Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 7, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 7, 1952
Page 13
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HOPI STAR, HOP!, ARKANSAS Tu«s«Iay, October 7 t 1952 .- .-"- -T - -i II ' "1 ' - ' " •— y, October 7, 1952 HOP! IT AH, I, A tit AMI AS • •f > n \ f "1 %-,•>*¥ ' rf-f..' i 1 V . " Wrffl 'V \ v !"^fy-> • •* • '. V"«I • ? "s * £? • < • AT $^W'dn«*$mv« Jfeltftftft t I It Mfrlfc !*.&.». *- ••*" wiiltltfnM' 790 tfflv IBypt .JpSfifeiiiJftii mm&™ ' ' Tfefe MM •£' ta'iWT,* -"-w-*"!* ^^ 2 if W Of i** 'JvSSLJf^S ™ms. W| fHUYW4| l ft WMM m WT: at ir*ln. J, Phone ?.|400, dot*' *i4f tttmtgtt to TWO red polled batta, Cominic t year* old*. One r«|l»t*r«d and on* ftibject t« rvfflufwtton. 8 W, fl, R«*f le* Of «*tl 7-W42. LIVING room and dlnln* room 1W furniture. HuroW W«IK«r, Spruce, Phone 74004. «MMJW#»*(>M>W»V«VMtMrMirmi ] M «™~™***d~*-"W*W-*fr«*»«*,M««*P* MuAT nil ((iilekly, Piano, r«frl|«r> nu>r, mnn'» Oulrtv« wntch. Bar* ««ln for CB»b, IM W. AVc, 15, 4-if SO X MO. In thr«o block* of the ne«t hotri«« in town, 1 Termi f lo p»r month, C«H T. N. flcl«w, «-tf OUAHANtKBD U»«d Rounrt und long bobbin, troartie And elfteitto, portAblt nnd con- »o!u modol*. Prl««d to »cll, Hutton hole ollachmwit tr«e> with innchtne, Center, 108 Smith ,Blm, Hopu, 7*3t ForRtnt DB8IWABLEJ 4 room unfurnUh«d epartment,' Hurdwood floor*, Buiinnl, Private bath »nd en* tr»nce, Clo«« In, 94? Shover St, Phono 7-4488. . 12HJT TtOOM tinfiirnlnhi-a month. 74M8. ._ vonetlttii bUn4' ollowed, Itont W8 p«r paid, phnnc The Negro Community ' Of ftttiti Itome t» MM Ttrner •t HUM Funtrtl Hemt Mr, WillUm K, Miller, « fo»mei iti Yer«er High School died At tno V«ter*n Hoipltol In Foi> Buynrd, N, M, 8*turd»y, Kuncrnl Arc Incomplete. t«l«y Simdoy, Oct. 9. . At hU home. Funeral errnn«cm«nt AU«n, nifcd 57 died Bun locnl hoit|)lt(ii. will bi- an noun The Bund Mother* of High School will rnoet Tuesday night, Oct. ?, at ?!30 p.m. AH mem tier* are wgM to be proton!. Lodge No. 43 will meet T«e»<|*y nl«ht y Oct, 7, at the rr«u- Jar meeting plnce, Buulm-nn of Importance, Tlm» » p,m. Hepew»ll KleminUry H*i CltlMHihlp Club v^ ^ Th».5th grade of the Hopewcll School orjfnnlxed n Cltizotuhlp Club Tho following offlceri were elected! - President, Betty Joan Mnxwoll, V.Hfr/Proildewt, Commudorc Knox, Siiiitflry, Betty Sue Barber, An- (t»ll|| 8«C,, Bjiirthn Moo Powell, Tfeiltirer, DorrU M. Robortt and chairman program committee Ere- Jeno Gamble, tSloU Wonton, Hay- wst'd • MuFiulden, end Uila Joan no! Thnt'* what I'm piikl to do, fcin't 11 QfHlcloii, It looks like everybody is hittlnK homo runs. nil'loin of hotiHM's. How manyj ve been hit In this sorlos: four-1 oon, you stiy? That niust bt> some dud of a record," tit wnsi, ^oRl Kfivo his reason for thc record - bri'iiklnK nunibt.T of circuit to Buy WANTED , TO BUY One Inch rouflK odk lumber — regular lengths and tie siding, For prices and specifications write — Gurclon Lumber Company Bolrne, Arkansas Wanted The procmnH known n« "crack Ing" obtfllu*, approxtmatety twice on much BPI&Hne from « barrel of flrwd%,aW an,wan forirwty ob- tiBd-by itVMfiht Ike's Chances Badly Hurt CHA,RI,1SSTON, W.Vn,, I* -Sen, Juhn J, SparJunan, D<>moorttlJ«j Vloc prO«l(k'iitlal cumlldnto, »oy« DwJ«hi D. Klsenhowcr has hurt lilH uhuneon for victory by 'loulnH tho llUernl Hcpubllcnnit down." v^cnt on to say In n nre<l» confercnco herp yostordny thot th<? RppubUqari nominee (of president had, allowed Sen, Toft to tuku ovtM 1 