Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 12, 1891 · Page 6
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 6

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 12, 1891
Page 6
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0A TZt ; A XD DAJJUY EyEKINGK- TBIBtjyiCril65DAY; JANUABY 12, V1891 CITIZEN SOLDIERY. The Biennial Report of tlie Adjutant General THE WAB COSBESPOSDENT &GAIH BSiYS Who. Colonel Joaes Oracle Figure of eral Jiewi. Beally ii-The Merit and Gen- Tbe Adjutant General's biennial report of the National Guar4 of California for the fortieth and forty-first fiscal years has just been issued from the . State printing office and will be distributed as soon as possible to the various military organizations. It hows that the National Guards at present consists of forty-six companies of infantry, eleven companies of artillery armed, equipped and drilled as infantry, two light batteries of artillery, one company of cav-alrv.-one cadet compeny and four signal corps sixtv full companies organized into eight regiments, two . battalions and one unattached company. Bince the issuance nf th luit tp nor t two vears aso. new com panies have been organized in San Diego, Ventura, Marysville. Red Bluff, Redding, Areata. Pasadena. Riverside, Banta Ana, and rlan Francisco. ;nml Or ton recommends that one more company be organized and stationed in Oroville, to be attached to the Eighth Battalion of Infantry, thus raising it no a full regiment He also recommends that the Legislature appropriate $10,000 for the " purchase of overcoau for the National Guard, and earnestlv calls attention to toe benefits derived bv the National Guardsmen from the annual encampments, especially when the camp grounds are near therregular army. . It has been a long time smce the ('special WW correspondent last amused the local guardsmen, but that irrepressible genius once more steps out to the front and center and brays in this wise: . The announcement that "Reese Jones of Alameda county has been appointed a member of Governor Markham'a staff ' has caused au :n-iiilrrtobe set on foot among military people to as.ertain wno neese juut i-tuew him, and the boys in mijitia blue have been talking of nendin? out a reconuosauce in forco to hunt for Joues. The search Bemed hopeless nntii a reporter discovered the mysterious btaff officer in the person of a resident Of Martinez, not of Alameda county. Mr. jones Is a constable and aLo the proprietor of a saloon opposite the railroad depot in the town named. Well, the fact of the matter is: Many other questions have been 'hopeless" alter the special war correspondent has gone out for the purpose of a "reconnoissance. (That word means "an examination of a tract of country tor warlike purposes.") Is it possible that Colonel Jones has been contemplating a :host dance in bis new regimentals? or why should anybody, even the "special war correspondent'" want to go ont and wage war sgainst him or examine the country adjacent to the Colonel's tepee ? Now, in fact, after nearly every guardsman hereabout had been stricken witn apoplexy from reading the "war correspondent s discovery" that raro art suspected that it had committed an error and went out on another "reconnoissance" the second time with better luck, for it gravely Bsserts that Colonel Jones, "whose identity has been a mystery, is not a Martinez constable or a saloon keeper, but is a citizen of Oakland, residing at 570 Twenty-fourth Btreet," and the "correspondent" has ttie boldness to assert that "Mr." Jones "has been mnch amused at the incorrect accounts in the papers as to his name, Identity and residence." As the incorrect accounts came from the "war correspondent's'' pen alone it must have been gratifying to Coloael Jones to meet so distinguished a personage. Colonel, set vour sword ready for action. for he is likely to sav next time that you are a missing Pete Oisen. He is the same "special war correspondent" that once described Colonel Fairbanks command as the "Fifth Regiment, Second Infantry Battalion. N. G. C." Whatever that is. Apropos of the before mentioned accusation aeainst Colonel Jones it is only necessary to say that he is not the constable and saloonkeeper of Martinez wbo once came to Oakland disguised as a detective to serve a warrant on "Mr. Daniel Doe McGintv.U but he is a highly respected resident of Oakland. Colooel Jones lives at 570 Twenty-fourth street and represents the National Tobacco Works of Louisville with an agency at San Francisco. Col. Jones has resided in Oakland for several years and formerly resided in Southern California. His former record is stall" otti-cer under Governor Cullom of Illinois and member ot the start" of Brigadier General Torrence of the same State. Colonel Jones is a good tactician and a valuable acquisition to the military forces of Oakland. And. now comes the "Oracle" and boldly stakes its word that ''the, ceremonies incident to the inauguration at Sacramento have sufficed to cause a dullness in tbe Guard, but next week the work for the year will commence and no further interruptions will occur for eome time" no "Oracle" no more interruptions until you write some "news" aud then the Guard will take a day off and read it. The figures of merit of tbe National Guard for November has been issued from the Adjutant General's office. The Tenth Battalion oi lmaniry, naving oniy two companies, has the highest percentage of attendance, with 76.20 per cent, and the First Artillerv (Sacramento), the lowest, 60.47 per cent. Company A, Sixth Infantry, had the highest company atterM-ance, with 92.12 per cent, and Companv F. Third Intantry, had the lowest, with 50.40 per cent. The total membership of the National Guards of California was 321; percentage, "0.51. The membership is just twenty-three more than when The Tkibine's cen-eus of tbe guard was. published. In General