Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 21, 2013 · Page 76
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 76

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 21, 2013
Page 76
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C M K Y P G C M K Y P G C M K Y P G C M K Y P G Jul 19 2013 05:40:39:258PM Post-Gazette PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE  S Y, J Y 21, 2013  WWW.POST-GAZETTE.COM K-6 K-6 Freeland St., $16,000. Pittsburgh City to Rattan Real Estate Trust, 41 Pasadena St., $11,000. Alex Penn to TI Pennsylvania Holdings LLC, 70 Pasadena St., $35,000. 19th Ward Clementine Kossler to Brienn Thomas, 540 Berwin Ave., $94,500. Robert Swartz Jr. to Karin Lilliedahl, 226 Bigham St., $235,000. Richard Brady to Samantha Topping, 711 Boggs Ave., $40,000. Robert Horzempa to Conor Scott and Sierra Goedert, 230 Brookside Ave., $44,000. Darla Kaczmarek Osaba to Thomas and Antoinette Boettger, 1700 Grandview Ave. 501, $289,000. Kathy Shuminsky to Jocelyn Marion, 329 Kramer Way, $64,000. Bruce Hills to Cool Hill Partn. LLC, 152 LaBelle St., $65,000. Estate of Eileen Easton to Gregory Liddle, 376 LaMarido St., $81,500. Vincent Leone to Trisda Group LLC, 120 Natchez St., $47,750. Estate of Marco Sacco Jr. to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 814 Rossmore Ave., by sheriff’s deed $1,995. Daniel Feeney to James Gaetano et al. and Jonathan Nadle, 1519 Rutherford Ave., $35,000. Howard Meyer to James Thorhauer, 2528-2530 Wedgemere St., $155,000. Amy Sopko Baier to Cody James Kidd, 2418 Wolford St., $82,000. Nancy Kovach trustee to Andrew Kirk and Sarah Polito, 906 Woodbourne Ave., $73,500. 20th Ward Lesley Clark to Sunrise Realty Investors LLC, 1036-1038 Chartiers Ave., $28,000. Ruth Byerly to Brian Krucelyak, 3229 Faro- nia St., $65,000. Walter Myers to Edward Rivero, 1031 Rue Grande Vue St., $65,000. Estate of Jean Sieber to Wayne Hemke, 1229 Weaver St., $59,900. 22nd Ward Continental Rockbridge North Shore Hotel to Chatham Pittsburgh HP LLC, motel, 260 North Shore Drive and Tony Dorsett, $38,125,605. Roam Investments Inc. to Hill Property Investments LLC, office building, 901-905 Western Ave., $565,000. 23rd Ward Craig Boyd to Julie and Alan Manatt, 912 Cedar Ave., $370,000. Realty Choice Investments LLC to UERD, 826 Peralta St. and Eagle Way, $26,000. 24th Ward Chibueze Okorie to Frank Kostik, 1145 Goettman St., $6,000. 26th Ward Charles Rickwald to Navy Federal Credit Union, 651 Chester Ave., by sheriff’s deed $1,826. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to H3 Management LLC, 22 Garvin St., $34,000. Chester March to Joseph and Melissa Conklin, 41 Watson Blvd., $89,000. 27th Ward Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee to El Concept LLC, 1444 Davis Ave., $1,400. US Bank NA trustee to Andrea Broadus, 2816 Pitler St., $22,299. 28th Ward US Bank NA trustee to Key Point Real Estate LLC, 1562 Clarkton St., $17,900. Mary Lynn Murrman et al. to Autumn Rae Barna, 1254 Dickens St., $87,500. Pittsburgh City to Svitlana Voynarovska, 1207 Oxford St., $10,000. Barbara Powell George to Valerie Maffia and Chase Dudley, 1465 Rydal St., $105,400. 29th Ward Estate of Paul Niziol to Zeljko and Dani- jela Maracic, 30 Minooka St., $5,000. Benjamin Swickline to William Joseph and Karen Gallagher, 2315 Spokane Ave., $79,900. 30th Ward James Reinicker Jr. to William Reilly, 233 Charles St., $5,000. Chasity Thompson to Sheriell Amor Bey and Nejoua Bouya, 325 Charles St., $2,300. 32nd Ward Joyce Dailey to David Virgara, 400 Bernard St., $23,000. Dale Poth to Lori Shield, 2135 Fairland St., $114,700. Anna Marie White to Jon Budd, 14 Odette St., $46,000. Aspinwall Charles Dietrich to Thomas Chang and Joan Vondra, 116 Virginia Ave., $245,000. Avalon Peter Peduzzi to Jeffrey and Terri Tuma, 826 Chester Ave., $162,000. Christina Kapp to Emily and Brian Slack, 905 Jackman Ave., $112,000. Baldwin Borough Joseph Meleason et al. to Brian and Nativa Moriarty, 5319 Adobe Drive, $117,450. Robert Thompson to Matthew Ogden and Teryl Canofari, 1128 Camarta Drive, $246,450. Edward Dupaly trustee to Mary Anne Miele, 5282 McAnulty Road, $101,200. Daniel Turner to Kenneth and Rachel Ackermann, 4711 McKee Drive, $151,000. Derek Diethorn to Sara Noel, 105 Palace Court, $105,000. Jack Riefer to Timothy Claycomb and Angela Gehringer, 451 Rosewood Drive, $107,900. Domenic D’Andrea to Nickolas Kicinski, 5201 Scenery Drive, $162,000. Holly Hill Development Corp. to NVR Inc., 1608 Towervue Drive, $42,000. James Piel to Adam and Sarah Brophy, 4874 Young Drive, $149,900. Bell Acres Ronald D’Amato to Emily Sala and Jason Scherer, 1859 Big Sewickley Creek Road, $151,000. Bellevue Estate of Adam Givens to John Betton and Caroline Hari, 233 Brighton Road, $154,000. Steven Westenzweig to Jason Cooper and Thomas Munkittrick, 571 Dawson Ave., $196,000. Denis Kufner to Residential Investments LLC, 709 Orchard Ave., by sheriff’s deed $3,138. Estate of Michael Myers to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 234 Shiloh Ave., by sheriff’s deed $1,851. Bethel Park Drew Sudkamp to Suzanne Berman, 602 Berrington Court, $190,000. Todd Allen Whitley to Jordan Yocum, 2640 Bethel Church Road, $137,000. Wayne Dean to Wells Fargo Bank NA trustee, 133 Bluestone Drive, by sheriff’s deed $4,123. Buffie Fanzo to Lisa Furman, 2645 Broad St., $95,000. Estate of Margaret George to Roger and Lynn Angelelli, 55 Highland Road 107, $126,500. Maria DiNardo to Zarko