at "KoncralUslmo uf hla The Alnbnmn nonotor oomplctoa ft Uvo»day »wln« through Stnithftrn ^e*t \ VJi^lnln today, with fiyo »peeuh^», A' nm>« uddr««» In " "^' Died fit tho Bockloy Court! fhrt wJll be foUttw«d'tar n«< tuiHs at ,Mwll,enf, PlneviUu B _____ «an J^fofa 'Spftrkmnh delivers B m«Jor ftdd^si si Utt HuntlnRton City AurfUoriom *l 7:80 p,m,'(K5T> In a «p8Cch Jnst night at Fay* eUeyllle, «?paekm«rt accused jomo neiniblttnns pr toying with "the tiwadty Important bn»lne»» i>f root- inc out thu real Communist* in dw mld»t^» He toitt « faUy at »ome 1,900 that thole '«<« the Repub- Sttorkman »l«(r look « cruck &i ,»hffw,«t Wfinj",U»rt weefc bt ^5**?l* ov f^i»M?*?»' -S»«^ hit C. ond Iwnelttctor l&at y»»r, " Merely Lucky Says Yankee Catcher By JOE riKICHLEO Brooklyn 'itl "I just got lucky. I wiu nnyihi/ig but lucky tho othrr dny," Thlf w.i <t Yofil Horm's cxplnnn- tit hi* nps find fluwni In tho OUT OF DOORS with Popping Bug* For Bat* Pithing By At- MeCLANE Flihlng Editor bug*, or chuggeri, a* iire CHlled In KOITIP parts of World 5ii-t l««. cotiil'U'i cd by swn« Ihi' country, are piobnbly thc mnsi to he Urn inonl rxrltinx ehnmplon-! populiir of nil bnsd bugs. The typi- »hl[) *trugiil!> of rill. |t'nl poppor has n wide, hollow, Yoyl. of roiiMr, iviin rpfcrrlng to: sllnhily concave face of cither bal* two fM-i-«o«fil lili(hll.«h(ri of the sn i» cork. yirrlct. Ho wan "lucky" to hit Ihc home run yesterday th.it ticH the score One of the most outstanding popping biiRii In my experience has been n black cork • bodied Iln wnslnol certfiln of UN origin, but the when lie,hui{ wtiM- mndo with nn eye for at I-l and led tu liic Ynnkn/j)' D-2 cricket with rubber bund leg*. I'm triumph over Hturiklyn. " ... "rtilucky" liiiit i-'rldwy Wti« i'hi<t'Ki'<l with ;i |»n!i»i;(l lj;ill Hint lt>d to two tiM(lR4-i-..( IUIIK nnd Aft( r cnstlng, the lure Is retrlev- co»l the Y.-irik.-.'N » . r )-:l defeat. ,,<| j n a painfully slow scrie* of Rliowod no pui-tlrul!ir cl;i-i p i,|| 5 , during which oil *lx legs tioti ovr-r yfsti'idii.v'i homer in ttipj WJMK |,. || kt , j el) y. ,,nd the facu "" '5 1 '""'"« "" /"'"'« Hlllyj blirpg a nd 8 urgl R! i like no cricket Just an he <ll»pluyo<l no par-h ,, VI>| . saw . Tlctl on a Number a , Iculnr char«.In over the -lapse" in hook| lhl . crlckct ,„ CM to „.„,,,„ wfltcr , cv»>nlh he third an nut. easts and offers no ru- oil. Whiit should 'omnilt suicide!? Imt us long as Ihu little cork gurgled and popped, it) tlllH KL'lk'S. "I've novor soi-n HO many ut bod pUehi-s." tin- ,-ntcher explnlncd. "Now you tnkf .bin Inst Riilne. 'I'lHM-e were four mol's hit. Duke Snider hit n (h ftmt ball out of tho piirk for its first homer. I hii :u\ insli.li- >ltch thnt they tell me l.oes In- ondnd nn a waste pitch. Miinlle's Utrner ciimc off an outKliU- pilch. Snldqr's Hccoud homer wns the mly one hit off n nnod pilch." Hays Sees Adlai Making Friends - cP ''n '" U r ', " I' '" ,, ° UtU 7 n , frUM1(Is With hrlghtiK'ss. frimknesH nnd 'for- howcr wns Marshall's firm tfiMtoor- tt«r.' f y '\Vhnt will McCarthy sny rfowl Sparkmnn uskwl. "Is Klsenhower BtiU n trnltor in his ostlmatio'nr 1 SYNOPSIS -^ CtpUIn Murk Wtilncr conspires with "~ ~ M to embaritM River Bunt ny Ruwls while lie dines at uotol In St. Louts. CHAPTER TWO ,,RAWLa made n second survey " room, quite unconscious at », turtlvo or frankly, inter- which compassed him in Mftny vvero feminine, turned Wy it briefly Bpeculftttvo* It occur to Raw% that he was tmpi'OMlvo ttguro ot jj man. The "»s upon went Wanted FAT , HENS Bros, 'man, of niamonrt C»fe, «v«nlnf, «o l A n«o<l popping bug should be ])l;icrd we'll ubovc the shank hook. A low slung body blocks too much hook bite urea. The two Items on your popping buj! chuck list, therefore, arc shape ol head nnd position of hook. 1 paddled a popping bug artist around one of our local ponds last Summer, and when we got to 41 .stump where I knew a big bass lived ho worked his lino out, fully (!