Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 6, 1952 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1952
Page 11
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•prFr*?* tA >HOM STAt, HOM, ARKANSAS Monday, October 6, .. D MlttjM* fm- (Will homci, «« up. wwhwit 110 month, II »teii<illy " *A& frotw w* fo «»«••'> cy, Mac'* C«mp. HtrtH*,.^ #.*rrc~&*^ltW>wi**>#*-*- ' * '+ *M<Mmrt>h*H»*«n*iHHi*n ft TttAlNBt) bird dog*, t combirw U«to, I pupr>lo» old tfnotiah U tr«)n, 1, B. Ellen, dr., Hopa Pliona 7-MOfl, to COWOIRL booU «l«t 2',4- Olrl'i coat, »Ji» JO. Both practically Ph«m« 7-SW7. 84" Wlr*t tftOriflCQ for $3MO, My hmns at 917 North Kim in Hope. Write Old L. Mlnlun, 10412 Jontiul Drive, PnllM, Texn*. 3-3 Jn« plow. Contact MM, J, R, ltt» tor, McNftb, ArkRnm, 3-8 red polled bull*. Coming- yon ri old*, Offo rvglftterod and rmo •ubjeei to rusUtwlon, See W, fl. HuUlM or cnll 7.8842 4-8 LIVING room «nd dining room furniture. Hsrold Wnlkor, """" 4>3t B0nl»«rt Mr*. J. W »nd ,Mr*. A, 8, Mt The Negro Community Of fcftWf Items M MhM H6ttt4 fcrtwf iti •t HMfct «gt, Willie Wlinon of fort 8111, Okfa,, tpont the woek>eftd with hU Mr», Qiie«n B. WH«m In Pmcojt, and relstlv«« In Hope. J, a CJrlaby of Tucon, Arlx,, ii vlMttlng rolatlvr.it In Fulton and Hope. Luther D»lt>rn<y hM returned to hl» homo in Flint, Mltli,, after n brief vltlt ator, mah'i liulovn wntch. snln lor each* 8)11 W, Avo. E, t» i tn th« bent hom«» In town. MOO, Term* 110 per month. Call 1-2iM T, N. OelBW. fl- r> ForRtnt 4 room unfurnlnhed apartment, HorriWood floor*. Hu(lt-inn, Private) bath and «n. trnnc*, Onto In. 207 Hhovrr 8t, I^hono 7^480. 12-U 3 UOOM unfurnliihtjd apartm«ni. lint-no doncid. Bnth. Dullt in fixture*, Dia S, Simtefc, Phone 7« Mm, J, 1C. Hchooley. 0 room Itoune i unlurnlnhud 4 room houie tiud 1 fiirnlnhttd 4 room huo««. Utlll< tjjm paid. Niiur 8ehoolny> <Uon<, Mr«, 4, H. Schooloy, Phono 7- aw. Photo Shows Ump Did Moke a Wrong Call QNE'MAN SHOW—Dwlght D. Elsenhower proudly displays som« of 'th* paintings he executed during his vacation at tho Ifcicky Mountain much of his old friend, Altscl Nielsen, left, Chief among them wa» a portrait of Nielsen. Among the other "early Eiscn- hJMi/*««>i wwe polntlnga of local landscapes and an Indian head, copied from ;i calendar. 8 ROOM twfurnhihijel aft«rtm«nt. Havdwomt (loom, vcnotlsn uliflda, ChUdrftn allowed, Rent $38 por month. UtIIHIeii pnld, Phone ( HM». 3-04 Wonted to Ivy By JOB NSW VOftK (ff 1 )— A picture »a at yo»terd«y'» World Surloa appeared today to «how that icnn L<sn«iie Umpire Art Pa- msda n wrong call- —arid Commlmloner Ford Frlok It, collnd New York pitcher Johnny Sjtln out «t firm »a*o In tho tenth Inning, Tim picture, token by Associated ProM phriiojtrapher John T,lmlm»y, ij showed Snlu'ii foot on''the bu« and, the bill) not yet In firm buiwmdn OH Hodges' mitt, "According to tho picture, It lookH like Pnsaarelln called R wrong piny," Krlck sold. "If he did, lie's only human. 1 n«fctire you It'* not tho first wiong ettll ever made by on umpire, if It wan thul, What'* all the shoutlnii IV Player* make mUtitkes too, Bo do official*. 80 does the loner, A player rnnkeit an error, (mother for«oU to cover o bairn, a Bitelw mit*** n wild pitch from him, Very M\» -in sold, ''But once an umpire mak«» a Wrong call, hfl I* eftfoitiocl. Why? An umpire (» only hurt>«n. He con iiinke ml»l»ke», too, All I'm In- lewtod In MI 'whether he was In 'in*} »l*di«« u.ji.