Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 4, 1923 · Page 13
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 13

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 4, 1923
Page 13
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V ''i (: i 14A SUNDAY SDaklanD Ccibune NOVEMBER 4, 1923 , i .7 A HUE HERS ATTEND MEETING rxf.-. - . A large gathering was present i Friday vening at the gocond of a .aeries f drawing-room meetings arranged to take place in the EaVt-k hay cities this fall and winter in tha Interest of the work of the Latham Foundation for the Promotion of HuniRne Education. The " meeting- was held at the home, of Mra. William Keith, one of tli- di-. rectors of the foundation, nidge " road and La Lotna avenue, Berkeley. The program of (he owning was .'f unusual interest. James Wales Of the Berkeley Gazetto. w;is tlie principal speaker, his Mihjeet dealing with the value and importance of publicity in connection witli the work. He spoke of the vhIik? of the educational work of t lie foundation and offered sugpeMions for advancing:, through . .'publicity, its work and aims. The president, Mrs. Laurence , Oronlund. epoke of the esfntiHsh-J Ing Of the foundation ly Milton Jjithnm and Miss Edith T.athnrti. member of one of California's well known families, and nephew, and niece of Milton S. Latham, one of the earlier governors of the state. The foundation has been endowed to the extent of $100,000. 'The aim of such educational work as that of the foundation." hnld Mis. tlronlund, "is the development of universal Justice, the only peace this through a course of instruction extending from the elementary schools to the university and covering study of Conditions and problems affecting both human and animal welfare. Such a system or moral iraining niuai Miperecede the prevailing narrow one which considers only Jhe welfare of human being, ignoring the res of tnri of the inhabitants of the eart h." Discussion followed the meeting, after which a .social hour was enjoyed. Master Bettrand Lurle, a taiinted pupil of Mine. Antonio De Grassi, contributed, and further musical selections were given by .4rs. Pond, Miss Ina Scott and Mra. Keith. The merting proper was held in the art gallery of the Keith home, which is hung with many sketches and paintings of the late jainter, illiam Keith. THHKK fill MS liRAVB. AlfON. 111. lames Sullivan. Walter Crump and Walter Hall, boy frirnris drowned when their boat ui-j-el. vere buried in the same grave. ray The Congregational 'church In Foothill boulevard was the scene of a pretty wedding Saturday evening, October 27, when Rev. J. B. Orr. pastor of that church, officiated -at the marriage of Miss Charlyne C. Page, daughter of Mrs. Kathryn Page, and -Walter E. .Turgewlts, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kred Jurgewitz. Only"-immediate member of the two farrffllea were present. After the ceremony a reception and dinner were given at the home of the brldgeroom In Hampel street. The living rooms were arranged In fall .bloom and fernery, pink and white predominating in the color scheme. After a honeymoon spent In the south, the couple will make their home in Oakland. 0 0 0 Testerday the Wild Duck tearoom was the scene of a handsomely-appointed luncheon given by the Sigma Gammas In honor of several new members. Mah Jongg and bridge were the diversions.4 The gupsta were the Misses Cecil MRS. WALTER E. JURGEWITZ, Oakland girl.' who this week was married at home and will reside in thifsily upon her return from her honeymoon. H. Shlrei or. Christ church officiated. Both , the bride and bridegroom are affiliated with many local organizations. Tom Williams gave his sister In, marriage and T. Delbrldge waa best man. Mra. Delbridge waa the attendant for iter slater. The couple have gone to Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley points on their honeymoon. RETURNS FROM,PHIIiIPPINES. Albert