Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 18, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 18, 1894
Page 5
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DUNLAFS Celebrated Hats. Stiff, Soft and Silk. SPRING STYLES! DEWENTER, THE HATTER. OBSERVE! The announcement of Tucker & Young THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. Their New Spring Goods are ready for inspection. Special attention is called to # their $20.00 suits made to order. Yours Truly, "PUCK." CLIMAX BAKjNJL POWDER —••g^atgs^ggPB^^szsia IS ON TOP BECAUSE No other Is so Cheap Cotts lo»»than Half and pleases much better i tho over-priced an over-"endorsed" kinds Judge for yourself. In Cans. At your Grocer's DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MOUSING. MARCH is. For low pr cos On carpets and mat- tings see tho Trade Palace. Uead the Bee Hive advertisement. They have something to tell you. Sao tha Waubunk, tho K. it W. Plaster collar, ahown first by i'uttor- soc, the Haberdashfar. Say, you had better buy your fancy percale shirts, throe for the price ol one, at Jenklnes' assignee .s'll.-, Secure your Easter wrap by leaving ypur order at the Trade Palace tomorrow, all the very latest style* and tow- eat prices. The contract for the Jouutl'ition 1 of the Home for tho Frir.ndles;, building was awarded to Hunry Weigand j-.e*- tirday for $197. The Lt)gansport Wall Paper Com pany can soil you better goods, ffivo you better work for your money than you can get eUowhoro. Tho wliter supply was cut off yc-s- torday mornlnj,- u Htule after midnight aiid was nob turned on again until yftLT four o'clock. On account of this liio Joui-nal was delayed over two bouriJ find did nut roach the reid- eri until late. Died, at Chicago, on the 13th lost., Mr. James W. Morrison, or Lincoln, III., ayed 62 years. Mr. Morrrison was for many years a resident of thlfi city and will be remembered by the older in Habitants. He died from the effects of an operation performed upon In » hospital In Chicago. judge lion*' Attitude. IndianapolisNowe: Members cf the Appellate Court say that tho News of yesterday, in 118 mention of Judge Boss' railway decisions, gave a wrong Impression. It would bo impossible, the judges say, for a -decision to bo banded do-vn that is not favored by a majority of the court. The attorneys who criticise Judge Boss' decisions say that while his opinions in favor of the company are good law, ho probably prepares more dissenting opinions than any other member of tho Appellate Court. Members of tho court say that they do not know o{ Judge Ross being ac attorney for a railroad company. The laws governing the Appellate Court do not forbid tho judges from practicing in tho courts. A law to this elleet relates to tho Supremo Court, bus it was enacted before the Appellate Court was established. Nearly ail the judges say they follow tho law, as they think it applies to them in spirit. Another Opportunity lor Juiirirul Henricr*. The Journal has succeeded in securing the sole agency for the Marie .Borroughs Portfolio of famous actors and actresses. It will commence thi» series In a few days and those fond of beauty and dignity whether on or oil' the stage should secure those portfolios. The set consists of a do'/.cn or more numbers, with twenty photographs in each number, and they will bo given out for ten cents each with three Journal coupons. Vlro at Walton. The railway depot at Walton was badly damaged by fire last evening about C o'clock, being well nigh destroyed. Tho part of the building devoted to tho storing of freight Buffered most and together with its con- tontst was destroyed. The ticket ollho escaped with tho loss of its roof • Tbe tickets and papers were save:! und tho tuli'Kraph table was not damaged, The loss will be in the neighborhood of sf-liOO. _ Ttif :»lnd«-rn Way Commends itself to tho v.-ell.infurm^d, to do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done iu thticrudest manner and disagreeably as well. To clei\ns») thos stew ar.d break up colds, headaches and rovers wi'thoul unploas- ant nftor cttects. use tho .V.ighiful llqu'd hixa'.'.ve remedy, Syrup of Figs, All InvttClI. The meeting held this afternoon at 3 o'clock in the B, R. i' M. C. A.-rooms will be conducted by Dr. D. H. Christopher and all men and women are invited. We will show all the latest styles la drrss goods and trimmings at tho cpenlngot the New Fashion store. YODR NAME IN PRINT. Very Latest Styles. Item* of • Personal Chtricter Con* «ernluK IiOit«ii»poMern and Tlit-lr FrlondN Hon. S, P. Sheerin is ho:ne ,'rom tho oast. Frank Burns has returned from St Louis. W. C. Loree and F. M, Kistler went to Chicago yesterday. Capt. H. C. Eastwood, of Ft. Wayne was in the city yesterday. Mrs. George Waltom and children are visiting at Roy»l Center. Miss Lottie Wild, of Xoblesvllte, is visiting her brother, Robert Wild. W. R. Lennon, the telegraph operator is visiting at Chicago for a few days. Horace CrUmond la entertaining his brother, Dr. J. W. Critmoid of Elwood. Win. M. Elliott has gone to Chattanooga, Tonn., oo a brief vacation outing. Miss Kate Landis Is vieitlnjr at Peru, the guest of Mr. and Mrs, C. J. S. Kumler. Wilson Connolly of Covington, Ky.. is visiting his mother Mrs, John L. Maurice. Miss Murray of South Bend, is visiting in the city, the gunst of the Misses liowo. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cornelius, of Rochester, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dlo A. Hauk. Miss Marwopd, who was visiting Miss Bertha Hawkins has returned to her home at .Richmond. Miss Louisa Adams, who has been visiting Mrs. W. M. Grains, departed yesterday for her tome at Toledo. Xowton Jones an engineer on the Lake Shore road is in the city at the bedside ol his brother Frank Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hapenbuck of Gas City, are visiting for a few (Jays at the llagenbuck home on Broadway. Miss Nina Justice entertained a party of friends very pl&ueantly Frl- 3ay evening at her home on Tenth street. Mrs. Leo Nusabaum and her children of Marion, Ind,, are the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Michaels of west Market street. Indianapolis Sentinel: • Mrs. X. A. Rawlings of Loga-nsport, will come soon to spend some time with tho Rev, D. It. Lucas and family. Rev. Dr. Birch, of Marion, presiding elder of the M, E. district arrived hero yesterday. Ho will conduct quarterly meetings at the M. K- churches today. Mr. and Mrs. Benj. PIttman will celebrate their loth wedding anniversary tomorrow evening by entcrtaln- tainlng a large party of their friends at their homo at 1318 High street. Delphi Times: Mies Alice DeBolt, of Camden, who has been attending business college at Logansport for some time, was brought home last Tuesday ID very poor health, the physicians giving little hope for her recovery. Why has not tho monthly reports of tho city clerk been made? Tbo tax payers would like to know tho amount of city orders issued during tho past Is months.—Pharos. The columns of. tho Journal are open to tho city clerk .'or an explanation if this etotement is correct.- The Journal will not defend bad business management. It will insist on Republican officers doing their duty. It cannot and will not defend such a departure from the law as the democratic lily treasurer has been gailty of. The Pharos can have a monopoly ' of this business. ' .\'o (i on Huu<*. No. six of the World's Fair Art 1'ortfolio has-been received and it is the most beautiful of tbo tct so fur. It covers tbo Art building and its contents*. Number five Is still out but will be in in a day or two as tho order has been filled. The great demand swamped tho presses of tho publishing he use bui it assures the Journal that there will bo no more delay. And tho title to Ki'io avenue is not perfect. la what respect is the record defective?—Pharos. In what respect 1= tho title not per. >ct? The city bus a title bond for a KOod deed and no one has asserted that tho title, is not in tbo grantors. To':l the truth. ^ Tbo trial of Augusta Schmidt fur the killing ol Oscar Walton will begin at Kokomo.noxt Wednesday. A great number of witnesses have beeo sub- j ,,;nea und the trial is expected to consume several days. It is said that Frank Comlrigoro will _.e a republican candidate for city clerk. -Pharos, Mr. Comlngore states that he is not a candidate and has MJ intention of entering tho race. Notice toCbnrc&Oofi*. Services will begin tonight at the central churches of the city at 7:30 o'clock instead of 7 o'clock. , Please no-tide the' change in time. Of.', SPRING HATS. , We will save you $/>.00 on your purchase-, as ether^iore* B.-k srf.CH' fer idcntisally tho same styles and qualities. ltemeiiii>-.:r, nil 1:1-: latest Spring Stylos. Engineer's Plaid Waists 25 cents. Engineer's Bib Overalls 35 cents. , Engineers Overalls, without bib, 25 cents. $1 50 Percale Shirts 50 cents. $1.50 Undershirts and Drawers 50 cents. Red fleece-lined and natural wool Yacht Caps, ,;. j 40 cents. For men, boys and girls. $2.00 Fedora Hats and Derbys $1.00. $1.00 Neckwear, ALL DAY, for 25 cents. Come Today. " A. G. JENKINES, The Otto Kraus Stores. Assign.ee ADI»ITIO>'.4Ix I-OC.1I/**. the Tho best baking powder in world at Ben Fisher's drug store-, Our entire offering is new and styl- Ifih hats, neckwear and gloves, at Patterson's. Three hundred do-/.eu of kid gloves to be opened tomorrow for cos' at the Trade Palace. •Beauties, such lovely styles," otc., are the remarks we hear about our new shoes and Oxfords. —Pilling & White. Overul's and plaid jackets for railroad men, fifty cents per suit, at the ICraus sale. The County CommUsioners yester day refuted to grant liquor license to A. M. <&/ S Scott, of Galveston. Yesterday was St. Patrick's day. Beside a little- "wearin of tbo green" there was no observance of the day in jOgansport. John P. Anheir of this city ha* tho smallest dog on record, tt i.