Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 4, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1952
Page 7
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a . ., ii -."£• ffi '_ , . . K.*,*#7lf7}"" HOM iTA«, 4, lalt 7.5718 Fit" feiltf OI»tti ftuw* «M^ l|twW»y, Ml 'bf .-r^-.n-——rww ii ii ipi|i|p*»mwm.x <»« M*th0r.ti«C$ttrel». be Oop»«l Church ctff»«r 8, At th» l B w< f« o bu»lnom« r»et lurk lunehetm wfll . n ft bt> lh»M nt lta coming »h« purism, At! iir(f«J |r> .jttUmd oa the v/m hi* rtmwn for (hft Church will i», October «, ft t 3 p.m.: ' ">*»** tt **»> hwie of ie f*«rwni w«h Mr*. "' * ""*' Mr »- WWl^ffl Wylifl B«nd Auxiliary will reuular mftnihly meeting on M»od«y nlghi, Odohor ff, tn 7- )W *« ennnwn Hull, AH hnnrl »ri» urgwl to lh» OulM of will night, Ortobfr 0. a( 7<jW, Misg OvwKloln Hpau will Tho VfW Awxlflory will uB«jfly wight, OeioNr 7, « Mr«. IJenvor Homndny and Mr«. We* Nlnomlro will Society provided ft progr»m of nuptial mo- IV Kxscutfve fionrd ftf th« flf ,,, lht 11 W X" y, Oftto will be "SUPSRMAN ttnd -„.. on October 7 nt 7;!i p. fn. MM, R, IS, .ffleiwott will b ,w ,oi PTA Bxeciitivp boord will fftn c t on y mofftln«, October Tt*&t li at the home of the- wsl t ( Mr». Albert Or«v^" «f of J* .V i MJflhry Cotrt* Bmonj ^. .} who held (heir empire ,«»IjUfvpofrtf 0r«i v 1 « nation fo border*! Country Club will i g«m« nj«ht Tuesday •H ..» Ml MA Uf t>\ 7.'30, Mr, nnd . r ,^nam find Mr, am! mm Anderson will bo host* nnd 8 «,h J «, the Mo^ld tff Columbu* in the 'ehool nudJtariuitt W6dne(td,«y night will m«t ttt tho Bnrlcnv Jfn. "'fly «t W:80. A» thl* ft. „„!-"----- w * e *ln« there win bo Ao-,jfUMt», All fn«mlwa plonsi- SJW jW tlti«»-tlosteitfe» will bi« '.Mni. 'Culhwrlnt! Richards Howard Mr*. JW<jn<Jw«i| Turner, (ind Mrs Wilbur Jaw* of Q*«n, PTA will moot nftprnoon, ftct^bw e, ut » THI- expeiulve vommltton Wilt (ue«t hi U: 19, bride wore • grey suit trim m<-«t with bl»tk with n black velvet h»l unit black areetdnritf*. Sln« pummel inn orchid ut ftfir ithoufctat*. Ml*» Vlr«lni« Milrh.fll, mnlit of minor, was nttiwl in i» »?rfy jtilf ««cf wort- n pink enmatlon <'<»r»ni!0. Carter Wayne Hiimioil of Hope nerved a* iwtt man. Mr*. William* chnna for h»r daughter'* wedding n navy blue «ui( with block 0ci.'<»ji»i)rl«». She pinned a rirtl (ind whu« ciirruillon cor fflR'f nt her flhoulrlnr. Mrs. flrsicp, im.lhffr of tho groom, wore » K ,-cy soil with black nece«- /wk-s with a baby orchid cor«««« nt her shoulder, idtiily following the ccrf- rmihy n reception wns held, Th»> tiil>l<> wag fovcTfd with a white floor lentfth l«ec cloth nnd ««nler orl with on iirr/ingcrrii'til of whltf mums flunked by burning white tftjuTH in cryMlal rmidf-labrn Mrn, Uoyd No well served thr cnkft iiltrl Mrs. Sum Sowurdg prc (titled nt the (ninch bowl. Miss Jlnr- burn Willlnrti!!, *f.)K>r t,l tin- brldp ««<! Miss Kiln Hiith William*, coii sin of the bride, presided ,-it thi- br Wc'ii bonk. Mr, iind Mr*. Hrtico will be ol houui nt th«- H.,p, ; Country Cluu. Ro«c G*rtlen Club H*i Flr«t Meeting 'Jhe ft»fli? Oiirdt-n Club held their first meeting <it tin- year In tho rtome of Me;!. II. O. K , w - B. Motion iind Mrs. u, uuntvr UN co-hoMU'itseg. The mooting wns colled to order' l>y tin; pix-nidi-rit, Mrs. Dorsov Me'<««, Sr.. with the club ' mlnutcH nnd roll cull by Mm. j|. K. Luok |n Ulc a £ i of thi( Kt'cnitnry. Mrs. Glint- 'r. A tronsuror's report wns iilvcn >y Mrs. W. n. Mason und colleclod for iho y t '«r. • Dhow, wns cJlseujtsttd and «ma»CM nccoptud by xS? 2£" ^} r * tfl *»«hett«r »*u^'i ti £ *Il*' """"ton if a M,"T.L M, t ] le t, M " yo Brot - ««"«« ^r' wT^ffL V""" 110 " ' na d ""«h l*r, wary Paula, were recently In lope wh*rc they vl,iu, d Mr Ham wi. mother, Mr*. S. R, -K Hospital Notes M«t, harry Oarrett, Hope. White W Cnudic> Clay nnd Opal Calhoon, Little Hock, n girl, Qebra ' , Ocfoberj, !»S1 Charges Nixon Used Free MaH for Poll M. *' (UP) - ixon'* « e , DOROTHY DIX Don't Look Back Hear Dorothy Dix: At 24, 1 havc report* that the «enat*f «**« hto free man privi! to poll fellow rt «?' 