Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 7, 1952 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 7, 1952
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rl;,. v "^ j *,/,•!'HW/^' HOPE fTA*, HOM. ARKANSAS Monday, October 6, &fc Bon~»o* '«•?* of Staff ft 1»»* - tlw. *«y to go." rtffl Newsboys Are Honored All Over America •X PtMRY ITIRLINO PHIA * — Thn Mon'» ir«i8t puuncd uxJny to pay iributa to the KW next door— th«J kid who dellvem your nowipnpff. Th0 youthful ohnmplnnii of fr#« g«t ipaclal recognition U«lsy whon l»»c 0. B, po»toffiea ^t»c»» on «»t« «>thr*o-«<rnt iionoritiK thilr iwrvlce to ,i, t y mid country. In » ipocHil Bwemony «t WIH preient the flr*t »temp to s n«Wii08perb6y, the rranklin In- titule ww« eho^ort. DonaUl»on prob- ibiy tho tint nowipBpurboy," Iho mump will bo »old oxolus- vely (n Philadelphia for ft *hort tiiritt and then will b# plnct»d nn throuxhuut the nation, It tie- newnpaperljoy c«rryin« J»B j -w*s**^i^ ijk x^f * Mr< 0,8 he ten o* fiUrttu too con m ho wouh , intUontod ho icr* in nn awrattc Aniorlcnn oom- nunlty. On 1U« tooy'd bag i» th« <tg«ntl "buoy boyn-bttttoi boy*", gUmp, prlntou in Uirse ntiadnii purple, wn» «tlOpt«d from rt made by Uw Phiiadelpbtn Bulletin'* odlwriftl car* 0, Alexander, paper ottrrl»M wero orod by U>o Bulletin nt u eel nltfht »ttofid«d by nucli prorn inartt formor rwwgpRperboy* an y of tho Treasury John W, Stiycler Harold 8U»«m, at, tho Untvortlty of Pennxylvanio lorrnef U, 8, 8*n. Vrawlt J. My* an antl Horace A. Hildruth, prei and idonl of BuckneU University tormef governor of Maine. Spottklng «t tho bunqutft Snyder said, "N»w»pfl|>erboyii oxompllfy Hit? vigor of Anwlcan. fri'e entur pride," Tha secretary pmltmd th boys' contribution to nutloiml du feline and pointed out that the cur I'uu'H sold nenrly two million 10 cent wur savings stamps duiin World W«r U and ura currently dUtributlntf door • to * dwr pan phleU unjlim their customofii t cuiHlnuo their purchunc of Uefena blind*. Slmllur qoromonles wave hoi ''•nniHlwul tho country In conjunt tltm with National Ntew«pnpuri At todtty'S eoremony, Donaldson suld; "Countless pUbltn figures, InctutU ins sn'osldenu, justices of thu Supreme COyii't, governors, mombets t«i'tttl|iet'8 Inventors «md hettds of groat Industries rose from tho rani of viewspupcrboys, "Where also but In our belovud 4*»^»W«-i W^O Politico! Calendar By The Aitoelited Prtu Mend»y Gov. Adlal E. Stevenson, Democratic presidential nominee, at Springfield, 111,, headquarters, Oen. Dwlght D. Elmcnhower, Republican presidential nominee campaign by train through Connec tlcut, MaMachuseltg and .Hhodc Inland. Sen. John J. Sparkman, Democratic vice presidential nominee, campnlRrift by auto In Went Vlr- glnln, with night speech at Fay- eltcvlllc. Prculdont Trumnn campaigns by train through Utah, with plnlforrr uperth nt Provo, and Colorado. Sen. Robert A. Taft. Ohio Re publican, upcaks at Cincinnati. to Buffalo, N. Y. Taft apcaks at Idinnapolls and Bloorrtfngton, Ind. Kefauver speaks at Carlsbad, N. M. Friday — Stevenson speaks In Oklahoma City and New Orleans. Eisenhower speaks in Phoenix and Tucson, Ariz. Albuquerque, N. M., nnd Salt Lake City. Nixon campaigns by train in Pennsylvania. Sparkman speaks at Sioux City, IB. Trumnn campaigns across Now York State. Taft speaks at Lnporto and Elkhart, I rid. Saturday — Stevenson speaks in Tampa, Fla. mtl Nashville, Tcnn. Elsenhower rests. state by train. Sparkman campaigns by auto Oil and lubricants can be produced from oil shale, coal and nat« in Colorado, with night speech at ur.it gas but would cost more tha« Powell. ihose produced from petroleum. Truman speaks in New York CHy. ON $PEEDER8~Pnrkway police in Westcheiter try wit nn«w radar camera In clocking •«—«— •xc«*dlng the speed limit enters the radar It tripped and the camera takes a picture • -' A case U being prepared cases, PRESCOTT NEWS iuoiao/1 Oot6b«r 7 The Order of Eastern Star will moot on Tuesday evening at 7;30 at tlio MftsoiUa Hull lor a staled mooting. Mrs. GUM McOaiklll Hostess . to W»dne»dsy fridge Club The homo of " Presbyterians Hear Mrs. Sydonitrlcker Speak kilt WM the »cene for the moeUng of Ihd Wednesday BrW«a Club on afternoon, A profusion of early autumn ilowtts tiuoorfttud the rooms ar- minted fur tbrvtf tables of ployors, Mrs, llnrold Uwis was awarded th« high score prize, Mrs, Allen den the deuce prize and MM, Dudley Gordon the jjumo prize. Mrs, Qiitnn Hairston, Mva. Jim Mr«. 