Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 20, 1922 · Page 22
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 22

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 20, 1922
Page 22
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I, . i Combined rj'ire News Service of all papers. Associated Press, United Presst International News. Universal News and Consolidated Press M uA EVEN IN G FEBRUARY 20, 1922. I. PAGE 22 iinr rii hi FURNISH Ai trading of Grounds of the COuntv Hospital Will Give -.7 Relief to City's Idle," ! The board of supervisors award d the contract for the grading of !he (trounda of the county hospital! rrt T..C - Easleome toda.V; Eagle , mid is proprietor ,of the California , Cap company and chairman ' of the jritlBen' relift committee. The con-' trarfrill he renewed twice a week. This action. followed the solicitation of aid made by the committee, ; Including Thomas Kaglesome, John I'avidson and Joseph R. Knowland at the Thursday meeting of the board. : Tt is hoped eventually to give relief to total of 130 unemployed men at the county hospital through the notion taken today. Tbe-rboard of supervisors had already called for bids for the work, 'tut the action was rescinded when he relief committee asked that the ork be given to the unemployed. The work will be done by labor Instead of by machinery, as would be done it tt were awarded to a contractor. $500 FOR CONTRACT. In accordance with the law, Eagle-wime bid $500 and the contract was awarded to him. He will pay the men every' day and will be reimbursed bjvths county later. This method of meeting the situation' was suggested by Supervisor John Mulllns. The supervisors will meet twice a week. The law pro-, Dibits the supervisors from appropriating more than $500- a week : unless bids are ctflled, for. '" The plan is to appropriate 1500 Sb. Monday and award the bid to Eaglesome and then to adjourn till Thursday. On- Thursday another 1500. is to be awarded. This sys- ism la to continue as long as the situation demands. TO CtT HILL DOWN. ' There Is a -hill about six feet high in the grounds of the county hospital. It is to be cut away to make room for the erection of a laundry and another building. Tha dirt will be hauled about 100 yards and will be used to fill up a fully. " The work will be done with wheelbarrows and with scrapers and teams. t i The drivers .and owners of teams Will be paid from the county hospital payroll and the hospital will be reimbursed later. ,;: There are now about thirty-five unemployed men being . given employment, and it will be possible to accommodate fifty more. Eventually It Is hoped to look after 150 men. -The work is under the supervision of County Surveyor George Posey and County Architect H. H. Meyer. Tribune Is Asked To Trace Family A "letter was received by The TRIBUNE today from Harry Scott, residing in Nevada, making inquiry regarding the whereabouts of a family by the name of Mr. and Mrs. J. Holllngshead, who about five years ago lived in East Oakland. In his communication Scott said he -was adopted by the family and ran away about five years ago. ; During the period mentioned by the writer the only family by that name listed In the Oakland directory was G. W. Hollingshead. 3633 Fruit-vale avenue. Scott's address is In the possession of The TRIBUNE. , ; Oral English Lectures At Intersession, Plan "BERKELEY, Feb. 20. I E. Baa-sett, professor of English at Stanford university, will give lectures on how to render various forms of literature orally, at the university intersession which opens May 15. As oral inter- JmUtion -TiM "become; recognised j a cultural art this course writ ne ry popular during the session. IX E, WatKins, assistant professor of jmMi speaking at Jkbo University of California, will discuss the study of laws governing the speaking voice fluring the intersession. Charge accounts Invited. Spring tfyles arriving dally. THE CALIFORNIA. 29 Stockton St., S. F. Advertisement. i Store UHEHPLOI WEDNESDAY . Washington's Birthday - - Shop Tomorrow, Tuesday, and EXTRA TOMORROW-TUESDAY WITn ALL PURCHASES IF ACCOMPANIED BY TI1IS . . COUPON I Good Onlv on Tnesdav. Fhrnrv 21. 