Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 28, 1922 · Page 34
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 34

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1922
Page 34
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FRIDAY EVENING DsilsnD CciOunc JULY 2S, 1922. FIISTpSfs PROMISED BUYERS 1 You Needn't Be Tired to .Enjoy a Rest Here Inviting chairs and latest magazines ojfer complete relaxation; also, this mezzanine rest room provides a convenient place to meet friends by appointment No Misrepresentation of Goods, Declares Martin Madsen, Manage. Honest advertising and -plenty, of it, the best of goods at, the fairest prices, and no misrepresentation of the products offered for sale are to be the policies of the Eat Bay Market, ' which , opens Its doors at Nineteenth street and Telegraph avenue tomorrow, according to Martin C. Madsen, general manager of the market. "In the East Bay Market will be found all qualities and varieties of merchandise that are worthy of being offered to the public," said Madsen. "The prices of the products will fit all purses, from the slenderest to the fattest, but there will be no misrepresentation of "The management of the East 0imwtirrmmm :!!!!! gyr-;; awiiww. i , it urn a tmi mmimr Y rv x -v. . r ''.W I -flit f f:-.:':::.i, :;-:i, f - f - v. : -: v . ?; , r j t bt: ft M 1 awl li. .... iii lWMMiiMiifcli7 mil ii 1limi.WtiMlWl I Bay Market has reserved the right to Inspect all booths and stalls to see that there is nothlrfg offered for sale that is not of a good quality. Any tenant that violates the 'honesty clause' of his lease Is liable to instant cancellation of his privilege to do business In the market. . HONEST DEALING REQUIRED. "We do not anticipate that jthe necessity of utilizing this' clause will - ever be required, as every merchant In the market Is ' one fill A. VAN ERR Holland-Dutch Delicatessen Stores "DUTCH-BOY" BRAND PRODUCTS Salads, Pickles,' Olives, Hint, Bacon, Chttse Sail, Smoei and Prepared Fish f . . , ANNOUNCEMENT- i." With the opening of the new "East-Bay .Market" I have established for the convenience of the general public the largest and also best equipped Delicatessen Dept. in the West. My stand has a total counter space frontage of 193. running feet and, is equipped with the most modern and saniary slicing, mixing and filling' ma-, . chines, which combined with my thorough knowledge of merchandise enables me to turn out the Best of products at the cheapest prices for the benefit of my patrons. . My motto is: Q;uality7S ervicef and Honesty; Positively no goods w'll be misrepresented, a liberal reward will be paii to anyone proving contrary. ' Inspection of my Department as Well of my Sanitary Kitchen invited. ' A. VAN ERR The Delicatessen Man li TJ7 7 eicome East Bay Marke The structural steel of this building and of many other fine structures in Oakland was produced by our . plant, one of the largest industrial institutions of the great Eastbay District. . . ... r : . '. Judson Manufacturing Co. Structural Steel Open Hearth Furnaces Foot of Park Ave. OAKLAND who hasNWod the test of time In the East Bay retail field. The clause was put. Into the lease to ensure the customers of the market the highest degree of honesty In dealing with the merchants assembled in the market. "One of the features of the market that we expect to appeal espe-. dally.