() feel from the canoe. It was ,T nice c;ist. It was fully three or four minutes before the angler made his lirst move. A sharp elevating or tho rod tip brought a resounding "pop" from the bu«, and a huge bubble broke, and tin; bug gurgled. Aiiuther minute elapsed before the second popping took place —<• but this was met by silent ripples as I he bug disappeared. There wns no spectacular struu- j'.le. The bass merely moved back under the stump even though the angler hold his rod in a tight nrc. I paddled up to the hideout. tktrouv r~\ t •«••».. »|.'*«ii<.it*.«« vi |* v*-' ntvr titvi^t..! vt w, NE.W ORLKANS i/P» — Arkansas; s «w the line firmly wound around Congressman Brooks llnys. actlngi several gnarled roots, and picked as »n ndvane.. man for C!<.v. Arlhiijit I O()SP wlth the paddle handUs St»«n»«n8 Southern lour, says tho; There was n slight "wen ving motion ' of thu lender which stretched unci er the roots, and out floated the popper. The next morning, tho safnr thing happened, except that the bass ran down the luko.after grab bing the bug and wound the line around every stump in the flooded forest bottom. Landing h" big bass after connecting in this type" o! That the fish did respond to slowly fished bug typifies the psychological workings of nn old mosr bnck. The average tyro doesn't have thc patience to sit out each cast, whereas the averaged bronze back doesen't have the ambition to chnse a. bug that scoots out of his reach each tlrnc he decides to make a pass at it. .(Distributed by NEA Service) Grata, Beard May Again Play Ball JEHSEY CITY, N. J. I*— Two of thc most fabulous careers In basketball, those of Alex G r o z a and Ralph Beard, may be resumed after seemingly being blighted forever by thc college fix scahdnl of 1951. A spokesman for the Jersey City club of the American Basketball League said Monday night Groza and Beard will play with that team this winter, along with Sherman White, another major figure in the scandal. - • However, president John O'Brien of the League said In New York thc signing of the three confessed participants in point spread fixing must still be approved by the loop. II doesn't meet until Ocli 25. Groza and Beard were start of thc Indianapolis Olympians of the National Basketball Assoclat i on when the scandal broke last year. They were forced to sell their one- third share in the club and were banned indefinitely from the NBA. 'B' Team to Meet Hog Squad Tonight* Hope "S" football team wlfl tangle the second string from TeX- arkana Tuesday night at ?:30 in Mammons Stadium. It wilt be the first meeting of the season for the two elevens. ' ! BLONDIt •y Chick OXAMK IKI & \J FORBID: CODY Referee Dies in Middle of Feature Fight NEW O.RLANS M — Referee Ashton Dnn/e collapsed nnd diet cturinK a feature fiyht Inst night to become the second New Orleans boxing fatality in loss than two flays, The 50-year-old referee fel to the canvas seconds beforo the end of the sixth round between wel toi-weights Ross Virgo O f Roches tor, N. H., and Jack O'nrion of Hartford. Conn. Jimmy (Bud) Taylor, a promising Nesro middleweight from Mi- ;iir.i. Fla., died Sunday of brain injuries received in his fight Friday aj.