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Portland, Oregon
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von to tb. tactmtroa tf 1 of omen a A. If to 0 confUentlal Con.tfuttau. CZAPKJIY.Mii canro, kctorNamreilaw It guaranteed in all utaBe.or Debnil; Sypbn diie or dealt upon the Ikxlj tU Hla, at Vltn. fti Mai or Yiah olth iwnlla Slrfrt, tie FaTM .11 It natton not fto wllhoot ode, eutlrcit Bt-ftw from mercury or ffK" -InSorope Hit Allan.

lad from the jaiTTi JW to die by tWir pkr I JW-W w--l rVl tfir t. JM S- it-fit jtLMX TltakHlofaay 1 11 FWV-L-SM Ttf I i van of parrATC At a Sfe TAJtNIi VOL. XL SATI Oregon Agricultural State Fair TMl I Ull-NT 1 I 1 I I HiMP-articles cr unilcs th iu 03 4 The coll ti th 0 und iflQipaBy of tic i i i a ilt of liftatt)) but tlu re bpecimui-j fi ittas this fruitc liken i tl Tllll Oft 1 It lua Hi. re 1 1 1 I 7PS 1 I tu I I loin hull in 1 tli ce Horn I 1 a i 4 a hue i i of ri! it kind of ttocl i ul! 1 1 nts ot piactiml ihl) II plow no i i i -stuck took tht -t it .1, to anno off thi fourth dij pmmum A tw ii 1 1 eifir to 1 tl subjcuttd to the t'e i of tht Slnrt II i i p.muni i i nm 3 On this CttUNS, SECns it very full exhibit of drains and and pretty much all the piemmins 1 of tliesc orticloa will bo compc Pourtli Day. I iJpfcfrithstanding that jeaterday was the jfriaajof theEair, i ho number of Mx.tujjs wlilPorttand not so great the oe top 1 the firoportton of Hrhos 1 im utoiBtP ffaa ie pW mg matt to i i 6two entiies Tho und nas ei as Trd could iu mii ho 11 ere shall but da" Tere 'str ick out th Thinngfhe forenoon i premium jrt led aroufli the ciitU the Tan bl od The exhibit uf eittle not i i 1 it ottajjit to no bum, ind tonld Imu biM.

