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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 6

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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6- OAKLAND, 'EYENING-, OTIBTOtE; JANUABY 3, 1891. 1 1 v. i -r: ADVJEBTISUIBXTS. the post-holiday day Among the clnb McLean. Miss -Lon Potter.

Mlas.Edttn McLelian. Miss LoyeUjCrmlb, and thers, sldLaat ereninv tha LnSiMFivf RL FfanCia'de and Addie Cole, aged 33, both of Oakland; by Iter, B. Boyns. 1 Aueust 22d Anselmo S. Fontes, aged 26, and Carrie C.

Ayemr, agett 16, both of Oakland; by Rev. Y. Tavares. December 24th Walter F. Eastman, aged Sales Sanctuary Socive a yer infer-estiagnasicsi and Ujity J.

Jj. Cailaghan, W. Taylor, W. J. Smith.

Tba newly elected officera of the ihstitnte are: J. AenewPresident J. J. O'Shea," First Vice President 3i- Donovan. Second Vice-President; JJ.

McLauglin. financial Secretaiy; W. J. Smtth, P.ecofdiDR Secre-tary; 3. J- Heim, CorresDonding Secretary J.

Farrelly, Treasurer; J. Toorney, Outside Sentinel: Bigney, Inside Sentinel and T. Knight. Marshal. The Institute wishes to thank the follow 27, and Lncretia E.

Eastman, aged 23, both4. mempers ana taeirgne8t3 were: Mrs. DrisiMrs; Blote, Miss Bates, Miss Mayhan, Miss Miss ilosprove, Miss Bayfey, Sliis' prien, Miss CraTae, Miss" Hathaway. McDonald, Miss1 Lukens. Miss Bngham, Miss "(Fitzgerald, Miss Close, Miss Phoeby, Miiss Eveline Remillard Miss Phillips, Miss Willard, Miss Kettle Powell, Miss Sadie-Willard, Misi Fannie Merriman, Miss Moore.

Miss Jxu Breck. Miss Clift. Miss Edith Gowell, The IntrasiYeHaid at the 7 Swell Weddings. or uauana; ny tier: a. v.

ijamrop. November 2d William B. Sneathen, aged 25, of Cincinnati, and Bertha I Sneathen, atJCiife Hall. The hall was crowded with members and friends of the society, who listened to the following excellent programme: SCHOOL BOOKS Music. St Mary's Orchestra Recitation.

"Little J. O'Brien IBS. GROOM'S YIG0R0OS "IE5 SIR." Vocal olo, 'The Mottoes on I ing for the assistance given them: Clark Wise, for the use of the piano Catholic Ladies' Aid Society, for the handsome decorations and sapper; P.J. Keller, for the material for the decorations and James A. Joyce, for the programmes.

The following are some of those who jotm a. uaivin Vocal solo, "Eugene Aram's Dream'! Charles 3. Maguire Vocal quartet, "Sleigh Riders' Oee of i -The Meddler Miss Clara C'ift, Miss Dougherty.1 Miss Moffitt, Miss Jndson, Miss Remillard, Misa Middleton, Mkss Snook. Miss Ethel Middleton. Miss May Snook, Miss Ereck; Miss Young.

Miss Feck, Miss r'rost, Miss Johnson, Miss Ferry, Meek, Miss Wheeler, Miss Dyer. Miss Chamberlin, MLss Besie Hail. John Doming James Etand-tar ORDER YOUR i Crowd Waiting to rats. Corner tbe Inr at enjoyed the pleasures of the evening, and. Funeral Procession I 'was one of a crowd of women who Utter and who watched the old year oat and the new in: Miss Jennie Callahan, Miss B.

Callahan. Mrs. J. Ryal, Wiiliam P. Barty, Miss L.

Cabill, Miss Annie Thompson, Miss Josie Fennesy, Miss D. Orne. Charles yuiglev, Josep'hine Hallahan, Ella Halla-han, Mr, and'Mn. j. Lynch, Judge J.

F. Eggs Breck, P. Wood, Alexander ilsix, Jofcn Donbledav, Phil Kemillard. i Mr. Pope, Fred C.

Torrey. Mr. House. Mr. Muler, N.

S. Koser, Miss Saxbr, Paxton Wrignt, Fred Henry Cuslinsr. irank Parcells, Fred Hathaway, Mr. Culver, Ed Dr. Merriman, Kobert Fitzgerald.

J. Taylor, w. b. White, IT. l.

Btnien, D. Sheeria. I Cornet solo Mr, L. Harrison Cornet solo, ''Jimmy Butler and the John J. Carr Vocal solo, "I Dream of Jamea H.

