Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 3, 1952 · Page 23
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 23

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1952
Page 23
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ivvft r* not" bpS§fV' v ^>"'.v-« Wf*>>'*" ''} *;.}"$*'"*}l (* 5^*3r« 1 'l?JtfF*'? f ^JM^WiM^4™ '• [SL^'lsSiia. Li ^ u' HOfI ITAR, HOPf, AJtKANf AS mppmWMTt" ' i ,]f „- r-* 1 Ar !*,h^.. S*? j^pm^wftsr^wit, de««i t: itUe f*m, Clole to % Nkt« n«l|W»rnood, at? * SON 9941 FIX3VD hoirlei, |170 up, Nothing down, $10 month, « itoadUy employed and your tot J* «l«r, a B, Bol- ..i 5114, airl'i ,J*Hw 10,~BWh practically i . . loi^&MO, -My tome it At? North Blfh in .Hdjxi, Write Mlnton, ICMI2 Joaquin -'"i, a*«w«. > MI -fr nt** •> S obUtn* much fftfdtin* from * *rtttl« ol) •« wm formerly by ttrilght 'criKk- twice 1 unfurnished 4 raom homo Wanted FAT HENS Moore Bros. Phone 7-4431 Fair Enough •/'King P«*tur«* 1m Sidelights From World Series Play TJw ,R«v. Theodore pr«»ide,it of Kotro Dome unlvcr- *aj' ( tut* flccu»*d Chlnii Boy Luce'* nieinxb* "tiro", <rf 8m»Brln« Not- n on me and «omn of h«r foot- bnll playuri In the IMUO of Sept. 40 I|< -Mwd the* word "«ri>eor" ttnd sold ''jL,u e » tiopjeted four of Notre Dflm«'» youn« men an • Jlohoolisy'ii , J, », Schooluy, _ v ,.,.,.,.„„ or imfurnUhed 0 room houne. Hfnurmablo, MB W »!VJ«ton, Contact 0, n, AUtn, H00M uftftirnlHhod apartment. T^wood rioorn, Venetian blinds, 'trtlWtai ' paid! Real Eitate for Sale in Wftihlnton. 8 room* ,,ttd bnth, Will «t(»nd tfon, Vou «en own uut cutro home tot ta»» Umn vent, (0 J6U. lot, UtU« n^ ! W w houiio, »<it«rt«i Oak tc « , He*bur«h'« com men t» weru • wtpreiimd aftor ln»t Sntur- «ame In Philadelphia , In Notre Dnme ond Penn went infliAyit, 7,7, T had had oc- Ho dlncuiu the wtnt In New With ,o patron ol the urUvej- llty who M(d Jfftther Ho»bumh \va» engry ov*r gronn treoltnent o, school and 'the student* In to color-phottii in LJfe ond bften ur«»d by frl«nd«-of Notro «o nrwktt u forrool prolsnt to tloy, On* at theiid f d»nd» of Nr.tre Do mo unld; "l.pwtJt down to the UUnjun thm fsrowd on the Luce publlco- nro t«u«ht to do, It U thn «mm» titd utory that tho Irish arc ot ,«»i»if .that JmriM rue uo, ' ^ 'Hi that Don ShanBon J< . fin* , gowJ-loolUnf boy ,«nd tins r to th« oj e i ure ^ the lowee , Jell, «MW>P e( th« layout; A hand»ow« yotmB fellow ^inH blur c ovorlnn noddle 4«eth, Faher Ho|burR^ 40 Id thai to him u had fula ,!n{» on«, Shannon Idtsntlflod at .Jac^c the Ijoy real- for ubvlnuN reasons wo're not ..)ln« to mimtlon the name nf the frankcHt, It not the smartest, rjodjt- or of thrm all. AMkcd what h« thouijht nbout tho World Scries now. the not so nrt- fill Doditcr replied: "The Yiinkot'.; in six," To television viewers it mlftht httvo looketl as if little pull Hi/- ituto WUH unburdening hlnuelf uf tome-choice expletives nfter Bmok lyn's Dtikf Snlclor whaneed Into ihlm in the third Inning. "Phil knew It wasn't Intentional,' -alder sold later, "The onlyjhin: ho mid to mu wus that no's' Ki't- tbj(( too old to bo stepped on like thtil," Rizzuto received thruft spike wounds In tho thigh. 'i " ''''(•! , When you see Brooklyn pitchers Shnko off Roy Cnmpanclln^i liS^o'tB Eepeatedly, don't got the W.si Roy it having trouble with hK b.ituny- mate, "It's just a little fun we' have with tho batters," Roy said "I tell the boys to do It oven when tho signal Is okny. Keeps the batter Ili4k&.*..< tl * • out ov«n <iut if if «o«nt«a7""" St& •y WILL HEW YORK. (*) You don't iwo their namci In ht>odll»M>s any mon> fnd jrmi have to Iwk rt-«I hard to pick thwn out on the field, but there nn< a coupta of Yankees wtw have a total of 2.1 World Sniffs' between thorn. They arc conch** Finnk Cronnttl ttn& BUI Oicki'y, who have «harr.