Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 2, 1952 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, October 2, 1952
Page 5
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Ivf _„__ , .... . * f»«* 5**. lymphony Girl Takes Top Honors at Stock Show (Joonly «lr1 (i&ok top honor* n Club Day of the Aric*n»« »now yoiWrtJny wllh ho entry of. a is-month^ld, BBO-pptm Anau* in the Mnt »erJou« WH&WM con ducted on IN opening day of w 13th annual nhow, 4>H Ciubtxjr to Vonne I»hllHp« exhibited the «rfm fywhwiAD iteor in th« Jtmiot <M Ion, dofodting an entry littered Jfnrvsy Tuylof of Proncolt, « fv f* of Am«rte« momtwr vhe judging conto»t*, jorou lifl.OM upociKtor* lined ih »in>6U of LWlo ttocfci «nd Nort oponin* ttty «how v, WHn«r*« ' ' ea*u»IUe» woro crowd nwflltewt In b» OM tTA>, A |Jt AN J At Ocfabtr Many Cities Ask Continued Air Service WASHINGTON, Ml — A score of rltlef and town* In five states sent representative* before the Ctvl) Aeronautic* Board today to argue thai Contra! Airline*' feeder scrv Ice should be continued and ex ponded. Two day* wore let aside for the appearance of more than 40 Inter ested persons, from Tcxaa, Okla horns, Arkanang, Tennessee and Louisiana, following up held curlier before an hearings examiner Charges Adlai Has Violated Hatch Act SPRtNOFIELD, 111., (UP) — A Republican party leader said today there were "apparent vlolatons" of Ine Hatch Act In Gov. Adlal E. there was the urgency and haste v/hlch existed when the projects were started. The Korean War had begun and It was feared o general v/ar mlRht be imminent. "This was the state of affairs PRESCOTT NEWS T::: .r. -' "> "loo b<?«y" with hii ... r * program, ttehcll »«t3, ho U- _ ChWTy-Stovemort <rowuisj: J , Gentry had Bgropd to hoi AfH»niia8'foi"8itsvoniiof\ eftor ! |li '1ertwy, In turn, imnouneod tha 1 . will appoint nn executive dlrco qf snd a finance chairman lor the campaign later this (fa ' , llehall lo/t here today (or AW ntlta, On,, nnd another party pow* »cb*duled to bo Held in thut oily tomorrow.Pnrty bigwigs (ram Unbnmo, Virglnta, North Carolina lottth Carolina, Georgia and Flort it will nttond the Atlanta me Mitchell also y«v«al«d hero Sen. Bob Kcrr of Oklahoma, Ice the fljtbt today for Central with tbn opening statement showing need for feeder airline extension icrvlcc Into Arkansas, declaring Ontral is "nblc nnd anxious to supply service with financial back- Ing of $300,000 to do the Job that would cost $1.300,000." U. S. Sen. William J. Fulbrlght of Arl-.nnsns, appeared In behalf of "action without delay," stressing urgent needs of Arkansas cities for the service. Con trnl luf off with a HO-ml nut P presentation of Its case by Robert OHvor Its Wnshlnston attorney, und will iitso close with a 15-minuto rebuttal. Camden, El Dorado, Helena West Helena, Hot Springs, Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Stuttgart and Tcxnrkann arc the Arkansas cltlc to be heard. Chambers of Com under which the work began rather than the calmer moments in which we evaluate decisions taken with the benefit of hindsight," the report ;»ld, adding: 'A most serious Stevenson's political funds and demanded that federal authorities initiate prosecutions. M. H. HolllnKSworth, OOP state chairman of Illinois, said that the lUt of political contrbiutions re • leased by the governor Saturday showed several corporations and labor unions had donated money to Stevenson's campaign chests. "Now is the time to lei the pub-j .lie find out whether the Hatch Act! j is administered merely to curb the Republican party, or whether it applies to the democratic party," hollingsworth sadi. The federal corrupt practices, or Hatch, Act prohibits political contributions by corporations labor un 'in connec- at which atcd Clothing Workers «f among others, also appoarcair the list with donations. -• Illinois law does not tetftilte «*f* dldates or parties to diVultt tails of political campaign W tions and funds, but SteVertf so after a controversy wa* over his $18,180 (und to support the salaries of light key 8tat«j.