W. Hollandwho. has spent many years In " the Philippine islands, has arrived In Oakland on his way to San Diego. He will live In the southern city, The joy of an abundance of Hot Water and Heat that is all that is needed to make a home thoroughly comfortable " t. How many times have you been fooled in some friend's home when you tried the water faucet marked "HOT WATER?" Do you have all these comforts!. in. your oxvn home? Do you have HOT WATER when you want it any time either day or night? Such superior service is always found in the o Automatic Hot Water Heater" These heaters have given such dependable service for so many years that many buyers of Automatics are deceived in believing that all AUTOMATICS are built along the same lines as the Ruud that they will give the same lenglh of service that has made Ruud famous the world over. DFMFMRFR' Yo" are not buying heater for two or three years, you should XCdLllitliOdM select one that will give you Ten, Fifteen or Twenty Years' Service. RUUD'S may be purchased on our easy paym ent plan that permits your making a small down payment and dividing the balance over a year's period. Chilly Mornings and Evenings mean Heat! what have you done to make your family comfortable?, Why put up with make-shift methods of heating that require care and the storage of expensive fuels? Think how comfortable your family could be if they had a furnace in their home that all that was necessary to have an abundance of heat was to "Just Press the Button" GLEEWOOD GAS FURNACES gives just that comfort in the home. Your wife or children are not running up and downstairs all day stoking the (ue. No ashes to clean out No dirt tracked in (he house. No dust sifting up through the registers. No odors or moisture. .Let us show you the many values that are embodied in the CLEEWOOD where and why it lasts longer why it has a larger radiating surface that will give larger volumes of heat, on less fuel consumption all these points are vital to you if you wish to have a Gas Furnace that is ECONOMICAL IN OPERATION. Some one on your street or in your immediate, vicinity is'a Gleewood user ask them what they thing of CLEEWOOD SERVICE for HEAT -- - u- ..,..;'.. . t: "A "f "l-'VV fev " : v "v; ;r.j;i If i iiS ?.' ...'15 Phone Oak. 1273, Floor Furnaces Small homes equipped with the Electro-Gas Floor Furnaces offer the same degree of comfort and service that is afforded homes equipped with the large pipe furnaces. . Quick heat any time; for a few minutes or all day Economical in operation. Use lest gat than one small burner on your gas range. Guaranteed to have no fumey-no moisture and to give an abundance of heal. - Our, en fine r will gladly call and figure your Aoma . Ao oblU fationM. HOME SPECIALTIES f, 320 13th Street, Oakland Li Visit our Mezzanine Floor. An assortment of high grade slightly used Stoves and Tank heaters atvery.reatonable pncea, ... CS1B I mmmmmmmmm r 1 W-tvj&t Jit V 1 hey bought an AMPlCO-we took their Piano in THE GREAT NUMBER of , , these exchanges necessitates our disposing of this collection NOW instead of holding them for our Annual January Clearance . . v Sale of IAN0S rA Fine Assortment Goes On Sale Tomorrow Mao Smith, Mrs. Winfred I,. Golden, Mrs. William Ileider Jr., Mrs. Koheit W. McMillan, Mrs. Byron V. Mills, Mrs. Vernon 13. Perry, Mrs. Axrl A. RantalH, Mrs. Robert H. Reed and Mrs. Fremont L. Wright. 3 p O in San Dioeo from thii iro kuosIs ;it ihe Hole! are t'. W. Cause and J. Visitors rity who .SI. James S. Hocmer. 0 A llallowci'mi party was given Tuesday evening in Hay ward by Miss K.ilherine Biuc at her home on Biii'tlntt avenue. Th guest.