Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 2, 1952 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 2, 1952
Page 8
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• VotcM turned their totfef Ml Urftmtmffti, refusing to r*t«r 'SO' i«t'« « And MOM STAR, I, ARKANSAS Tfiurttftty, debtor ft, t$$i Mantle rwj«*it*d ttl* fer KinCo Ifetff* I* A pe*»Jl th* YiMJw «w» gftftf ftlti Will fWJ ihe WftrM B*f1«» tfrt ttrtt>* day, till? Vankcw milfWdsr hot torn ri>Jcbi«i thren'tlm** for >rwfe» foecnu** <if Ctewgrnyoll- IU, o b«ft« di«rtso In »w left Yoshido Forces Wilt Rousing By WILLIAM JORDAN ittrly won % rlH hj« oohidn «nd hi* Mlnl#t«r nb»olut« mnjorliy In «'f jt«nr«i*«htaiiv>e*, t of pro*Am«fl(5Bn pott* tted ta , faction. In the old Djet ntonu tli« Comrnunliti , hod ^ 33 Ww» ' ' c ' > '""'" Wllh only throe of th* 4M fltl ,tt> be deouifed, thfe'linw fffc Pflrtles 1 bflrul party victory by the low', of tit*.. oltho 3«a **0t« they control!' Jig tlWit fitet, r ' i ' * the Wbwnto .won 00$ „_ _ „_ ,'Cfnjiienti ItmteriMp the pntty ItHBlf otill wa» In ' r General Soys ass Break revented WllNtttLL MBfllOK Little Rock Raises Bomber Bate Money LITTT.E ItOCK. W — The to rollcpt $000,000 to buy land for lh# |«rf.fKif(f'<l t.ittlf Rock Afr 8a*c hn« hr^n r*arhwl, flaymorid Rebsamcn, chairman of the t»ul- A*kl Cwinty Cltir^nn Council, told yeirterdny. Am«rlo«rJ noldier* who killed CHinirttt CommunUl prlnoncr* of MM woumhwl 130 tn a brief i ^M*M*)T broK* up D plftn-j MA mans outbreak hy 8,800 porn ChlnMo Rodn. It wnj MttJ, Cen, Thowfti W. M«rrcn, comtnofKler of He Kdrftan eommun- Icatlms ?,on», unld the Comrmtnifiu planned to break out and join Red gu«rlllu» in th* Chonju mounton*, tho« ttraiy, br»»k Scheduled for yen- tho third anniversary of Uie 6hlfM»»« Comrnunlit regime. riflyoflO prtJ)on*f» were killed In ihe ihort bB(tl«Jrt»fdo Compound No, 7 on thin ull-Chlnflne primmer ' l*l(»fid, board n 'plane flying thorn to an American ho»- pAal In Ftiinn and throe other* d|«l Bf^B^ arrival Two Armrleon noldlcrii were flllghtly l/ijui'ed, Two plotooM of American Infantry of aboyt 70 m«n moved Into the cornpfltimt fmrt In a aavage is- mlnuto clo»e'ftrd,*r battle with rock- lhrowln« Chineio armed with and barbed-wire flails quell the d«ffant Red* and prtvented tho plaWd br«k, C«U f««httrd D. Boercm, of On Kefouver Takes Stump for Stevenson CIiNTBKV.IL.LE. la. (UP) - tion. tenlvt iCeffuiver took to tho •tump lodny for the rnnn who <!••• foutcel him for tho Democratic pro»ldontl«l nomination, * n y I n e only Gov. AdlH K. Steven-ion con bring the "ehanijB" n«>od«d In Washington. Tho T^nnesscnn "enlisted for the durntion" In the Stevenson campaign in n flpcech prepared for delivery at the nnnunl Pancake Day C(tl<rbrnlirjn hi-re. The uUdruHS wua hi* first political upvoch since hi* dofoot at thr The nrtJiu«l milk production inl OH and lubricant* can be pro- the United SUtei would fill a di«,cd from oil nhalc, coal and na- 3.000 mile* lonu. 40 fc*t whlc tural gas but would coil more »nd 3 f**t deep. j mo*e produced from petroleum. Cold is the absence of heat and al 480 degrees below zero Fahrenheit It Is impossible to get any colder, ^ People with old cars' drive faster than those with' High powered machines, CD a British survey. iJemocrntic convention by Steven- don, und rnnikcd the opening of a 2«-dny croHH-coumry tour h« will make for the Democratic presidential ticket. Kefauvcr mode it clear that hlx campaign wilt bt< pitched on th thetno that the Republicans havi> of the! "mttupproprliitcd" the "time for prJsonsr ot war camp. | change" argument. N, prisoner o/ war head-i Pointing out that he hud been a Ifttrned of the planned P™» l<J « > ntlal candidate "bocausc , onmcln And