^i po in tecs. circumstance . Wilt bo n (»t Iwok supper tit ttw Fraitoytorlan , Church on w>dne»d»y zoning. Mri, J, M. gvdonitrlcttor ot Brfl«il will be the lipeaker. ; Tho Wednesday Bridge Club will fjwaejt on Wedn«»d«y oltorrtoon at if 30 in tho homo of Urn, Ou«s Me , Thorc will be prayer mooting at Us(i'Chujreh. ol NMnreno on Wed- hbidsy evening at B o'clock. On Wcdnoiday evening «t tho pifW JJapttel; Church there will be an-off Icon end toncher* meeting at'? e'otoelt, prayer and Bible ttu 7H5 and choir practice at ircsided and conducted tho bus! », Mrs. Italpn Uocdon was «c copied as a new member. Mrs. 0, K. Bcmis outlined th yours work and stated that the memo tor tho your would bo flow «r arranging. Mrs. Bomis also Introduced Mr J, 11, Youmnim of Smrnci who g«vc an Informative talk on 'In-.i.' At tno conclusion of his tylk Mr. x'oumans conducted a qui& and KUVO bulbs as prizes to the winners. During the social hour cake and coflco wore served by the host-is- ttcs to the twenty one members. mcrce from El Dorado, Little Rock, Magnolia, and Texarkana ar represented. CAB Examlngcr Herbert K Brynn has recommended that Con bad reeommemltfd Lluio Bock Kdwsrd L, Wright (or n bad, Mitchell k'eeommoifidoUon 'M titif will begin at evening at the prayer, meeting E8A HM Builnats Meeting The Alpha Omlcron Chapter of JESA met on Friday afternoon in the home of the president, Mrs. J. T. Worthinston. for » buslnosit meeting. Mrs. R, W. Reynolds, Rush Captain, presented plans for the Hush Season that will be held at an early date. During the afternoon cold drinks were served to Mrs. Frank Haitorn Jr., Mrs. R. F. Ya'rbrough, Mrs. Oarl Dairymplc, Mrs. J. B. Franks, Mrs. Eugene Hale, Mrs. J. V. Me- llahen, Mrs. E. Adams and Mrs. fteynoldi. Jack Cooucr, Mrs. Lcroy /and Mrs. Roy Stamton •Mended the BTU Training School *t Switch Street Baptist Church in Ourdon on Friday evening. Mr. aniJ MrjrV Lester Steed motor to UtUe Uock Thursday lor tho Iral's certificate to operate over II present routes between Dallas an Ft. Worth and Wichita and t other points In Oklahoma Arkwnsa and Texas be renewed for flv ycnrg from May 15, 1081. But he proposed that service be discontinued at Arkansas City and Wlnflold. Kan., at Wewoka-Holden- villc, Okln., and Greenville and Gainesville, Tex. Brynn suggested that Greenville, Tex., be eliminated on the Dallas- Toxnrkuna route of Central and thnt Bonhnm, Tex., not be included. Central should bo authorized to operate between Texarkana and Uttlc Rock, he said, but he expressed his belief that service is not now required between Pine Bluff and Stuttgart, Helena and Memphis which Central and other airlines had sought to serve. waa the lack of advance planning." The Army Engineers had not icon notified of the great extent f the project until the emergency' udtlcnly arose, although the Air ; 'orcc had been considering the proornm since 1048. Elsewhere the testimony also dealt with tho contractors' dlffi cullies in recruiting labor In tho United States because the program was delayed until the building sea son here had made heavy demands on the labor market. Another "complicating factor was Ihc complete change in construction I requirements made In the winter' and parly spring of 1951." The committee said the Morocnn base program originally was estimated at about $300 million but now would cost about $421 million. It said the reasons for the increase arc: The estimate made in May 1051 was mode without accu Some of the gold mines of Africa are 0,000 feet deep. Scrapbog HOW WONDERFUL! rale Information on Moroccan con struction costs prices increased generally the Air Force added materially to the type and number ol facilities for which it had planned originally. of Magnolia underwent an appendectomy at tho Cora Donuell Hospital on Thursday. Mrs Miner and Kit ace guests ot her. Mrs. Watsoa liody Butler, Jr., student at Sou- them Slate College, Magnolia, was the week end guest of his purenU, Mr. uud Mr*. Uody Butler, Sonny Wilson of Arkadelphiu was thu Friday night guest of Bobby and taw tno Prcscott-Ar- lootbsll Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hplloway ol Rosnton were, Saturday ^Jsitor*,. in African Air Base Builders Get Friends By EUTON C. FAY •WASHINGTON, Ml — The long lambasted builders of the 421-mil- llon dollar North African air base system found friends today in a House