Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 2, 1952 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 2, 1952
Page 15
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MOM STAt, K6PC, ARKANSAS W«flt*c1 It (lift* 3 b4dri»m houM, Kloof c6» t ntiid ftttt, CJuno . Nice nffljttitttrtttd, 317 up, Nothing down. » If «t««auy employed lot 1* cte^r, 6, K, Hot. «y, M*o'« Camp, N1GI& tornfoh^d Jwdrootn In a home, Close-In. IH-autyrcut flint I BEDROOM furnlnttirf W twttw, &M* ?•**». Inch rough grttn 66k lumbw — regular and H» ildirtfl. for prlc<w and speclffcarioni Gurdon lumber Company OOOD used baby bed ond msttreis. Phono t.2)«0 between 1 and 8. 30>3t The proc«»» known *t "crack tflt «tmro)ilmBt«ly ii* mttcH/ fftjrolfct from a- burr*l of cwrlo oil' M wa< formerly ob- by; utralght dlitlilotlom .., ,..,_.,„ nix room unfvir- nl»h«U housa located nt 1103 'n, 8*« Mbw tHU« Mld« Of Mlddlabrook* Oro- 8041, 3 ftQQM ftirnJ»H«<t f ( ront nnd ^ refriger«tfiri UHlttl** , QRIMtLfcY } ' BROOKLYN, WV* Even the Hm- Blank could find little to criticize in dur "flettbol" os ployed in th« 1681 Wanted HENS , Moore Bros. Phone 7-4431 -r i -^ flayer s Told ]o Ffareups, iere Wasn't . **owj Prlek'n "No hi» mod« perfect of th«; antagonUU. No BrotonlM-»!> bcet», No tontmmbu, MfcMj* «#>, f iMN.itttfl t»v R««e "at iwo niritf «{ yWm me when ha „.,_!' P«e Wee id to the fourth In- , CwwBBnel. ,w^n'faUfit >®$£ M „„ jiOhwt wont book to ^«ird'"OT' i W |!S A«ftK?«fl|9. «4rt«i to 1, ho started to- W ^hen retired i«lt thouttht .iterfereiico on Me. % Wnirtft, home run 8t«nd«. Not a * . ive boew ttid to IP and mind thob Porkers Picked Over TCU; Hope Also Gets Nod LOTUS HOCK <* -- Arkansas 1 •port* writer* and siwuts broad-; cttfttom haven't glvi-d up nn the Unlvi>r«lly «f Arkmi<i;n football) team yet, despite two tm!inpiiwivi*i performance*, j Ten tit th« Ifl scribe* nn<l rntlioj ir.on wlto picked winncrA in the I weekly Associated l'rt.-<ii poll idis; Week eho«! the Hn/.orl>acks In d?-i feat Defending Champion Texas! Christian in tho .Snothwst Confer-! Otiec opener at F Worth Saturday! night, TCU, of cmiw, hasn't been doing so well, cither. The Frogs i have tost both tlu-ir gnmoH (lib | fbUi compared to Arkansas' l-l . record. But TCtJ's competition has |U*'«h stronger, J The rtiitojrity <>t the forecaster A! [ aha like Texas over Notro Dame, | Kentucky over Texas A. & M. 0;iy-: lor over Washington State, Rico! QVOf fjSU, OK'orgln Tech over SMUi and Southern State over Arkansas! Ti'ch In the concur games holding Ui« inodt Interest for Arknnsxt fOMd. In the h o n d I I n r high school games, they picked North Littlo Rock over El Dorado and Pino Bluff over Greenville, Miss. The only unanimous predictions thlc Week were Little Hock over Hot Springs nnd Stuttgart over DeWitt The forecasters wore upset as badly last week ns were many fn- vorod teams. They were riuht on 17 (fames, wrong on 13 for a imf-l ting average of only ,.'115. For tin.-! <n»r.«on to dale, tho writers n broadcasters have picked 3H of flames correctly for a .MM inn rk Other Selections for this week; Colluoe Mlsslsitlppl State Stato, O/.arks over saps over Homlri.x, (Wcr Tnrlcton .1C, Toilt'hiM's over Moriderson, Ark:m- »0,t A. & M. over Austin 1'euy. High School Bcnton ovor Catholic Hij-h, Tex- nrkunn over Ciunden. Burtle.svilli', Okla., • over Ft. Smith, f'ayftto- ville over Harrison, Hogers over Sllonm 'Springs, Jacksun, Teiui.. over Btythevlllc, Forrest City OV«M- Heluna, Joncsboro over Newport, Arkndelphia over Fordyce, Con- Wlty ovor Clarksvllle, Mnlvern over Sheridan, Magnotla over Smack-i OVor, Hope over Preseott, Searcyj Walnut Ridge, p;ira«oviUI over it. Oseeoln over Hurdelte, . .. Memphis over 1. <• p u ri t o, Wynne over Mariarvna and IX<Que^n Ovor Ashdown. sWe selectors called the Spring- dole-Van Huron game a draw, eight of thorn picking Sprlntfdalo and eight tnklntf Van Buren. Celebrate Victory Over the Yankees BROOKLYN (* - Deep In the rt'ccs*-;* of EbbelU Field, the bea!