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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 50

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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JULY 9, 1S22. SUNDAY SHARPEST SHOP, SL1 Biiilda Ifcma in Ekk Honrs Two Icn HnfC officials of the National Wood Renovating who linTo been conferring with the Oakland management. lP- sehihg Realtors Send Commissioner mi visit milt ILE per, R.UJIOND HA VEX director In the company, and lower, jr. A. THOMPSON of Iios Angeles, I'aelfic Coast Financial Adviser.

II ii ilium! DISTniCTDPENED If I iimii i iw ii'iimi miwi'H'm mil1 iwiniiHinniiiM iwpiwiiwiiiiiiwwTmirrT Vs. In SSr' lV'v- 1001 EE SHOWS THE UK In recognition of a friendship II TIIBTOIE established between Denver realtors and those of Oakland at the time of the recent National Real Estate Convention and the days lm- Deckleman Bros. Establish" Store in Oakland for TTnttf An OrrWrl Can Be mediately following, when Presl- How An urcnara uan uc dent.elect of the National Associa- 7 General Manager Reeves Extending the Field of Operations. ilHam J. Curley, After Many Years, Admits This Is a Fact Made to Pay VV Tine ait tlon Lou F.

Epplch and other Den-, 3 ver realtors visitel In Oakland, Cutlery. ing JC Or me lrecs. the Oakland Real Estate tioara nas sent ian is. ieonaru, a ineui- hp rt Ita iphlpvamAni rnmmlttee. California's second place In the Rs a apeclal messenger to Denver agriculture of the nation is due to to convey fraternal greetings to an efficient combination of rich the Denver board and to Present A conference of Important officials of the National Wood Renovating Company has Just closed in this Uy, the conference being caused by the increase in the business of this Institution throughout the Pacific Coast.

The conference William J. Curley. who has been identified with advertising agencies In New York and San Francisco for the past, sixteen years, has Joined th- Curtis Baum Advertising soil, favorable climate and intelll- Jy bound volume 0f pictures taken gent, aggressive rarmers. inis com- tne time 0r the spantsn Dame Agency in the capacity of manager) was between two general officials tr cue on June 4. when Epplch was a guest of honor.

of the company. Raymond Havens, I If "Hw I The only exclusive cutlery store In Alameda county was opened last week by Deckelman ai Seventeenth street and Telegraph avenue. Special fixtures and win-Sow displays that hold all sorts of implements of shining steel make the store a. fascinating attraction. For many yea! Deckelman Bros, have carried on an extensive business In barber eupplies from their store in San Francisco, their sales Including trade throughout the state, ine business in Alameda county has been growing very rapidly and to better serve-the trade here it was decided to open a store and show room.

The extension of the plans Of th foreign advertising ana mei-chandising departments. Kipn as an advertising A Nil a director In the company from the east, and M. A. Thompson, of Los Angeles, who holds the position ot blnatlon. least, has contributed in a large way to 'putting California second to Texas In value of farm products.

TJie' Banta Clara Valley, which la tributary to, Oakland, affords some fine examples of intelligent farming, which with rich eoll and man have. taught mo a number thfnijs," declared Curley yesterday. Pacific coast financial advisor oi the company, and M. G. Reeves, of Oakland, the general manager of the Pacific Coast branch.

The object of the conference was to discuss plans for the handling of the increased business of the Pacific coast department and to make preparation for increasing the out favorable climate, produced "The hardest to acKnowicaKe p.uu-ably was the fact that other folks know as much about their business as we fellows claim to know about advertising. Formerly it was the fashion for an advertising counsel to take apart the advertiser's entire business structure and marvel that the contraption was ticking when rot hold1 of it. Advertis wealth almost fabulously. There are 11 fruit orchards -in the Santa Clara to include a outiery line joiioweu. The store Undivided into two i i-nnma ta, handle the two Epplch's subsequent address to Oakland realtors proved so inspire ing that the Oakland board Immediately announced its intention of winning the 1923 achievement trophy, a prize annually offered by the president Of the National Association of Real Estate Boards to the Organization making the best report of its year's activities.

Ep-pich also called attention to various points wherein Oakland and Denver realtors may be mutually helpful in empire building in thft west. Leonard's message to Denver realtors reiterates Oakland's pledge of co-operation given President Epplch a month ago. A reel of moving pictures taken at tha time of the barbecue, a portion of which has been shown at the T. D. theater, is soon to be exhibited to members of the which are paying interest on $5,000 and $6,000 an acre" Only Inst yeaf one man was offered nearly 000, for a 50-acre pear orchard.