^fi.1^^. i-i. ...j—t-i A. . .., *» pclcti ' Wing, Ppr *p«clflcQt!ons («1««1) ormerly ob- WestComt Teams Look Stronger NEW YORK f/fl — Things may be different ot Rose Bowl time but right how football fans in the Far Wi.'8t nrc very happy about the way Pacific Const teams have been v hlloplnx the Big Ten this year. Stanford's thrilling 14-7 victory I foe since a 31-7 loss to Wisconsin over Michigan and California's 49-'last year, but the two aren't sched- (a dispute the Pacific Coast title with California and Stanford, solidified Its eighth-place poll • ranking v/Ith n 22-0 victory over garne but outgunned Army, while .Kansas, No. 9, whipped Colorado, 21-12, If Wisconsin docs falter in the Big Ten race. Purdue will be right on their heels. The Boilermakers made e recovered (umgle, blocked kick and intercepted pass pay off with a 21-14;, victory over Ohio State, stretching* their string of conference victories to lour. They haven't lost to a conference 13 trampling of Minnesota made it four Htrnfght for coast tenms galn«t the Big Ten. This sort of thfng could mean the end of the Midwest's six-game winning streak In the Rose Bowl Jan. t. Boh Mnlhlas bullod over from the one-yard line for Stanford's winnlns touchdown. Big man for California, ranked (curth nationally In the Associated Pi ess football poll, was Halfback Don Johnson with four touchdowns, one of them an 84-yard dash. Wisconsin was the Big Ten's leading contender for the Rose Bowl trip after Saturday's 20-0 victory ovor Illinois. They're saying tht Badgers should sweep through the refit of their conference schedule- If they get past Ohio State this week. One Midwestern team, Michigan State, had a narrow squeak out West. Tho Spartans, rated No. 1 tiled this year. Douglas Feels Some Better About Porks FAYETTEVILLE — tilt team lost its Southwest Conference opener to Texas . Christian Saturday, but Arkansas Football Coach Otis Douglas was feeling a little better today. , He wasn't talking of resigning, CIF he did after the Razorbacks were beaten by Houston .a week ago. But he wasn't satisfied. He won|t be. until the Porkers produce /a full 60-mlnute porfoi-mande -p^ the In the nation, downed Oregon State, type he thinks they are capable ot tht wre, ' "H'» , jvtdgrrtont, the cutwor, WM, wM'oui find th "But true play fented FAT HENS - t>4 Kg & }*> f i s- otOUmond iL^L- - w» tor tho first we out what fld seen on the (at snfe, The V bitter protest cr ho way I ft»" , , M, In « 3-3 lend in .feeing the plot i*id it only 'ought they - thai Sain had »tn«ed the decision, Top Radio Programs *J*W YORJt MucHae |how$|> Conowt HiOTtBi CftS - t «t«i\ 9 Bob Hi " ABC - Muupln Jttvk»w>. M&8 Uojnald Voorhcon Th«- F.-«nk " IK ot the Year ond N*& IT* » HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU~-?-"Tubby," a king penguin u| the- London Zoo, gives one of his chicks a lecture on proper penguin behavior. The- baby is more Interested tn swlm- injf th»n in etiquette, but it must learn how to behave In a penguin's full-dress attire. UT OF DOORS with What Do Bear* Eat? t By WARREN PAGE Shooting Editor I 1'ueull overhonriiiK tho i*piy of o (trusty old svoodsmiui tq n question. "What do cnt?" Wltlx wry humor'tho »}d(lmer responileti, "Bud, they've U8t like humuns — cut anything hoy V\\\ git," Truer wovds were never'spoken. Nothing Is.so Vftlishert by * Kvh- ily att the tnoAths-Qld cnrcasa of 'eoivof caribou that wna raught a snowaliclo bnd later uncovered by Spring son, I've even sfc«» bear smear his mug. with inush- ttcn salmon l» ecstatic imltutlon ot ionic mcHlorn b^iwty truittments, Wh n mountain griwly dig- <n(t ground stiufi-rols or rock rabbits, the unto rodents of the high country, and yon, ^ot some understanding ot nnlnvftl powvr. With one careless p»w suipe, he will roll down tho hill a burrow* Plockinq boulder that n man would not shift