Ichiro HnU hip, n WBHIO that mlaht <plit tib?rtil -raftH*, of was purgud from political tlfo Alllpft DCbupntlyii outlWrltlou » ycnr» : njo, HO tvtfiwtl tho reins ol fltitfioHiy ovof to Yoxhian, Now bo w«i)t» thbm baoH, tfe cupnlltiti.uuraooa right to ftti(<k Aug. 24. n wort- made immediately to . J rlot wa» tiiuohed off when ef* in tho noo-mun onllstcd '» cotnpoutul threw rovlm at guard* In whnt op- lly waft supported to be tho 1 for a IHUB» br«uk with nine r compouiul'i in the enclosure. .Jlerren laid, the move into iiind 7 "broke the bock of the 4 CommunlHt revolt „ , «nv«a|cl of hi* troops, movo Into 'tho c'tunpound thnt the U. N. M» "to maintain uncontented con* tWtlMAU Um<m." do not nnnorlzc with In any wtiy. They htwa Wpn (old and hnvu beon told tot *OHie ttmo when they arc a*> >Jft«i<kr»»ttt-»uUl,th(! defiunt prlooncri * , ihe 8fC«nd of two A* the soldiers wuro thought U WUH time for u change Kclnuvor mild lmnu.>dlntcly fttovmunn won the nomination, was not »uro thai he would get kind of chungc In policies und approach thnt I felt WIIM noe "Thero Neentfd to bo enough Missouri In the (Strvtmao'n) euro- pnign in mtikc mo want to shown," ho MO Id. After watching thr> Stevcnsot cumpolgn for thr past month, fauver .mild' "1 see In hl.i cnm polgn thn opportunity to g«t kind of change I want for United Sltttos." In Stevenson. h« NO Id, tw found "u man whom tho ntrumi; tho Democrats, . .couldn'l control cvun if they hud once thought they could." While applauding Slovenxnn for "turninit to the new pooplo" In the i)4;tnocnitic pnrty instond of "rusty nnd dlHgruritlcd busses," KcfQtiver crltlvixott Dwif.ht IS. E»- scnhowi<r for letting "llu- old pros" In the Rt'publlcnn Purty "g«t back in the middle." 's grotit crusnde, ho «nld, hus been "dimmed by after another tarnished 'v climbing aboard the train. It wt»* a "»hoch' k , Kofauver said, to (ln<J n man running for .prosi- dent whom I greatly admired und still do, but who said 'it's tUnc lor n chnngo while he had his nrm, lltorully and not figuratively, fibout; the, shoulders of so'mo of the grcntost obstnclcs to chnnio that this notion hn's ever known," Mothias May Show His Versatility By RU3S NEWLAND I'ALO AI^Tb; Cmlif,, — Bob ,, Mlathias, Stanfords pilo driving bttck, may show football fans general nnd Michigan's team particular his lncrp«ain« v*r- attiUty in the JntersocUonnl game re Saturday. Thu contest wlU bo televised nationally N8C T:45 p.m. 75ST and played before a .crowd upward of 40.000, The two-Ume Olympic decathlon champion <U being groomed to handle almost as many gridiron chores at the ten field And track events th« (^catliton. ,Booming Bob was a fast hard' )>n«i- last year t» his first seanon j)i cojlege ball . His long run* )>el»t*4 lo*d Stanford to the Pacific ,Coa*t conference titte and the Ne\v Yeai l> a Rose Bowl and losing contest. . , th«ie Japan »'*• wop jo of n H6toy4mft'» Sl»iy i )rt*'fti'« Twir»,,4|ko been from , fiidtofitftd thm 'the bayonets (tidier* lought back, drove ahead, their « vi»lttid all the a uomploto and th«ir r« WM no to* eri 8«)(i they vip 'everal i. i Chinese Com- Accounting of Phont Refunds Asked (Up) Co,, -w _ ELECT PIE CHERRIES KROGER or PACKERS Red tort cherries with pits removed Mokes delicious pies. FOR ONLY WESTINGHOUSE LIGHT BULBS Packers label. Natural flavor. CHOPPED HAM 2 Armour Star Brand. GREEN BEANS 8 I Packers Label, cut. | SWEET PEAS 8 j Avondale Brand, sweet, tender. 12 Oz. Tins No. 303 Cans No. 303 Cans Pineapple Layer Cake $1 TOMATOES Packers Label. $1 WAXTEX PAPER 4 •«•« $1 Tough, heavy. Rolls * $1 EATMORE OLEO Finest Quality $1 PINEAPPLE ROLLS Kroger Baked. Delicious golden pineapple fudge, c *W$1 pk fl . 