2? !l"v lr cholce tof OOP presidential nomination. 4i, last that Nixon tent postage free mall to manr eofliMtuefttg last Jt'nc go he could be guided If California Oov. Earl Warren quit the race. Nixon had no immediate com- rneht. "TTie letters went out under a frank (free mall stamp) — that's •iKht," Chotiner told a United Press newsman oh his arrival nt National Airport. i^tl 1 "". ? hol ' ner « av e n similar tatement to the New York Times j telephone from Norfolk. Chotlher said he did not know i0w many letters were mailed, he San Francisco News reported •m Sept. 26 that NlXon, now OOP 'Icc-presldentlal candidate, had ent.ouj 23,000 letters! , Thj United Press reported ask Chotiner It he thought the free been . - bahd la good to me, but my thoti* ghls keep going to the past. From the time 1 was 12 until I was IS I had a sweetheart, Dart. Then he joined the army and, twtr years later, I made the mistake' that so many girls make. In order to right it, I married Carl. Then 0an came home and said if 1 hatf waited for him he would have cMif.w, thp wtfrsl mlsjfifte tmd7*e *«.£t.* fi.a«.*« «^*it».t4.ii>.t&.4 ' *jfe»* m0ri ' d and CBrea . son. Though I have seen Dun only occasionally since, J can't stop thinking of l.im. I know I love him and will never be truly happy with out mm. ••»••< ,. While my husband Is a, good pro- to me n(iy he •ntry >i'i», Blue I. , Oetobar 9 tfeMMlli Oarden Club will meet VhUttdtty, Oclubcr B. ft t Al to fc^^ ^ •„ o« Bructs In n " i vt rerry, pas- uapUttt Churoh, turned ihu meotlnu o thtt i.roHrnrn lender. Mr.s Whose proKrum subject wa« vors." Sho discussed u burder flower. Mrn. Lawrence named the bliii; lowers mid in what months they bloomed. Mrs. R C. Crow H nv tnlk on th.. Tcxns Blue liomiet Mrs. Mclln,. ,j ( ,v.. inlorn>utu,n o uiuik'n Thorupy." tlic socinl hour exhibit M 1 ' 1 ''' '" H|Jl ' t ; 1 "' 1 " n(l Ju'lK'Ul (With wns Aline- Johnson bi-inj; tho : wln Mi«r. A dt'HHcrl |i|alf wns scrvt-d ti thirtd' incmbi'i's nnd two i> tie sit Mrs, Ed Itiiasi-ll of WushlnKUm » and Mrs, Almu Ali-xnndor o Ik'lma, l c -«", . Hope, », J l',"' es an<l Er "estine Hester, of McNiib, a girl, Judy, Lynn and Donna Vines, Hope, a boy. Uc-nniu, ' Johnny and Imogenc Ammons, of Tope, n girl, Brerida im ami Annice McKamje, a boy, . Jnmes nnd Gertrude Rogers of fexiirkuno, a boy, MeJvin Hershal untl Eminn Downs, Sr Hujn., H boy, Hershal. Russell «nd Elizabeth Fraveil of Hope, n boy, James. Coming and Going rR, Harry Couch of Onklinvcr. »^? V C(I hr "" c ilfu>v " month's U °v '" ™' OWS1 0»« YosemUc NutiQaal C.|lt, CnrlZSl of Mrs. D c. Ackc formerly of and tiUlo Rock. Is now ro- ' mnA f; : /C-^ *.!<&.&L ^•.'. { ' PP^»j*i^..«ai V'^?w'i ffl^WfJI^J.^ vv ,."/ £"' \ .„-.