- «i N->w York YankecH came to lit-k their wound* wfter the first Rniw »t the World Scrle*, while it-,? jiihilnnt Brooklyn Dodger* v.-n.'opoil It up in ih«.ir dresning mrin fMr the game they didn't liSiiri' to Win. All dressing rooms arc much f.hki- after n World Series game. Tin- --t-amy t-loud. sweating play- cis-. r,u<J mobbing baek-slappors in the (|(inrtors of the wMher, The ".eil,.'i,hrrs. and "Walt 't(l tomor- rrw" «uys trying to sooth the «!(m'iiy vanquished. ''! »i i ' f ; h « t ' " "l«l>Py ball game." sal.l Alllo Hoynolds simply as he Iiauiei! off hl» proud Yankee uni- form. 'That'* all there was to It "I couldn't get tny curve to n.ovlns proiwJ'ty anrf they 'locked me. F,ven If we'd somehow man-, aifed to win, I'd have told you that] b6c«u.tc it's the tnilh." j On the fir,*t base side of Ebbets | Field, things were humming, th<?| t/lrds wore singing and all was] well in Flathush. For the first tlmej after a first game in n World! Series the beloved Burns could eel! ebrate. For the first time in six series they had won the opener. "I won't hesitate to use him! again tomorrow (Thursday) if we' ree'd him," Manager Charley Dressen was telling the scribes. "And I may use him, too, in the liitc innings if it's a close ball game." lie was naturally, talking about tho 220-pound Joe Black, drafted from the relief ranks to blrtw down the world champions as no rookie c"'er is expected to do. Most attention was focused on Black, Dressed and Duke Snider, who bolted one of Reynolds' pitch* 3 high, wide and handsome over the Scoreboard !n center field in the nixlh inning with one on to give Brooklyn the biff lift. Revenge was sweet for the Duke. He hit a sliding fast ball, he said, then added with a wide grin; "I got a big charge Out of ft, tec. In the first game of the World Scries in 1949 Reynolds Struck rite out three times. I swore I'd get even, and I did today." That clout Into Bedford Avenue wns Snlder's Second hit of the game. Ho had laced one high off the screen in right field in the fourth for a double, but dldrt't score. Just getting the range, of course. Black, who had started only two games at the tail end of the National League pennant race but appeared in 54 in relief, said he had pitched better ball than against the Yankees. "I've been faster, I know. But my curve ball was coming In there pretty well and I had control. .1 ct.uldn't get my fast ball up i against the lefthanders, 1 .j I Know why. , "Nervou?? Was i nervous? t'm .; always nervous out there!. M stomach was full of butterflies, 1 ' Casey Stengel, trtfng tor frtaste rrind his fourth straight c't'" championship, also , had ft" words to say about Black. "He's .every bit the plVchef tfv*!^ 1 body said be was.'l wouldrt't Wttr|! to say if he'* as ftbodr aS Ifcfl Newcombe. He was in tetfvbte ». most .ill the way, but he Ma pretty good control. You h&Ve t&f as a reliefer." , , ( Ol' Case wasn't crying, but $p laughs were detected, either, "1 thought our side did all i They fielded all right. But can't guess the ball that goes OVl the fence. They got more horrt6J| runs than we did." He was high on the sparklii fielding of Billy Cox, the Do<" third baseman. "There's not piayers in all baseball historj j who've been able to field bett|f than him." prett not %v, kr 1 " V, oa my III. m\ over Arknnsn; Ounclvitn. Mlll- Llttlt? i:oc7v .K~ Alnbnmtt Stall 1 HomeTown