- both ..to the housewife- and the farmer is the bringing together of the producer and the consumer. The average housewife understands too little the 1 problems which beset the tiller of the soil, and- the Tarmer may profit by direct contact with the consumer and a study of his needs. This service will also result In the reducing, of prices - to a minimum consistent with the earning of a fair profit by the agriculturist and the paying of a fair price by the consumer. "Through contact with , the farmer and the orchardist the housewife will be enabled to obtain the best and freshest of the products of the soil of California. The- development ' of the motor truqk has made possible the bringing' to market of many diversified products in a short time. When the agriculturist had to depend entirely upon the trains his product was handled so many times and delayed so long that it often reached the consumer in a wilted condition, but that era Is entirely past. FRCIT TREE TO KITCHEN". "The . fruit that Is on the trees today in the San Joaquin valley or the Sacramento valley may be eaten tomorrow In the homes of Piedmont and Berkeley; the vegetables that are growing today In Contra Costa county will be served tomorrow at lunch In the homes of Oakland and Alameda. "The management of the East Bay Market will alwaya .consider the convenience and wants of the housewives of tlfe Eastbay cities first. It Is on them that the sue-, cess of th'arket depends, and It is they that have provided the reason for Its establishment. The aim of everyon connected with the market will be to satisfy. the women of Oakland ' completley. If this Is done the others with whom we do business will also be satisfied and the success of the market will be assured." Remains of Lizard Bigger Than Elephant SLICK, Okla., July tr (United Press) While raising the bailer, recently, in the Frank A. Baker well No. 8 here, the bailer' broke. After -fishing, .the- bailer was brought up, containing what resembled the petrified tall of k gigantic lizard. The ' petrified substance wai about ten feet in circumference. Through the center ran what appeared to be a vertebra and oft what resembled the bark, was a feriwmf regular pit marks, similar to those found on small lizards. ', Local geologists expressed the belief that the "tail" belonged to a prehistoric lizard, larger than an elephant of the present day, which lived mi!lionsof .years ago. ... Executioner Broke; ' ' Quits the Business , LONDON, July 0. (United Press) Pedro Gonzalei, official executioner of Barcelona, has gone broke. There have been no nice little murders around his home town In nine years, and so he has' been evicted from his cottage by his landlord. During the good old times, when murder was a pastime, Gonzalez was a comparatively wealthy man. His pay, in those days, was literally $20 per head. After hanging on to his office -without a singte execution for nine years, Pedro has "turned It up." "How can I live If there's nobody to die?" Gonzalez pitifully asks. . Opening v -Factory Special Reed Breakfast Sets, $25 up . -. 11 other refii, fiber, grass furniture at factory prices. On display balcony of East Bay 4 Market. Fiber Reed Co. . "Factory to Consumer" Phone Merritt 131. 1727 E. 12th St. " 111 E AS 1 IB SQUARE FEET OF SPACE IS OUR WELCOME TO THE MEN BEHIND THE AY MARKET We have backed their judgment and enterprise with ours and you will see when you enter Saturday the finest, neatest; best arranged and best stocked grocery on the Pacific Coast. And with it. all we have not forgotten - PRICE '.' - - . - . . i . You will get when you trade with us ; PRICE - QUALITY CLEANLINESS ASSORTMENT ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " . WE WELCOME YOU WHETHER YOU BUY OR NOT A Delicious Necessity at Every Meal PON HONOR UTTCA ' Pon Honor BUTTER 1 lb. 2 lbs. 45c 89c the daily freshness, in 14-Ib. cubes, sameness pf flavor, excellence of quality, combined with this attractive low price, makes it the BUTTER SUPREME Ml .Oil Mazola Oil Pint tin 25c Quart tin . . . . . . ... . ,49c 10-gallon tin 95c 1-gallon tin .-..