj TejteUlil* ontnlnlrK no mtrourj, nilnorilii or 1IKI.K1K- BIOl'S DBUtS. Prised cent* per boi. Sold br all RADWAY 4 CO..SS Warren St., ^. Ti. OfBo «or« and ask for HADWAY'S. Catarrh — AND COLO IN THE HEAD rtll«««t Inttinlly bi on« appllcition ot Birniy's Catarrh Powder v. KA-H,™ C,.-:KK, , 1; oVtu ^ iu. ^v.Bi^o ,,f ColuinhiH. Olil'>. »r tM, . ro , vjcr „ ,,„ Olini...!.:- ' '"'""iJ' lcuuirhwh.il nrthinK «l , flnliMiy. *» ""* • "'" , T ln ,,|, u'in h.lj IS in«h«» from rny cur I "*•« "i " Is'torn.- "" |I1 ["7 I ,.';™";';:;"; ,;,„.!! in»l'J »' "" „ wl,tfo it 1m Sold f «Jr«h.r.*» ««B«Ut»ordl«.t by us. Sold by B. F. Keesllng and 3. L. Hanson. L», Inil. WANTED. fRSto(tkBorrtt«TKln«very town aud city; no e; uowl wwes from start; |>ftj weekly ««I LADT, winding to luako *2fli per wftek A onletly »t her own home, aAlrM.i wiMi JtamueSoinelorf. Mlaa Lbclle B, J.OKiin, .loliet 111 ThisoftorliibomillUo and It will pay jo» to mvesUKUie if yea o^n spare only mo houra a Un| XNTBD-A gtmnral wont, In l.OKfinsport for onw «t thB liirijBst acU iuo»l [iromlneiit Lite imnraiictt Coropunltiii lo Matwucuu.Hei i*. -rirai clam roimwHi interest contruct. kxp > > i y™™ n?"ance IIIBII prsforred, AJdress. K, A. rtwer N« a« Gnuilie dulldlni;, Rochnster. N, Y. EABTEIi 3IOVET.TIKH. as pretty, and almost as delicate, with heir tine weavings and pretty colors. ?ho spring hat, secondly, is a tiling of one'.s own choosing. There-is no aw cither for shape or trimming, and aprieo has full sway. So long as there a nothing substantial about your hilt, wHS^oiaisit ', SAI.AKY or COMM1SSI01 ,, PKUMAN'ANT and 1'AllNB I100D MEN. SPKCIA1, INDDCK ,.s"TO BKilNNKRS. KXCLUSIVK TKH DRY OIVKN IK DESIUED. Write .it on«« rorVriBMto • „ v TUe Hawks Nursery Co., Rocnesier, N. Y WORLD'S PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIONSI Cut this coupon out and keep it un til you have gavedilx similar coupons then bring or tend them togotheV will |rOO »OB CLOTH WmON, |3.60 IfOl ttamr •»moK to the offloe of THE DAILY JOUBSAL W*«re you will reoeiTe thli oe*\ book. OUT THIS OUT. THE WOMAN OF FASHION. Trotty Bewildering- Combinations iu the Spring Bonnot. t ll Hie «"<! Smnll HI OIKI Elects—l.»c« ltd r«cull»r C)i»nu-Wli»t One Trliu» It Wlth-Mew ICOPYBIOIIT, 18U4.J Heaven defend us! for our "bonneU" 10 lonper do. "Tho sun shall not mite thee hy doy, nor the ra'oon h.y light," was all rlifht when lirinis of ,tr»w interposed their kindly simile. But now that straw has given jjlace to broad meshes ot laco, tlio sun umy ur- lently shine iuto our eyes, aiul^ the moon' shower upon us all h<;r silver mams, with no out; to say them na.y. -So ook well to your complexions, pretty radids! Have' a care lest that lacoy >rlm, enticing and bewitching 1 as it icrtaiiil.y is, work havoc among tho :lear tints you have labored this Lent _ocg to secure. Jiut the true eoquette liscovers possibilities in the new brim if laee that the closer straw never uf- 'orded. What wonderful power lurks among,ho ini'.slies! An ujiward tfhmee, given .lirougli one of these dainty brims, vonld In- so mystical and undefined h:it ;i fun,d lover could read ill most luytliinif into it. Even angry looks vonld grow captivating if half-veiled >y urpiimy luce; ami a smile would be Uvidcil into innuinonible little see- ions, each one adorable._and eauli en- lauced by a bit of sparkle. The Ka.st.er hut will be primarily a thiug of lace. Not necessarily thread ace; oh, n.o. The straw laces are jnst btitt'ened by 11 narrow liirnjiil ot'.straw that was put on the lower odtfe in close [lainIs. Has the.-.spriii^ hat liny nthi-r individualities? It shows un utter lack of simplicity, oildncss in the way l.he plume is'faslened, ricli pearl embroideries between tine laee stripes; ilowers in great profusion, or in eccentric shade, Tin; crowns iire fe'etlimi more aggri-Shivi:. Many of them stand up straight itnd round. l>'or instance, folds of black moire rise, stove-pipe fashion, about a minute crown^that fulls shrinking!} 1 iuside. These straight rims are often of straw, unil insiile there may be « flat crown of (fauxe or Ince. On the other hand, there "may be no crown at all, One sinull preen hat that 1 saw puzzled me not a little. A sharp point of straw stood out in front, one stretched out in a small wing- at each side, and two stood well apart at the back. On each point rested n small bunch of violets; and back of the front point stretched a beautiful full bow of lovely blue. Now would you say this hut had no crown, or no brim'' Hut le.t me describe some fif the newest shapes, A lovely piu'c, a shade between old rose and shrimp, has one of those circular pieces of the .straw standing- ubout u, very small crown that shrinks inward at the very center. The brim commences with a narrow stripe of the pink straw, and then is widened out by a ilareof ffiii'pure. 