Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 17, 1922 · Page 6
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 6

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, July 17, 1922
Page 6
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JNDAY EVENING JULY-17, II LIEU ma m mini States Gather for Big Market Week.' SAN FRAKCTSOa July 17. The furniture dealers' convention and market week opened here today with a luncheon at the Palace Hotel There are more than 1200 of the leading furniture dealers of the Western states in the city. The opening session of the convention will be held this evening at 7:30 o'ejock atjhe'iFurniture Exchange. .. Clifford' A, Williams, general manager of the Retail Furniture Association of California, was the main speaker at today's luncheon. Hi subject was. "My Impression of the Furniture Business." w Professor B. C .Jackway will speak at the Furniture Exchange I tonight on "Giving the Public What it Wants." Tomorrow there will be another luncheon In the ballroom of the Palace KotelMterMarceimeAlnsered-the-eftll-that-weie-Jll not roy will speak on "The Woman Who Buys and the Man Who Sells." At 4:80 p. m. tomorrow there will be a round 'table discussion. The subjects will Include "Plan Your Advertising? and "An Advertising Policy for the Furniture Merchant." "Increasing Sale Without Cutting Profits" will be discussed by Professor Jackway tomorrow evening at the Furniture Exchange. , " A. luncheon at the Falaee Hotel, n afternoon and an evening see- ' slon at the ' Furniture Exchange, will constitute Wednesday's program. Thursday will be Stove Day. Pro- fessor Jackway will be the Breaker at the luncheon at the Palace Hotel. His subject will be , "Coining Taste Into Good Money.", " - Among the eubjectg to be dls-l Cussed at the afternoon session will Ibe "The Advertising Appeal In (Window and Store Display," and V'The Tie-in with the Manufactur er's Advertising." There will be a tfeature banquet at the St. Francis Hotel In the evening. '.'.) Retail Furniture Dealer Day Will be observed Saturday. Ladies! Learn to make your own , s frocks. The 'Selphit System is . taught In five lesson by using only three measurements. Each pupil 1 supplied with an ippllance for ' cutting out paN tern of any garment for women and children. ... THE LATEST INVENTION (Patented and copyrighted) A revelation In dres cutting Free Demonstration iToesday, July 18, at 3 p. m. jsuiiuing ana Manufacturers Exchange Display Room 1424 Fnfnklin St., Oakland The m . mi w ii b i l -f if I McPherson Revival Draws Throngs of Worshipers By F. B. SCHUMANN. Mre than seven thousand people ast"7iieht crowded the tent-tabernacle on Twenty-sixth street to participate In the revival meetings being conducted by Mrs. Almee Semple McPherson. j - larirg a tup one of last night attended the afternoon meeting. On a call of hands more than half of yesterday afternoon's crowd indicated that they were from outside of the City. Fully half of these were from San Francisco, hundreds had come from San Jose and large groups from other outlying cities. About fifty of the visitors were from out side of the state, representing eighteen different states, some coming from at far as New York, and some from Alberta, Canada. Although the afternoon crowd held many who were frail of health, some who were trembling with nervous disorders, others brought in wheel chairs, one small girl who had been brought on a couch, and that crutches, canes, braces, bandages and other marks of infirmities ere much in evidence, they were conspicuous by their absence at the "altar call." At the evening "altar call" when a request whs made for the Identification of all who had one hand was raised TESTIMONIAL MEETING. Previous to the afternoon service a short testimonial service was held at which a large number acknowledged that they had been cured of ailments at previous meetings conducted by Mr. McPherson. They included people from' Oakland,' San Francisco, Ban Jose, Lodi and other places. - . The afternoon service was opened with a prayer by Rev.'