Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 6, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, October 6, 1952
Page 7
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•• '-\' ,' MOM STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, October 6, 19S2 , October 6, 1952 HOPI STAR, HOPI, ARKANSAS It* Of ArV I ttihmlll^ * «p« IM- LI"! 1 « Mf w Ar» t* Juw for »t*t«» .appoint- r«lM,C*m. *$K*rj* •A< Within »hsit VfHft 4* miry be C, March UO,JM1, of BtnU if JlAtL May 0 thru 0fit,ST (28 tlm«») Legol NoHci fifc flf , OQNiriruriMUl, AMBNDMRNT NO. 41 the kffltt** Of tho HUt6 of AH<«n*a« And by the > of All Ui« id BneH^Jffliuafl following«» hereby ffro* s* an «m«ndm*nt to lh» ftf lHj» tttflte ot 8fl». the elector* ot, , , jirovfit »t rejection 0i th| id for op. pnnrnl olBPilfin tot nepr«*ent«' tivw n«a Senntorn, it a Jn*J0rHy of ji theroon In »uoh inch , «m0ndm«nt, ftsmo «h«l »>ceoimo ji Pftrt of rnnolllutloh of the fltoMi of r*»fl*r tip/ wlU . , 8J8CKOH ». th^t th« Of the flifite Of Arkofl»n» b« nmetided modifyinfl Sccllpn ,10 of Af tide f <m<! RC-otlon 9 «f Afttend- rnent No. 84 ot mild 'ConHtlUillon, io ail to prwJdo for the elncMon of A County Clork In nil of thrt »ild of tho state, AD f0t]owi: \ tor Uw R County Ofltk upon a lion bflKlR of hereby uhollih there r»uy • lift sleeted 9 Clork in 1ll««>.JrM»no»r • In Death of fighter to Be Probed ORLEANS, fUPl — The boxing commission wn* PX- todny to onlwr n* lnvp»tl- into tho death of Jimmy *8urtl Tfltylnr, « promlilnx 21-yenr- «W Miami, Fin,, Negro WRlter- weight, who dlfd of Injurle* tut In A boxinx hoiit hern Mows Briefs HOCK <JH ~ Ocr/.-noml- Frflricl» Cherry li In Texas! tht* week tn «ludy (hut Mfllo'8 ROv- crntm'hlfil funcifon*. Ill* h«adc|uar< Ur* hi-ri- HA Id the Democrotlc nom hid" would vl»it other dlnles before outlining hl< proKmrn for pro* rnUiflon to the 1933 CIcnerKi A*> ntlhl, tl T fliytor reoolved 'a *|ln«ln0 rl«ht to th« etmvat in thit «l*th round «f . a 9ehttJul«d 10 round imul with Chncley Joieph, I0-y«>nrftld Now Orient!* H«iro who wan ff«htln« hU flri) feature bout. Ho w»» cu»hed to Charity lion- pltnt following the knockout and ruportfid to be gufferlne from h«m- oro|« nod concunslnn, tic n«v«>r reKftlnod con»clounne»» nnd died early today. Taylor only twd wacku B«O had BuwllniM of Chi- »txth.rBnikln« light w«lnht t,ITTI,K ROCK — A third cniKlMni<? mny cntnr thi> rncn for Ij. 8. rejtrpK<*nfatlv«» from the Sth restrict. Fct Schul.U, a Jacknonville ncwi|Hi|)fi publisher, Nn id Sulur- rtn.v •><< would t-nlor the- race an nn Indcpi-ndcnt. t>;rrio<;nitle Inciimhpnt Brook,* H;i>* of l.ltllc Hock (irid rif'publl- CiTi L«n/.o Tloxs already hnv« filed fnr lh«' (•'int. The district Include* f'nlHdkl, Veil, Ooriwtty, Popo, Fiuilkwir nnrt !'<>rry rounlloft. UTTl,K ItOf-'K lift •» Tho Arkar- fttn Ucrnoornllc State Committee 1 open* i>ffle«* hertf tomorrow to dlrrft th« stall- cnmpriliin for the party'n SlfivwHtm-Spnrkmnn ticket. St«t« Committee Chairman Lcffel Just Who Is Paying Way for Truman? By ERNE8T B. VACCARO m,h ch arid other *tich expense* of the President, his speech writers, stenographer, secretaries, clerks and other. It does not cover the expenses j WASHINGTON (UPi— The FBI Bonk Robber on Wanted List of the Secret Service men. announced today that John Joseph Tho law require* that they be>! '"'^ etlnatl « 33-year-old bank robber *ith the President nt all tim,,« I w . ho lM ' asl!I hp wl!l "never be taken with the President nt all times, ,• wherever he Is and whatever his n \' v *' n has been placed on It* list 1 of 10 most wanted fugitives. The Chicago-born Brcnnan, who har spent less than four years of mission, and no invitation is in- TRAIN — i vHved insofar as the National t resident Truman's; Committee is concerned. .. ^_ ...... ., l v-.vt i i i i n i n t |,-j »_****^.V*ll*JU. ' '"- —,- — .., .~. uu ...»..