-i wore the Misses Alice Hart. Thel-ma I'atternon. Uerniee Beare, Kdith Hopkins, Viola Jensen, Eliahcth Rruce, Berniee 1 lubber, 'VauRhaa 3 lubber, J'hyllis Jensen, Kntherine rjiiee, ftiy Hnice Jr., AVilson I5i ace, Iaicile Hopkins. Margaret Duke. Veo livers, Marie Duke and i-Mna rr. O 0 O Mr. and Mrs. Max Gross celebrated their silver wedding anniversary October 30 with their children at a dinner piven by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brill of 3L'05 Kast Fifteenth street. Dancing: was the pleasure of the evening, followed by the serving of refreshments. Mr. and Mrs. A. Brill celebrated the second anniversary of 'their wedding upon the .same date. 0 0 0 Saturday evening, October 27, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Terra gave a surprise Hallowe'en party in honor of their daughter. Miss Kvelyn Terra, at 127 Ka.st Sixteenth street. The rooms were decorated in orange and black. Saxophone 4 selections wer played by Fred Peslin. accompanied by Miss Ruth McCall. Refreshments were served at midnight. The guests were: Misses Clara VechiarelH. Eugenia Vecehiarelli. Angie Cost el lo, Nellie Walters, Madeline Cardo.a, Ruth McCall, Kvelyn Terra; Messrs. Joe Cassine. Lloyd Alta-mirand, Christy Augustapaci. Llpyd JToyer, Paul Iverson, Mervin Cooney, Bruno Vecehiarelli, Bob Roberts. Andy Cn.ssine, Joel La-vorel, Fred Peslin, v Bill Lang: Mesdames May me Jloyer; Annie Cassinl, May liavorei, B. Roberts, F. Peslin, Rose Lang. 0 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Thompson have returned from a' three months' trip through the east and middle west. 0 0 0 The first of a series of piano recitals was given at tjie home of Mlas Maude Edith lpo in El Dorado avenue by five of the students. Among those who were beard In recital wore Madeline Moore, Gertrude Straub, Betty Black and Mary Elizabeth Garth-waite. 0 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Tillman entertained at their home, 2400, Grant street. Berkeley, Saturday, October 27. at a Hallowe'en party. Guests at the party were Mr. and Mrs. Harof'd Nielffen, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Menth, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Nielsen. Mr. and Mrs. Felix Aila-mliia. Miss Hazel Dickey, Miss Irene Walsh, Theodore Danielson, Dr. Charles J. Broad. 0 0 0 The D. B. Whist Club gave a surprise party in honor of Jack Gara-venta,.,l,'riday evening. 1he affair was a birthday party. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Averill. Mr. and Mrs. ,AV. C. Bridgr-man Jr., Miss Alma Bridkman, Alice Hagerty, Dan Brodovsky, Steve Garaenta.-Mr. and Mrs. Fred Griffey, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mower of San Francisco. .' ' i 0 0 0 Mrs. Edwin Dearborn of San Tablo gave a Hallowe'en party at her home to the San Pablo. Baptist Church choir recently. The guents of honor were Mr. and Mrs. T. C. McCausland and their family. Chinese lanterns and chysanth-mumi were used n th,e appointments of the home. Those present were Messrs and Mesdames Mc-Causiand. - iVVallauck, Q. Seyforth Riley, Stahl, Stearn, - and the Misses Gladys McCausland, Edythe I.aMarsh, Clara Munson, IVanee Whistler, Frances Seytorth, . Mills" Cervihka, Jewel Jurqueth, Mary Alice McLaughlin, Phyllis Wall-bank. Zltfc DarbOMi; . Lyl. 2&c--Causland, George Munson and others. .... , ti O ft Thegolden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. F. Moeser was celebrated at their home in Occidental street, Sunday. After the serving of the wedding dinner, dancing after the fashion of. several decades ago was a feature. Guests were Messrs. and Mesdames John Galvln, G. Haokemier, L. Kngsfer. W. Poole, G. Frpnch; Mejunes Richter, Neu and Nich-elman, and the Misseg Marguerite and Alice Galvln, Marie Neil. Miss A. Poole, Dorothy Lehnkuhl, Florence Siler, Louis tleorge, Oscar Moeser and J. M. Johnson. 