Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 7, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1952
Page 6
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f ' MOM $TA*, MOM, ARKANSAS Tuesday, October fr, Tu«iday, October f, 1952 HOM STAR, HOM, AKKANSA8 in* m n 0 Bvnrey ccmtinuanee "I* an Insist , a „ (Hitf Nation* !«*.<* u)l0»t w*»*s &a Dyjtan /f'thi . , or to tho ome avail •itJdltionnl sup S atloni tx *' ««, WM, j » itn ef «JOMT irtwpec £*!?> Btlvo flpeui in 1880 tm i Korean n' Bpprovc ftKorea VBDO It* U, W Huifttori nfflcc the h» 1(»I to rom «, 1 to fl.liW Sfl- ** from from <J, from V <J,!iW Chlcot, johnfon ft Poll' *nd Von ttur«n - M nfl V**il Wvnrtii, Scott, Thund«rj*tB Uave on Sfcond Log MB by B-29 tnnker*. Th«y w«re will «n Nixon Ends Whistle Stop on East Coast „ ,„-. of gl,»rtt n-3fl bomber*, rtol«« ojf «v> m<!i wa» ndt explained. An nlr forr<> »pnk(?*mnn would nay !flr-ki ft "'y th<iy "* l 'Pl wrtf " (I " lhe Thun ' ftm FWd Tliur«l»y «« IH»- •"'''""'V'^^V tlu . ^rnnn ma** Jet flfghl <rf Wlolr m»W iron* r/idflc . tj s A)r j. v , rc< , pianrn ncrow Cflllfnrnln to Jfftpsn. i (t ' r ' |».,'f.jfif Th« 5 plnne» com- Illfty thfPf tit th«* «P«'<"ly J"l«' lni ,. ,},,. 27th Kncort Fighter Wing from Trnvl* Air V or <• •' J r lhr , siral"Kl r Air Command — T "' . i° ln( "' 1 , f, „ n Htrk«tr«»m Air Furrc 42 whl«* m»«J« the flight Monrl-.y ' T ..,,, P(<opk> with "Id nar» tend 10 drive fuller thnn those with new, ! high powered mia'hinrs, nrcordlng 15,000 Are Continued from Pog« One lank* an about 80 bunkers. One Allied outfit fought and died to the last man In defending a .. „ . i vital hill. The number of men. ma»»tvc Red nmnult captured «ev-j presumably not large, was with- en hill posit Inns. But th« Allied de-'htld. fpnderu stood their ground at mo«t! A front-line Allied officer Indi. The Army added thnt many cated thc Re(l * hundred* of Reds were killed *"icn. havc been their ? cekln * a *"* p £ lnl troops and tanks could pour (ft flvo hours <4 mlniiton. two 1 iriTntrtfli fflntcr than Mmulny'* tlmo That W on av«rnK<s «f sboui 42o, HftJleli ttl hour for thn 2,400 mil " 'i t $•> — nictmrd M. Nixon. flppublJcon vlc« )r#«lduntlnl candidate, Iniit night wound up n fn«t-movtn« whUtlo tmir of Utritp Now En«lnnd with n tfhacKff thnt Pronldenl Trutnan )« "plnylnu ehunp, The on<» «>«y rmmd trip from took llw Cnllfomlfl den Connecticut, «hu»<>ll» and Rhwlo Imluml, high lolldly D«hocf*illc South Bh.xtoh, In a PcrlM of Kpeeehen, Nixon continued to utant Iho nomocrotlc pnrtlctilarly the Ho tcjjd n pollen o»tl- f rowd of 10,000 on Bonton Cnmmon thut Truman in onBa«ir)j Itt " ''ffiorfy (hlo ye«r, M Nfajon "(Jo olnrod, "Mr. Trumpn »ald he dWlt* don whv Rl«0nhQWi*r wanted >i )ttni*olt to the mud, rotten nnd rotten , tomato** which HolnH tn IIP thrown nt him "H*te now clear thnt wan u oredlctlon ~. It was n thront.' Nixon'» rcnoptloh in Soittli BOB ton •* ni»vw sbMdfn vlxltpd by OOP vlco prenidenllnl i-nriaidntc mttrhctl by indications ot what havo been rtl*in»nt. The Boston roportod n tomnto 'wno hurlt'd In hl« g6n«ral d(ret*tlen but H mlsupfl Ihc tnrKet," "On the outsklrtN nf thlti, crowd of rnoen thnn 1,(HW, nn Indignant SftUtU Boston rositlpnt. collorad o bni'O'httndod young man In «icn of n' bttB of Uminlops," thc Thtt JflU wern over th-'to » »niHh mirv.