Toler Recitation, "Jasper" James LJ Taylor Vocal soio, William. Wilson Violin solo, I'ref. J. Manning, accompanied by Trof. F.

Schorcht. Violin solo, "The Dandy V. Bullivan Vocal duct, "Hope Beyond" J. L. Taylor, D.

I. Bneerin Humorous selection John P. McCarthy Vocal solo Daniel M. Warde Recitation, "Lord Ranken Vocsl solo Miss M. O'Brien aged 21.

of Berkeley; by Kev. K. Koyns. December 28th Charles A. Bond, aged 36, and Mary A.

Alvarado, aged 34, both of Ban Francisco; by Rev. H. D. Lathrop. December 20th Manuel Freiias.

aged 21, and Minnie Roderigr.e. aged 10 both of Mission San Jose: by Rev. J. J. Pimental.

December 28th Lorenz Haber. aged 41, and Marv Morette, aged 39, of Livermore by Rev. P. Power. 'January 1st William A.

Watkins, aged 22, and Mary B. McMinn, aged 17, both of Oakland by Rev. George B. Rieman. Catarrh Can't be Cured with L0CAB7 APPLICATIONS, as they cannot reach the seat of the disease.

Catarrh is a blood or constitutional disease, and in order to cure it you have to take internal remedies. IlaiEs Catarrh cure is taken internally, and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces. HalUs Catarrh Cure is no auack medicine. It was prescribed by oneaof the best physi cians in this country Kr years, and is a regular prescription. It is composed of the best tonics known, combined with th best blood purifiers, pcting directly on the mucous surfaces.

The perfect combination of the two ingiedicnts is what produces such wonderful results in curing catarrh. Send for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENEY Toledo, 0.

old by all druggists, price 75c. RECEPTIONS' AN lirpAliTIES. slood at the corner of Thirteenth street and Broadway the other dy waiting1 for a funeral procession to pass. There were no men anions tbe number, for the simple reason that the rtien walked calmly between the carriages and proceeded about their business. Why did the women wait? Were they inspired with respect for the poor cold r.inv that was -being thus ostentatiously Sullivan of San Francisco.

Miss L. Allen, James A. Joyce, C. D. Kyne.tMr.

and Urs. J. It., Annie Houghton, Joseph Keller, Miss O'Connor, J. C.

Crowley, M. McDonald, George Eager, C. Hannan. Dan MOCKBEE 8c BOYER, Murphy, J. J.

O'Shea, John Smyth, Misses Music Orchestra Smvth. Waiter Smith. W. Tavlor. Miss Donovan.

Dr. and -Mrs. Jose oh Fonte. John Cary, Mrs. Carr, J.

J. Mc- carried to its chamber in the silent halls of death? Sot a bit of it. They duln'fciiow Central 912, 914 and 916 Washington Street, Lanfrhlin, Father Tavares, Father Cran- well, J. Wells, Dan J. Hallahan, Thomas Oakland, Cal Agnew, James Carey, D.

Corker v. Miss A Corkerv. P. J. Murphv, Jesse H.

Woods, Mr. Castro, C. J.Tumomev, J. A. McDon ald, H.

S. bkinner, Joseph J. Foiey, Miss Where all is good it is difficult to mate exceptions, but possibly the male quartette and the humorous selections bv John McCarthy were received witn special appreciation, though each number was encored. At the conclusion of the programme a yery witty and amusing farce in one act. entitled.

Absent Minded Men, was produced and brought iofih' much merriment end applause. The i caste was a follows: "Archibald Stubs," '-Jonas Flip," absent minded men, Francis Cerini and George P. Clark; 'Merry," an odd servant, Francis N. Burns; "Dennis," a young cook, John N. Fogarty.

Following "the farce the orchestra played another selection, and. the as E. Allen. W. Case.

I. T1. Conuoly. Choice Poultry and Game in Season Wheelan, Louis Aenew, Mr. Sweenej, P.

fXT Order Now antl Get trie First Pick. W. B. Nicholson, A. PownSnR, n.

l. Dusinbury. C. C. Judson.

Frank. Fisher, William Orane, Fred Allaidt. U. A. Melviu, W.

E. Bond, John Cunningham, Bert Gaskill, Phil arlton. II. Thomas, J. H.

Ames. Will Finei-Adolphfe Uhl, J. H. Park. William Meek.

rJohn Lewis. H. Converse. Mr. runiniimjs, Mr.

McGilverey, H. P. Squire. Fred Phoebe, Mr, Dyer, Dr. Angnr.

E. Y. Urnjiby. Mr. Landers, Mr.

b. A. Leonard, L. Scott, Mr. Blote, Mr.

Davis. The delicious sapper was supplied by E. Cusia, the French" Caterer of San Francisco, who presented with his compliments beautiful souvenir Menu cards.) Mr. ami Mrt. Hutchison Surprised.