„-.,,,, m , , w( , (v j|j Texas. [Her Babor, Mrs. Ruth Dora Wilson will '<•"" v ' SJ t their sister Wftt. Henry Robinson in Hugo, Oklu. William ami Violet Campbell, Jr il"l>f. (i boy, William, Clinton and Myrtle East, Ross- t«'i- » airl, Sharron, Willinm nnci Bonnie Routon, of Hope, u boy, William. '» l ° ? nd Ullian HU1 - ll Hural. „ girl, Franc-is. Non-Whits iUlllQ „,.»,,,* •i4w«i . , . Ow*»n and Huttie Noble. lop* boy. Henry and Vesscr Jflll Vivian Hicks. Hope, boy. Crawford and Johnny,. MUus Jr., Hope, girl E. L. and Deloris Bowls, Hope boy Joe and Violn Johnson, Hope, boy,' "rentis and Rosie Jamison. Hope Aivin nnd Lilllc Garland. Hopo ipy. Ab and Beulnh Jackson'. Hope pSicotTTiPi an A 0rlimnn Ogburi > itscott, 8 |ri, j 0 h n and Merigold £ern Fuiton.boy. Luther and Nor« m «. Sm ' th . Fulton, .girl. John and nd M """»!' Fulton W" Me 'vin nd Ml ""y McFadclen, Hope girl «(j|J's{ory published by, the SRH frjinclflco newspaper • had any bearing on Nixon's "clean as a fund's tooth" radio - television broadcast to the nation on his con U'pversial $18,000 political expense fund. '*j om proud of the fact that the taxpayers by subterfuge or otherwise have never paid one dime for expenses which I thought s were political and shovildn't be charged to the taxpayers," Nixon •"id said. "That would be n matter of interpretation," Chotltfer said when th^i portion of the Nixon speech was cited. "Anyone who wants to make a situation out of it is being ridiculous," Chotiner Said. "If they want to ba ridiculous, that's their privilege." The San Francisco News publish ed the text of Nixon's letter along With u stoi;y by staff writer Ver non O'Reilly, who said the Warren backers raised the question of Nixon's right to use the franking privilege, at a cost of $690 to the government, to gather political information for private use. The text, of the Nixon letter, as published by the San Francisco News in its Sept. 20 issue: Dear Friend: As a result of the primary elec h - e by now I have paid for my mistake and am entitled t'A what happiness I can have with Dan. I don want to hurt anyone, buM can't go on like this much longer. I \VEARVi Answer: You have been living in r £ 8m World for a ions time? by now you should be ready n* f nd to mlstake ls g hfl PP' n ess. You've been mm,. . ou making one mistake after -- nothing uui ,i „. certainly by now are did gh to realize that wishful ~ most world. Young My hus- spile Ddn's protestatfotifl. were fortunate to be jnar/Jed «/.. .wards, Dan came home'from 1V-. 6* n knight errant, ready, verbally, to take on his lady's trouble. Wad 'yflu been otherwise situated, ' gallantry would hot HtiVe been vociferously asserted. ' ' , Are you going to compound tnll tragedy of errors by leaving a? hid Mftd. who Is the father of „„ child iind provides adequately.^ >6u7 You aren't even sure thit Dan still loves you, or is WlflttJi W take a wife away from her h Band, Think it over carefully lumping .Into anothef mess.. Mooning over past lovea Is sure path to uhhap0iHess takeh all tod many wives. Of course, .» . is human weakness to feel that.fi the grass W ; greener In the oth fellow's yard, or tho fish that i v aw«y-was the best catch, but whekij the factions involved are as fund"* atttenfol QS one's family, a facts distant graveyard is the safes!' place'for dead romance. Don't try JS «vive,the past — especially at 24. You hove a long and product. lv< -,a llture ahe °d of you; make the most ol.it. , Nixon Honds New Nome fo Adlai Stevenson an GoV Eues. s- Nixpn's campaign for the vice " took New lion on Juhe 3, I am to be one of the delegates to the Republican National Convention in Chicago: This delegation is pledged to support Governor Warren,for president. However, as you know, Gov Crndr 'Wfifren has announced that K it should appear that he can hot obtain the nomination" he will release the delegates to vote for jVhoeyer they individually feel is best cjutilifled to represent the