to Welcome Marciano BROCKTOffi Mass. W) — World >«ftvywelght boxing king Rocky Murclono is coming homo today for the first time since h« won thej oiown from Jersey Joe Walcott-andj nU homo (oiks are planning a wel- oome party ho'U never forget, TW» city of 08,000 - known around Uw world us H slnx> man- utaHttU'lHfl cetvle>'-~is sot to give «t fMvorlto 804t « greetinjs with all thtt trimmings. .ftOcky leaves' New York's La Qvardln field «t 8 o, m . (CST) Will land in Boston about' an Inter*' o.cconjpa'bled by his Charley Goldman and i^r* t'ld lightweight champion ibcrs, Murclano watched thv Dodgers whip the New i 4-S in yestevday'3 opener tu was loft out of UKV plans victory ctlctoattcm. a giaht parade, mu- tho flfci When You Come In Moore Bros. This Week Buy You Some Cut of These Prime Steers Pictured Above SOME OTHER MOORE BROS. SPECIALS MOORE BROS. FRESH FRYERS Ib. 53' 3 LB. CARTQN MRS. TUCKER or CRUSTENE LARGE FAT HENS WILSON CORN KING or TALL CORN BACON Ib. 3 mm QUART SIZE I C MIRACLE WHIP 49 8 POUND PAIL 'EAS leans *, 393 PRIDE ILLINOIS -WHITE 2 cans 303 KACHES •sr, , > ' ROLU SOFT v U. S. NO. 1 GRADE 67' 49' 98< 47< PURE CAN! C IO LI SUGAR 10 U. SACK LABEL IC15T A FISH 29 f-'f j^& #| :, . ' 7.-' .r f^'^^'f^m *<L, - ,%^'^^h / -i'*? £: 19S2 N OH ST.A A N 8 A I TV Networks Going All lOut in Race jyJ'AMES BACON PRESCOTTNEWS Thursday, Octob«r t The «lioir of the Presbyterian Church will meet Thursday evening at 7:30 fbr rehearsal. ffiBS wind up tfl — NBC and first heat of a Cole As*um«§ Mcdiotion Job WASHINGTON David L (or AS long as that good faith is i Cole, 50-year-old labor lawyer from The Preseott Lions Club wm'p n ters. N. .T., today officially took, little chance of n truce In Korea Lovett Sees No Chance of Korean Truce FORT WORTH. Tex.. <UP«— Defense Secretary Robert Lovfitt saw] A group of congressional Inves the fccds th«y are willing Lovett Inspected Carswcll Air Force base In Fort Worth, the. mnin base for long-range, ntom-j bumb-cnrrytng B-36 superbombcrs. He said he wns pleased at the re covery the base has made after being pounded by n windstorm on Labor Day. Vei; on" building'-eet Thursday evening at 6^ at • »«H v»i.h h,,vnm the Broadway Hotel in place of the noon hour. The ls week end \9ith buxom out in front for CBS. two biggest networks are more than 100 million dollars, to make Hollywood the tel capital of the world, a titlo held by New. York. "tcBS unveils 'initial unit of 12-million-dollar television c iiy iSjtattiorrow with the fall return of , Wilson in "My Friend Saturday, NBC Will micro a special "All-Star Revue" Red Skelton, Milton Berle. Ort ave rltH over as director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service with n promise that "we shall con- Jimmy Durante, Dinah Shore, Phil larris, Harpo ,Marx and George ^el. Berlc, an NBC standby _om New York, is flying out for pic opening show, which will be broadcast from a new 3',i million dollar studio, the first in an eventual 50-million-dollnr project. .. The NBC studio was rushed to completion with the fast tilt-up rvcthod construction. Walls, Illars and other big parts of the building were made horizontally and then lifted into position by giant cranes Ground wns broken, only last July I The NBC studio has two sounr tagns in its 9,000 square feet. It occupies an acre and a half of a 48-ncre tract next to Warnci Brothers movie studio in Burbank. The network claims it to be the world's largest audience studio. Delta Kappa Gamma Has Fall M*ellna The Upsllon Chapter of Kappa Gamma met on Saturday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Martha Smith with Miss Ann Mellard of Gurdon co-hostess for the first meeting of the