subcommittee. The house appropriations sub committee on military construction had some kind words for the mill tnry and civilian builders of the U. S. bases in Morocco and some Admonition tor critics— although the House members didn't mention the Senate Armed Services Prepared ness Committee by name. Following by a tew months tho sharp and critical report ot the Senate group which charged waste nnd confusion In the constrution ot the Afrian Airfields, the House- committee issued Us own report. It said, among other things, that: 1. Tho "notoriety given the Mo roccan x alr base construction" was based "In large measure on a fragmentary record," 2, Aa the House committee's in vestigation developed facts, "a piq ^_ m¥ _^, W G Bcnsbera has return tl * w appeared substantially differ whore h««»* '"«" «"» ° no Previously placed The inland to leave his M«NT, Off THROWN* Mttta In U meeting at the trdori dub •(ternoon In Uw Johnmn asitst- vfow tho pro* ittered a minor ho was ulrucH brokw r*« attention waiting lor tho 4**; thft n«w colUeum at hd», named tor Col. ions or national banks tion with any election presidential or senator or represent ntive in, or a delegate or commissioner voted for. , U. S. District Attorney Otto that the Hatch Act only applies to federal election and campaigns for those elections. The list released by Stevenson Saturday covered only his Illinois campaigns. Several corporations the llHl, and the CIO United Aiilo Workers Union, the Steel Workers and the Amalgam - he'll be iiqhinq over .your Trying when you use We Have New BUflCKS on Our Showroom Floor New cars ready for delivery now, and more coming. We can take your order for any color or body style that you want. We invite you to come in today and see these new Buicks. SID ROGERS BUICK CO. (Formerly Roger Clinton Buick Co.) 207 - 209 East Third Street Nationally Advertised SANITONE Gets Oof All the Dirfi, v Youreyeswillopenwide with astonishment when you see how much more spotless your pretty dressesarewithSanitone Dry Cleaning. Every bit of dirt removed so'color, pattern, and texture are like new. No trace of reeking cleaning odors. The one perfect job you've been looking for.' Call tpdayl NATIONAL Laundry Cleaners ^ Phone 7-2764 406 S. Walnut BoVUE » — A ten-year-old Jersey amusement Itly took a piece of gum fly blew It into a bubble '''.SO Miches in diameter. ' No one was more astounded at l ttrt> new world record than Nor •nt*n Hutson, a 50-year-old former -ttVii, engineer. .i '"We had always thought a 17 fc bubble was about the limit,' Wld. ["there was a trace of envy in voice as he recounted the Mtng girl's feat, a real landmark l the history of bubble gum. "Personally, I'm hot a very good feubble blower myself," Hutson ad- mltted wistfully. I'm i handicapped " lalse teeth. Kids don't hava «at problem." , The Irony in Hutson's case a rise 9 om the fact he Is president o Philadelphia firm that turns ou ,000,000.000 pieces ot "dubblc bubble" gum a year. He estimates this is about half of Americas annual output. In less than 25 years this business built on a bubble has grown Into a still mushrooming $40,000,000 industry. Bubble gum has followed the American flag, and is new popular around the globe. Es kimo children even prefer it to blubber. f. Hutsons product has been banned In Iron Curtain countrie because the wrapper of each piec of gum contains a printed U. S. historical fact and a comic strip about a typical American family. "The Russians banned it two years ago because the comic strip made the American way of life look too happy, he said. The U. S. Army buys 20,000,000 pieces a year, and troops overseas have used it to plug oil leaks m 1 bombers or to keep rain out of • their rifles. They sometimes have found it better than money in Korea to hire kids to clean then barracks or run errands. "We have heard of many m stances where it as been used a currency, said Hutson. "Sorn headhunters in Borneo captured minor British diplomatic officia and released him only after a ran som of 2,400 pieces of bubble gun was paid. f "And in Africa we had a repor that a man bought a wife for case of bubble gum instead of th usual price — two or three, oxe and a hall dozen sheep. Bubble gum formerly was mac Irom pontianak a gum tapped fro a Borneo tree. When this sour dried up during the last war, the industry developed a plastic base, and this is still Vised. ; Hutson employ! 