Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 22, 1923 · Page 14
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 14

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 22, 1923
Page 14
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SUNDAY " OafclanP Oibune "L..r JULY 22. 192 r- "g'"ry - -vy y i fJ Great Growth of "Pon Honor" 'Bard Homes' Mean 'Quality' in Construction The most careful inspection at all ttaget of construction mark the building ef the famous "Hard Homes" in tke khly-ilevtloped MaxuJl trad in t'ast Oakland, fkes homes are note open to itupvction by tha public. E HITOTTIES DAIRY f HI Committee Artiely Promote .Various Elements Greater Final Announcement Made That Ih. 1923 KvenU "Will He Hel.l Here. Thr Only Heal SoMicr in tli Party Is Knliicrd to the Hanks. Oakland "Boost Campaign. f 2-T HEAL ESTATE f OAKLAND GETS HEALTH FIND ! BOARD SHOWS f RENEWED VIGOR J PACIFIC SLOP VERY ALLURINS r " I V 1 With rrfs!rtnt F. F. Torter again In tha chair, the rnadii luncheon of the Oakland Kal E-tste Board ehowcd marked Inter-' nil enthu1m In a nnniber of ubjerta and evenla 1!m"iik.sn1 hv varioua airiikrra fcnd m-mleri preaent. Infinite atiounrement was tnade of the Knsthny l"nv relelira-tlon to he held lit M.txwi'll I'ark Wednesday noon, AiicuM 1, on which occasion honor wMl be shown Fred K Heed, winner cif the "Hett Koine City" cup for OnUand nt the natlonnl convention of realtor, and R. Verier fJilea. former secretary of the hoard. The presence of President Harrtlntr In the hiiy district at thht time has heen matin the baala of a telegram of Invltn-tlon to him to speak In the "heal home city In America" as the irln-ripal event of the day nt Maxwell Park. He was asked to Keml a rep-reeentatlyo In case of jM'ieonal inability to be present. Cappy Kicks of Miirtlnez, vice JTBldent of the tate association, told the realtori of Oakland's part In the national convention at Cleveland. In his opinion, Oakland took eiM In , V. a Avli.nl onH fnvnr- able character of attention received fr Cjr lia oeieR-iiiion. hicks siaien mm Iteeond to Oakland came Bt. Loula, which city sent its police band at a coat of $30,000. According to Kicks, the Oakland Olee Club Tra.8 the main musical feature of the week at Cleveland and Uiis vat accomplished by arduous drill from the time of leaving Oakland until the club disbanded at the convention city. Rlcki atated that Fred Ree Va speech made a profound lmprenslon on the entire audience at Cleveland and that Reed of Oakland was recofrnlied as one of the dominant figure of the national gathering He aa-ld that the ovation tendered Reed after his acceptance speech at the awarding of the cup was the most enthusiastic demonstration of the week. In Ricks' opinion, Oakland received advertising worth many times the cost o the entire trip. An invitation to the Oakland realtors to attend a picnic nt Ra-mona, Park, July 29, was extended by Ricks on behalf of realtors and Insurance men of Contra Costa county. It is hoped to organize on that occasion, a permanent association or bay district realtors. According to Max Horwlnski. Who was (speaker of the day, every Oakland realtor oukM to 3'n t'l-Dens of Teralta. Horwinslii btnte! positively that every individual member would receive move than the cost in direct entertainment and also In indirect benefit to his business, The budget prepared called lor expenditures totalling 40,000 and necessitated 4000 members, 1700 of whom have been enrolled. Horwinski painted a vision of an annual event, staged by the Dons, under the balmy skies of Oakland, in a setting on Lake Merritt ideal lor the purpose and impossible of duplication anywhere else in the world. He predicted that the Oakland annual event jl) become known as the superior of the Alardl t Gras of New Orleans. He stated f that Omaha owed a new forward . impetus to the organization of the AJc-Sar-Ben of that city, an organization eirailar to tho Dons of Peralta. F. K. Cadlwell proposed the organization of a speakers' bureau ; by the board to develop and encour-! age talent among members who are known to have valuable under-Standing of important subjects but lack facility of expression when called upon to address an audience. ' His motion carried and he wus appointed head of the bureau to ba iormed for this purpose. . j On motion, it was decided to di-I ract the Becretary to end an uppli-J cation for membership in the Hons tt peralta to each member of tho . board. A ehow of hands being ! called for, forty per cent of those present were found to be members tft tile Dons. f """t ft , ( :' A"it warehouse and office building of tlw Pon Honor chain of stores which has just been completed and occupied on Third Street, Oakland, lielow are pictures of C. S. MCALLISTER and G. E. ARCH AM DEAL LT, die fouiuh-rs of the Pon Honor chain, which is" just opening its seventeenth store. Pon Honor" Prepares to Meet Every Demand by Its Many Customers. entirely an Oakland one with Oak land headquarters and owned by Oakland people. While opportunity has been given for customers and employees of the system to buy stock, the management endeavors to limit sales of stock to residents of the Kastbay region. Oakland's large and rapidly jrrowing V' - of grocerterias known as "Ton Honor" Is preparing to