1)22 1 10 25 i:tka WITH STAMPS PURCHASE OF WITH PURCHASE OF WITH PURCHASE OF EXTHA , STAMPS rn extra OU STAMPS inn EXTRA 1UU STAMPS 10U STAMPS Extra Stampi Givtn Only V'iih This Coupon. 1 r J coa. CX w s. h. staws rmuiLPVRausES. ST. ELIZABETH'S CHURCH GIVEN TO SERVICE Scenes at the dedication of the St. Elizabeth's Chutch, Thirty-fourth ai'cnue, yesterday morning. Upper picture shous ARCHBISHOP IIANNA kneeling- in the sanctuary of the neto church at the beginning of the dedication ceremony. (Lower left), ARCHBISHOP II ANN A pledging the portico of the church. REV; ILDEPIIONSE MOSER, pastor of St. Elizabeth's parish, at his right and MONSIEGNEUR CANTfTELL, chancellor ofthe arch-diosese at his left. (Lower right), group of flower, girls of the dedication procession. f , .., 0 , -. p. i Nurse Hit by Car Asks $20,000 Damages Complaining that she was injured to the ektent of $20,000 through being struck by a street car, Ellen M. McMillan, a nurse, today started suit before Superior Judge St. Sure against the San Francisco-Oakland Terminal Railways. Miss McMillan said that as she was crossing University avenue.. In Berkeley, after alighting from-a Grove-street car at Bnnlta avenue, a passing car ran hfr down, injuring her permanently about the head and body. She bases her suit on charges of negligence on the part of the motorman of the ear that-struck her. The accident, according to Attorneys Ostrander and Carey, Who are representing Miss McMillan, occurred June 26, 1920. 4. . Woman Beaten for Seeking a Divorce STOCKTON, Feb. 20. Enraged because his ,, wife , had Instituted divorce proceedings, Marco Elisco- w'lnlr a mlnee living mt Slitter Prftfllc - .waylaid her 'last night as she was returning from work in a restaurant where she had been earning money for the support of herself and her child, and beat her, according to police reports. On the approach of neighbors, who had been aroused' by her screams, Eliscovick fled, but was captured and lodgod In the county Jail. The woman ij in the hospital. Arnffca, a medicine, comes from plant of the same name. Closed STA '1 A A Or IJL.UVo 52.50 Over . Or er , i W Jl.iertv- ::. -'.v. '.: P ;'.'. v. v, ,. a;, v.'-. y. a Receive li MPS WITH, IMA A A Or PURCHASE OF lUUUOver PURCHASE OF $15.00 OTer tttruiTv! fcse.M- tu:ctv m .-. IT? w i .1 Man Held for Theft Of Suit Ordered BERKELEY, Feb. 20. -For ordering a suit and overcoat from an- Oakland firm and then stealing the wearing apparel from the Jelivery boy, Leon George, 24, colored cook, was darraigned before Judge Robert Ed gar this morning on. a charge of grand larceny. George's bright-colored suit and loud overcoat was partly responsible for his being taken into custody at Pasadena on a petty larceny charge. Inspector A. S. J. Woods went south to bring the prisoner to Berkeley. On account of the illness of George's attorney the latter's preliminary examination was postponed until Thursday. George Is declared to have worked his game on several Oakland merchants. Bruzzones Murder Trial Is Commenced Charged with the murder of Gun Markowitz last 1 October, Antone Bruzzone.i 612 Lancaster street, went on trial today before Superior 'Judge Church. The shooting occurred during a quarrel at the home of Joseph Pacheco on Chapman street between Bruzzone, Markowiu and J. E. Hinze. Markowitz was crippled and was a veteran of tha World and Spanish-American wars. His widow, Mrs. Goldie .Markowitz. will be one-of the principal witnesses at the trial. CIXB PLAXS T)AXCE. SAN LEANDRO, Feb. 20. The Eagle Social club will give a social dance Saturday night. February 25, at the St. Joseph's hall, San Leando. YOUNG MOTHER mWSTRONG Her Mother's Faith in Lydia IE, Pinkham's Vegetable Compound led Her to Try i t , Kenosha, .WiBconain. "I cannot nay enough in praise of Ly dia E. Pink- ham Vegetable Compound. My mother had great faith in it as she had taken so much of it and when I had trouble after mybabywasborn she gave it to me. It helped me so much more than anything else had done that I advise all women with female trouble to give it a fair trial and I am sure they will feci as I do about it Mrs. Fred. P. Hansen, 562 Symmonds St, Kenosha, Wisconsin. A medicine that has been in uso nearly fifty years and that receives the praise and commendation of mothers and grandmothers is worth, your consideration. If you are suffering from troubles that sometimes follow child-birth bear in mind that Lydia E. Pink ham's Vegetable Compound is a woman's medicine. It is especially adapted to correct such troubles. Tbe letters we publish ought to convince jou ; ask ' some of your women friends or neighbors they know its worthr Ypu wilV tooytf yon give it fair trial, ram 4 mu- 8 1 m IP r:m & rsau i ' ';wi ' MAW oisstt. . 