-y, «« » . fc I './ W )f ff wiiv* »**nr»o vvvfiv* fsv/u* The Army said "The Reds' maini through to the south. Had they sue- effort was thrown bnck with heavy cecded, he said, they might have 1 "• " cut off the entire Seoul area. Wove after wave of Chinese bpgan hitting the Western and Central Fronts last night. The biggest force, nearly 0,000 men, ran stral«ht into on Allied trap nnd was badly mauled. Front line reports snld heavy Communist artillery barrages this afternoon Indicated the Communists rr.lght attack again tonight. Allied worplancs roared over the front today, hitting the Red lines. Horse Mountain and Arrowhead Redge, two Allied-held hills near Chorwoh. The Reds opened thc floodgates of a reservoir In an unsuccessful effort to cutoff Allied reinforcement. Lt. William D. Lansfortl of Los Angeles said the Allies knew thc attack was imminent when the Yokkok river.which circles both hills, began to rise. Pilots (tulrt they destroyed two Red I The main Rod blow hit White Ballots Voided by Melbourne Judge MELBOURNE, Ufi — Circuit Judge John L. Bledsoe today voided 278 absentee ballots In the disputed August runoff primary be- tween State Senators OrvlUy Cheney of Calico Rock and Y. Mf Mack of Moon-field. Carbon black is widely t£i>d tit printing ink8 SOCIETY Pnon* 74481 8«tw««n I A. M, «nd 4 P. M. meet at 2:15. Oglesby PTA will meet Wednesday afternoon. October 8. »t 3 o- clock in the school auditorium. The executive board will meet at 2:15 p.m. Speedy Relief for ilendar .„..-,, 6ctober 7 be VFW Auxiliary will meet "iay night, October 7, at 7:30 Hornaday and Mrs. • will be hostesses. •clock at the home of the presi- ent Mrs. Albert Graves. All ot- leers and committee chairmen are rged to attend. AM 'Delta Kappa Gamma Society !*Jll meet in the home of Mrs. B, IfMePherson on October 7 at 7:30 ,4j..m. Mrs. R. E. Jackson will be ''associate hostess. Hope Country Club will enter- am with game night Tuesday night October 7, at 7:30. Mr. and Mrs. ?red Gresham and Mr. and Mrs loy Anderson' will be hosts and wstesses : ere , t'lilinintod Uuit 3,000 11«. tened us Nlxori vigorously do fwwfteprt eommunUm. In Brooklon, homo of hoiivy weight champion Hocky Morolnno, the 00(» t-'undlUtue told some 4,500 Unit "Aimvleniid Hko fluhtora In polHIejt >~ bui they )lk« «1enn tiitht et'«liko your Hooky Mnrekino, men 'Hint right html but ctonn." ,Windw« wu hM lour, KjKon nfl drt?M»o(J «ame l.OQO In Cre*oont Dork, frovldeiicu, jotr the' t'enioynl ot Secretary Statfl Achcton, W.o tod the Truman S^vonion team's Jirit order of business," ho •tl trying to t«ir down of "'"" >"the only tho Hi'ewt challenge now *M\*> M l*«ri HA»f»6R'8 BAZAAR * Beau- Hacked" Suit •-• comlno or QoinQ—you're a dellQhtful vision In this Moordale suit triumph. Tho I rhlnostorio-buttonod Jacket boaiti dntachablo velvet collar and ck bow. Tho skirt back is flattery-plus with Its deep unprossod pleat, nd-finlshod, of course, with Moordalo'8 uaual flnasse. Botany's wool worsted flannel In light, medium or oxford ' flroy, Qfope, cadet blue or brown. . SUos 7 to 16. . ^^^^ff^^^^^wp TON *t»l»n nub tweed <*»»)*: r*r«»-fini*h*J §| YOUR BST; Hey! Something to Shout About.... Moordale Suits The best Fabrics Both Domestic and Imports. Tailoring the Best. Just try one on, you'll be convinced. America's Best Junior Suits. A Size... Not an Age Exclusively Ours. Come In and let us show you our fine You will find along with Moordale other famour brands among our Fall selections. They are bound to suit you... Fallow the Bobcats to Hot Springs Friday Night YJ:i M»een Tailored Excellence in Imported Tweed Slated to be your best loved suit, this heavenly classic done in Ballantyne's all wool tweed check from '•• Scotland, loomed expressly for Moordale I The pocket .