Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 2, 1952 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 2, 1952
Page 18
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HOM IT A I, HOM, ARK A N I A S ThuriJay, teHtlw 2 t 1»«_ B ILONDII '' V '• • * jfeNft** OtWbtr 2,19S1 • .\iMP*^ , ARKANSAS '• -----' '^''^'-'''-''"-- 1 '"'"'"'—""•"*• ^" — i Up with ,j. trtft North pttfft to conviftct^tK* ffrti**, H'* &l*r atttof to jrwwfl INI Wl »9M« ' (id pf«*Mencjr W • r*» . cent ththif. . htw In 1831, LowrnJ** 4«W wittj it*0 w*a Ih* In thai ?*ftf bra* Wenry m«de what ftppoarn to bwwti the flttl ttUKlam cam- H* vfMtod »<W Vork, New f, P*nn*j'}v*«l», Maryland, Vli-ilWN, KwfcKrtty «H! Illlrinl», politicking n* to wtnt, Candidate* who follwwiwl Harrl ton dWl fl»w«y» follow hi* Dtnouneti Parity Alton WA8HIHOTOM W) - ftteroWry of §m(e Aeh**ftti today dmtwneed (he fiMthcomlnB A«l»n ahd Pacific I'»ttc«t Cotiforenco In Pelplna at an obvlmt* pfcrpnitanda ofwsuon nf HIP CommunUU. H« indiePled norne of Ihn I!) AmeHc*tt« who Iwidln* may b« pro«*ctlt*d on churgM of obUlnlng paiaport* frmidulently. The conference. of • «erte«, I* du« to open tomorrow. Achc»on told hl« n«w» conference Hint It would deceive nobody. He doscr (bed It a* an obvious propa- gflndn operation, and noted that wlille the Chlnenc RetU are cnon- inorln« thl* they are defying the I ftorinK mis mcy ere utriying inc (hat tho principal l«ador» of thtt. u r ,it n rt Natlonn, waiting war In Ko- pollllOHl pnrlloi tiro travelling ,.,.„, Bl ,d joining with Soviet Runilo »lwut Iho oottrttry from alalo to ln „ KHIO-America camonlan. the cottntry from atalo to »t«tc, and ho Wing forth, like Moth. Mild preacher*, hour after hour, to aniembled multitude*, under tho broad canopy of GENOA TO CELBBWATB fire or at earn. And «* raoontly a» 1924 Calvin Coo- ildfe mflrfe but one political ipooch Admlnl*tr*tlon loader* now got in wlijitcVcf polllcdl ll«w» they can. I'Bota — ih*t ^oHn Quint y Adam* had aullo « dXferont vfow In '040, wrotn In ftll diary: of the moiit t'cinarkflblo. Wrl»ht, and Jame» Buchanan «re amonjj thfl fir«t and foremost In Ihl* canvaxsing oratory, while . mv,, GENOA, ll.Iy.UH - ThU horn. town of Christopher Columbus will colobrnto tho d)ucov«ry of America bvcry Oct. 12, the city council A*- nnurcw j.tm.on HHU ...~,.,., ..... tided last night. Previously. Iher* Buren, with hl« hcad» at depart- nt>n been no regular annual obscr- mnnti, no harping upon another vance o( tho day. Andrew and Martin Vnn of »V r*ft» ftftffp W»^F.-P» -w^.w.-"—-» „ of the political accordion by writing controverilol electioneering There A small amount of tadlo* active carbon In all life. WEST BROS. is jv • Our 4th Anniversary and Fall Opening Event i -'wttk «nd we are offering many real money saving values. Come shop the enfire store. Buy your needs now for cold weather ahead. square sheeting and a for i^' .25c -A,v ^A,: 577 ^ 36 INCH PRINTS 80 square pririts in solid and fancy colors. "S" Yard 39c FRIDAY and SATURDAY REMNANT DAYS ;«DdrVf Miss tHese remnant buy§ thls^vveek end. You'll wont lots of these, v , v '^A*,^ •'-.. Va PRlMt ?5^MBOY J±J£* *WT%!> -«:, ^ v . ^% s i ' , «t"«JfVg. 3 ,"f H.^^jMtejc "-?: * j * v,', « •r.-,-.- ' ii, ^- ^*' i; ™ ff.,^' ;'n 1( , A* /tt W •& ^ . ^ / ,X ,. AS H ^ MEN'S SWEAT SHIRTS Tin > ?i ' « . rtfe ah| cjrey in small, medium etna -large sizes. ^mw&: ,'s"" •,> W*'» , ,', ' -j c^ *••&. .. e. MIN'S JEANS 11 or, jeans. Sizes *8< Only 98 % ;L METAL ERS ^pvotroy. Ixtro only Plus .*- ! !