-' Millbri C. Lutz, pastor of the United Brethren church. Special musical number wer offered by the volunteer choir of over 00 under the direction of Tir 1C VnfiT fr MrPhernnn'a afternoon talk was on "The FouJ,than-'; of the county, according to Sqhare "Gospel," In which She im - D nrnd verv min ster. Sunday school teacher and worker to teach the Four Square Gospel. . "We are too afraid and too careful In our preaching lest we.offend, someone and lose a member or two. We need to preach more of the real Christ," she said. "This world Is In need of positive preaching Instead of negative preaching: someone to tell us what to do, Instead of what not to do. It makes no difference If a preacher have a string of letters behind his name long enough to fill an envelope, he Is not yet a messenger of the gospel unless he is full of the spirit." Spicing her talk with amusing Incidents which occurred In previous meetings, she frequently had her audience showing broad grins. At other time there were tears in the eyes of many. 000 GO TO ALTAR. Fully six hundred answered the a)tar call at the close of the sermon and knelt about the altar. There were old and young of many race and nationalities represented In the kneeling throng. Call were made for altar workers who could speak a foreign tongue. Fully a dozen stated that they had never .1 . tiILI. T - oprneu or reau n. oiuie. rtva Bibles are to be distributed to those who have none this evening. Dr. Thomas Gale, Baptist state evangelist, led the prayer of the evening eervlce. This was fol-lowed by short talks by Rev. Harold iJovette, pastor of the Olivet Con- Is .Busy" When tKe telephone operator tells you ""the line is busy,' this fact has been made known, to her by an electric signal. With the thousands of calls in daily telephone traffic, if the operator, to secure this information, were compelled to listen on the linenof the party called, prompt service would be out of the question. This delay Is eliminated by an electricTT device which in the fraction of a second automatically indicates that the line called for is in use. When "busy" reDorts are repeated on successive calls for the same number, it is , generally due to an immoderate use of the called line. The length' of a telephone conversation is obviously beyond the control of the telephone operator. Have confidence in her when she makes the report "the line is busy. Pacific Telephone gregational church, and Rev. Milton C. Lutz, pastor of the United Brethren church. Both ministers praised the revival campaign and stated that It was the largest and most successful one which they had ever witnessed. A number of the" churches suspended eveniiiK Ices last night and attended the tent meeting In a body. MUSICAL PROGRAM OFFERED. Mr. H. M. Hurley and-Mrs. J. M. Abbott rendered duet as part of themusical program of the evening. Mr. McPherson poke on "The Story of Samson and Delilah.." Comparing Samson to the Christian church and Delilah to world- llness she scored those who had brought the material things into the church. The minister of the cut and dried sermonB who "practised his sermon from notes before a looking-glass," the dancing, theater-going, card-playing, smoking churchgoer, were labeled a Delilahs, who took a leading part In shearing the church of Its seven lock of strength, which were described, as: The Lock of Salvation, Bapt-fsm of the Holy Ghost and the Fire, Faith, Love, Consecration, Prayer and Praise. "As Samson came out of hi I orison lea by a small, simple cmio, lift the church today is being led ffrom Its prison by the gospel of simplicity," declared Mrs. McPherson. Another meeting was held this afternoon and tonight the flrst meeting preparatory to divine healing service will be held., Paving City Task, Supervisors Decide 5, The pavlnf of Thirteenth avenue must be by action of the city rather ucls'un i " -ooaru oi ouniy muperviBurB luuay. me uutiru le ceived a letter from the Civic League Improvement Club In which ' it was stated that there was a gen-, eral belief that the thoroughfare ! waaa county road, and asked what procedure should be taken to have It paved. The raodway is In poor condition from East Fourteenth street north, according to the letter. I All members of the board will attend the annual convention of the State Association of County Supervisors, which n.eets