Re- t>ublUjlrt party in November. . I know that you will agree,with :ne when 1 say that the decision itiade in Chicago at the Re. 4n cbnvehtion is of the great- !st Itttportarice to the nation. Con- ietjUSrttly, -1 am writing to a se lected group of those who were Active In hjy campaign for elec »,° h , to^ the Senate for the purpose », Wwtiltig their views on this .sues of foreign policy cow- niunwrn, corruption and cost of He told an armory crowd .esti- " ( Oear Miss Diiti. I am a woman of 88, widowed for the last thirty years. I-raised my two children alone, v Both'are now married and doing well. Now I am -unable m Work, and have been under do" for-'s care for some time. My child reft completely ignore me." They o«er no financial assistance, thou gh they know I need it; when they Op visit, which is rarely, they, stay for a few minutes and run along. AJjswer: Children who neglect a Wedjr, 6arent are the most con- tenlptlble;breed of humanity I have ever kflown, .And, shameful as in 'is, their number is legion. fr • Il's-a. hUrnUiatihg course to take byt sometimes the only way a mo ther dan obtain a,modicum of help rrom her offspring is to appeal to 'iiiulPn nt l nnn i» T ti>n«»«v.Ai_« --• — •*- tiumv.- -allv ih, i If y o sponsors of the w;ny lh j* ft elp can be obtained for i In • '^, r ° lmd enthusiastic re-l' 1 ™ 86 of "s who are partially blind fornia eS r» sw , ln S through Cali-! wh( ? g av e over 10 per cent sight rormn, Texas klahoma, rehne. Wllho »t glasses, and up to 50 or 80 *fce, Vli'Einia anrl Mn^.i^^.i Der pnnt u,l*h ih~~,n o.__ ^•«;"»»~~iV "*^'"-J or the Family Court. Understandably, a mother would often rather starve than ad mft such brutal/neglect on the part ol her sons tuld daughters. Thero is -nothing eLse you can do to force them to part with money, and ah- solutely nothing you can do tfi, awaken them to a sense of duty* Prayer may produce results — Us all you can depend upon. Dear Miss ,.,..: is there some can be obtained for us who are partially blind and Maryland The most significant .thing," said, "is that Democrats by th thousands, ' yes, by tho million" to? " UPP ° rt Concentrating his attack on enson, Nixon said: "We find <erh bezzlement, thievery, knavery an criminal -carelessness rife in Amer Jean government under the Tru man administration, yet Mr. Stev on on pJnimo v»/\ '«„_ . . . he qan thhAii qa this odious egg, i say goes *ad you throw it out;" problehi. * appreciate it if you blank at the bot- and sfentl to mail, addressed to 4.Nixon, Senate Of. Washington, D. c. it Will be most help -'"'" our office who i r ll on the erivelope so ,jfe.tters may be easily 0ur regular mail Wins Cotton Co v BLYTHEVILLE (UP)-The JSth National Cotton Picking contesi pawed into history today leavfnj a 17-year-old local youth the Y ' picking champion. . Roy Clifford Peterson, '17; ' p f Route 2, earned $1.000 and ^the htt- nn nfl i "hnmptoiuWp by picking 95 pounds of clean cotton in two hoUrs here yesterday. • . " Peterson edged out 'John =Edd Anderson. 23. 6f Gobler. Mb . by four pounds of Cotton. Anderson, who has won the title three times picked 81 pounds and won $250 Herbert Harris, ;29, of Blytheville, was third witn-89 pounds' Mts. Eugene Shlmault and .Wrs. ; Charles Krutz, both of Blytheiuie,' won first and second,:respectjvkly' in the women's .division. Mrjsl Slii- mault picked 79 pounds. -1 Jn ancient times meteor's" believed to originate In the • . „. „, H*.v« njj nj t i\j ^j| per cent with them? Some are ,, e gig helped by the Institute for the plind but others of us find it ver K •W? t4 