<d the New York u-am'ii two Kr«at period* of prospci lly, For CroH'tti this in World Scrle:; No. 13, xcvrn us a player and »ix on H conch, Vur Dickey, tin nli- llmi- crcnt catcher, It 1,1 No. 12, right af thn year* nn a p!;t>'-'i' nnd Ihe rr«l us n nniiuiKi-r'.i aide. "Bvery n<fw scrlt'n brings ;i n<?w kick," «ay» Crusnttl. "A «uy hi»* to be lucky to Ijc fonnccti'd with so many wlmilnn tpiim*," nay* Dickey. Of all those scrim, only une wn.« o (oiling one. Thnl wn« I042, when both were players anrl the St, I.ouls Cflrrilniild spotted the Yanks tin- flr^t game and tlu-n won four ttlrniKht. "W«> don't look for another om: llkt thut," Hold Dlckc-y. If the Brooklyn DodKerii lose tin- serlt-a, some of them mny _;* the di'fimt to Idle curiosity l^iat Would hi: Curl Ernkine's c-u- J'walty, of cour«(>. An hour nnd a half before Harm- time yesterday, Kr»klnc, the Dodders' « t a r t « r c.ltnbttl Q mriall ladder to look out fit the rain. Thsi .Judder slipped.Krsklne turn- blcil. Ho put » knot on his head. lie rnrnrnod nn old football luu-c u«alnnt a radiator mid became dvothly sick. But hi' unappod out of It, started tho Rami;, but never (joined his control nnd lost. •'It didn't affect my pitching nl all," Ersklne nakl Inter. «i bjuebilt, he c«n mrike a million oolbrK on television, lie's Jhat fun- nj Aft* r hi* pre-Bum* p*p talk ye* lerflJiy-hc turned to hln men ajid s:'i'i "I asfiUfriR you guy* know iill ih<! aniwcri." Th<- DcjdKer* or« optlmUtlc. Tm-y've put 15,000 more tickets on «sli frji the sixth and seventh . You can buy 'em Saturday. : John P. Carmlchael Chicago Dal ; ty Nrw» thinks the world Serle» i i.mild hv made a more even contest : !iy fnrclriK the Yankees to dlicnr tin.jr nrni'bnndu and letters on tl-rii blnutoA, Wouldn't cower the ' (i|i]»isition. Got to Way 300 Ball/ Soys Dressen , *y 1»«A*K «CK NEW YORK Wlf we play .800 ib*ll we're in," Manager Charley ' Dreaten of the Brooklyn Dodgers (tcld today &8 the World Series shifted to Yankee Stadium for the tWrd game. "We won the first game and lost the second,' All we've got to do now is take each oddgnmc." Reminded that his National Hope Goes to Prescottfor Game T 111 Hill Keturnof Marciano Big Event BROCKTON, Hsst, tiW It __. fc homecoming few conquering fife* roes In history could match — ^" return of new heavyweight oh; Porks Hopeful of Taking Horned Frogs FAYKTTEVIUJ3. tV»l In one wii.y. Conch Otis DoiiKlas hopes hKt'iry repents lUelf when his Ar- kiiiiKii.s FUizorbackd open the south- v.r-»t Conference football race iiijninsl defendlnK chnm|»ion Texas Clirl.tti.in In ft.Worth tomorrow nl!!ht. In more ways than one, however, I i h<n>cs 11 doesn't. UrtordH show that the Horned Frotci have never beaten Arkansas tin- year niter they have won a con- fn >iu-f championship as they did liisl fall. Douglas wants that pi.rl nf the series' history continued, Hut these other historical facts do lilllo to buoy the Razorback mentor's hopes: A DnUKlns-coached team has never won n football game In Tox as Except for he Oklahoma A. & M. >ramu this year, his . porkers have not been able to win a night Tonight at 8 o-eUck the «ope W H^TTaXSTB fiS f 0 °s, sj h s^ AiSrss irhKSK'cft; 0111 osualjy * .SOU ball the World Scries excluded since before they held a 10% gtime 'lend back on August 27, Dressen replied: "That's right. But I expect some hitting from our boys." Of their Inst 34 regular season j.ames the Dodgers played only MH ball, winning 15, losing 18 and tleing