•' flaps and collar edge take a bias turn, the collar converts to your bidding. Moordale hand-picks the edges for that custom look. Spirit-lifting colors include shrimp, blue, copper, fuchsia or mustard . all checked with oxford grey. '• Sizes 7 to 17.' S Value-plus at only,' 49.98 *he Junior-Senior High School TA executive board will meet-on 'uesday morning, October 7, at 10 * SAENGER • Today Only • as teen In MADEMOISELLE, T weed $ you ,. ,/rom Wednesday, October 8 A business meeting of the Brookwood Brownie Troop No. 2 will meet Wednesday afternoon, October 8. at 4 p. m. at the home of Mrs. H. O. Kylcr. Jr., 508 West 16th Refreshments will not be served. PUisley PTA will meet October 8 at 3 o'clock. Thc executive board will meet at 2:30. Ing appointed chairman of the Missionary Education, nnd Mrs. Ralph Routon, program chairman. The November meeting will be held in the home of Mrs, Dick Watklns November 3 at 3 p. m. Mrs. Harbin gave the devotional Ambassadors for Christ" using 2 Corinthians 5:17-21. Mrs. Ada Tal- Icy, program ehnirman for the afternoon, used as her subject "Home Missions" and was assisted by Mrs. T. S. McDavitt, Mrs George Peck, nnd Mrs. John Vesey The meetlnfi closed with prayci by Mrs. Tnllcy. The hostess served hot coffee aw tea sandwiches from n tea tabl adorned with fall fruits. Garland Brownie Troop Thursday, October 9 The Daffodil Garden Club will meet Thursday. October 9, at the homo of Mrs. Jim LaGrossa. AH members are urged to be present \jraiit»,i« ..*.",. — . T\M ' memuv.is uu. utgvw wv* ^^. ,^.*."-••the leadership of Mrs. M. I. Oil- j to discuss p ] ans for the Fall Flower iard and Mrs. J. W. Franks wlll| Snow _ meet nt the home of Penny Franks j Tuesday afternoon, October 7, at I Tne regular October meeting of 4 o'clock with Brenda Dillard as | the Junior-Senior Hifih School PTA • ti i » i_i i». tKn T11111 n !•• T-l i O n co-hostess. The Buttons and Bows Square Dance Club will have a meeting to night at 8 o'clock in the Elks build will be held in the Junior High. School auditorium at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 9. The Wisteria Garden Club will ing. All members nnd guests are| tm , ot Thursday afternoon at 2 o'. urged to attend. Wednesday, October 8 The County Agents will meet with the people of Columbus in the school auditorium Wednesday night October 8, at 7:30 to organize a Community Improvement Program. Everyone in the Columbus area is urged to attend. clock in the home of Mrs. Ezra McDowell with Mrs. Dorscy Collins as co-hostess. Each member is urged to attend this meeting to make plans for the Fall Flower Show. The John Cain Chapter of thc Daughters of. American Revolution will meet at the Barlow Hotel Wednesday at 12:30. As this is a business meeting there will 1"' no guests. All members ple;iso bring your dues. Hostesses will VH- Mrs. Catherine Richards Howard Mrs. McDowell Turner, and Mrs Wilbur Jones of Ozan. Brookwood PTA will meet Wednesday afternoon, October 0, at 3 o'clock. The executive committee will meet at 2:15. The Garland PTA will meet on. Friday, October 10 The Camellia Garden Club will meet Friday afternoon, October 10, at 3 o'clock in tho home of Mrs. W. T. Franks with Mrs. L. D. Barnum as co-hostess. Mrs. George Peck Hostess | to Circle 3 of WSCS Circle