July 26 to 28 at Eureka according to plans made at'the meeting today. Wife Denied Kisses, Sues for Divorce I Because her husband refuses to kiss her, and refused to allow her to accompany him upon three pleasure trip to Lot Angeles last year, Mrs. Elsie Holland today filed filed suit for divorce. Holland Is a clerk In San Francisco, accord ing to attorney. The - couple were married U Strathford, England, In September, 1912. They separated June 22 this year. t Divorces Suits Filedf Cora v. Joseph Rula, cruelty. Emilia, vs. Clncenzo Allexandro Cerrato. cruelty. Olive Jim Ina vs. Edward Henry Kiihl, cruelty. I I " it I OEM STATES HIS The following statement ha been issued by District Attorney Eza W. iDecoto in connection with his an nouncement that he would be a candidate for re-election: . .- "In presenting myself as i "candidate for the office I now hold, trrnt of d!.';triot--ttgrngyjVla meda county, I feel that the people of the county are already familiar with the work of my office. "Among the many things I have done 'during the past four years are the pursuit. Capture and con viction of the AlvaradoBank robber, two of whom we followed all over the United States; the arrest and conviction of the members of the notorious Thirty Strong' gang, one of the best organized gangs that has ever operated in Alameda county; the conviction under the syndicalism law of all those who tried to interfere with the United States In Its efforts to win the war and who were endeavoring to undo all the- good work that was done by our soldiers in the war for liberty and humanity. During the past four years we have convicted 922 person charged with felony In the Superior Court of this county. In addition I am the legal adviser of all county officers and the several boards of education and school boards and have charge of all their civil business. "I can assure the people' of Alameda county, If elected, the ame faithful and fearless service that I have given in the past. To me public office is a public trust. I believe In giving to every person an absolutely square deal and In enforcing the law honestly, faithfully and feart&sly." Marriage Licenses Harry B. Sherman, 3S, and Donna LTBanford, 10both of Los Angeles. Chrissy Curtis, 49. and Josephine A. Hogg) 42, both of Oakland. Borneo M. Gllardl, 24, and Marl E. Busch, 26, both of Oakland. James McLachlan, 26, and Mary Bonnyman, 20, both of Oakland. Max J. Spltze Jr., 22, and Lillian M. Moffatt, 18, both of Berkeley. William H. reen, 26, and Lillian A. Smith, 20, both of Oakland. William I'faff. 62, and Johanna Palmer, 46, both of Hayward. Thomas Imholz. 37. Hayward, and Mathilda Marty, 23, OatUand. DIED CJ-A18IK in Berkeley, Calif., July 15, 11)22, Emclie Forster Clautfis. beloved mother of. Felix A. Clausis of Portland,- Ore.; Mrs. Carrie E. Heckman of Berkeley, and Mrs. Mildred E. Daley of Napa, Calif., and sister of Frank R. Forster of Wisconsin, Carl Forster of Los Angeles, and the late William Forster of San Francisco, a native of Germany, aged 77 years. Friends are invited to attend the funeral services Tuesday July 18th. 1922. at 2 6'clock p. m., from the Methodist church, corner 38th and Telegraph ave. Mrs. Clausis -j Will be at the parlors of Ernest A. 'Wolllrz7-193S-tWehster St., Oakland, till Tuesday noon. COWELL in this city, July 17, 1922. Thomas Cowell, beloved huBband of the late Mary Cowell. father of Mrs. Carl Sinz, Thomas H., William and John A. Cowell, brother ot Julia and Asenath Cowell. native of England, aged 79 years, 10 months and 4 days. Funeral services Tuesday, July ii. vizi, at z:30 oclock p. m., at the parlors of James Taylor Company, N.E. corner 15th and Jeffer-Son sts., Oakland, to which friends are invited. r GinsoiV In Oakland, Julyil,-122, ;Karl Gibson Jr.. lovlnr inn nf Fart and Delta Gibson.' brothar nf iieien ana James Ulnson, grandson of Mr. tnd Mrs. John Ituell of St. Louis. Mo., nephew of Mr. and Mrs.- Jv;-r: Fopplan5 Of Oakland, Mr. and Mrs. James BhiMds of Sterling. Colo., James, John and Nora Kuelt of St. Louis, Mo., a native of Missouri, aged 4 years, 7 months. 