-J.lnst Charley Joseph in the same ring. • .'• Dr. N. K. Edrington, Louisiana state boxing commission physician, went to Bonze's aid after he collapsed. « More than 1,700 persons sat in stunned silence as EdrinRton examined the referee. Both Virgo and O'Brien remained in the ring. A police emergency sqund gave Donze artificial respiration for several minutes and then Dr. Hilda Reynaud of Charity Hospital "pronounced thu referee dead. . Announcer Duke Durel told the IYER Copyright, 1952, by Al Cody. Dlilrlbglid by King Ftatuiei Syndicate. to the . other table us though drawn, and ~» »urprlsa tho girl smiled and theft h« WM coiv deHying timidity i apparent (xilt)nea» Gold had boon found at Virginia City In Montana Territory the previous summer—one of the richest strikes In thc history of the country. Suddenly she smiled, and this time tho smile was in her eyes as well a* on nor Upa. Bawls felt his Interest quickening. "It's terribly important," she said. "For the Porind to get there, that la. So it's necessary that I dire tho best captain and pilot obtainable, and when 1 heard that you were In townr and would be coming here, 1 came. at once. Everyone assure* me that you, Captain Rawls, know the rivers in >at country better than any other (somebody overrates -v- conscious watching felt as out of pioco who had Closely, hut Rawto aw not noUce. H« to the table, bowing; can be ot any aervlw-i" he bodice rose and tell with, tha of her bmth. and her voice hM an oddly breathless quality, •Alt&t you Cantatn RawlaT" in* aakttd^ "I hop« you wont think m* prwwmptuous, but 1 was told taW you miht bo coming hero thta l^i came in hope* of On buainoia," she . but wen for understanding at -.-,-. _ to the convention*, Rawlf bowed again, and slid into opposite her, as though prearranged meet. ^ I'm Oeany Rawls,* he •aid. "But you have the advantage "I k^ow, Thank you for being n«r , . won* <&riftf how much «n« could tell M»tng what nU rt*ction ba, foeJing alrtady that It aho bad Tw K*tal««o Garrbaw, at)4 f w tooking for « man who fcnow* U»* to captain wy boat. He and my ^BWlf™ !«•• WBj^pBpf iterfi 1.1 t^uvjtou <»4«U5» W'-fo fc 4 j ltn%t ^np^ MeMr|« m whom t to think tenderfoot whpn l( „ bOftU or «tr«fp^ j enough to realiw h<* is to |i%v« U)9 lubtw To I»MW « qom^t^lt c»n trwifc 1 w»nt to mt the .^. started up th« rtvw M foon M p«w- »ih|e. WQUW y«») to« lm«re«ted Jn taking tier, O»pt*tn ll»wj«t" There WM ter more thu the wort* U»wn«»lw». H*r ttttrneu, hWdwi «etUM t>t txcltemMt U»t sho couW net ^tttte hl«t, both un- pelied «nd tatrtuwd hint. Under Any other clrcura»Uftp«e wd «t »ny other time. h« wo«W (wve been more Ux»n inteneted. RtwU knew a moment of genuine regret. Despite the ftct that he h»4 come here to meet hit ftwoee, that bU whole being WM eJtingie with the thought of *e«lng her again. Kathleen Garrison WM e> woman to ex> cite any man. She seemed «o genuine, her n»*4 so real, that he wou!4 have liked to help her. But it waa, of course, out of the ouMtion. He had received «troof hmu that to« night he ««uM rtwive another otter, one «o »t^«Mye that anything els* WM unthinkable. Suddenly hU face lighted, quickening to eegeraeas. Tho«e for whom he had been waiting flpajtty entered the room, were moving uwrard a tfMe. They had not aeen Mm yet, to the crowded toftWag wnw Mtti beautiful tHa b* ^remembered. 