No. 3 of thc WSCS of thc First Methodist Church met October 0 at ;i p. m. in thc home of Mrs. George Peck with sixteen members and one now member, Mrs. Joe Jones, present. Mrs. J. M. Harbin, leader, opened the meeting by asking for a minute of silent prayer with Mrs. Ralph Routon closing, dedicating the worship period to the memory deceased member, Mrs. Woman's Missionary Society Elects Officers Monday The Woman's Missionary Societ of tht First Baptist Church met o Monday. October 6. for thc rcguln •nonlhly business meeting, lunchec and missionary program. The fo lowing officers were elected for th coming nssociational ycnr: President, Mrs. P. J. Holt, t vice-president, Mrs. Basil Yor 2nd vice-president. Mrs. Roy Smith, Young People's Directo Mrs. Chas. F. Reyncrson, secrotur Mrs. W. H. Munn, treasurer. Mi Albert Jewel, BWC Advisor, Mi Arch Moore, Kathleen Mnllory C clc Advisor, Mrs. W. H. Brasht Mission Study Chairman, Mrs. F. Higgnson, Stewardship Chn man, Mrs. J. S. Atchison, Co munlty Missions Chairman, M L. C. Cook, Literature Chalrmi Mrs. Denver Hornaday. Libra Chairman, Mrs. Eva Campbell, S -- c News Briefs FAYETTEVILI.E, (UP>— Sen, lobert Kerr of Oklahoma will \ead a list of speakers at a dls- rict Democrat's jamboree Oct. 18 Washington County. Courtney C'unieh of Springdale. \airmiin of I ho county Democra- c committee, announced the rail} •sterday. He said Sen. 1'crr luui iceepled an invitation to speak. Kerf's speech will be broadcast ver a Hi-county area. Crouch sum me location of the Uiy had not yet been decided Jim but it probably would be eld hen 1 . Ho invited all Uemucrn- c nominees to lulentl. Croucn .-find uuo\il tu.OlH) persons re i.'Xpi'1'ieil lo attend. DOROTHY DIX No Good Husband Dear Miss married for sixteen .year* «n<* have seven children. My husbana is very good at times, but ho goes on n drunk for dayj, often staying oxit of work for weeks at n time. In this condition ho Is absolutely brutal, us he hns x very bad temper. When he gfta over a speU, he expects us to acl aa If nothing had happened. Two years ago I left him a'm went to" my family. They rontcc a house tor us, and a few months later my husband ortrnc to' live, with us, My family continued to WASHINGTON. iUP>— Arkanj pnv tlle rc ,,t. My husband's bad as ct'ium t.inmtrs can let them-, j ul kji s hadn't changed, so I lett th elves 1,0 next year. They can grow | U)UHP n nd went bflCK to my fttttlll md m.irkci just aboui us much|>i< n | s tj, nc> they bulll a hogse I'o me. However, they will riot allow Midwest Is Promised Warm Winds* my h«*b»nd on the property. His begs me to tnfte him bock nnd manes nil sorts of promises I eovild still love him, and wish coWld believe In him, but my faith s gone. 1 applied for « divorce then hud tho action dropped. My children nnd 1 are getting Along fairly well, nnd they don't wan me to RO back to him. Even thoug they need a father, do you thin U would be wise to try a roconeU P. A. E Answer: Aren't you being rathe*- specious In looking for nn excuse to go bnck to jtour no-good hu,»- witfbeWeTi iould happotii At yo»> <, B «,w.< crcnoe Irt yents is -too M$f , ..... ..sa.'v rr.