0 0 0 At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Delbridge in Alameda avenue, Alameda, the wedding of Miss Ella Williams and Fred llockin of Oakland took place recently. Rev. H. -USED Pianos from KOHTjER & CHASE STEINWAY DECKER -CABLE rmjmtn. KNABE aa low Etc. g monthlr USED Player Pianos $230 KOHXER A CHASE KOLOELIiK KNABE LESTER Payments CABLE aa low Etc. g monthly 5s USED ' Phonographs from $25 COLUMBIA BURKIIAM VICTROLA AEOLIAN EDISON loy,ent SONORA n low nm -Etc. 2 ,,,onlh3,. Scores Good Instruments priced at a fraction of their original cost The former owners of these Instruments did not dispose of them because their usefulness was impaired, but many heard the Incomparable Ampico and exchanged these fine pianos for that marvelous instrument. NEW Small Grands $685 The renowned Andrew Kohler Grands. Standard Quality. NEW Upright Pianos $275 World Famous Gulbransen Uprights. Guaranteed Quality NEW Player Pianos $42fJ The Wonderful r Gulbransen Players. Nationjlly priced. KOHLER- er-CHASE Telephone Oakland 1100 535 Mth STREET 16 OTirrclI Street SAN FRANCISCO KNABE OAKLAND SACRAMENTO SAN JOSE AMPICO Ojieiii every evening duritg this Sale. KNABE E' AMPICO PHONOGRAPH SALE EXTRAORDINARY DFPT AT XTOTTPF - This sale offers tremen-Ul'JLiVirVL IN KJ i IvL . 'dous priCe reductions on' several hundred instruments (distributed between our five stores). Ninety per cent of them are fresh, new stock, on whiqh our Wholesale Department over-bought this Spring. They include both Consoles and Uprights in some of the most popular models on the market todayand not simply cheap unknown instruments tXT TT"1 UTHP f V Li L? "O C made up special for sales. KjJ I J? 1 1 " Ul T JulxO . To make this sale even more interesting we offer each instrument as an outfit with 20 double records (40 selections) and you select your records from the very latest hits and finest classics and not from old obsolete stock OUTFIT OFFER Ifo. 1 OUTFIT 0FFEH 5o. OUTFIT OFFER Ko. 8 OUTFIT OFFER 5o. 4 OUTFIT OFFER No. 6 OUTFIT OFFER So. 6 OUTFIT OFFER Ko. 1 OUTFIT OFFER 5o. 8 OUTFIT OFFER 5o. (vith SO DovbU Seoordi) (40 teleetiont) (with to DoubU Beeorit) (40 teUsotions) (with tO DoubU Xeeor&i) (40 icleetion) (with tO VovbU Seeordt) (40 teUctiotu) (with tO DoubU Record) (40 uUetioiu) (with 10 DoubU SeeoraU) (40 teUeiiont) (with tO DoubU Seeordt) (40 teUetiont) (with 10 DoubU Xtoordi) (40 teUctiont) (with tO DoubU Seeordt) (40 ttUeiiont) Paul Ash Records $ 5 Ubllshed adrartiaed price o( tha outfit established advertised price of the outfit established advertised price or the outfit established advertised price of the outfit established advertised price of the outfit established advertised price of the outfit established advertised price of the outfit established advertised price of the outfit establlsbediadvertleed price : of th outfit DOWN (no more) delivers any outfit to your home immediatelys 90 no 140 165 190 740 265 310. 390 '69 75 99 This BALB This SALE This SALE! Thls04 SALE LHt This If 27 SALE Jl Thls1:c SALE I O J This flQQ BALE Us This IOOQ BALE. LL7 This SALE 280 li YEARS Jto pay the balance. now on sale AJ1 stares oppi erery evening daring this sale, OriZy 5 Left in Our mm m . Uakland otore $175 Phonogaphs Vs Off These are brand new high grade phonographs of well known make. They are regular styles in beautiful fumed oak, on which we are overstocked. Positively no more will be sold for less than $175 when this overstock is reduced. Used Phonographs at Heavy Reductions To clear out every used phonograph in' the Oakland store at once we have cut prices to the limit. Karly callers will get the best selections. Special Values On Sale Tomorrow Was Now VICTOR ....,....$100 $ 20 SONORA 165 U5 BURNHAM 160 97 COLUMBIA ..... 100. 35 AMPHONA 160 81) SONORA ,. 200 150 BURNHAM ..... 125 84 VICTROLA ..... 125 75 SONORA 125 75 AMERICAN ....-100 45 MANDEL 150 75 COLUMBIA .... 125 80 BURNHAM 75 44 BLUE BIRD 175 100 VICTROLA .150 100 ALADDIN 125 05 BURNHAM 295 213 Any of the above instruments $ 1 per week You map'fefc- phone and have, a a machine reserved. a ' Phone '" OaklapdllOO ICO riLE R T HAS E , 1JJ.MII STREET i OA".w"- SAN JOM ICO , T.M pnaitcisco SS 'iVt:.:..-?:v)... .fV::...;.:;.,,,T-s. X ii -JL

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