21 persons, jn- .. .eluding three chemists,',,,Who do P: nqthing buMest arid hia\ *'*"gum. • He is proud that. Hope 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 302 Star e« M«MMi »•*»• ConiolldaMd ,»«!>. Star WIATHM cooltr cool, i»« ana mi was A Trophy for the Winning Calf of Show Stalin Asserts Capitalistic War Is Likely MOSCOW Iff! — Prime Minister talin said todny n war between npitaltstic countries Is more prolific than- a wnr between capital Stic and socialist Communists oun tries. Stalin said wars between the apiluHslic nations of the world are 'The Soviet leader made these fntcrncnts In a 50-page article In ;hc Communist party magazine 'Bolshevik" on the eve of the Communist party congress, opon B here next Sunday. in expressing Ills views, Stalin said he was correcting tho mis. ,akcs ot other Communists who bf .ieved there was little likelihood o! Conflicts between capitalistic coun tries because tho United States, ns they stated it, had subjected thorn to satellite positions. MOSCOW, <UP>— Soviet Pro micr Josef Stalin said todny ni other world war could be iivoldc only by the destruction of impel ialism. He said the capitalistic system cute. Stalin's forecast Pictured .above I. the prize winning calf of the 1952 L.C.Baber, southern chain store council director John Beasley, Waldo club although . he is a poor blower himself, he was able in his laboratory to stretch an inch square piece of gum large enough to cover an 8 by 10 loot rug. "It was rather frightening," he said. "We didnt know what to do with it." Many a , mother with a gum talso - D y «» time these hear to* 8 »»Wn in April, 1882, less than after ground had been j[ tton oJHi) condiUo-ol ue involves construe , ses, "Al|«t8r as the charges them concerned H wag seen were iodocd based on represented constructive were •Aiwi, or that type ol hail • empl»a*i«s tault? only the amount ol work the dlllicuUies under job had to proceed." ts »re being built under o| the Army's Corps ol t, which is headed by U. wit Pick, to specifications ' Fore*. TH« construction t is held by ft group ot combined under the name Constructors. KQUM subcomroittM report «cr*$y wraps qtt torn* de wbteh isKMcated the »l»e ol ol bomber and Jet lif ttter b«ing built lojr .Ainerlcan ' help defend 5urop« and «rran*aa "life line" U Kremlin starts war, fluid h*s « xunway l*.00a fc*t lonf, 900 wide. Some ol trte lifhter plan* runways, \yhlch ejft l» used '%• medium borolJW operations by such planes 84t y* chewing small son, however, would hardly regard that as a record. • Hutson sees no bust ahead the boom in the worlds larges penny confectionery. Adults bu> only 6 per cent of the bubble gum output, the kids buy the rest them selves. "The day they start puttin chlorophyll in it I retire, he said Ground Fight Picks Up in Korean Battle By WARREN FRANKLIN SEOUL, Korea, (UP). — Allied faabrcjets .;bpfinadf-thw«0dtober«, -air var today by downing ;pne Communist MIG-15 and damaging two more, while South Korean infantry men . battled to within 50 yards rom the top of a strategic Red icld mountain. Troops of the South,.Korean 3rd Division, who lost the cast-central iront hill Monday, launched a savage assault from their positions 100 yards down the slope.. Despite intense Red artillety and mortar fire, the South Koreans fought to within 50 yards of the Chinese Communists. At last reports, the battle was still going on 1st Lt. Francis A. Humphreys of Fayttevillc. Ark., recewec credit for the first MIG destroyed this month. One Painfully Hurt in Wreck East on 67 Mrs. James Caldwcll of Hope Rt. 4, suffered suvcre shock, a nock and hip injury, early 1 night when an auto which she was driving collided with another, driven by Dallas P. Brihar, 23 of Louis Obispo, Calif. Investigating City officers said Mrs. Caldwull was turning left on Highway 07, near Tol-lS-Tox, when tho vehicles met. She; was thrown on top of the steering wheel. Brin aV was not hurt. Both vehicles were heavily damaged, the entire side ot the Cali- brnia