« *u»t J \,*tl & ill 8.500 mile. Z4-Ktnte campaign tourj Whoever happens to be president! !lls adlllt ' if e outside of prison, re t All I f» r-"*w\" *w* j TT i i W » *7I 1141 |Jf/i:| I Jl \\J UV JJl eoJUUlll I * —^-.... ...-v- t*n»n IM t \/i |Jtl^Ull| It" for A«mi Mevonson costing «he!al the time gets the advantage of|P lnces « ft!llow bank-robber, Thom- government? j th(? Secret S( , rvjee protecUon ln ;as Edward Young, on the FBI's This was tne nuory, relayed to| a campaign year. No political i, WXUi*a»K1fl4r Hght W«lKht Orntry said Mnyd Lewis, n Little if. JOiWph b«d gone unctofent-, Rnc-k public n-lallonri man, will ho »d Ih *om« 20 preliminary mother in chnrw of iho new offlco. but wo* moktJ'iK hi* first f nppoiirfinee ngoinst Taylor. Odurt of »w county until otherwise provided toy thu aenefftl A«»emDly." Thl* Amoridment shall bo tn full fovcu and effect upon nnd after ' Mnrch 20, 10B1, tary of Stttlft * 0, HALL 0«l. »7 : tau tltnet) Lcgol Notice PROPQ8B0 AM'BNDMENT NO. w , 11 11* REsGl,VKp by the IIovi«« <>t Representative 0f the Stnto of Arltnnsnii (ind by (lie Senate of th« State of Arkunun*, a Ma* Jortty of All tho M«mbpr« ed to -• ••"••" •• tin' foUowlng U hereby «ro» «« an Amendment to tho Conof tho Stnte uf liunoau, n member or tin- if cummfMlofT, did not si-f th<< „ but «nld, "H nr>«m« to me that'll jtift ono of the haMnrrt* of boxing." "1 tlon'l know whnt »tep« cr.uld tnk«fl to povenl'lt," he ndd'-d, it ww JMflt n thix correspondent aboard th« 10- car special train taking the Prosl- ik'iil from whistle stop to whistle Ntofi coast-to-coast. An editor of a nowspnper wanted to know. The answer to that question is beyond tho determination of a roportcr without tho power to subpoena witnesses and compel their testimony and time In which to record und weigh It. The answer would Involve a do- eiclon a* to exactly where a political action starts and an official action begins. It would require a complete record not only of the everyone aboard the salaries of "Rive 'cm urru-: ROCK M — Th<> state Km|jloyrin.'tit Security Division nd trilnlntriitor jiaya weekly unctrnploy lu-ll" presidential special, but of ! rnnny others along the route it travels. The Democratic National Committee has announced It is pick- fllfht nnd Taylor wn» hit by a punch." , Markets By Th« An«oeUt«d Press fhc ho« motrket utartcd off with 0 IBM 'of lifi «ent» to 50 ccmlti per humlrad weight. Cattle wore sttuuiy to lowej? nnu shciip (irountl stcuay. Orient) h<ul A firm tone at the open WUoat and «oybeutt« ' opcnod 93 cents a bflln niffher to 2 cents lower. ' monU were mostly Commodity Report, fur by the USDA; oro B«nin« an cents to r>o qt-nts lownr «« a rule at mid went mni'kots, BBrly sulea of 100 to ^0 pownfl bM«Ch«rt hsvp bulked from $19,00. tfl'$H»*?6»iivhll« tops nt eastern commit tornilnnls rannc from ' 9& cents 'Jower, «t mo*t- market* nows fire bring but choice lljiht to III' or iriptit benefllH of $2(1 to (|iinlffledl mg up the chock for this 15-rlny *"'"" "' '' "" " 'speaking tour by Truman with ar» estimated figure of something under J25.000. Tlmt apparently covers the railroad transportation, menls, hotel Arkansas veteran.-) of tho Korean w«r will begin Oct. 14, Administrator John H. CJrecnc sold the compensation program Will nllnw unemployed veterans to receive '.'(.impensntlon for 26 weeks, HP SflW veterans who served at lco*t 00 consecutive doys in tho ormud force;* since Jun« 27, 1950 and who received nn honorable dlttchnrue would be eligible for thi> program, MARIANNA, —Some 500 Pu- ftire H«rnemiiker» of America nre lit the Kn.tturn Arkansun n'N iiiituinl full mcctiiiK iore Oct. II. ' PINK BLUFF i/W — Sheriff Allen Nix mi identified nn "apparent hit- fcrid-run driver' victim here yesterday un Albert Howard, 45-year- old liunslcy timbormun. Nixon «aW Howard's body was found Saturday uuirnlni; on Highway 05 near Iledfii'ld LITTUD KOCK — A North Little Rock firm hns ruceivcrl ti $411,000 contract for construction ut .10 bollnslHo buildings at (he Styimok<fr Nova! A m m unition Oonot niinr Cnmdon. The Elijhth Nnv«I