- a rat terrier, three months old and weighs just o!ght ouocr.s. Tho recent district Y. M. C. A. convention held In Elkhart was oca of tho most interesting meetings of tho kind over held In ttie northern part of tho State. Yesterday more ing Mrs. Bir.noy who lives south of town on the Burlington pike was driving to town when her horse becam« frightened ami ran away throwing the lady out inl'tciio^ injuries of a very painful character. Col, Jesse Harper, the veteran lawyer, who was at ono time associated., with Abraham Lincoln In the practice of law, addressed quite an audience «f Populists at the court house yesterday afternoon and liist evening. Tho Colonel is » forelolo and tonnewhat unique spe.-ikor ncd presents a fallacious argument in i.< very irito,"t^ting manner. Under a ruling of the Attorney Gen- oral unused school funds must ba eturned for distribution. Tijo Lo- ftansport School Board has been lie- •-nding upon about ¥'"',000 surplus ist year for Ufce this year. This ruling compels the return of thie, and if Ibe ;y;pr'- mo Court holds l-h'il this U the. law tho schools, willhuvo to be ilo.-cd t w<1 nKMiths nooner than was expec«:d ibis yca-r. A crowd uf trumps are 0!iiflpin£ in lha out=kir'tt^ of Coooereviile who are conspicuous for their lawlessness. Friday while a train load of hogs were passing through the yards, en route for Cincinnati, they a.-mi.-ed Ibom- by catching tbe hogs and s'ash- 6Kl '- '-T nis was kent up until tbere was on armload of ears, which they carried to the catnp flre and roasted. The i-quealinc of the bogs Ilnally attracted the trainmen, but by that lime the iciechief was done. At Walton Friday evening during a heated discussion with his married daughter, John Q Shafer inflicted a painful cut on tho back of his daughter's hand with a knife. He claims that the cutting was accidental, but it is otherwise claimed that the youn? woman received the cut OQ her band in wardfcfj off a blow which miKlu have bsen more serious. Tho matter created considerable excitement in Walton. For many nights during the progress of revival services in the Mulberry street M. K church at Kokomii, whip?. Inp robes and other articles of value have been siolen from busies acd curriagres, and although tho local police mate efforts to catch tho thief tho losses continued until they amounted to several hundred dollars ic value. Friday John Galloway, Mv- inj; iu a. handsome residence and the owner of much property, was charged with tbe theft and much of the miss- ir.;J plunder was found, in his ba:'n. Mr. Galloway Is seventy y:r>rs old. A commission will pa«s upon h's mental condition. Thfy want ti>c Kent. "The people uf this vicinil.v ii;s;Bt on having Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and do not ffart jiny other," says John V. Bi*hop, of Portland Mills, Indiana. That is right. They know ii t.o bo superior to any otb.vr for colds, and as a preventive and cure forr.rpup. nnfi w 'i." should !h<>v not Ir.sisi ni.i.i.-i l.avii^ 1 •'. f''•'••:• "'ent but- lies for .<".V ny ». !•'. Kv--:.'t r . 'iruj;-- LOOK HERE! If you want to buy or ecll a house and lot, If you want to buy or sell a fare, If you want to buy or eell a store, ,'f you want tc trade city property !cr a farm, If you have any cbeap houses for sale, Call on M. M. GORDON, Room No. 1 and 2 Spry Block, Logansport, InJ. BllMC B»ll. A new base bail uhib has been or- under thoi management of Will Hawkins and will be known us the "Flyliphts" with Bingy Dunnes captain. The battery for the club will be H. Jones and Ed DoJau. The olher members are Claud Beebee, isa base: Will Pkkett, 2nd bate; Pete Ubl, 33 base; Bingy Dunn, fhort stop; Claud Wise, left I:e!d: Will Brug-ga- man. center field: Toddy Bur.erwortb, right field. _ Attend Harry Prank'* i'li«.;j«>.n««>*alr» flliM.WCCh. $13.50 all woo! men's puitft, If 7. 75. £7.50 all wool men's s\iitb, $4.76. $1.50 all wool keareey patte, 99c. $1,00 men's and boys' pact?, 5S&- io-ccnt Decnin overalls. 30c. 50-cent unlaundriod thine, 32c. 50 and 75 cent llanncl shirts, 2oc. For wast of fpaco wo c.incot ma"- ticn many other bargains. For Mal« or Triidr. Fifty barrels full roller fleam rtour mil!. Everything first-clise, on Chi- CKgo & Erie Railway. Want good rental prop&ry. H. D. HOWKI.L, InJ. NOW -HIS IS A FACT Car! W, K-Her & Co., the Mer- ehantT^nb 5, /:-:ad them all in the Spring T; ade. LOOK .M T53IR PATTERNS. ^ck a;;v man in the city the way theil*"eioiiti i s ap- 1 made to fit and then know ihp truth. CARL W. KELLER & CO, •31.1 Market St.

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