On Wednesday evo-iini: Mr. and Mrs. James Hutnison were tendered 'a pleasant surprise party at their new home oh Telegraph avenue, the surprisers being a inerrv troupe of friends and neighbors who had arranf-d the aflair so quietly tbat the recMiienn were taken entirely unawares. Toe' hours pa-srd all too quickly with cards and other games and shortly after 11 o'clock a deiiehtuil suppar was fervej. Those present werT: Tom Miss Bromlev, Miss Martha r.r;jni!ev, Mi Hurd, Miss" Lucv Hurd, Mr.

and Mrs. Backer, Mr. and Mrs. Sanborn, Miss Betancue. Mr.

"app of San Francisro, T. of Portland, Mrs. Shea, N. Allen, Mrs, Helton, Mr. Dixon, Thomas A.

Fennesy. Theodore J. Jerne, G. Tavlor, John, J. McDonald, Miss McDon ald.

J. J. O'Shea. It. E.

Sullivan, M. Keller, Mrs. Keller, flis A- Nolan, James T. Cuy. Miss A.

Cofkerv, Miss S. Carry, nor care anything about the deceased. They were detained (and when I say taey I include my otrnweet self) by superstition. It must hkve looked funny to see fifteenor twenty oru oh each side of Thirteenth street, ail held by a foolish idea invented, by some old woman away back in the misty past. While we waited one of onr boys dashed through the procession mid lifted Iiis hat to a pretty girl.

my she gasped. '-Don't yoa 'know it's uwfullv bad lack to break tbrongh funeral? And as he passed on with Bome laughing reuiartc about superstition another Kirl nmrii'ured "i wouldn't do it lor worlds, on Thirteenth street especially." Superstition are queer things. 1 nave known people ot fterlinir nood sense, who were perfectly sane about things in ncueral, but who clune to one or two with an heroic temerity, which neither reason nor ritlicule could luove. For instance, Sever start Qiion a Miss Fannie Mathews. Miss Tessie Math sembly dispersed.

The affair was a decided "financial and the ladies of ews, L. T. Vsnisles, Lota Faley, Denve Hoir to Have TLeui survml iu the Proper Way. One of the great, troubles in giving an evening reception or dinner party is in having the table properly served. Max Abraham, of 219 Sutter street, Sn Francisco, has had a number of year'3 experience in the business, serving some of the bet lamiliesin San Frmciseo.

He takes full charge, supplying even tjie table service, if desired, send him a postal card or telephone, L'if) Sutter street, San Hampcl, J. L. Donovan, Miss H. Dono Dr. J.

Maher, Miss van, V. H. Pemmer, the parish congratulate themselyes. Tbe Chappellet Party. A merry company met on Jlew Year's eve at the house of the Misses CbappeUet, 1555 "Telegraph avenue, to ee the New Maher.

J. T. Prairo, Georgia Cox. Mrs. Mav Silvan.

Miss Ida Page, James P. Man umg, Mies B. Hanifer, Miss W. Cailaghan. Miss Maggie Cailaghan, Miss Sure Curd for the Liquor or Opium Habits.

if she had dreamed of ack horses ounl erg, the night befoie. Another woman, a girl Mrs. A 1.. Matnie Cailaghan. Miss Cellie Cailaghan, It.

.1. Callagban. Thompson, Miss Nellie Pierce, Miss Kittie Hallahan, Miss Jennie Sears, Miss Nellie Derhani, Mr. and Mrs. F.

Priadie, F. de S. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Nolan, Mis A.

Tourney. F. A. Fennesv, Mrs. E.

Peliin, Mr. H. Pellin, Mis3 M. Walsh, Mr. P.

Mahoney, Mis Cronin. Mr. and Mrs. P. N.

Hairahn. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr.

and Elliot. Mr. and Mrs. James Mr. and Mrs.

Charles Aiken, Year in. The honse, both upstairs and down, was beautifully decorated with smilax and ferns lightened up by the brighter colors of numerous bunches of roses and chrysanthemums. Or the upper rioor, which was used as a dancing hall, there was a brilliantly lighted New Year's tree, around which the merry couples danced the merry hours away. The dances were interspersed with music and games, and at 11 o'clock a dainty supper was served' the cuests. At midnight, while The habits East India cure for awful can bo given without the patient's in her teens, would never waiK over a grai- Mr.

and Mrs. Santli, Dr. and Mrs. 1. W.

knowledge.and is the only known specific fori Hall, Mr. Taylor, Mis3 Travers, Mrs. Major Bromley. BAKERY. For New Year's Day, CAKES of any flavor made to order; no charge for lettering cakes.