District nt Now Orleans Oworflotl tho contract to .thd Pc- twsoh, Onrbl & Joseph, Inc., construction firm. General to Continued tram jea^e One solved not to talk apwHson poll- M«s on Sunday. Kui then he said: "It ne<?ma to me It is perfectly possible to telk^some very Important «nd true' Atnei-lcanlsfna w i t hovtt Uettinn into purtisnn politics." At UvhigsUm, ho sultf Americanism was bti;>ed on religious faith and thla InclifUod honesty" and In tegrity In government. that through honesty and integrity "wo will find the pinks we will find the Communists w« will find too dUlayal," ^te ««ld M»« older »mwt pass on to youths Uve ,«rf Hie ijtast, B« Mid Uto«« error* meant "we have fallen Into 'tyo ttnil upon being of. the Sl«le (or npprovn] re^fltlon nt tho next •W utieh ' nmctulnloft, iwl b^corno » pin «!t the Con»lltvitlon of the State ot Ac' " to-wJU jJfo. 1$ to ti«i Con of thp State ot nupted by the oieetov* Stats «t*e-aca<srm Election held cwHhujtod on the .oth iaaa, Is :Mir*uy "*'•"> ,N &QBKA — that ao«»n't' We ia at It* ftiatoon, specialising " When It Is than hotf the for the Rod burp j»un, mainly by n Wi« ww» AU tu*o volunteer*. W»4ft^ *&.>»«*» k tl'lTLE ROCK — Prosecutor Tom Downle says the Pulnskl County Qrund Jury will convene Wednesday, re-openlnu un Investi- Ration of the ArkunHHS Higliwiiy AiflUt Commission report, Tijo March .Grand Jury was dismissed by Circuit Judge Gus Fulk in it .dispute over n similar Inves- tiRutlon, ^ The MAC charged it found waste and extnivtu'Qiico In stutc wijy Department operntlons. pnrty could raise eno;:i[h money to ptr.vldi! the services that Tall by jnw to a president. Because they must assure hln j'rotectlon at all times, they send out agents in advance to go every stop of the route he must travel. How much is this service costing, in terms of salary, Pullman accommodations and per diem up to a maximum of $0 a day? That would require a lot of Treasury experts with figures on the salaries of each and every man on the While House deta.il, end the record of how many field office Secret Service men are brought Into pluy. There are others, who are required to be with the President al all times, wherever he is, and whatever he is doing. Like the Army Signal Corps officers who have an elaborate communications system of radio telephone and radio teletype which keeps the President of the United States in touch with the White House and all world capitals at all times. How much do their salaries and list, Young and his wife, MflrRnr- et, were captured on Sept. 23 In tho Bolso, Ida., National Forest. The FBI warned that Brenrtan Is expenses amount to? That Would lequire a first-hand statement from each just as it would In the cose of the Secret Service men. Truman aides point out that Truman didn't rcquesll the Secret Service to come along on the trip that the Army Signal Corps men have to be available at all times, and that no matter how deeply the President involves himself in politics, there is always official busi : ness to be transacted when he is on the road. As for the salaries of the Presi: dent and his staff during the rlod they are away on political missions, these aides point out that the salaries of campaigning .governors, senators and representatives go on during campaigns, as do those of their secretaries, clerks pnd other aide. They ask, two armed and "should be extremely dangerous." It u: Inw-cntorcement officers to "extreme caution" In attemj t&g, to capture him. *' He is wanted specifically for nrmed robbery Aug. nearly $40,000 from the Ban Lyons in Lyons. III. ted ged use for Acid Indigestion TODAY" Gas, heartburn, sour S siomnch may strike after. > lunch, fiftei- breakfast, of • •when you're trying to I sleep tonight! So be pre- '-', pared! Carry Tunis' al- ' gays. Quick as a -vVink,^ Turns neutralize excess acid. Yet contain no soda to over-alkalize or -cause ncid rebourtd. No mixing, no water needed. Just cut 1 or 2 Tumi like candy—after m'eali oc whenever some favorite food or overindulgence causes distress. 