and Dijana Mirkovic, 109 Horning Road, $106,000. John Darr to Brian and Jessica Kline, 717 McMurray Road, $122,500. Daniel Fauth to Nicholas Camody II and Ashley Camody, 135 Meadowbrook Drive, $220,000. Andrew Shipp to Kenneth and Marlene Creech, 21 Pontiac Road, $140,000. Estate of John Mossey Jr. to Aaron Brown and Heather Jarosh, 31 Pontiac Road, $138,000. Poonam Goel to Barbara Dittmer, 1210 Timberidge Drive Unit F, $95,000. Blawnox Frank Catanzaro to Catherine O’Friel, 306 Carla Drive, $125,000. Abhishek Makkar to Bhaskar Naini, 802 Carla Drive, $203,000. Brackenridge Pamela Bonnett to Federal National Mortgage Assn., 964 Union Ave., by sheriff’s deed $1,785. Brentwood Housing & Urban Development to AARF Properties LLC, 3013 Brentwood Ave., $31,000. Marla Burgess to Miranda Lynn Kirby and Andrew Campbell Hill, 4049 Cloverlea St., $111,000. Alyssa Sinicrope to Thomas Blaze, 327 Marylea Ave., $116,500. Albert Quaill to Ryan and Grace Quaill, 382 Pointview Road, $116,000. Bridgeville Kimberly Maslonek to Marie Taylor, 272 Liberty St., $104,900. Carnegie Kathryn White to Northwest Savings Bank, 8 Dean St., by sheriff’s deed $2,024. Joseph Rockey Jr. to Richard Long, 632 Library Ave., $123,500. Stacy Janocha Jordon to Jeremy and Katherine Bays, 206 Margaretta St., $133,500. Justin Paul Kukuruda to Rick Feng and Maomao Chen, 527 Reamer Drive, $243,500. Castle Shannon Ann Frazier to Joseph and Elizabeth Ann Hay, 1027 Connor Road, $103,000. Janine Bane to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 330 Murrays Lane, by sheriff’s deed $1,585. Estate of George Oehling to Salvatore Anania, 1402 Oak Drive, $84,900. Chalfant Estate of Ingrid Boyd to Schneider Property Holdings LLC, industrial site, 1137 Electric Ave., $200,000. Marion Matta to Ronald Suley, 100 Wilkins Ave. and Brighton St., $75,000. Churchill Gia Helsel to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee, 1465 Beulah Road, by sheriff’s deed $2,070. Estate of Kathryn Petrosky to Kenneth Rudolph, 3466 Ridgewood Drive, $30,000. Clairton Ray Johnson to US Bank NA trustee, 566 Independence Drive, by sheriff’s deed $1,815. YKII Realty LLC to Steel Blue LLC, 857 Miller Ave., $22,000. Dean Bradley to Sandra Holland, 937 VanKirk St., $5,500. John Nickolich et al. to Loretta Beck, 446448 Waddell Ave., $78,000. Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Steel Blue LLC, 642 Waddell Ave., $16,000. Collier Howard Messer to Thomas and Natalie Zamanski, 507 Fairacre Court, $324,000. NVR Inc. to Omar Chin and Jennifer Miller, 1023 Grey Fox Circle, $220,560. Adil Waheed to Robert and Christina Mayo, 4241 Muirfield Circle, $528,000. June Conboy to Thomas Wanko III, 23 Sunnyside Ave., $125,000. Coraopolis Diane Puglielli trustee to Carole Ann Walk, 824 Fifth Ave., $49,000. Jason Bajek to Mark and Sonia Lum, 737 Hiland Ave., $83,000. Betty Lemert to Lera Konovich, 1095 Main St., $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $31,200). Estate of Walter Elliot Vance to Michelle Kennedy, 528 Prospect Ave., $48,000. James Sussman to Federal National Mortgage Assn., 1637 Ridge Ave., by sheriff’s deed $1,792. Troy Trauterman to Susan Brock and Deana Dorsett, 1120 Vance Ave., $112,000. Matthew Wright to James Joplin, 1209 Vance Ave., $123,000. Crafton John Grimes Jr. to John Kirk IV, 17501752 Barr Ave., $120,175. Thomas Boettger to John and Dian Perkins, 50 E. Steuben St., $155,000. Keith Tarbi to Dawn Stolarski, 18 Johnston St., $155,000. Key Point Real Estate LLC to Kevin and Sarah Ernst, 57 W. Steuben St., $25,000. Crescent Gregory Cebollero to Kia Scibetta, 559 Sautter Drive, $139,000. Dormont Michele Dellorso to Raymond Prosser Jr. and Valerie Prosser, 3065 Earlsmere Ave., $204,000. Matthew Bogart to Sirva Relocation Credit LLC, 2719 Espy Ave., $151,500. Sirva Relocation Credit LLC to Jeffrey Vogt, 2719 Espy Ave., $151,500. Dorasand Dugan to Derek Jones, 1445 Grandin Ave., $128,000. John Bayless to Ang Sherpa and Glynis Arnold, 2838 Louisiana Ave., $116,900. Housing & Urban Development to Lyndsay Schuhow and Matthew Arling, 2711 Miles Ave., $86,000. Dravosburg April Baldinger to US Bank NA trustee, 30 Dewey St., by sheriff’s deed $3,410. Duquesne SRB Servicing LLC to Realty Choice Investments LLC, 811 Clonmel St., $19,000. East McKeesport Richard Horvath to US Bank NA trustee, 1391 Broadway St., by sheriff’s deed $2,389. David Pavlinsky to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee, 953 Josephine St., by sheriff’s deed $1,823. Citimortgage Inc. to Kevin and Anna Marie Brunner, 1032 Park Ave., $35,000. Realty Choice Investments LLC to UERD, 558 Woodmont Ave., $28,000. East Pittsburgh Douglas Orange to Chaz Lloyd, 108 Arc St., $4,500. Cirolli Land Co. LLC to Kalat- hoor Minesh Joseph and Sheena Augustin, 506 Franklin St., $15,500. Edgewood Robert Austin Miller et al. to James Edmondson and Jennifer Tippens Edmondson, 119 Gordon St., $185,000. Estate of Muriel Page to George and Luci Gernot, 157 Lloyd Ave., $95,000. Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Kristoffer Bennett, 108 Oakview Ave., $49,900. Sean McGinty et al. to Samuel and Anne Hong, 184 W. Hutchinson Ave., $250,000. Lynsie Campbell Camuso to Michael and Emily Hanley, 311 W. Hutchinson Ave., $415,000. Edgeworth George Conway to Virginia Budnik, 316 Pearce Lane, $39,000. Elizabeth Township Diana Fuller to Timothy Nuttle and David McFarland, property, 350 Firden Hollow Road, $195,000. Michael Matta to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 327 Karen Drive, by sheriff’s deed $1,636. Emsworth Regis McDevitt to Brian Julian and Ann Dolan Julian, 27 Grove St., $119,900. Etna Amber Funair to Nicholas Metallo, 25 Ganster st, $54,500. William Ramsey Jr. to Lindsay Nettleton Huff, 32 Hickory St., $67,500. Sleepy Hollow Real Estate LLC to Stephen and Holly Lynn Simek, 88 Hickory St., $74,000. Estate of Dolores Szramowski to Robert and Sharon Kaczynski, 63 Vilsack St., $77,500. Fawn Estate of Irene Linamen to Nicole Fortuna, 2088 Millerstown Road, $30,000. Louis Jones trustee to Stephen and Kristie Bechtold, 311 Rustic Lane, $100,000. Findlay Myria Mehalich to Corrie Warren, 29 Meanor St., $90,000. Estate of Mark Sichak to Tiffany Bartlett, 4051 Potato Garden Run Road, $125,000. Forest Hills Elisabeth Giardino to Ciaran O’Conaire, 610 Cascade Road, $119,000. Estate of Dolores Schmidt to Lanny Ross, 1987 Centurion Drive Unit 311, $33,400. Fox Chapel Mille Vignovic trustee et al. to Charles and Diane Walsh, 29 Old Timber Trail, $572,500. Arthur B Dunne Survivors Trust to William Binstock, 108 Poplar Drive, $613,738. Andrew Scott Regula to William and Jeanne Jacobs, 303 S. Pasadena Drive, $427,500. James Moore to Lester Gray Jr. and Barbara Gray, 31 The Trillium, $742,600. Franklin Park Benjamin Frey to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., 1903 Markley Drive, $350,800. Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Jiantao Kong and Ning Jiang, 1903 Markley Drive, $350,800. Citifinancial Services Inc. to Synergy Capital L.P., 2463 Nicholson Road, $76,000. NVR Inc. to Suresh Reddy and Vani Vegitila, 2721 Pittsburgh Court, $375,815. NVR Inc. to Suresh Ka - lpundi and Uma Natarajan, 2608 Syracuse Court, $478,645. Frazer Estate of Violet Kissel to Charles and Patricia Gamrod, 2215 Butler Logan Road, $50,000. Glassport Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Steel Blue LLC, 821 Ohio Ave., $18,000. Green Tree Elizabeth Bladel to James Sperduto, 108 Brunswick St., $69,100. Hampton James Curtis Lynn to Cory and Richard Yokel, 3264 Antler Drive, $119,800. Omar Awais to Slava Winters and Andrea Vogler, 3076 Canterbury Drive, $575,000. Harrison Kathleen Vokish to Will Russell, 1238 Ninth Ave., $47,000. Suelynn Mathis Alcorn to Lexigraph Inc., 2211 Adams St., $18,000. Kimberly Gossett to Jared Barr and Chelsey Krezan, 2513 Lincoln St., $63,000. Park Ridge Free Methodist Church to Christ Our Hope Anglican Church, institutional site, 926 Painter Ave., $111,000. Heidelberg Estate of Bernadette Harty to Christopher and Katherine Hayes Manhire, 478 Garfield St., $86,000. Homestead Amy Lampenfeld to Daye Properties LLC, 232 E. 16th Ave., $0 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $36,300). Indiana Gary Glacken to Jason and Mabry Beebe, 3109 Westchester Drive, $274,000. Robert Korbe to Federal National Mortgage Assn., 111 Woods Run Road, by sheriff’s deed $1,716. Ingram Edson Rider trustee to Jeremy McCool and Rebecca George, 10 Evans Ave., $109,900. Estate of Marcella Dzi- egieleski to Daren Miller, 66 Mainsgate St., $102,000. Jefferson Hills Zokaites Properties L.P. to Mary Kate Utzig, 5004 Dana Drive, $246,985. Estate of Betty Gilbert to Kevin Slonaker, 3056 Hogback Road, $47,000. Dick Industrial Inc. to CMC Realty 2 LLC, industrial site, 1900 Route 51, $375,000. Kennedy William John Brocco to Edward Robert Gasior, 1 Coraopolis Road Unit 200, $133,800. Deana D’Atri et al. to Federal National Mortgage Assn., 41 Kenridge Drive, by sheriff’s deed $1,872. Estate of Sophie Porta aka Gyory to Charles and Audrey Pocci, 66 Locust St., $50,000. McDowell Estates L.P. to NVR Inc., property, Long Ridge Drive, $46,500. McDowell Estates L.P. to NVR Inc., property, Long Ridge Drive, $46,500. Gary Phillips to Matthew and Christina Kenney, 4002 Oak Point Circle, $295,000. Estate of George Marcinko to Ryan and Kacie McGregor, 126 Starling Drive, $135,000. Leetsdale Marie Baron to Molly Amsler, 12 Main St., $87,700. Liberty Glenn Thomas to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 204 Owens Ave., by sheriff’s deed $1,856. Marshall Kenneth Moots to Christopher and Dana Schott, 406 Tyburn Drive, $307,900. Michael Painter to Hoby Hetherington and Jullie Pan, 290 Valley Road, $457,500. Roy Page to Jeremy and Mary Beth Zeman, 1560 Woodland Road, $512,500. McCandless Marilyn Moran trustee to Frederic and Dariann Rose, 604 Calais Drive 1208, $62,000. Nancy Bundy to Andrew Lee, 340 Golfside Drive, $634,000. Donald Sobon to Jacqueline Rizzo and George Ringeisen Jr., 177 Pine Creek Road, $18,000. Brian Novotny to Robert and Sarah Smith, 1925 Red- coach Road, $265,000. Madonna Land Co. Inc. to Michael and Connie Brosko, 10 Reichold Road, $175,000. Kevin Kandt to James Alberts, 10012 Sheffield Drive, $254,900. David Petett Jr. to Jason and Kylee Harding, 9905 Tomahawk Trail, $144,500. James Alberts to Robert Hamilton Jr., 1300 Towne Court, $220,000. James Patterson to Hans and Susan Sass, 609 Westchester Drive, $144,900. Estate of Donna Rae Wallace Joyce to Elizabeth Shaffer, 8500 Winchester Drive, $133,000. Brian Boehler to James Gregory Moore, 9600 Woodcrest Road, $205,000. McKees Rocks Margaret Alice Tyler et al. to James Pratt Jr. and Donna Pratt, 1028 First St., $47,000. Estate of Nerie Kerr to Rita Funwela, 202 Amelia St., $45,000. Madland Storage LLC to River North Real Estate L.P., industrial site, Chambers St. and Ella St., $225,000. Lucille Camarota to Rae Jean Wong, 401 