Orders, No. 1. just issued from, the Adjutant General's office, the names of the members of the guard entitled to State decorations for target practice are given. Reports from Companies A and F, Third Infantry Second Brigade, and Companv E, Eighth Battalion of Infantry, Fifth'Brigade. not having reached Headquarters, their scores could not be published, consequently they will get no medals. Those of the Fifth Regiment of Infantry in this city who will get meaais or bars in a tew weeks are: Major F. R. O'Brien, Captain H. B. Gaston, Lieutenant E. J. Stewart. Ordinance Serjeant L. N. Cobbledick and Major G. W. Hosmer, of the Regimental stall, and musicians Adaniini, Amidon, Coats, Cruft, McBain and js'olan of the band. Of Company A the-lollowing members will get medals: Captain A. L. Smith, Lieutenant O. T. J?oulter, 8ergeant G. F. Whitcomb, Sergeant J. E. Logan. Sergeant W. J. Downie, Sergeant C. A. Taber, Corporal Henrv Stemple, Corporal W. H.Monroe. Corporal 3. H. Hotter, and privates A. H. Bauerle, W. W. Cnrnow, G."F. Drake. D. A. Stivers, J. C. 8uhr, and Frank: Poulter. In Company F the following members Will get decorations; Captain J. F. Hayes, Lieutenant E. G. Hunt. Lieutenant G. H. Wethern, 8ergant W. H. Cobbledick, Corporal George Tyrrel, Corporal J. t. M. Taylor, Corporal Hull, Corporal J. Mcl. Morrison, Musician Craddock. and Privates Antwiler. Buselle, J. H. Cobbledick, G. C. Calvin, W. A. Dresser, S. K. King, F. W. Wallace, W. II. Thompson, and H. P. Leach. The National Guard of California needs .complete Ye-organizatios. That fact is no more apparent to anybody else than it is to tbe officers of the organization, who take a conservative view of the situation. The figures com piled by Thb Tribes two weeks ago show a most peculiar state of affairs of tbe service, most noticeable being the absurdity of having 4io officer to command S624 enlisted soldiers, who are di Tided into six brigades. Of other brigades than the Second no mention need be made, for they are farcical in the extreme. In General Cnttine-'s brigade, while there is a - larger representation of forces than any of the ethera can boast of, still its mere handful of men are not a bit worthy of being - termed a brigade. There is scarce a time. except on vemsUte occasions, when the Second Brigade can turn out enough men ' .is alt its four regiments to represent Jhe maximum strength of a single regimental organization, and to call such a collection of men "a brigade" is gross Insult to the Bathe. It is perfectly apparent to any body who i has ' had any experience with the Eastern organisation of the National Guard that our little foce in California is a disgrace to the 'Golden State, and the officer is yet to be found who-can conscientiously say that tbe California National Guard can compare otherwise than unfavorably witb any portion of the National Guard east of the Rocky Mountains. Companies here in California seldom appear in public with more than twenty-eight or thrrtv-two men, and sixteen or eighteen files'front is more generally the case. At its annual encampments in tbe summer months each regimental organization is represented by a mere handful of soldiers, and at such a time a company of mora than sixteen men is a rare curiosity. At these latter assemblages it is always neresssrv for some company to DOrrow thron nr four men from some more lortun- ate command in order to aiaKe a sixtoen-Gle company, wlfile not infrequently even nrfirer hav. to be borrowed from other commands to command a company at dress parade or some other ceremony. The same state of affairs exists at all times, at the weeklv drills, ou parade, at demon strations both complimentary and neces-sarv, and at all limes when a guardsman is most needed he is conspicuous by his absence, and thev turn out as a company what wouid be deanied anywhere else as a squad for some special duty. It is only necessary to quote oue or two instances, First, at the last encampment of the Second Brigade at Santa Cruz tne companies were all of the sixteen or twenty tiles front order at all tbe ceremonies, anil at reviews there was not moreihana good representation of a 6olitarv regiment in the entire brigade. Again, take a special occasion, like the funeral of Governor Stevenson of Nevada inhis city, when a battalion of three comrAnies mustered just forty-eight ,r.n nil told, one coraoauv turning out twenty men. another hiteen, ana tne tmru marching with thirteen men in line. Think of those for companies, and imagine tnat battalion of fortv-eiaht men not even the strength of half a single maximum company. Great shades of oar departed warriors! And so it is at all times and on all occasions and such is the National Guard of California. Now, if such a state of affairs exists in the Second Brigade with its 1800 or more men, what is the condition of the Sixth Brigade, which consists of only two companies? The whole matter mav be laid not only to organization, but to the great lack of interest tatten in their organization by the citizen soldiery, and this is simply because their company interest is taken away from them, and they are not given an interest in their regimental organization. The guardsmen care nothiug for the National Guard. There i? nothing to make them interested. They become inspired writh the display and pnhat. oniv to find thatthev are a small por tion of a huee machine without any other rhipr.t in view than to drill one night a weeK. It there were some good-natured rivalry between the oreanizations it would interest the citizen soldiery. In the Eastern cities each regiment has its individual uniform and its own armory, and rivalry exists, neither one wanting to be beaten by another. There, too, battalion formation is iu vogue and military distinhne is. strictly enforced. On one occasion members of a certain company in an Kastern oitv bad some difficulty with their