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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 46
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 46

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
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Feb 12 2009 Post-Gazette PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE 13, 2009 WWW.POST-GAZETTE.COM D-6 10 a.m. WTAE: Rachael Ray Isla Fisher; an inexpensive Day dinner at home. (N) (CC) 71226 10 a.m. WPXI: The Ellen De- Generes Show Jerry John Legend. (N) (CC) 31690 11 a.m.

WTAE: The View Clive Owen; Melissa Leo. (N) (CC) 57690 3 p.m. KDKA: Dr. Phil Wow- ing spouses for Day. (N) (CC) 7690 3 p.m.

WPMY: The Tyra Banks Show Tyra surprises single ladies with single men to take them on Day dates. (N) (CC) 76232 4 p.m. WTAE: Oprah Winfrey Day. (CC) 5665 4 p.m. WPMY: The Bonnie Hunt Show Joan Rivers; Phil Keoghan.

(N) (CC) 99139 11:35 p.m. WPXI: The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Anne Hathaway; Annie Lennox. (N) (CC) 89523145 12:06 a.m. WTAE: Jimmy Kimmel Live Johnny Knoxville; Tricia Helfer; Mark Seliger and Rusty Truck. (N) (CC) 8782646 12:37 a.m.

KDKA: The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson Tom Selleck; Glen Campbell. (N) (CC) 7673733 12:37 a.m. WPXI: Late Night With Conan Isla Fisher; the Jonas Brothers; Dan Auerbach. (N) (CC) 5405559 talk shows TONIGHT ON TV 8 8:30 9 9:30 10 10:30 11 11:30 2 KDKA Ghost Whisperer Greek Tragedy. (N) (CC) 1145 Flashpoint A mission comes back to haunt Ed.

(N) 8481 NUMB3RS Guilt Trip. (N) (CC) 8868 News (N) 7406874 Late Show (N) 91438690 4 WTAE Wife Swap (N) (CC) 3313 Supernanny Davis Family. (N) (CC) 6077 (N) (CC) 3936 News (N) 7328042 Nightline (N) 89608077 6 WJAC Howie Do (N) Howie 9941 Friday Night (N) 80313 Dateline NBC (N) 83400 News (N) Tonight (N) 7 WTRF Ghost Whisperer (N) 60503 Flashpoint (N) (CC) 84139 NUMB3RS (N) (CC) 87226 News (N) Late (N) 8 WWCP Sarah Connor (N) 6924023 Dollhouse (9:01) (N) 75481 News (N) Ray 8996868 Seinfeld Frasier (CC) 9 WTOV Howie Do (N) Howie 6787 Friday Night (N) 26139 Dateline NBC (N) 29226 News (N) Tonight (N) 10 WTAJ Ghost Whisperer (N) 94495 Flashpoint (N) (CC) 17481 NUMB3RS (N) (CC) 27868 News (N) Late (N) 11 WPXI Howie Do It (N) 2348 Howie Do It (CC) 8955 Friday Night Lights (N) (CC) 17435 Dateline NBC (N) (CC) 14394 News (N) 1080868 Tonight Show (N) 89523145 13 WQED Wash. Week (N) 8110 NOW on PBS (N) 4495 Bill Moyers Journal (N) (CC) 59435 An Evening With Eartha Kitt (CC) 56394 Charlie Rose (N) (CC) 81923 19 WPCW Hates Chris 84684 The Game (CC) 76619 13: Fear Is Real Alone. (N) (CC) 73619 10 (N) 2138435 Sports Call 43871232 Malcolm-Mid.