0. 0, Hirst and Mrs. t Haltom Jr. were guests, numbers present Included Clarke White, Mrs. Dalits At- MM. Snxon Boftan, Mrs, H. and Mrs. Basil Munn. A delightful salad courts was umti by tho hostess, Sixty fivo members of the Pro bytcrian Church wore present Wednesday evening for u faini pot luck supper at the church. The supper was served buff Htylo In the Men'H Fellowship roo Tho invocation wus given by t Hcv. \\. 0. BensborB. The K*-' C! * 1 speaker for vhc evening was Mrs, J. M. Sydcnstrlckor who hna been a foreign missionary for 33 years. She 8«ve nn Interesting and Informative ttilk on "Foreign Missions." W. V. Tompkins voiced the closing prayer. Nixon campaigns in New Tuesday — Stevenson campaigns by plane and nuto through Michigan, with night speech at Detroit. Eisenhower campaigns by train i through Washington und Oregon, j Nixon campaignH by train through hlo. Sparhrmm campaigns by auto I hrough West Virginia, with night j pccch at Huntlngton. Trumnn campaigns by train cross Colorado. Tnfl campaigns for GOP ticket n Illinois, Wednesday — Stevenson flics to Madison, Wi*., or speech, campaigns by auto to Milwaukee, where he makes night speech. Elsenhower campaigns through California by train, with night speech at San Fruncisco. Nixon campaigns by train through Ohio and by plane to Parkcrsburg, W. Va., and Pitts burgh. Sparkman speaks at Jefferson Jackson Day dinner In Columbus C. Truman c a m p a i R n s by trail through Iowa, with platform specc' at Shcnandoah, nnd Missouri. Tafl speaks at Shciuindouh, la. from same platform as Truman bi several hours later. Col. Post, Racing Figure, Dies NEW YORK MP> — Col. Augustus T. Post, 78, pioneer of the air and j gasoline ago, died here Saturday j night. He bucnmc nn advocate of balloon travel in 1800 after going aloft in n 52-passengur baloon. For years he piloted racing mo- tcrcyclus and automobiles, and he was the 13th man to fly tt plane York'i in this country. A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal Crcomulsion "tint. phlegm and aid nature |o heal raw, tender. «"«« membranes. Guaranteed or money refunded. .Cfeomulstoft stood the test of millions of users bt~c!o»«d -until Thursdoy, of tfy* daqtrv of Mrs. SHOP H*wy Taylor W|n» Onamplon n\ Butt Stock Uarvey Tuylor, Nevada PFA mamber. took reserva, cham- ,)ion honor» at the ArkansaH Liv*Show willi hi* Hereford Mrs. S. 0. Logan, Mrs. C. II Moore, Mrs. T. E. Logan and Miss Jcnnlu Lewis attended a District Conference number 3 of th* 'rosbylerlun Church in Gurdon OR Wednesday. Mrs, C. A. Hayncs has returned from Houston where she was the guest bt Mr. and Mrs. Huy Rorrit- and family and Midland, Texas, where ,sho visited Mr, and Mrs. Charles Huytoes and family. Othwr F^A members wlU> show l ilvt-slock nt the Stnte show wore John RHtcllffc, showing Hereford calves; Rox, Dunne and Melvln KUtlaifbrutid, Jtorotgrd vou; John McLellaiul, Black AngU» lf^ Pelmfer Tyree, two Hereford calvyg; Qleu CotVngham, !i Her*- tord cklves. , . JJmmy tllllwy and Terrell tie' showed Hcrtfords und Jimmy Hart of tha Lunuburg FpA chap ter showed Ulack Angus end Hereford. , Thursday— Stevenson makes luncheon speech at Kansas City and nigh address at St. Louis. Elsenhower leaves campaign train at Las Vegas, Nuv., flics to Sun Diego and Los Angeles. Nixon campalRns by plane an train through Pennsylvania. Sparkman campaigns by aut tnrough Ohio. Truman campaigns by trai across Illinois, Indiana and Oh TUESDAY SPECIAL CHENILLE BATH ROOM SETS 18x30 Rug with Lid Cover Assorted colors $1.39 stand pole. Mrs. Leo Klnney has returned from San Francisco, Calif. S was'uccompanicd by her daughter, Mrs. Tom .Cameron, who will be at homo with her parents whll« Lt. Cameron is on duty in Korea- Mr, and Mrs A. E, Smith left recently for Houston, Texas to maktt their home. oould n lai, through Ma own ptftw'W, cUrofc ttpm ,hl» nows- niipur route Ui tlw hlglioat Job In Un, land," he