Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 12, 1922 · Page 19
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 19

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1922
Page 19
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WEDNESDAY " EVENING?" DaklanQ Cttbunc APRIL 12, 1922. I 1! I- JL tiie EMail r astesc urowin I I f : d9 S i IHfflllP OF MP 1 5' BODY Motives of the East Oakland Organization Purely Non-. . Political. II Among KaHt Side organizations that have come to the front fast with a large and enthusiastic mem-nersHnln tho East Oakland Merchants and Taxpayers' AHsociation. Its motives are strictly non-political and Its sphere of activity "'Xtonds fro;n Lake Merrltt east to the west lino ot Nineteenth avenue, and lrom the waterfront to Mul-horry street, or the old city char-tor line, embracing what waH the oripritial town of San Antonio, which In the early 70s was thernost active "ouBinetis section of Alumoda county. 1 Its object and aim is to establish better filling among tho biiHlness men and property-owners, encourage new enterprises und stimulate business conditions by patronizing netghborhood Institutions. Its merchants and professional men have contributed liberally to this cause, and in addition to enterprises of a commercial naturv, have equipped a baseball team and srounds which are located east of Crowley's shipyards,- thereby keeping many. of the younger clement off the streets. Frank Perry, professional ball player, Is the team manager. William Allcn of Brooklyn clgarstand is manager of the srounds. - Tho advisory board Is, Slndar, the pie man; 'Rlsdoti, of itiadon Bakery, and Wheatley, of Mother Cookie Co. It has been arranged that any club of young men may use the baseball grounds free Pupils Rehearse Spring Pageant ; Students of the Fremont high school rehearsing in Broohdate Gardens, situated ut .Brook-dale end Iliih streets, for jhe annual spring pageant whieh they are lo present. m s I-- MELROSE MEM i:ut Uth Street, sear 45tk ''The oldest store in Alameda county," established sixty years ag'o, has a history that is unique even among those old California institutions that have survived-the pioneer days. "The store of H. Turn Sudan commenced doing business in 1862 within four blocks of the present location of H. Turn Suden Mercantile Company at Kast Fourteenth street and Eleventh avenue. In 1803 tho "heart of Oakland" was at the corner of Kast Tweirtn street and Fourteenth, avenue. Since, that time Oakland has moved to the west, a big vUy has been built west of Lake faerrtft, and the trend of industry and commerce is re-estaUlishing olfl East Oakland and the entira East Side as a scene ; of Important business activity. The district now Known as mh Oakland, as distinguished from other East Side localities, runs from Lake Mcrritt to an arbitrary dividing" line established by' the the locaj commercial organizations, at Nineteenth avenue. II. Turn Suden Mercantile Co. is therefore centrally located in this district ana enjoys a trade and influence beyond the ordinary. Oeorge Turn Suden, son of theTounder, is president, and Andrew McElhatton secretary-treasurer of the company. Turn Suden Is also active in local public affairs and is president of the East Oakland Merchants and Taxpayers' Association. of , charge by obtaining permission from Manager Allen, The association gave Troop Nine, Boy Scouts, its initial bucking and fostered it until it became s;!i-Kiipporting. A .bureau of unoiiy pkyed bus been established and help extended' needy lumuies. tii nttirnva f the club are: George Turn Suden, president ; Leo Ilanly, treasurer; J. J. siunncr, secretary. 1 Grocery Section of . Market Is Opened After several months' delay, ill grocery department of Mueller Bros. Market, at Meirose, nas arranged to open this week, as has TSIka thfl fruit, and veeetabto stand. Mueller Bros, have decided to operate the former on thele.ow-n.