27c i V£Al ROAST fc KUfl •* I Tend fORK ROAST *o r, ,^ f^om .eon Fre sh ?urTs.' Lb 53C SMQKSD PlCMirQ A C __Armour Star, 4 rH ^ ^ '^ Lb ' 45c * AI >imrucEi^^ quality. 1951 MOH STAt, SOCIETY Pfion* 74411 I A. M. •!)« 4 P. M. fvColendar s 'tftor**l«y, October 2 ' Thfe Jclt B. Graves Sunday [, ] Tnfe Jew H. uraves ounaav F, SchOfll Class of the First Methodist ['(Snirch will have their monthly pot !jUCk suppef at the church Thurs- night, October 2. All members to be present. &*N6 JWH * J 1 "!** *«•'«*«« «r «.?*^%4 *W8l « W IVttv WflK F0| f ^ ^^JtjmM».iio» j *uiai»Ai5S5X. -'I .^m* . i '3* %. -> •** Jgf"». «^v r f ' *,'. iS^Ji l »: l ^? .Jutlons and Bows square dance lab will meet at Elks Hall Thurs night at 8 o'clock. All members urged to be present. nr;*> ' " I''The Nandina' Garden Club wil Cieet Thursday night, October 2 7:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs L Hollis with Mrs. Alvin Wl „ v.s co-hostess. Plans for th .owcr show will be made and a ncmbcrs are urged to be present. program chairman, explained the coming flower show. Cake and ice cream was served to seventeen members and two guests, Mrs. E. O. Wingfield and Mrs. Lahroy Spates. Goiny Mr. and Mrs. Ed Russell of Washington, D. C., are visiting Mrs. Russell's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Story. Mrs. A. E. Slusscr is in Texar kana today at a D. A. R. Recep tion honoring the state regent, Mrs Knorr. Personal Mention Arguments End Airline Application WASHINGTON tff) — The Civil Aeronautics Board yesterday heard the last oral arguments on a Central Airlines application to extend ts service and renew its operating permit. Public counsel for the CAB, F. H McAdams, asked the Board to renew Central's permit only until Juno, 1955. instead of to May. 1U56 as recommended by Trial Ex- mninor Herbert K. Bruaiv Alt-Adams urged that Central be nitowed to expand its service into Arkansas He said the permit should be renewed for a shorto time only so the CAB could re-ex- maine conditions and tratfic at ai> early dale because of rising cost* Wi-ural has applied for authority to extend its operations through Interior of Hozel's New Beouty Shop Mope Chapter 328 OES will meet Thursday night, October 2 at 7:30 in Masonic Hall. There will be an initiation. All members are urged to be present. Refreshments will bo served daughter of Mr. Arkansas to Memphis and Johnson of Hope port.. There would be two Route 3, underwent an emergency ] operation in a Hope hospital Wed nesday afternoon. College Notes Friday. October 3 Rose Garden Club will meet in the home of Mrs. H. O. Kylcr, 401' louth Hamilton, Friday afternoon 3 o'clock. Mrs. W. B. Mason ..ill be co-hostess. All members are asked to be present. Saturday, October 4 The Hope Music Club Luncheon will be held Saturday, October 4. al the Hotel Barlow at 12:45. The Catholic Altar Society will sponsor a rummage sale Saturday October 4. at the New Theatei .Iding, South Elm. Anyone hav rummage please call 7-271 or" 7-45b2. Vashington, Tommy Jamcrson ol" l _ r Wednesday, October 8 The County Agents will meet will the people of Columbus in th school auditorium Wednesday nigh October 8, at 7:30 to organize Community Improvement Program Everyone in the Columbus are is urged to attend. Hospital Notes . KS-: nients, one from Memphis via Pine anu Helena, and the other from Little Rock to Shrevcport via Pine Blufl, Camden. El Dorado and Magnolia. Trans Texas and Pioneer Air* lines have applied for tho same general Arkansas- routes. Attorneys tor Trans-Texas and Pioneer both argued that the* were able to serve the Arkansas teiritory, and added that the proposed routes in the state intcgratu witn its present system. In all, spokesmen for 17 cities •»/r.. Aii,n,.f WnUnv laopcared yesterday before the CAB Mrs. Albert riuisey, | -', tl !,„„»!