12 days. Cx Friends and arqualntrhces are respectfully Invite! to attend the funeral services Thursdav, July 20, 1922, at 11 o'clock A. M., from the chapel of Grant p. Miller, 2372 E. 14th st., Oakland. Interment St. Mary's cemetery. LOW In PieasHnton. Calif., July 16, lazz, Mrs. Bophronla Qulmby Low, a native of Maine, aged tf year. Funeral services at her late resi dence, .pieasanton, Monday. July 17th. at 1 p. m. Cremation at CallU iuiiii t-remaiory, uaxiana, J&UI., t J:4! p. m.. Julv 17th. MIM.ER In San Francisco July 14, cnanes, aeariy Deiovea husband of Catherine Miller and devoted father of Mrs. Viola J. Gra ham. - Mrs. Jessie L. Douglas,- i nanoue u., cnarle Jr. Loralne M. and the late George F. Miller, a native of Hamburg, Germany. Friends and acquantances are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral Monday, July 17, from their late residence. 436 Third avenue, San Francisco, at 9:20 a. m. Interment, Cypress Lawn Cemetery, under the direction of Julius S. Godeau, 41 Van Ness avenue, San' Francisco. VAMDHK-WKM.K In Sonoma, July is, 1922. Katherlne. beloved daughter of Bertha SQhwars and the late Cornelius Vanrter Welle, loving sister of William, Cornelius and Anna Vander Welle, stcp-glster cf Charles and Heken Schwars, a native of Oakland, Cal., aged 46 years. Friend are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral Tuesday, July 18, at 2 p. m., at the Fruit vale parlors of Freeman & Cox-Roach tt Kenney, 2945 14th t. Interment nrivnt. WILLIAMS In this city, July 14. vnu Williams, son of ItObert Williams fir. and hrr.tV.or f -Robert-Williams Jr.- of Oak- una and Mrs. L. Chamfree and Mrs. Estella Champion Of Chicago, a native of Alabama, aged 41 years., Friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral Wednesday, July It, at I o'clock p. m.,'at Beth Eden Baptist ehurch, Fllhert street. - be 'tween Seventh and Eighth streets. Remain at parlor of Hudson A Butler, 958 Eighth street. Interment Evergreen Cemetery. CARD OF THANKS. ' The famllv of the lata Mra. Berth Ferretta desire to thank their many friends for the beautiful floral offerings and the kind symnathy extended to mem ouring tnetr late bereavement in the loss of a lovlnar wife and mother. NICHOLAS J. FERRETTA and FAMILT. CARD OS" THANKS. We Wlfth tA thank t h fltv frlendi for their kinrin mmm ttrtnir the Illness and recent death ot our moiner. Mrs. M. C. Grlftin.-also fer th beautiful floral offerings. MK3. J. W, ALKIRE2. Mil. y. H, GRIFFIN. , SAW rHANCIICO DEATHS. -! Alln, I.ur 55 Ufrrty. Italic P. St I1. Rlmrr T. ii MrCulgan. Ilmtl 2 Pri, J. Ilrrlwrt McConDrll, Ma rinklni. ft, t. 25 Miller, Joseph Glffm, T!in. J. 37 M.wr, Sninu-l S 94 3lyn. Uabrlle 17 Mumann, Albert 4 Iimptoo, Preitoo E.Rheel, Frank 69 t Rock. Brl'U't (Tanhfrt Aniuat I. r(nnell. Annlt Political Notes David D. Oliphant Jr., candidate for congress on the Republican ticket in the Sixth Congressional district, today announced his re vised and complete llrt of advisory wmmittee members, which includes seven women and twenty-five men. Oliphant is now established in his headquarters Ut 1224 Broadway. The advisqry -committee follows: William Nat. '"'friend, chairman; Mrs. E. B. de Rome, Walter J. Burpee, Mr. Be.s! Wto-d Gustason, Edward R. Eliassen. Harold S. Morris, Mrs. Lucy Barker, Dr. Jl-hrfnr "nun i', Tii mi i'i rim1 , T -A. Johnson, Roy B. Baker, Maurice Bluel, Carlisle Crosby, W. E. Dean, Dr. Miller Eraser, Mr. David L. Hibbs, J. E. Hood, Mrs. John G. Hoyt, Colonel O. A.' Hii Mrs. Frank M. Hurd, J. W. O'Neill. A. Leslie Oliver, Philip L. Pease, Dr. C. P. Poston, Mrs. E. A. Rathbun, Girard N. Richardson, Seth B. Thompson, Lionel Wachs. Wilbur S. Tupper, San Leandro; H. Hen- ningsen, .Hayward; t V. Jones, Nlles; Ralph E. .Merritt, Livermore. The Hurley for Senator Central Club was organized at headquarter in the Blake block Saturday in the Interests Assemblyman Edgar 8. Hurley for Senator from the Sixteenth senatorial district. The executive committee Is as follows: John N. Richardson, president; W. 3. Morehead, vice-president; John C. Goad, secretary; George D. Shelden, W. H. Noe, W. Pv McEl-roy, Mrs. Ella Gray, Mrs. Ella Poston, George Magner, Thomas L. Harris, Parker J. Wilson, Ben B-Jones, E. A. Madsh, James W. Mc-Nlece, Howard Fredericks, Miss Eva Dodson, Frank B. Perry, Mrs. Jean