^ifo Dear Miss Blx; Far wo years,! hove ,h$0 «i ng for a .young m*n» my senior. However "'"' own stupidity 1 «rtv destroyed any feeling SwKWU; me. 1 used to telephone* ,hWf<?l Ing him on the line ter.fciloW with foolish whatler, In wW| friends often joined, then* ' a year, 1 heard nothing He Is now overseas, t' to him but received no nn||f 't fiftdJ you thlujjl he hasn't fiftd^ reply, or la he unwilling, me? Bt Answers Perhaps ft' tew letters to n lonesome m HO UHI-II iw JFWUI uv-Kuu" ••",-• i e jt cr! j {(j n lonesome band? Your children m»y need n, fttont , f or your pas t father, but certainly the brutal Wrltt , mi Qther letter . .urn as they want. bccrelary 01 Agriculture Charles; •'. ijnmiLim imuuuueeil yesterday l-.en- will DC no marketing quotas or iicreage allotments on next •;us s cotton crop. 'jne announcement frees cotton ni:ors iroiu ali rostrictions. Uranium i.aid mu total supply ot UplilliLI CUUUIt 1OI UIC Ui.n.-.j.« IlKll- .I.UIIK yu«ir lb caiiliunoii at ID.U./I,- 1/uU UlUt'h. Hie law miuirts quotas and all Jouiu-nis <nuy wni'ii uu: total sup- PO is i-iyiu per cent or move ilUUVr UK' "llUiil li:a "nouiuu is llll' Cllll. V LtllC' Jiu PAUL HENREID Win Sulton • Jell Donnell • ton Chuney • tieno Vcidi Extra! Extra! Extra! 3 Stooges Comedy WED. & THURS.! 1HE _ I\HAH , ,^i W^e^r-flornoan October •, « ^^^ at'3 o'clock m the school audiloi- T) ^ re ul . u . business was conium. Thc executive board wm | [lucted wiln M rs. Bob Turner be- You are invited Come in ... see and inspect actual samples of our catalog merchandise BPIS- M*^ JEFF CHANDLER ALEX N1CO1 JUDITH BRMIH^ * RIALTO • Lost- Times Today ^ Color by TECHNICOLOR Maureen O'HARA.- WwWORD Musical • Cartoon Novelty WED. & THURS. JOAN FONTAINE KM MII.LAND Motorist: "1 ran over your cat and I came to replace it. Lady: "Very well, but are you sure you can catch mice. ' — Kathy Sue Boswell ci.il Chairman, Mrs. Perry Mos Orphanage Chairman, Mrs. Do Rogers, Circle Chairmen, Mrs. George Young, Mrs. S. A. Whitlow. Mrs. A. B. King, Mrs. Henry Haynes, Mrs. Gus Haynes, Mrs. Herman Robinson, Mrs. Jewel Moore, Jr., Mrs. Ben Owen. Counselors for the young people's organizations are: Sunbeams, Mrs. Honry Haynes, assistants, Helen Hall and Ann Houston, Junior G. A.'s (0 & 10 yr.i, Mrs. Chas. F. Rcyncrson assisted by Jacque Williams, Junior G. A.'s (11 & 12 yr.>, Mrs. Herman Robinson, Intermediate G. A.'s U3 & 14), Mrs. Jack Hogg assisted by Jan Moses, Intermediate G. A.'s (15 & 16), Mrs. S. A. Whitlow and Mrs. Harry Shiver. Following the business meeting nnd luncheon of the Missionary Society the Prudence Riffey Circle of which Mrs. Herman Robinson is; w& chairman presented the program i Vl . on Christian citizenship. Those tak- L1TTLK UUi.iv. i b i' i •-- The new Puia.sKi county grand jury today By United Pre«a Thc Midwest was promised bi oak today In n cold wave which sent motorists scurrying to fill their cars with nnlllrcezo.-i The cold front which hit tho ceiv tral states from Canada Saturday night and sent temperatures ns Improvident One you gave thern will do them no good. In fact, thcjt have more sense than you do, They don't want him b'aok, and would bo Justified in leaving homo should you elect to put them again in thc homo atmo»phcro they have escaped, Family It Justified You arc certainly fortunate In invlnu such a flue family to back •on up, and try to protect you. They arc absolutely Justified in orbidding your husband to set foot on their property, and you should hnvc some of the samu spunk, You know perfectly Well Write another letter or tw&» ulvo him n chance to catoh" "PV^-, his moll, tf a total of tWo'ORa. letters elicits no rosponaffr JW »« l^rmrt. *• ' **. .Jj-?