^W t* ,DEL MONTE PEAS Early Garden No. 303 Can DEL MONTE CORN Wholo Kernel 12-oz. Can DEL MONTE PURE TOMATO?. PEACHES CATSUP BEANS TOMATOES DEL MONTE YELLOW CLING No. 2% SLICES or HALVES Can 2* 2 DEL MONTE v WHOLE GREENT DEL MONTE No. 2 STEWED Can Fruits & Vegetables Red Delicious APPLES Tokay GRAPES 3 California LEMONS Jonathan APPLES TOMATOES DEL MONTE PINEAPPLE JUICE 9 JVIVE ........................... M DEL MONTI SPICED PEACHES N No} Cam MARCAL TEA NAPKINS SEA GOLD TUNA FISH 2 pkgs.of 80 Each i Size Can 21c IONA COLORADO GREEN CABBAGE KENTUCKY WONDER GREEN BEANS FLORIDA AVACADOS IDAHO RUSSETT POTATOES GOLDEN CORN 2 N cc 3 n 0 s 3 CRISPO CHOCOLATE CHIP ^ F COOKIES 9o z p k9 /y ANN PAGE f| F SALAD DRESSING r ZjC Lbs. MEXE||E CH,L, POWDE, SEASONING ............. Sml. A T THE MILLIONS WHO BUY THEIR MEATS AT A&P SAY THAT FOR GRAND EAIING AND GREAT VALUE Super-Right" Meats Are (SUPER RIGHT — HEAVY CALF SIRLOIN STEAK REGULAR MODESS L.. 19< 31< .12'$ KITCHEN CHARM WAX ^' WIR ; 2 . s ,;23** xc; Lb. SUPER RIGHT — HEAVY CALF CHUCK ROAST Lb. 59c MARCAL DINNER NAPKINS MARCAL t HANKIES < Pkgs. SUPER RIGHT SMOKED PICNICS 39c SUPER RIGHT — WHOLE 10-12 Lb. Avg, COOKED HAMS - 69c A&P's OCTOBER CHEESE FESTIVAL FRESH FROZEN r|\Cyin r|>v*»fiw' ? ' * 1 rrvfcjn rrvv/*.iii>t uw. CODFISH F "fe>29c |OCEAN PERCH 3k 1 CHEESE ARMOURS STAR ^-PURE PORK SAUSAGE — " 49c WISCONSIN MIUD CHEESE u 55o. CHED - O - BIT Americon 2 B L o b x99c WISCONSIN AGED 59c PHIL CREAM' CHEESE 3z Pg A PRIZE IN IVIRY PACKAGE j» CRACKER JACKS 3 «., KARQg,.: . 0^23* JJUJRSHMALLOWS 10-oj. AiMOUR'S STAR MI CHOPPED HAM %5I BAB-0 . Pkg. n A>Mf|| !• fc MJklM * CWU CON CARHE Mb, ......:... dm . ITARCH - *§. 13* vflNHA SAUSAI No. Y» WOOOtANlO -, m mMBIWBF"B^^ SF iBw^gw^, - 0A6WCQO-THIS i TN6 tHI»0 AND LAST t TIME XM GOING TO GET YOU OUT OP BED/ On the Radio ||1ttORiZONTAL VERTICAL ll Important ILukcwnrin 2Museo£ astronomy I Some of these 3 Baseball Rubbed out 5 Observes .13 Evening party « Owe les 14 Heard from an J R^'et (var.) Indians3 9 Savor SSofeSdly 25 Military 41 Pr ograms 10 Radio is fine assistant travel through fab) means of 27 Wolfhound the air ' broadcasting 29 Annoys .without r « • I the World 33 Mistakes 43 Taut lORoofflmal inewouo ^ 45 Personal (ab.) sssss,- ssar* ,,S23fSl ,. Xslang) 78 Part of the mouth 30 Lady Literate in Arts (ab.) 31 City in The , Netherlands 'iS2 Droop , : 33 Masculine appellation 5 Bird's home ) Allowance for waste 40 Pull along '42 Kind i ,44 Upper limb & 45 Danger •IV 47 New Guinea "••' port 48 Flier 50 Keep •52 Atlemplers 3j53 Makes into V law fe4 Domestic slaves SSFat OtAtK IK1 fLL OUTSMART HIM WHILE HES IN THE BATHROOM NEVER CXARE GET 8ACK IN BED AFTER ITS BEEN MADE .. TOP UF TH'NINTH OUT THEY DONE NT AN'roOKEN A By Mlchaol O'MolUv anJ Rd By j. R. Williams OUT OUR WAY Answer to Previous Puzzfa fT'S ALL RIOHT WITH THE PAILV, BUT VOU BREAK. HIM OF BR.IW6INCS IWTHE SUMPAV PAPER-' THE PAPER'S A WASH TUBBS • r; 11 eiuv<& A GOOD WORKER, MR.RKSG&J, \ *. 5 QUICK TO L6W?N1 HE'LL MEED A. PART J HBS TIME JOB TO HELP HI5 DM? 6ET >/Wgb^r..* -7 B^K ON RI5 PEfcTl —*• t LOOKED UP »ww;;» % ' W0 - With Motor Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE rteLAD-ACT-M - > CHAS& VL. SPEECH BOulS AND HER BUDDIES ,^v TO 1ww« i By Dick Turner CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNY TBORRgR I THAT MAK8S. 637,2 THAT'S A SfiAZZY ) TM TIREP SI&N, ELMER/ V OP HAVINO- ^ MV FENCE PLASTEREC7 WITH FOSTERS/ iiiS\Jli^ CU&" HHMHMilM By Hershbcrgcr ALLEY OOP V3U C/XNt REMOVE THE MW3\C V.WD FROM HIS tr1lND,M)U *'That reminds me-l'd better call Ethol to.say I won't " home for fc'innerl" By Golbroith / SIDE GLANCES I havt a wprd with thf Jury More w« t||rt?"/ ' '* * -' ^ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS < *' 8 **

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