onen number 17 of Its chain, of stores catering to grocery requirements of Eh st hay people. Having its inception in one grocery store on Piedmont avenue seventeen years ago, the orgnnlzation's main growth has taken place since changing from tho old Ptyle grocery to the modern groccileria, In 181 . The volume of supplies that must be handled daily to care for requirement of thousands of customers who patronize the seventeen stores' is Dne requiring much study a nd I Poultry Feeds The Family j Ttom the most authentic sources i the facts of the profits In poultry j falsing a a means of helping out j In the household expenses on a I California farm are given in a case ' Hear Hanford, Kings County. The j housewife had charge of the flock : Of poultry and kept the table well arupplied with ergs and ch..:kens, I besides the many things she served that were paid for out of money derived from the sale of chickens ind eggs. No particular attention ' Was paid to the woman's bank account by other motubers of the family until recenmy, when the wife who had been' such a great help, passed away. At the bank, it was found that the had on deposit i $12,000 as a result of he surplus i poultry profitj after having fed the j family. thought on the part of the proprietors, C. S. McAllister and G. K. Arehambeault, both of whom have been associated in the management of the business from the start. Recently this problem was provided for by opening a lare, modern warehouse und office building at 416 Third street, near Broadway, convenient to railway delivery and within easy reach of the business center of Oakland. To this point, supplies of all kinds are shipped from all over tho country. Krom hero tbey are delivered daily, fresh to the various stores of the system. Pon Honor stores are uniform with the exception of a few of the earlier ones. These are being converted one by one, so that the entire chain will be arranged in the same way. Customers of one store will thus find themselves at home in any other of the chain and able to find without delay any class or or brand of goods desired. Storo fronts uto of uniform design and uniformly colored in orange and black, a combination that attracts attention and lends itself to advertising in which the proprietors are firm believers. Poojile who have been accustomed to buying at Pon Honor stores usually prefer to buy from them if in any locality where one is located. Tho uniform store front makes it easy for the customer to locate one of the stores in an unfamiliar locality. Pon Honor stores sell standard goods exclusively, either of nationally advertised brands or of well known local lines which have become popular through advertising and maintenance of high quality. Customers find this o.ie feature a distinct convenience in enabling them to get without delay the foods to which they have become accustomed. The original store opened on Piedmont avenue by Arehambeault and McAllister still supplies Uie requirements of that sectiov. being now located at Fortieth and Piedmont, near the original location. Nearly all the stores are in Oakland. One is in llayward. one in San Leandro, one at pi oadmoor, and three in Berkeley. Number 17 wiil soon be etn in the Kulrfax business section of Kast Oakland. The Pon Honor organization is Builders' Exchange Bulletin Conner & Conner, general contractors, are erecting a laundry for Mills College. e Oakland Stair Building Co. is furnishing the wood rail for the stairs on the Oaklund Bank of Savings, Twelfth and Broadway. Stobhe A Korriack, ornamental Iron contractors, are installing tho fire escapes on the Kabiola Hospital, Broadway and Moss avenue. Oakland California, mill be the "Dairy Cltv" ef the Pacific F'mii this e'. A nnouncernent Is mad from the office of the Tacifle Slope Dairy Show Aaaorlaljon that the 1921 Pacific Slope Dairy Show will be held in the Civic Auditorium at Oakland. Dites for the show are October i"J to November S In-cluKlve. In selecting the dates for the show, the umnaicornent tnuda au effort to have it held later In November, but It waa impossible to git aocommortstlona during the later period for a ahow of the mag nitude of the dairy event. Aa it la, (he dairy shorn' will follow about two week after the close of the national dulry thow at Syracuae, New York, about five days after the close of the ice cream ahow at Cleveland, and will cloae on the opening duy of the Pacific International live utork show at Portland Thus the Pacific dairy ahow will not conflict with any other big evema, which those allied to the industry like to attend, bat sooie of the delegates to varioua conventions will have to keep moving to make the entire output. The Oakland Civic Auditorium, where the show will be held, la one of the moat beautiful auditoriums in America. It faces Bake Merritt, a magnlfilcent body of water In the heart ot a great city, famed for canoeing, boating, and for Its flocks of wild ducks. Beyond Bake Merritt, to the eaat, are the tree-clad Piedmont hllln, and off to the north the University of California, the largest institution of learning In the United Ktates. There Is amide room around the Auditorium for the erection of large tents, ahould more apt ce be required. It is expected to have within the Auditorium more than 100 