Russellwood Ave., $32,500. McKeesport Zaffuto Family L.P. to Northwest Savings Bank, 427 32nd St., by sheriff’s deed $36,784. Federal National Mortgge Assn. to Steeltown Management Inc., 2713 Atcheson St., $8,250. Estate of David Harold Williams to RHO Enterprises LLC, 2628 Banker St., $8,000. Eric Platt to Midfirst Bank, 1509 Grandview Ave., by sheriff’s deed $1,897. Realty Choice Investments LLC to SIO Investments LLC, 823 Jefferson St., $51,000. Monalo LLC to Andre Wright, 1612 Patterson St., $8,000. Edward Hines to RCS REO 1 LLC, 2418 Riverview St., by sheriff’s deed $1,863. Millvale Jason Giangiulio to Donald Lokar Jr. and Angelina Lokar, 27 Howard St., $80,000. Bernard Peitz to Theresa Peitz, 873 Reserve St., $96,000. Monroeville Estate of Fernand Dowd to Leah and Junior DaSilva, 404 Alpine Village Drive, $89,500. Dawn Gelfer to Lori Schade, 407 Alpine Village Drive, $113,000. John Tomaro to David and Lynne McMullen, 111 Asbury Court, $370,000. Shirley Kohlhammer to Precha Yodnane, 467 Cannongate Drive, $135,000. Steven Lebovitz to David Lomb, 102 Cortina Drive, $118,500. Estate of Carol Hamil Stark to John Roney III and Madonna Roney, 1244 Harvest Drive, $120,000. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Gilbert Stubbs, 309 Jefferson Court, $260,000. James Diorio to Kayla Rosky, 3970 Logans Ferry Road, $63,800. Robert Dale Aiken trustee to Brian and Lisa Fickes, 4015 Logans Ferry Road, $107,000. Annette Mae Bruno trustee et al. to IMCS Group L.P., commercial property, 4318 Northern Pike, $900,000. On Line Inc. to Speedway LLC, service station or oil storage site, 4380 Old William Penn Highway, $1,030,799. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Steven Antenucci, 408 Olten Road, $60,000. Elizabeth Molnar to William Staley Jr. and Nellie Lydia Staley, 127 Penn Lear Drive, $134,000. Vernon Magill to Vernon Magill et al. and Marjorie Lang Magill, 2249 Tilbrook Road, $125,000. On Line Inc. to Speedway LLC, service station or oil storage site, 4830 William Penn Highway, $1,046,299. Moon Estate of William Seeds to Tamara Dadowski, 263 Burch Drive, $115,000. Jean Prus to Ryan Suess and Chelsea Hoffman, 108 Canterbury Drive, $149,000. Esther Patterson to Jacquelin Weitzel, 216 Clubside Drive, $130,000. Kevin Audin to Eileen Herford, 800 College Park Drive Unit 6, $41,000. Sonoma Ridge L.P. to NVR Inc., property, 4259 Duckhorn Drive, $115,000. Joy Descutner Borchert to Travis and Kaley Stanczyk, 199 Fern Hollow Road, $133,000. Maronda Homes Inc. to NVR Inc., property, 225 Foxwood Road, $52,500. Maronda Homes Inc. to NVR Inc., property, 250 Foxwood Road and Cullode Court, $60,000. Jennifer Lowmaster to Robert and Lori Cussen, 216 Glengarry Drive, $193,000. Prasad Potluri to Sudha Kollitokala, 125 Jarod Drive, $235,000. Ryan Shola to Alan Regetz and Amanda Schumacher, 945 Montclair Drive, $238,500. Rikki Boyer et al. to Wells Fargo Bank NA, mobile home site, 1235 N. Flaugherty Run Road, by sheriff’s deed $1,969. Jennifer Dill to David and Rhonda Danell Zawaski, 4017 Turnwood Lane, $275,000. Mt. Lebanon Steven Orebaugh to Gordon and Christine Robertson, 130 Altadena Drive, $430,000. Lester Pyle to Audrey Kappel, 330 Atlanta Drive, $270,000. Estate of Dennis Straw to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 3 Catalpa Place, by sheriff’s deed $1,509. Michael Palmieri to Laurie Serwinski, 542 Clemson Drive, $222,500. Nathan Hull to Tyler Herget, 952 Country Club Drive, $208,500. Scott Geiger to Margaret Westbrook, 691 E. Shady Drive, $166,500. LR Heritage Homes Inc. to John and Tania Lyon, 1238 Firwood Drive, $340,900. Thomas Freed to Bernard and Marian Fedak, 102 Haverford Circle, $685,000. Donald Merz to Frank and Colleen Aracri, 47 Hazel Drive, $293,500. Robert Brazill to Justin Beaver, 220 Lebanon Ave., $193,000. Thomas Zamanski to Andrew and Laura Fuller, 162 Mayfair Drive, $365,000. Lee Adams to Nicole Lockwich, 264 Newburn Drive, $295,500. Steven Furedy to Patrick Oberly and Amy Chittister, 62 Oregon Trail, $169,900. Henry Rea Jr. to Donald McGreevy and Amy Jewell, 55 Roycroft Ave., $380,000. John Byrne to Patrick and Elisabeth Healey, 731 Shady Lane, $182,000. William Terasavage to Michael and Jill Thompson, 441 Sleepy Hollow Road, $199,000. Mt. Oliver Sonia Thompson to US Bank NA trustee, 509 Margaret St., by sheriff’s deed $1,636. Richard Sippos to Stephanie and Stephen Rice, 601 Walnut St., $67,500. Munhall Northwest Third LLC to Nathanael Weinberger, 800 E. 11th Ave., $37,100. Carol Karadus to Emily and Mark Vunak, 112 Vine St., $64,900. North Braddock Michael Crawford to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 1009 Fourth St., by sheriff’s deed $1,888. Allegheny County Redevelopment Authority to Mon Valley Initiative, property, 1300-1302 Kirkpatrick Ave., $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $8,700). North Fayette Steven Perry to Karen and Stephen Rice, 338 Commodore Drive, $272,000. Pierre Turcotte to Raymond and Amy McDonald, 206 Compass Court, $221,000. Mark Vuono to Albrecht and Kimberly Powell, 150 Crescent HIll Road, $473,075. James Sidick to Danielle Walther, 2201 Hawthorne Drive, $119,000. NVR Inc. to Alfredo Halun Cavazos, 207 Heritage Drive, $266,825. Fayette Farms L.P. to NVR Inc., property, 1110 Raymond Drive, $40,000. NVR Inc. to Frederick and Geraldine Wyler, 1116 Raymond Drive, $258,485. Bank New York Mellon trustee to Eugene and Gabrielle Monti, 102 Woodridge Drive, $245,000. North Versailles