one. From August 27 until they had clinched the pennant on Sept. 22 they won 14 of 29 for a .483 pace. Today Dressen shifted six of his eight hitters. Only Pee Wee Reese. br.Uinfi second, and Gil Hodges, In seventh place, retained the spots In which they went to the plate in the first two games in Brooklyn.' Dressen is concerned over Ihe fitting of outfielders Andy Pafko nnd Carl Furlllo and inflelders j Hodges and Billy Cox. «. I Collectively this quartet has been to the plate 26 official times without getting anything resembling a hit. Neither has driven in n run and offensive efforts by these four snow onlv one base on balls each i for Cox, Hodges nnd Furlllo. j Cox, Hodges and Furillo have ench sent only one ball out of the infield. The Dodgers, with nine hits I in two games, are batting .55 a& | a team. The team hit .202 during the season. over from every angle it loolls like a mighty interesting affair Prescott would like nothing better to climax its "Beat Hope" week with a rousing " Wolves always bested the BobcAts"andMi'ey would love to revive that feeling. On paper this seems to be their best thanee In years and to help the boys gret tn'the mood the townspeople dedicated the week.a* "Beat Hope." Signs have been!plastered A crowd estimated by pdlfee.'ti number 60,020 to 100,000 tt» " down the advance warnings fc in-gathering thunderstorni terday at Rocky, foremost ell in Brockton's history, modestly ceptea its homage while his trt cavalcade inches over a threi parade route. "I never saw anything like here before," an awed police clhl gasped. "Brockton never fore honored anybody, not even late president Franklin D. Ro •til/ire, oigus nav? veen plastered •"•*- fr.*^a»«cin *• immuri u. nocra all over the city and the news- Velt or President Truman, as rriffl papers discarded all "80" dashes as_Rocky." ' papers discarded all "80 for a "Beat Hope" line Every- <tWhfen Cnsi«y Ston#el sets tired «xceut In hard practice and actual combat when they taku tho store- toeth out. And those whosq front teeth «r»: mission nrc n small minority, flot 75 por cent of a squad hi $fotre Duma of any other typl- aetil school "Do you think it was wn Intentional mnear or just sensntlonul- Urn?" I ajkvd, "Well, U% «enjKiUQnallsm," Fn- ttw 'HethUfcfch snld, "but it h u smenr just tho some. I suppose some of the ,bbys do have sumo M their lecth -'out. And they t«k«» th»|p fftUe Ujeth, QUU when they piny ;ths »B«ie;«s boxers. They t Icked on those kids to nmke tlwni leok rkUeulowfc. Wo have fin* boys A * •"*"" 'ntter. D«n Shannon ; ils an boy, » lesdw ond & fn-at- m. He is fiood-lookln||. But ^0 through 200 photographs to A four JookJn» like a v Jot of Tho one ol $h»nnoA,VrUh ..„ pink on the twth look* M though U hud been W" the tam« issue, Chfav uliovis Job in «tv$»> of an has whipped Arkansas both times the teams have met since j Douglas took over the Razorbacks. ! Indications have been that both ! tho Frogs and the Ruzorbacks have has been inspired or impressive— has been Inspirodor impressive— yet this season, perhaps because they wore looking ahead to satur- day ni|[ht. T("U not only has lost two non- IM.RUO contests, but the Frogs' highly publicized spread formation lins yet to produce n score. Kan- ftif and UCLA blanked Coach Dutch Meyer's men on successive Saturdays. Arkansas has one win and one defeat on its record, an upset by Houston follo'.vlng the season-opening conquest of Oklahoma A. & M. Hut, even in victory, the touted Ai|:nnsns bnckfield has been a complete disappointment. The Raz- crbucks' rushing yardage for two KCimes totaled only J84/ Against tougher opposition, TCU nulled only 85. Both the Porkers and the Frogs have done well in the air. Arkan- sar ranks as tho southwest's ton passing team, with 311 yards. TCU ir second with 290. And the explosive potentialities of the ground are there on both sides of he line of scrimmage, with an .