Bent, J. H. Anderson, Clarence Gray, John W. Robertson, Charles McDonald, Kr C. Morrison, Mrs. Lula Sheldon, Mis Catherine Goodman, B. H. Welsh. "The day of small things for Ala-meda county has passed," said Hurley 4n an address before Electrical Workers, Local 9B, at Pythian Castle. "The pace hat been set and the men you elect to office muBt be fully abreast bt the pace-makers. The backbone of this city' growth must be her harbor. I have pledged myself to Introduce a bill into th next legislature that will give Oakland the same opportunity to found modern port suqh as San Pran Cisco." "The Citizenship of youth" wai th topic 6f James H. MacLafferty, candidate for Congress, speaking last night1 before the Young People's Association of the Twenty-third Avenue Baptist church, "It is to the youth of the 'land that we mutt look for the solution of all our problems," he said. "Youth ha 'the energy and vision, and Tiiio"iWq. f t i t I ,1 VV iStvlti I r4 i i 1:.. - a w M . Jr...,.: r.- r - fir , Hi : 1 i (, ' ill HUTS SOUGHT 111 BIG I Congressman, Federal Offi cials, Millionaires Are involved. CHICAGO, July IT. Internal revenue agents today sought indict ment' of more than 50 men. Including millionaires, a member of congress and former federal officials, in connection with the $7,000,000 booze ring unearthed here, federal agent declared. Evidence obtained when Harry Mager and Benjamin M. Mitchell, politicians, wer arrested, was presented to a federal grand jury. Sensational evidence of -wholesale corruption of prohibition officials had been secured, agent said. Two prohibition officer are reported to have been on the payroll of certain brewerle with salariea of close to 1X00,000. "Men on every floor of the federal building will be Implicated," an agent Said. Colonel A. C, Earnshaw, chief of a special revenue Intelligence unit which Investigated the alleged graft operations, said it will take nearly three week to present all of the evidence to the grand jury. "Thi evidence will cover the collection of $500,000, most of which was 'cleared through the orflce of Mitchell," Earnshaw stated. - "Specialized and efficient business procedure, rivaling even the most highly organized modern e-tabllshment,wa followed .by the ring," Earnshaw tated. "The money collected wa distributed freely among federal official to gain immunity. "A wealthy foundry ownerr wa in charge of th drug store whose license have, Jseen revoked. Within a few month, we will show, he col lected 120,600 from druggist ex youth must carry the load. Bu young people must be grounded In sterling Americanism If the country Is to be guarded against the encroachment of Idea that will dilute our American ideals. . "Another thing of vital importance Is the ballot box. We must register and must cast our ballot at the polls if we are to make this truly a representative government" Earn your "A set that the radio fans" U how a radio engineer described the nevo crystal set that it being manufactured for The TRIBUNE Radio club members. The neu) 'sets produced results far above those hoped tiveness and the new set the hook-up, clared to be be made for clusively. This man' work was confined exclusively to drug store violators of the law and he was strictly prohibited from appoint! any otners. j; "There is evidence to show that all brewers were forced to pay this ring $5 on each barrel of real beer shipped from the HUnois district, General Melon Crop Movement Begins - TTJRLOCK, July IT. The general movement of the" melon crop from Turlock ha commenced, and th street of the city now bear a JStjtnlmated appearance. Buyer rrom all over Tne uiiiun am l.crs The Turlock Melon Grower' aseo elation, a co-operative concern, enrolled 9 grower Friday, bringing their total of enlistment for the week up to 92, with a total membership of mor than 100. Th association yesterday wa offering $21.60 for melon to it members, while th independent street buyffr failed to top the 1T mark. Th cool nights of late have ceased, and the cantaloupes are ripening fast. It is expected that there will be a general movement of the noted Turlock cantaloupe during the forthcoming week, when melon will also be rolling by the car