Estate of Barbara Ann Laird to Naomi Bowers, 63 Central Ave., $39,900. Estate of Belton King Jr. to James Bivins, 412 W. Carter Drive, $13,000. O’Hara H. Adam Cohen to Dheepan Cross Francis, 620 Arbor Court, $320,000. Karen Connor to Yiran Chen and Hai Li, 100 Crofton Drive, $420,000. Estate of Andrew Kuziel to Arthur Kleitz Jr., 172 Division St., $15,000. Laurel Ann Coppersmith to Terry and Joan Brozick, 305 Oxbridge Court, $229,000. Carol Thomson to David and Louisa Shin, 119 Yorkshire Drive, $775,000. Oakdale Housing & Urban Development to Robert Schafer Jr., 115 Hastings Ave., $50,000. Oakmont Joseph Marel to David Guerin, restaurant, 939 Third St., $145,000. Robert Brown to Jason and Kayla McConnell, 658 Fourth St., $212,000. Synergy Capital Inc. to Peter and Laura Mullican, 503 Eighth St., $200,000. Housing & Urban Development to Nicholas Carangio, 539 Eighth St., $56,000. Grainne Trainor to Lisa Rusak, 300 Canterbury Court, $60,000. Corey Westerhoff to Seth Wilmore, 299 Commons Drive, by sheriff’s deed $165,000. Ohio ACJ Partn. to Northridge Point Home Owners’ Assn. Inc., property, Bishop Drive, $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $5,400). Matthew Lucas to Crystal Bartman and Joshua O’Neil, 245 Josephs Lane, $172,000. SRB Servicing LLC to Bear Run Assoc. L.P., property, Mt. Nebo Road, $98,700. Penn Hills Stephen Michael Navari to George and Mary Ondovcik, 6854 Alcoma Drive, $80,000. Estate of Myrtle Whitehead to Daniel Craig, 126 Ashley Drive, $64,900. Mark Kopec to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 315 Clay Drive, by sheriff’s deed $1,738. Walter Profota Jr. to Realty Choice Investments LLC, 237 Collins Drive, $30,000. Sun Integrity Drive South LLC to John East and Andre Bournival, property, Duff Road, $16,000. Jason Shelley to US Bank NA trustee, 137 Everglade Drive, by sheriff’s deed $1,873. Constance Fischer to Mary and Donovan Roche, 319 Garlow Drive, $100,000. Michael Agate to Karla Barham, 104 Halliford Drive, $123,900. Leon Harris to SFR Venture 2011-1 REO LLC, 363 Lime Oak Drive, by sheriff’s deed $1,872. Robert Agate to Michael and Catherine Agate, 1111 McCully Drive, $180,000. Realty Choice Investments LLC to SIO Investments LLC, 1708 Nash Ave., $55,000. Helen Sto- janovic Family Trust to Ann Turnock, 535 Newport Drive, $124,000. Peter Coutsoumbis to Zachary Jacob and Catherine Irene Mari Manko, 1374 Oakmont St., $30,000. William Brown to Realty Choice Investments LLC, 511 Pennwood Drive, $22,000. James Barrett Jr. to Theresa Pratt, 109 Presidio Court, $132,000. Bank New York Mellon trustee to Elham Alibeji and Rafid Lateef, 313 Princeton Drive, $34,000. Barbara Barnett to A & J Holdings LLC, 6615 Saltsburg Road, $25,000. A & J Holdings LLC to Frank Holdings LLC, 6615 Saltsburg Road, $40,000. R. Jean Adams to Dino Robert Aquiline, 732 Valemont Drive, $5,000. Realty Choice Investments LLC to UERD, 146 Windsor Drive, $33,000. Gene Cenora to US Bank NA trustee, 107 Yosemite Drive, by sheriff’s deed $1,872. Pine Karl Klein to Kenneth Virostek Jr. and Amy Groszkiewicz, 601 Broadway St., $250,000. Brandon Friez to Megan and Corey Westerhoff, 2003 Condor Lane, $455,000. Mark Woodburn to Christopher Biesinger, 806 E. Park Plaza, $260,000. Gregory Delaney to Dareen and Heather Goltz, 4103 Fairway Drive, $677,000. Donna Merritt to Jason and Rachel Smith, 267 Fox Meadow Drive, $359,000. Renee Flannagan to Lynette Brevik, 402 Georgetowne Court, $490,000. NVR Inc. to Muhammad Muddassar Ali and Fayiza Muddassar, 111 Kestler Drive, $287,945. Darlene Marckisotto to Jorge and Linda Lindenbaum, 907 Park Plaza, $445,000. Pearce Mill Assoc. L.P. to NVR Inc., property, 214 Pine Crest Court, $115,500. Pitcairn Wayne Russo to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee, 1217 Highland Ave., by sheriff’s deed $1,914. Pleasant Hills Joseph Ruffing to Derek Diethorn and Ashley Sivak, 251 Challen Drive, $255,000. John Farrell to Federal National Mortgage Assn., 210 National Drive, by sheriff’s deed $2,026. Timothy Cleary to Kyle Thompson, 316 Rennie Drive, $169,900. Jason Ruscitto to Joseph and Jamie Crecco, 397 Tara Drive, $235,500. Plum Eric Hall to Steven and Rebekah Lebovitz, 215 Carriage Blvd., $191,000. Benjamin Moonan to Cory Hartman, 589 Catskill Drive, $140,000. O’Block Homes Inc. to James and Anna Johns, property, 175 Chavelle Court, $57,900. Duane Littleton Jr. to Michael Casper and Cassandra Majocha, 223 Frontenac Road, $155,000. Housing & Urban Development to Klara Urazova, 142 Holiday Park Drive, $38,300. Theodore Gentile to Brendan and Kristen Hanley, 1075 Locharron Court, $341,500. Mary Ann O’Toole to Brian Reed and Denise Matassa, 9928 Saltsburg Road, $129,000. Craig Girondi to Eric and Colleen Hall, 123 Stirling Drive, $398,000. Port Vue Estate of Doris DiBernardo to Roger and Rebecca Reichenbach, 310 Dersam St., $29,000. Joshua Torock to Eric Raynes and Josuah Torock, 915 Washington Blvd., $16,000. Reserve David Watkins to Jodi Ann Holopirek and Helen Mary Wildy, 2722 Edison St., $107,000. Robert Heine Jr. to Ronald and Coleen Gacesa, 105 Willowood Drive, $167,000. Richland Larry Grenet Jr. to Jennifer Hopkins, 3580 Bakerstown Road, $79,000. Marcia Koren to Timothy and Colleen Sheerer, 238 Estates Drive, $281,000. Marathon Partn. L.P. to NVR Inc., property, 254 Estates Drive, $70,500. David McGill to Jacob and Meredith Waltenbaugh, 302 Mactavish Court, $312,500. Jacob Waltenbaugh to Ryan and Marcella Russell, 126 