eet along. There must be* work .we can do. -We seem toliave tpp much eyesight to be eligible .for help from institutes for the •Wind, yet we certainly need assistance from someone. Sometimes It seems thqt it would bo better if we ; were. totally blind. S. H. and B. V. There is a widespread for organized work among "•''" ire partially or almost . If any of my reader* suggestions, or help -for > vjnfortunate^, I would be very " '^.forward the information who need it. By The' Sell Syndicate >' Inc. - •i,. Main A Country club rd. " FEATURE The Bank Dick " — : Plus — : II- Town II '•-' MONDAY Kind of omon" >i. I strongest con 'ins could nom INTKIOUI AND old ww by Al «W» the patients wfre nearljy He Wentiled Oie 9&y catar or in We Have New CKS on Our Showroom floor .. I ? 1 ' I. ' tl *"• ^ 't » Sarur^fly, Otrofeer 4, JLONDtt /• •*!*(" tf 0 M S t AI ft H » f 1 ,' A jfc * H S A i X MR BUMSTEAD? THIS IS THE 8APP61 OF DOUGH VOUR FAfMBfc O- N-O-M-A-T-O-friQ-E-M*'' IT WAS GOOD 0£ VOU CffMTOJEMEN TO ' CALl.;ANO f lP VgU'' O LlKg vCU ,TQ£, TEN IWiLUCNTO MV FAVORITE ^jL Mississippi Mud Answer to Previous Pu«l«' HORIZONTAL VERTICAL . 1 Capital of 1 Squeezes 1 Mississippi ' 2 Brazilian j ,'. 8 Mississippi Is macaws • • -•'*' known as the 3 Surrender ."Magnolia. 4 Korean weight 1 " :' 5 F10SS Silk 13 Interstices ? j 6 Hops' kilns 14 Command "" ! 7 Bird's home 15 Insanity 8 Acidifies 16 Employers 9 Transposes 27 Algerian 44 Mohammedan 17 South ' (ab.) seaport priest southeast (ab.) 10 Arabian gulf 29 Term of 45 Venetian ,; 18 Perfume 11 Gull-like bird endearment magistrate ji 20 Compass point 12 Gaelic , -,30 Eject 46 Asterisk \» 21 Averages (ab.) 19 Assisted •< 31 Genus of vines48 God of love 22 Devotee / A 21 Rekictant 33 Winged 49 Greek portico 24 Depart -^ " - 23 Sinew ' 40 Capital of 50 Canvas shelter 27 Natural power24 Lounge ^ Texas 51 Essential 28 River in . <• ' . 25 Iroquoinn . 42 Make amends being Germany Indian 43 Breathe 53 Scottish tag 32 Shield bearing26 Exclamation noisily in sleepSa Onager 33 Exist 34 Glade (comb, form) 35 Prevaricator 36 Youth 37 Podium 38 Fewer" ' 39 Article 40 Important VT t blood vessel j 41 Dine ""ZfiBimv 43 Sol x Sir*" 44 Hypothetical -\ structural . units 47 Years between 12 and 20 49 Female saint (ab.) 52 Mississippi's is"Virtute et Armis' 1 54 Revolves 5U Once more Ip 57 Prayers ! 58 Mingle, ., I 59 Feel **/*!• • 1 13 15 n M ji to i» HH bi 5t> iB 2 •/s Hi 5 Ib Hb M <& ~L\ Ml '-'•^ . '' ''' ~. bi S B ^ m n 4Z H; b '''// x^"' //*'/ 53 Jt, 3^ 1 <%^/ /%; n W Htt bM ST bV 9 1 % H3 ^ 14 Ib '^////, * ii 10 9 % 23 28 iH 31 Vv;-x 5i 0 0 9 H9 1 30 50 7 31 51 <1 By Dick Turner "Daddy, could t have a glass of water—and a sleeping pill?" - .- " SIDE GLANCES *t*Mt INI ' *••••' >\vv' 1 ••.fy^vy Vyfr v i^¥*^^X!^ ak IV- >- '' x -. ^:';...-,- •'- -'* ~-~* rttlrl OUT CUR WAY By J. R. William* AMP WHYAl COUUOtJ'T HHLf IT. l UTTUB ) OTOKJIN& 'TH6 SAPfi MAM, P\P J WHBNTH* YOU <A tKOVttt^MhVS, >*-^ THE RANCHER ,. WASH TUBBS S^STfe VBLLOW UntB X TcN4 T I SEEN'IWMONG APTBR .IN ^ WtfMT «Vrr.«WH #o(^BfoeV BteB.e OUTA TH'. HOSPITALS THE feANCN66s OUR BOARDING MOUSE With Major Hoople HERE, you BIS OAF/ THS OM6 RUMNlMS FOR \DEMt 50 YOU'RE ELECTED TO Ur4 "THE. CRACKPOT6 pOT OF iviie House/. CHARACTERS Pf?OAA LADIES-ACT LEASOe 5TAR.T6D TO CAMP SOPPEfe HAD TO. PUT COLLAR BOufS AND HER BUDDIES %0^ .'OOW ,VOU» * \ V1.6MI BUGS BUNNY . TRACK * m ^*T? i FUNNY BUSINESS By Herthberger By Golbraith .. _. r-«-* [-» • ^-JP -tfr"" '- ->, yi 0»y—who knowti on* of fct " _ '< i

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