Richard Keeble, who came to put of the factory in this city. Prior to the conference M. G. Reeves made a tour through the territory covered by his branch, going as far east as Salt. Lake City and through the Pacific Northwest The business in this territory is growing, and carload shipments of the products of the Oakland plant are going into these sections.

One day five carloads left Oakland. The institution deals In school and janitor supplies of all kinds, and established themselves in Oak California from- Tennessee and until recently was the largest pear shipper of California, is an example of the way farmers make good in California, Fifteen years ago Keeble started at the bottom, leas i A ry six '-i -aJ 1 4 S1" JJ 'A 1 11 IBiimnKirii iiiiMWi.rtii-ifraai ma UWWWftHiWH) liliiiliiiiiliiiliiiiiiiiifll'nl iiiiii'iiliiritrmfifiri ii classes of trade. The Seventeenth street entrance opens into the barber supply show room and discloses a very complete line of chairs and other equipment for. barber shops and. manicure parlors.

In the retail outiery department, with entrance on Telegraph avenue, many well known lines of shears and similar articles are carried. Expert honing and repairing will be toilet articles in large size containers will be another retail feature. The local store Is in charge of E. H. Espeseth, vice-president Of the company.

Cyrus D. Deckelman, a cutlery expert. Is hv charge of the cutlery department. Deckelman, president, of the com- pany, will divide his ttme between the Oakland and San Francisco stores. ing an orchard.

Today he is a wealthy man and recognized as a fruit authority. He has a place Just out of San Jose, on the road to Oakland. He -has made his wealth land as the natural shipping center of the Coast. Eastbay Real Estate Board, and will then be forwarded to Denver to be shown there first on a tour of realty boards throughout the country. Several Denver realtors, including President Epplch and Harry Newcomfe, Are prominent in these pictures, which also show more ing most certainly has played an Important part In business building, but It is only a helpful force at the disposal of any manufacturer or seller.

Men who have the brains and ability to run a business, or the division of a business, successfully are properly resentful hwen the advertising man who hasn't learned his lesson Bays, 'You're all wrong. Do it this "Cooperation with the advertiser is the only relationship which can produce the kind of advertising re-ulU which are beneficial to the seller, the pqublic and the standing of the advertising agency. The agency has plenty to do in keeping abreast of the times In It own field. The generation which made apt remarks about such elecents aa 'consumer demand' is. fast dying out, for pretty nearly every one knows now that ft good deal of this particular kind of demand is really consumer acceptance.

"Advertising men are learning to tv an their own aide of this fence from the aoll. Keeble has always believed in Consolidate working the soil to the Some times a scower will just spend money for five or six years until Water Systems 1 than six hundred leading realtors from a hundred cities of California. beeinnine and the end of the home of Thomas Wt his orchard comes Into bearing. But Keeble's plan Is He I Palermo Land and Water Company, engaged In supplying water chiefly for Irrigation to 2700 acres INDUSTRIAL TRACK. E.

P. Davis, owner of the Stock -4 has always grown money crops be Davis, which uas constructed in. eight hours at Lolumbia Park on July 4th. ton' Terminal and Eastern Rail of land in Butte county, has ap-1 plied to the Railroad Commission for authority to sell its system to road, has obtained authority from the Railroad Commission to con WOMAN WINS IN FRESNO. Mrs.

Doris Scott Douglas -has been appointed Deputy Horticultural Commissioner for Fresno County, having qualified in the recent competitive examination held under the auspices of the State De struct a spur track at grade across Stockton-Bellota Road near Bel- Jota, San Joaquin county. Remarkable Building Con- test Started Many New Homee. NEW BOND ISSUE. The Railroad Commission In a partment of Agriculture. A few supplemental order authorized Western States Gas tne uroviue-wyanaoiie unewu" District for the sum of $200,000.

In support of the application It states that the acquisition of the property by the irrigation district will result in an Increase and better regulated water supply, that water will be available at an date and probably at less" cost, F. F. Ford, an in Butte county, has agreed to purchase certain real property from thfc Palermo Land and Water Company and is made a party in the petition beforp the commission. tween the rows of young orchards, thereby paying the cost of development. The 'California soil and climate permits of such, a plan.

The row crops between the trees pay the way while the trees are coming into bearing. One of the chief crops grown by Keeble in his young pear orchard is green corn. Hayward is an auction market for green corn and from Hayward "roastin ears" are distributed throughout the Eay district. Sq Keeble grew "roastin' ears." Seldom did they net him less than $100 above the cost of production. One year, when he planted late corn and It came on for th fall trade, he obtained a gross of $240 an acre and the net was well abNve $100.