with a I0.toot pi-y. The 17-14 on ;i field goal by Eugene Lckentn In thu last two secondu of play. Texas tennis hnd a gloomy time of it Saturday in intcrscctlonal contests. Notre Dninc, looking like the powerhouses of old, led the Invasion with a second-half surge that burled Texas. No. 5 nationally, 14-0. Other Southwestern Conference scores: Georgia Tech 20, Southern Methodist 7 Kentucky 10, Texas A&M 7 Louisiana Stnte 27, Rice 7 Baylor 31. Washington State 7. It was No. 17 in n row for Tech, the class of the Southeastern Conference, and it now appears that the F.nKinoors' clash with Duke Nov. 1 will be for the championship ol tho Southland. Duke, South-1 urn Conference kingpins, con-j ciuorod Tennessee by holding "the' Vols' heretofore mighty grand at- Uick to 25 yards while punching out a 7-0 victory. Tho non-conference champion- sh.p oi the Southern Conference has been settled, by the way, by Maryland's thoroughgoing 28-0 shellacking of Clcmson. Maryland, tanked third ..in the AP poll, was suspended along with Clemson, for playing in bowl games last New Year's. . After Navy's 31-7 thumping of Coinell, however, the Terrapins may have trouble winning the championship of their own state.- They meet the Middles Oct. 28. Princeton, preparing for its key Ivy League clash with Penn nexx Saturday, rolled to a 61-19 victory over JUitpers. their 24th in a row, while Pcnn h'ad to struggle to down Darmouth, 7-0, on a 5 -yard pass from'"Walt Hynoski to Bill Deuber. Southern California, which hopes producing. Douglas said hip team gave tho "maximum effort" he haS bden wanting for part of the TCU game That was the first time Arkansas got the ball. It drove down the field for a touchdown, which <?ame tn an 18-yard run by Jack Troxell. . ' ••'•.. "The blocking on that drive was as good as a man could want," tho mentor declared. But it didn't continue for the remainder of the game. Arkansas unveiled a new offense — a deep split T — at Ft. Worth Saturday night and Douglas plans to make more use of it against Br.ylor this week. The in their Porkers wore deep in their own territory when they sprung th formation again TCU and didn't do much with it. : But Douglas feels the new alignment has many possibilities. In it; he uses his star quarterback, La mar McHan, at full, about nine yard back, and Bob- St. :Pierre, the southpaw passing ace, at quar? tcr. This put two triple-threaters in the same backfield. Either can get the ball — St. Pierre on b regular T hand-back from -center: "McHan on a direct snap between St. Pierre's legs. Either can- run, pass or hand off- the ball, and.-McHpp is in position to quick-kick*. » • • ., Douglas also plans to spend time Kansas in Big Seven Driver's Seat KANSAS CITY wt— Kansas hart tho best seat In the Big Seven football race today but there were' strong indications the undefeated Jsyhawks are in for several rugged afternoons before the cham p ion- ship is decided. The Jayhawks followed their tit* ual script Saturday in beating a strong Colorado team, 21-12, for Iheir third victory at Lawrefice. It was the Jayhawk's first conference game. But while Kansas was celebrating its Important victory, Coach JuleS Slkes* rnen must have been, gravely concerned over the doings of Oklahoma, Missouri nd Nebraska. Defending champion Oklahoma hit UK old-time stride in knocking Off Pittsburgh, 49-20, at Normah with fullback Buck McPhail and halfback Buddy Leake setting tho scoring pace. McPhall rambled for 138 yurds, scored one toufchdown and made one conversion. Loakc scored two touchdowns and kicked six points. Missouri abandoned its wide spreads for a solid 26-0 split-T victory