Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 11, 1922 · Page 14
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 14

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1922
Page 14
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I V If, J . -J. mm i;;g CASE DROPPED -OKLAHOMA CITY, April 11. The .Day-Beck cua is closed rno further charges will be lileil or akel, County Attorney Hushes, Moman Pruiett, attorney or Jean P, Pay. and ... army -officers . iiu-nounced today. ..."Evidence 1h not sufficient for ny thargfl," Hushes .said In announcing hi fin.U decision In the case, wherein luy, millionaire politician, Blew l.leutenant-Colonel Paul Ward Jieck ' after the aviator Tvas alleged to havo attacked Mrs. Day, society woman. 1'rulett snld he would nfit ask charge to "clear "hi- client from JeoparOy." and army 1 officers. Raid future lrtVestlKHtiivlwould be the only to complete army records. ON DISPLAY AT U. OF C. FRIDAY BKRK iil.liY, AprS 11. Stanford's ax Mill be rinovet from the bank vault in which it ' Ih stored, and noxt 'Friday night it will be moved under heavy guard to the Greek theater. Unee each year , the? collegians unlock , the vault' and' remove th trophy.'se-cured many yearn tig,) from tholr Htanford rlvul, and display It at u, special rally. . . The entire freshnwih class' will march in a body 10 Ihe Hliattuck avenue bank, where the relic Is .stored. At the bank they will be reinforced by the membera frf the baseball team and the-raily committee. The story of the capture of'the ax will be told by JudKO Everett Urown, one of the party which made, the raid on Stanford otudents twenty-five years ago. 1 John H.' Ely, ago 70, & prominent' architect of Newark, N. J., in on of the oldest automobile drivers In the state.- 3ER ?4 v. Credit Gladhj pQTVQaiA&HH Customers inl921 BEFORE EASTER Do not mi8 this last opportunily to buy your new Easter clothed. The opportunity of the deacon i now offeretl Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! S'00 buys injr garment in o.ur, iiiuuenae stock. .Tlie. balance of the purrlue price you mny pay after Easter in imiull 'convenient, w.-ekly or monthly paynienin. Prices are most reasonable,' loo. Your lui-t chance to buy at there terms. Suits - Coats - Wraps. Dresses Waists Skirts Furs EASTERN I AVE GIVE lANDRtDEEMl AMERICANA I ps 0UTFITTH1G COHPAHY 58I-I4-J . I VAIJISHED 17IDD17.. YALE PASSENGER, LEAPED TO DEATH Mrs. .Marjoric Hillyartl Told Purpose in Letter She Wrote On Steamer. SAX KltAXtMSCO, April 11. Mr. M.-jrjorie Jlillyard, widow of Dfivld Uillyard. former baseball, player, whose dlBappearance from the steamer Ya'-o lant week rerulted In police coiljei turo that slio committed suicide or was abducted, ended her own life. - .XIvIk was disclosed today In "the re-te-ipt 6t a letter mailed" by the young woman w niie on board the uteamer to her sunt, Mrs. Fannie Barmore, of I Z14J Thompson nrent, m Angeles, in wh'lch she disclosed her intention. une letter in part follows: . ,..... ,. . "Ufarest Auntie: 1 afil wrltllig this note to you knowing that you will do what I atk'. Do not blame anyone for this. I have hot been happy for so long a ttmtj' alul I am Juxt tired of trvinir now 'anil thi uvnm ihu v..jt I way out and the. easiest on you all. I Want ybU'to know .that I do Jove you, Auntie; and den r .M.tithn- undDad for all the kind 'thing you have done for me." . Then followed a few directions as to the disposition of her belonging in4udifigJ-oinc jewelry and other valuables-which bad been the property of her liVisbaiid, w hudied August 1, 1 ;L'0. at, Seattle. She had resided here with her husband's purents. Mr. and Mrs. William Hillynnt. Her father, IMward Is. Chandler, lives fh lnilsvillc, Ky. He In an official of the. Pennsylvania railroad. THERE'S NO EXCUSE NOW Further price reduction 1 r time in effect on the . A-B-C CABINET .WASI1ER Copper Tub. Formerly. 1180.00 NOW' S1GO.OO CAH. Galvanized .";Tub. Formerly $165.00 NOW CAill. Reduced in prite increased in quality. Come in and let us show you the twenty-four points of improvement over luHt year't model. No better machines at any price-any place. $5 DOWNBa,ane on easy tenni. HOOVER SUCT10XCLEAyER. It btatus it swet pi u U cloarti. St strength and prolongs lift of rugs, carpets and UOISEWIVES. $1 B0WNBa,am;8 Phone Oakland 22 for FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION of either or both of these labor-saving devices. Brookdale Open Air Theater and Pleasure Park Are Dedicated lira 1 'Mm jr(l7' lllM.'llliWWIl)MIRaMJIlllIM 1 ! ...... If -i ', II lis- ., .. r 'ill t"n 3 1 i t . A - ' V, h , J i .St L. ''i m-i. -I, y I fx " "i ( - v- ' m . . ; .: L - ' : " riiGHTFinE IfJ S. F. HOTEL PUTS GUESTS IN PAN r''iii i due 1- u follow I.!" it VS el to I1 ' 1 "'"'men me oeene I Flanies 'Hiird Story;. Loss Coiwideralile. hc,-,...l lv,. iw-i ,re it wis discovered It hd started titi) woodwork aflame, and in.tdw i: way Into the lightwell and U'mipod tip lr.fo Mie third1 ory. J The roomer, aroused by an rilarm sounded b an fmpl"vej. hnrrte'l into the smoke 'filled hall-" lV! mativ of them hot waiting to "'-"' they rushed to safety, l'.itridman John Morgan turned Via w first -alarm and It wa quickly f..ilowed by a second ns soon n n : Yivs-; ! . ODESSA YOn SAN l llANCISC . Kour hundred lo,!e.rs 3TS Third hotel. April 11. in the Over- rei-t. were I lie t.!;i. was rather s!uiih.,m I nnd was cMir.euisheii only after nn lu'tir'.i crk. Tiie loss wtm consider-ii l;l. Tht( jiroperty li owned by J V. I'layburifh of 17:3, Washington Street and tiie hotel is managed by l'.ay Mutton red The of Mid green, front J. thru a n-4wo ewnrii..inu itlid liitiny; frTH5tit on auto hi ol irrw Kii nt, N mem sotiglit safetv In ;i hm-r'nl flight to the" street. e.'Sj-lv tndav. when fire originating ui, the gecniid floor climbed a Ihfhtwell. .pouring smoke hit o ever- t'Orfbinr 'The bl ize l ... is loriikluvn - - -The ' words 'chauffeur." ' linmu-siii",v 'chases," "garage'' and "toti-u" are all of CiHie urigiti. " LEAVE FURS AT HOME AT NIGHT OIjE.HSA, April 11. rprii-,-fashloni do not bother the won;! i of Odessa. They have... no new fashion journals nor cloth with which to make new dre.e. Wl-men sometlmea have a hat and a few yards of rough cloth to clothe themselves. . Underclothing is an unknown luaintity. So nre Blockings for? the unlucky. .Women who have cloaki or furs Wear them In the d'iy time, but at night leave them horn".1 If they did not they would be robbed In the darkened ctreets. People who go t the. theate.t, travel homeward in group, for -protection,, Danish, German and Swedish experts are working out detail t. a plan to bridge the Baltic at 6, cont of $10.0t)OJMJU. . ' ' ... i i ii K1VL AND WASHINGTON, OAK. MISS DORJS McENTYRE, u ho last nieht dedicated the ground for the open-air theater in the proposed Brookdale Gardens park. ' Bonfire Blazes While Doris McEntyre, Site Discoverer, Turns First Earth . By the light of a blazing bonfire Miss Doris McEntyre, discoverer of the. site, last night turned over the first 'shovelful of earth for the. proposed open air theater, and officially dedicated the) Brookdale Gardens park, nt Brookdale avenue and High streets. The ceremonies were held , by the Leona Heights Improvement Club at a community celebration and marked the decision to develop the proposed , J-- White 1 he :w ' c . bgue ,We are prepared to meet the most scrupulous demands forHvhite and white and black footwear America s Finest Quality Footwear ' at Moderate Prices White Cloth Strap Pumps A Strap-; with; ,.jo ilc'el and Neolln Soles. , $4.00 1 2 Strap with Military Keel. Neoli'n Soles. .$4.00' 1 Strap Beechtex with whlto Ivory sole and heel $,',00 - - . White Cloth Oxfords Low heel OSfords with Neolirf Roles '$.1.50 Military Heel Oxfords with Xeolin Soles $3.50 1 Strap Reechtex with white Ivory sole and heel $0.00 Low, heel model for growing girls similar to above ..., U ; . v " Nubuck Pumps and Oxfords LowTFlat nnd Military Heel Oxfords and Strap Pumps -rdnlnTvhtte or wHtr-hlaclt-ttrTrrn Atf-the newest WW styles . $7.50 $8.50 $10 Kid Pumps and Oxfords Fine While Kid Oxfords and heel and Ivory sole and vheel rumps with Military Price $10 UND SijiO .n. IS 1323 Washington St., Oakland 2213 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley city "park and tt1ize an open air site for at nnturat' amphitheater. Howard Qilke, municipal landscape engineer and a member of tlia city 'planning, commission, and other members of tiie Oakland park board were present. Gilkey presented his tentative plan for the improvement of the park and theater. George P. Keyes, president of tho Leona Heights Improvement club, presided at the meeting. After the ground had been formally broken by Marston Campbell, park director, Miss McEntyre, who recent ly discovered that the park site con tained r.icllitiea for a natural open air theater, turned over tho first spadeful of earth. The Heights Improvement Association has been promoting the establishment of tho park for some time. It 'is .planned that. the. Ur.oolt-l dale Garden theater will, be finished as soon after July 1 as possible, when funds- from the sity will be available.