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Calendar October 6 Wesleyan Service Guild of 'First .Methodist Church will t tn the home of Mrs. Lawrence Monday night, October 6, at f:30. Miss Gwendolyn Dean will associate hostess. bring your dues. Hostesses will br Mrs. Catherine Richards Howard Mrs. McDowell Turner, and Mrs Wilbur Jones of Ozan. Brookwood PTA will meet Vred nesday afternoon, October 8, at 3 o'clock. The executive committee will meet at 2:15. Band Auxiliary will have their regular .monthly meeting on ,,Monday night, October 0. at 7:30 av Canhon Hall. All band mothers arb urged to attend. v Tuesday, October 7 . .The VFW Auxiliary will meet Tuesday night, October 7, at 7:30 'Wrs. Denver Hornaday and Mrs. Wes Nlncmirc will be hostesses. Delta Kappa Gamma Society will meet in the home of Mrs. B. B.' McPherson on October 7 at 7:30 p. m. Mrs. R. E. Jackson will be associate hostess. The Garland PTA will meet on Wednesday afternoon, October 8, at 3 o'clock In the school auditorium. The executive board will meet at 2:15. Fewer People Attend State Stock Show LtTTt.E ROCK — "The people turned out at night" "the rural people didn't get during the day." That, explained State Sen. Clyde Byrd, secretary-manager of the Arkansas Livestock Show, was the reason for an attendance drop of some 40.000 persons under 1931 for this year's show. Byrd said the 13th annual event, which closed Saturday night, drew 180,595 persons while some 223,000 passed through the gates a year DOROTHY DIX Teen Age Marriage i city but out Dear Miss Dix; Our problem is like may others, but we just can't seem to find the answer. I am 17 and my sweetheart Is 19. We «re younR, it's true, but we are really in love. My lather, however, thinks differently. He nev er understands me. He says I suould date other boys and that 1 Oglesby PTA will meet Wednesday afternoon, October 8, at 3 o'clock in the school auditorium. The executive board will meet at 2:15 p.m. ; The- Junior-Senior High School PTA executive board will meet on Tuesday morning, October 7, at 10 o'clock at the home of the president, Mrs. Albert Graves. All officers and committee chairmen are 9 Urged to attend. Hope Country Club \vlll entertain with game night Tuesday night October 7. at 7:30. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gresham and Mr. and Mrs Roy Anderson will be hosts and hostesses Thursday, October 9 The Daffodil Garden Club will r.go. The secretary-manager said the thoughts of eloping: if go a- hentl with that fooislh idea I cim Swiss S«tk to Climb Mt. Everest NEW DtSLHt, India tf> — Six Swiss mountain climbers tolled up the blonk slopes of unconquered Mt. Everest today for a final Strug- pectcd to disclose rWW trends In Communist policy. , ' • - ,' Moscow ntinovinced almost guarantee u>r you. Ynu have selected future trouble your swfiet- heart ;it an early age — for both him. That is as tar as you >im should j;o for unite awhile. If toward the snow-covered stirri* mil, sij, miles high. No in«n hns ever climbed this world's tallest peak nnd returned to tell about It. It was the second attempt this year for the Swiss parly, One of that th« conn-ess Wdutd convene at 1 p. m. (H A. m* EST) tomtsfrow night In the blR hall where the Supreme Soviet of the USSR holds Us meetings. In n lend editorial -hailing the congress, the Community party newspaper Prnyda said; "Before the 19in' Cdfl, Union the Soviet views the path < leadership of tho nnd Stalin. "Occupied with p^fteetd/fl tlve Inbttr, the Soviet ^ successfully brlnttlftji W ot Gomrhunl*t tlon." don't know if Hugh is tno right both worth waiting for. Don't rush love <NU-)> other, you're i the team, Raymond Lambert, long summer drouth apparently \vns responsible for keeping most of the rural people at home. Winning Future Farmers of meet Thursday, October !). at the lome of Mrs, Jim LaGrossa. All •nembers are urged to be present ,o discuss plans for the Fall Flower Show. The regular October meeting of the Junior-Senior High School PTA will be held in the Junior High, School auditorium at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 9. -•H Tuesday, October 7 <• Garland Brownie Troop unde the leadership of Mrs. M. I. Oil lard and Mrs. J. W. Franks wil f meet at the home of Penny Franks "Tuesday afternoon, October 7, at 4 o'clock with Brenda Dillard as co-hostess. The Wisteria Garden Club will meet Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the home of Mrs. Ezra McDowell with Mrs. Dorscy Collins as co-hostoss. Each member is urged to attend this meeting to ma KB plans for the. Fall Flower Show. ffi Wednesday, October 8 The County Agonts will meet with the people of Columbus in the .school auditorium Wednesday night October 8, at 7:30 to organize a • Community Improvement Program. Everyone in the Columbus area is urged to attend. The John Cain Chapta*- of the Daughters of American-: Revolu , tion will meet at the Barlow Ho Miss June Wilson Betrothed to Earl Davis Downs America and 4-H livestock exhibitors received $25,000 in point he's wrong'.' money and $10,000 in special awards Entry Clerk Raymond Mc- Et/.en said. Among . record prices at the show was the $5.01 a pound paid to Emmett Elliott Jr., for his grand champion barrow. The price is believed to be a world record The animal was estimated to weigh 635 pounds. LaVonn Phillips o£ Prairie Grove, Washington County 4-H Club member, received a record $3 a pound Tor her 900 pound, 10- months-old Angus steer that was named junior grand champion o£ ine show. Top 1'KA money winner was Bill Sargo a member ol the Fountain Lake chapter. He won $1,071 in awards and scholarship money John Scott o£ Scott was named top 4-H winner with $1,049.40 in awards. A total of $58,192 was paid to one lor me or not. I'm sure, however, ana so is IliiRh, that we arc in love and won't change. Should we become engaged, to show tnc world, including my father, that we are sincere? Should we elope? I really don't want to dope us that would hurt my motn er and she has boon very understanding with us Father UKes Hugh om is just stubborn in his conviction tnal 1 should go out with other boys. How can 1 convince him that into a hasty marriage that will alienate your father, nnd lie you buth down long before you should be siKtaa'U wan umiiiy Ilene D.C. Dear Miss Uix: 1 am engaged to bf mimvil next month to a fino boy. Kvcrythmg is roudy for our wcddinn out. as the date drawn lu'ui , I wonder if I am really in love or not. Before I became civ I went with tmolhor boy. climbed to within 900 feet of the summit May 2fl before fierce storms drove him bnck. The six men left their bnso camp, 12,200 feet up In tho high I lllmalyas, yesterday. Two men will 1 be chosen at the last advance camp to make tho final effort to reach the top. Their success or failure likely will remain unknown to the world for at least three weeks after their flnnl climb toward the peak. Their youths participating in the junior Answer: Parents arc apl to tiikf | a Uiin view of "yoing steady" i'or ihcir young teen-age daughters. Ad olcsccnts are easily carried away on the wings of love, und are usually convinced that three or Tour —or more — boys are the "one and oniies" before they really reach Ine age ot emotional maturity and can sanely select the right life male. Exceptions Rare There are exceptions, it's true, Out tney are few in comparison with the vast number ot youngsters who fall in and out of love witti amazing facility. This in-again-out- again period is responsible lor more nerve-strain among parents than any other phase of child rear ing. Each time a romance ends, Mom and Dad watch their ofsprings sink in the abyss of despair, then, with remarkable resilience, spring light back when a new boy ap- Now I'm not sun 1 whether I solecl- IM tho right one. TONI H, Answor: Whilo. you may be sut- fi-rinj 1 , from a case