'WWW HSk " . ... ...y 1 -vfifSli .':. h6 II' . M ".. '1. ' V . v. A". . . Jt . I. H V 'V J 'Si' mmm St. Elizabeth's Dedicated With impressive ceremonies lei by Archbishop E. J. llanna. who was assisted by th clergy of the pariah and other pastors of the Catholic churches of the arch-diocese, the new ' St. Elizabeth's Catholic church on Thirty-fourth avenue "near East Fourteenth street, was dedicated in the presence of a large gath ering of parishioners of the church and others yesterday morning. The procession led by Archbishop formed in front of the Franciscan monastery. The procession. In addition to the clergy of the archdiocese, consisted of St. Elizabeth's j school children, the lay organiza tions ot tne parisn, including tne Third Order of St! Francis, the Altar societies, the Young Ladies' Sodality, the St. Francis Society and the Serra Assembly, Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus, who acted as a guard of honor for Archbishop Hanna. Due to the heavy rains, most of the ceremonies which had been planned for the outside of the church were dispensed with.' Archbishop Hunna, followed by the procession, made hia way around, the interior walls ot the church and the alfar. blessing them as the procession pro- i ceedeu. - - . EDIFICE BIJCSSFD. Following the blessing of the new edifice Archbishop Hanna presided at a solemn high mass celebrated by Rbv. Hugolinus Storff, provincial of the Francisco Fathers. St. Elizabeth's choir rendered tne Ecce Sac-trdes Magnus during the ceremony, as well as the dedication mass with Rtv. Fiqrian at the organ. At the conclusion 1 e ths cere-nonies the ladies of uhe Altar bo-cietki served dinner to Archbishop ilanna and the clergy. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon the cerentonles were, ris.imed with a c'lats of 200 children and adults retching the S.icratneiit of Confirmation, which was administered by Acjhbisho'p Hanna assisted by Rrv Idephonse Moser, the pastor of St. El aabeth's chuch. . FLORAL DI ( ORATIONS. 1'lsns for the dedication cere-r. 011.es were nado u.ider the supnr- Golds Become aenous Wmg QUININE Cures Withia 24 Hours C AfKUAltD md U Ctips it fa J j ... ism mrmti yml, tUU (Wmii m wJUi m Ww 4m1 tnmummm! mmm CM. tmmtt m KWStuJkri nmj, t to pwnliaat. Table lam. (Jack tosct - Dmu4 tti sot kMriot Mr. (GB'i aw Wl mi lioahar. ' dtABDruttiUs-JO Cnm Church Is by Archbishop viaion of St. iMlzaocth's parish fis-S'liitly. The Young Ladies' SodaM-tr. under the JirecUon of Miss Marie Klesel and Miss Louise Boeder kcr, providtd t beautiful flor.il decorations iir the interior of this church and the alutis. Robert Wnl-iVar acted as mart'nul of the cete-r..on?al procesolo.is. lie dedication cottmonies y iste' I day marked the completion of ono ot jthe most beau'.lfui churches in the West. Th.r cornerstone of the new bu Id ng was laid lau December wnh Archbishop. Hanu 1 officiating. . ".'.r-rrrT . i,i.uuuis aikjikx. w.MJUiv, j-ec zu. ine new club sugar 10 cents a 100 pounos. Motor the Royal Air Force is one of the day's advance makes a total advance most luxurious In the world. It has In price of 30 cents a 100 pounds more, than 100 members. since. the first of this year. To Mere Man- Most advertising is addressed to the woman now we reverse the order and address you, : Mr. Man. -- h a happy 15 cents an ' We take the Washing of All the Family and not only save the wife but Absolutely Save You Money. STOP A MOMENT 'We do trie average family washing for about $1.50 some cost less, a few slightly more, depending on the size of the bundle. We give the woman of the family relief fftni ten