Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 13, 1922 · Page 6
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 6

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1922
Page 6
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JULY 13, 1D22. THURSDAY EVENING OsilanD Cxikuut u . - rl -t r"v J"J MLAiWS STEADY CLUE 10 CITY 'OF SKY (sf mm permits ' $3,381,045 IN JUNE, 50,01TSBOE1SX Four Huge Structures to' Form City's Skyline; Many More Blocks and Houses Swell Total , (Continued from page 1). minus of three gfeatrtrans-contl tiental railroads. Already the new Oakland Sank tiuildlng ia rising by one floor aiter another into the new IS -story structure that It is eventually to be. Atf ew yards away from Its northeastern corner is the spot of ground that will mark "the southwestern" cornier of the huge new TRIBUNE building, announced within the past few flays, and upon which construction is soon to start. . . A few blocks north1 is the site of the seventeen-story building whose contemplated construction was recently announced by' Frank H. Proctor.1 WILt, APPEAR OP . 6AM0EHEIGHT FROM BAY. Seen frOra the bay, three hew Skyscrapers will appear- to rise to approximately' the' same , height as the eity hall. The 'letter edifice has an altitude, above the sidewalk of 343 feet... The TRIBUNE tower will rise to a. height of S27 feet, w within sixteen feet of that of the eity hall, while. the crest of the! new Oakland Bank" building Vill attain 288 feet, or only about "J4 feet less than that 'of The TRIBUNE. Together .yith the; proposed Proctor building, when it is com-pleted, these structures will compos a skyline that will reVeal Oakland at a glance as great commercial nnd industrial city. " From Inside the city,, however, Us Jrestige will be even more apparent ' On the block where now l$:Tbe tangy low building of the Southern Paclflo station at. Fourteenth and Franklin streets together with the pen space around the tracks, there will rise the Bjiiestory'w the huge edifice that will in "future bouse both the Athens Athletic club And the Southern Pacific station. A few blocks -up Franklin street the downtown skyline will again be pierced by the upper stories of the ine-floor Medical Arts building, toon to be built at the corner of Xineteenth and Franklin etreets. Around the corner, On Broadway, fcetweep Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets,. will appear the artistic fa-Cade of the new million-dollar Fox theater, one of the largest and most modern motion picture theater Structures to be found on the coast. $7,500,000 PROGRAM TT JDOWNTOWN AREA. f These are the principal buildings In a downtown construction pro gram, which, it is conservatively stlmated, will involve the expendi ture of more than $7,500,000. And they will give Oakland the appearance suitable to the fact of her being' one of the-leading .business eities of the West. ' A couple of blocks west, at Seventeenth street and San Pablo avenue, there wilj be1 added to Oakland's downtown skyline the seven-story edifice that is to house the Pacific Gas & Electric company. And at Sixteenth and Broadway ywill be the remodeled six-story home erf the new Commercial Savings and Trust company. - Altogisther, these huge new structures will within the year to come, five to photographs' of Oakland's present skyline the same ancient look as that which now attaches to the old pictures showing the former wooden city hall end the old frame buildings at Fourteenth street and Ban Pahl$ avenue. New Skyscrapers to ; Be Artistic Giants rThe ;iew Oakland TRIBUNE skyscraper, to be erected along side the publishing company's present taulldlng at Thirteenth and Franklin streets, will rise to a height off nineteen stories and occupy a stte 40 by 100 feet. The building will, be a class A Structure, jvith steel frame, covered with Concrete faced with specially designed pressed brick, similar to tha present TRIBUNE building. Construction will begin on August 1. and it is expected that the build ing will be completed by July 1 of next year. Less than a stone's throw from the site of the proposed new TRIBUNE building, the eighteen-story skyscraper of the Oakland Bank is 'now under construction. This building, which Is being erected at a cost of approximately $760,000, will be 286 feet in hclcrht. and will form a third important element in Oakland's new sky scraper skyline. The, building will contain a basement and a 6ub-basement, and. aside from the space which will be used by the banking institution. will be devoted to