regimental offers of probably a week's standing and like a thunderbolt out of a clear arty came tne Aajuwai-ueucrai s order to disband the recalcitrant company Th.it is discioline. It is interest in an organization that makes the more promi nent Eastern regiments have applications more than thev can admit into '.heir ranks anH until that interest is inculcated here the National Guard of California will be what it is now a farce. When the National Guard of California eets fewer brigade and fewer officers and becomes a more compact orzanization, some good will sure to result, and when the various companies are given back that pride of organization that tbey held in the good old days of independent companies, when all was rivalry, then there will be no more parading with sixteen riles or less, and the encampments will beat- tended as thev are at JfeeUskiu, on tne Hudson, with "full ranks. It is obvious that the six brigades of the State, concentrated into one, with half as many regiments, nearer tbe maximum strength, would give far bettar results than is at present obtainedand let there be discipline as is discipline. i (Officiaq V : f ' BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. Report of Adjourned Rerular Meeting; Held December 89, 1890. The board met at 10 a. . Present Supervisor Bailey. Brown , Martin, Pelouze and Chairman Morgan. - The minutes of -meeting, held December 15, 1890, were read and approved. ISDIGKHT8. . A. G. Sarmente made, sworn statement asking for aid for Mary Frates of 667 Twelfth avenue. Referred to Supervisor Brown with power to act. P. W. Predmore made sworn statement asking for permit for admission to County Infirmary for W. H. Noonan. Permit granted. F. Calaher also made sworn statement asking for relief for Mrs. Itibera and family, and also for two aged Indians; all residing in the vicinity of Niles. Keferred to Supervisor Bailey witn power to act. F. Maloney asked for permit to go to County Infirmary. Granted. Wni. Henry of 306 Broadway also asked for permit for admission to Infirmary. Taken under advisement. BEPOBTJ OF COUNTY OFFICERS. Thomas F. Donlon, Road Overseer, Dublin Road District, and Edward Guun, Overseer of Altamont Road District, presented then quarterly reports. Referred to Supervisor Bailey. Petor Hoare, Overseer Palomares Road District, and John Kuck, Overseer of Mt. Eden Road District," also presented their reports. Referred to Supervisor Martin. BURIAL OF SOLDIERS. Commissioner W. F. Smith reported burial of dead soldier. D.tvid T. Thorp at an expense to the County of $39. Filed. PETITIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS. A coiruuunication was received from tbe Lorin Improvement association, ask ing for repairs to Alcatraz avenue. Referred to Supervisor relouze with power to act. Communications were recrived from L, J. Jackson asking for position of, anigard ener. ot Court House buildings, ana one from Ewuig Cowan asking for indorse- mentof Board for position. Both communications Died. A communication was received, signed R. Feiris and others, asking tor aid for Ed ward Gustafson of Lusk and Fortv-seconi street. Referred to Super viaor I'elouze. A similariv communciation was received from A. M. Alviso of Pleasanton asking for aid. Referred to Supervisor Bailey. PETITION FOB FRANCHISE, H. G. ELAISDEL. A. petition from H. G. Blaisdel asking for right of way franchise, and for the construction of a street railroad to be pro-pelied bv any mo-ive power, excepting to o-'a LOPPING OFF 'FIFTY ACRES. Change In the Boundaries of tne West Oakland Part Executive Committee Association The provement A mendnient of tbe Im. Makes the Last Saturday evening a meeting of the Executive Committee of the West Oakland Improvement Association was held at the residence of Father McNally. There were in attendance: President John P., Irish, Secretary Price, Treasurer Walsh, B. 0. Cqveiiier, J. B. Carringlon, Rev. J. B. McNally. R. M. Anthony, Mark Regan, A. A. Williamson and Robert Brand. It was decided t change the boundaries of the proposed parfe somewhat. The new boundaries run from Peralta and nineteenth streets to Kirkham .street, leaving out a short strip that was included in the district at first proposed to be included in the park, thence north to Twenty-firsl street, east to Union, north to near where Twenty-fifts: street would run if opere , west fo Peralia, north to Twenty-eighth, west to Center, north to B, and west to tbe bav. This also leaves out over a block be tween Twentv-first and Twenty-second streets, extending east from Uniou almost to Adeline: a block bounded by Twenty-' eishth. A, Center and Ettie streets, and land nortd of B street belonging to Messrs. Ames and Emery, formerly proposed to be a psrtof the park. This change in the boundary lines makes the proposed park more compact, cutting off about fifty acres of jutting land, which it is thought can be left out wichout in anv way destroying any of the good qualities of the park. Mr. Cuvellier turned over to the associa tion a check for $500, donated by James L. de Freraery. On motion of Mr. Irish the option Com mittee was granted an extension ot time beyond January loth. The following resolution was also passed : Rexlvi. That the offer of George Allardt to aid tbe movement be acceptd. and that Mr. Anthony. Chairman of the Op;ijn Committee, be requested to seenre his assistance in making a mat), witli the amended boundaries, aud the drawing of a description conforming thereto, for use in the amended orainanee of intention. It was decided to hold a mass meeting in Milton Hall at San Pablo avenue and Twenty-eighth street, next Saturday evening; and the committee adjourned. Catarrh Can't be Cared with LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they cannot reacn the seat oi tne disease. Catarrh is a blood or constitutional disease. and in order to cure it you have to take internal remedies. Hsu s Catarrh cure is taken internally, and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces. Hallos Catarrh Cure is no quack medicine. It wai prescribed by one of the best physi cians in this country for years, ; and is i regular prescription. It is composed of the test tonics Known, comouieu wim mt best blood punhers, acting directly on tne mucous surlaces. iae periect comoina-tlon of tbe two ingredients is what pro duces such wonderfnl result' m curing cat&irh. Send for testimonials.lree. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., loieao, U old by all druggists, price 75c. Direct wire, fintt class operators: prompt service, branch office of the Weseem Union Telegraph Company, Tribune Building, Kit hi h street, between Broadway and frank lin street. Hkavtb Is wealth. Take Simmon's Liver Reg ulator for, all sickness caused by a diseased iver. i Keoaomy im Wealth. Buy your furniture of H. Scnellhaas, EleTeotn street. , . - - j steam, ani to run along liid avenue street, was received and read. Referred to Franchise Coramittee. RESIGNATION, ETC , OF COUNT r PHYSICIAN, H. T. LEOER. County Physician. H. T. Leg?r, pre-, sented bis resignation from the position of County Physician. On motion ot" Snperyisor Brown resignation was accepted. A resolution was presented extending to H. T. Legler a vote of thanks for his faithful and efficient services, and instructing Clerk to present copy of same. Adopted. A resolution was also presented abolishing the position of County Physicivn, and establishing tbe positions ot Physician and Surgeon of the County Receiving Hos pital, and Physician and burgeon ot tne County Jail. The duties of the former shall be the same as those heretofore per formed bv the County Physician at the Receiving Hospital, and the duties of the latter the same" as those performed at the County Jail by'the Countv Physician and to also attend outside indigents at the request of any of the Supervisors. The salary of each oflice to be seventy-five dollars" ppr month and the term of each of said officers during the pleasure of said Board. - Adopted. Another resolution was presented appointing for the position of Physicinu and Surgsoh of the County Receiving Hospital, M. L. Johnson, and for the position of Ph vsician and Surgeon of the County Jail, K. T. Stratton. Both resolutions were adopted. INDIGENTS. Mrs. O'Laughlin of Alameda made sworn application for aid. Rei'erreJ to Supervisor Martin with power to act. CH ANGE OF SCHOOL BOUNDARIES. A written recommendation from P. M. Fisher, County Superintendent of Schools was received asking that the boundaries of Rosedale School District be changed. Granted. riEDMONT SCHOOL BONDS. In the matter of the application and petition from the Trustees of Piedmont School District iu reference to the issuance of bonds. The District Attorney advised that the Trustees be allowed to withdraw the report, etc., to make corrections so as to have bonds perfectly legal. Granted. 8AFE FOR AUDITOR. A bid for safe for County Auditor's office was received from Chicago Safe and Lo:k Companv. Filed and referred to Building Committee. LIQUOR LICENSES. L. M. Hinkley, O. Lemierer and D. Ileagerty presented applications, accompanied by bonds for permit to obtain license for the sale of liquors, etc. Referred to Judiciary Committee. The Judiciary Committee presented report granting to Frank Mosher and lo Charles Gunther permits to obtain licenss for sale oi liquors, etc, Adopted. Accompanying resolutions were resolution granting said permits and approving bonds. Resolutions adopted. REQUISITION. County Coroner presented requisition asking for stationery. Granted. James Carey, jrardener. Hall of Records and Court House, asked for supplies. Reierred to Building Committee. The different county officers t. e.. Judges of Superior Court, District Attorney and Sheriff asked for the California decisions. Granted. Superintendent Shirk of the Countv In- firmarv presented the usual three monthly requisition for supplies. neierrea to nospuai uommiit.ee. INSURANCE ON COUNTY INFIRMARY. The policy of the Home Mutual Insur ance Co. was presented and read for insurance on buildings connected with Infirmary. Accepted. HORTICULTU RAL COMMISSIONERS REPORT. Horticultural Commissioner, A. D. Pryal presented his report. r ueo, anu uierK msiniciea to -see mat same was published m newspapers. RESOLUTION IN REFERENCE TO PRESENTATION OF BILLS. The following resolution was read and adopted. Be it resolved that on and after meeting of Auditing Committee of Board of Supervisors to be held Saturday, January 3, 1891. no bills against County of of Alaaieda will be audited at said meet ings unless presented to the Clerk and bled in his office on or previous to the Friday preceding the meeting of said Auditing Committee. BILLS ALLOWED. Rule No. 4 was then suspended and the following bills having been examined and approved by Auditing Committee were read and unanimously ordered paid, viz. : County General Fund J. D. Austen. $36; James Adams, $107 40; H. Arendt&Co., assignee, $3; Antono P.Alameda, $4 87; M. P. Alameda, $8 53; Alameda County Express, $20; Berkelev Advocate, $20; John Brennan, $211 ; John A. Bunting, $10; H. A. Benson, $147 20; J- E. Blethen, $126 40; M. B. Brady, $3; A: O. Barthold, $10; George C. Baxter, $10; E. Burnett, assignee, $14; Albert Brown. $100; George C. Bull, $15- M. A. Cnmmiugs,$5-ri0; Amsey Casev. $lt2-80; W. F.Carrol, $135 ; F. fl. Cuff, $33; L. B. Chandler, $10; D. Lace, $10; Frank Lake, $10; i. D. emslley. $10; 408 Wm. Pearce, $10: Kobt. uoraon, iu; m. C. Peterson, J. ii. rtuppnout, eiv; . . ELBellino. $10; Elmsr . Welsh, $10; Wm. R. Lee, $10; Daniel Culp, $10; A. P. Kluit, $;0j H. L.Fedderson, $Ws Carl iMohr, $10; John Jfain $10: Geo? ' Rice, $10: 'Contra Costa Water Company, $10; California Bank and Trust Company, $10; California Bank and