w'l 1 i I The show of sheep fine TI Polk Coti'ity EJucat on Convejit IhCj State JVJi MeK.mhiy es: hibited fine Lciterter 11 i cr sa of the il rw and Ilic Bake i 1' i ibli A i i i bctausc this nuta is run, and if tli df ui (nrinTs ti the cuat of I i tn 8 so I 1 bm 1fl tlm iiiniiiiiff the luasjj ltl 1, DCS luiM, at 1 il the me ins to 1 li in tli anfl uithe were Sj nftcrnoon the isplayed Di np: the 0113 tui 1 IH.N i iinj 1 ro i li 1 ml i M. I urish 1( 1 an 1 on 1 almt pieriui ttrhn bn i i a i si in 1 re nun i two LII 1 1 1 fliy the (UstribttSon -nos fumg -in All gentlemen ind la llies hud to iwlk to Uioutocc mil AetJihMr hot the diplomnb arc not dwfplltv of equestnamsin by Indie 1 anil Ta3 lo 1 thing on the list The for host, medal eee WllSfc'aedmKi silver medal There wcro gontUmen 3 not an inferior rider among them, the ladies rode with perfect grace bhie Bibbon, gors the first uum, us desert conferred on Miso of Marion hmbhsi rider pflng all tho qmlitios of ease none Jiiaess and thorough mastery of her horse aeconei premium, with the red ribhon to Jims Jnctaon, and u-as honestlj iod PStlss Dierdorlf, and Miss Finny Kent ircro only lady nderi from MultneanuHv Miss cy did not go oa the ground to aud ane so eatirely unpractical, and her Portland frionth very I of her performaneo Without cscop Any one" of the Irdies would have been proficients in tiny country fnrahill took tho flr4 pre goatlerten ndera We did not ,4 or the gtmtkinan who toot the wcotid to JIrs Geo Williams tho report of a proi wus day by lira Stunt of Live Stock at the State Fair HORStS i Among the horses exhibited as thorough first that clmmsnotico is fecal Jont. oil known defendant of the origin il feKft was la bid keeping, and his legs rjsh Londition They 'blocked 1 the eliglilcst 'ciercise, la the same s(i were two holies one fwnmix dtliera to Tlio Tdo horse was jours old, and lias a gay looking ,1 chestnut, muet hire a gnA strain Side, for ho doca not tolas sue -won the pri7C for speed The Jjiunmue I entorsd for a roadster Tho on tho ground, and while ho in probagaling hones for ftl iKlver bid the sire of horsed tha milo and repeat. lotof horsea of all -work rtext eUmia tt There uerobot two noticesible naf these, both" ono because i prize away from another tihieh was tly the superior horso Ihe horse that Hot get Hie prize for horses of all work 11 dappled groj about flf fxt handa and aa inoh high, firtely limbed, jit ripes prettily in tho ithers He 11 a li Mrneeablo horse, nnd shoal 1 luuc been to the other grej by the ittxt stable eontuined the ti tt ng stil 1 1 1 i i i i i i llicn i lin nol I 1 al us i il i is a "sji ri I A ud cv es of tlics une lek iinini use TieiK i Men no a i i a lu' i i SK a i I rcneh Meimo TTOS nnd lambs had no hwnfi al, uf i i i i i ho Sjulli I cc iiisc a i Mid pretH nndof all that ivoeiersan ibuek if Ralph Geer ivas the ill icts; re cxecpt a bi ek tb it Kn pp ii re I 3 soniel dy up the country li fen Geu fcoutb Down bucltcomes to isTUO oil i and ho ill lie a proh tiVt 1 pitmenl at th i Jesides tbr buek, he had eo Si uth Pow cues, that were wotthj of the pralbC 1 iMshpU an thrm List came Ihe A i i i shctp i Mr Brsivman--ino line 1 nnil Tliej unite ilu qiinlitiei mutton ind line --a I deseiv itock of sheo noc 1 i pens 'jllel HP, iiLlucling fie Bjcfi'ds, a' il I'e Suffolks and Iiibh gisizierfa ilia exh of tlieMl wat fnir lilt might lune been much better for tho bimleis in the WQ have hitherto neglected to sta'e that on President of the State Ajwrcultujral Socie'v, vice Cou IEK HOBIUMS, resigned 'llIE LVDI FdDiiSTRIANSHtV IT Tin 1 UT -This wis at inte csting at ih" It mis a yanel i si teea 01 in a i a 1 handsome costu nes beaied upui ses, 110 iel of fhe buithons npin the I 111 OrouniN Tne perfurmniico beautiful i i i Id i i i 1 i i nn is I i 11 iii-ii iL i I It 1 ll I i i i I til i I I i il I i i ill i i 1 heir 1 i i i i i 1 II i 1 1 ill ul 1 I ll 1 tl i i Li tti th 1 1 i i ng it i i i 1 tl i ii 11 i 1 I ll Iu 11 hcile i it ink! (mil me i ml su Guild I ot! cr aiuel if pj fe-- it 1 Vi i i at'iCH a i ibl eles in i use would lie bn doiMi i i ll i eoui i I 1 i lai wti a i i i i i I of ui 11 i i i i I 1 111 ai 1 t'i mil 1 i i I 1 iu I 1 il I 1110 i 1 to 3, 1 ii i i ea i i nl 11 i 1 i IK tt bm 1 nt the i tit i I IT hat 11 1 less ami a 11 ul 1 j-u i tt i i iu il 1 t'i I a i 111 a uit 1 I iu 1 1 i 1 11 tl Ic tl "HI i I i 1 i 11 i in i I 1 I I I I I II i Ijue i 11 id i it ul tit fil -li i ni i iel It njf it i i i Iu i 1 HI hi 11 ttfnl tt i I i it 1 i s( tl I I HI tt I i I I I tl i i i i in ai I I I in II i nJ in tl 1 I i i euiiiii 1, I' on i at i ii( 11 lek 1 in ui onstitiition 1 Ml i me rlisensii t' 0 So 1 te i ll 1 II tt ing institution I UL il Bl the nt ul of iu til ill idlum of all pol i we tlit lid cs into an jfi I I in or 1 in 1 onr sut 1 i 1 I Ml 1 Ys 1 tli i( lit ll II )l I I 1 i eoi 1 1 i I 1 i lull l(- It it i Hi I (1 loll --JL i ill el i tisULel 11 li lull I ihl lib I tl I nth itc-l 1 lie i a i 15 in Hist 111 i i Ih I i i I Black enltre 1 as a thoi i-ored very e'lpgairt black ruling use fiftud, Haiti is a lint tl hirse, sod is' an honoat trotter aod is wry sure footed JtiV geldrngi and is nothing tomnr itii deli and beaulj- 1 The ere" the lath equebdn n-5 Miss llo Case ol I'olk un'i Duma M', 01 islu I 0 Sus-an Jj (xcirlinit of Clus(f I)e irforli ot CI i Urnas Paulina lumpkins of ruunio Portl in 1 Mrs Keller of Oil.) Wishing! dniondi i a Mws rrmLiellilmoo ofOifgon Cily Muthe Holmes, Susan JaekfcOn, Tub ulobnson, Amj Johns Ilonne ta Miller, i a i i i Jennie Giiine'" of "i am ll'H The! iirst i i i awarded tn Oasfl of countT and the to s. Jaek on, of Claek Unas It iiah a mo lifli chit ittei to award thoso i but the eommittec stood up 11 their 11 IM and i goner il sfitisfaeti i i it nm bo reeollcptc 1 th it i viung man 11 li irtleillar i ontr i i i i i i i -no mi der-talri ran bi 'ound imevi hci ut 1 i Wrov I i a of I I i i i I PC the first i i I no at ilu' iir, in Mime part oi the itf i hnucsl, 1 i Hi i i to the i per Hi ec I she can thus i lieiscll usi'ul I I liplll fiouu boiu tho up.ier with I do th-ii under the lesont all'i is ihi-np )J a3 licv 11 it I tin lit- iff i i i i i i up ii vci 1 ut th en not 1 wo i ub i tlie i lo uf i i a 1 pu iMit ule I li is I el tin i i s'a' of tlu i eh i i i up i i vci tt II U'll hll I ll 1 itUUO PS i i i li I in 1 mil illed I I i In i in 1 i i i i i an 1 ui i i 11 me i 'i i i i If at n'l n-- i i tlit (b in i tttlli i i un i i i of i 1 ill' bus ne 1 i 1 i IJn i si i iu that he i ig I i th it Ho told him iu 1 iftel t.

