Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 18, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 18, 1894
Page 3
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SURROUNDED BY MYSTERY! A Great Mistake. A nvnt ,ll//.hk (M.-i-m-i-i-y Is tliat liP!\(1.i.-!io, . cunfn.,ion of tlio Mi:»l. aif ir-u'duo to i!vran-.:i'iiiriit o£ l!:t> in-rvo .vi.'iors wliidi supply Hi" brain \vilh H'.-rv» furi'o; tli:it Imllgtwtlun. dyspepsia, neuralgia, wlml In stomach, etc., urtso from tliodcransro- ini-nt of tlie ucrvo centers supply l"l-' I'"'™ iiinswitliiifrvv iliildorfnr.-!'. Thi ' m **f Tlio n . N 11 i y cUsfii-^sof tin- t.oavtnml lunits. systfiiiUIIku a toluk-tiipl. .-.yst.-iii. .. will bo si-oa by tho ucjoiuyituylug rut. '1'ho littlo wliit.v lines arp v tl>o ni'rvi's which vonvcy tlio IHTVH fur.'" Sram t li o nervii ce nters to every part of tlio ijody, ji:st in tin) •jlccirlcrurrimt U .••onveyed ulon£ r, lui tolcsrapli win-* to <• v o r y station, larsro or small. Ordinary pliysl.'laiKfiill t.) rcpiril this fai:t; Insti-arl of truat- InJtliem'rVl'LVn- tOr.- l:>f lIlI'l'lUlM) i) f thu disnrdui-i ;irl-im: Mu-ivfrom llii- 1 / t, rn a t. tlio p:irl auVi.-H'il. -i Fivmkliii Mlli-s. M. D.. 1.1,. I'.., tlio lii-.-lily i-rl.-liratiMl ^ p,-.: I :L 1 !.•• t ainl ,ti]i!i-iit of m-rvoin .if many lu.HOll 'trual,^ on e loii'. MII.-O n:all7.i'il tlm trutli at tlio i.ise <tni.-mi:iir. and hH Kesmnitlv" r-orvm.. l-i pn'ii.-ired on fliat prin,-l;;li'. Jt-s si.i 1 1 -s In i-iu-.n- all dUi-a^s arlsini; froi-.i UoraiiLi- tllOIll of tin; nerVOUS Sy-itl'Ml '* ,"'"!',," fill, mtiio thousand-! of unsollcllod U^.I.HO- iiinU in pu-i.-i",sloii of tlio company manul.ii.- turliiii tin! ri.-rin;(ly amply I.TUve. _,. 1.1,1, Ur. Mili-s- K.-stonitlvu Nervine Is a roilablo rcmi-dv fur all nervous diseases, siii li .is lii'aila.'-lif. nt-rvous debility, pros', i.i.. Ion. •5lwplessno«s. dizziness Jiysterla, sexual di- bllltv, St. Vltus danco, epilepsy, ete. it is iold'by all druk'Uists on 11 positive eimrnnue, arsma direct by the Dr. Miles Medical Co.. Kllclmrt. Ind., on receipt of price..*! per l>ot- tle. six bottles for *5, express propald. Kfstoratlvo Nervine positively contains no •opiates or dangerous drugs. ... i:tlinr on the latli:rsul)ji'0t. t Traveling 1 Alone •On journeys is tedious—makes trips seem IOIIK which are all too short with good company! How is it then that on one great journey so many choose to travel Absolutely .alone—turn their backs on the only companions that can make the way pleasant? It's the journey of life, and the way ii long, tedious, and even dreaded, unles* -we are hand in hand with those Two Friends Health and Strong Nerves! When they are ajong days are full of sunshine ! Are they wii/t you matung t/u journey kafpy, or have you dri-ictt them way 6y careleaness, •worry, overwork, ditiif alien, or other causes t We -want to tell you that a fromft and faith- iul use of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve VitaHzer ilways brings back Health ant Strong Ktrvis~- mu*r: a reconciliation ! Hiplilnyourca.se (with otanip for reply) and thtr uoctor will gladly advise you. Freclre.it- other ui»ea«e with Nerv incut for ot We offer $500 tn any cbemlst or MT por»on who Hll nnJ by »n»ly- wptirtlcleof opl- i, niorptilm?, co. cal»e,or uny harm- fill ilruKln thin rom. oily which uieni can cieprod upoa u »11 riglit. ,'OUH Trouble* will be given to users of the Vitalizer if found necessary Of druKRi-ttH at Jt.oo a bottle, or if not found with your local dealer write u». The J.W. Brant Co. Mature ALBION, MICH, Acd4iD*y5t.,MiwYork Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. _ It's the Part of Wisdom. Times ma? b« hard nrnl money close bnt thaso tilings have their compensation. We can tell jou watche« »ncl will, at vor; close llgares to B et Hie money. Come nnd