Trust Company, $12340: California Bank and Trust Com panyV $50; E-Cotton,$150 78; E. Cotton, $290 50; Tbos. Dolan, $12; F. T. Dusterberry, assignee, $10; F. T. Dusterberry,' assignee, $10; James Easterdav, $10-, Enquirer Publishing Company, $22 50, $2; P. A. Ellis. $20 20. Ellen E. Ewing. $3 50; M. H. Eastman. $32 50; W. T. Fisher, $135 80; J. Fennessy, assignee. $3; J. H. FarrHl.. $25; First National Bank, assignee, $5; L. Goldberg, assignee, $33; F. B. Granger, $15''; Gallagher Transfer Company, $8; C. H. Gray, $20; J. A. Garsiglice, $1 Jee Gam, $35; Horton & Kennedv, $550 23; $182 01; $53 37; Mary A. C. Higgins, $i; Tho. Henne-berrv; $65: James Hutchinson, $135 20; W. E. Hale. $5 55: W. B. Hard v. $5 ; R. A. Hughes, $240; W. G. Hawkett, $213 40; John Hortenstein. $35; P. Hoare, assignee, $41, $15; Robert Irvine. $10; W. W. Jacobs, assignee. $3: W. W. Jacoos, $12; W. W. Jacobs, assignee, $3; Edward A, Kluegil, $18; P. Krapper, $4: Win. i.. Lee. $3: Eugene Lvncb. $9: assignee, $15; Henrv Loomis. $158 40: T. N. Langiey, $144 40: Wm. R. McGrew. $2 60; James McElrov. $6: Frank Mandail. $20: J. 1. Morrison. $10: Metzear fc Bauta. $38 50 J no. Mitchell, $99 40: H. E. Mosher, $140 40: James McManus. $10: $2: C. L. Neale. $5; E. Niehaus, $H4 8ti; G. L. Nusbaumer, I $75; $15; $775: J. O'Maiev, $S; Oakland Cab ! and Carnage Co., $14; Oakland Gas Lights Heat Co, $10 50; M. J.O'Gara. assignee, .Ji , $55 03; Oakland Journal, $14 50; Oakland Echoes. $150, K. J. Overend, $10; H. H. Pitcher, assignee, $7 50, $14 80; P. Peralta, $23 50: Charles Prowse, $!; H. Peterman, $!0; Wm. Ramsell, $21: B. A. Kabe. $15; Wm. Roherts,.$30 irO; Wm. Stokes. 11 20; Martha E. Schiller, $7 45; A. Silverstein, $8: W. H. Seidentopf, $122, $10 50; George Schmidt, $10; Sunset Telegraph end Telephone Companv. $5.30; C. VV. Simons, $7; $7; John Striker, $67 20; Joseph Tvson, $10; J. Donovan, $10; Edward Clark, $10; Thomas Bedard, $10; George C. Fisher, $10; Charles II. Slnnn $10; The Morning Times, $104 00; Henry W. Tavlor, $140 65; James P. Taylor, $30; J. R. Tavlor, assignee, $So 6o; lnoune ruo-lishing Co., $56 J 34. $77. $5 50, $13, $00; S. M. Wakeman, assignee, $60; J. L. Wciibye, $32 85; J. E. Wamsley. $14 20; Charles Waliz. $7 50; George F. Well, $60; Wells, Fargo & Co.,$l: H. H. Worley, $162 20; Franklin Warner, $162 40; V. A. Young, $94 50; Bay State Merchaniile Co..?-o; .Martin Britt, 7; George Black, $5; J. A. Brunge, $3, $13 85; tieorge Beck fc Co., $9, $27; Peter Baker. $125; Mrs. A. G. W. Cuininiiigs,$10; Carmany fc Leitch, $22, $12; Jarae Clark. $12; II. M. Collins, $:; Frank Crnz, $5; Dutcher & Brunner. $6'. 55; Ellis Bros., $34 77; A. Fonte, $21 50; J. H. A'. Foulks - Bro.. $51 95; Charles F. Fisher. $36; II. Fletcher, $W;' II. Furst. assignee. $15 14; C. II. Grav. $16; Thos. F. Grav, $!: C. -Gentner, $2 50: J. S.-Gilmore, $16; Mrs. L. Haurahan. .$8, $7, $7. .5, $tf; V . H.Harman, $6; J. C. Himv,$l2; Hortenstein Bros.. $81; Hone Mutual Ins. Co., $75; D. .Tagles, $6. $6; R. J. Jackson, $ 1 ; E. M. Keys, $33 50; An- Kracke. $U 70; II. Koster. $19; II. W. Kopinan, $52, $10; Philip Kolb, McMihan & Cox, $77; G. L. Merritt. $10 35; John H. Mitchell. $100 50; C. Nordr.ou.sen, $13 50; Petar & Dresco, $103 25; fl. H. Pitcher, assignee, 32; R. CMWs, $6; Phelan t Fi9b. $8; C. E. H. Reed. $2; O. L. Roger, $5; A. L. Ritchie, $7; Tbos. J. Rathjen, J4: Win. Roberts, $5ii 2J; J. Silva t Co., $5, $o, $13; Stnallman t Cuinmings $4; Simons A Klee: $11 65; J. P. Stoer, $5, $5, $15; L. Schaffer. $21: E. E. Spesser, $3; Henry Smvtb, $9' 33; W. P. Slattery. $1; Geo. SUnlev. $75; T. Swift, $6; D. L. Sliead, $7, $8; C. J. Thorn. $"-0; the Kentucky Co., assignee, $24; J. R. l'avlor, assignee,$15; II. Von Dnren, $. $3; Women s Cnristimi Temperance Lnion Coffee Rooms, $mo; Salary Fund K. iJ. Campbell, $a; wiii-hm U. "Dickson, $57 40; P.M. Fisher, $16. W. B. Ludlow, $65; W. K. B. Lynch. $43 60. Alvarado Road Fund F. B. Granger Sc Son, assignes. $27 $51. $.3. $1, 13; F. B. Granger, ?."7; F. B. J ranker Jr.. -42. Altaniom ltoad fund Uorlou fc Kennedy $1; H. H. Pitcher, assignee, $1), $3'J j0, $1. Bay Eonl Fond John F.ehan, $18; J. F. Bohrer. $20, $36; Contra Costa Waier Company. $32; John Drunmiond. $2. $20; John Kewcs. $2; James Higtius, $20; Jonn Mo Gartv, $21 ; O ikiand Pavin?-I'ompan v, S3- 50: Randlett cfc Meyer. $30; E. J. !acer.$36. Brooklyn Road Fund--J. S. Azeaedo, $ ; J. K. Eco, $ ; A. Lucia, as.-ignce, $ : E. 15. StoDe, $ . Cent ryiile Road Fund Henrv J. Dus-terbfry, $2'; Jose Farm George. $2"; John Lowric, $21; J. P.Marks, $3 40; John O. Matto .1 r., assignee, $20; John G. Mattos Jr., $10 50; John O. Mai ton Jr., assignep. $20, $13; Jose Marcio, $20; J. P. Roza, $90; C. M. Rosenberg, assignee, JflL'. Dublin-Road Fund Thomas F. Donlon, assignee, $16 75. $34, $25; Thomas F. Donlon,"; John Flanasan, $IS; II. Hunter, $12; J. McDcrmsri. Hi; J. McDermed, assignee, $13; C. '. Wilder, $12. Fruit Vale Road Fund E. Cotton, $1 ; Ocean View Road Fund D; Bos well, $60; Jno. Brennan, $121, $1. Palamore Road Fund R. H. Hoare, assignee, $1, $1. Peralta RDHd Fund Edson Adams, Jr., $31 25; Harrv Barry, $24: Cuas. Cuff, $16; F. H. Cuff. $1: M. Duncan, $lo; Heinboldt. $20; Frank Harlow. $21; John Keith, $22; Chas. Keitb, $4;, Wm. Mcfiuire, $52; P. Peralta, $1 ; C. W. Simmons. $1; E. Savers, $; William Smith, $20; Mitchell it Stewart, assignee, $12; Henry W. Taylor, $1 ; Thos. Welsh, $18. Murray Road Fund E. Cotton, $1; Horton fe Kennedy, $1, $1. San Lorenzo Road Fund Thos. Clcini, ass gnee. S76. 