exhibits of dairy products, dairy marhine-v, and from various educational uge cies Interested in forwarding the Industry of dairying. In addition, provision has been made for displays from counties of Pacific slope h :tes which wish to tell prospective settlers of dairying possibilities within their borders. The Pacific Slope Hairy Show will be the center of several conventions allied to the industry. It will likewise draw a large number of delegates from foreign countries, who are coming o attend the world's dairy congress at Washington, Philadelphia and Syracuse. Premium list for those who Intend to enter butter, milk, cheese and Ice cream in the competition ia now in course of preparation. Br. C. B. Roadhouse, head of the dairy division of the University of California College of Agriculture, im president of the 1'acific blopo Hairy bliow; Kam H. Ureene, secretary-manager of California Hairy Council, is secretary-treasurer of the association, and Itobert E. Jones is manager of the show. Practical Competitors Give Approval to the Bard Construction. Alfred Peterson, general contrac tor. Is erecting a two-story building and garage on El Canilno road for V. Wttcub. 4 tt&UONS OFx TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONS IN THE UNITED STATES DAILY 1 60 40 20 J. IT. Fltzmntirice, concrete contractor, has the sub-contract for placing the concreto of the new two story and basement building at the southeast corner of Seventeenth and Franklin streets. H. N. Tunnel! is the owner. F. J. AVestlund, general contractor, reports the following Jobs: H. C. Henke, residence. Woodland way, Piedmont: A. B. Piper, residence, tilen Alpine road. Piedmont; Harret V. O'Kell, residence, Arch- mont avenue; shop building, northeast corner of Twenty-sixth and West streets, Oakland. E. C. Gaff, general contractor. Is erecting a $15,000 residence for 1j. C. Graft on Bongridge road near Yerada. road. The forjnn! opening of the Arthur H. Bard unit of Maxwell Park eyh'Mted to the public some of : ;.ny features of what has come to be known as "Bard Construction'' in homes, and when a practical builder and construction engineer endorses the work of a rival iri business It ran be taken to mean that "Bard Construction'' has something more behind it thr. . mere words. Among those who visited Mn.r-well Park to inspect the homes that Arthur H. Bard Is building there was E. V. Iarmer, who has had much experience in home con-utruction in the Eastbay diBfrlct. After a thorough inspectlrr, r,l Bard's work and material, hn has nothing to do with the Bard organization but is really a competitor, said: '"chis is really Al lumber and material, and I don't see how Bard can use this and fix so low a price on these homes." The testimony of the many who visited the Bard portions of Maxwell Park on Sunday and during the weeic was the same. The many who came were willing to say that they believed that Bard is really trying to give an excellent quality of home for a very reasonable price. The feature that Bard emphasises in his building Is that of constant Inspection by competent superintendent. The material ia inspected before it is used, and every step in construction is inspected, and even the slightest defect Is caught and made perfect before the work is passed and accepted. As Bard has a complete force of his own at work, and as each one of Bard's lieutenants is an expert In his line, team work makes such inspection easy, and the results profitable and satisfacto-. to the ultimate customer. "We awe able to do all this," said i ':. ,id Futernick, sales manager for ine Burd company, "by the adoption of a highly efficient system which includes standardizing production, quantity buying and keeping in continuous operation large crews of skilled workmen. By the elimination of waste and everything that tends to run up building costs, we find it possible to offer the public homes miperior in style and construction at a rjjtnimum cost. "Bard homes are subjected to rigid inspection from the time the ground is surveyed for foundations to the final details of finishing. Don't think that because we succeed in completing a house a day, that that means speeding up structural work at the expense of dependable construction. "Every step in the work of erect ing one of Bard's homes is checked and unless It comes up to our standards, fails to get our okeh of approval. This strict system of supervision which is an important factor of our building policy, also applies to every bit of material used on a Job." llil IS GROWING WITH THE EASTBAY Without any concentrated salea effort, the demand for lots in Montclalr remains steady, accord ing to the Bealty Syndicate, owners of thia famous tract. Very rapidly the city is expanding in its growth up the hillsides and the complete settlement of Montclair a few years hence Is indicated by the new houses that are going up all over the property now. These houses are widely scattered and give very little impression of activity because of the immensity of Montclair, which is Tho famous army of brigadier generals created by Artamua Ward year ago waa completely outdone by a party o( Oakland realtors at Ijtkft Taho this imnmrr. Not only did they go Artemu Ward's brigadier general rank one better, but they completely disrated