nil li bptti i is tile nan Had notb ii i i tb crime couWnorbecon Dili's i'i i i i ib ll 1 i I i shot I vn 1 alt hi was i nn id an 1 4. I el but i i 1 1 11 1 1 II i'l ll i i I the nn i 1 lit l' I I I lU Iel tl --s. It in 1 1 1C lilt 1 1 I a I I I I 1 11 I ll i a i I ill i i tin li i li i i i 4 1 ut, to it ibd elel I i i at llie expiration ol" Su 2 lit 1 a 1 i reu 1 tin 1 11 1 jf each of thcsunte, i MM luueudtneuUs as tnay be desired, at thy Ttcasuror a faithful rotii his term, 3 at thtj eu ol tbo muMieuli i i 1 I rpa tt hi I i i I 11 MI i I irv to cuiyltiet Uie cocresi ije kit all ilut 14 Stt rctarj It 11 be the clu i liiou--e li irt pri i 11U 1 i i 1 I nt the piri'i riti rt (if i I ill 1 tl to lilb i-uee leUui 1 i tn i to in Hi a 1 )I ivhoin I to ho i "i i in tl ui it it is be i 1 I i th i uh ut'i bi riul fns-'i ilsti pu i The Overland Emigration bo tin nil lk It el-ll "tine-- he i lit of i 1 I (f iirl i hi 1 11 1 1 ll Xlot of hrood tnicea, yearlings, nnd colts There was a brcnm jKlthngfilly among them which ne judged to te from, but as usual, nobody i was around to give information about 41 Slly-had the head of a well bred I Ahorse, "brit the dropping rump and narrm jloms indicate irbat her.pcrfoimiince ill be tt turf horse if she is ever tried Tnerp A fat ideok looking horses that ere 'pretty, imany horses which were repicsenlod friends in tho busy st if tl fa all not whit bthind lit hulu a i her accoaiplifchmciits for ikinj, 1 ome that we desire it to bo A PvrfctoT --Tho democratic convention of Ohio nonunati-d Hon Scott Harmon fol He icspcctfully declined Hit ntini ination a communication the eh nnnaii in nhieh ho refuses to be identihcd i anj movemont which docs not sink party ant! btaud up for tl tin ol 'rebellion, and thp enfjrt it cf the tsh tltiu and 1 livs I ccitlinh th i ui' "4 party nn del of political i 111 1 1(1 I i hesitate to mv tli it tb I i V. 111 i tt I nt (. 1 I ii migiiiL-s cujssiii tlie plai is loll ins nn I I a i 12(1 1 iv li I It- fr III I I i ul 1 i 1 linn i 1 i i I 1 i it )i a Limn 11 it i a iiriin i is ort 1 tin i 1 i pure- stock, but vie pass the opin IB my nnrmest ithifs in its Ilt 11 ion, ttmj of all Reentries of horses for pro I i put dmtn this lobpllion mil 1 am in I ivr mmowTOUneVas thoronghbred, or anj 1 mi; tins I a li cm in wai if nuit i wherein tho of it Still tllore un'ior'tbe re was stock ota which really hno blood could bo I kn without the Union we crossed to odTantugo Maj Magotie brought his eolt on Ihe Rround with its tlioionghbrpd dam alku grej mare, mneteeiiyKars old In her wo see tho advantage of hlW After li (teen jean; liard service there aWt a on iier, and aho carries herself as gay as a filly three yeare Ilerfoul hj Kijlemaa is a brown, and is of great promibo If ho oomcs to he joirs oldandpabtvvi'bout ne (adoKt, wo eipect to hear of him favombh Mr Barrell took his sis months old hoise "colt by Paul Jones, out of the' MillardMare" from this eitj to the Fair, hue not to compete a prize The colt has been distempered i el has not attained to a growth that might I Ihe interesting report of the es ec 1 From tho eiecllent at tho State I air pnhlibhedin the OifjO Mil qiialrtiei of its dam, IL is as nc prpparetl by Mr Franei il irdin.