3 10, s.io. i.w. 31 Auditor of said county Is hereby directed to draw the warrant for said amount to JT V. Geary. President of said Association. Adopted. v - ; OVERFLOW OF WATBB WASHIKOTOH TOWNSHIP. Knner visor Uailev made verbal Statement in reference to overflow of water on roads in Washington Township, and the necess ity for fixing same. District Attornev Keea recommenaeu that County Surveyor be instructed to make survey, eta It was so ordered. FRUIT VALE AVENUK RAILROAD. In the matter of repairs to Fruit Vale avenue caused by laying of railroad tracks along Sessions rail road on motion ot air. Martin, the cleri: was instructed to nouiy Mr. Sessions and bis committee to meet the committee of the whole of the Board at their chambers at 10 a. m., to discuss condition of said avenue. MEETZ FRANCHISE, Theodore Meetz made application to make slight alteration in his petition for franchise for railway in Brooklyn. Towu-shin. Referred to Franchise Committee. The board, then adjourned to Monday, January 5, 1891, at 10 a. m. Bart Moroan, Chairman. Attest: James E. Crane. Clerk. fSEALl. By Samuel Hunter, Deputy Clerk. " TRIBUNE" MARKET REPORT. EETAIL PRICES IX OAKLAND. January 12, 1SSL MEAT MARKET. JUDTXRTI8KUKKT S 3- I I 3. THE, FRENCH CATERER,. Emile Cusin. Office, 233 Q'Farrell Street, between Powell and Mason, San Franrlsco, Will Furnish Estimates on Lunches. Dinners & Suppers For Weddings, Socials, EeceptioTis, Private Picnics and Yachting Parties. Served in First-class Style. ' Crockery, Silverware, Glassware, Linen, Tables, Chair., etc., loaned at reasonable rates; also Private Waiters in full dress furnished. Tel. 3380. ! 1 c. 1 ADVERTISEMENTS. 1- -1 D. HALL'S SURGICAL IOTTUTB Daily quotations from Rice fc Vhit3 of City Market: sieef , 6 to 20 cents lt; Veal, 10 to 13 cents p lb; Mutton, 10 tolocents n; Lamb, 15 to 25 cents 'r Iti; Pork, 10 to 15 cents ' t Mutton is advnneing. Veal scarce. COAL, AXO WOOD. Dailv quotations Irom Kenton Coal Company of 413 Tenth Ftreet: Wellington, Sifi; New Wellington, f 16; Greta, $li; Seattle, $12; Coos liny, $10; Kockv Mountain. Slawlii: Canuel.$16: Cumberland, Jii: Anthracite, H.(g.lS: Colorado Anthracite, IIS; Welsh Anthracite, $19; K?? Hard, $K,. Wood-Pine blocks, Li per cord; Kcd-wood blocits, 111 per cord. GRAIN", MILtSTU FFS, ETC. Dailv quotations from H.Whi'c t Co. of 100-111 am! 41b Eleventh street: Oats, J.l0et!.: Wrcsr, fl CO; Corn, $1 60; Barlev. K..S1 7A; Urxn, 1 25; Hay, oat, i;.; wheat, !'.;; cow, ?l:i; Straw, Voc bale: MilL-tutls. miid'.ini:s ."Si's 't4 l "'.i; oil cake meal, 1 60 cental; carro'.s, 00 5 si. Mauhattan food,$; f k. Ordrs left at Lehnardt's Candy -. Store, near Tostoffice, Oakland, will V receive prompt attentioa . SD EWALKS The PaciiicPaviDg Company Are prepared to furnish estimates or enter into contrasts for Paving Streets, Sidewalks, Driveways, Basements, etc. with the best Bituminous Rock at the very lowest price. The material used is from our own mines, and guaranteed first quality. l"or further information apply or write to THE0. VAN TASSELL, Oakland Agent, Pacific Paving Company, Office 1208 Broadway, Oakland. ; I DR. T MEDICAL AHD 855 BROADWAY, CCRNEUTTH Sr. SPECIALIST. Is still treating with the greatest sn ceest al Chronic, Nerve, Blood and Surgical diseases and diseases of Eye, Ear. Nose, Throat and Chest Special Attention to Diseases of Women The doctor has had years of experience In the Hospitals of London and Australia, and is one of the motl successful gynecological spec-iaiists in this country. Kegulatlns Mcdiciuo. To Tones and Middle. Aged Men. I-ost Manhood, Nervous Debility,- Spermatorrhoea, Seminal Losses, Physical Decay, arrising irom indiscretion, producing sleeplessness, de-tpoudeiicy, "pimples on tho face, aversion to society, r-asily discouraged, lack of confidence, dull, unfit for study or business, and finds Ufa a burden, safely, permanently and speedily cured. Geolto-C riaary feargery. Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Syphilis, Hydrocecle, Vari rorele and Strictures radically and safoly cured without pain or detention from business. All Sexual deformities and impediments to marriage successfully removed. Rectal iJiieaies ITemmorrhoids (Piles), Fissure, Fistulas, Prolapsus and Ulcerations relieved without deten- I tiou from buslne. DR. T. E. HAIL If a thorrvnhly cilncated rhyFician and Surgeon, aad his medical institute Is thoroughly equipped with all the EKKiern instruments for the cure of all diseases. The doctor compounds and furnishes his own mediciaes. ' X. 1.. Terfons unable to visit us may ba treated at their homes by corret pondence. Medicinea and instructions sent by mail or express. Cousulatattou. free. PKOOI CK, ETC. from Oakland Fruit and at 4U uad 4t2 Eleventh Daily quotations Produce Company street: BT ITER Fancy Toint Reyes, f1 roll, 90r; choice 1'oint Keyes. Vc: choice tfib:c. '; kouJ table, t'jc; 1r:et; ::eklc, ''r;c: choice Creamery pound. In tub, c: h'ood do., i'n;. EGfW -Choice California Kdiicu, S-jc; store, 3Cc; Eastern. 30c. CHEESE Califoruia full crcum. 20c; choice California, l'ic; sooi Celiforniti, 10c; Eastern full cream. 2:e: Co. part do., -JfJc: do. stini. iue; ITrlavr, ntA u-irh! nine nn''. tifrf!: ItDL'ue- fort. 50c V" lh: Oregon cream "foil." 20c; Freuca cream. 2ic each : Limburcer, SUc f' V.. PtK'LTiiV Roasters' pair, 1 .v(y,l To; liens, do., $1 Zfl 5C: frvcrs, do., ?1 25I 00; broiiera. I do., ?1 ouutl 2"': fequad. do., jM'w; turney, do., "JJcCfp1 j-; tame geese, fl SKftl 75 each; tame ducks, 1 '.'.ytl T.'i. WILD GAME Cauvassback duck. Jl 00l 25 pair: Milliard do., fl (Kcr l .:; ?r rigi;, do., e0c;g,7,ric; Widgeon do., iiOcd-luc; Teal do., ZJc(at 40c; quail. Jl lC(o 2 00 i 'lo?..: hare, -'." each; snipe. f2 tft'42 ..0 -' doz. : rabbit, l."c each. P'KUri'S, iiKEES" IMversido Navel Oransres, 50cMfl do: Los Auuoles uo do, 2'g '; c : Hiv-erside Seel lings, v.-VrfcSc; Los Aneelen do. IHn, jc: Minda i:i. l.'!i2":; Apples, ur-egon rtpitz, M tb; do ri:tl livin, tic; do Pippin, "c; California, oo; 1. onions, p1 doz, -10c; Limes, l"fi inc. VEOiiT AISLES l'ens. Sweet. 'Jrls for J.'ie; Sirins Beans, 2'.c t1 tb; r-weet 1'otcloes. :; tt,s for 2 ; Sprouts. I tfm or - ; krn. 