$1.63 Wesson Oil Pints ............26c I Quarts ...50c Crisco No. 1 can. . . .. . .20c N0. I12 can. .. . .30c No. 3 can. . . .58c No. 6 can $1.5 Snow Drift 1 No. l ean 20c No. 2 can.. .......39c No. 4 can. 78c (411 The Perfect Shortening Candy Department MATINEE MIXED Fancy High grade satin finish STUFFED MINTS . Very delicious GOLDEN CRUMBLES, Melt 'w your mouth ............ JELLY DROPS. , Better than gum drops ......... ALL PON HONOR QUALITY 32c 32c 32c 19c Barrel Syrup BARREL SYRUP . nv Small barrel, each. . . MOC BARREL SYRUP ; . ir Medium barrel, each-' ......... T'D C BARREL SYRUP Q A Large barrel, each .... . .". ....'. U C Folger's Coffee Special Features Sale on all sizes t Look (pr the Smiling ' Fat Man EGGS -29c doz. -EGGS I n'tjtresintp 1 4ii i t .-; . vTSk. , a . 1-. S UWMV "X. 1 lineoffru I kl I J- J . i .1 T. CI H. G. Prince & Go. Fruit and Vegetables We have secured for our department the exclusive agency for these celebrated goods. All goods packed under the LITTLE. PRINCE brand represent selected fruits and vegetables of a very choice graded Everything guaranteed with a money-bac refund without argument. ' Besides the LITTLE PRINCE we also carry .... ' -- 's Finest NAM f MM k r VW wumnmns I I warni MUJBI3W 1iflir its. These goods are the finest selected : fruits, packed in heavy syrups, and represent the. highest quality of canned fruits. You Will find, ' them to be very reasonably priced. A demon- ' strator will be on hand to show you the goods., She will not try to sell you, you will sell your-; selfthat's our policy; Later on all our stores . will be stocked with the same goods. Little Prince Catsup i-pint bottles, . . 15c 1-pint bottles . . . 20c APRICOTS, Little Prince 9Q-No. 2 ran OC ..27c . 40c 38c CLINGS, sliced Little Prince No. 2V-J can , ROYAL ANNS, Little Prince No. 2'4 can ., ASPARAGUS, Little Prince, No. 2'A tan tin APRICOTS, Prince Finest, No. t tin ROYAL ANNS, Prince Finest, No. 2 tin YELLOV FREES, Prince Finest, No. 2 tin 32c 44c . 27c .... " ttfi i r stf Pi w 4 -. t? " L-JX i East Bay Coffee No. can,' vacunm parked . . Pon Honor Coffee, No. 1 package Big Value Coffee, No. 1 package G. Washington Coffee Small G. WashingtonCoffee me diom ..... 41c 35c 25c 35c 69c $1.08 ...20d G. Washington Coffee, lrg ' LIPTON TEA 4 pound - Vt pound '. ... i j a IMiumi ...... RIDGWAY TEA- Orange label Vi 11) 20 Orange label lb. 39e Orange label 1 lb. ..... . . .77b Silver label lb. 22? Silver label, lb 43 Silver labcl l lb 82? Canned Vegetables Tomatoes, Del Monte 1 O No. 2 can Jubilee Peas, No. 2 ran. .. .QVaif) Tomatoes, Prinre solid pack, No. 2 !a can . . . Sugar Corn Oxford No. 2 can Asparagus, Del Monte,. OO large white No. JV4 rin.-.-.-. OO C Asparagus tips, Del Monte, O C i small white -...-OOC Asparagus, Eagle No. 2Vj tin ..... Crab meat, fancy lb, size 39 I lb. size 72f Tuna, white meat, 'a lb ....14c lb. 22d Dry Beef, 2Vj oz. 18 Council, 7 or j$3 Comed Beef, Council Q 12 oz. size IOC 16c ,...12ic 25c Salmon, Del Mont Fancy red Enchiladas, IXL per ran Raviolis, IXL per can r. ii ...i-r.-. n-.- Mushroora sauce, IXL per can Macaroni IXL sauce , Olives, Ehmann. 7 os. jar 15 oz. jar ........ Olive Oil, Ehmann Small ...... Medium . . . Large Salad Dressing Premier large ... 25c- .mv -12ic ... 10c ...10; .....24t. 27 .53 .,39c "WE SPLIT Tup NICKEL" 4001 piedmont Ave.. Oakland 6401 Grove St.', Oakland 4(t Grand Ave., Oakland S813 Grove, St., Oakland STORE LOCATIONS . 3338 Telegraph Ave.. Oaklancr, 604 College Ave., Oakland .' 2125 Telegraph Ave., Oakland ' 1991 University A v., Berkeley 2036" Collejre Ave.. Berkeley 1 105 K. 11th St., San Leandro 490 K. 1 1th St., Broadmoor 551 Main St., Hayward EASTBAY MARKET, 19th and Telegraph

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