over Kansas State at Manhattan. : Nebraska won its third game o£ thj season against no losses by bopping Iowa State, 16-0, at Lincoln., • 'Thp new week finds Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri tied lor the .league lead with one victory apiece. Kansas and Nebraska will bo highly favored to win the two conference games this week. Kansas ineets Iowa State at Ames, and Kansas State .plays Nebraska at Lincoln. Oklahoma, Missouri and Colorado have important dates with tennis from the Southwest. Oklahoma and Texas will meet in their traditional game at Dallas. Missouri will entertain Southern Methodist University at Columbia and Colorado hopes to get going again at the expense of Arizona in Tucson Saturday night. on pass defense this weekv. Ray McKown, TQU's great tailback, passed for 266 yards against the Ruzorbacks; •••' "- - -• .--. "It looked-like they are completing every pass .-they-< thiew,' v i the coach commented. ••? * — <• Arkansas will face another, fine Browns Reach Showdown Stage NEW YORK UP) — The battle for the championship of the American Conference of the National Foot- bnll League will reach the show down stage Sunday — long before the season is even half over — when the"Cleveland Browns entertain the New York Giants. The Browns won the title last passer in Baylor's Cotton-Davidsqn | : 2"0, and the Giants pouring it on in Little Rock next Saturday night, tht Philadelphia Eagles, 31-7. FOBID: CODY %, bury a »ony in — » Itst-stxa creature that's tidbit, » «»w few catching , th* llftts of tho V JUv«i\ and you'll *ee Bwle» On «to«e nts of woods - otfam* Just und^f th» 'ten. hug* ' burrow- m . litter. TheJr ultimate^' end t«rr««n burrows always a eirsulm- sub- Gavilan Outboxes Bit! Graham WI, by Al Cedy. . fcy Kinff«olut.l Syndicalt. — CHAPTER ONK UNTIMELY darkness poised like t hoverjrig bird over the land, «,.iucezing out Ua woe in long wet sheets ot rain. As a consequence, the streets ot St. Louis were all but deserted, B*VC tor those unlucky mortals compelled by necessity to be abroad at this hour. A team of nondescript nags splashed through the mud, the carriage which they pulled drawing up discreetly short ot the light reflected front th* windows ot the Planters House, that well-known and justly popular hostelry at Chestnut and In the uniform ot a rlv«r <aptsiln. But it's mostly the loo,krof'Wiin>f- kind of a high *nd ip>6htj Abruptly he broke ...off tq room. There they HAyANA, CtfUt —Cuba's outbowrt and out-smarted BiHy Graham in their Srtd b&ttle for the welter-weight bosln« championship of the world. |V,j^ men ^ghted, dismissing Guvllan last night took at least ' .__.... 11 ot the 13 rounds, and left no ooubt about th,e decision this time. There ore s,tlll many who say Graham should hove hud the de. ctsion In their New York title bovJt 1931. v« " & Three » City €*pity, On» crtdlt tt « larder of roots, neatly chew «4,ott to two-inch lottittw, «t»«k. ed against evil days. M*w B«ar will snuffle a)«»« th&ir burww traces until sh* locates tha storehouse, then with » torepaw she'll u»a«y wlpo th* voof off, T»MJ rwM^ she'll leave (or desssrt, b«, cause inevitably th«r« ar« hall a ^loien flnger>sUo mlc« scurryine off In All directions. With all the «r««it of a cla-us t Isdy Jlft)tin« up a oroken string pearls, (he darls and iK>vu\ces, nvoiv often than not> oc- «quinsh)iiit a mousu to or flipiHxl to tiu> cqbs, t jtartlcular u>ous<> family is ca«»ht or all safely gone to «roy«d, ak«')l >tr«ll back to munch ti» stored roots in great dignity. iUtt »s tt a few momtiiit* bt»tor« «h« h»d»k't U-*i\ imitating a dew* »«er pursued by Aug. But Gavilan this ttme was the, master ot the situation nearly all me way. But the Cuban was so cmutious not to let this welterweight crown got away from him that It not much ot a spectacle, as 'the cab. The first w&a topad, glvlni th? appearance ot Pouter pigeon; the next man was h|1| a ' lowering his vpice t» V| ,,h,ls|ihg whisper. "There he tq howl jutt, getting out ot that carjlafe!'