'J)c '? r?: iar-lie, lnc; French t:!irrotp, ."c bunch : common do, 10c Y do; tn ster Plant?, - buuclies for l'ic; Tur-nips. 10c doz; lieets, l"c; tirecn onioos. bunch, 5c; l)rv do, "c f Cream .S1jna5.l1, .Oc 'f. tt: Pic do, l'o'-c t1 tt: i.ettiroe. 3 heads for .; Cali-flowef, i heads for M:c: Spinach, fii.i for i'w. PUJ'ATOES SalHias hurt)ank. ic f nr. ore-eon do. I?ifi2c: Alameda do, 1 '.a 1 c; Early ! Kofo, l1 .fa:t;:c; Peaehbloiv, l1 .& IlONtV strained Water White. cal tin. 12 fi.Hc tb: do 1 do, pnc; do in bottle, lux 2'jc. each; Combs, White, 2 it) combs, :-i'J(5,;5c: do 1 1 ib do, 20c. ALT - AO REAL HOME BAKERY, 1230 San Pablo Avenue, AT THE GK'TKRIKS. Harrison Brother Ambrose, Doctor Medical Institute & Sanitarium, 355 BROADWAY, Cor. Seventh Street. Fcm complaints and irregularities treated by r.n improved method. All diseases of men confidentially and successfully treated. Thro-'.t. lung, heart and liver complaints a sriecialt v. 'Consumption treated and cured according to latest discoveries. Brooklyn Market. AS-All Kinds or Baking; dan to Order. NEW GLENW00D, NEW 0AKW00D DALZIEL 118Q & MOLLEB, A Bcyce, 411 1 S8, $97 00. $2S, $32. $52. $10. $1M. f'U; John 1 . Maslin, assignee, io; wiuiaru Koberts, $1. Viillecitaa Road Fund F. K.Cann,$O0; Chadhourne Warehouse Co., assignee, $iv; Daniel Geary, $1'J; J. K. Taylor, assignee, $11; G. J. Vandervoort, 0 5o, Jwi, $iJ; J. L. WeilDve, $1. , Washington Koad Fund J. O. Malley. J $1; Wm. Ramseli. $1. j BECE.SS. The board then took a recess until 2 p. m. P. M. SESSION The board re-asscnib!ed at 2 p. m., all nieuibers being present. ADDITIONAL DEPUTY FOR DISTRICTS ATTORNEY. The District Attorney presented sworn affidavit statin? that on account ot the increase of population of Alameda county and the axtra amount of labor necessarily arising therefrom in bis office, it would be necessary for him to have another Deputy in his office. A resolution aranting said request and allowing to the District Attorney, an extra Deputy at a salary of one hundred dollars per month dating from January 1, lS'Jl, was then read and adopted. WEBSTER STEET BT.IDGE. In the matter of repairs necessary to Webster Street Bridge. A. communication was received from Southern Pacific Company calling ibe Board's attention to the dangerous condition of the bridge. Filed. The District Attorney made verbal report in reference to same and stated that under the agreement and franchise granted to Railroad Company it was the duty of the company to keep said bridge in rep-tir. It was then ordered that the clerk be instructed to inform the Southern Pacilic Company to attend to same immediately as bridge was in a very dangerous condition. lIqcor mce? es. In the matter of the application of F. D. Black for a permit to obain a licenae, two additional signers to recommendation for permic were received, and after considerable debate he was on motion of Mr. Brown allowed same to become part of original application. A protest was received against granting permit to obtain licence, to Mr. London at corner of Forty-eighth street and Telegraph avenue. , Referred to Judiciary Committee. APPROPRIATIONS OF MONEYS FOR LORIN IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION. The following resolutiou was then read, viz: Beit resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Alameda county, that there is herebv appropr ated the sum of $250 out of the'General Fund of said county, to the Lorin Improvement Association to aid iu, and carry on the work of inducing immigration ro said county in accordance with the provisions of Section 25, Subdivision 37, of the Cousty Government Act, and the Pailv; quotations from Twelfth street. TEA-Nalurnl Green Japan, h 7'c(n tl 00 : Cncolored Kteket Fired, tfocfci l 0U; Imperial oolomr, 4'Jcr-1 - 0: 11. U.. oticpound paper, I'.c; ! EiiRlish iireitkfat, 3-'c$-l -"i. j COFFEE Green JaVB, V tt (a, V-c; Green Conta lliea, kieta.Scc: (iround Java, Sw'n tuc; j ('round Costa llica. J.su,yrc; Ground Mdchti. 4oc ; 1 11. v 11., one aud out-naif pouud packages, ; packHce, 4A-; Hotel Blend, Wni'e. JAMS, JELLIES, ETC. In plass. Crops A Blaekwell's, 'JUc bottle, $2 2" Jcr doz; John 1. Cutting's, 1 c f' bottle, $2 '0 p doz. Iu two pound tn.s. from $-' 2-' to tl r. CANNED TAIJI.E FKL'ITS Two pound can?, dozen. !?'i '2-i-.il 7". I'lE ERClTa Two and a half pound cans, assorted, r. doxen, ?1 7 j((i"2iM3; one gallon cans, a'cortci t- dozen, ?1 ."o;-j 2fi. DK1ED KKl'llS AND NUT3 Caliioraia French I'mnts, i'j tb boxes Dr. Ilaudy's, per it, 20c: t, Yl'-Ml'tc: 'S Crown Lon iou Layer Kai.iius, boxes, 'f2 -i; i boxes, JKafl r'nts, assorted, 'f th, LXnGc; Jordan Almonds, t;' tt, 55c. SOAPP Castile. White French. ? rh, 0(et l".c ; Castile. Mottled French. 7'4f4l0c; Fnraerin, lOu Inlina i burs to box, V' box. " "0; Leader. -0 tart.to box, 7 ,"l. STAKCa Silver Gloss, fi tt boxes, j? tb, 10c; Corn, 1 n packazes. package. 10c. HAMS-I5Rt Enstern s-ugar Cured, f ih, 16c; other brands. 3'J1 h(al: BAt.'ON California, tt. 1015c; Fancy Bon6less, 10c; Eastern Covered, 15c; Imported, '-'2e. Ff.OFU-l'.est prade, f1 bbl, ti -". MEALS Buckwheat tlour, '? tt, 5c. ; graham flour, :!',c; rye Hour, 3,y2c. : corn meal, B.'c. ; oat meal. ",c. ; rolled oats, 5. liAKINu FOAVDEKS Hercules, 1 tb cans, 40c: Koval, rH.:c. All other sizes in proportion. COAL OIL Continental, f gaL cuns, $1 i'; Star. $1 :;5; Fear!. 1 :-; White Kosc, $1 50; Pratt's Astral, $1 i!5; Blank, $1 10. Sl'GAK Extra fine cule. 1 bbl, fXc; (A) crushed. l'.oc; Que crushed, tij-ic; powdered REMOVED street to FROM '65 EAST , TWELFTH SOI Fourteenth Street, Southeast corner Sixteenth avsaua, Where will be fonnd all kinds of Fresh, and. Salt Meats Sausage, Lard, and Corned Rcr-f, at low prices, delivered promptly to any part of the city. CHAS. BIT TEKMAN'N, Prop. JllljHiir7;jiiiiLLlJ4J4i4- 4- M Dress Cutting taught by the Studebaker Tailor Square, and perfect patterns cut to measure. Just received, ori)y medal ever