see tvlmt jou can do with little money. I am anxious to sell not onlj watches but other Koodn. Diamonds, Clocks, Silverware, Spectacles ana Novelties. I Rin agjni forttiB Lytle S:ite ami Lock Co., Cincinnati Ohio. Call and seea sniull aatuple. D. A. HAITK, JKWELKR AND Ol'TICAN. SUNDAY MOKNING. MARCH IS. For Sale— Dark sorrel horse, BIX years old. Sound and centlo, well broke single; not afraid of cars, Price $95. Inquire at Singer office. If you suffer from slooploesnogi why not try Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vltall/.er, the great discovery for nervous dls. . e a«w and aloeplessness! Warranted, Ben Fisher- ' The Baby'* Best Friend— McLlnn'n Onion Syrup Rlvea Immediate relief »nd cure» croup, oolds, oolle, and particularly vomiting of curdled milk. For sale by B. F. Keesllng. Only 25 cento per bottle. We have heard men «ay ' 'I would have this approaching .1. Note*. At a meellnj: of tho Nnti o n a 1 Hoard ol Directors on Saturday evening, March 10, 1S'J-1, tho full membership was present. It wits doelded to hold tho annual convention ol tho National Association at Milwaukee, Wi9.. on Tuesday, the 19lh day of Juno, 18K-1, witb headquarters at the Pfistor Houso. Division and Tost olllcera will please take notice as Division or State elections must bo hold thirty daya in advance of tho annual convention and Post elections must bo thirty days in advance of tho State or Division elections All proposed amendments to tho National Constitution must bo filed with tho National secretary in time to bo printed and mailed to each mem- bar of tho association sixty days in advance of holding tho National convention. Amendments should bo for- wurdod at oncu and should arrive ID the national ollicoun April 10, so thnt they can bo printed and placed in tho mail on tho 10th day of April, as tho national JO.nveution will bo hold in Milwaukee:, Wid., on tho JDth day of Juno, IfJl'-I. Three thousand now applications nuirit bo obtained by tho 1st day of Juno, ISO I: therefore, beginning on tho'JOlh day of March, ISO!, a handsome T. 1'. A. coat lapel button will be mai'ed to any member of the association who sonds in a new application. No member, however, will bo presented with more than one button, nor will now members coming in bo plven a button unless they in turn send in a new application from some other eligible person. This has been authorized by the National Board of Directors, they realizing that the wearing af a souvenir button by all of our members is one of the best methods of identification and Intro- ductioa which members can have, and one of the most practical means of extending our membership which can be adopted. The button is handsome and In every way deilrable. Hon. Klchard Bartholdt, member of Congress of Missouri, sometime since introduced a bill known as H. R. BID, No. 2G9S, requiring commercial travelers from foreign countries coming into the United States to sell goods, to pay to the United States a license of $1.000 and subjecting them In caso o' non-payment, should they be detected In making sales or attempting to make sales, to a fine of $5,000 and imprisonment. This matter having boon presented to the National Board of Directors the following communication was seat to Mr. Barthodt: ST. Louis, March 16, 189-t, Hon. Ulcliard Bartlioliit, M. C. Washington, D. C. DKAU Siu:—I have received a copy of House of Representatives' Bill 2678, and was surprised to notice that it was introduced by you. I hope that, this haa merely been done by request. I beg to assure you that you, personally, for your Indopenenco and ability are highly esteemed by commercial travelers throughout the State of Missouri, ut that all commercial travelers aro tterly opposed to the proposition of n occupation tax on commercial trav- lers from other countries, as they ave