offices. . ., The building will contain a set of three self-lovellng elevatprs of a new type which has not, yet been used went of the Mississippi. I'KOCTOR BUILDING' Oakland's fourth skyscraper wj) be the ssvcDte-erp-storyrifflce build-ing to1 be -erected at Seventeenth street and Telegraph avenue bv Frank H.' Proctor, Senator Arthur 1L Bre.1 and Norman Ie Vaux, according-to-'.plans announced re cently. This building, which it is estimated will cost iq the Belgh-borhood of a ml. an. dollars, will be ereceted on a site recently purchased by Proctor for $500,000. Its r.ponsors assert that it will be an all-steel' building of the most Oakland's New' Skyline Skyscrapers and other large tlructures that will soon "tell the world' that Oakland is now a metropolis of the first rank. Top row, left to right: Oakland TRIBUNE building, Oakland Bank building. Pacific Gas & Electric building. Lower row: Left, Medical Arts building; right upper, Athens Athletic Club, Fox theater. ". g- ft' 1 i ;r t ' j m s- on. -1 t 4 til 'dUUhiM 1$ &1wAn -rr list t'.fi A f. 3! ill 513) r n'Vi W 1 -' if j; 'git? WW FIB SYSTEM SllVS GROWTH Total'of 2367 New Connec tiona Made in First Six Months of Year. Curing the first sit months of this year a total Of 2JT new tele' phones have been installed In the Eastbay eltles. according to an announcement ma.de today by th Pacific Telephone & Telegraph company. , . This work, which together With new construction and , additional equipment made necessary by the installations, represents an expen rtitnm of anoroximatelr 150,000, and is an accurate indication of the rapid growth of this vicinity In populaton and business, j. v. Holmes, district manager of ths eompany, said. The demand for new telephones has been unusually heavy, and the company has been obliged to reinforce most of its main distributing cables and many of its central offices, said the tnan- "Not only- have plant extensions (been carried on at a rapid rate, but the work now in hand and What is proposed is much larger than at any other period in the company's history,". Holmes stated ."One of Combination oil 8 Blocb Woud Look Like This SUPPOSE the cUty largest of ths many building's now under construction or projected in Oakland's downtown business section were made into one building having the average smonnt of grsnnd pstehera J whaOkwoul1' e like: It would constitute a skyscraper of 8J storlei. . ' - ll would rie into the air s ait-Uncs of 1382 feet, or sbout s ljusrter of mils. It would bs ths tallest building la tha world by a margain of 32 stories. RINGING APPEAL WRINGS MONEY; MAN ARRESTED Accused of relieving generous-hearter citizens of about M and mors a day, Roy Steward is now In the city Jail, charged with vagrancy. 11 According to a report by the arresting officers, Steward had a "property" letter which he showed setting forth that he suffered from lung trouble and wanted to reach a better climate. Tha letter, it is said, was well written and contained a ringing appeal for tha sufferer. It is alleged that th ringing appeal wrung good money from sym- m ii OLLAilS FOB SPSMEIITS' Ul IIU1IU PUS a, i 1 - K &.1 VJt EUREKA Vacuum Cleaner BeBt Construe ' tion; Longest Life; Small lain- tcnance Cost; Easy and Convenient to Operate; Winner of All the World's -Grand Prize .Trj the Enreka before youlbtty and youTl have" no after regrets. Buy from the Exclusive Vacuum Cleaner Store Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Shop -2220 Broadway- phone Oak. 8437 Oakland i IE? r.',i".i mm m. I r mm . i!S KIEL. 1 h 1 1 'W.rfi, 'll' f!ll il, . 1 ,;'MeBlltoSCC- 4- j, -a i '4, 1 A" 3 ;;o' -.'"'f-f'Tr. - tjs J-w "-nniijj ff "frr 11 " j'1 -wgsca-jaL'j'j.uitni.'jj-umi 1 i "JFr 7S- S -' L-idB - Afic dfc 5; St ri ! I n" r p - pry y r " l w 'ts.1 ii mmm wwr 9i.:i'! P: sri'' Ktiff pathetic persons and Steward was doing very nicely whgn arrested. Steward resisted arrest, claiming he was in Emeryville and not Oaltland. Th arresting officers produced a map and demoon-strated his mistake, after which he accepted the arrest. "I trust that Steward will go to another climate ; oon," says Chief of Police James T. Drew. "In fact, I hope to make the climate of Oakland entirely " too warm for such persons." WILD WED FRIDAY. IRVINOTON, July 13. The marriage of Marion E. Van Devoort of thla city and Edgar L. Dow Jr. of Alameda will take place Friday. Housing Problem Solved, , Ey Erection of Many V Notable Buildings. A million dollars for apartment . houses! ' This is the large seals on which Oakland is dealing with her housing problem In oonnectlon With. hr phenomenal development along other lines. This sort of , progress ig shownby the large list of apartment Houses completed. In the, course of construction or contemplated for erection in the near future. ' . 