-ac. couht for the present. Joseph C. Itadiesol has leased tne latter, no is tin experienced man in this line and has a location for display and sale of these, goods that could no. be Improved upon. The addition of these two departments to those already operating in this beautiful and sanitary market gives to Mel-roso shoppers an exceptional opportunity to" buy everything need-iui lor the table in one of the finest markets in Oakland. h ZJvfi '10' has -rl v-.i 3 -I'M Realty Firm Opens $20,000 Building on Larger Quarters East Side Planned f'UIIMIW lyilMHWll'BI IIIWiiliMPIIlhl liljllilillllllllIIIITI11OTWWll j ?:yifef;"' i.t ' .'4 J c yfm M l i I BLISiEII 3FBANK BRANCH PLEASES DIMDHD Koi'o'fjiiition of East of Lake lv Conservative. Concern ' Is-Held justified. i Free Market Branch Estudillo Parlor j Of Commission Firm i To Hold Initiation ! The Frmtvale l're Market at PAN" LF.ANDItO. April 12.--Ray-3419 East Fourcenth- street is a ' inn ml llrney 'f..San Lcandro w .branch of 51. Colin (& Sons' conw'l'O initiated into the Estudillo par-, 'mission house at 321 Franklin j lor ; San U-andro. Native Sons, at street, and has . been estabhshed j the annual Intttatlnn.of .the urana with the idea of Ciking to the peo-j Parlor, to be hold at Oakland, April pie of Fruitvale the highest Rradelia, it w:w ahnotined here. Meni- . produce : at of farm and gurdcn wholesale price?. The Fruitvale branch litis met ltalyh Knani). m-omlhent East Side realty dealer . and moving spirit in all progressive ' activities of Twenty-third avenue''' district, has been compelled by-' increased business to seek larger quarters. Jld has recently moved from 'the well-known location on East Fourteenth street to a more commodious and .centr-Uly Utotod pffttio at 14W Twenty-third avenue. In the hew location the wiles Intense interest has been aroused In East Oakland by the announcement k that a group ot investors whoso names are withheld for the present have definitely decided to erect for business. ri'U'nses a block )t the northwest corner of Thirteenth avenue and East .Fourteenth .syjxst. lq" cnt" api)rositua.t.ly J20.000. . This buildinif on the-remaining- MELROSE "East of the Lake Properties" Everyone Knows RALPH A. KNAPP The Livest East Side Realtor Now at the New Location, 1407 23dAvel The Leading Drug Store East of Lake Merritt Down.Town Price Accurate Prescription Service. Two Registered Pharmacists, Eastman Kodak Agency. Toilet Articles. Cigars. Stationery. Rubber Goods. Magazines. A'eic, Attractive Soda Fountain. Large variety V . o flavors. A complete line of fine candies. DIBERT DRUG CO. 23rd Ave. and E. 14th St. Southwest Corner force will be enlarged. Three sales-j vacant comer at -Thirteenth avnuej men win ne employed in looking will give new impetus to this cfn-after the extenslve real est;ite"bus,i-I ter" itnd there have already been ness of the office, while the head ' received a number of applications of tho office, will devote most of for pacs,' which are now under his time to Insurance and to closing ' Consideration: It is the' intention the mort important or tho-reat'of those interested in the building estate sales. ... Jto. peduro tenants that will . be of In addition' to Tii's promiiVehce 'a's'l Jhe class that' will' 'hot bhly be re-an East Side realtor, Knapp is' liable tenants but will also haVe active in the Twenty-third Avenue! a standing -which will ad to the Business Men's Association amU prestige of the Thirteenth avenue chairman of its advertising -and district. . . publicity committee. ' - I Business Men Hold " Informal Meeting At an ' informal meeting of. directors of Twenty-third Avefiite. Business Men's Association, held In the Twenty-third avenue .