'At each side stand two black plumes, rising from heavy jet ornaments. One plume bends coyly away from its mate. A bird's-ep-y blue was tlie daintiest thing- in all the world. Its crown is made of open jet lines, and at the -top is .set in a circular piece of the dainty blue straw. The brim is lace, and u roll of blue velvet conceals its junction with the crown. Around the entire front stand heavy black plumes, curving- beautifully. A delicate golden brown crown has a laci* brim that is straw-edffi-d. A lace Hare in front is caught witli a curving gold buckle, from which rise u full bunch of aigrettes,. Back of all this is a pulling of violet chiffon. The all black luce hat is very popular. The lace is generally of a very line, sheer quality,' and is trimmed with laee wings, jet und spangles. Jet is ti great feature of all the hats, as it will be of (Towns nnd coats also. Spangled cdtfes brighten the black hat considerably. A pale yellow chip hud a narrower edge than* usual, rnude of black laee that was run with line poinls of straw, in its natural color. The brim was m wide crinkles, and had a straw eiljfii. On tjn: lower ciljre of it, yellow roses A HTl.'NXINO LACK HAT. you may b« sure that it cannot bo ob- jectionabje, provided, of co«r»e, it is becoming. The lace is not particular where it is found, once it composes the brim. One finds it in the crown, in the soft rolls of trimming, in spreading- butterfly wings, in full brim rullles. WJiure one uses the straw lace for the brim, there is but little difi'lc;>lty in curving the edge in pretty frills. Where guipure or liner lace is used, a gtraw edge is generally added, which Is finely wired. Or the simple lace edge may be run with finest wire. One laco ruti, tnac i saw was mgcmoiisiy Gladstone has A clear Head. WHY? Became he follows these rules: " Keep tin head cool, tho feet warm »nd the bowels open." You can have a clear bead and live to be ninety If you do the sam^ thine- When the bowels fail to move during the day Uke on ictiring two Smlth'l SmaNtoile Beans, Their' •ctlon ii to n>Hd that you are not aware of it. AH day your mind will be dear and cool. "Notagripein* bamlofthem." Askfornnallsize, Take no substitute for SMITH'S Bile Beans! nostlod between each curve; above, Imnchos of violets were placed about thu crown, liliick plumes and yellow u-^-rettcs were the trimmin)?. lint 1 did see one hut that hadn't a bit of hicoon it. Out of un iiccordion phiitud brim rose a tiny straw-colored crown, around which grew Mimll lavender llowurs. A liirije purple bow that utiwd up in front was c;ing-ht down •vith tlie rounding buckle that we see on so miiny of the hats. It was an clahornto oii't. with its lines all set in lu-illiiints. Another that bhowcicl more than one kind of str;wv w:t.s very tiny, had straw unil hlriolc jot ornaments. .\ i,\. r r brown had Its i.;d{rn intor- ^H'l-si'd'with narrow bruds of rich pearl i-rnbrciidorirs, in green, guk! and old rose shndi'S. \ white luce hat, very Jarg-e, had its ri-o\vn protected by u fluted niche of pfrwii straw that stood about it. The front of the hat WUK a muss of roses; starting with small, doliciitu rosebuds, th'i-v opened out, into hifsc-!- and larger blossoms a-i, the fi.n.-a-itiid.reai-ed itself, i-ndirijr in :i.'.sir'iHc queenly rose. •. Two ln-avv" I'-' 1 l» :> '" witli oval beads, stood hetv.-'eun 1!"-'1 >: :' !: There is u. '*•"•'•"' ^r-i that IB pretty, easily m:n!'!. "» fl mf>rti appropriate for the iktys v-'i-'ii it- it^yarin enough to shed tin; ena.t. 