Walcott Drive, $244,900. Anthony Jones to Catherine Ferrence, 711 Westwood Drive, $186,000. Thomas Letteri to John James and Jennifer Lynn Demann, 252 Whitehaven Drive, $259,000. Robinson James Breen to Robert Nolen, 372 Cobblestone Circle, $440,000. Brian Stewart to Joseph Guida, 47 Eichelberger Drive, $170,000. Estate of Michael Gary Sargeant to Kelly Ruane et al. and James Burke, 260 Grace Manor Drive, $187,000. Kelly McGregor to Debbie Gless, 1908 Kenzie Drive, $96,000. Raymond Pocci et al. to Victor and Barbara Duckstein, 708 Nancy Jean Drive, by sheriff’s deed $2,316. Angelo DiNardo to Deborah and Kris Celedonia, 30 Regina Drive, $259,000. On Line Inc. to Speedway LLC, service station or oil storage site, 4311 Steubenville Pike, $1,308,211. Five C Enterprises LLC to Bharti Rajnikant Popat, property, Tudor Lane, $135,000. Estate of Jane Glinski to Robert and Noel Zychowski, 1104 Zenobia Drive, $115,000. Ross Ryan Bechtold to Robert Dietels Jr. and Susan Dietels, 5900 Babcock Blvd. 39, $37,750. Diana Pillage to Emma Neimeyer, 3304 Charlemagne Circle, $79,900. Kwang Suk Choi to Curtis Anthony and Kathryn Morgan, 145 Lingay Drive, $207,000. Estate of Warren Niklaus to Colleen Gable and Jacob McKinney, 401 Neola Circle, $139,000. Shirley Krasa Stidham to Kenneth and Rosemarie Sarver, 71 Pin Oak Court, $118,000. Sean Smith to Judith Schmidt, 708 Ravenswood Ave., $139,900. Mary Aloise to Paul and Helen Ptacek, 165 Rossmor Court, $115,000. Kevin Moore to Mabon and Nancy Jerome, 143 Spruce Court, $120,000. Estate of Jane Hosey to David McAdoo and Shiuwei Ho, 155 White Oak Drive, $463,500. Roger Lyon to Steven Day and Yi Hsuan Kuo, 417 Wimer Drive, $209,417. Daniel Vlad to James and Danielle Thomas, 421 Wimer Drive, $232,000. Scott Jamie Mikula Klein to Mengying Zhang, 930A Adam Drive, $64,000. Michael Opferman to Paul Sinderson and Kathleen Ronc- zka, 1431 Cardinal Drive, $215,000. David Brown to Megan McBane, 221 Magazine St., $57,000. James Allgeier to Lorie Berrick, 1540 Orchard View Drive, by sheriff’s deed $60,100 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $151,000). Mark Moser trustee to Joseph Maiolo, 2016 Rockfield Road, $157,401. Danielle Cavanaugh to George Lucas and Dana Santavicca, 1948 Spring Valley Road, $170,000. Sewickley Hills Charles Menzemer trustee to Anthony and Leslie Losacco, 2229 Little Sewickley Creek Road, $435,000. Sewickley David Murray to Ryan and Elissa Castor, 306 Centennial Ave., $295,000. RKJ Enterprises LLC to Caitlin Leopold, 631 Charette Place, $157,500. Shaler Estate of Ruth Marlin to Laura Davidson, 614 DeHaven Court, $105,000. Ronald Gacesa to Christin Santore, 229 Friday Road, $90,000. Jonathan Martz to Henry Hissrich III and Ellen Hissrich, 2509 Hamilton Ave., $205,000. Robert Miele Jr. to Howard and Amy Cupps, 2800 Hamilton Ave., $202,500. Val Jean Henzler to Heidi Henzler, 8 Oakwood Square, $98,920. Paul Hill to Ann Clarke, 1709 President Drive, $169,250. Robert Wolff trustee to David Deal, 2504 Springwood Drive, $217,000. Tyler Ketterer to Howard and Tricia Sorg, 221 Verna Drive, $175,000. Bryan Sheaffer to Orrie Newell Close and Allison Pushman, 224 Vilsack Road, $235,000. Christopher Lindemann to Michael Bonner Jr. and Rachel Hill, 809 W. Sutter Road, $150,000. Sharpsburg Joseph Casselberry to Jarret Rea and Mary Lou Simeone, 312 13th St., $85,000. Alan Fischerkeller to Bruce Shawn Entwisle Jr. and Chrissy Entwisle, 104 15th St., $60,000. CR Capital Group LLC to Lynn Marie Wesley and Tara Derbae Oswald, 1330 Middle St., $23,000. South Fayette Berkley Holdings LLC to NVR Inc., property, Berkley Ridge Drive, $91,000. Jamie Chappel to Homesales Inc., 113 Campbell Ave., by sheriff’s deed $1,791 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $51,700). Joan Barnyak Cox to Elaine Di- Claudio, 661 Deer Watch Road, $86,000. Samuel Baldigowski to Michael and Lauren Ghilani, 3007 Marley Way, $475,000. Robert Kurchena to Jesse Wilhelm, 11 Morgan St., $12,000. Kenneth Curcio to Kristin and Travis MacKenzie, 309 N. Battery Drive, $178,000. Newbury Development Assoc. L.P. to Susan Smith, property, 1262 Newbury Highland, $115,000. Megan Burdelsky to Christopher Burton and Michelle Postlewait, 349 W. Redrome Circle, $108,000. South Park Edward Canton trustee to Joseph and Justine Meleason, 1606 Annette Ave., $158,000. Springdale Borough Michael Slencak to Craig Girondi and Jolie Carnahan Girondi, 704 Maple Ave., $161,000. Springdale Township Frank Tominac to Carla Ferrone, 207 Cambridge Drive, $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $168,900). Stowe South Hills Home Solutions LLC to Maurice Wilson, 725 Benwood Ave., $11,411. Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Kenneth Salters and Jacqueline McKenzie, 833 Broadway St., $25,000. Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Bencho Aurora Contracting Services LLC, 819 Russellwood Ave., $23,000. Bencho Aurora Contracting Services LLC to Rae Jean Wong, 819 Russell- wood Ave., $23,000. Swissvale Vanessa Chan Franco to Nicholas Baker, 7931 Graff Ave., $139,900. Patricia Landry to Tyler Novak, 2343 S. Braddock Ave., $38,000. Tarentum Estate of Louis Veri to Dennis Savinda, 608 E. Sixth Ave., $13,000. Aubrey Morgan et al. to RS Fox Property Management LLC, 812 Short St., $20,000. Kelli Bradford to Jack Graham, 349 W. Seventh Ave., $6,500. Upper St. Clair Mark Edwards to George Norman Jr. and Hayden Norman, 2415 Berkshire Drive, $209,000. John Ward to Tulip Holdings LLC, 1200 Boyce Road, $100,000. Kimberly Janet Slater to Sirva Relocation Properties LLC, 136 Devonwood Drive, $785,000. Sirva Relocation Properties LLC to Jonathan and Justine Walker, 136 Devonwood Drive, $785,000. Jay Neuman to Charles Cain and Kathleen Chiappetta, 1681 Hathaway Lane, $365,000. Vivian Lesnett trustee et al. to BB&JPCSJS LLC, 1401 Lesnett Road, $260,000. Steven Wright to Pablo and Kathleen Livington Azar, 1356 Oak Ledge Court, $542,000. Albert Brubach Jr. to Lumani and Kamala Sigdel, 17 Patton Drive, $145,000. Stuart Epstein to Jeffrey and Jarie Konkle, 1300 Sky Ridge Drive, $217,000. Glenn Getner Jr. to Albert Brubach Jr. and Camille Brubach, 2422 Southvue Drive, $252,500. Laura Lorenze to Gregory and Maria Tereza Camburn, 169 Warwick Drive, $330,000. Verona Deborah Beard to Adalberto Gracian III and Lynn Gracian, 759 Second St., $76,000. Versailles Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Colleen Musisko, 503 High St., $12,000. Lissa Wall to Federal National Mortgage Assn., 425 Linden St., by sheriff’s deed $1,664. West Deer Herbert Nicholson estate et al. to Timothy and Mary Kay Capilongo, 29 Miller Road, $22,000. Andrew Sabatini to Phillippi Ledesma, 57 Overlook Place, $169,000. Gigliotti Sirera & Assoc. LLC to Jason and Jill Friess, property, 1210 Pin Oak Court, $64,900. Jason Arnold to Michael Jurcevich and Briana McClintock, 605 Whispering Pines Drive, $176,800. West Homestead John Pilot to SKYSTHELIMIT, 812 Neel St., $29,900. West Mifflin Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Spring Garden Heritage LLC, 700 Blueberry Drive, $49,500. Estate of Florence Wilson to Dennis and Lynn Marie Boyer, 4624 Bowes Ave., $22,500. Charles Cogley to Joseph Fedor Jr., 273 Castle Drive, $165,500. Esther Stiefvater to Arthur Dorogi Jr., 636 Corbin St., $93,000. Antoinette Votodian to First Oro Valley Trust, 115 Parkside Drive, by sheriff’s deed $3,513. West View Michael Edwards et al. to Michael Kuhn, 247 Clairmont Ave., $137,000. William Hastings to HSBC Bank USA NA trustee, 93-95 Mt. Vernon Ave., by sheriff’s deed $3,292. Zdravko Lovric to Charity Puszakowski, 42 Richland Ave., $92,000. White Oak John Hornfeck to Paul and Tracy Derganz, 206 Cool Springs Road, $155,000. Beth Isabella to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 1440 Fawcett Ave., by sheriff’s deed $3,266. Kathryn Burek Kumar to Robert and Kathleen Caparelli, 128 Longvue Drive, $134,000. Tammy Yednak to Bank New York Mellon trustee, 2917 State St., by sheriff’s deed $1,761. Whitehall Marie Hartman to Michael and Carrie Vogelsang, 4831 Doyle Road, $109,000. Estate of Juanita Whelan to Amanda Lea Safko, 4362 Frank St., $112,500. Estate of Kevin Collins to Robert and Kathryn Kester, 520 Glowood Drive, $115,000. Estate of Dean Offner to Andrew and Theo Mierley, 893 Jill Drive, $383,000. Jeffrey Schumacher Jr. to National Residential Nominee Services In, 5106 Morningrise Drive, $145,500. National Residential Nominee Services In to Brad Ballantine and Melissa McDowell, 5106 Morningrise Drive, $145,500. Joyce Pardini to Bradley Barker, 4477 Niblick Drive, $144,900. Joshua Honick to Rebecca Utley and Christa Lucas, 4798 Oakridge Drive, $140,000. Ralph Saltzman to Adam Junstrom and Jaclyn Rispoli, 4800 Roberta Drive, $127,500. Jennifer Jara Mislanovich to Jared Coy, 110 Wallace Park Drive, $81,500. Wilkins USRP Funding 2001-A L.P. to Micromont Holdings 6 LLC, restaurant, 3410 William Penn Highway Route 22, $856,098. Wilkinsburg Timothy Maul to Justin Myers, 2216 Chalfant St., $76,000. Robert Pennington to Jonathan and Emily Fitzpatrick, 2339 Hollywood Drive, $117,500. Charles Eyster to Elizabeth Prada, 1017 Osage Drive, $57,000. Estate of Ronald Humphreys to Midfirst Bank, 1256 Patton St., by sheriff’s deed $2,001. Johanna Rosen to Michael McMullen and Kathleen Schaich, 427 Peebles St., $135,000. Paul Shelhammer et al. to David Otusile and Ahmad Ibrahim, 1037 Ross Ave., $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $13,900). Beaver County Aliquippa Marylee Hawk to Marylee and Edward Hawk, 199 Baker St., $1,200. Walter Lincheck to Bologna Properties LLC, 1420 Elgin St., $20,000. Donald Young to Team Barnett LLC, 1616 Tyler St., $38,000. Ambridge Robert Brennan to Tureis Properties L.P., 621 Beaver Road, $12,000. Monique Blakley et al. to William Gates, 193 Glenwood Drive, $1,500. Estate of Lilly Pearce to Henry George Greenwood III, 724 Maplewood Ave., $69,500. David Molnar to Timothy Lee Majercik, 65 Church St., $35,000. Douglas Arnold to Brandon Phillips, 1622 Henrici St., $74,500. R’WEL Enterprises LLC to Dana Pazzanita, 428 Park Road, $7,500. Baden Estate of Mary Territo to John Fette, 304 Berry St., $79,000. Daniel Morris to David Marshall, 42 Grandview St., $77,500. Tyler James Herget to Kathryn Ober, 308 State St., $124,000. Estate of Mario Palladini to Mark Gaudino, 256 Beaver St., $50,000. Estate of Joseph Bodalec Jr. to James and Margaret Lipan, 1022 Collins Ave., $80,000. Beaver Falls Christopher Ceriani to James and Desiree Curran, 3614 Sixth Ave., $72,000. Estate of Mary Guzie to Canoa L.P., 809 Gertrude St., $18,000. Canoa L.P. to Appoint Realty L.P., 809 Gertrude St., $25,500. Bryan Drotar to Douglas and Cande Ruiz Bradbury, 2840 Fifth Ave., $64,215. Beaver Girl Scouts Beaver & Lawrence Counties I to John and Amy Kirlangitis, commercial property, 431 Third St., $165,500. Phyllis Thompson to Daniel Gutowski, 809 Sixth St., $115,000. Fort