- branch library" April 7. it was decided to enter an intensive advertising campaign to diri'et attention of East Side buyers tc the advantages to be derived from purchasing in Twenty-third a'venue district. Now signs are on hand, which will be displayed . in merchants' windows, enjoining the readers to "Save , money, buy at Twenty-third aveh'ue." ' . ' llfi'ogr.itioii of the importance of the East Side, by the old, conservative First. Savings Rank, of Oakland comes as a great surprise to most people; of Dimond, 'where the first East Side branch of that in stitution js to h located. Property has been purchased by officers of the bank just south of Bio'bUes' real cstaje office on' Fruit vale avenue, opposite lHmond Grocery Co. Plans fur-, the'' new ImiiU --building are now under consideration, with work to be 'started soon in es-pectatlon of having the new building ready for occupancy early in Ausust. A rrun tee m ems art .'also I .v i tig made for the 'ne of temporary quarters . for the new bank, and as soon us these nrranc;emen.ls are completed the Dimond branch will begin to transact a regular banking business. The Officers of First Sa vines .Bank and . First National Bank, with which it Is closely allied, are among- the most prominent financial men of the bay region. The president is P. E, Bowles, also chairman of tho board ot Amer-iean National. Sari'.Fi'iilict.co;' p. D. Jacoby and P. A. Dinsmore are vice-presidents and F. P. Moyer cashier of First Savings" Bank. The branch manager 'for Dimond has not yet been appointed and considerable interest is being: expressed as to whom the bank will choose for, this office. - The First Savings Bank has only established two other branches during; its entire , existence as one of Oakland's foremost banks. These are m "West Oakland and Berkeley, respectively, and both have been operating several years. Very thorough1 study was given by th bank officers to business conditions and probable future development of the East Side, and the location of tho first East Side branch at Dimond is considered as estadllsn-ing this one of the many East Side business districts upon, a basis of unquestioned permanency. bers of thn loeal branch organisation will attend the ceremony. The initiation services Will feature but r.n tV. twl ivll !! (lUr- with success from tV- opening day -mg niePtillg of the nrand Par-and M. Colin i- Sens are investig it-, i,,r tirir.g the v e l beginning April ing several other East Side loca-t 17. iiona with a view to establish irtt: I . . . other markets well placed to supply M - FRUITVALE the householdii of this great resi-J i deuce district. The' motto ' u -' ' - chain of markets will be "Small - " " .- " pro ft' .i ; good service; .courteous i " treatment." FRUITVALE piv ix ciiild's sTojr.Vcn. ATHENS, April 3 2. A pin l'i inches long was found in the stomach of six-year-old Alexander Pounaris when he was operated on. He will recover. PKIXCE H.VS ONLY 6 CENTS. NICE, April 12. When Arthur Obelenslty was arrested here for frauds committed whllrS posing us a Russian prince he had only G cents in his possession. $10,000 Demanded from Opera Company I LOS ANGELES. April 12. i Edward Kent Bixby of Los An geles, formerly traffic manager for "the Chicago-Opera Association, now in 'this city, filed in the United States District Court here -a suit charging the associatfon with breach of contract and , asking damages of $10,000. 