always fought and succeeded in efoating legislation of this hind ttempted to be Imposed upon our raft and fraternity by States and mu. jloipalltles and It seems to me that hould we place upon tho statute books tf tho United States such leg- slation as Is comprehended tho bill referred to, hat when our commercial travelers go abroad into foreign countries for ""he purpOEO ol introducing and selling )roducts of our country, It Is likely to >rlng upon us prohibitive retaliatory measures. If your bill la intended to >e of retaliatory nature because other countries aro already imposing such ;axos upon our commercial travelers and representative*, there U some aaels for the introduction of it; but even if that is the case, the principle Involved Is contrary to the broad spirit of toleration and commercial freedom and oourteay which commercial travelers hav« always consistently advocated. Assuring you of my esteem, and jTe baldnesB arreited and a healthy growth of hair produced." This desirable result ulll surely be brought about a trifling expense by the use of the Excelsior Soalp Curer and Hair Pro ducer to bo sold by agents In this city U your head clear? Have y»u a good grip on all your interests and a boundless energy In your blood? Ym can have both If you observe the pro caution to take, when retiring for th night, a dose of Smith's Bile Beans By the time you get to work noxt daj you will feel ai If you could u 1 train of cars. Be sure to get the smal hoping that your measure will not pass, unless there are reasons for It which I am not at present aware of, I am your truly 3 JOHN A. LEE, . National President, Approved—Murray Carleton. Jno. C Wilkinson, Edgar Skinner, Leo Pottlltzsr, Jas. H. Blscoe, J. D. Mershon, National Directors. G. A*K. On the occasion of the Encamp. mentG. A. R. and Woman's Relief Corps of Indiana, at Lafayette, Ind., April 4 and 5, 1894, the Wabaah Railroad Company, will «»11 round trip tloktafor*l.ll. Tickets will be sold April 3d and 4th, good going date of sale and good returning not later than April Gth. C, G. NEWELL, Ag't, Wabaah K. B. Co. Quaker headachs oapsuls give re. lief In ten minutes. Flour$1.35 » hundred, —Rothermel ADDITIONAL L.OVALS. Oranges, a penny a piece, at lloth- ermel's. Wo soil a^ wo buy, cheap for cash.— Harry Frank. Josee Purvis and Alyrtlo Snider aro licensed to wed, Have a now nobby hat of Patterson, the Haberdasher. ;i pound table peaches 12, cents per can, at Hothermol's. Three shlrtq for tho price of one, at tho Kraus assignee sale. Always tho latest styles and lowest prices, at Pilling & White's. Head tho Boa Hivo'B advertisement. They havo something to tell you. Try Ben Fisher's Double Extract of Vanilla, and you will use no other. Attend tho corset sale at tbe Trade Palace. $1 to $3 corsets for 69 cools. Special s^le tomorrow evening on kid gloves and hosiery at the Now Fashion stoi'o. Mattings, carpets, lenoleuiiis and rugs of all kinds now open at tho Trade Palaco. Grand millluery and dry goods opening Monday and Tuesday at tho Now Fashion store, A display of pattern hats and bon- netti, Tussday and Wednesday, March 20th and ylst.—Adolia Brown. Hesorve Stock of Hats—Taper crown Derbys and Fedora, newest shapes, worth $-J, forifl, at tho Kraus assignee sale. Look out for the bargain's they have now at the Trade Palace. Beautiful goods. Special low prices on silks this week. Dr. Morroll is the latest addition to the ranks of local wheelmen. For his portly form an extra strength wheel was ordered. Lost, a purse last evening on Wheatland street, between Usage street and St. Bridget's Catholic church. Finder please leave at this oflice. My Chicago trimmer has arrived. Ladies, it I did not suit you last season in trimming, I can now, ae I have changed trimmers.