fall season. Arrangements of marigolds were used for decoration. The president, Mrs. Marie Thorn as, presided and appointed the following committees: Membership, Mrs. Eleanor Anderson; Program and music,. Miss Elsie Gentry and Mrs. Loin Hays; iniation, Miss Mil dred Loomis; legislation, Mrs. No na Coefield; pioneer women, Mrs, Clara B. Stone; teacher recruit ment, Miss Frances Thrasher pub licily and publication, Mrs. Vernice Hubbard: scrap book, Mrs. Cleo Mines; social, Mrs. Ann Cole and Mrs. Martha Smith; scholarship, Mrs. Thais McLelland; teacher's welfare,' Mrs. Elberta Overstrcet and Mrs. Alma Eagle; union service of teachers, Miss Ann Mellard. Mrs. Eagle presented an interest ing and informative program on "Educational Lobbying, It's Values and Shortcomings." She obtained her material from the Dei pnrtmcnt of Education in Little tigntors agreed with the secretary who has tion service tour ot military buses. us o Ailing. Lovett said the Communlsis had of the media-1 l ' otuscrt to »<?tf"tinte In pood faith. since 1947. raiding, "we are prepared to bom- said there would be nothing left ot North Korea It the present heavy bombardment con tinned. 'We are firm In our position that tc put Aside thtir at«mn* tactic* at the truce Ubici," he said. . Lovctt declared the Cornmunlsls can h»v* « true* Mtytitttt they want one and cotild have had ofto nnytlme In the iMt ycnr." "But so long as they fail to ertlclf negotiations Avllh the sincere objective ot attaining peace there will be no truce," he said. Oen, Curtis Lomay, chief of the Air Force Strategic Air Command, accompanied L6veU on the scCre tary's tour here. Lovett came ta Fort Worth from tho West Coast In Wichita, he will Inspect the Boo ing Plant where • B-47 medium Je the bombings will ,not ccnso until j bombers lire built. .<*«», \ -yi*rfj"t, T -*«t. -w* 1 « »£i jf» •*• I* T Bomb Found ino; TOKYO, * -* A Hr edr stink t»mb , WHS (oxfrtd he tt< 8, tot* ihatntrig, But official stvid it was trlnly not" -suplostve or Idtbttl, < 'It WM very shiflll flN ver , foftdc pitrtltilly of hp "W« think U posed to glvo off srtioko. »tq»« . Th« official, said n Jfcpaneie crnnk was suspected dr. tpsitftg the it i« eaUfMtcd iftat 40 pet cent of nil farm woik in the if tilted Stnica la hnnd work, Muth tttuffli Hock sfttrv during jletatft the to ncttvft Pine Bluff City Workers Strike PINE BLUFF. I/TI — About 00 workers of the Pine Bluff Street. Sewer and Sanitation Department went on strike this morning in support of about a 15 per cent across the board wage hike. V. V. Vaught, international re - presentative of the State, County and Municipal Employees Union nn AFL affiliate, to which the strikers belong, said the strike wns called after the city council hadn't responded to a proposed contract and wage boost submtlud to It last July 19lh. He s.iid that.the city council had hesrd the request read to it and that the council said It would submit an offer but that it was never given. Tho mayor, George Steed, could not bo reached for comment. j The workers are now receiving' hourly wages .of between 70 cents to 51.10 an hour. The CBS unit, in Hollywood prop-lRock and from Congressman Oren (>r, will open Studio. 