'WOMAN SENT TO PRISON. MODESTO, April 12. Ageda Esquibel, .25. will have,, the distinction of being the first woman from Stanislaus county- to enter San Quentin prison. Judge FulUerth sentenced her and two companions. The" three rotjbed the general merchandise store of M. E- Luke at Hughson on the night of February 3 and were sentenced for that offense, although they also confessed to robbing the store of A. C, Mart & Co. at Oakdalo on the night of February 17. A large share of their loot has been recovered. OPPORTUNITY 1315 Fruitvale Avenue. FOR PROFITABLE I XYKSTM EXT alw ays exists along tile route of a city's growth. THE IRRESISTIBLE TREND of Oakland's population is eastward. The progressive merchant of loday is carrying goods and' service to his customers. OAKLAND'S GREAT EAST SIDE has many desirable locations for banks, merchants and professional men. BUILD, BUY AND BOOST EAST OF THfyLAlCE. EAST SIDE BOARD OF TRADE R. O. McCLl NE, Secretary. Fruitvale 1804 , l -..,. l ----- -' " - .. . ... . . ; " 1 FRUITVALE " . . . 4, , ; : . : : " : - - r ; E. W. BECKER WATCHMAKERand JEWELER 3212 East Fourteenth St. Fruitvale Bank of Italy Corner - l'ersouul Service The Oakland Bank of vings 'Through our East Oakland Branch, East Fourteenth at Twenty -third avenue, we serve the business Jhouges, and residents of this thriving district with the same COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE offered by our main bank at Twelfth and Broadway. This neighborhood branch is established for your convenience and you are assured prompt and courteous service at all times. ' G. W. ELLIS, Manager -. "-'iJfS :. DRY GLEANERS Member East Side Board of Trade Cleaners and Dyers of. Dainty Garments I.aif9tand Gents' Suits Dry " and SleanrCleaned. VE CALL and DELIVER 1232 Fruitvale Ave. Phone Fruitvale 1728 WiLLmm -Products Business Is Good at our store because we sell high quality goods at prices that are right. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS paints and vamMie. ." Hardware Stoves Furniture , A Complete Line Reliance Hardware and Furniture Co. CHAS. HERRMANN, Proprietor I ,4 .. . . ill . j ff Ml'Mi ll i' J f ' r ; " ) I'hone Fruitvale 180 f'lione Lliuliurst 4J, , Clarence N.Cooper FUNERAL DIRECTOR Fruitvale Parlors, 3347 E. ltlh St. FRUITVALE Elmhurst Parlors, 9032 E. 11th St. FRUTVUF. FRtE M.VRK.ET 3119 EAST imi ST. Fruitvale 371j. "SI id week Special Thursday Fartrv Loving Hen. . .rarh 75 Fre-h Dre'-ed ( hirLen. lb. 34 1;iii'i"r:iU Valiy U'!tuei, eeh B Biinrlicil Vt-Kftablcs. . .'l tor J linod J'iic J.omi.'.'.s 10 for 10o Kresh Siintlif 1'oas 2 tor 25i i:tsa NK't AspaiiW" - '" s5e No 1 .pa1n U'libank 1'uutoef. 'or liundred H Tcr llOX Tlxtra Kitnev Spinach.' Ih .5e KAiu'y Liugo Hay ward Kggs dosen .20c Fancy Riiio i to, tor 85c tian I.caridrq Strawberry Khub!iH :., lb. tat 85c Good-sized Kanry Arti- i ' chokes. . : ; . . . 'or :t!St Extra l.-irwe Kipe Easiern . ,,,, lianaiKi.s, doz'ti , ,. , .85e FRUlTVAiF, FRF.E MVRKKT All orders delivered free, 'i YOUR OWN HOME h a place where you feel really at home: where you knoW that all your plans, arrangement and improvements' are making home comfort fonyou and your family and lidding value to your property. ' Y R. 0. McCLINE , Real JCstatc and Insurance -C 1315 Fruitvale Ave. Phone Fruitvale 1804. AT TIIE HEART OF THE EAST SIDE ''V,4xVlCtUir 4 ''k"t The Sign on the roof of our building has for years been the sign of a service on which thousands of EAST SIDE FORD OWNERS have learned to depend. ": ;,&'.! SAVOY GARAGE O.F.SMITH 3069 East 14th St., Near Fruitvale Ave. I r Convenient to All East Side Poinl$. . ,'( MI VMIVttSAlCAft r, Paints Paints Pain Paints for All Purposes $2.00 Per Gal. - $2.35 Per Gal. $2.50 Per Gal. ' I, Tltrce paints we are c1omh: out at tliece prices to let Uie people of Uie East -Side know that they have a complete paint and wall paper store near them and are not forcetl to", travel elsewhere for what thev need in this line. - ,t Lt us show you how to make that kitchen linolcuni' look like jiew. ' tmr Come in and see for voureelf. H. R. DOW Phdne Fruitvale 828. 3332 E. 14th f ' hi We Deliver 3304 E. 14th St. at 33d Ave. Fruitvale 2421.

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