1 KM tf Ir I li in tuns I PPJ tl tin mi ftuutiie i i nt tt 1 is 1 1 1 ei uts tipan) furnished latuins- to a por i if 1 It on Mtmd i IMJU! i mnko III i uf nrt ra nt i i 1 Uhc compan tin tin into fiom 1 it Hull allu thcrwii-i TI il i (In i I ui i ll 1 il i 1 i Si si I ll I 1 il I It 1 i I tu 'i 1 1 1 ih 1 ire In in 0 in I ,,1 I It il 1 1 1 I li 1st 111 til CUU31 ind li uf an in! I (ije i 1 no ppaee i A i i i i bukc nt at i i the 2" 1 uH 11 Morns 1 1 lin snevv building ibe lire soull CiU ll 1 Steels on tb usitei Ji nn uich was tijtfillvdpstrt JP! lb I mon telvi is til great i i i I hwP snved from lee i building I i billim I table i i a "'U 'stock, ctmtr tetor loit about 4 (UK) I In SHW1 Uni i i i i 1 other pirties sni ill imounts- ike tin alovo aeoiiospoudcutef the laikh mvillo nil ill. In I I 1 i i i un LLil tl t.ll I I it Oil fC Pin i 11111 i (Ui so le tb u-ji I i nun I di li i tt 11 Ion ibij at 11 I a i eo tin bau! UK nm I i is ibont is i OBI I I 1 If lit ed Further in es tn (iu ai Of ifi ct'p unU 1 Rani irli inient use a rt in and equ iel a 1 mce, et an ndoyvoi the field I 7 oxDcri FOBT ei casing 11 about 2 i nts to cpj int 111 eo 1 il lejiti i i aw iiTnd'fl i bel iv Iry i i iA land I.alti i I icee tt nipt cros jln 1'OHTI AMI, tl tWO itch to ptember 1' nod j.all Ihe Elan' Fv ins, i it place e' barrels es Twiuhn hjts so far rei tako nn ni niea llS lUu do I i i i 1 Hi I I un 1 1 I I nm i i i 0 i Ml SU ipltt fiom i i jrtlan 1 1 t'trff KM Hi 1 mil I en his line tetei-n li bo iril'm 1 Las arr 1 a i hi I tho mini nt i ll t. i linn i is I i to liothcf, the admuiisi utiuli i i i i 1 di Pi bi ut al i i li 1 ittci i I i i "i I LU I 11 I ut it i i i vut i tor i the lit, 1 -it ui" present UK crn rcle in a office coukl ha.iiily t' i I L. alh tho ordtDarj ot No i i i Si prome I iftt if our EM ate 1 ind the ixes for hi The ci tn utc ibJieic i are The ta.e^t ent froui i ifiNCU OV an I al of th( he 8th tl itj I liorcftirdo; held bn IIL Vet Oi isuito all Ihe icn frojm 111 Tl: in if, in; ton oi 1 10 tl IU1K1 it lim i may b( )aj the Hie to hi 1 1 on Hi 1 fuV of 1 1 Qetjuls of Eastern pt 12 A Gencr fl. cicUd th it tinder no circum i ill 1 trs he discharged ll nUogiiion that they i hhtcd tnjo confined at Fort nc but three have been tcciibyii i they were oJ numhci of (he Canadian fcM obtained pTM cr nt ot 1 fiOO lancers, and tu them, like the sixteenth uth babcrs, carblnbs, fjhift of is to be ten 1 the) blade fourteen ipolles The 1 be it Detroit They will bo DeH-emljer, and be commanded officers.