hours jf hard washday work for 15 cents an hour, on the average. " Wdo all the washing, ironing the flatwork, giving the help that makes for health and happiness. Phone Vn Today. Science has developed Laundry Machinery to a point that it saves the goods makes them wear longer look better1. mt-30 WEST. . i Send if , I J A DER piEEIII . BEGHOSEII SOON. ": OFFICIALS STATE . - , i L Appointment Necessary, Says CityAttorney ; No Decision On Man Yet .Despite the belief iii certain official quarters that the city might get along without a city engineer for some time after George Mattis' resigna tion becomes effective March 1, most ! of the officials believe that the post (must! soon be filled. Among the lat-' ter is City Attorney Leon E. Gray, who asserts that while the city en-j gineer may not be so necessary, the j superintendent of streets is. One Job goes with the other, under the charter. , "Under the statutes of mi. says Gray, "there are certain official matters which absolutely require the presence of a superintendent of streets. These' Include street-Hen matters, condemnation proceedings, and various other elements which must always be attended to by the' proper official in order to be legal." Mayor Bavle, -who had Hoped to save the salary of the city engineer for a time, admits that "possibly we'll have to appoint somebody." although he says it is all up to Commissioner William J. Baccus, head of the street department. Mel Auerbach, chief deputy city engineer, is the man most often mentioned for the Job. Auerbach has re peatedly said he does not want It, but there has been considerable pressure of late and it is believed he may Iglve In. . Wounded Veteran Sought by Aunt . Relatives of Wtlllanj M. Evans, 21 years old. a wounded soldier," have asked Chief ef Police James T. Drew to try to And him. He received a letter today from Mrs. E. M. Allison. 3615 Oraceland avenue. Indianapolis, Ind., who Is an aunt of the missing man. She states that the war veteran,, who is suffering from shell shock is in this pity but she does not know his address. He is a veteran of five major battles and was wounded in the Argonne Forest. ' Chief of Police Drew has detailed Police Inspector Robert Tracey on the case. . Mrs. Helen S. Goodall, Pioneer, Succumbs Last rites will be held for Mrs. Helen Sturtevant Goodall, early California pioneer, at the famUy home, 2550 Buchanan street. 8an Francisco, tomorrow at 9 a. m. Interment will be private. Mrs. Oood-all died -yesterday. She is survived by a daughter. Mrs. Charles Minor Cooper, and a son., Arthur Ooodall. Mrs Goodall was the widow of ths late Edwin Goodall, a prominent figure In the early history of the state. The- family formerly resided in this city where they are well known. IIL--I- C.rrT W QOleSaie JUgOT D. 1 7 t( Cantm rnCC Up iV UCnlS DENVER. Colo., Feb." 20 The Great Western Sugar Company to- day adVBnced the wholesale price of wife worth hour to you? it Fuel Soap Water Wife's time Health . PHONE OAKLAND 649 STREET. OAKLAND fbffic dry pun 6000 Buildings For Oakland in j 1922 Predicted The present year is to witness the construction 6f between 6000 and ,6000 new buildings in Oakland, according to a' prediction of officials of the East Bay Water Company, which is based on new meter installations for January. Figures on the new meter services were made public by the company today and show that a total of 104 meters were placed during January. . This is an unusual number for January, according to officials of the company, and indicates that new buildings to the n,umber'of meters Installed are completed or hearing completion. January is generally the . slowest month in the year, v On the basis of the January .business it - is estimated -that the total buildings for the year will exceed 5000, as the summer months bring great building activity and consequently more meter Installations. A survey of the meter installations shows that a greater part 1 of the building is being, done lit that section bf the city lying east of the lake. In the Melrose and Fruit vale districts seventeen new connections were made. Twenty-nine nw meters were installed in the district between East