—Mrs. Brug'geman. Attend cloak opening tomorrow given by one of the largest factories In the world, EastorWebt. Measures taken and delivered for Easter, —Trade Palace. Walter Thompson of tho Murdock cigar stand held No. 66, B, the lueky ticket in the Jas. McElhaney horse sale. He straightway sold tho horse for *40. Ladies do not fail to see tbe fine and handsome selection of pattern hats s.\ the millinery opening Monday and Tuesday at the New Fashion sloro. Call at the Trade Palace cloak parlors tomorrow and see tho largest line of wraps for ladies, misses and children. Orders taken and delived for Eaeter. We offer this week a new line of children's suita from 95 cents up; knee pante. 17 cents up; fifty-cent BUS- pendors, 17 cents; 25-cent linon handkerchiefs, Scents.—Harry Frank. If you want to paper vour house figure with tho Logansport Wall Paper Company. We have the largest line In the city to select from and prices away down. Reserve stock of spring shoes same price as winter goods. Still a lot of $5 button shoes in small sizes for $1.50.—A, G. JoDkines, assignee Kraus stores. Although there waa no public celebration of St. Patrick's day yesterday tho wearing of the green was nolle- able and bits of tho bright color were met with frequently. Dr. Tanner will lecture at the Ninth street Christian Church Tuesday oven- ing, March 20th, on his fast of forty days. Admission 10 cents. The proceeds wili be given to the Sunday School. Miss Quigley, late of D. B. Fiak & Co., of Chicago, will bo pleised to show to her many friends In this city, some of her artistic work on pattern hats at the opening of our millinery department Monday and Tuesday at tho New Fashion store. Ed Hendrlckeon. George Hendrickson. Isaac Hendriokaon. Abel Graham George McKlnsey, Samuel Hubler and William Feltner, of Grass Creek, each with a carload of cattle of hie own raising were in the city Saturday en route to tbe Plttsburg market. The Junior Endeavor Societies o the Christian, English Lutheran and First Presbyterian ehuiches will ob serve Junior Endeavor day by holding a union meeting In the First Fresby terlan church this afternoon at ! o'clock. A very interesting program haa been arranged, and everybody i cordially Invited to attend. The e<jhos were awakened up an down Broadway and likewise o Fourth street yeiterday morning b stirring cornet solos of "St. Patrick Day " R' J- Powo11 rendered th familiar selection from the door o Glflo'a music store, and M. Fdrno from the door of his Fourth stree barber shop. The solos attraote much attention. ' Tho Wabash pay car will bo hero Tussday. Pan Handle engineer Geo. H. Shaver is down with an attack of rheuma-- tlsTD. Wm. McKlhenny, of Peru, a Wabash fireman was in the city yesterday on business. Many employee of tho Pan Handle shops wore off duty yesterday on ac- counc of Si. Patrick's day. ••Buffalo Bill" Smith, tho ancient Pan Handle switchman is o!T duty on account of a sprained anklo. The Pan Handle is doing quite an emigrant business. Train No. 3 yesterday had seven carloads of emigrants bound lor tlio west. Tho Bohemian laborers who last fall woro brought here from Pittsburg to work on tho section in iho PUD Handle yards havo all milt work and havegono to Chicago to live. Tho railroads aro beginning to in- roaso their suction forces in viow of he approaching spring and summer vork. On most of tho sections but, wo laborers havo been employed all winter and on some but one. It i:) said that the membership o! bo Pennsylvania Voluntary Relief Association is not us prosperous as it •as a year ago. Many men havo been brown out of employment entirely while others woro reduced to half ime and not being able to eland the ssessment have withdrawn from the ssoci&tion. A dispatch from Richmond states hat W. B. Leeds, superintendent of 10 Richmond division of the Pan Han- lewill reslen April 1. Humors