Sept llth --In vierrjof the ot rortrcsa Monroe an operatiODs against tho to be a largo mcrojise of the avn.1 fyiccs firing tins mormbg on try of their A desciter Corucdr-rct' fon cs there nam llalmftwoifl making arrange er slaxea ou Old jrttible wooden barracks out 9 nr 4 (Md 12th -rd on Suudjav in tho direction Our discovered ritam) ol miles from ipt i'uinpUui's, of the Ha ule thiow nl ttt twenty fhel!" in the ienfc Every boon made to tho rebels in hh mhl make the at bctxvccu Bills and 1'otnt ou Dutti with angton Sopt 12tb --Captain Atkin Vei us Irom Camcoa, reports; achm Consul at Curuun had fnm cnczuela of August piixiLftr Snmter hai gonfc Wind of Irindad, Port of and a totil Sept KHIi--Nineteen towns, rds of the aggicgitc vuto of Wisbburn un 15, )1TJ Tli. They were sorpi a i thtir threatened riicy were surpri-scu uy of oar battery thayd uff and did the McC returned io the aty at A jiesDicter frim tlie sons' Hill came into ctur VRS to GHSnf le fhi. Gccrttto JohiiBon were li-rth MuBtom'f daj no'iiition .000 soldier ville He Hays that JeE, JJftTJi wo nomta on Tuesday. rcTJwwbw wo pomta on roopa jn tlunson' ltep 7CS maiontrjr for Wash agunst 12,972 in the same September 12th' A special Journal from Washington, says General MeCtellan has Hill Jusing fafleen killed lit Jimiaal sajs the der of a gun from nied a boat with one tlious bait destined for the Confedcr. ud Xkauuner says Jeff Davis cred fiom his recent illness an ng on Saturday in a carriage Sent.

army of the Potoawe dunmand to-iuorivitl. i Zt.ituny, a paper in been tut oST fiom mail farall September 18th. AKoril, ndcnt i the Oi inland Mn.1 1 md reports that 1,500 regutur the way fiom Utah to the to tlio IW Office Depart Lonw savh no mails hare yet Hannibal anil St Joseph tint tho pnispe for the re en ice; on that route is lild. The Ch fecioy -of the 10th stiys iur men of the rcw of the Jeff hare chiji-gcd with conspinng to 11 the eipi un andi strand the -lessc! attll ootit tine to arrive of the to I cr by heavy dikoHsat prjs cotton JP Liuitj 1 is ikcn second growth and ill be com (' -nlW and in many lUot-a Cu i imp off Scjt U.h--The itllyuing to fien the 12th nibtint on the enbjeet of icnt a pro 1 imidfin He pays Aasai- L. oo; on the ground, you coul the i of your position at tbi'j On seem: tion of August 30th, I pei xtlon I ciog the oHupe re-ative u.i,ingoi proportv and the liber ibju-tinn xblc for nun the A-a uf Con.prc«s passed on August I wrote -ex iM.