and r-duced to the rank the only real military man in the party. The parly wax arranged by W. P. "Bill" Boyd who made Bake Tahoaj hla stamping (round years age tn U who used to shoot griullea in thai surrounding mountain and la said ' to be the Mian who caught all the fish In tho lake, leaving few for subsequent generation. The rest of the party a composed of Arthur Mlirbtll of Beula A Mitchell. Charles Wiggins and Captain Alexander Mitchell, late of the U. H. A, The four, piloted by Boyd, finally; landed at Pomin's on the shore il Baku Tahoe. and they devotee1 themselves to showing the wonder of the region to the captain. Uo4 modestly explained that the bea and the fish were all gone aa hf hud been there before, but the lakf and tl.e moiin.alns were still on the oh. The uil.iary man was muck -ed though he found llttlr u. . tor the assorted artillery tha he had with him. But tha pajty found that thr military man who could put "U. t A." after his name was apt to livt up to his rank. The trouble, Is that we fellow are only high privates in the rear ranks," said Arthur Mitchell, the namesake, "and Bill Boyd la the guide." That furnished the right Idea. The party Immediately held a soviet meeting, courtmartialcd Captain Alexander Mitchell and reduced hlnj to the ranks. And so that there might be no mistakes in the future the realtor soviet elected Bill Boyd field marshal of ":e expedition. Arthur .Mitchell w. viade major general and Charles Wiggins was made colonel. Then the party left for Oakland and the high officers are waiting to sn Just what their army is going to do next. FORFIGX BOANS MMITKD. Bankers in the United States have agreed to make no, foreign loans without government ap proval. really made up of several tracls. But these homes are the forerun ners of many more to be built with in the nextf year or two for each one t''nt Is completed attracts sev-eif' oiiiers. it is this process of city expansion that determines values of real estate and, points out James B'Hommedieu, sales manager of the Realty Syndicate Co., the sure growth of Oakland out over the hills that adjoin Pidemont and Fourth Avenue Heights will steadily raise Montclair values. Even now, re-sales of Montclair property bring far more than the price originally paid Individual owners. Nelson also reports the following concrete work: Women's Faculty Club, U. of C; St. Francis He Sales School, 21st and Grove streets; Brayton residence on Hlllcrest road; stores at 71st avenue and East Fourteenth street; Hammer Bray Company's new building, and a new building at San Eeendro. Tha abora chart how the huga Increase since 1SS0 in the number f telephone conversation which take place each day in th United State 2io ther natioa in the world can boast of a telephone traffic aveir retnotelr approaching that which is being handled by the telephone eompaniea of thia country. From a total of less than 1.2S0.OO0 conversations a day n the Volume of American teleFhon talk baa Hn to approximately S.e0.Ot completed connections per day In 1122. The only interruption In the steady growth of telephone trtfTie occurred Curing the w-r prlofl, wlifn e-overr mental retrJctlone erera placed ui n the ricc-cweo'la! xrrm of the telephone In nrArr that fciepbosa auppBc and pereoEatl caul La da varied ta ax aarrica. Miri & Johnson, Anhittctt - Imu. HocMM, Mammy Contractor A SAFE HOME for a Safe Man This home, on Funston near Fulton, San Fran' cisco, is being built for John Hermann, the wcll'known safe manufacturer. The walls are of Dickey Face Brick backed with Dickey Iastertile. "I chose face brick because of its beauty," says Mr. Hermann. "I chose Dickey Mastertile because it has dead'air spaces in it just as a good safe has." Dead-air spaces insulate the interior of a safe against fire and insulate the interior of a Dickey Mastertile home against the heat of summer,; cold of winter, moisture andund. Write for Free Illustrated Bootfets. Dickey: fACl B WCJW MASiERllLE aiirvTcTvta it NunTKmn rr LrvtRMORi fixi Biicx Worm California Bwcr CompaW ! Stm tAN FRANCISCO BuUtft Eschante, OAKLAND I - w "Deep behu) me lies the valley. Sleep below me lies the town Where great sea-ships ride and rally And the world walks up and down." Search the whole world over and you will find no view more magnificent than that which lies at your feet as you stand before Joaquin Miller's Home. He chose this spot as the ideal place to live because its magic beauty was a daily inspiration atid delight You neeH not Ke a poet to revel in the same marvelous scene. If you love nature you will take untold pleasure in a little cottage built for you and your friends in the New addition to Joaquin Miller Acres The new addition to Joaquin Miller Atres is an ideal place to enjoy a week-end or an entire summer. -Altho high above the city it is sheltered from the wind. Here you will have the same view that the famous poet so long enjoyed. And as the city pushes outward into the hills around the new city redwood park you will always have a portion of this precious ground for your own. Buy now while the opportunity is open. Dripe bat today Out Joaquin Miller road Realty Syndicate Co. GEO. B. BROOKS. TRACT. MGR. PHONE LAKE. 1600 10TH FLOOR SYNDICATE BLDG.

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