'J'hivjK bias bandti of black inoin- m- sntin are fastened to- ircther the wJiole making a width of three or four inches. The searf is caught tightly when it. reaches the bust in front, and a bow of loops only fastened at cioh side. From there the folds fall looiely apart, godet fashion, the bow a ruffle of lace, with a pr'etty spangled or jelti:d design, is ! (jatlHTed. The scarf is cut oil at the ] waist line, and od^ed with another llomiei: of the l:n:e. This makes a pretty ovenintr t-earf, as well, in t^hu liylit'shadcs. KVA A. SCIIUUKKT. NEW CURES~FOR SEASICKNESS. Happiness in Vlrw for Thonii .Who <>a Down to flii) *•'" i" Ships. . "Xaupivthia," which is medical OreeU for Mj-.isickness, is as old us history, and ships' surseons h:ivi: front: tlirouffh the inateria inedica and found only palliatives. The epigram of the Irishman has remained true that the passenger is "first afraid that the boat will ^jo down, and then afraid that it ivon't." Now, however, medical science is testing two new methods of dealing with the disorder. The first remedy is a hypodermic injection of atropine and strychnine, dissolved in mint water. Tlio other is the employment of the newly-compounded drug- called chlo- robrom, Tho application of these to seasickness dates back scarcely a year. Th«y are being- tried after a particularly searching stud •• of the causes, nature, and symptoms of the disease. Thu external symptoms of seasickness are well known. Paleness, increase of saliva, di/./.iness, headache, verlifjo, nausea, prostration— such are the progressive steps. The internal progression is ably given as follows by Dr. SUinncr, the lending specialist of naiipiithia: "Movements, slight or considerable, and repeated displacements, collisions and stretching 1 of various organs of the body, especially the abdomimil organs, and unequal and alternate increase and lessening of the pressure exerted by the columns of blood upon the walls of the arteries and veins; reflex nervous acts, stiii'ting- from the displaced and strained organs a.ud from the walls of tlie blood vessels, and acting by inhibition upon the cardie-accelerator and vase-constrictor centers; paralysis of these centers; relaxation of the walls of vessels of medium, caliber and diminution of the number of cardiac pulsations, whence results a lowering of the arterial blood pressure." This lowering of pressure of blood in the arteries is followed by vertigo, nausea, and the main external signs. Impressed by the significance of such lowering, Dr. Skinner chose such dru^s as would stimulate that pressure, and studied the question how they should most beneficially be administered. The drugs lie took were atropine and strychnine, to be given simultaneously. The problem of their administration wasdiflicnlt. Any dnisr given by the mouth would either be vomited up or would fail of absorption in a seasick ttomrtoh. He ultimately tried sub- cutaiiepus injection. l-'or adults lie used from a half to one milligramme of atropinc ;md one imUiaramino of strvciinine. dissolved in mint water. Tin- following is the formula now used in many, O'~ most, cases: Atropin, sulpat, .OIK gramme. • Ktrychin. sulpat.,'.004 gramme. Aqiui. Mienth. pip., 4 grammes. Using such poisons requires great attention on the part of the ship's surgeon, wlio, .before employing an injection, should proportion the dose to the age, condition and constitution of the pa- ticnl. These injections have in almost all eases been highly satisfactory. Jn many cases their results have been almost miraculous. Koine persons who. on receiving injections, were iu the .almost acute stages, suffering both from nausea und prostmtion. became able to promenade the deck and enjoy the voyage within two or three hours. Persons who have received injections at nine o' clock at night have usually been totally free of the malady the following forenoon. Simultaneously with the use of this injection began the trial of the new drug chlorobrom, which -was first used in insomnia. On trial in seasickness, chlorobrom was found the strongest 1 of known palliatives in ad- vimce cases and an almost certain cure in other cases. It acts by increasing arterial pressure and toning and soothing the nerves. Surgeons on the iong voyages from England to New Zealand and Australia have found it to succeed in long-standing cases, iu which the old remedies had scarcely acted even as palliatives. As the record of trials with these two remedies.incrcases, their position will become better known. It is not exaggeration, to say that they are the most" engrossing subjects of study among marine medical students, and lire among the most important topics of thu whole medical fraternity. In avoiding or delaying seasickness, n. firm will not to succumb is often of, Instance. A strong and lively interest in the voyage is of more value. A reclining position on a berth or a steamer chair is better than standing or sitting-. A. broad, tightclotu.wound around the abdomen is particularly useful. A cup of strong coffee, swallowed at the very indpicney of tlie ailment, at the first suspicion of an in<,,.,,.,„, of saliva 01- of dizziness, will fnHJnently stave off an attack. If Inkeii livii minute* later,, the stomach jn;iv In 1 too agitated to absorb it.. sodium and potassium bromides, if ftk.