car was smashed while thu CaldweU auto had extensive lender aumpo'r and front end damage. We never claim bubble gum is M aj. Bcrnie E. Bailey, San An good for kids, It is just one of the t on io, Tex., and Maj. Westwood H lew things left that can give them Fletcher of Durham N. C., eae disintegrating result o Eleven City Empl Dropped From in Move for Econoi Counc Raise! Possible to Have Averted War Says Ike By DON WHITCHpAD ABOARD THE* EISENHOWER Special, -UB — Dwlght Dl El9 *5 hower won a roaring welcome on its entr,y Into Illinois today 'and he doclored'both World War It the Korean War might havo avoided under better leadership A, crowd estimated, by polled at 20,000 turned out at Campaign to greet Flsenhowqr on his prosldw tml drive Into tho backyard ot hla Democratic opponent. Gov. Amal News Briefs LITTLE ROCK, I* -i Col. Hans W, Holme*, head ot tho Little Rock District ot the Army Engineers tor more than two years, will l«nvc this month, for duty in Europe, llolmor »ald yesterday ho will bo succeeded by Ciol. Thomas J lloyos l«. LITTLE ROCK, W - The stntO poard ot Health reported yoatordltf that tho Iflth typhoid carrier to Tbe discovered In Arkansas this year was found In Sebastian County. In all, 108 carriers-persons Who can Intoet others with the dl- been found to, tho members ottj ted'in* ^8 personnel monta by This rcduej Ing ot soi Stevenson. harmless fun for a penny'.". Club Women Seek to Get Out Voters damaged one of the Russianbuilt jet fighters. . Eighth Army headquarters tola the United Press, meanwhile, that the Communists fired . 376,886 rounds of mortar and artillery dur ing September, Korean War; a'record for the An 8th Army spokesman said the the Reds have more guns along 155mile battlefront than the U. N. but that they do not fire nearly so rounds ass the U, N.. ness and Professional Women's Clubs, is aiming to deliver a million new votes to the polls ia tho fall elec ti&ns. Hempstead Convict One of 37 Paroled LITTLE ROCK (/P) — A Crillcn den County Negro who shot Sherl Cecil, Goodwin IS years ago ..wa paroled from'thc Arkansas perilto tiary yesterday on Ooodwin's re commendation. Henderson Williams, 52-year-old convict who has been free since May, 1950 on consecutive 90-day furloughs, was one of 37. convicts paroled by the state Parole Board. Williams pleaded guilty in 1937 to three counts of assault with intent to kill and was sentenced to 15 years on each count. One count involved the wounding of Goodwin, then a deputy sheriff. Goodwin said that after Williams had .served 12 years, he visited the state prison farm and asked the convict "if he thought we could get along now," Williams replied that he thought they could. The sheriff then sponsored Williams for tho furloughs. Goodwin said that Williams sho him in the thigh when he sough .to arrest the Negro for creating a CHICAGO, (ffl — Federal media- oisturbance. Later, he said, Wil orld War U and that the capll tic economic crisis is becoming of capitalistic islntcgration appeared in nn nr- cle written for the Soviet maga- ne "Bolshevik." "As a result of the loss of mar cts after tho second world wnr, be capitalist countries are trying o cover up tlicirf difficulties by rc- orting to the Marshall plan war in Korea and rearmament," Slulin said. ' Stalin said that In order to elim- natc the Inevitability of another world war, it Is necessary to destroy imperialism. '; T'hc article broke a long silence . In his hometown of the Univer sity of Illinois, tho general op pealed for tho support ot youth and hold out the promise ot «n admin istrutlon that would "glvfc hope" seaso'-havo stale.' , oSCffiOLA, W ~ A group ot Now 1 York textile writers wore shown how cotton |s grown |n Arkansas, and thu demonstrators crowded tnu B-month growing season Into three hours. ,. ^ , In tho domonstratlon on the Qoa* Iroy White plantation near hero, This 1 do«» »!»