Sihtfi farmers as Keeble are malting California great agriculturally. Company to sell $79,000 5 per cent nain 'this we -ftnd-th reaaen-why-tdvertising Is accomplishing more each year." The Curtis-Baum Agency at the arescnt time la conducting a campaign In the city of New York for a San Francisco client. This is one Of the few instances where an Oakland advertising agency has engaged In the direction of an advertising cafnpaisaj.hree thousand oiMts away. bonds at not less than 87 to years agot icings uuqohjv an efficient squirrel inspector lit the person of Mrs. Pearl' DoggetV but this is the first time in the history of horticultural California that a woman has been appointed to the exacting and responsible position of deputy commissioner.

TIME 'The Railroad Commission Has extended to December 31, of this year, the time1 in which the San Franciseo-Rlchmohd Ferry Company may Issue, sell and deliver stock previously authorized. but In longertfme than ihe winner. Some are still working on tjiolr Altogether 'there are new homes going up in Columbia Park, and most of them are being constructed by their owners. Every one means the placing of a family within the city limits of Oakland, for most of those who are building In this new tract have famlllos and are buying fractional ncre pieces-for the purpose of giving their families more space in which to grow up. This sale Is to be continued both at Columbia Park ttnd Chevrolet Heights.

The owners of the property want home owners on the tract, and they are going to have on the ground enough lumber, nails and paint to finish a two-room finance construction expenditures, made prior to May 31. If you see It in The TRIISUNE tell Thomas W. Davis won the prize that had been offered at Columbia Park for the home that would "be erected in the shortest time. Davis had his two-room home completed in eight hours, to be etfct, eight hours and one-half. The Realty Syndicate had offered a cash prize of $25, plUR.

all the lumber that was necessary for the man- who put up his home In the shortest space of time. Da via was determined to win them n. 8uch farmers are not content with one crop a year they must get two the prlco and enlisted th aid of some of his friends and pocketed the .25. Thdse who started but Odd Little Invention' of Oakland Man did not win the big priee got their or three. They are not satisfied lot a lot of land He Jdle while waiting for trees to come into bearing they plan to make the soil be cottage.

Tye lumoer, nans ami paint will be free to everyone who will start hla home; This remarkable sale Is attracting much attention from those who want a little ground around a home. lumber free. This was a genuine competition and there were exactly twenty-nine tween the trees pay the way. Santa Clara Valley is nearly all planted starter. Many of them finisted, to trees now, but that does not mean It has reached the limit of its production.

Greater crops will be obtained through better cultural QMAND DEAL BOARD official Bulletin i h'i i. .1, I I.I .1 i.l) I I i.ii.i i i I I I n. .1 nun I. I 1 1 1 la-nw, iij mmmmmfmmtfmwmmmmKmmmm i I it' EV.f?,'"ws?w 6 ff methods and more Intensive prac tices. tin address so Inspiring-that the Oakland board promptly announced Its determination to win the 1923 achievement trophy, the prize annually offered by the president of the National of Real Estate Boards, to the local organization presenting the most comprehensive report of its-yewr'a Guy W.

Wolf, Crector of research for the CafifoOia Real Estate Association, Is to be the speaker at next Wednesday's general membership luncheon meeting of the Oakland Real Estate Board at the Hotel Oakland. The speaker's address is based on'a constitutional amendment Initiated by the ftate Thr. little garden hose washer that accomplishments. association and to be submlttcwnt the forthcoming general elecuo 1 electfcy. Kill not jail out, an invention of the late Henry P.

Squire. caltor NlRht at the Opera" and which proposes givl 1 ng thit' AJ totfg vehicles arranged by the 'achlcve- Railroad Commission pow power eoinnilttee of the Oakland MADDOCK (Sutter County), grant franchises to electric ic Real Ftate Board, Fred R. Cald 8. A price of $(10 a ton has "New Goods and Improvements," an eastern magazine devoted to in well chairman, for a date enrlyJi been1 fixed by the California Can-ring Peach Growers' Association on ventions and novelties, takes this August, when realtors of the East-bay cities, Alameda, Berkeley, Hayward and Oakland, will, with their canning penches this year. In view of the fact that most of the canning.

and motor transportation companies. This subject Is one on which Wolf spoke before the -state convention of realty dealers at the Hotel Oakland in January, when his remarks provoked much discussion. The matter has since been officially taken up by the association, a constitutional amendment- drafted, endorsed by practically all the or cling, peacnes or uaiitornia ar3 raised in this county, the news is of great importance to growers. friends, take possession of the Auditorium theater -nnd with Ferris Harlman and his company in making the affair a memorable event. This party Is bring arranged as luJenl'j fn'on BuilJinS.