-n some days before sailing, wili occasionally act as preventives of all hut t!ie light features. Four grams a dav, in '''"'" tiv " l " 1 " 1 "' " osi:Sl nl!t '" ; tlii' proper innoitiil,. • Morphine, anti- pvi-ini'. quinine, and ullloral hydrate •,'iv n!so of some but uncertain value as 'p,.<-v!-ntiv.'S. U-ir.ons. peppermint, und ivhisU-y are moi;i: or less useful as p;,ll i:..t ivcs. —N^ V -_ T _|; )1 «^ V,'ilii;im Ann —"Have yon a recom- nu-niiatii-.ii from the last place where ,.,„; won- Mew.in!?" lOhony Hughes— ..y,.*. <MI: yes., .sah: w alias had chickmis t'.iive 'times a week, an' der wus uovaii no bill. — I'licli. A FAIR TRIAL of Hood's Sarsaparilla guarantees a complete jure. It is an honeit medicine, honest; y advertised and it hoftettlr CURES Is the best remedy for nil cotnplaiata peculiar to -women. A JiKlMCAL KOOK worth DOI.l.AlIS, ^™t for 10 ccm in Seukci Knvi'lcijic. $1 Per I'.diiic. lit, 60c, Trial .Size wnt by mail. Li-tU-rs for mlvlcc Martofl "Coiisultliic DcvErtmcnt" are seen by our iiliysicians only. ;0>-WOr,f, IICBICIHt CO.. I!. C,. Colmiiii, Sofy, '' 'If Christ: H ea, y i» Came to alewdays Chicago" ® © * ® * JOURNAL READERS'LOOK OUT FOR IT- Greatest Sensation OP THE NINETEENTH CENTURY- THE FAMOUS EDITOR OP THE REVIEW OF-REVIEWS - WM. T. STEAD OF LONDON The most remarkable figure of ref6rm in moOcm <-ivi! / •' M-. ••-'• have been sold all over the English •;>•••••.•,<••:.. • ••< MILLIONS. Has Written this Book for SELECTING CHICAGO AS THE TYPICAL CITY OF CORRUPTION AND OF GREATNESS Truths are told as they have not been told since 4JHUIST CA;MK TO PAUSSTINK. And tlieovil* known to modern life nn.> s-liotuhi>d liko vipers and thoir chief abettors are named openly without regard to person or consequences. Supply yourself at once with this great. book. SvtiJ in your order a^ onco, as this will lie the most julv<>rtise<l book, by the .lemmckuions und laudations of the pross, that has been issued in tins country. STRIKINGLY ILLUSTRATED SPLENDIDLY BOUND NEARLY 500 PAGES The Journal is pleased to announce that it ha> secured a Inr^t number of copies of the lirst edition of this wonderful book, which will be shipped as it is off the press, and will be sold to Journal renders at as lew u price as possible, together with one coupon clipped from this paper. No one should oiiss reading this great book which contains startliug facts never before presented in such a graphic manner. Watch for the coupon which will be started as soon us the books arrive. BEFORE. AFtBR. I have taken the agency for the HERO SHEEP PROTECTOR, ami have > full stock of tli- goods in sight. These protectors are guaranteed to giro jrotectioD to the sheep us agaiust dogs. We have received our -Seeds for the reason of 1894, ana have them ready to sup- oly our customers on demand. We handle nothing but LANDRETH'S SEEDS and as all >f our old stock has been burnt, our customers may rest assured that they will get fresh, ;iean goods. We have a full variety of Garter> and Field Seeds also Flower Seeds. We have also a full line of Harness and ;arriage Goods, and a full line of Turf and Sporting Goods. In fact we have everything :hat goes with a horse and carriage Don t the old place, 424 BROADWAY. Geo. Harrison. SUCCESS AT LAST! Hie World'Moves; Scienct is Triumphant! Bui Stt. greatest triumph is In the e :-i- of diee»=e. and ita Rreatcst euc. Ci-s ie APOSLOU'S treatment for Diseases of Women ^S^Vft But to be successful it muni be appl 5 ' 1 ' '*<£{ cv f-'e skillful bund of the SPEC L ' & 1ST. jU The Physic-June ot J g • C^J i .. <B i^ ' m n r •* — - —•'• I\w Lo^iisport '4i}fe<il Aod Siirgi 01 f^titstB '-* • JCESS and bj Us uso Uavehce :1 oMra"'«'" 1 "-'-" umR:ll * Uhlbfc<iRKATBST wome n to ito-lto and h«vo in thi; 1 vi"i'i'tv. i''»!"reu fiuncw. T ^ainfui und HD exposure If bRpplne?*.ifiv.ri.i)>s!'.' 1 Hn'>h:i<l Uiied. hi;'- Th.-y .ilfn tn-«t l »'l<:'«'-i>'>« >.r, C().\aUi;rA!I.)N FKKE. CAI

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