31; the first fj an .j s o f the U. S. Congress, of- four mammoth studios, each ^ delectable • sandwich course measuring 12,100 square feet. A was gevvt .d by.tho hostesses dur- IH-svtory 'administration, building is ^Iso to be built. # This first CBS unit. covers IS acres in what .the network calls the world's first community designed exclusively for television. It boasts the world's largest staBe-lifihtinj; control installation, nl) electronic. Tho system can control filj million watts and can cii'iiti' :i brilliant sunset. Lawyers Refuse Data on Communism ing the social hour. PTA Council to Hold Friday Meeting Mrs. J. A. Oswalt, district presi-! dent of El Dorado will be the speak] or at the annual school of information conducted by the Nevada t County PTA Council Friday, Oct. ' 3rd, in the Education Building of I the First Methodist Church of Pres cott. The meeting will began at 10 a.m. Mrs. Huffman, Willisville, Council president will preside at this meeting. A pot luck lunch will be served at noon. LOS ANGELES, UP) — 21 Los Angeles area After lawyers refuse its request for information about communism, the House in-American Activities' Committee irns its spotlight on other professions today- The committee is investigating The Negro Community i By Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring items to MlM Turner •t Hicks funeral Horn* Lxilher Deloney of arrived \V cdnesday Flint, Mich., for a briefi visit with relatives and friends. H. C. Hronson of Chicago, is vis iting relatives and friends. Richard Walker of Berkley, Calif, attended the funeral of his mother Mrs. Pearl Walker, here Wednesday. subversive influences in. the professions, including doctors and film, television and radio employes All the attorneys challenged the rommittee's right, to subpoena them or to question their personal beliefs. Twenty refused to answer ciuestions concerning Communist aarty membership. In the ease of <5jfic, the issue of membership was withdrawn. All cited the First and Fifth Constitutional Amendments and some the Fourth, Ninth and 10th Amendments. One witness, Atty. Jack Frankel, said the committee had intimidate city, state and federal employes and even had harmed the movie business. "There hasn't been a decent mo- ycn picture made since this com- «iittee started to function," he charged. "They don't dare express a decent idea— they don't express any ideas. In this effect the committee has perpetrated the lie that "movies are better than ever." Another witness, lawyer Frank Pestana, asked what he knew ' ,-itout a Communist party cell of Jerry Westmoreland Observes 7th Birthday Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Westmoreland honored their son, Jerry, with a family birthday dinner Sunday at their home in observance of his 7lh birthday. Four generations were present. Covers were laid for the honoree Mrs. Julia Lambert, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Black, Jim Westmoreland, Mr. and Mrs. Westmoreland. Following an annual custom ir. the afternoon Jerry visited H. A. Loomis, who was also celebrating his birthday and pictures were taken. The senior choir of RocBee Memorial CMK church will rehearse Thursday, Oct. 7, at 7::«) p.m. Clarence Gordon III, of Hender son State Teachers College, Arka delphia, «pcnt the week end with his mother, Mrs. Hess Gordon and had as his guest, Miss Blossom Bigby of Daddridge who is also a Henderson student. Home Council Meets; The Henipstead County Home Demonstration Council met Saturday, September 27, at 10:30 a.m in the Bethel AME Church with Mrs. Leatha Lawson, county council president, presiding and Mrs Pearlene Cheatham, council sec retary. Reports were made on the state home demonstration meeting held at Arkansas Baptist College September 10-12. Attendance was twenty-six. After reports were made, the meeting was turned over to Mrs F. S. Smith, our Home Demonstration Agent, who gave us a interesting talk. She also made a report on our Four States Fair activities and each home demonstra tion club members received a premium won at the Four States Fair. Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Black and j Therc were 3 first places takerii 5 Mr. Marion Black of Malvern were Sunday guests of Mrs. Mettie Rob inson. Miss Norma Eagle of Texarkana was the week end guest of her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Eagle. Miss Dorothy Wilson of Little Rock has/been the guest of hei mother, Mrs. Robbie Wilson. second places, and 5 third places in the Home Pantry and Textiles Divisions. Plans were made for council ac tivities for the next two months. A very interesting demonstration on "Landscaping" was given by H.D Agent. Mrs. Smith. ,. j . . . Miss Loyce >Stewart of Little Uorneys heru. replied: 'I would, R[)ck vlsitecl !^S;:- moth e r> Mrs. I».b if I answered that - -.Wv ^ be a traitor auestion." jfcMeantime pickets and counter pickets, marching for the second clay outside tho Federal Building, site o£ the barings, scuffled over an American Flag. | One of the anti-Communist pick-| ets, Charles Gore, 28, was carry- in« the flag. He said that one of the persons picketing the committee hearings grabbed it. A coUlea- gue of Gore. Frank Gilbert, retrieved it. Police quelled the dis- torbance without making an arrest. Crump Told McKellar Nf>t to Run Again Stewart over tne week end. Mrs. Lucille Elgin and Bonnie of Texarkana were'jyeek end guest§ of Mr. and Mrs. Theo Elgin. MEMPHIS E. H. Crump. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Langston, Bel va Jo Langston Mr. and Mrs. Jess Langston, Royce Langstqn, Mr and Mrs. L. J. Bryson and Sarah Janet, Mr. and Mrs. A- Martindale Jr., and Glenda, Mr. and Mrs. Loomis Barger, Mr. and Mrs. George Coachman and Q. R, Peachy attended the Shrine activities'* Little Rock last week. in Memphis political leader, i /"ys'he advised Senator K. D. Mc- ^ieltar last spring not to run for r reelection. McKellar, 83 and dean of the "• Senate, was defeated in the 7 Democratic primary by Albert Gore. long time friend and po Dr. and Mrs. R. D, Royston of Hope were guest* 'Sunday of Mr. and Mrs, R, P.. Hamby and Mrs. AUord E. Smith III of Baton Rouge Louisiana. Utah Prisoners End Hunger Strike SALT LAKE CITY, W — About 300 hungry inmates of the Utah state prison eneded a three day sitdown strike lost night. They had been without Jflod, except for snacks they had stored, in their cells, since 4 p. m. Sunday-34 hours. Electricity and heat. also had been cut off from their cells, The sit-down apparently as a protest to the state board pardons interpretation of tions concerning time off for good behavior. An inmate spokesman said, j.risoners had agreed to #<) alone with W*Kten-M4r«eU Graham and -" '"— "- *~ — J " Miss Helen Scott of Uttle Rock was the weel* end guest q{ hey ents, Mr. and Mr*. await a lion. FARM Arkansas f»rm Forecast: tod?y, tomorrow and Sati Cooler Joday a«j tonight. Rising Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bucha$ri Magnolia were week end crony of McKellar, backed i^tor in the race. tan interview yesterday Crump , be reminded McKellar early tfcat »te for "he hadn't been over yote in his last campaign he had done the people of Tennessee, so. easjUy, so fracefuUy saj4 be to ~ #Wj Gree&wteb )tfm« was set for pcean navigatUm at in St. Housework WJtbout' Backache PENNEY .r^V.fc.»^,)^.t£ . -^%i^V'^M^ v ?^ , j. BIGSHIPMIN GINGHAM BLOUSES CHOOSE YOURS TODAY! LOVELY . ALL WOOL Tailored Bright Now Plaid! Sizes 32 to 38! v COATS SOFT PURE WOOL! NEW TWEEDY CHECKS! SOFT MUtED COLORS! SIZES 10 -18! USE OUR LAY-A-WAY PLAN! . FASHIONS NEWEST! CINCH BELT SKIRTS Loveliest Assortment ever! Your choice of colors! Si?es 22 to 30! JUST ARRIVED! MEN'S GINGHAM SPORT SHIRTS Wovqn PJoids! Sanforized for Sizes S -,M - L! the board on it for

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