Miss litlUe Butcher has returned from Dallas whore she spent thd summer months. Mr, nnd Mrs; Boboy Duke spent Wednesday and Thursday in Little \\wk us thu guests of Mrs. C. W. MeKulvuy and Mrs. Lilllun Vaughn Mrs. Aitiiin Outhrle bus roturnuci \oine aftur undprgoing surfi'-ry Ui t Texarknna hospital. ' • , < | ^QHP|JR^ ™" ^f^f Doily Scrapbag ty HAL. BOYLE YORK W?) — Wilbur Pee iffica's average citizen, ght llrSvas the break of a life> whett an old friend gave him "tickets to the World Series. « wasn't so sure, however .jit nls wife said she wouldn't tttith to fio the big city without Wilbur knew Jhat Trellis .min.'ft knowledge of "baseball con 1 silted Of fcldirn conviction that £ fttter waslsomething you stirred p in a kitljien. .• *"J*il take * you on one condition — that you don't bother me with a single question during the entire game," he said. She agree* But the day of the game Trellis Mae insisted he leave the hotel and accompany her "V on a shopping tour. They missed * lunch and got to the ball park in the third inning. allow women as they sat Hope Star WIATMM ARKANSAS - fartly day fair, cold tonight Wltft.lOW 38 in the north S8 m *8U& "" tercd frost. Wednesday warmer. M High 57 LOW 39 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 306 ttar of . Con»IMaM4 Jan. II, 1W HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1952 "They oughtn't to fumed Wilbur, down in their scats in the upper near the right field Made Mistake About Ike, Truman Asserts By ERNEST B. VACCARO ABOARD TRUMAN TRAIN (/TV- President Truman declared today he made "a very serious mistake 1 when he once thought Dwlght D Eisenhower qualified for the presi JAi;* Trellis Mac lUrned her back on him and confided to a beefy, red-nosed Dodger fan next to her: "My husband won't let me talk to him. Will you tell me what is the real object of this, game?" "Well, it's — it's to get the most ^runs," said the fan. •• "What are they standing there 7 for then? Why don't they all start running?" As the Jan's jaw dropped, Trel fouljdcncy. He declared has "betrayed Hor>f'« Finest Department Store states. Mr. und Mrs. Rufus !?U>vtill nnd daughter, Georglana, hove returned to their home-.. In South Bend. Ind., After a visit with their par- onts, Mr. and Mrs. George Cunningham nnd Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Stovall. ; ft and Accessory Organs not Adversely Affected by Smoking Chesterfields FIRST SUCH REPORT EVER PUBLISHED ABOUT ANY CIGARETTE $W fashions' })lty^t ityt^t You'll 1 Maryii ot the Quality! $i*ts 10 to 201 */*• J v ^^^1 W^^^^^^f ^^^^^^^^M ^^^^^^^R ^^& *l^^f ^fr ^^^^ ^^^f^^^ M* FUCKERIP '<S Judging Over, Sales Take Show Spotlight UTTLE ROCK, I* WHh most of tho livestock JudHn« out ot the way, breeders turned to two big sates today at the J3Uv WHiual Ar knnsus Livestock Show. Sate* of Hc>rcford* wid Poland China hoga were scheduled. OrvUle Siejuonthaler's Sfytsar^ld bull, Hithfleldprudont, was named U>e grand champion of the Jftrtcy division yesterday «w«plcyn* a stwe«p of Jersey honors for tho Ft. Smith krta. . SiogeuUinlcr owns the Diamond Crov» Dairy near it. Smith. Vcs terday, one ol hj* employes, 18 u«.old Bc« Stromes, exhibi grand champion ol Jersey fo male. , intetn year oW J»m«< Kobarti of CftrroU County won the state slieep shearing chauvptonship, post w« « lime ot nine piUJUties and 10 seconds. ,\ Robert*, who Uwo« in the con) munity uf, Cwuior. ^wMin't have- «hv«p on his farm, but often hires out to neighbors as a sh«»r«r. In the shimp division. C. W. Dea ki«u of Hilltop Boone Cowitty, tuok nil the honor, exhibiting both the «r«nd champion r«tv\ Kivd <^we. Arkansas newspaper editors will l>e gu«»ts ol Co), T. H. Barton, iwvsidwu of the Arkansas Uv» Slack Show AssociaUon. at « VvmcU eun today. The »»nu»l awards will be mftde, FQRBC4ST A responsible consulting organization has reported the results of a continuing study by a competent medical specialist and his staff on the effects of smoking Chesterfield cigarettes. •. . • t A group Of people from various walks of life was organized to smoke only Chesterfields. For six months this group of men and women smoked their normal amount of Chesterfields -*• 10 !o 