Four-teenth and Foothill boulevard, extending frefh Fifty-sixth to One Hundredth avenue. Elmhurst, htonehurst, Fitchburg and Broadmoor led with fifty-three installations. In the district north of Lake Merrltt there were twenty-seven installations and firty-six in Piedmont, indicating that building of all classes of dwellings is general throughout the city. , POLICE A. W.O.L FROM DRILL TO DRAW PENALTIES Never again will there h a holiday from the' regular Thursday .afternoon police assembly and drill if there is any possible way -to avoid it, according-to Commissioner Frank Colbourn. The functions will be held weeklv. There will be no more "skipping." Colbourn announced this today In commenting on last Thursday when the order went forth that there was to be no drill because the auditorium Janitors were cleaning -up preparatory to the evening boxing entertainment. "Janitors or no-Janitors," says Colbourn, "the drill will be held-Thursday. If we cannot have the arena we will have the corridors. If we cannot have the corridors we will find some other place. The whole Intention of the drill Is to instill regularity and discipline." -- Church Is Robbed Of $5 by Burglar The Methodst church-at Thirty-eighth street and Telegraph avenue nas oeen entered oy burglars ror theiB) fifth time within the r last three the church, reported to the police j:ALAMED COUNTY inai me onice naa neen broken into early, yesterday morning. Five dol-lars in' currency' was taken by the burglar from a strong box in the office. The entrance was gained by forcing a rear window. VICTOLA VidrolaNo.i2o Contdins to Victor record albums for too records. Sit 4) inches high-,j inches -wide, 44 inches deep. Mahogany or oak. fiyyoo. American sw nut fjujo THEbeauty'ofVictrolaNo. i20,as ball true Victrolas, does not lie in the handsome cabinet alone. Its beauty; is, above all, in the tone that gives to each Victrola modeithe leadership of its class. Victrola No. 120, shown above, with its new "invisible hinge" feature, is a worthy temple for glorious Victrola tone. Convenient terms Shennanp purteenth and Clay Streets, Oakland Kearny and Sutter St., San Francisco SexxamemCt Stockton frcsno S&n Jo mini .hup t.Oii inpurp Mf IliUHLG Storm Move Southeastward and Is Nor Over State ofNevada The rainstorm which played havoc throughout Northern California yesterday Is over, and fair weather Is the order of .the day for tomorrow, according to the forecast for this part., of the state. . ' In the interim evidences of f the heavy rain of yesterday which attained a maximum of 1.34 inches in Oakland are still to be seen through-, out the district., In the Eastbay district the storm sewers were unable to handle the run-off yesterday and traffic was tied up temporarily in the early morning. . Today the Nlles canyon is a torrent and the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers have continued to rise rapidly due to the snow fall in the Sierras. Despite the downpour In thin district the general precipitation is not yet normal for the season and Is 2. inches below lust year. G. II. Wlllson, official forecaster, said today that the general storm has moved southeastward and Is now central, over Nevada, where a heavy snow' fall Is being experienced, and in Southern California where it Is raining steadily. ..... ' During the last twenty-four hours Oakland registered a rainfall of 1.34; San Francisco 1.18: San Jose .SB and Eureka 2.62. ' Beggar Stabs Man When Denied 'Meal' A beggar slashed Clarence Kintz in the face with a knife when he refused to give him the price of a meal. A six-inch gash was inflicted. Kints was accosted by the stranger at the corner of Thirteenth and Broadway early last night. When he told the beggar that he was a stranger and out of work the man stabbed him. Kintx was taken to the Emergency hospital j by . Policeman, William Marshall. The begg.-w disappeared. ' 6 safely Start a regular tccount tcith dollar or invest lump sum. Wt pay you 6 in either cast. 7 . Find out more about this association.. Phone, write or coil.' 5LOAN ASSOCIATION SC I8TS-" m 563 SIXTEENTH ST OAKLAND DUR FJG 24 HOURS

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