•ill-conference back sparking each attack. Herding the Frog spread movements <is runner, passer, punter nnd field general will bo Ray Me- Kown. He'll be aided by Gilbert Rartosh—tho slippery hipped larl who bent the Barkers lust year. Miilvin Fowler and the speedy sop homore, Ron Clinscnle. Though he suffered a shoulder injury last week, triple-threater Lamar McH,an is expected to be ready to roll for the Porkers. His 77 Douglas is hopeful that his top halfbacks,- Buddy Button nnd Jack Troxell, will regain their hardhit ting form of 1951. TCU will hold an edge in experience. All its starters are lettermen. Arkansas, starting 10' lettermen, will have a slight weight ad vantage. The Frogs are ahead in the series dating back to 1920, with Iti wins to Arkansas' 10. Two games have been ties. thin* possible.is being done to key the Wolves to the occasion. On the reality side the Wolves have bowled over three opponents, the last a 26 to 0 decision .over Ar- adelphla. Both teams have beaten Stamps — Hope by a 26 to 12 tally and Prescott 14 tp 13. Engsminger and his boys are fully aware that ;the Wolves could turn the,trick and have been working hard all week, tearing a let down following a, rugged contest with El Dorado last Friday night. Practically all local fans believe the Bobcats are a better team than last season and thens Js little doubt that Prescott is much more potent Although Hope has managed to defeat the Wolves for a number of years -the Nevada County lads always make a battle of It. Tonight's contest will be no exception — it will be a rugged battle. The welcome for the iron-fil ed victor over Jersey Joe Wa drowned out the rlollng anger the sullen sky. Spectators were six deep on both sides of the parade , route and every window along it was jammed with beads when Marciano reached the business section. All of the city's police, aided by the forces of neighboring towns and, state troopers, had difficulty holding off the waves of shrieking humanity bent on swamping the tic idol, as he rode with his and a few initimate friends. It took more than an hour cover the three miles to Park/ where Marciano was ,.._ sented with the key of his native city, along with a huge pap ciwvn, by Mayor Gerald Lucey. "This is the highlight of my boxing career," Marciano told his admirers. "I promise you I will defend my title honorably and often, and always in a manner that reflect credit on you wonderful pie and the city of my birth." After receiving the homage ot his homefolk, Marciano was spirited away to a roadside retreat in a nearby town, where 100 of his closest friends had gathered. Many of them had shared in the purchase of a Cadillac Automobile to make Marciano's homecoming •even more memorable. "It was the least we could do for •Rcckyj" one of them explain^. "His friends won a lot of money betting on him against Joe Louis and-Walcott." for n ••tniif-hHnu,n~«1!,'i»^"".u """""; ] That prompted the Massachusetts lor a touchdown giving .the -local registry of motor vehicles to an B a 7 to 6 decision over -the unprecedented action. It made up Camden seconds. At Nashville the | a 'special registration plate marked Juniors scored twice to best the ' " K °" for Mai- c ian °'s gift car. Carbon black is produced mosliy from natural gas, but other sources are being sought. •"~ . ,. r " ^JP" •"Much of the pigskin used for gloves, belts and wallets is from the wild peccaries of Mexico. Hope Juniors, 'B' Two .Hope football teams eked out victories in play last .night- hero and at Nashville. On the local scene -Wayne-Johnson scooted .through the midd'le baby Scrappers 12 4o 7. •A standard possengar car tire contains four, pounds.,of carbon black. Carbon is one of the.earth!..s moS.