40 a day. 45% of the group have smoked Chesterfields continually from one to thirty years fpr an average of 10 years each. At tho beginning and at the end of the six- months period each smoker was given a thorough the examination, including X-ray pictures, by medical specialist and his assistants. The examination covered the sinuses as well as the nose, ears and throat, The'medical specialist, after a thorough examination of every member of the group, stated: "It is my opinion that the ears, nose, throat and 'accessory organs of all participating subjects examined by me were not adversely affected in the six-months period by smpking the cigarettes provided." ASK YOU! DEALER FOB CHESTCRFtElD- ItTHER WAY YOU UKE 'IM CONTAINS TOBACCOS OF BEJTW QUAUTY ft [ HIGHER, Mitt THAN OTHER K1NQ-5IZI lit Mae said. "When do they take their naps?" "Naps?" "Isn't that what those cute little white pillows arc for?" she asked, pointing at the base bags. Next 'vi she wanted to know if it wouldn't \f -dress up the game if they used lady umpires, then she scribbled ja postcard saying, "Scenery won- \\fdtrful — Wish you were here." € J-- and'demanded, "Where's the mailbox?" The red nose of her neighbor turned a mottled blue. Bored, Trellis Mae started watching the metal foul pole as it swayed back and forth in the wind. Soon she felt nauseated. 'Wilbur, I'm seasick," she said. "But nobody ever got seasick at i a baseball game — it's impossible." '"Well, I am. It must be because I didn't eat. You'd better go get me a hot dog or you'll be awfully sorry." Wilbur went. A great roar rose from the crowd a moment, later. When Wilbur scrambled back, the red-nosed man said: "Johnny Mtze 1 just poled one into the stands —a good one." v "You mean," said Wilbur, brokenly, ;. 'JI misled;-iiite.--(5fi#'>-dharicfe of my life to see Mize knock home run?" 'I missed it myself. Your wife was bending my ear." "It went right in front of us.' said Trellis Mae. "You could al most count the stitches." She took the hot dog *and ob jected, 'You forgot the mustard dear. I just can't eat it withou mustard." Too stunned, to protest, Wilbu went back for the mustard. Th Dodger fan leaned over and whis pei-ad something to Trcjlis Mae She looked surprised, then nodde her head. Trellis Mae ate her hot dog, the pulled out a sheet of paper silently began to make out Christmas shopping list. She never even looked out again at the playing field. As they filed out at the end of ^ the game the red - nosed man grudgingly drew a bill from his pocket and put it in her hand. I'll bet you don't even know who won," said Wilbur glumly. "I did." •You did?" Sure," said Trellis Mae, tha red-nosed fellow bet me $5 I couldn't keep my mouth shut for the rest of the game. Walt here a minute, Wilbur." f She loped away and returned 15 minutes later breathlessly lugging a ball bat. 'He didn't want to give it to me at first," said Trellis Mae, "but 1 told him he would need a new one next year anyway." Surprised, her husband took the bat, then reverently read the in scription: 'To Wilbur, one to re member, (signed) Johnny Mize." As Wilbur gratefully'bent to kis (to her, Trellis Mae murmured: ™ "I tried to get you one of tnos little white pillows for a souvenir too, but some darned fool had tie them all down." lulletin" NEWARK, Ark. (UP) —Four persons, including an eight- month old boy, were drowned in the White River near Newark at noon today when a truck in which they were riding rolled off the Oil Trough ferry. Authorities identified the victims as Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Crow- gll, their daughter. Wr. Gale Sherrin, and Mr. Sberrin's infant son. Sammy Lynp.. ' : The New York Yankees won world series ted»y w»h a Ive 4 fa} 3 victory »y«r the ;lyn Oodfl*rs- The .series the full ssv$n the GOP nominee „„., „....