Mn Calai Hmarl. Ardfccl, P. ek, Ctntral Cuniraclor It is felt that the association will have a big part in stabilizing prices, which have ranged in the last few yHrs from $35 a ton to more than the first of a scries of social events bv the achievement com- $100 a ton. Since the average Building This rotice of an Oakland invention in (lts Inst. Isfuc: The Secure Hose Washer Oakland, California, P.

O. Uox 356, are manufacturers of the Hecure Hos Washer which fills a want on the part of users of hose. This Is not lost while changing hose and there is not the usual inconvenience of looking for another one or getting wet when the water IS turned on. It will not come out when the hose is moved about. The washer is held in place by a W'lre which runs through or across the center of the washer and projects a trifle at each side.

These pro-, Jections fit into the groove of the coupling and the washer can not fall out. ocmg suonuueu oy inuiai iu nf thn 1t.m. of lt. Camp yield of canning peaches to the acre In feutter' county is well above text 01 me amenomeni iuuuw. tn ih Exclusive power Is- V.

Section 23c, tlonal real estate convention at eight tons to the acre, it may be hereby conferred upon the Rail road Commission (a) to grant figured that gross returns, on the average, will be upwards of $480t an acre. On the better orchards the Will Not turn returns will run from $600 to more than $1000 an acre. Cleveland next year. The committee already has to its credit the auccessful accomplishment of the Spanish barbecue whfcH proved-one of best Eastba-y advertising events ever held in this community. Another achievement Hem is the revision of the by-laws in such a The record return for the county Is reported fkim the orchard of Miss Lanie Wilbur, who obtained 20 tons to the acre.

At $60 a ton franchises, determinate or, indeterminate as to time, for the construction and operation of street, inter-urban and suburban railways and for the operation of -motor vehicles for the transportation of persons or property for compensation upon the publle streets and highways; (b) to prescribe the terms and conditions of such franchises, provided, however, that rates and fares charsed thereunder shall at all times be subject to regulation by the Railroad Commission; c) to accent the surrender of all such this would average $1200 an aore. The Southern Pacific Company Is laying 800 feet of new siding at Yuba Citv. 1009 feet at Oswald and way Bs to enrorro greater activity i on the of board Is also leasing more commodious quarters In the newly built Porter bulldlm?" on Fifteenth street and Is proposing the formation of a financial syndicate to erect a realty board building. 1000 feet at Wilso nto handle th peach crop this THE1 "COP" THE COPPER. This apparently simple Invention wat developed by the late Henry P.

Bqulre, an old-time newspaper man and et one time Business Manager of The OAKLAND TRIBUNE. Mr. Squire realized the unpleasantness of putting on the garden hose only to be drenched when the water was turned on because In the operation the washer had dropped out He tried to figure out something that would stay In the coupling of the Flrsphe experimented with different substances, but everything wig subjected to constant wetting. One of the reasons why there are THE new Student's Union Puilding on the University of California Campus is built with curtain walls of Dickey Mastertile throughout on a skeleton of reinforced concrete. The wisdom choosing fire-proof Dickey Mastertile for this beautiful edifice was particularly emphasized fe the disastrous fire a few days ago, wliich totally destroyed the Uni- versity of California's Women's Gymnasium ami Annex with a loss estimated at $150,000, and seriously, threatened the college infirmary leallv no Ion distance tele franchises granted by it, ariiTbT aTt such franchises heretofore granted.

In proceedings for fixing rates and fares and for taking property under the power ot eminent domain for public use by the state phone lines connecting the rln-cinal cities of China is tha unpro The board has also undertaken tho adoption In Oakland of a civic development plan, has approved acquisition of the mountain part proposed in the "save our sequoias" movement', and Is forming the Cleveland Convention club to Insure a large attcadance of Oakland realtors at the Cleveland convention in tected copper wires are too strong n. temntation for the numerous rob or any municipality or other politi Dickey Mastertile combines lightness with tremendous strength. Comfort: Dead air spaces in Dickey Mastertile -provide efficient insulation against heat, cold and moisture. Therefore, structures of Dickey Mastertile are cooler in summer, dry and healthful, and cost far less to keep warm in winter. For All of Structures.