tint 3 MI would modify tha iiwrer tlie prefer ild In iVe an order for thi NO. 147. BY jv Pt HwrAJPME DATES FKOM ST. LOUIS TO i Progress Ruby Villojj 266 miles cast of Fort Church- 11, Sept SOth Pony armedhcNthuiifler. noon at 3 o'clock -nith advices for the to Sept 2-ith, Jrom Sweetwater Station, 654 milee vrest of Ijort Kearney.

i St. Loire, Sept-; Washington, of the and to tion, Gro bundled of the distant tte i fled cannon compliments iny usiy twenty pound shell, which ciplodcd in midst, producing the wildest contoirm. Tlie whole force was seen to and 4y there is no doubt a large number Ihey did not return the 6re. Gen. HcClel Ian.

after dispersing this force of rebels, Directed his attention to a flew butU.j thrown up by ithe enemy, abort south of Munatn's 0iH, known Hill Rethrew several shot and into heir works, causing to knoetoK, iscd by UusisBddeii lie Hill a l' -vfj and "ao ail auk ft le never brd i be-to' reWs, of ,01 Lov drougb Hill ed3S rebel- and 20 otliern men killed and rounded. sued a lanSation to Mid 110 lyre, Uits-l lV 5 1 governmeafcof neotrftlJt; ever they rtn -Sept. 10,000 troops leave Indwni. Gen, Reynold, who was at ChAl (the telegmpU train tbcir i fcdllmg them. CuT of me Ecgwncnt, dcd cbeerfuHj Tt nil that sild clause be uiodifi instrupd to contemn with and (lip prowrion'i contained ijic entitled an Act to con peitv used for that sahl Act be published at pufsed the rebils tiith great small less to ui OoTernmentl accepta the 4lw sorvicts the the Dakc DC QliartrM.

Thej wfll enter Gen MaCWUn's aUff definite iction au regard to Sept 21 --A has just ami ei from Cham Bridge, ,119 ordor A LINCOLN i iish Columtia Wines ta newspapers are ing great; pftld mines of British Colum- ctnna of vUe 22(1 utt a ne Ihat tbo i "if, dock, 'DDO--tire i incipftl pr -and JT pas Chinamen jL'wt ugliteluwn MO 000 i 1 nirr'imii 22 oiincc 1 I ecu out ol i it Uie (. 11 lib HI, td i tiipctnnis amounl 11 i ill ut .1 nub i i 11 at the ni ut 1 eini nniile Livvhoi Cr cks On the ner iiinud Ml (t rKPllth wld i sharp ffti Ml) (KM Fherc of tho itl urns on the aamo creek i i of Lovvhec 11 ut bis f-h of a chilli our fripnili I il mind that i for is tu publish Initf; eommnni must anetv to our ippi i iiitiiles woul ipci Oi cursji, wo arp iamprlled to sss of President 1 boen caused by shi rf 9 letifTflV dun noiatiorj A I 11 quiet at thi point ust come iu ft oi )D' that Sorth and Soi rmy, that thoj should of OtolM or be to Nothing omac Some icon held bet' when cr belonged i an had the has trai tyin pns coater (t was tho otfe Tort inent wwi a paperi for mr pickets ddchncd Cimo, SeplSlst--. yesterday bStm company! oQMthTeKik tv ot lebcle JMAllen of Co, slightly wounacd m-thc arra. Tto were defeated and driven back towworsBay- ficld A in the of rested to-day in our hnea The qucstitjn. had been raised ot "delink to Lneco to tho nitrons of our soldiers' McClellan faiors A joung tafsa, native of Kentucky, c.ipcd from tjc rebel at Boll Kun, hive 185,000 men at Jtannis'is who are paid prompt!) and ell clad and head qunrtcrs are Fnirfai Court House The PoitOffieeBopiirtmentarcnow "if 000 dC postage sumps, per day.

i On Siturelaj afternoon John air cr, a feat tbal com eclippetl all in crossing the Seluiylkill river npoa faglit JVHH lib bis Jtcad entxlapcd fpfk' -The uowd hid assembled to wilnesfe ha danui; at immense, and coraplctcH Wockoa up'Wiro litidge, flush ihe polioj twwo eharodin lain Mr Denier effected Hie sit with firm', but mcaeurco! pace, gaping multitude heldits its eyes to follow him. Once, fXnf, seen to ptaothle, and then lentlv-as Uiough he mw-ubout to ftu, uw pale-mth.

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