-As tho board is not able to do the work needed to fit the theater for use of the dramatic students of the Lrona club. Its members will attend to the building of the theater themselves. When completed the theater will seat between 3000 and 8000 person?. The proposed park comprises three acres at the head of High street. High School Heads Of California Meet PASAUKNA, April 11. A. C, Olney, stat i -commissioner- of secondary schools, sounded the keynote of the annual convention of tho California Association of High Schools, w hich opened here yesterday,-when ho declared .that "education of tho minor, part-time schooling and adult education are the three battleforta from which high schools must advance against illiteracy." Tho convention, which Is being held under the auspices of the State Board of Education, will continue fivo davs. More than 500 high school principals and executives from all parts of California are attending. Olney, in urging.a simultaneous attack against illiteracy, said a great need existed for leadership. "1 Iigh ehoo! . principals are the leaders in education today," he Bald. "Thev must go forward or quit," he added, with special referenco to the education of. .minors. "Hitherto," he continued, "attack havo been made against one objective at a time, but the time has come, now when we must proceed against all three objectives gimtil-taiieously." T U ee on v eji U 0J.) addresses by Governor Stephens, Will Gv- Woo'd, state . auperintendent of public instruction, and a number of educators from various parts of California. Shipping Pool" Is Subject of Address SAN FRANCISCO, April 11. -"The Thirty Million Hollar Shipping Tool" will be the subject of an address by Kobert Dollar at a meeting of the Pacific Traffic Association in the gold ballroom of the Palace hotel next Tuesday night at 7:30 p. m. MRS. WKBSTKR TO M'EAK. ALAMEDA, April 11. Mrs. Evelyn Webster will tell of her experiences In story telling to children, at .the meeting of the Women's Auxiliary to Alameda Post, 'American Legion, this evening. Mrs, Fred G. "Kakef will preside at the meeting and Mrs: .1. O.I Kearney will give a flfteen-ininutel parliamentary drill, . 1 5 TsS hird of Youp Life pent on . Your Bed .' - .-;'.. - and if sihal third" that tnalcs or mQTS, the rest B. "" "' ; ... reuner's wants you to be even more discriminating in the selection of your f maltress .a.nt! sP"ngs lnan you arc in furnishing your living room so much depends on a. good night's sleep. , ' x.., -.. . ' ' .($. Come, Watch Us Make Sleep in the Clay Street Windows, In B reuner's window this Bec Voull sec DREUNER S " SANDMAN making sleep dreamless sleep. , This thick Kapokeen $25 52.50 down. $2.50 a month Just think! Not expensive, either. Full bed size floss mattresses range from $16 to $30. Hair mattresses cost as low as $35 or "P t $47.50. You may pay a ima depoiit, then the balance There's a reason why Breuner mattresses are so restful. They're marie of the best Japock from the island of Java, or of ' long hair or the finest maltress wool. - And they'ie made well. They're big- and thick, and they're stuffed FULL. on Brenner's easy terms. --and v Bed Springs .Are you sure your bed springs are scientifically springs. At Breuner's .you will find the three constructed? Even the best mattress . willjbe leading makes of bedsprings, priced from futile if it is not supported by correctly designeck $6.75 to $25. . CrcurtiT'i Easy Tcrmt Simmons Leggett and De.Luxe Springs 0 rWmm Sale of Simmons Beds Discontinued Models In Vertm Martin or Ivory Was $14.50 noii $11 .25 irm t i Ml I M II ' i ;. . ' 'r ' jif 7'crriM' ' toEffl! 7 uMjuj-fLiii iim iTuniwyiTiwiitMiitn y " If There's a Baby Here are just a few examples of the reductions Dovble Bed Size Regular $15.00 ivory beds . Regular $20.00 ivory beds . , .'. Regular $30.00 ivory beds . . ....... Regular $47.50 ivory and old ivory beds . Regular $55.00 ivory and blue beds.... Regular $22!5fr ivory beds Regular $13.75 Vernis Martin beds ..... Regular $22.50 Vernis Martin beds.... Regular $49.50 brass beds Regular $38.50 brassvbeds Twin Bed Size Regular $15.00 beds Regular$55.00 beds .$39.75 Kegufar $tO.UU beds -$49.50 ' Only IQ'X donn: tO' a month -$10.85 "$15.25 $24.50 $39.50 $39.75 $17.50 $11.50 $17.25 $37.50 $31.50 ..$10.85 eres a -this Crib for only $1.25 down and $1 .25 ' a'inortih 12 50 That's not extravagant, is it, for a sturdy, comfortable crib that will be big enough until the fifth year? It is made of wood.jpameled in ivory, and of course it's equipped with the handy drop side. CLAY AT 15JH i

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