The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1949
Page 9
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SATURDAY, MARCH 19, 1043 BMTHEVIUJt <ARK.) COURIKR NEWS PAGE CH & HIK nilKNDS By MKIMIl.L IU,OS8BR Who Cuii Tell? OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople . ttor CXSH,AtSS.MOOPLE/AW FiBkVS CAPITAL is TIED OP w A HVDRO-ELECTRIC PCOJECT AT TH6 HAMS VALUABLE NATURAL RE I MIGHT OPFEE. fH6 MA3O« ^UB 816 KlCKAPOO OR6 MIME M AlJ 6*J6Ki TCAD6 FOR H<6 SOUP-PROOF ORE MINE ? WELL,MB. MOR6A»J YOU'LL K/XS!E TO DEAL V^ITH AW HOS8AS)D,OF COURSE .— 60T AS FIRST VICE PRESIDENT OP MOOPlE KIO/ DO VOL) THINK. I WANT TO SAW THE THiM TO PIECE eo MANY 'END or PAVEMENT* IN "THE TOWN Tl I ATT 1 WALK. r»WRE THAN) I DID WITH A SICK HORSE; , HILDA DOIT I Dt!M AM bHO' NUFF.' [Jl>l WHAT WHEW IT BLOWS UP SOOTHE PRICE IS RiSHT.'- — DROP 6MX THIS 6 HE'S ne«e.' f . ,^^. .^-^ f t A DSC KVl.Ali. "lilD DIFF?/\MV 1 — ir TAKES REAL . IAKUY.' I COKN-IWPWO CCA'PO ADOUI Ml I ("Alt I'iAY A kJNf'jOVOU CMS TO KEEP GUESSING // .-/ CM KfCflot-ll/.t' IT, BL/(--_ VV_._T. BECOMES A PARTNER BOEN] TH1P.T V VC7ARS TOO *SOOM (guess eventually. He's coming oui LO lull us!" ' Good griff) I never though! of John Henry squalled be- \ hind the mesquile and bcal one [1st on his knee, trying lo makr * i'c of ;tn idoji luke sensible hupc. At hist ii did. By Bob Wade and Bill Miller "H« just said liis first word but I couldn't make out what it was—lie had his month full!" the cellar De-fore Itiul The American crocodile, while 1 more vicious tlinn the ritligiUor. exhibits no hostility to man. It was [ discovered in Uic United in 187G, but w»s known before in Mexico, the \ Indies anil us far south us Ecuador, ' Political Announcements LSubjt'i-t to MiriiC'!p;U KlPcunn Ai)l-!l 5 1049 Tor Milyiu DOYLE UEMDliltSO.N E. R JACKSON ('"ur Aiilt'rman l-'ii-sl Wind RALEIGH KY1.VKHTER JI.VIM1E SANDERS Second Ward WALTER C GATES J. W ADAMS Tliii-cl Ward IENN1NOS UAIL.EY LOUIS O. NASH Fotlrtll 'Vnrcl (Two to be Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE MOOHE rdr iii'* •if .jo •!.-rk i mi niicl iih(i hml iivuUlriK UL,,,. l Jrr. 'I lie I 'tumvi • c<-L Mr. Trim. to do wlih irllcr mur- •Mo tt.cj'll ••'PHIS is about Hie n«hl spot," John Henry siiici. The Toma- nawk neon sign flashed in hack uf Ihcmi up ihc bighwjiy "I said ra/.y Jordan girl leaped scared it out of me." "Oh, it's jusl not possible, Johnny. I niean. hou 1 could he — " * • • •»j-TOW could anybody? 1 don't know. But we're [nelly sure this Jones person killed Anglin last night, aren't we?" "Yes," Sin 'altered. "And it must have faee«i Jones who killed Ciayner in oui cottage." "I suppose. Gayner would have no way of knowing u-c'fi give tlie combination to IJarselou. So I Siicss he went on looking for it. And found it. loo. since the pencil about n hundred yards pasl the j was" by~itTs b'ody7 And" Joner s 'uY- drive-in." • "Why couldn't we waited for Mr. Tiijii bnck there?" Sin complained through the last mouthful of her hnmljut'Rer. "Thnt n^u syapor." said John Hpnry hi-iefly. "Are