4»trid awl her tee that Outt wa» a to see his sweetheart. She had sent word that she and her father, Lomax McQuestlon, would meet him ticre, the message changing his plan for going straight to her iiouse upon hla arrival in thu city. But she had said nothing about a third member of the party. Stilt, this other man was more than likely a business acquaintance of McQucstlon'3, for this meeting was to be partly business as svell aa social. He was recalled by the look on Kathleen Garrison's face. She flushed painfully, following his glance. "I'm sorry. Were you waiting for "th«m ?" "As a matter of fact, I was," said, and felt regret His rness to reach the other table ,not diminished, but had it been ilW<» ne would have liked to «ta ne>. "I'd like to be of assist- fo you, Miss Garrison," he , "But, as a, matter of fact, »t be, free foKanythlng such ,yoj« suggest, ftajtering as the sounds. Surely ,you can and «ther mjm to oaptAln your Wit?" know who," she said, and he saw the disappointment in her eyes. "I had no hoped that you would be available. But I don't want to detain you—** She hel. tated, wondering how far she dared go. All that she had told him hag been true, but it was only a part of the whole, if she could only tey him the full truth, save him some* how from that scheming tittle hussy at the other table— • Her hope had lain m the fact that her offer must be attractiYt, but that was not enough. Disturb^ iiigly she was conscious that her disappointment was not entirely because she would Rot be able to acquire hi* competent service*. Now that ahe had seen him. a pajrt bj her interest was more person**. But to tell him the truth, which •he bad 90 unwittingly etumbUrd upon, would only antagonize Win, with no possibility of doing any good. He simply wouldn't beh>v» her. Something of desperation in her face, and Rawto sensed without underatandwig -toe reaaoo» She was alone and In d*»pevate aied of help. He uflderatood gmf of that. be •ane when am Big Gil Is Hitless in World Series By TED MEIER BROOKLYN W» : '_ The . mystery man of the 1952 World Series is CD Hodges. The husky Brooklyn first baseman hasn't been able to "buy" a base hit In the series to date, yet during the regular season he topped the Dodgers in runs-batted- in with 102, home runs with 32, doubles with 27 and bases on balls with 107. Hodges' sad tale is simply told: At bat, 17 times, hits, none, strikeouts, six. The Brooklyn slugger had his worst day yesterday as the Yanks uvonc>d the series by winning, 3-2. He struck out three consecutive times, each time swinging futilely a! a curve tor the third strike. In tho ninth inning, when he was due to load off, Manager Chuck Dres- scn sent in Rocky Nelson to pinch h.'t. Did big Gil feel bitter about being taken out? "No, I didn't feel hurt," ho said lutcr in the clubhouse. "How far can a manager go? I really sympathize with Dressen." "What a story it would be U you won the series tomorrow with a homer," exclaimed a reporter. "What a story I'd moke if I jisst get a hit," quipped Gil in return. Big Gil has played in previous World Serins and has been under ri-essure in the Dodgers hectic finishes of the last several years. in the five-game series in 1949 against the Ya'nkees, Gil got four hits in 17 at bats, including a home run. This makes his current clump more than ever a mystery. The Dodger 'brass" retains confidence in the husky 200-pounder, however. Said Manager Dressen: "Its just one of those things." "He's trying too hard right now," declared Dodger Vice President