-.,— every principle about our foreign policy and our national defense that thought he believed In." "It has been a sad experience for me," Truman said in a speech prepared for delivery to a train- side crowd at Colorado Springs, °Truman said the President "has the awful responsibility" of decid ing whether to use the atomic bomb and must be a man "who Rain Yesterday First Recorded in 42 Days Rainfall totaling .49 of an Inch yesterday was the first in this area n some 42 days, it was revealed by the Experiment Station records today 1 . The last time it mined in Hope t was only .21 of an inch on August 24. There was not even a trace In September. Yesterday's rain brought the year s total to 31.92 inches compared to the average yearly rainfall of 56.38. Last night was the coldest re ordud this season — n low of 3'J while the mercury never hit hifih r than 57 degrees during the last 4-hour period. UU1 liu «»*"-* ••*•-—. can stand up to the political pros sure when he has to make tough decisions." By ERNEST B. VACCARO ABOARD TRUMAN TRAIN (/Pi- President Truman was told tha the Democrats face an uphill battle in Colorado as he intensified his campaigning today for that state's six electoral votes. Key Democratic officials told reporters they are counting President's "give-'em-hell" the presen House Bums, B Families Homeless Fire of undetermined orgin d stroyed a large frame house at tl corner of West Avenue B ni North Louisiana, across from tl City Hall, early' today, leavin three families homeless. The blaze was first reported a- a.m. and was "really voters but to lay down i within the Actor Tosses 'Medals Back to DOVlt 0! uO t*.»»». »•••— •• — going" when the firemen arrived, Chief A. S. Willis said. The house was a total loss along with lurni- turc and personal belongings of families which rented apartments. Nothing was saved. First estimates placed the loss of the house at between $8,000 and $10,000 plus personal belongings. The house was owned bv Mrs. B. C. Acker of Texarkana, formerly of Hope. Three families, Mr. and Mrs. George Wylie, Clyde Miller nnd John Morton, lived there. Mr. Miller, ill for some time, was removed to a hospital by a Hcrndon- Corncllus ambulance shortly aft<»r Nobody at Is" war medals to a' congressman I before ho was removed from the •^Ss&t 1 ^^ thcmbac t la ^" usc - c -- d thc °Acto rid Max gave the medals from spreading to other o Rep Clyde Doyle (D-Calif) at but were unablo to save it. he clfmax of his "unfriendly" tes- ruins were still smoldering timony yesterday before the two-) noon today, man subcommittee, which is mves tigating Communist influence in movie, radio and professional cir cles. "Here is my veteran's bonus, my Bronze Star and my Good Conduct Medal," he said, tossing a pink paper form and the medals to Doyle. "Give them back to President Truman, for .you have invalidated them." Doyle, who had spent the day listening to a series of "unfriend ly" witnesses, jumped -to his feel. •I'm ashamed of you," he retorted. "You should be proud of them." ,, TUT v 'I was proud of them, wax yelled back, "but not any longer. They used to be called fruit salad, but now they're called fraud salad.' Fanatical Reds Char Over Bodies of Own Dead in New Assaul 15,0004® Taft Denies Eisenhower Surrendered CHICAGO, (UP- — Sen. Robert A. Taft denied today that Dwlght In had previously ox Before returning the medals, Max had asked Doyle and Rep. Donald ackson (R-Calif.) why he had not Mother of 3 Killed, Man Ends Own Life TEXARKANA, Tex. — Police said the divorced mother of three I children was fatally shot in her apartment here yesterday by a visitor who committed suicide within minutes of the slaying. Justice of the Peace Wade Turner returned a verdict of murder and suicide in the deaths of Mrs. Edna Braddock Thompson, 31, and a 45-year-old Texarkana carpenter, T. E. Massey. Detective Homer Goff said Mrs. Thompson's mother*, Mrii. Mae UNKNOWN CANYON - John Lindbergh, son of^ NEA Telephoto. ?een questioned about his war rec- rd at the hearing. He took the medals from nis ocket after Doyle told him the ubcommittee was "not asking him about his war record. Max, who later said he served with the Air Force in Europe dur mg World War II, accused the subcommittee of failing to give him an to "make my case , Gregory, 80, witnessed the shoot ings. Goff said she told police Masjiey had been dating Mrs. Thompson B&PW Members to Stage Annual Boss Nigfit Dinner The Hope Business and Professional Women's club will hold its annual Boss Nighf dinner Thursday night at 7 o'clock at Hotel Barlow. Principal speaker at this annual event will be. Griffin Smith, chief justice of the Arkansas Supreme C °For moxe ttan, IB years club members'have' annually honored their bosses with a banquet. The dinner is designed to foster better relations between.employee and em ployer and to acquaint bosses with B&PW work. ' ,,'S ,-',-.'