McIntosh Realty Assoc. LLC to Robert and Judith Madder, 295 Market St. 134, $330,000. Anthony Blobner to Javy Real Estate Co., 445 Turnpike St., $57,000. Big Beaver Lillian DeSanzo to Beaver Ridge Apartments LLC, commercial property, 7291 Big Beaver Blvd., $75,000. Paul Jennings to Joseph Paszklewicz and Paul Nyman, 495 Foxwood Road, $21,500. Lillian DeSanzo to WKPB Properties LLC, commercial property, 7240 Big Beaver Blvd., $255,500. Brighton Daniel Gutowski to Lucas Curtaccio, 289 Cooper Drive, $116,000. NVR Homes Inc. to Diane and John McCallan, 121 Timothy Trail, $334,045. First National Bank PA to NVR Homes Inc., property, Tuscarawas Road, $30,000. McCaffrey Properties LLC to Lynn Crousehore Berry and David Wendall Ward, 210 Bradys Ridge Road, $122,500. First National Bank Pennsylvania to NVR Homes Inc., property, Ericson Circle, $27,000. McCaffrey Properties LLC to Allison Mouser, 110 Little Beaver Drive, $126,000. DNB Construction Inc. to Barclay Hills Builders LLC, 52 Nicholas Drive, $350,000. Richard Young to Barry and Miriam York, property, 1600 Tuscarawas Road, $355,000. Estate of Jean Kester to Michael and Hope Druschel, 115 Wishart Drive, $155,000. Center Housing & Urban Development to Gregory Knudson, 3213 Brodhead Road, $85,000. Katie Scott to Manual and Amanda Gregory, 121 Cherry Lane, $148,500. Murray Hofmeister to Craig and Angela Valent, 100 James Lane, $190,000. Nicola Roman to Colin Bickerstaff, 3139 Locust Ave., $192,000. Estate of Dorothy Merrimann to Dennis and Jennifer Fedder, 106 Mt. Carmel Drive, $123,608. Manual Gregory to Cory and Wendy Trudgen, 106 Oakland Heights Road, $221,000. Chippewa Angelia Richter to Holly Nicely, 3792 37th Street Ext., $149,000. Tobro A Partn. to Joseph Mahlmeister, 256 Blackhawk Road, $127,000. Susan Kraynack to Nancy Chirichetti, 2902 Darlington Road, $86,000. PA Pine & Palm Streets LLC to Rachel and Eric Davis, property, James St., $15,000. Estate of Donald Martin to Ryan Beighley, 113 Reed St., $87,000. Ronald Jankowski to John and Valerie Breitenbach, 102 Whitetail Drive, $213,400. Christopher Darr to Charles and Constance Mayersky, 106 Braden St., $206,000. Stephen Balzer to Kirby Elliott II and Amy Elliott, 221 Center St., $106,000. David Lewis to Robert Jones Jr. and Lindsey Jones, property, 211 Darlington Road, $155,000. Benjamin Banks to Kristi Dibe, 217 Naugle Road, $130,000. Sandra Lee Gardner et al. to Nancy Blum, 122 Polk Ave., $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $107,140). Delcie Smith to ARMECK LLC, 336 Shenango Road, $31,900. Edward Goehring et al. to Laureat Burt Custeau, 555 Shenango Road, $85,000. Conway Troy Green to Alan King, 1417 Fourth Ave., $25,000. James Bozza et al. to Jason and Stephanie Benkowski, 1324 Dupont St., $98,000. Vicki Kennedy to Michael Prest, 1341 Second Ave., $73,900. Anna Dvorzak to Travis Allen Urban, 420 Ninth St., $112,500. Heinemann Trust to Michael and Susan Kuntz, 1049 Catherine Drive, $113,000. Michael Kurtz to Jennifer Singleton, 1008 E. Ridge Ave., $124,900. Darlington Township William Smith et al. to Gregory David Houlette, property, Darlington Road, $70,000. William Sasser to Sean and Samantha Vannoy, 101 First St., $83,750. Daugherty William Chamberlain to Michelle Magnus, 199 Londonderry Drive, $165,000. Jacob Frederick to Amanda Jones and Ryan Thomas, 627 Tulip Drive, $135,500. Economy Marc Bloomingdale to Karnel McMahan, 16 Doniport Road, $265,000. Martha Fegan to Cartus Financial Corp., 209 Parkhill Road, $247,000. Cartus Financial Corp. to Brett Boehm and Lillia Calvin, 209 Parkhill Road, $247,000. John Chehovits to Matthew Cottage III and Kristie Lynn Cottage, 2591 Ridge Road Ext., $60,000. Arch Bay Holdings LLC to James Seitz Jr., 325 Sunridge Drive, $123,500. Stanley Mielcarek et al. to David Trudeau Jr. and Kamie Trudeau, 145 Winterset Road, $207,500. Robert Andrew Zimmerle to GRSW Real Estate Trust, 238 Dogwood Circle, $269,900. GRSW Real Estate Trust to Thomas and Deborah Havranek, 238 Dogwood Circle, $269,900. Theodore Biedrzycki to Jeffrey and Jennifer Merwede, 109 Hamilton Court, $293,000. Fannie Bayorek to Michael and Linda Potter, 515 Sproat Ave., $175,000. Ellwood City Raymond Lance to Next Evolutions Ventures LLC, property, Rosannah St., $5,000. Fallston Gloria Chiodoeaver to Julie Bessell, 145 Beaver St., $25,000. Franklin Bradley Moore to Carol and Harold Shipe, 124 Clearwater Drive, $157,000. Estate of Joseph Rendos to Jeffrey Hart Jr. and Reneta Hart, agricultural land, 540 Harpers Ferry Road, $72,000. Dantza Sue Palm to NALCO, 184 S. River Road, $46,500. Hanover Christina McKindley Real Estate Pro- tecti to Anthony Morrow, 132 Jones Drive, $105,000. Harmony Martha Jane Stolar to Christopher Iorio, 3712 Duss Ave., $56,500. Hopewell Brenna Estel to Jessica Bueno, 1211 Concord Drive, $100,000. Zackary Johnston Jr. to Bridget McCullough, 1923 Crestmont Drive, $79,000. Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Vernon Krayniewski, 102 Grant St., $76,510. Theodore Boucher to Quiana Hayes, 5007 Hamilton Drive, $139,900. Wendy Trudgen to Richard and Frances Kinkead, 1401 Imperial Drive, $164,900. Nick S. Petkovich Revocable Living Trust to Mark Krajcovic and Melissa Bair, 107 Parkridge Drive, $163,000. Gabriel Santry to Nathan and Kelly Weber, 3014 Riverview Court, $237,500. Michael Debacco to Louis and Crystal Santia, 2226 Virginia DEEDS, FROM PAGE K-5 SEE DEEDS, PAGE K-7

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