Buzzy Bavaski. "But he'll be around. Remember, Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella haven't been hitting, either." Robinson has three hits in 19 at bats, Campanella four for 24. Exclaimed Walter O'Malley, Brooklyn president: "I've got all the confidence in the world in Hodges. He'll tattoo the fences in the final game. Yes sir. He'll tattoo the fences." Carpenter Is Moved to End by Douglas By The Associated Press Southwest Conference footbal) ji teams prepared for another round ' of games today after a disastrous"' week end In which they lost five of six Intersectional contests. Coaches stressed mistakes of las^ week as Texas, .victims of Notre Dame, prepared for Oklahoma's Sooners and Texas A&M, victims Of Kentucky, prepared for Michigan State. Coach Jess Neely of Rice figured the Owls' loss to LSU might act as a tonic, while Rusy Russell, Southern Methodist mentor worried over injuries left by the loss to Georgia Tech's Rambling Wreck. The Arkansas Razorbacks, loscrA to defending champion Texas ChriP* lian, in the conference opener last week, stressed offensive blocking. Coach Otis Douglas switched Lewis Carpenter from fullback to right end for the Hogs' new deep split T formation. Quarterback Lamar McHan will move into fullback while Bob St. Pierre plays quarter. The Razorbacks play Baylor, 317 victors over Washington State, in the second conference game ( the season Saturday. Baylor Coach George Saner propped h. Bears for the Little Rock tussl_ yesterday with a detailed scout report on the Hogs. Today the Bears get in contact work. TCU's Frogs, with a breather scheduled against Trinity University, heard Coach Dutch Meyer say they made more mistakes against AU, than "I've ever seen a team make in a game." Tha Froggies were due some hard won* today. Southern Methodist's young Mustangs, completely bewildered by Georgia Tech last week, got a good schooling in their mistakes yesterday from Coach .Russell plus a 45-mlnute scrimage. More hard work was set today as the Ponies looked toward their game with Missouri at Columbia S a tin-day afternoon. Coach Ray George put his Texa*-, Aggies through light drills at College Station in 80 degree weather There were no injuries after the Cadets' 10-7 loss to Kentucky and little remorse. The Aggies felt like they played a good team a good game and just face a better team, Michigan State's' great outfit, this week end at East Lansing. Ed Price's Texas Longhorns, 143 losers to Notre Dame last week, looked toward Oklahoma and their game in the Cotton Bowl at Dal& las Saturday. The Longhorns skipped workouts yesterday and looked at movies of their loss to the fighting Irish. Full-scale work- cuts were on tap today. Rice elso had a full-scale scrimmage on the schedule today and tomorrow after taking it easy yesterday. Concentration will be on blocking, woefully lacking against LSU. C MOW, DON'T GET UP ( QITAP [f VOU l/ON f- < ^T MAKES A WIFE ( FEEL LIKE A QUefIN .' r \VHEN MgK; C-^-> HUSBAND ^ , «cyi J SEOVfr. Wf:R *" "'" BREAK FAST BED /- 1 A MY WAV. DEAR (IT WAS A SWEET i THOUoHt • OF THAT \ WOWS- LEAN SWEEP TH'WORl OUT OUR WAY By j. R. William* VIC FLINT By Mldttil O' Cinema Actress Answer to Previous DIE IN CRASH BILOXI, Miss. (JP) — Two Keesler Air Force. Bnse officers were killed early today when their light twin-engine transport crashed into Back Bay and submerged. Names of the victims were withheld. spectators the boxing commission had called the .fight a draw. He asked them tp leave