7 What has been described as on of the finest apartment houses on; the coast in 'point of construction, appointments and location is th ' Regillus, built' by P. A, Palmer at Nineteenth and Jackson streets. : Its view of Lake Merritt and ths hills surrounding Oakland and 8er keleyy make it on especially, at tracive place. Its cost IS' In th neighborhood of $600,000. . MANY FINK STRICT UU. ... The Eellevue Court apartments on Bellevue avenue furnish in. other example of fine typ of apart ment house that is being erected in Oakland. It was built by Nalr bett" and a rough estimate places the ' cost in the neighborhood el $100,000. : J The . Hilsonia at. 80t-S and I Lakeshore avenue, built by HUson. Is another high class apartment house recently completed. It is ssid to cost in the neighborhood of $75,000. The Collins apartments at 740 ' Walker avenue, were built within the past few months by E. Collins. The cost is declared to be about $50,000 There are 18 apartments in the Collins' structure. ; Another fine apartment house on ' Walker avenue is the Shenstone. built by W. K. Nottingham. It 1 said to have oost approximately ' -$75,000. NUMEROUS PROJECTS. A mong the high, elasa aoartment . houses now in court cf construction , IS one being built by Alexander at Lake and Oak streets. The Kats Brothers. . prominent Oakland Jewelers, are also erecting a largd . apartment house, and ground has oeen orojten by J. T. Royston for what will prove an unusually fin structure, it is said. Another Is being built by Magruder on Jackson street and it is estimated that the cost Willie about $70,000. ' It is rumored that plans will soon be under way for a large apartment. house on Nineteenth street. These are only a, few of the Many fine apartment house buildings that have been cdmpleted In th past six months, are nownunder course of construction, or are to e built in the near future. - There ar many ? smaller apartment buildings being erected for the earn nuroose. rnt,.' ,ni n Post from $20,00-4jpwardV' ty Funeral Arranged For Capt. Myron Cox , Funeral services for Captain Myron St. Clair Cox will be held " tomorrow at 2 p. i. from th resi-dence of his daughter, Mrs. Frank M. Greenwbod, 249 Monteclto ave nue, ..under, the "auspices Of 'Lvon - -Post No. 8. Grand Army of ths ' . Republic, and Lyon Relief Corps No.- Cox was a veteran of tha " Civil war with a long service reo- '' ord to. his credit. He is survived by a widow, Mr. Alice B. Cox, his daughter.' Mrs. Greenwood; a son, Arthur P. Cox and a granddaughter,- Mrs.- Paul - Rieger. Ha- was the stepfather of Mrs. J. M. Hartsook, Walter E. Williams and' J. Harry Williams. He was born ' v in Ohio. . : w ft Tin iu i'iVIt r - - modern oonstruction and artistic desisn. X'lans for the proposed coniblnn-tion six-story Athens Athletic club and Southern Pacific building nt Thirteenth nntl 1' Tunklln street include Xiatures which will make of it a model of organiaztion htiuo-tures. An Immense lobby through wrneh Southern l'aclflo trains will run, stores with street's and lobby entrances, a"nd special facilities for offices of large companies Peking extensive floor areas, are some, of Its outstanding features. The new Pacific Gas A Electric company building at Sixteenth and San Pablo will be s'etfeh stories In heltrht, and will cost $318,000, according to officials of the company.. The plans are said to provide for oti of the most complete public service buildings on the Pacific coast. The building will be Class A, fireproof throughout, with granite base and (walls of colored terra cotta. Th new Medical Arts building which is to be built at Nineteenth and Franklin etreets to provide increased office space for physicians, surgeons, dentists and members of allied professions, will compris nlna-JStoriesand wlllcost in the neighborhood of Bfllf' aT'nilinoii dollars. Dr. Robert Dunn, an Oak land dentist, is th owner of the Dronertv. FOX THEATER BUILDING. The Fox Theater building, which Is at present under construction on' Broadway between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets. wiU cost approximately $1,000,00 when finished, and will provide seating capacity ..for 2 5 55 persons. Devoted exclusivelytd mbllofl 'pttmrwfuwT occupying a site 150 by 150 feet in area,- it will be one of the largest and most nifignlf