50226 According to Jim 70665 21 WFMJ Howie Do (N) Howie 18619 Friday Night (N) 36431 Dateline NBC (N) 16348 News (N) Tonight (N) 22 WPMY WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (CC) 22955 TMZ (N) (CC) 55348 Frasier (CC) 68868 Law Order: Criminal Intent Senseless. (CC) 64139 27 WKBN Ghost Whisperer (N) 68771 Flashpoint (N) (CC) 51435 NUMB3RS (N) (CC) 58394 News (N) Late (N) 33 WYTV Wife Swap (N) (CC) 66329 Supernanny (N) (CC) 73665 (N) (CC) 76752 News (N) Nightline (N) 40 WPCB Luther: His life, His Path, His Legacy (CC) 934955 Creation Series 410665 In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley Fear; faith. 436058 CBN Newswatch 716706 Place 746313 43 WUAB WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (CC) 1756416 News (N) Sports Extra King 6077333 Family Guy 53 WPGH Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (N) 9291110 Dollhouse (9:01) Ghost. (Series Premiere) (N) 51481 Channel 11 News on FOX 53 at 10 (N) 61868 Seinfeld (CC) 27936 Scrubs (CC) 66077 59 WBGN The Dead Zone (CC) 68139 ReGenesis (CC) 44503 Cheaters RENO 911! 10058 Cribs 73771 PREMIUM CABLE ENC Professor II: The (2000) Eddie Murphy, Janet Jackson, Larry Miller.

(CC) 4127394 (9:50) (2000) Ice Cube. (CC) 16833752 (1983) LOVE (7) (CC) 8270023 (1992) Mel Gibson. (CC) 5467416 Third (10:45) (2002) Luke Wilson. (CC) 5739329 MYST. of (1999) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabriel Byrne, Kevin Pollak.

(CC) 93718058 (10:05) (1987) Debra Winger, Theresa Russell, Sami Frey. (CC) 66683110 WEST. Man Who Loved Cat (1973) Burt Reynolds, Sarah Miles. (CC) 93711145 (10:10) (1945) John Wayne. (CC) 69623787 Naked HBO (2007) Denzel Washington.

A chauffeur becomes most-powerful crime boss. (CC) 84577313 (10:45) (2000) Seann William Scott. 89068348 2 (2008) Hayden Christensen, Jamie Bell. (CC) 4991684 the Vampire (1992) Kristy Swanson. (CC) 1514690 (1993) 1662787 FAM (2006) Dyllan Christopher.

6805110 (1996) Michael Keaton, Andie MacDowell, Harris Yulin. (CC) 1360771 SIG. of (6:45) (CC) 32508874 Bucket (2007) Jack Nicholson, Sean Hayes. (CC) 8447771 PS I Love You 85674023 Big Love On Trial. Roman has his day in court.

2719077 MAX Wild (1999) Will Smith, Kevin Kline, Kenneth Branagh. (CC) 325503 (2008) Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson. (CC) 848684 Forbidden Sci (N) 1215690 SHO Mighty (7) (2007) iTV Premiere. U.S. of Tara 346961 Secret Diary 141503 The Word Leaving Los Angeles.

(CC) 385918 Inside the NFL NFL news and highlights. (CC) 215787 STARZ (7:55) (2008) Jim Sturgess. Crafty college students beat the odds in Las Vegas. 74676042 Crash Ben is haunted by the Doctor. (CC) 8184416 in Real (CC) 5006313 STARZ-E Baby (7) 5457042 Over (2007) Adam Sandler.

A grieving man rekindles a friendship. (CC) 79484023 Evil: (11:10) 90046690 TMC (2000) Michael Douglas, Don Cheadle. The war on drugs brings many casualties and few victories. 338684 (2007) Mark Wahlberg, Michael (CC) 9947400 BASIC, EXPANDED AND DIGITAL CABLE CSI: Miami A Grizzly Murder. (CC) 342665 CSI: Miami Triple Threat.

(CC) 435329 CSI: Miami Bloodline. (CC) 438416 Criminal Minds Fear and Loathing. (CC) 682435 ABC FAM That Show 447684 That Show 539619 That Show 501481 That Show 796077 Funniest Home Videos (CC) 339706 The 700 Club (CC) 851503 AMC AMC Storymakers (N) (CC) 895787 (1995) Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci. A mob employee makes a play for power in 1970s Las Vegas. (CC) 427706 ANIM Jockeys (CC) 88503 Jockeys (N) 49969 Lost Tapes (CC) 99446 Jockeys (CC) 40597 BBC Monty Python Little Britain (8:40) 41379503 Tate World News 6275416 Monty Python Little Britain BET on (7:30) (1989) (CC) 694752 Played (N) Played (N) Hatchett Hatchett BRAVO Lost World: Jurassic (1997) Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Moore, Pete Postlethwaite.