„„» n c nil three Miss Thalia Chism, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Chism, 601 Moses, Hope, is enrolled as a soph omore ut Mary Hardin-Baylor College, Belton, Texas, a senior college for women. —Photo Shipley Studio tt, , Butler and Virginia Fountain. VA Accused of Wholesale Squandering 'JthK vstotW With educS tended to sultl, "thi._ Itiei to repeat rr.ent of dollars Prom 1044 to ,,-,.,-£ ByCWAhftSN WO&trt* 4ft, 34 per cohi ot;tif«ei »; WASHINGTON, M* — *ho Veterans Administration, which plans to my ott »,»!»« hospital employes in an economy move, was accused by n Republican campaign leader to- dey ot squandering its QI education funds. Tho V. A. announced yestordny „„„„„ thnt, by Nov, 4, it will discharge courses." 3.2SO workers in tho admln!»lr»» r rTT f >»i< tlvo, special services, custodial | tt Is b»lleV«d InftV ™and malrttcnnhct) ranks at Its 04 forma ot football nad,tn« hospitals and two domiciliary fact- wasted UllQII, uiu announcement said tho personnel reduction is "n* atop do- signed to help bring tho agency within funds appropriated." Tho V. A.'s budaet request for m6d(- oal activities during tho year which stariod July 1 was rccluood , by congress from $701,442,318 16 $870,318,884. 1 Frank C. Hilton, Veterans Divi. slon chairman of the republican National Committee, contended In n statement today. "Unless there U a change in the national administration, veterans In ft primitive intlUatod pig ™ teams numbering.,w on n side. , uffnirs handled by th» vetornna AdmlnistfBtlon row Worse. will continue to Weak Cool Front Is Moving in By United Press jcwisville Discharged: 'rcscott. Mrs. Martha Sisson, I city ol Cincinnati dc campaigned in Ohio last Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs Mattip Dale Faught, Hope, George Anderson Hope. Mrs. J. G. Harwell, Sarato ga, Mrs. Bob Carroll, Hope, Mrs Allison May, Hope. Willcene Evans Hope A weak cool front brought nn end to an Indian summer heal wove for most of the Southwest today. Doubts U. S. Prisoners Getting Mail ope. ^" — — — % T Discharged: Mrs. Joe Beaty and southeast arid New hnglana, daughter, Eva Marzee, Hope. Mrs will return to campaign in week with Gen. Dwighl D. Elseu- nowcr, who defeated him for the paity s nomination, but in those appearances he made a special ef- lort to keep in the background. At the end of his current 19-state all tnc Tatt Ohio riiils for some 20 days without food to elude tho Communists, , The B3-yenr-old general had beet) last seen by Allied correspondent* before his capture us ho led hit men Into the battle of Tnejon du» Ing the Communist brook througl (Clny . .JL.,.,^........ v _. . -—-. which nearly drove uao Alllos fron The front was moving South and!William F. Dean, snddunud by the Korea. ad reached a line a few miles Mcm . v - ;,•„,„ u Communlsl, "All I know of him is whnt W _ »-* ii . . it.: . „..«!.-« i/ TIV\i*r»- . . n M linvi .Hth Division, wns captured AUB 25, 1950 utter roaming the Korean Hilton sold both Democrats nnd Republicans ore uncovering ln- tanees In which tho V. A. is "«nar« nr.HKir.I.KY Cnlif. (UP)— Mrs south of Dallas this morning casters said it was hard to tell .,, compound where tu;r genci al tour, wnich will take him to parts ol the country except Scr me f",,U w«,U c^llnuc band i, held prisoner, said today s far as South Texas or would! <| u . doubted that he, or any pri- ecome stationary later today. „„„,,,., was KMinK mail. (l|(ms „„<,,„„„„„;, IVVH( , „,„ „.,„. The front was dry and earned Ml . s Do ., n W : IOSL . nusuatul wns' m! ,t| on t ne y gatheicd about navlgft icither rain nor promise of ramj . (KI . •- • ' • - ' •--' 'o th.. drouth-ravaged crops nnd, • ' Stay •M*piy AVOI monthly- ti* tilLUli HIM « its «rsi*Mi >'" • look ot' is! C. J. Rosenbaum and daughter, Cecelia Kay, Fulton. _,, Thursday, October 9 " The Daffodil Garden Club w meet Thursday, October 9. at t! home of Mrs. Jim LaGrossa. All members are urged to be present to discuss plans for the Fall Flower : Show. Miss Nilla Dean Compton Honored With Kitchen Shower Mrs. Verda Segnar and Mrs. Bernard E. Dunn honored Miss Nilla Dean Compton, bride-elect iiW S/Sgt. Chester Reese Miller, V'th a kitchen shower-'Wednesday , bight, August 1, at the home of . Mrs. Segner. •; : Arrangements of fall flowers and ipot plants were placed on the : fnantel and on side tables. The din- Ir'jjig table was covered with a linen 'cutwork cloth and centered with a .low bowl of roses, The honoree was presented with a corsage of small kitchen utensils and was the recipient of many use <«ul gifts. After a number of interesting games the hostesses served a des sert plate with iced drinks to thos present, .,, Mrs. Delia Bryant of Nashvill Ark., great grandmother of th tor thix-i: moi'e days on the week end uelore election. Admitting his loss ot the noml nation "was a disappointment tn me, naturally, and to my friends.' Tail made it clear to his audience | tie wanted them to join in an all out crusade againsl "tho danger to liberty today — big government.' Gov, Adlai E. Stevenson of Illi jnois, thu Democratic presidentia candidate, is "no different from TafttoTalk in Three Big Cities _ . . Truman is his philosophy of gov CLEVELAND (/P) — Sen. Robert l rnment ,, Taft saidi Under tha will tell Republicans l . n philosophy, he added, "the govern three biggest cities this mcnt wiu p , an your i i{c and m o the drouth-ravaged crops lastureland of Texas and Oklu- loma. , , The Santa Fc railroad reported tho prolonged lack of precipitation was resulting in Oklahoma's poorest cotton harvest in more than 50 years. Harvesting is under way, and the railroad estimated the crop would total about 230,000 bales. The Santa Fe also said winter --'»••"« »-•— . IlllVilb %V *li jjiwn ^ •.,•-••• - — — . week the GOP can win the Nov. * li£e the government will tell us ection, but only by hard work. ic overconfidence of 1948." emergency power The coming election is ''the i >• al decision," he said, "on "whetb r we are going to go ahead on olv , t , t ,. 1 , e ,. „ .. ._ he principles o£ the last lua years rcme( iy for the present condition." or go so far toward socialization T ,, ,, d ac i do d this "Stevcn- bride-elect guest. was an out of tow Gardenia Garden Club Meets In Home of Mrs. S. W. Strong I The Gardenia Garden Club m "Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 in the home of Mrs. S. W. Strong, Jr., - ard wo ^ k - I what we should do." Last night he told a young GOP | Under recen t Demi ally here the party "can't afford me oanui A ^ u»"« wheat planting was about hall completed in the Sooner state with many farmers going ahead m the hope of rain in the next few days The cool front was dropping temperatures five to 10 degrees below yesterdays readings m most areas. all l\uvo reud about him In In •newspapers,", Mrs, Donn said. . in times past, commercial na I lions' traditionally kept tho Im0r« ; matlon they gatheicd about navlga- Congmislomil Modal ^jon of the .high seas secret, but In he was captured, recent years there has boon an et .ngside his troop* j^t to co-ordinate thlB Inform* Fish that can breathe air are alive In the markets ot Thailand. Make it a habit by trading with youi Super Market. Don't forget s " *meter for you. CRISCO and SNOWDRIFT ;l tho of Honor alii while I'iglilinK alo...,. ill August IM.il), said slui had no word from him in KOVIMI months "H lias biH-n just one