•«• »»W^W ^m^ww . iw^ deportment; which. ^ od indicated to effect, money, ground w«s plowed, harrowed^ Tho...w^Jrlft needed tho cotton chopped o young people Ho struck at pol- "^^^ ieies whl«h he « ? W led to Urt w« Jg, ^stand ol ,u«». » » in 4°r;.o mSstt" flUto Asia the.ohopplng jnd obcmleal wood throated with chemical wood con. • ' White sup- for and era out of Qt on the part of Stalin. His last published article appeared in the OmmnnUt'iJ-iartv', oKitan Pravda. ammunist;.:,,party;,, OK$UI Pravaa. U.S. Peeks Into Elevator Tieup Ju ist Boishevikjs the theoretical organ of the Communist Party's central committee and appears twice a month, "• . The 50-page article by the Soviet leader tqok on an even deeper significance by'its timing, coming as it did on 'the eve of .the, Communist Party: Congress open ing in Moscow Sunday. Stalin said the-'capitalist countries were trying Ho save their sys- cm and compared thcso efforts to 'drowning man clutching at a "II thoro must be a war _ let 1» be Asian* against Asians with the United State* on the sldo of freedom," The GOP presidential nominee came hero with reports circulating that his temper was being fanned to hot resentment tuyder bitter crit icisms turned against hUn by President Truman. ; x " > r .The longtime trlertdabip between tho two appeared to bfe a); a break Ing point as they exchanged long- ringe verbal bjg^ obvtyUsly aimed IJvestar control part of the show. WASHINGTON, Wl — Hog shipments from Pulaskl Coun,ty, Ark., were Quarantined by the Agrloul • turo Department yesterday nfwr vesicular exanthema was dlscov • erod in n garbagdftecdlnB establishment, near,kittle Rock., 'tVesic'ular exanthema la « dl»ea?a that often is latal to hogs, but doo» not alloct humans. two in oft water crow and Light ' Mayor'" day this .reduction, because ot_ a liar-" that the city C it* bu'dget. Tho; affoct. rogi\^r I loust At its council, U&ft£v Arherlcan poo' of communism? U. _ a iront man accused misleading tho the porll :tor Wprld War mine to deliver-a init and mortar pieces were on tn Sr n™iru!'N%%s a /H.T,.s'S e poll, m tho fall tlec ^^ |taM fay air ma , As S 'a practical observance of.the Ur.n« fjuure pe gun far below the tors moved today in an attempt to end an elevator operators' strike which has crippled business operations in more than 100 office..buildings in Chicago's dpwntQwTL, dis - trict. The strike, stemming from fi dispute over wages and hour 8 affected an estimated hall million daily users o/' the 120 struck buildinss. Thousands of office workers in tho loop skyscrapers were 'made idle as many firms closed when tho strike started yesterday. Working schedules in the city' largest buildings were snarled, H 25th anniversary of the Federations U.r^ av^a b . "Business Women's Week" bcpt. J^ 1 '"^®"day tor an entire 28th through Oct. 4th the organi. 0,000^ lo ^f ^ r g rentsn a pr o- zation is callmg on each of Us 160,- mow* ccr ^ o f human eflort 000 members to assume ^sponsi- ^g 10 ^ 3 ^^.^ ^ '' id there were for U. N. ar same heard bility for seven such votes, are asked to check relatives, social and business acquintances, urging all who are eligible to vote to do The spokesman YOtt'U UNO TH|:^tSWIR-SURROUHDID BY TH! ACYIHTUII OF CI\fli WAR INTRIGUE AND PASSION ~in this niw nov«l of thf old wwt by A! Cody V " ul woiwett v lwiHin»s for lUe skilled river Den»yB«wbtl>jiusemQfa»avag^Ii " cUery of »be FpRBJDOEN RIVER i «... • » . -t mntantln 9f flF^BWBfflB^^V so who did not vote at the last elec tions. This check up will supplement what the 2700 clubs affiliated with toe Federation already arc doing to stimulate a large election tunv «Ut. They have been instructed oa how tp be ready to iuraish service would be voters in the way of registration and gV provisions for absentee vo* tor he I have -no are eus «"«<•« *">« "•' "" period but that "I have ftearo, ^_i 0n " n ^^?l,^ e somewhere or other that we l,r ? and public buildings were no affected by the walkout of 1,35 AFL operators and starters,* The Federal Mediation and Con ciliation Service summoned union and management representative to a meeting to renew negotiations, the union strruck (h support of oemands lor a cut in 4he WQrls week Irom 48 fc 4Q hours, and an unspecilied Jnc^ase in. pay. Und«v iams threatened two other peo pie with a rifle . before he wa hot and captured-. - .. Others paroled, thb- coxuity- In whiih they Were sentenced, date of sentence charge and term, in eluded: George Alexander, Jener son, March 28, 1951, voluntary man slaughter, three years. Did