egardlng this havo been afloat for vor a month, but any attempt to erlfy the statement proved unsuc- essful until yesterday when Mr. eeds left for Washington, D. C. He nnounced to a reporter that he •as going In the interest of the Amer- can tin plate works at Elwood, and fter April 1 ho will devote his entire [mo to that growing Industry. A Card from Ur. Tanner. Editor of the Journal: In my lec- ure on Friday evening March 0, on ie -'Great Arrorican Sensation" as my fast of forty days in New York waa termed, to a notice of which you ourteously devoted BO much space, I ncidentally spoke of Miss Mollle ancher of Brooklyn, Now York, who n the year of 1889, for a number of reeks lay la a condition of "sus- andod animation," apparently dead, nd who during that long period otally abstained from both food and rlok. So perfect a counterfeit of ealh waa this tranco. that threo of Brooklyn's best physicians-signed her eath certificate, and all preparations were made for tho sepulture, but beau*e of eomo indefinable feeling that ho case was one not yet completed, a member of tho family suggested that he funeral bo deferred until signs of .iscoloration or decomposition, were apparent. Tbe suggestion was heeded, and the obsequies deferred from day to day, until the days merged into weeks, and weeks into months and till no signs of .decomposition were iaable. At tho end of the tenth voek tho young lady awakened rom her tranco and is today alive and n full possession of her mental faculties. So extraordinary has been tho experience of tho Brooklyn blind girl, that her case was presented to tbe jsychic congress that convened In Ihicago during the exposition on the grounds of the World's Fair. The citation of this grewsomeand thrilling experience of Miss Fancher by one. in tho room where the gospel temperance meetings are now being hold, on the occasion referred to, although piven in a. fragmentary manner, was listened to with wrapt attention, and I have since then been frequently Interviewed by many Interested persons for the purpose of learning more of this Cataleptic condition so often mistaken for death, and so closely reselnbllng It that not a man In all the crowds that frequent the halla of science can detect so much as a technical dlfferance. ; I have devoted much time to this subject of cataleptic trance—perhaps more than any other man upon this continent. Terrifically and terrifying and greweomeasls this subject of "Live inhumation" I find that U awakens an Intense Interest whenever or where, ever it becomes<*a topic of convena- tlon or is made the topic of a newspaper article, I therefore ask ae a favor the publication of the acoom panylng article on the death of Edgai Allen Toe, whom I have substantla reasona for believing was a victim o live burial. Respectfully, H, S. TANNER, M, D. B article referred to will appeii All Kinds of Paints If you «re going to use any Paints COME AND SEE MB. I keep the largest and best stock of Paints and Painter^ Supplier in Jndi-tna. I m:ko a specialty of this line of goods and am in a shape to sell you anything in the iine for less money than i5 is possible for tny competitors to do. No Matter How Large or Small a Quantity of Paints You Want Come and See Me I WILL SAVE YOU MONEY. B. F. KEESLING. 305 Fourth St. « LOG ANSP03T, Kemp's Balsam will stop tha oougb it onoe D I AM HEADQUARTERS FOR VftLb ON WfU-KER & RftUGK BROaDWflY. FOR ANYTHING YOU Wf\NT IN TIIK * in K«; Moat nftlic churches change tbe lionr ol oven ig services from 7 to 7 ::*) today. ! Thu Slethodkt churches of the cltr hold their' oiirili yiinrt*rly Mwtlns services. Tills in Halm Sunday and it wil1 I"* »PProprl- tt'ly observed In the- Lutheran. Ciithollc and pLscopal churches. M K. CHURCn-Kev. L. W. RatlllT pastor. Pr<>Mhlnt;iitlU30 am and 7i»p in, by tlie liastor. Sunday Scbool at 3pm. All are wel- ,-oine. MiLun LCTHKHAK Cin!ncn--Servlnesat 11 am DrSoc E M. Cook of thp railroad Y. M. C. >. No evenlni? services. SundaySchool at 0 ; ;iu a m. Junior Endeavor nl 2,. V. P. 3. L. t. at o. HCHCii OF CHRIST (Sclpntlst)-Servlces will fce liel.l in their n«w rooms In tr* M.