Icent theaters of its kind on the Pacific Const. The new building of the Com-meroitl Savings and Trust company. which is one of Oakland's now banking institutions, will comprise Plx stories remodelled, from the present building ot the. Athens Hotel on Broadway near Sixteenth. Tle lease alone on this building involves half a million dollars, covering a 20-year period. ' Irish Parliament Delayed By Strife BY INTERNATIONAL NEWS SERVICE LEASED WIBE TO TKIBUKE. DUBLIN, July 13. The recently selected Irish parliament was today prorogued for fourteen days In order to enable members who are fichtinir in 4he Irish Free State army to continue with the colors. Eamonn de Valcra again has dropped out of sight and it was rumored that he was dead, but this rumor Is not credited'by any of the Free State officers. DUBLIN, July 13.-r-(By the As- sodaTedTeS.CJ Michael" Collins has been appointed commandcr-ln chief of the Irish national army, It was officially announced, today Collins, Richard Mulcahy nnd Gen-eral Owen O'Duffy Will comprise a war council In supreme charge of military operations throughout the country. . ., .' . . BT WNItrD press. i.BAairnimBE. to TBTPTrNr DUBLIN, July 13. lice troops wer victorious todsy tt 2 J lk Wm tl If ' , jt i 13 r : r 11 r s'T I V t-4 1 J v Indictments Charging Murder Are Quashed BY IFNITED PRESS. LEASED WIRE TO TRIBUNE. WILLIAMSON, -W. Va., July 13. -Indictments against twenty members of ths United ' Mino Workesr of America charging them with murder and arson in connection with Mingo county mln riots U'o years ago, wer quashed today, Prosecutor 8. D. Btoke an-nounced. Stokes declined to give 111 state's reason for dismissing ths cases. , , , Murder charges against C. F. Jacnxr.ssiden$.l,Frei,MponcyAi uranuivi, a ii U l, J , juu v cuuci, s- retary, of District No. 1? of the U. M. W., Stokes said, were among those quashed. rourteen Die Whea Roof of Mosque Falls CAIRO, July 13.-(By the Asso-ciatedv Press.) Fourteen pe soni wer killed and twenty others keriously injured through the fall of the roof of the Abu Elela Mosque during the celebration of the fcost of tho Patron Saint today. Great damage wai done the antiquities in the sacred etructure. Your DM Pirno-A New Player Tht oldpiamo that has oeen so long silent taay ' now be changed into a new and modern Player, bringing, back all, and more, of the beautiful music that used to KIW 'M; 'i-tvi fill your home. minor clashes ' with insurgents throughout Ireland, according to word reaching her. One rebel was killed and 12 captured when Free Btaters attacked insurgents in CaTwSyTTv(TTri!tsteTS'Trer'i terdar M browght-ji, wltaa-a 'killed and several wounded. Stranded Steamers Are Both Floated SEATTLE, July 13. Both the Steam Schooners Willamette and Northland, which want ashore yesterday morning In a heavy fog In Puget Sound, were floated late yes terdar M broMgh-Mr-lje drydock Inspection will be made, th larger - construction projects which the company has , plahne will take care of the rapidly grow ing Lakeshore Section and will provide facilities for telephones in all of the newly-opened tracts now being' advertised and placed on th market. "To care for thisrapldly grow. ing section a new 1200 pair cabl will be placed from the- Oakland office to Lakeshore avenue and Mandana boulevard. From this noint a new 00-nair cable. With various subsidiary cables, will b placed to all congested sections. This latter clnstructiOn will b nlaced on Jointly occupied poles, thereby eliminating duplicate poles as far as possible. A large amount of-w4reontruGtlonwm..ba., displaced by these cables, and in this connection it is felt that the service conditions will be much improved." t WOMAN, 64, HANGS SELF SALEM, Or., July 18. Mrs. Ho. bart Howard, 64,. wife Of th manager of th Juno Draks.Farra. near Bllverton, committed stiicld by hanging herself from a rafter in a barn. It was reported to th . aoroaarIrJjoward Jiadbeen In ,111 health. . . For a moderate cost we convert any-modern ' upright into an ultra-modern eightyeignt-note fjlayer that will, give never ending satisfaction and pleasure. Built by the famous House off Ludwlg,: we have no Hesitation placing our guar antee upon it.-Pay by the month, it you wish. , - .- . Full particulars if 'j?ou send this ad. Namt i i Addn (Trlb.) CSS ..... . u MASON & HAMLIN PIAKOS 1209 WASHINGTON ST., OAKLAND 135-55 Kearny 217-25 Sutter San Francisco Other Stores: Fresno. San Diego, Sacrament-' San Jose, Lot Angeles, Portland, Ore. VI I 1 r

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