An expedition returns to monitor progress. 945684 Lost World: Jurassic (1997) 936936 CMT The One That Got Away (CC) 12700771 Wed Disasters 12892706 One Got Away 19757232 CNBC CNBC Reports 46503 American Greed 60139 On the Money 63226 Fast Money Options CNN Brown-No Bias 430067 Larry King Live 993313 Anderson Cooper 360 (CC) 262955 COM Daily 6158481 Colbert Futurama Martin Presents (N) Presents (N) Presents Presents C-SPAN Tonight From Washington (6:30) 3806232 Capital News 7057955 DIS New (7:30) (2000) 106232 Bear (2006) Voices of Patrick Dempsey. (CC) 404690 Life With Derek 860232 Zack Cody 415706 Hannah Montana 848665 DSC Dirty Jobs Mineral mine; rice plantation. (CC) 357597 Adrenaline Rush Hour Tidal wave. (N) (CC) 433961 Man vs.

Wild Turkey. Turkey. (CC) 443348 How Made 627868 How Made 942329 HEALTH Face Transplant The science of face transplants. 6196955 You: Manual 1451077 You: Manual 1697752 Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic (CC) 6282706 Face Transplant The science of face transplants. 5455684 INV Call 911 (N) 3966874 Call 911 3872481 Solved Blood Money.

(CC) 6289619 Cold Blood Gas station execution. (CC) 6282706 Call 911 1350394 Call 911 1803313 KIDS Flight 29 3966874 Endurance 3872481 Serious 1451077 Adven. Camp 1697752 Dinosapien 1541874 Strange Days 1454394 Flight 29 1350394 Endurance 1803313 Going Postal: 15 Most Shocking Acts of Violence 312145 The Soup (N) Expensive News Chelsea (N) ESPN NBA Basketball 537459 College Basketball Villanova at West Virginia. (L) 801348 SportsCenter (CC) 955313 ESPN2 Basketball Boxing Boxing Friday Night Fights. (L) (CC) 8006684 Number 6098503 ESPN-C Blame 2881787 Blame 2797394 Blame 2863936 Blame 7564690 Number 8505746 Bull Riding Dodge Xtreme Bulls Tour.

(CC) 4782481 EWTN The World Over 2395905 Crossing Holy Rosary Defending Footprints Rome Back Stage FNC The Factor 3347868 Hannity 3423232 On the Record 3433619 The Factor 4629955 FOOD Unwrapped Unwrapped Diners Diners Challenge 7240856 Good Eats Rachael FOXSC Soccer International Friendly Brazil vs. Italy. 6183481 Fox Soccer Report 6275416 Soccer 4929874 FSN-P Under the Lights 704597 SportsBeat College Hockey Denver at Colorado College. (L) 157771 FX (1993) 1081416 Show Show 2558503 GOLF LPGA Golf PGA Tour Golf Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Second Round. (CC) 6955503 Golf 4517394 GREEN Emeril Green 3966874 Emeril Green 3872481 Emeril Green 1451077 Emeril Green 1697752 Emeril Green 1541874 Emeril Green 1454394 Emeril Green 1350394 Emeril Green 1803313 GSN Family Feud Be-Millionaire Family Feud Be-Millionaire Pyramid Chain Lingo (CC) Lingo (CC) HALL Texas Ranger 5646477 Good (2009) (CC) 2496954 Murder, She Wrote 1380684 HGTV Dream Home 7880348 House Designed-Sell House Unsellable Get It Sold Buy Me HIST Modern Marvels Chocolate.

Chocolate. (CC) 1665110 Decoding the Past Secrets of the Dollar Bill. 1758874 Decoding the Past Presidential Prophecies. 1751961 Shockwave (CC) 9622042 IFC (7:30) (2004) Liam Neeson, Laura Linney. (CC) 6816226 Rules of (2002) James Van Der Beek, Ian Somerhalder.