. 1 '{ This second equipage had PUUefl up squarely In trojit ot; thft M||ht thrown from the windows; Captain Denny Rawls, disdainful Ot the beating rain, paused 19 pay " Care, and with a smile and | g tuity tor the driver which .brou an answering grin of 'a to the broad black face, briskly across U»« si thuds muffled by the ness ot the, board*, wid dl within. >'[>', Pnce inalde, Rf w(i the main entranw. surve bjg, brilliantly lighted- room equally resplendent con)pan; he had feared, the . "• *4'"|v**,, 1 ,,^f- - ,, j -.-.-] -_ red, a sharp- hawh n«e, and . lowlsh-brown eyea, After * quick, auspiclou* glance liround, his voice One tiling bear* will not eel under any saw the mo*t «xtiao*> dinary circumstances— and wmsm Uer U»»l they'll duve on each other vv^th reliah-is human flesh. Thw wvl>' tuthtuiUcated instaacss o< hruntn't actually (eedwg »n m»n that rv« xvvr h«ard of himself commented that Qnvilan threw him oft by not leading, "As the champion, I figured he wculd carry the fight to me, and the folks of his own country real battle. But he dM'-.'t. And if I hadn't taken the fight to him, there would not have bean any Citiht." The 13-round battle, fought in Gut-n iiii'. under clear skies, came aft«r tht-ir Saturday night encounter had been washed out by a) tropical downpour. • j Sports department officials estimated "the crowd as 35,000 to 40. 000. but a check-up with stadium otlicials showed official attendance ol o4Jb' 15,840. The one-day delay and threatening weather S u nday blamed for the drop. iya understand what t Whwi he ahow» up re, contrive (9 raafc$ —but at fte proper wtwr* the man b*c««u«t car rfew in |«rt« quomUtws. fast** . wmch law. In alt the Instances of fata) attacks upon living men by bears, IWQVok$ii or unjurovofced, I hive sever heard tb*t tte fe*«r t*4 Hosb of the man he'd came clipped and short? "Do ytn boys you are to do? i at The Planters, a fool ot him tune, understand, attlr my . arrives and when i five you &e' atgnaJl Make htm look Uk* a a bungling idiot. Do a good ,„.. and I'll pay you ten dollars apiece. If you put on a really good per> tormance, ('11 double ii" "Trtist us Cor that, Cap«n Whlrt- er." The voice win unexpectedly thin and reedy, coming as W did from the beefy ntan with the pock, marked race, "You can always depend 09 old Sot Sherwood for any job, specially If Its * »toow. ~ been on $he stage yet i| it for thl* «ae» tf into*. AJU) Tab«r here Is «Uf h aa good M «e. f»pt is, for that money, we'tf do morfn ]mt nuJfe a show of ht^ jj that's what yoq want." -I do»X yoy tools!" WWrter re- tertad tn»patle«|Uy. "Po what I Mil you. and HI be «»UsA«d. But il you huncl* it, I'll halve your "But hew will thronged, even on such a night. His gray-eyed glange room, quick anieifw, I ot ita hope as ha nuade those f pr whom he looked «>t Of Monday, -October £, 1952 HOU S TAR, HOP!, ARKANSAS OZARK IK! AH, WE'RE HAVING SOMETHINS «A/TULiy &JIV\G. i nw»a r»vr tjLur VJf" • ] 6000 PDF? SUPPER <lsC7 *n*«iii/^U't'—\AMjA-r .:==•> tn By MieNetl O' OUT OUR WAY By j. R. Willl«m» VlC'S SLEEP' IS Answer to Previous Puzzle M-M-M--I SEE/ VDUPOMT WAMT TOUR. FOLK^TO IT, EH? WELL, ITS CJUITE A PAIMFUL. OPE RATIOM, THIS ROCK. SALT BUSIMESS — WHOSE ORCKARP S6B A COfft Food and Drink HORIZONTAL 2 Angers 3 Followers of 8 Roast leg 4 Swiss capital 0 £ v 5 Fish sauce 32 Go astray - 0 Vigorous 13 Pseudonum of 7 t.irry '• Charles Lamb 8 Dormouse J4 City in 9 War god : Pennsylvania 10 Mud ! 