awarded for dresscutting at Mecbauicb' Fair. wholesale and Retail Agency for all adjust- able , Dress and Papier Mache Forms. Wm. M. LOUDON, 224 Stockton St: Near Tost. San Francisco. HOUSES HOEIV'. WILLIAM SAGEHOREi, FLOUR, HAY, And GRAIN: 0J- Agent for "CROWN rLOOE. eV Sixtb. Stroot. Betweeo Broadway nd WMhlaxton. Telephone Xo. 25 , Retired Irom Public Life . GRATEFUL COMFORTING EPPS'S COCOA. BREAKFAST. "By a thorough knowledge of tbe which govern in i-'iC.: drv erauuiatod. '.c.: extra C. 5'jC.; g'o'lden C, 5c; in Ji bbls lf. more; iu boxes ic. more. Above prices subject to daily fluctuation. Happy Boonlcrs. William Timiuons, Postmaster of Idavillc, Irvd., writes: "Electric Bitters lias done more lor rue than all others combined, for that bad feeling arising from Kidney and Liver trouble." John Leslie, farmer and stockman of same place, says, "Find Elec-ric Bitters to be the best Kidney and Liver Medicine, made me feel like a new man." J. V. Gardner, hardware merchant, same tomi, says: "Electric Bitters is list tbe thing for a man, who is all run down and don't care whether he lives or dies; he found new strenctbj. good appetite, and felt just like he had a new lease on life. Only M cents a bottle at Osgood Bros'. Jtrus Store. natural taws e operations of digestion nd n- tiltiou, and by a careiul app-icmiioa ci me uuu properties of wf il selected t'ocoa, Mr. Eppa ta crovidd our breakfast lablea wlta a dellcawly flavored beverage w toicti may save ua many heavy doctors' bins. It is by tbe Judicious use of saca ar licit of diet that a cons'uutlon may b cradu-ik- hniit hd until atrone f nouifb to r-Blet every teridppcy lo dlseasn. Hundreds ot subtle maladies are floating mound us redy lo atl:k wherever there Is a weak point We may eseap many -a fatal ehaft by keeping ourse ves well fortified witb pure blood aud a prorerly nourished frame." (Mvil Service tiazetie." Made s. triply with boiling water or milk. Bold only fn hair pouud tins, by Grocers, labeled thus: JAKES EPPS & CO., Komceopathlc Chsmists, London, England. Having again retired from public life and resumed my former business, I take pleasure in announcing to my friends and former patrons that I have built a new and commodious shop, and fitted it up with an entire set of new and latest improved tools, and am now prepared to do all kinds of General Blacksmlthin, "Wagon and Carriage Work; also scientific Horse-shoeing, Interfering, Forging, Stumbling, Corne, Quarter Cracks find Contracted Feet remedied at once. All work guaranteed. I very respect fully Eolicit vour paironage. TRUMAN H. ALLEN, St., Oakland 321 lEHst-tlX Bet. Webster & Harrison, ADAM FOLLKATH, THE PREMIUM HORSKSHOKR. Potar ct3 frcccssaorito Ohiadii.li a Fxram. Wholesale and Retail Dealers IK ALL XIMDS OF FOBKIOH AHD HATIVB WINES & LIQUORS 1072 BROADWAY, cor. I2TH ST. Bole Agents fbr GMradelli's Celebrate! Ifgle Cbocolate. CofTee and Rplcea- ToOnr Old Friend and CnitomoM, G. W. Meyer, the well known and popular hatter is now located on Washington street, under the Creilin ITtel, where he keeps the best assortment of Eastern and European hats ever impor ted to this city. In price, durability, tine workmanship, their hats cannot oe excenea. uau on t v?li C4f I ,Vni.TT Col-wl W. Meyer A Co., if you want a hat to Ct ' MllUl ktTeet JLlYery btable. and loo kwell. tSilk hats from $5 to $3. I xjiuiCB vtiv.ok aorses a opeciaiiy. Hacks and Carriages at all hours. KOBCBT GLOVER. ANDREW GLOVER Telephone 93. ROBERT GLOVER & SON, Interferine-. Forpine, Ftumbline, Quar ter ani Sand Crack, Corns and Anything Pertaining to the Horse will be Cured or No Charge Made. ADAM FOLLKATH, East 14th St, bet. 22d and 23d Aves. One Block from 231 Ave. Station. JOHN BOI1AN, PRACTICAL HORSE SHOER, Formerly with Robert Gilmora. crtes that Interfere and Quarter Cracks a Specialty 611 FOURTEENTH Street, near Washington Telephone No. 295. Oakland. Ca m Uudertafcers. Coal. A present made of your order if it does not hold out weight or if you do not get the kind of coal you buy at the Old Reliable Coal Yard, JI. M. Bridge's, corner Sixth i and Washington street', near Hroadway Depot. All Kinds of coal and wood sold at the lowest market price. You can depend on your weieht aud money's worth at any tiniei. Don't forget the place, and try him. Telephone No. 2fi4. New Millinery At M. Rey Wilson's. Select assortment o drab and i;rey novelties, also made birds 1255 San Pablo Avenue aud 506 Fifteenth fctreeu Pare Holiday Caudle Made fresh every day at Lehnhardt's, Fourteenth street, next to PostofEce. Do yon know Theo' Gier can b found at 915 WashinRton su Direct trires. first class operators, prompt service, branch office of the Western ."mon Telegraph Company, Tribune Building, Eighth street, between Bioadway and Franklin street. . H. Schellbaas fine wool beds. Ninth Street, between Clay and Jefferson, Oakland. Cttl. 3D. M. GIBSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, 861 Broadway, Oakland, Cal .XOJB Stall a, 4, and , MARKET OITY Wholesale and Eetall dealers la best quality Keats. Frees meats ea haal every day. aJao Oaffl of aHklntU Edward J. aicElroy. Collections Promptly Attended to 921 Broadway, room lo, Oakland. irivn J. P. McElbot. Attorney. CHAS. J. MONOELAZ, Dealer in Wines. Liquors, Etc., 400 Seventh Street, Oakland. C. W. Garmany, N. W. Leitch. GARMANY & LEITCH Undertakers and Embalmers, 0 Tel. 240. 8SS BROADWAY. 1 Prompt attentioa. day or nlfiit. HENRY EVERS, iy aasr ao u a? -a. jbi x cosokkx or ALxxoa. CO. 8SB Washington St., Betweea 7th and 8th. Telepboaa No. 384. : OlKIAfB. ALBERT BUOWlf, UNDERTAKER Between Broadway and Wa&hingtcn. -TKIilEPHOKE IS. r"j i i I. inn im i iii C. K'AVOT. ri J. i. M'CARTHT. McAVOY and MCCARTHY, DKDKETA&IKS. B7S WASHINGTON BTREET. t, 7tb and 8tb. Oakiaa4, CaL Tele. K I J. I MeCartbyv Betmecce, Tel 318. ri- 31 '

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