^ up 'iop0, (Released by The Bell iow as six degrees above zert moved cast and south but mod urs said, was 10 reopen tne highly audit moved cast and south uui moo mvesiiBuuon wined to let uy me erntcd as It went along, forecast m.iicn jiiiuul jury. Tin: new jury, with H. L. Henry as loiL-iiuiii, was sworn in Insi »••« >-"•• ——•••- - —--- —.-•:- - - aul ,i. .2 wuh instrucuuns to con- ^n,;m and YurnnArU reported , In contrast, tho Atlantic, JPttcuic and Gulf Coast states remalnoc Amsler charged „ up tue H?u WorM Sorta, .tN.wjrorkb.-K. . ing part on the program were Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Homer Beycrly, Mrs. Chas. F. Rcyncrson, Mrs. Carlton Kirtf, Mrs. Floyd Osborn, Mrs. Dannie Hamilton, and Mrs. Walter Miller, Jr. way Auuit wni.ru u n:li uu a siz/.ting high of 105 Baseball fans a' th no Hll'll VVOIUI .JL'I IUB HI. iivw * vi* rv WMW»»\**A ..%......,«..», —..- --- , • -. , ro bu i» 75 .degree sunny weather...Qoo to hnvc their assistance-, and be \) i \.t w v " _'.»„_ *i_«i_ t A *i».» »«.4»ndi).. /1»int<t~nln/tH in fntlnw It HOPE DRIVE4^; THEATRE ^ 8. Main A Country GluVftl TUBS. A . that, Bt this stuto, your.husband will almost surely never change. It ho has an honest Intention to reform, let him prove himself first thon go buck to him; Apparently drink and a bad temper arc at tho bottom of his trouble. The first can be cured by tf co-operative visit to Alcohollca Anonymous. Here ho Will bo 'given 'sytViputhotlQ treatment, but he must be wilting M lt«TIMl» weather for tho series finale today was likply with a high of about 07, Record low temperatures were recorded In upper : Midwest recoiuc« in ,'Uiw UH*"-;* *«nv».»-•*-• during tho oTJId spell as tho mcr p : \$y plummeted to seven degrees ttV'-Chadron, Neb,, 10 at Cadillac, | Mich., 14 at North Plntto, Neb., 20 at Dubuque la., 22 «t Madison earnestly determined, to follow It through. Having conquered this I htuanrd, ho can go to/work on hl8|| temper. Since his bad outbursts I arc occasioned chiefly by too much drinking he will find one cure auto matically taking of the other. Wis., and 21 at Chicago. Most of Wisconsin and upper Michigan and parts of Minnesota had snow flurries Monday bo fovo the temperatures began a rise in the northern plnin states. • A "hard freeze" In Western Nebraska Sunday night cut the state's bumper potato harvest which ue iiom auturuuy. Com inc. < Mr. Leon Davis and son, Bill, spent thc weekend in Fort Worth, Menul ol visiting Mr. and Mrs. Saner Davis! Duen appoiiued and attended the Arkansas-TCP/ football game Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Carlce Watson and son, Jim, of Houston were the weekend guests of Mr. Watson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Watson, and'sister, Mrs. Ruby Osburn. Mr. and Mrs. Price City and son of Texarkana were thc Saturday guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Wul- son and family. trowii below. The "tui-lvey toss" will tnktvjpncc on the second duy of Ihc 'Show. The O/.ark turkey shoot, onotner E'i;nrs:? ssraa s*!&~£,-. d ™ Me "- »• uuy. 'J.HO un-Rcy calling contest wm I 1 lit uU, U1J J m i»*i i |j ,»!*»•» w. »'* »..»< „,,, — .. i .".en ho would be a fit condition to ike up his responsibilities as a ..then- and husband. Until your husband really has n purpose in overcoming his bad habits, he won't change. If you meekly go back and ahouldcr the family life yourself, he will lo you carry It. When he sees that things aren't going to be madr- Hint easy for him again, his man bumper potato narvusv, w.,.v.. mnl ona y , or mrn B8 tun, um in». was expected to yield 10,000,000, h(lod n ,ay ossert ItsoJf, 1 Slncorly . v»t. ...