5 15 Beverage 11 Mrs. Truman 26 Concise 41 Cathartic drug 16 Performers 17 Group of nine 27 Abandoned 42 muffins 18 Perfume 19 Dye ships 43 Unaspirated 20 Organs of 23 Mountain 28 Mineral rocks 44 Bird A smell nymph 29 Essential being46 Carrots are W 2l Pedal digit 24 Tyndareus' 31 Sexless . 22 Custom wife (myth.) 33 Indian weights vegetables 24 Hawaiian 25 Site of ancient38 Realm 47 Venture wreaths Olympic 40 Small fish .48 Heroic Old games good to eat 50 Relative Phoenician WASH TUBES VEAES TOO SOOM eT .; '•.',.", ^^. ». With Major Hoopla OUR BOARDING HOUSE V KMOW. gROWER AMOK'S ( EH ? WHAT'S TMAT, 3AKE I'ME HAD A SIS CHAMS& R YOU'RE — AH-ER n 1 MEART'—AFTER Ail-, Y Si^LlSTlMG iM M.V CAOSe HOOPLES ALWAV6 MAS A 66AD/ YOUR LO/ALTVTOLJCHed TRD& BLUE PALS, <4 ME TDEEPLV —ANlD roSETHER LlKe)A ti&BD A COA\AAOsJ *SM BOulS AND HER BUDDIES VOUR TVP6 TO I'M GOMMA h\etP POT you OH 1 . 1 . \M SO \JOTERS-~-tMe j- vs. ctvxvvo -\o By Dick Turner CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNY CLUC HI'S KO&B IN THAT &OOK HOUR,' t HOPE IT.' By Hershberger FUNNY BUSINESS %m^%zz yKw%;* W ''7Z/' $'//&.. '& *^ ALLEY OOP W STARS,! I CAN'T 6EEM TO 0OOLA, 15 X ALLEY 00MBTHING A PICK UP 15 THIB WRPNG \V1TH ) USLY THE VIEW "MUTT" I© ! .... 2 IN /i CONDITION CONTRIVBD A WITCH . HER MUSCLES, P PAWNS FOP!, HiR ANNUM. IALLOWEEN PROWL, |Copr. \K1 by NE* Sluice, me. V'Oh, he's not my brother! He's a neighbor boy we let do idd jobs around the house to earn spending moneyl" By Gqlbraith SIDE GLANCES doesn^ like that customer^ politlQll" vr* ; ' ' ' . • FRICKLIS AND HIS FRIENDS ly •'<>»««' CJHMS WELKIN OV SK- FRIEND THE JJSUAL, WITH A SK- HAND ON THE $K-WHIPPCP CREAM / f «.VliJ> year after the Giants gave them a rjeckrand-neck race right, down to the wire and it looks' as ihough the experts are not going to be wrong for a change. They predict- .eii p repeat of the two-team battle. Both teams warmed up Saturday for the. task ahead, the Browns nipping the^Pittsburgh Steelers, 12- You'cotild find places other than , and he accepted the situation It was. Despite his own sympathies, 1 he could see much to be said oh both sides. Though as for St. Liouls, h| hadn't liked it on his first Visit, and he cared even less for it on his second call. It was a splendid city, of a hundred and sixty thousand population, and bulging at the scams with Strains of, war. That was the trouble. To a nifln reared on the upper reaches of the Missouri, any With more than a hundred people In It seemed overcrowded. .Tl),t two men from the other car- rlagl 'h<|d entered the room, corn- un^ttr^slvely through A side , T^jey moved to the bar, not front where he stood, Rawfg ~ th|m a passing glance, noting ' Wky beefness of Sherwood, ik-marked face and uncon- of posturing; the peculiar 1 of Taber's hair, hanging BflPn| beneath his sodden hat, hf|d hi« attention briefly. The pair lotictt} as out of place in this room 14 M felt Then his survey checked at a table In the center of the room. A woman sat alone, aa If wait- Ihlt tor aomeone. She was young, with generous color in her cheeks, (Or the moment she was line §t a menu, which gave opportunity to study her WM outfltandlng In this gay company Which filled The Planters —as I|M» would be anywhere, it not her beauty, for her nose avails too Wg, her mouth Mil, , Put there was » striking about her which Bawls fcg 4M the rtsine beat waves shiny room, , bursting through iky-hjue «f June

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