-igej block, corner ot Sixth Hnd Broiidwar. Bible Clasn at lo ; :»Hunday morning. All are cordially Invited to attend. 3KOA11WAV PKB.1HYTKUJAN CHUH01I--KP.V. E. S. foott Pastor. Morning services IHX) a. m. Sumliybchool at !>::<). V. P. S. C. K. at CilO p. m Willis Maxwell leader. All are cordially , invited to atwml these services. Subject or .sermon, "(ioodCltlraiiKhlp." ' NivmtsALiSr Ciiunni-RHV. T. S. (iutnrle p'istor Services today at till? church at 11 a.m. and 7 'p. m. by the pastor. Sunday nchool at fO a m., Edwiml Caul*, Supt. Morning subject. -Saved by Kirn." evening subject. "Tlie DfStinr or Juilas." All are cordially Invited to these services. BHOAUWAY 51. E. Cffuncn-Hev. H. J. .Norrls i'a<t«r Services today M this church at 11 a. in 'and 7 u. m.. »t which time several applicants wllltw received Into full fellowship. Moinlni; theme, "Opportunities Affonlnl for DoinsKood." Sunday School at K:lo a. m. Kpworth League at U :» p. m. :iiMHKRi,ANi> PRKSHVTKKIAN Cnoncn.-Servlo»s :it 11 am and 7 p m. Sunday School at u/tj a •n A hand sermon ot ten minutes to the children. Ilev. A. W. Whlta of Waynesburg, Pit, will conduct serflces. Morning subject, "Tlie (treatest Paradox," evening subject, "linlijue HtunotM Also services at3 p m at Cumberland chapel nerth of the city. •HIIISTIAN CnuHCH--Conwr Ninth and Spear street!" Rev. T.ti. Freeman, Pantor. Services "itilo'clockamand7:80 p ui by the r.«-itor. Sunday School at '.Mil a m.G. N. Berry, Supt. YPS C. K.at (>16. Subjeot. ••Tanilnz the TonKHe." Mornlni? topic, "What Think Ye or Christ'."' Kvenlnu topic, "Future Punishment." Tmsirv Kriscoi'Ai, Ciiniicn— Rev. Douglas I. llolita Rector. Services as follows: 9:i r >am, Sunday School; 11 a m morning prayer ami sermon 7 p m evening praier and sermon. Holy Communion at 7 n in this mornlDE. Mornlni; xubiect, "The Place of Skull," evening subject, "God's <ir,v.e." Dally morning and evening services this week at 9 a m and 7 :;!0 p m. i'riST Ciitiiicn-Rev. W. H. H. Marsh Pastor. Services today at 10:3) a. in. and 7:.Wp. m., preaching by the pastor. Sunday School at 1-. MeethiK «f the B. Y. P. n. In the lecture room at (i :M. Lender, Klmer McAllister. SublMt, "The Obligations to l» Baptised." I.nke ... L'l-i'.'i Morning subjuct, "Work Done for Christ's Sutterlmt Cause." Evening subject, "liiBtlnct Rebuking Perverted Reason, MAUKKTSTKKKTM. E. CjiUi«:n--Kev. W. R. Wones, Pastor, Preaelilnc at IMS a m. s,i»- buth schorl at 9:30 n m. .lunlor Leauue at - ..0 n in. Evening services at 7 ;W p m Preaching n the mornlnK by Dr. Birch, the i>resldliii; older; In tlm evonlnr: by the pastor, vommon- 1011 services atlWS a m aad love feast at C:*J. All are corUlallT Invltsd, WnKvn.ANi> STKEKT M. E. CHi-ium-Rev. M. A. Harlan Pastor Morning services at J0*>. evening services 7:M. Sunday school at J:J(l. Special services today. Hour of prayer 838 a. ni Baptismal services following the mornliig survlco Qnarterly love feast at 3pm. Praise service atfi:30. Rev. Dr. Bi.ch tlie Presiding elder will conduct the evening meriting which will be followed by the communion service. Xourth Quarterly meeting. Quarterly meeting Tomorrow evening. BBOAUWAYM. K. Cm'RCH-Bev. H. ,T. Norrls. Pastor. Morning service* «t 11 a m. Evening services atlW P m. , Epwortb meeting at 6;80 pin. Sunday School at y : *. am. TUelast iuarterly meeting of this yearwill occur Ugln- iilnnatil am. The communion win follow a lerf ihort address by the pastor The Mventy- Ufthannltersaryot the*. R M. a. will be nnprourlateiycelebniMdat«;l»P > n ; ,-*," "' celTent program bos been "ranged for the oc_ caslon Mamie Ciuhman leads the , hpwortn Meeting. Topic, "The Herdsman Prophet." The members are expected, The public and strangers are cordially Inrted. [Those tarnishing the ehurch notices will please band In only the change* hi the notlcM such a» special services, subject, change of hour and change of pulpits. Cutout this notice as far as It Is good n nd nJJ the change. JtlOO Bemrd, £100. The r««ler of this paper will be Pl«j""«l *> learn that there is at least one dreaded diseases ihat scleuce has been able to cure In _al Its jtagM and that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure to the only positive cure known to ln « nieiU< ? 1 £?*?™1H; Catarrh being a con« tltatl « n ?',fl s ^f,. f ',' r ri?ri^ it constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly on the blood and mucus surfaces of tun system, thereby destro, n « the foundation of the disease a nd giving the p ^ tlent strength by building u P^ ekcol f h " ut '?? n8ttn ^ assisting nature In do ng Its work. T Be W£P«e- tnrrt h»vp in inueh faltb In Its curative powers, for an Special Notice. As I am deelroua of relieving and curing eufferinff humanity of catarrh, liver complaint, rheumatism, dyspep- Bla, and all diseases of a nervous and debilitated nature in either sex, until March 25th, I will treat all afflicted with the above diseases free of charffe with the exception of a very small fee in certain caaee for medicine. I do this for the benefit ot many poor sufferers who are in need of treatment and aro not able to pay tny former prices. J. W. MERUOLL, M. D., D. M. & As§'t, 411 Broadway, to/ransport, Ind. CANDIDATES. TOR TllKAiCllBIt. i will be a candidate for Treasurer of the city of Lozansport, subject to tbe will ol the BepubU • can City Nominating Convention.^ ^ gAR01tST . Lownsport, Ind., February 13, lot. I will be a candidate for Treasurer of the «ttr of Logansport, subject to the will of the BepnMI- ca:i City Nominating Convention. ^^ Logansport, Ind., February 10, 1S91. I will bo a candidate for nomination forth* onioeotCltjTrMsurer subject to the »lllottna Republican Convention. J. D. ALLISON. Logwisport, Ind., February 19, ISM. I will be a candidate for Treasurer of the «jtf of Logiinsjiort, sub)ect to the will of the Hepub- UamCltyNomluimng Convention. Logansport, Ind., March 5, is91. Handle Factory Wood fop Hale. Handle factory wood delivered to any part of the city. Mall orders to Hillock & Plttman, Handle Factory, on Toledo St., or P. J. Klmmer. if terthe ball Is over, afw the brealcjof I niorn, After the dancers leaving, after the stars «r« . Many a head leaching, If you but knew It all, Take Smith's Bile Beans on retiring after Uw ball, Ask for SMALL »Ue. Karl's Clover Root, the new blood purifier, givea freshness and clearneif to the compleicion and cures constipation; 25c., 50o. and |i .Sold by B. F.Koesling. BfSjld by druggists. Read the Bee" Hive advertisement. They have somethinK to tell y»u. La Grippe Vanquished. D'C A P Is a SURE SPKI- l O T-L KICtothlsdJp*** disease, as most any resident ot Aricknsu City cun testify. Santa Fe Railroad Boys Heart From. _ I to|ce Pleas.ro to recommending your Kouro for Mughtjwa "colds . Having given It a trial, I opiila iwom- mead no better medicine for my ..friends. Very truly. L, W. K.iui."«DT, Station Baggageman, A Santa Fe Engineer's Story. 1 contracted a bad cold: was so hoars* I could only speakabove a whisper; we«*«J was very digressing; purchased a bottle ot your ITour-C; It cured almost from the rtart. flake "-real pleasure In recommending ft to llir £rl61UlS - Engineer, Santa KeBaUroad. mm i i>c \ f Is «old under a coir- PHbLFS 4-t an teetoglvep«rt*ct. satisfaction or money always returned n BEN FISHER.

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