ot pre-nup«nl jitUif., it is novoitholuss possible lhat .sou have made the wroiiR choii'o. Hotter dismiss the problem thoroughly with your mother and/ or SIHIH: other people who know .ion well and can -shod more light MII yuur perplexity. U would be a mistake In break off your engagement un Uu love .siimoni only means ot communication Is by special runners from tho base camp to Katmandu, Nopal's capital, 170 miles ,iuvny. Nine previous unsucci'ssful us- siuilts have boon mode oi\ the peak. Moscow 'Party' Gathers MOSCOW W— Move Hum a thou chimce thai you might snnf j delegates to the 10th Soviet i; troin tho past, but it Communist party Congress wove would be even worst- to go through i housed In Moscow hotels today with the ceremony only to discover | roac jy for the official opening cere tuai you are not in love with youri mon i cg O f the gathering that is ex husband. i . • -.--.-..--.•• ".'- Announcing the Opening ol JUSTUS PHOTOGRAPHIC STU01 103 South Elm Street TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7th PORTRAITS . . . CANDID WEDDIN< COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHS'^ We invite you to come in and see, 7.^ us and visit our new studio, '| b Mr. and Mrs. Ed Justus ^ Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wilson of this city announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their aaugtuer, June, to Earl Davis Downs, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. ii Downs o£ Bodcaw. The wedding will be an event of November. Miss Wilson is a graduate of Henderson State Teachers College. ArKadelpnia, and is now a member j of. the Hope Public School faculty. Mr. Downs attended Southern State College. Magnolia, and is a member 01 the Emmet Public ents, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Cross, While there, they attended part nl Llie Hose Festival. Hospital Notes Branch AdimUcd: Mr. Jake Williams, pears. iiiis is adolescence, and nothing much can be done about it. Perhaps, llcne, you and Hugh have reached a point of mature stability where, in spite of your extreme youth, you arc sure of each other. Your parents have no inialiibie system to prove it. What you mistake (or misunderstanding of i in your lather is only affectionate ctel Wednesday at 12:30. As this is | School faculty. a business meeting there will bo 'no guests. All members please * SAENGER • LAST TIMES A TODAY w Melody Maids Have First Meeting Saturday The Melody Maids Music Club Rt. 1, Lewisville. Mrs. Martha Sis son, Prcscott, Mrs. Bessie Green, Hope, Mrs. Olen Smith, Rt 2, Hope | Airs. Exie McClcllan, Patmos, Mr. Herbert Sipes, Jr., Columbus, Mrs. Venus Sheppard, Waldo. Discharged :Mrs Jack Hcrvey and baby, Hope, Mrs. C. H. Bca- VLrs, Fulton. Mr. and Mrs. Olcn Smith ol Route 2, Hope, announce the arrival of. a baby girl on Oct. 4. caution for the child about whoso Hotting Joseph GOTTEN Shelley WINTERS EXTRA: News • Cartoon • Novelty TUESDAY held their first meeting of the year Saturday evening al 6:15 at Faic Park with Marsha Bowden, Carolyn Phillips, Donna Sue Freeman and Mary Cha-rlene Horton as ho»- , Tt tesses Fulton, A. H. kvevsmeycr, Hope. Following a hot dog supper which Homer Fuller, ^Hope. was served to twenty-four, Mrs Discharged: B. C. Hyatt, sponsor, presented the club president, Sue Cook, with a corsage, as the club honors their president in October. Mrs. Hyatt also presented Mary Rains Lewis and Carolyn Lewallcn with certificates of honor for playing in thfc Junior Musical Festival in Liltlu Hock last May. lie is deeply concerned. Although a larger social circle would be yood for you, it's useless to force yourself to accept dates when you know they won't interest Julia Chester • M?