(CC) 8923961 Hell Girl 1801955 ION (7) 54333 (1998) Kurt Russell. 61874 Power 38058 Paid 85597 LIFE Reba (CC) 523058 Reba (CC) 439665 (2000) Monica Arnold. A black college student falls in love with a white musician. (CC) 322416 Medium Soul Survivor. (CC) 864077 MSNBC Countdown 3343042 Maddow Show 3436706 Countdown 3333665 Maddow Show 4705329 MTV Cribs 445226 Cribs 520961 Cribs 509023 Cribs 794619 Fantasy Fact.

CollegeHmr Nitro Circus News 137435 NGEO Dog Whisperer 12706955 DogTown 12899619 Darwin Secret 12892706 Dog Whisperer 93480868 NICK iCarly iGo to Japan. Carly, Sam and Freddie travel to Japan. (CC) 688477 SpongeBob 425597 George Lopez 873690 George Lopez 786110 Home Imp. 618110 Home Imp. 860771 OXYGEN 4871329 (2003) Hugh Grant, Laura Linney.

7044481 PCNC NightTlk: Point 22313 News 15077 NightTalk With 12936 Pittsburgh Fedko 12023 SC Colossal Construction Operation Snohvit. (N) 6196955 How-Made (N) 1451077 How-Made 1697752 Brink (N) 1541874 How-Made (N) 1454394 Colossal Construction Operation Snohvit. 5455684 SCI-FI Star Trek: The Next Generation The Offspring. 3345400 Moonlight Fever. (CC) 3332936 Battlestar Galactica No Exit.

(N) (CC) 3335023 Stargate SG-1 Uninvited. (CC) 4707787 SPEED NASCAR Racing Camping World Truck Series Daytona 250. 8335400 Bullrun (N) 8595597 NASCAR Live SPIKE CSI: Crime Scn 706955 DEA 899619 Real Vice Real Vice Disorderly Con. (N) 940597 TBS Family Guy (CC) 985874 Family Guy (CC) 891481 (2005) Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda, Michael Vartan. (CC) 7766503 Sex and the City 4463597 Sex and the City 4272771 TCM on the (1971) Topol, Norma Crane, Leonard Frey.

Poor Jewish milkman, wife and five daughters in czarist Russia. (CC) 18680936 (11:15) (1982) 30951226 TLC What Not to Wear 791023 What Not-Wear (N) 884787 Little-Married 887874 What Not to Wear 935665 TNT Law Order Hands Free. (CC) 799665 NBA Basketball T-Mobile Rookie Challenge Youth Jam. From U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix.

(L) (CC) 792752 Inside the NBA 870176 Swimsuit 200 393145 TOON 8540023 Star Wars (N) Star Wars (N) King of Hill King of Hill PJs 5995684 PJs 6907394 TRAV Ghost Adventures: The Beginning (CC) 7446459 Most Haunted (N) 7240856 Most Notorious 1377110 TRUTV Most Shocking 8001139 Forensic Forensic Door to Dead (N) 8180690 Forensic Forensic TVL Cosby Show Cosby Show Cosby Show Cosby Show Cosby Show Cosby Show Cosby Show Cosby Show USA House Frozen. (CC) 135495 Monk Monk suspects a magician of murder. (N) 988481 Psych Tuesday the 17th. (N) (CC) 998868 House The Greater Good. (CC) 135597 VH1 Sober House 314503 Wedding (1998) 317690 Week (N) Tool Acad VS Hunt-Big Fish Tail Walker City Fishing Tred Barta Sport Fishing Saltwater Hunt-Big Fish Tail Walker WE 48 Hours (CC) 1089058 48 Hours (CC) 1996394 The FBI Files (CC) 1999481 The FBI Files (CC) 8553597 WGN Brother, Where Art (2000) (CC) 936351 WGN News (N) 137416 Scrubs (CC) Scrubs (CC) The original the opened with the murder of two amorous counselors at Camp Crystal Lake in 1958.