.-i All B&PW members are urged to attend and bring employers. Tick Commies Are Warned About Eisenhower D. Elsenhower "surrendered" him at their recent meeting Now York nnd said he rrtcroly^. with him "so I could reaffirm to my own friends the views \ kno\ he held and pressed." Taft arrived hero from Cincinnati for a motorcade speaking tour through several northern Illinois cities near Chicago. In a speech .prepared for delivery at Genovik. 111., the Ohio Republican suld the Domoo'rats "seem to bo u good deal upset" by tho fafct that he had arranged a post- convention truce with Elsenhower. Tall noted that the Democrats "have charged him with surrendering to my principles." •It is significant that when they make that charge they never cun point out any respect in which Gen. Elsenhower has changed his views," Taft said. The senators said that before the Republican national convention in July Elsenhower had expressed his opposition to "increased spending, taxation and bureaucracy" and had promised to clean out tho top personnel" of the state department. •Some of my follower^ were doubtful because a good many now newspafljars - ,had-. 'Support- «^,,«wnoral Elsenhower, and so I thought it desirable to moot with him so I could reaffirm to my own friends the views I know ho hold arid had previously expressed," Taft spoke of "my disappointment and theirs 1 ;.when he thanked the Illinois Republicans who supported him overwhelmingly at the i.ational convention. Then he said JJ-come to urge en thusiastlc and wholehearted support" for Elsenhower and_ hlsjun Several Contribute Money to Help City Fight Phone Rate Several contributions hnvu been urnod in to City Treasurer Charles Joyncrson to bo usod by thu city n a Clflht to prevent a ruio Increase tor Southwestern Boll Telephone Company now before thoj Public Service Commission. Three local persons have sent In contributions — Mrs. Charles Parker, E, S. Cook and L. C. Kennedy. The City of Hope has joined oiher cities In the state In grouping their funds to fight the proposed increase, Any citizen or business ea. tabllshmont can contribute to tho fight by contacting Mr. Roynerson at the city hull. •.{'* '-H *A Beaten OH of Main Points By STAN CARTER SEOUL, Wednodey«frti push by 15,000 Chlncsti C which overran s&ven AIUocl slttons In tho first onfcct, day breached defenses. Stevenson Also Hops on the General By JACK BEL,U two heights guarding Seoul. .. '. , , + , Confused reports from ' somo no miles north of rean capital sald.J wns made on White „-,. tain and Allied countcrat trying to seal,oft The Hods appca up on their ftlKftUlt on rowhoad (Idee In order- irate on tho White Horfo Posslbly'400 or 800 Ch munist troops cut tb- Imotcr of the hill's front ropoi$$ ll&ty}!*-'—.. The Rods poured Jn» tillcry buvrnges ngoina then sent Xresft troopM SAOINAW, Mich. W?> —Oov. Adlal E. Stevenson of. Illinois toduy accused don, Dwlght D. Elsenhower of giving "comfort* 1 to Soviet Russia by labeling. American prosperity as war-born, Stevenson, the Democratic presidential nominee, said In art address prepared for the opening of a five-day campaign tour here that 'there is no greater disservice the Republican candidate could do America In ita world role than to suggest that our economic strength at home. U * yrt prosperity?* <•'' "When tho general speaks of our prosperity as being war-born, who nu can goln comfort except tho So- re i u ti v oiy vietB, who shout to the world that | *^j^y, wo have undertaken our defense program, not to insure peace, but to prevent a depression at home, by waging war abroad?" tho Illinois governor demanded. Ho add- the slopes which alrea^ „. voted with an estimated,>,, 1,300 Communist; dqadj "• ports Said. As fighting raged foi front line officers call?' gest Red assault'ln_, a iled offensive," It so unable to,-•"" *" across' two- front, Tho l»ft 'teffi! inpr m ea: "We expect this from irrcsponsibles I^Pl 1 rjjfi V*( «|r»Chot r W . ... — -?i.l of California. kind of talk „..