Brown, Mississippi, Oc,t. W 1951 grand larceny, three years, James Edwards, Jefferson. Sept 2. J950, grand larceny, five yean Eudean Ferris Mississippi. Apr! 11, 1952, burglary, two years, Iraw,"^ .... . , . . Stalin said the time had come to change one ol Lenih'f theories which the father o|.; thei Russian revolution had enunciated in 1916 That despite tho decay of capitalism, capitalism as a whole grows much faster than before, This theory no longer Is true, the premier said, because of the new conditions arising out of World ar U.' In his long exposition on thcore- tica questions of Socialist economy an article which .undoubtedly will have'profound effect on So vict policy and the discussions at thu first party congress in 13 years — Stalin stressed the effects ol th« last world conflict on capitalist system, In turn E Truman's adm extravagant, b weak In morals, ot peace. He a-day" admlnlstta An Eisenhower, oral was ready', man admlnistral whlstlostop pu assailing what false wartime i insisted RepUb) bring prosporltyq has called A ft corrupt, ; leadership Plan Gets PSGOkjiy , < ^f> i*t ot the *PM , „ ------- 4 . Arkansas NaturnV Qasi Corp,, to merge with other subsldtarte* and ''* o reorganlzaUon. ot'th*'* company apd Us parent, Cities geevfte Co., Were okayod yesterday by the Se- fciiritlos and Exchange Commls I'Tru- iion, »U 'Vila I ,i ' ' Tho ^ merger und 8tlU Airs, Rosenbaum at Home Not/on t< Newspgj on Saturdi There's a young our door each day _ American youth at its bwrt, approval by Icderal ^ourt said that the program calif K _. Slmplillcatlpn P! Arkw Natural's Corporation structure. ^ '2, Separation ot its Utility UAQ M ** ol claims brought' against Cities Service on .behalf of public security holders of Arkansas Natural, ' ~ SKC. 8W« approved Tho' third Pt Ite putitandiqg 2,181,774 important^ busines* your newspaper 'account Q! the many/otter cuftpi eK, Its ft twnoi""-- 1 ' tehlm „,- to , ^0,a very W«i merchant Williams C. Johnson, Feb. 7. 1952 burglary |wa Noel MtUrton r 1652, 6 JOB PSCe ^ -v^f-vr; —--, urgWry and, grand }arj the old c from four to five times a.s much as the Communists." • Allied jet pilots had their work cut out for them in setting a new record. Last month they 'destroyed 61 MK*s, probably destroyed seven and damaged 58 lor a,»ew mark in the Korean air war, - « f I While the Sabres bad £{$.; mostly their own way in the jti*, ,V, N. ontract . which ended rate was ,-i «7Q.|ft for 'operators and $8346 loi ting, requirements regarding length ^residence, literacy tests, natur- Truman Jibes OOP 'Fullback Program' WASHJNGTOU, W —• Presiden Truman, in a nationwide radi „..., , ...... . - - , ... , ground forces came closf to *f««j£ broadcast, pictured the Nov. 4 el ' 1 * 1 * 1 * " reoord o | their s j»Msa.tk»i. poll ta» snd so on. y Ni tro0 pg knoek^ li,»i Club member* are being asked U o idi ers out «I ai " '~ "' to assist to driving citi*en* to the ^ the 86450^ ' " [„ fitting with b«b>«» »nd toe ^ t toll ol the so that oitar merolwrs ol toe a "&>|c* between the "lib Avmy headquarters anj9fl«B««d tb*t ^ p v . 0 gran>' f . ol the Democrat " the "pullback program" o w , Robinsoa; burglary and «ra ve years. Roy Lee Senders, ; a rch 18, 1052, larceny Everett Ugsery, Preei 51 robbery, tour year«t4 David Vancll Garland, f . 1952. grand larceny, on? *-™vr <- i- * 4 Mary Wilson Miller, Qci' W,U.b gt C|»rJrtl by 1851, burglary and grand lWf$fl|» guriaH w^l *& *» two years. « * ' " ^ ' Cleveland Dulfiej Hot Opt. 95, 1951. voluntary tcr, two. years, ' . lo-minute program over AB night bad befn recorded by MONDAY iwo lit at the White House before w^iwded a&d January be Ire$ te register bis whistle-stop tour. broadcast was the first ol names ol the The Hempstead Snentf's tod#y jat a l#sl roinui Federation appro* at votioK rusn would boost P»l <** iratic jparty and shflw busi- spottsor*d weekly Po/f Tox in Hempstead About the Same Hempitwd Native toBeBurwdTod LITTLE ROCK, services lor Wi}llam,;Jlp)en Sr. f a lornaer rtat^wf' 1 died fu&jday^ere tp^be, at 11 ?.na. today. was to be a| Art. - - '•< Qrion, ' Wt ^ Ariiawiis - F«Mjt'4irf«] e tan diYtfiCft <rf enu« IXp^ftpient whtorjgik

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