It was just part of a string of cursed happenings: the drowning of a boy the previous year and later the poisoning of the water that stopped the reopening. When a girl named Annie passes through a nearby town on the way to the camp, being readied for business once again, a local warns her: never come back again. got a death Even the trucker who gives her a lift advises her to now! Quit She is killed before she even gets to the camp, which soon becomes the scene of multiple murders. Actress Betsy Palmer, the onetime Got a panelist and show contributor, called the script a of and told her agent, going to see this thing. It will come, it will go, the end of it.

do Hired to play murderous mom, she was paid $1,000 a day for 10 days, and it turned out the came but never went away. Jason became an iconic villain, taking his place alongside Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers in the annals of horror history, thanks, in large part, to Pittsburgher Tom Savini. He helped to knock off characters played by Palmer, plus a young Kevin Bacon and Harry Crosby, son of crooner Bing. work on of the led to a gig designing the gruesome makeup effects that included a machete lopping off a head, an ax being lodged in a forehead and an arrow to the throat. The movie, in fact, is famous for ingenious ways of killing off its campers.

Looking to levitate moviegoers out of their seats, as did with the hand reaching out from the grave, the filmmakers cooked up the dream sequence with Jason popping out of the water near the end. It designed to plant the seed for a franchise. one could imagine that there would be a need for yet another the director Sean Cunningham says from house that Jason on the DVD extras. Much to his shock and delight, the became a brand, Cunningham says, the same way you know what to expect when you go to see I know a Godzilla movie or a James Bond movie. the became that dependable.

I think the reason it Robbi Morgan, who played Annie, was back in New York when her brother called from the West Coast shortly after the movie opened. you have any idea how big the is? Rob, huge, making all this money, and people are going crazy over Jason Vorhees gain his trademark hockey goalie mask until the third installment, released on Friday, Aug. 13, 1982, in 3-D. Flying toward the audience: eyeballs, pitchforks, broom handles, baseball bats, yo-yos, popcorn, red hot pokers and marijuana joints. Lines snaked down Sixth Street to catch the movie on opening day at the Fulton Theater, Downtown.

Six years later, more than 1,000 people waited for return at the Showcase West Cinemas on opening day and weighed in on the scares, gore, action and sheer addiction of the series when VII The New came out. see one, you gotta see them a Green Tree man suggested. The original gave way to nearly a dozen movies with such titles as Goes to Hell: The Final and the vs. smackdown that was No. 1 for two weeks in 2003 and eventually hauled in $82 million at the box office.

was remade by writer-director Rob Zombie and Texas Chainsaw was put through the bloody blender a second time by German-born Marcus Nispel, who is giving Jason an extreme makeover, too. Jason element makes this franchise ripe for a redo. His mask is so much of a cultural icon that recognized far beyond the realm of horror movie says Kevin Stecko, CEO of 80sTees. com, an online retailer of T-shirts and other merchandise from pop-culture hits of the remember being in elementary school and kids dressed up as says Stecko, who grew up and resides in Hempfield, Westmoreland County. doubt they were even allowed to watch the movies at such a young age, but how well known the character This time, Jared Padalecki from plays a young man who is searching for his missing sister and heads to the eerie woods of Crystal Lake.

There, he finds the creaky remains of rotting cabins along with some partying college students and, of course, Jason. Actor and stunt man Derek Mears plays Jason, and producer Brad Fuller says in the press notes, all felt that if going to make this film, it must include that moment when he takes off the sack and puts on the hockey mask and becomes For what everyone, no doubt, hopes is just the first of many maniacal times. Movie editor Barbara Vancheri can be reached at or 412-263-1632. Success of spawned gore fest HORROR, FROM PAGE D-1 Julianna Guill, left, starts freaking out as Danielle Panabaker tries to makes sense of what is happening in the Watchthebest wrestlersinthecountry, stateandWPIAL. number number number ChecksandmoneyordersshouldbemadepayabletoDapperDanCharities.

MailordersmustbereceivednolaterthanMarch9. WrestlingClassicTicketOrderForm Pleasesendmyticketsto: Methodofpayment Check Visa MasterCard AmEx MoneyOrder (ages12andunder) 35thAnnualDapperDanWrestlingClassic.

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