>.„ ...,. r and Isolation, MMWVl -.« — •-- 1Bts - but not h ' om a man who ^ as 1. Richard M. Nixon formerly looked upon as an under- u *wca»«* | gtn ' ndjng loader Jn world a « u i rs ," Stevenson, scheduled to arrive hero by air about noon from opportunity clear." „„ "You died April 18, Roosevelt died," he 1945, when roared at noosevcii ««•!•, •"• -,.,:, i_ Doyle, whose son was killed m World War II. "You were a better man when he was living." Doyle replied that he was "a bet ter man because Roosevelt lived and died" and then recessed the hearing until today. Max picked up the medals after Doyle told him he should and came to the apartment early yesterday morning. After the children left for school, she said, the pair went into another room to talk. About 10:20 a. m., Mrs. Gregory told police, she heard three shots and her daughter came Into the kitchen, fell at her feet, saying: "Mamma, he shot me." The elderly woman 'said she looked In the bedroom door in " i •* * . *..._.. A Inn ^Q a I Veil U <"i» ««•"•& **"•**•*-•* ---- ets are available at Miss Henry s Shop, Shipley's Studio, Cox Drug Store. | be JJUjlv IU4« ••«»• »PW •— — . ashamed to throw awey 1 "anything as American as these jnedals. Max followed Actress Lynn Whitey, well known in radio circles o the witness stand. _ Miss Whitney refused to teU the ubcwnmittee whether she belonged o Smrounlst cell in the radio mdp| and added she was "not an ;jjciirTner." ... „„_ I wiU not c^ptribute to this com- ( mittee's efforts to create thought control in America," she said. Film Actress Dorothy Comingore also refused to tell the congressmen whether she ever had been a Communist Party member, but she SSa ~h<* u>aa "a eirl with 3 Sim- to see Massey turn the .38 call her pistol upon himself. Police said Mrs. Thompson was divorced from her second husband several months ago. Her first husband was fatally shot, police said, by his brother-in-law, who received a 5-year-suspcnded sentence lor the slaying. lke f AdlaiAre Keck ond Neck UEPANTO (UP) -T Ike and Adtei are expected to run neck- neek in their race here, are two entranfes LOW Court Asked to Rescind Judgment LITTLE ROCK (*>— The Supreme Court is being asked to rescind judgements totaling $2.200 awarded for injuries reportedly suffered Jn a fall through a Helena boarding bouse floor. The judgements were awarded to Mrs. E. M. Tensil, who said she was injured when sbe fell through a newspaper covered hole, made by workmen. E. S. Rawls & Son, a Helena Paisley Plans PTA Membership Drive In a recent meet.ing Paisley PT membership corriJhittee and room representatives planned a membe ship drive for October and ever effort is to be made to have eac child in the school represented the association. . As many homes as possible wi be visited and letters will be ma ed to each home. Class rooms will be visited to acquaint students with plans and awards will be given U> the grades having 100 per cent membership. Every person interested in the welfare of children is invited to join the PTA. By EDDY GILMORE MOSCOW, (/P) — Delegates to the th Congress.of the Soviet Com- unist party-have been told that en,' Dwight D. Eslenhower is an imperialist" and warned that Yierican troops are close to Rusa's Far Eastern frontiers, The attack on the U. S. Republi-1 an presidential candidate was made yesterday by A. N. Sneckus. ccretary - general of the Lithu- nian Communist party, who took ssue with Eisenhower's recent remarks about liberating tho people of the Baltin States. Elsenhower, speaking to the American i-egion Convention on Aug. 25, listed the Baltic states and other Soviet satellites as once $10,000 Injury Suit Before Court A $10,000 : was underwa; injury suit Hempstead Cir- today and is ex* ip tnltrest of the a independent but "now suffocating under this Russian pall." He said America 'must tell the Kremlin that never shall we desist In our aid to every man and woman o those shackled lands who seeks tefuge with us, any man who keep burning among his own people the flame of