you Sir] asked •' We know watches 1 EXPERT Watch repair v.. .r ••-i,-.,Ti •;A1I Work' Guaranteed Reasonoble Prites , DHEIFUS Muni Uriiilnx . . . WIMP lli;iiiiini<k 31G WEST \I\IA ST. • or Oil fish 24 HOURS DAILY Special Siimhiy Dinner 75c Simpson Cafe Ark-Mo Slate Line safe here?" -, trj'ing to watch all the dark clumps or shadow at once. • lolin Henry thumbed toward s prised him and slabbed him and Eot it instead." "Well, not?" demanded .John Henry. "It's gol to be somebody." "Btil nol Mr. Trim. He's such n nice little rellow. And jusl Ibis morning he snvec! me from Iho^e (wo—" "By gosh, it could all Vie part of an net." John Henry's voice took on a hard sheJJ of exoitement, "I cluster of sagebrush which bulked (think we've got something liere beside the road. "Sure. We rah] Sin. Who was it popped up right hide bnok there- till Trim acts here, after Anglin stumbled imo our I hone lie has some ideas." "Way back theie?" "I'll be wilh you." Finally. Sin settled herself dubiously on a larse Hat rock behind ihe bushes "1 nope he hurries." "I think lie will. He Founded pretty excited when I talked to him." Hc"rleRrerl off the earth painftakingly nnd sat rfoivn. "Jnhnnv—" "Uh-huh?" "What was he ?o excited about? I mean, he doesn't have a close personal interest in us. And if we were what the papers say we are, why, it's going to make the Rvy- Tcr Company look pretty foolish, much loss Ihcir representative sort of shielding us." "Sin," said John Henry after * pause, "don't think I'm second guessing. But I was onto this same SCOTT ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Heller Signs • IJctler Service 8US North Franklin Phone 3203 "Well, he did know pretty much v. hat went on with IBarselou. remember—" "And he was the one who said : was nil right to move our cloihcs—" "And, Johnny, if Mr. Trim thought we' had the combination ot course he'd want lo rescue me from Vernon and Guynei-! 1 ' "Honey," cried John Henry, tone consj'nluliilory. "for*-*the firs time, I think we're on the right track." Sin shrieked and put her hands over her mouth, tier husbanc leaped lo his feel, but there was si»ht. Sin no new menace racked brick and forth in alarm "Johnny, 1 jusl thought—he's com ing out here now. He's got the combination and he knows wc'l •'•L'OR once this wcc'K-cnct. we're ahciid ot ihc game. Sin. Look. You wail at the edge of thr road for Trim lo drive up Nothing'11 Hppen to you because he'll want s both As soon as he's oui 'of ic I'jir ['11 jump him. Ill be in »c bushes—" 11 1 don'I know, Johnny—" "Why nol? I'm a good 50 pounds cnvier." "Bui honey." Sin reasoned, what if we're wrong noout turn? Vhat if lie turn* out to be just • ice little man and nothing else?" John Henry stood up and Itelched. He Celt belter now that iiere was actually something tie on Id do of his own volition. Raby. that's a chnnce we have to ake. We'll find out darn soon. Yom the story in Ihe paper, it's bvious Jones got the combina- ion." But—" And if Trim is Jones, he's not citing thai slip of paper get out f his hands, He'll have