lot. . CAXDrDATpS' BALL HELD. MARTINEZ. July IT. Mor than 1500 peron from all parts of th county wer her Saturday night to attend th candidates' ball staged in front of the courthouse by the Chamber of Commerce, Commercial Girl' club and American Legion. Th dance wa given to raise fund for a swimming pool on the waterfront Teeth on Credit! We originated the -Credilt Plan" in dentistry. Radio Set get your Radio supplies free thru The TRIBUNE. Check this list over, then send in the coupon below: TRIBUNE CRYSTAL SET (an up-to-dato set), TSbmpleto with 200 feet of wire and cleats for aerial and phone 11 new! three-months' subscriptions. The same set, without wire and cleats 10 new three-months' mtbecrlptlon. ..... VACUUM JUBE SOCKET One new three-months' subscription. CUTLER- HAMMER RHEOSTAT One new three-months' sub-serlption. . ' REMLER JUNIOR RHEOSTAT One new three-months' sub. serlption. . UNIVERSAL RADIO PLUG One new three-months subscription. - ' - - ; - - - - REMLER DIAL One new three-months' subscription. 200 feet of AERIAL WIRE and cleats two new three-months' subscriptions. . . . . ,.,... HONEYCOMB COILS (R. G. 25, SS or J00), two three-months' subscription. Franco "B" BATTERY Three new three-months' subscriptions. Single COREY PHONE (1000 ohms) with cord, four new three- months' subscriptions. . . , Double 2000 OHM PHONES (Federal, Brandcs or Corey), complete head set, eight new three-months' subscription. VARIABLE CONDENSER, .005 Mfd., four new three-months' subscriptions. VARIABLE CONDENSER, .001 Mfd., five new three-months' snbecrlptlon. , CUNNINGHAM TUBE fWe new three-months subscriptions. AMPLIFYING TUBE 1 new three-months' subscriptions. REMLER VARIO COUPLER fire new three-months' subscriptions. ' REMLER VARIOMETER six new three-months' subscriptions. REMLERTAN EL twelve new three-months' subscriptions. will surprise The TRIBUNE is co-operating with radio enthusiasts in helping them secure the necessary equipment for radio receiving sets, and if there is any item not listed that you desire to secure, please write the Radio Department . of .The Oakland TRIBUNE, stating your needs, and you will be given full particulars on how to earn the same. for. The effec- selectivity of is credited to which is de as good as can a crystal set. Send in this coupon at once ''l&mio Club (DakianMIJoInbunp - I want to earn some Radio Supplies. Please send me blanks for ..', ..... sc;.i.-;-'iujjii Stat Item Desired Name. .. . . . ..... . . ... Address . . . . . .-.. .-.. . . . City Brlof thi eoapoa OAKLAND TRIBUNE, 13th and rraaklla, OaklaaeY California l! t!:lL- Bureau llnfiiraafiotv "Is there such a thing as a mammoth black loganberry f queries a TRIBUNE reader of the information department There is a Burbank craetlon called "Th Mammoth Black." It TrTfi' iri limiT1" "nirirlr TiO- ganDerry." it is listed under both names with nursery companies. icaoo jjiiui cl tcuipv xur a goou eye wash" is another request. On heaping teaspoonful of boria acid to two ounces of boiling hot water. Allow to stand until ths water absorbs all the boric acid It will take. This Is what is called a saturated solution. Strain through a fine piece of gauze or cloth and add one drop of camphor and one drop of witch hazel. Keep in a cool place. The TRIBUNE Information Bu. reau will answer all questions ot a general nature except school or legal problems, debates, trade and Arm names and queries as to the time of day. -' Tho hitrooii 4 a hrtn &xmi - Aaif except Sunday from 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. ' If answers are desired by mall stamps must be enclosed. Quickest results can be obtained by telephoning to the bureau. ir?nwn Balance on terms to uuwai 8ujt y0ur convenience) AND NO INCREASE IN PRICES BECAUSE WE GIVE CREDIT. Gold Crown' $4.00 Bridge Work .$4.00 Platea . . . . ....... . .... . . .$7.00 up X RAY PICTURES FREE WITH DENTAL WORK DR. J. O. WILDER, Successor to . Moderate Priced Dentists 1224 Broadway. Phone Oakland 293. ' Hears, Week daysi 9 a. m, to S p. m. Sunday, 9 a. m. to lit noon. -Mm OVndXclegraph Company K4nlUkj. . ii S&tttltfl- MirT A. I U Sirange, C. !. DJ "i, r fin.n.i,,., .i .... ill

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