Jhesafety'aaf economy of Dickey Mastertile are available to buildersb" the" most modest dwellings as well as the most pretentious types of structure. It is being chosen with ever increasing frequency for dwellings, schools, hos- pitals, garages, stores, warehouses and ber bands that infest the country) cal subdivision thereof, franchises NEW COUNTY ROAD. granted pursuant to this section shall be deemed to have no pecuniary value; and all such franchises shall terminate as prescribed by the Railroad commission- nnd, n.PMiiainn has been granted by JEY. CROP. niirniii -Commission to the id other non-fireproof buildings nearby; anc n.inrrt nf Supervisors of San Joa Permission Is given the Southern Taclflo by the Railroad Commls- quin county to construct a public rr.n,i nt crude across the track of Then he -figured on Keeping me, washer Ijrthe hose by some kind of Pressur and he evolved the Idea of driving fine brass pin through the little nubber ring.

That worked, end he ras Tarrying on 1 he business of Introducing the invention at the time of his death. Mrs. Mabel Squire is carrying on the work of Introducing the Invention perfected by her husband, until she is today supplying almost every state In the union. There has been a very general demand for the llttbs article and they are boing mn. nnf hv tho hundreds of 4 innof mint it nlfljk 4cnii nf crade across tho county road In I the Southern Pacific Company in in any event upon the acquisition by the state, or any municipality or other political subdivision thereof, of the property owned or operated thereunder.

The acquisition, ownership, operation and management'' of pub Acampo, San Joaquin county. Tulare road district. Other Advantages Permanence: Dickey Mastertile, of fire burned" clay, will last as long as the land. Deterioration is almost negligible. Tremendous savings in up-keep and repairs are effected by its use.

lic utilities by the state, or any municipality or other political subdi- thousands in this city. At first th4 Seno? for our free illustrated book v.p.uii w.ereui, biihu uo Koverneu a now or hereafter provided by law, notwithstanding the provisions of i this section. demand came only from Pacific Coast etates but the value of the washer coupled -with its low cost has extended that demand wher "Permanent Construction at the Cost of ever the garden hose Is used. They re now being handled by almost 11 hardware dealers and wherever Conveying the greetings of Mayor of Oakland to the Mayo of Denver and the greetings of Oakland realtors to realtors of Earl B. Leonard arrives in the mountain city tomorrow morning as the special messenger of the Oakland Real Estate Poard.

At the luncheon meeting of the tardea supplies are sold. Airs. Bqulre supplies only the dealers, but he has more than doubled the output. 4 A Realtor Is the Best Expert Upon Valuations Many complex factors determine the desirability of Investment In any residence property. Location, propective development of the district of Ihe community involved, loans, assistance in financing, all must be csrcfullT nd Willfully considered.

Few citizens are qualified to deal with Mirii problems intelligently. They muit rely on the id-vice and judgment of someone else. The realtor makes such problems his business. He is the professions! man to whom the cautious and careful investor takes hit buineis. The realtor's business integrity and professional ability sre evidenced by mi affiliation with realty organization whose standing in business circles is recognised by the National Association of Real Estate Boards.

Such a dealer knows values, understands the trend of development, is prepared to cone with home financing has banking connections for the handling of necessary loans, hat a wide knowledge of properties-of all kinds throughout the community, end can be trusted to bring professional knowledge and ability to bear on the solution of one's home-seeking Not every realty dealer is realtor. Only realtor! are pledged to the real estate board's code of professional ethici and bound by it to ob serve them. In ibis only members of the Oakland, Berkeley or Alameda real estate boards ire realtors. Always deal with a realtor when huving or selling real estate. BlClCEY 'MASpEllip; The Standard Hollow Building Tile meeting the requirements of tho Hollow Building Tilq Association.

Denver Real Estate Exchange on i JACOnSEN ASSISTS IUTTE IN Wednesday Leonard Is to present I RODENT CONTROL. Loo F. Epptck, president-elect of the National Association of Real Estate Boards, a booklet of, 'Views Manufaclured by the CALIFORNIA BRICK CO. Under the tame management ts LIVERMORE FIRE BRICK WKS. and pictures taken In Oakland at the time of the Spanish barbecue entertainment given by the Eastbay Real Estatp Board to delegates attending the rece.nlJiatlonal.real estate convention In San Francisco.

President Eppich and other Denver men were guests on that occasion and appear prominently in the pictures. Ernlrh was subse Euperlntendent of Rodent Con-frol W. C. Jacobscn, In co-operation w-ith Horticultural Commissioner Earle Mills and Farm Advisor DrobUih of Butte county, has been conducting a series of rodent control demonstrations on squirrels and pocket gophers. These demonstrations were given at an opportune time for gopher control 'In-much as this sean of the year tetms mbct favorable Lr ihla i)i 1 work.

Builders' Exchange, Oakland, and 604 Mission Street, San Francisco quently th guest of Ihe Galilanfl" Real Estate Board and Geuverca.

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