&t r*t r\t\ ivi n til* i _ . _ _ . • . coldest rtUUl UWIii w. *-"i " ", >, place in the country at .midnight I1TTLE HOCK lUPJ-v-tE. H. 1 Monday with 2 degrees. w nll « L1I1LL HOCK, )., ;; h «.Vvjir«w, Wta ? , 8rrto.tftoW,nL, -nd Leon uopouiiccl nsbistant -guneral DullUh, Minn, an '«»»-»"»» "' "^rmTrSr BUU ' m " .-^UVn.,Tf SS.n. P po«. ^ announcecl Dunr Miss DIX: Although I'm only"'16,'I'm In loVc with a girl oC 10, She thinks I'm older as 1 have n'ovcr told my right airo I D. L Answer, When y'ou do toll, one toaa New York 03. The Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Hamilton have returned from a six week's trip to Oregon, Yellowstone Na tional Park, California and othe points of interest. While in Ml View, Calif., they visited thci daughter, Mrs. Howard J. Flcm mg and family. eai1 l ' a wllif l "outhwesu-rh a Bcll, ..U , de, forecasters eai ruuic supurvisor Vio. St. iiouis, T. H. Peavy, who has booty, serv i IB as Ai-iuuisas personnel-'relations supervisor, was luimcd.. Blult supervisor on tho general m,uii«g ei's own staff. Peavy is a native ot Dallas, lux. He has been with the telephone company since l!Wl). Top Radio Programs NEW YORK (/B — Tuning '"• to- JAMII WHITMORE NANCY • DAVIS , DttlCTIt BY NIUIKM WHO OHVI YOU "NBC — 7 John Lund In "On Way Out" 7:30 Rod Skolton 8 Martin and Lewis 0:35 First Night- Personal Mention 2nd Lieut. Charles H. Benson, stationed at Elmendorff Air Force Base, Anchorage, Alaska, has been promoted tp First Lieutenant, Lieut.. Bensori has completed one year of; a-tweJitfyear active tour of Ihu Aztecs are bolieved to iirst settled on what is now tho site oi Mexico City about 1325. . duty. He will arrive home via plane thc first of November for a two weeks" visit with his parents, Mr. and Mcs, H. E. Benson, utter which he will return to Alaska to complete his overseas assignment. Lt. Benson is in graduate of Henderson State T&tehers College. CBS — 7 People are Funny 7; 30 Mr. and Mra. North 8 Ufo With Luiui 9:05 Mr, Chameleon, AB C— 0:30 Silver Eagle drama 7:30T Whlteman Teen Agors 81 Town Meeting. , MBS -7 Black Museum 7!30 Dr. KHdare WS The Search That Never Ends $i?Q Eugenie Balrd. 1 121 Wednesday items: NBC -- 10:30 a, m. Bob and Ray. . . CBS — 1- noon Big Sister ,., ABC — 8 o.m V . - w , ^tJtL&v i turnc _ 11 n rrt \tUWU *-*»• w»-T*f* » ' i '-V Breakfast ClSt^.*- MBS - U a.m Lurt Mussey, Submit jokes for this column i and win passes lo the iiialto. i' or I every joke used, the person sub. rhitting it will be mai ed \ i passes Jokes must be limited to 50 words or less, and must be suitable for publication. Leave at theatre boxoifice or mail to; 'Manager, Riulto Theatre. FREEI Rug Cushion at no extra cost with tht purchase of a 9 x 6 or larger wool rug. •• wise and buy now! 2 days only — October 7-8 — Jfcdoy« SEARS CATALOG ORDER OFFICE 2161 S. MAIN oaye gas in styl^ mile after mile Own America's smartest thrift car WANTED EXPERIENCED SALESMAN For Mffls £ lothins and Furnishings new Studeboker now My typos including the Spacious i^rior dimenwom I Superb e^rta* ng comfort » »i»ndJiiig *W i je-rt *#V*/,/ i^4i l^fl 1 1 :-" ''.:*&& , v - " f -f a- ..- nF^"-* 3* P-t* -r > - -. » . J 1 ' ^ vaP- * '-•> ;A^ - 4f i i> lS fr .f*>>HmGt . ^ .,AA^^»>^ ^- v -f- f &*&*!; " s <^'- ^t^'" t ___

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