the coliseum- An Army blanket was slipped over Donzfe's body lying \inder the brilliant ring lights. The spectators moved in silence to the exits, Coliseum lights were dimmed an tne bell tolled 10 times in respect for Bud Taylor. Before Virgo and O'Brien began their fight. HORIZONTAL VERTKJAX, 1 Screen actress 1 Tidy Patricia 2 Within (comb. 5 She co-starred form) with 3 Solar disk Heflin recently 4 Abate 8 She is a 5 Phials motion picture 6 Pewter coin , 7 Unnecessary 12 Grafted (her.) 8 Remains erect 13 Follower 9 F55H fish 28 Son of Seth 42 Separated 14 Musical 10 Encourage 29 Row 43 Flake • instrument 11 Ratio 30 Let it stand 44 Detest 15 Fruit drinks 19 Anger 32 Water • 45 Scope 16 Goddess of 21 Hops' kiln containers 47 Wings I infatuation 24 Hand blow 35 Nuisance 48 Weight 17 The dill 25 Filament 38 Chaste deduction *, 18 Throat tissue 26 Shield bearing39 Blackbird 49 Concludes 9 20 Give 27 Huge 40 Leather thongs 52 Fish eggs 22 Bitter vetch 23 Youth 24 Glistened 27 Ships 31 Gibbon 32 Hurl 23 Insect egg 34 Be sick 35 Go by 36 Individual . •A 37 Avert *&V, 39 Property item f\ 41 East (Fr.) • 'X/ 42 Social insect 43 Innocent 46 Freebooter 50 Stag 51 Age 53 Wolfhound 54 Genus of shrubs 55 Correlative of neither ,jk 56 Partner (coll.) * : 57 Ring , 58 Hay-^iin \59 Observes IZ IS IB 11 JI 11 57 m so ) s<1 i i 15 HI. b Ib 45 • '% J6 ','• b i > % HI 51 55 58 % '//A \ '•'/'/ '''{ Ji u '%• m, i "* ) ; s% % MO M 5U 59 ii * H'l U • 1 1 E . : CtWCKEK A0!OUT AM HOUR »BPOTO TWB ' EUEVATOR 1 A\AN WENT OM UUTV, ACCORPlM TO HIS BU&TBC? WATCH. SOT PUl[»PSt? UKB A PBATHBP/ &WU. CONCUSSION AMP " ' ISOT '!Sa 1WSMA POR liWTfrviNa WASH TUBBS OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major HoOpIe CARNIVAL By Dick Turner J Fights Last Night l By The Associated Press t SALT LAKE CITY — Dale Hall, Salt Lake City, knocked out Willie James, Boston (4). % BROOKLYN—Pat Marcune, 127 i Brooklyn, outpointed Bill Bcssio if 127V2, Pittsburgh (10). / LOUISVILLE, Ky —Danny Nar- " dlco, 177M>, Tampa, Fla., outpoint-— fed Cecil Hudson 176, Milwaukee'* (1). PHILADELPHIA — Harold Jones 17a, Philadelphia, knocked out BOD Satterfield, 170, Chicago (2). NEW ORLEANS — Ross Virgo, Rochester, N. Y., and Jack O'Brie- cn, Hartford, Conn., drew halted because of referee death. T. M. R. E . U. S. Pal- 0(1. Copr. 1952 by NEA S.-iv.ce. tic tM 7"L'j*" t i****f M r"-''*£* 1 . t*^^!js^L^A±smj£ I £UKe,OMCBR|THMl» G05H.WOT, A, FIGHT. ( GOlMQ I 6UT LICKED ElSM dURB.OfFICeftjtHW^^qWWfi^ MHI .MffOMMBQOTtBM OTOTIQH' NN BMiKmVf THWir 'MZzAW BOufS AND HER BUDDItS &*..•< FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger f " "It isn't that I don't pay attention to your mother, Pet< ,but I thought YOU v/ere driving the car,, as usual'.'V SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith We Kave New BUICKS i on Our Showroom Floor New COtt.ifBMy for delivery now, Qnd tTV9f$ JpfninQ. We con take your oitifrTor any color or body style that you wont. We invite ypu to come in today and see these new Buicks. ' •• - v s** 1 - .,„•* BUICK CO. ffnrsattiT ffinatf «"•>«« liikk Co.) 207-MIwTrw1tr.it green doesn't Keep George from having ft good ' score since-he uses that to v bo at I" v • oow, 16ooo\ WSAXAN qfv a if .rs^y'/X Copr Hiiby NBASurylj; BUGS BUNNY HAsVB *#>. SOT ^ I PON'T „ 'NEBPONB/I t HAVB INFUUHNTI/M. FOR , THE UFT j TH 1 STATION ! GUVNOR/ £ LOVE WORKING FOR THI AtLEY OOP &VAGGLE TOOTHED FRECKLES AND HIS FRIINOS « KfPOKTSH. 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