it on him omowherc. So we'll search him or the answer." He checked, iedan was coming slowly down he road from the direction of The Tomahawk. The driver was Hick- tig his lights from high to low >eam at regular intervals, "Johnny, I'm scored!" S i n umped up and put her arms around her husband. "That's him. all right. Now don't • scared, Sin, Just do what I and we'll be okay. Come on, now —show me what a bir.ivc girl you •c." "But I'm not a brave girl," Sin whimpered. "I'm scared!" John Henry shoved her hastily through the mcsquile rond. The automobile was almost upon them. It was slowing down. Tires bumped in the rough ground al the side of the highway. "Is that you, Mrs. Conover?" Trim's high-pitched voice called. "I guess so," Sin quavered. {To Re Continued) IMMSCIM.A'S VOI' l!y AL VKUMliER THE GRAMS COMPANY I\E \LTOI\S Real Estdfe - Phone 521 HMTHIMLIF Phone 30751 1 FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS COTTON FARMERS Chtmlc»lly delmled rutlon serd germinal? quicker, plant • nd plow the same wetk. Reduce clinTM>in|; e.tpeme and produce more cotton per acre. STATE CCKTIFtED VARIKT1F.S AV.VI1.AHI.K I). Jt P. L. Nu. II, |icr 5U Lb. K;iK J10.00 I), i P. L. No. 15, I'er 50 Lb. Ba( 10.00 bHoneville Z 8, Per 50 Lb. Has 10.BO Sloneville ^ C, Per 50 Lb. Bat '••«» Kowclcn 41-B. Per 5« Lb. Ban 10.00 Hall ft Half Illibreil). Per 50 Lb. Bat lO.Otl Gokrr's 100 Wilt Resislnnt. Per 50 Lb. Baj> lo.OO Paula. Per 50 l.b. BUR 10.00 Rmpire, 1'cr SO Lb. Bat Came in anil place vour nrcler nr gel vimr suiiply BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone ft56 Branchw: Blythcvillr Ark. Phone 8,i7 Leachville, Ark.. Horucrsvillc, Mo. anrt Sen:tth. .Mn. TUDEBAKER Here's Your Truck! OR ANY EXCAVATION H C f , S.df.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BIDG. BIYTHEV1LLE ARK * • Phone 3646.axd2525 m There's a new kind of Operating ICrunumy in every <" size and wheelbase of "the New lilt!) Slndcliaker Trucks. Come by today and look ovei our complete _ line of ''19crs. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studehaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phont 2195 STUDEBAKER WOULDN'T 00 lS r/THAT 3, DEAR. HE'S B MV *, X. GENTLEMAN* 1| V '.„ -fua-l V AH T KID >i RSE1.5 t EL...y OKAV! VOU CAN GO TO THE SHOW! BUT DON'T THROW PAPEe AIRPLANES FROM THE BALCONV.' MID WHUN THE COWOOV THE GIRL' DOM' WHISTLE OR STAMP JU5T WHAT MOTHER THOUGHT ABOUT ME, TOO.' "IScil Uneventful!" lly MICHAICL (VMAI.l.KY mid RAM'H LANE WASH TliHHS liv I,ESI,IK TURNER Yt«... I KNOW GIS WILT-/. 8ur I DIDN'T KNOW HE D SENT WS LITTLE- GIRL'. I.,.I HWENTSEEH HIM 1M ft VEWt.1 EXACTLV SEND FOE HER VOLUNTfVKILY. CA.IHY WfcS " TO JOIU HIV CER.Tf.lNW, PE&R. 6CING Wild WE'LL SPRUCE |M THE lOLIMGEl BUGS BUNNY Nol 'I'liilny, I'rnl'vssur Bv Cltr.I) HARMAN HERE t A.M VJITriU HUSTLE IN, ( •SEE. PETUSJrik? TH' MOUTHPIECE FROM ELMER'S '•— . ' l" \ COHNET WOKKS SWELL V BLOW UP ftUGS SWD TO COME. \ CORNET ; FIRST CHA.MCE TO PIM IN PUBLIC .' HOOTS ANU HUH UUDDIliS

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