* widely distributed elements. m« «go thai Charlie '* effort at resurrection was worth ten whole pages ol "Lite" and ji tMwlMMl trAttuie to W$ al' $llftt» ID. U> M$ swdid ft£$rd $P threu rn«rriwes M£ one paternity " o( »* 8» and <*fewter *s a CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE SHE MARRIED Steve Raymond. She did not love him, but he waa wealthy, and there were things she could I o a r n from him and his friends. She watched his friends, mimicked their mannerisms, their clothes, their poise and polish. And then, when she felt she was ready ut last to go back to Thurstonla, tho divorce. Tho settlement of one hundred thousand dollars. "So 1 came back to Thurstonla." She closed her eyes, speaking In tho same flat monotone she had used throughout the recital, "You'd think by thuv time I'd have forgotten the old grudge, wouldn't jou? Out I hadn't. It hud bacom* an oba*ae!on, And it was, somehow, centered on Ntuice, Oh, 1 knew !tlio IrelttuUs had »dppt«l tier. I saw it in the Thu«-»to«la papers, t BUU hated all o; you. but I h*ud N'&ztte* th» 'hiAat. -'Slut •"'hid hjld .. everything that BhouW mine, She'd been»;<l«b,utante.,She but culabl« valuo plugging his movie of M) he 4wp <ntey for hw. &YO, ftwt *tty, he '•tthstttute for «r«*t Nance!'* She did not know whether his silence svas avowal or denial. Then she saw his eyes, and knew. "Why didn't you Just let me die?" she demanded. "1 had nothing to do with It. You're I.uke Avery's -patient." "You would have been chief, Jefemy, If—" Harshly, he Interrupted: "Don't." She subsided, shrinking back on tho pillow, drawing the sheet up to her chin. "I'm sorry, Jeremy. You won't believe that,'either.'But 1 am. I'll prove It. I'll let you have your freedom," She stopped. She said dully, "You hate me, don't you?" 'No." Hatred was too strong. Detachment, Indifference, pity . . , She saw it In his eyes, and rned away. "Pitjrts not what I want" On a rainy February night when the radio palled and books were bortn*, Nance ;put ,on a raincoat 11} flat-heeled, *hlgh rubber boots, ' went out Earlier tn ;0ie *v*ni«ig she bad' to ftolph. Twice He lootexl down »t her. ^PMi * h*a wtf*. r»»« -V UJ la body and t»i#& toor, a j H» with the "Believe wh»tT» I iav* out to io 4«e *er. On hte tut visit a week ago, h« hwl, *ntt.9t«ve a that gooar" -I thttOc w. ^Ueyu«»»>w at At. 4 think we «pid, J girl. She »W*B -standing curiously still; a graven-image stillness that was, abruptly frightening, • ..Almost without volition', 'Nance 'started toward hen And thfen she saw'that it was'Eve. She hesitated, and as she stood, undecided whether or not to speak, Eve moved back from the railing and resumed her walk. It was the opposite direction from that which Nance Intended taking; -yet, without knowing Why, Nanoe : folio wed her. It was when she saw Eve stumble and almost fall that .she ran to catch up with her. "Eve! What are you doing out on a night like tills?" JBve said *«^uely, "Hello, Nance." Nance went <on, "And no rubbers! Are you out-of your mind?" Bareheaded, thin coat, flimsy slippers, sloshing through .water ito her ankles-r-and only* day or two .out of the hospital! 