- <: Admitted: Mrs. Leiand tatshaw, George Anderson, Rt. 1, Hope, Donald Ray Herring; Patmos, Melissa Anne Brady, Bod caw. Mr. and Mrs. Lcland Latshaw of Fulton announce the arrival of a son. you. Therefore, waiting is your only recourse. Don't have Hugh hang around the house all the time; in other words, don't let him get in Dad's huir, but tuct- iuiiy let your father know that you arc interested in no one else, '-• Do, by all'moans, postpone all thought of marriage for at least two years. No boy is ready to un dortake the responsibilities of a family at 21, unless he's of most ex cepUonal character. Even then he will find it a strain. Give up any livestock auction, sponsored by the Greater Little Rock Chamber of Commerce. Ueieased By The Bell Syndicate Inc. Woman Killed in Auto Accident HOT SPRINGS (UP) — An el- dei'ly woman was killed and ah- (ithi;r woman was critically injured when they were struck by u cnr here lasi nyjht lhat was driven'i'by ;i prominent Southwest Arkansas lumber company executive, Mrs. Joe Miller. 70, Minden, Ln. was killed instantly when struck by n ear driven by Peter Joers, vice- president of the Dierks Lumber & Coal Co. Mrs. Miller's niece, Olive Scales :')(), Sl-i-eveporl, was in critical condition al a hospital here today, Both women were struck as they walked across Central Avenue near Ihc De Solo Hotel. Joers was charged with involun tary manslaughter and released under $15,000 bond. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main & Country Club rd. "HIS KIND OF WOMAN" with ROBERT MITCHUM JANE RUSSELL * RIALTO Today & Tues, Hope Music Club Has President's Day Luncheon The Hope Music Club held their annual President's Day Luncheon at the Hotel Barlpw Saturday, October 4. Honor guest was the president, Mrs. Jack Gardner. The tables were arranged to form a large U. On the center table was a fan shaped centerpiece of pink and blue asters. On the flanking taoles were musical staffs of pink and blue with colored bird figurines tonning notes. Place cards further carried out the musical theme. Mrs. Henry Haynes presented Mrs. Ed O'Grand, vocalist, accom panied by Mrs. Basil York, pianist. She presented the following selections: "O Rest in the Lord," by Mendelssohn, "I Love Thee" by Grieg, "Let My Song Fill Your Heart" by Charles . Responding to Mrs, Haynes' clev er introduction Mrs. Gardner outlined plans for the year. Guests for the luncheon were Mrs. Ed O'Grand, Mrs. Lloyd Guerin, Mrs. Harold Hall, Mrs.. Garrett Story, Jr., and Mrs. Ed Russell. ,0 HARA K... LAWfOHD SHORTS: Thornton—Ingram Engagement Announced Mr. and Mrs. W. J2, 'Thornton of this city announce the engagement of their daughter, Betty Nell, to fie. Paul Ingram, son of Mr. an< Mrs. Joe B Ingram also of this city. -..'.. The wedding data has not beef*' set. £ Miss Thornton is 8 memlAr .ot the 1951 graduating class pf Guern sey Kjgh School. Pfc, Ingram is also a 1P51 graduate ef Guelrns.ey High School and is stationed ju aan Antonio, Texas. \ -r ni .j.i i n«. Personal' Mention %feert W. Ray, son of Mr. and Mr^,g, A. Bay of Gurdon< has been U promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Sgt. Ray has been stationed in Lakenheith, England, for the past i\ months. ^ vominq qno •eft and «w««t to me dear," *<* Mr. and Mrs, Charles S. Walker and Misses Bess and Annie Joan Walker spent the week eu4 in Pallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Mr. and Mrs- £st#o Bruce and I son, $iev|e, have returned to tb*ir alter BY HOLLYWOOD-MAXWELL You choose a winner when you wear 9 Whirlpool bra like this it* C«t Why? The whirl'? the why...Hollywood Maxwell 1 * unique whirlpool of stitches that sews control and support Into your Whirlpool bra...make; you lovelier on every occasion. Lew Cut V-ltti A, 8, C cups, cotton, nylon ' IN NYtON 3.95 IN COTTON * Moulds you and holdt you'ln fall'* lateit * Sliiw you natutaHyt gracefully t comfortably/ * Leaves you fre«i«» « breeze/ . 'A | * One iipooth piece of miracle Utex/ * With cloud-soft fabric next to your »fcin/ * Without a single «enm, jtitch or bone/ ' ' ' 4 v * Invisible under the mofit bip^bugjing cloUntf/T * Four rfw AdiwJHAU 0art^» t» fit iwl m$

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