freedom or who Is dedicated to the liberation of his fellows," cult Court , _. r ,. pected to take - r ..,_. afternoon. In the pasWiugh Bear den, represented ty W. S, Atkins is seeking compsnsation tor alleged Injuries suffered when invol< ycd in an acafaent with a truck owned by the^Hone Brick Works. Albert Graves "and Ned Stewart represent the Brick Works, Viola Simpson, charged with sou ing intoxicating liquor, was tried by a jury and found not guilty. She was convicted in Hope Municipal Court and appealed. Willie Hopson, charged with wife and child abandonment, continued as long as the defendant pays $16 weekly to the sheriff, Jessie Lee Norwood, with grand, sentenced ' industrial Lee " Springfield, III., thus prepared to take the offensive against his op- jioncnt, busily campaigning In tho Pacific Northwest. Elsenhower's statement on which Stevenson teed off was made In several speeches. At Philadelphia on Sept. 4, the general declared that "today our initiative, imagination and productive system are once more tied and shackled to war and the prospect of war," the 100 The White —-,, head Ridgo,-m?* is about-48,miles, These height"- «>rr to Seoul and,'hero -,- r . their gw«t«* PWJjflC. Front rapwtis -"•*•*' Chinese was Rods , . Allies of possibly their '-' Frank, Ava Have Career Problems ST. LOUIS WI — A career prob lem has upset the Frank Sinatra Ava Gardner marriage, but it isn't serious, the crooner reported last night. problem," I think s .»jtf"ws »«isra.ff« that she bad been metal firm, pay $2.250, the having been active in Communist circles under tbe name ol "' — la the redbaired actress that sbe be flowed to w 'We have a career Sinatra declared. But I thinKi everything wjlll work out all right. \ I'm going to see my_ wife to about to Presbyterians Hot to Hold Midweek Service There will be no Mid-Week Ser vice at the Presbyterian Church Wednesday night. The pastor, L. T. Lawience, has been called to Osceola for a funeral service and it will be impossible for him to get back Iflttoe for the Wednesday night nieetiog. Jack Lowe, chairman of the Board ol Deacons, will speak at the Mid-Week Service next we**. First Frost Hits North Arkansas By The Associated Press , The first fall frost hit Arkansas last .night on the tail of a depart, ing cloud bank and general rain, Temperatures over the slate re muinod below 70, the coldest was FayettevlUo's 21 degrees, BJythevllJe, where the tempera ture was 33 last night, reported » neavy frost that did some damage, • At Little Rock yesterday, With a high, of 60, low 42, the tempera SEQUL, fantryinen Screammg in human, ordlDated. Korea, iiv Fighting threw . Into the thirds o But tbt days of ttui Con Hotel NapiMM eyed hatc dlctment-c operating,. jle guilty to a kiU, given sentence, .-• E. C. Pat», ,„„„.„ pretense, dismissed. L. D. Springer v».J* & judgment by default <QF Joseph Clifton Jobn»on» w _. „_ with grand larceny, plead guilty, given five year* *» n a ordered to state hospital for mental test. joe prater, false pretense, )udg ment of lower court aUtoped. v c. A. Oiler, driving auto license, fined 110 and Harry Mc!««UyV *" T"^*T ^^ f^t ' " irw» T-.-I-I -i '/f- *--, •— MV-^W ^t^^^TW »53> ture was 17 degrees below normal narhlng M ( Wj and the U, s. Weather Sureau^aid qnfcwl&i that tho temperatures, over ita r«»tffatal j»- 3ffl of the stato averaged »bout "- 1 * 1 * 1 '* ^« a name, PoioU roppyttng _ amount were 8'Wfeloy Howard, ter, moderate jjj^k '„.. _,. . grand larceny, Jury trial, not guilty. Michigan Flr» «n4 GU. v« Huey P. Qlbsoo, by default for |eW-88- found Springs, Five other cttjei,, besides „„„., ville reported temperature*. freezing and below- They y FUpnjn and Brin^y, "" ' ville, 30, apd Walnut JooefborOi AndT the indicates fjrtfe < Both .. yesterday. HetawwlUver way once nave rivaled plan . „. Africa bs brought on a disagreement, add- to* : me san go ^ ^»re9 if *e wanU. I n»v«r lat^fer? wi* bfl **»gi£ ' - - Hope Youth Named to HSTC S«nore The Fceshman cl«» »t Henderson State Teacterjf . fcftdelphia elected »PJI*J4 __- 0 | Hop? as «• MBWWtt tb* $tud*»t $W9t< ^mW'""^ Hope Solfltr Geti Reft In J«p«n

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