'Eve eald nothing. "I'm going to take you'home," Nance said firmly. . Where waa something, helplws, almost pathetic, In tht Jway Ev» .atlowea her arm to be t»ken with•out protest •tlioes Jeremy know/you're out, OttMsed like this?" Nance Mk«4. •*»». Jeremy U at »»« fewiplua," "Ydit're soaked to the akin,* 5Kw 8a4d, in « nd>k 4uU vol», "Tto* river looks awfully cold, fMMK^t itT" •Jfeturajly, ttlstoa* pf y*r.« O other ttnjf »t,W»» warm, I that's <«fey, tflU time, I Last Day Oct. but at Um comer, to Ux» ec of th* town wd Uuy'd »vac u - OZAAKIKI ( THESE LEAVES ARE A UTTLP WET; BUT I'M GOING TO BURN THEM ANVWAY--1 DONT WANT .THEM BLOWING ALL OVER THE PLACE OH,8OV' CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS AND CPEAMEO CNtONS OUT OUR WAY By j. R. Williams HE OPPICB OF- WWPBSSOR; ' YOU CAU6HT TH' MISTAKE. IN THIS PRAWIM; SOAPY--VOU TAKE IT UP TO TH' DEAFTIN6 , OFFICB AMP EXPLAIN THEIR. -V MISTAKE—I'M TIEP UP HERE. MOT OM YOUR. LIFE.' THATI3 A BOSS'S JOB AN' I'M MO BOSS AM 1 GOT MO ALJT.HORITV TO TEi_L THEM STiFFS OFF IF <3ET TOU6H/ 'TASM'T OFTEN A GUY TURNS DOWN A CMNCE TO SHOW THAT HE DOES KWOW A UlTTLE.',. Answer to Previous Puzzle Animal Talk PINT ^ANJ It/ TtUUMl 'AABAI THAT POOB^r— ' HORIZONTAL 7 Hops' kiln 2 Great lake 3 Storehouse 4 Visages 5\Ving shaped 6 Condiment 7 Bind 8 EnRlish daisy 9 Arabian garments 10 Rake Vend Cau.se THATRI6HT v THERE ISTH' Bl(3- C.EST BID FOR. A BOSS JOB YOU EVER HEARD.* 1 Cat's talk 4Reality 8.These fish don't talk 12 Soviet mountains 14 Musical instrument 75 Man's title 1C Tonicut's talk ]« Farm machines 120 Picture , support ! "4ifcB! 27 Expression of 41 Pieces of corn bread 42 Chicken talk •13 Amos and -•14 Asterisk 4G Quote 47 Resound •18 College official 00 Musical syllabic newspaper opinion 19 Metal plates 28 Dry 23 How the cow 29 Paradise "WASH TUBiS 1al ,. oc , 24 Tumo 31 Weirder 33 Japanese seaport 38 Attack 40 Stalks mil, &M»J HB5P- B6EN <30NB WR. RISG5I MOOkU$ND MB TOWN. I'M WORWBO ' " -,,Polish soldier 25 Sconl 24 Dove s talk 2 G German city 2C Heroic poetry 27 Point uf the TO SIVD S1U.V A JOB I 15 HE HERE? » NOT BfcCK compass 30 Draws forth 32 Covered with t roes :34 Deprivations 35 Total )36 Before 37 Peruse :39 Solar disc Misdeeds ••4 I For THE POLITICIAN OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople A SRIAA ORDEAL. WTH TWO \^ NICER J.A, ADLAI EMBATTLBO WOMEM .^W VVAV5 / ^ IS A CAPTAIMS/-*— < v^\ TO - fvlOVJ I REALVTE . , veRSA-~/ FELT WHEM AD/VMRAL. \"-\ THAM COT LOOSE/ /: I DEBATING '•40 Scrubbed 49 Aniline !51 Chill ;. r )2 Kind ol cheese !53 Ceremony :. r vl Kxclarnation '55 Photomttrk- .'" unit > Malt beverayes 57 Mr. Chancy VEimCAL 1 Disorder BOulS AMD HER BUDDIES WLV? WVS&t V? 1 VOTERS X'LL TAK& By Dick Turner CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNY POLITICAL-' i PHILOSOPHY PSDS LOKE = I WARNHP VOU MPT TO HERE AGAIN' THI&TIME YOU 00 TO THE STATION.' • UUST I?IVE B FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger ALMY.QOP THiwntH ^WE^. ) '< THATS WHAT VOU 10-3 . K>B. u. e. P>I. oil. 1952 by NEA Sorvlce. Inc. **4nd in recognition of your .40 .years of >fatthful service ' Pottleby, take the rest of the afternoon off!" SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith understand you art an auto mechanic anjl; lovt 19 ^ FRfCKUS AND HIS FWENDS 9y BloiW ETTUH6 FIRE It) , HIGH SCHOOL/ CALLED SKI OLD I- t'<»9<. " . -« , SL *^r4s~ .j.*^. ' j'. jj#' B «W S . -P8i ONLY 2 more DAYS ^° 5 ee ROUGHEST \V» e TOUGHEST CORTES '^t\ Originotor of the 1 , exotic f la m e dance. if See "Back to Bali". The dazzling, colorful "Silve Number." if 25 Rides—Show* Galore, .^ on the World's •x \ » .,* fyeatest Midway ktravaganza

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