big silence--no word at all," Ucan said. •The worst of it is I write to him al least once a month, but 1 don't believe In (U. N.) prisoners with him arc- Rot Mis. ting the mail." Mrs. Dunn said at her home her' that she likewise has had no word Under recent Democratic administrations, he said, "the idea of something Uk« the divinu r i g ) a t o f kings — has permeated our government." "Slopping the spending is OOP and government control that we son sa y s vou can 't do, because tho Russians have imposed it on us '' can't turn back." The people realize the import ance of this election, Taft said", and "are more interestqd in poli tics than they ever have been in the past." The senator said record vptei registrations show "a determination on the part of our people to rise up and eliminate from oui government the socialization tho people resent from the bottom oi their hearts," But. Taft added, GOP party workers can profit from this nner est only by hard labor and a de- "No matter \vhat Democrat elected, he can't clean out the bu rcaucrats," Taft asserted lines under advisement. O F o Watson of Memphis argued-fhat the proposed services through Arkan- n- icrmined election day effort to see that their registered voters go to iiwiuv w. ».».«. ~. ••• *•"»_ " i, with Mrs. James Pilkinton and Mrs. tne polls. Howard Byers as co-hostesses. Tatt viewed Ohio as a pivotal • Artistic * arrangements of tails- state in a close presidential con man roses, red roses, and early L ve st. He said a majcrity in the fall flowers were placed at vantage | great states .of Ohio may be. tnc points. The meeting was opened prayer by the president, Mrs. C. C. Lewis. Mrs. Lewis presided over the business session. The minutes I were read by Mrs. Leonard -Ellis, secretary, and the treasurer's report was given by Mrs. R. D. Franklin. Mrs. Arch Moore, * SAENGER * LAST DAY * unal determining factor in tlio election of a ftepublinan presi dent." "We'can win tr..p election.' he said. "Reports are encouraging People are interested. Conservative estimates are that 33 million will vote in Ohio - the largest vote iu history." Bidding for that vote on buhnlf of the Republican ticket which six months ago he was fighting .to head, Taft speaks in. Columbus tonight at a county GOP campaign opener and again tomorrow night. Monday he 'appears at his homo Tyrone POM-PatoHtAL Stephen McNALLY NEFF IHKCIC EXTRA; NIWS& CARTOON »>RIOAY & SATURDAY « ^FIATURlS-2 * RIALTO • LAST TIMES TODAY • A Screen Full of Your Favorite Western Stars! JACK HOLT TOM NEAL XZY" SI, JOHN "Dalton' Womeif Al*e: Comedy i* ';?r t FRIDAY*SATURDAY* . .HIT wests Ki^?** ' *" iBk 1 - ^Q^.'SA^ CHERRIES W. POWDER CARNATION and PET BEANS Great Norths ?h, Navy, Pinto, Black Eye, Small Limas and Large Limas 2 pll 15c HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main A Country Club rd GOLD Lb, , _ t Bog Thursday & Friday DOUBLE PEATUFfE from her husband from any otlicf "Little ToHflh Guy»" With the P«f End Kldi IVORY SOAP letters lust Feb. 21. •• ' She said the Pentagon in Washington hus been unable to give her any information ol 1 the general, indicating the Army also hus lost contact with him. Dean, commander of the U. S KRAFT blNHER Drums in flie beep South" GUY MADISONI BARBARA pAYTON D A 1C IMC RAIblNb NEW PACK DEI, MONTE sas should termine in Memphis in- PEACHE§ those urging continuation or ex pansion of local airline service.^ Star Kisfr, Green Ube! Chunk iBsh,Frp|e Colors*. Black suede trim in red Leather, Brown suede trim In Brown Leather A new dress dike idea in shoes T|(F ^R* ^^pT^ Big and lUtli ii$t«f velvet fashion toped by B^r %wi» f^twing *M red, purplj, royql, JQ o 20,

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