Charlotte Russe Cake, at $1.00 Whiped Cream Puffs, at 50c doz. (ALWAYS ON SALE). Surpassed Coffee delivered at 40c per gallon; with whiped cream, COc per gallon. THE LEADING BAKERY. Sf Tonstantly on hand the Largest Assortment of Cakes in Oakland.

in or a vault light in the idewalk, nor was this aversion due to excessive prudishaess, -'but to the fact that some fortune teller had to her that she was destined to meet her rtpfith hv ft fail. II. P. Peller. Mr-.

P. Mahooey, P. N. the purpose, it is not injurious in th( least degree, manufacture bv Emerson Drug Co. San Jose.

and for sale by Osgood Uros. Sole agents for Oakland. Mis Kmily Its ymond's Lectures. ociety at Cali- Haurahan. Mis The Ladies' Aid late McKeon.

JelTress 11. Hillman, Miss all tbe bells were ringing in the New Scaulon, Cnarics Kelicv. F. Waver. A.

Castre, fornia Hail, (urTues. Say evenint: nixt, January nth, at o'clock, will begin a course of Women are more superstiotn -than men. Whether this is due to our more delicate nervous si net ore not. I do not begin to lectures on ltonian history, by Miss i i tiini nf nnr 1 six A fact that all men with gray a id many shaded whiskers should know, that lyc always colors an even brou a or black at will. HIV.

UUL 1L11 a la'-tf- i.vj Oliver, Mrs. Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. J. P.

O'Neiil, Miss M. Tavlor, C.J. Semomncy, Miss Itainey, Mr. and Mr3. W.

S. Annie Swiizar. Cnarles Van Haltrcn, John D. McESiov. D.

D. Dunham. T. Lyons, F. socieiv Uy have tneir little superstitions, Iv Uaymorn! coum.

uekets being They say Bert Hravton has a mortal terror 1. Miigle cents 1 he fact that n.wuiaiw rank! the conr-e tickets are transferable, or that rtf riirintr hpfore midmetit -that fratiK rem Is all the go at II. 403 Eleventh treet. FOR Y.ear, Urn windows were thrown open and the JHmc oi the hsb-horn was drawn out in linked sweetnesf. Among those present were: MrI-and Mrs.

Chappeilet, Misses FrankChappeliet, Misses Eyans, Miss McDonaid, Miss Stockman, Miss Dewes, Messrs. Evans, Harry C'uinn, Mr. Crane, Fred Clif Arthur Pope, George Pope, K. Watson. i Tint Quinii l'arty.

ATnumber of the friends of Mr. and Mrs. Qui ho met on New Year's night, at tbeir plcasan', home on Castro street, to pass a tew pleasant hours. Cards and merrymaking made the evening's pastime, and at a honr, light refreshments were served. The atl'air was an informal one.

Watching: the INew Year SeglD, J. L. Lyon Son's house, removed to loth mammoth auction and Broadway. Pure Wines and Brandies TRY THE Los Saratoga Wine Co. Fnll Lin Bedroom suits at the old reliable II.

Scheli-haas' 408 Eleventh street. COTTONWOOD PARK! FRUIT COLONY! Tenth St Oakland. A. Mi-3 M.

Carvin. Miss S. Carey, Mis "Kellw Mr. M. Dudley, Mrs.

M. Dudley. Mr. P. Mulcahey.

Mr. F. M. Cerini. I Burns.

Mr. and Mrs. Geotge Tavlor, Alameaa; Leo Moriarety, Mis3 Moriarety. Miss L. Cabdl, Will Cabill, Mi-s M.

Donovan, J. J. Bigney, Miss Fannie Piersbn, Nevada City; Misses HoughtT.i, Charles uialey, J. H. Creely, W.

1-'. Watson, Miss Florence M. Cerini. Mrs. W.

E. Watson. Mrs. Maggie Duddy, tieorge M. Duddv, Will DennK M.

Duddy. Wm. L. Edwards. Miss Fannie Clark," George Dudley, Louis Letu.

Company F'a Anuiversary. Cavalry Hall presented a very animated scene lait Wednesday night on the occa--ian of the New Year's Eve party of Corn-pan F. Fifth Kegiment of Infantry. The half was a most complete success, and considerable originalitv was apparent in the decoration. Tle i-tage, for ihe time being, was as a Japanese pagoda, with symmet TTTE EKIX ON'LT OUR OWN OLD California Wines and Brandies from our Gat.inpo hotel bar and billiard parlors; finest of wines, liquors and cigars.

Cour-ant lloonet 411 Sth st. Tel. M4 fruit hill vineyards in Santt Clara County. All goods warranted aa represented and delivered six may attend on one ot these ticket-. piiCrs tneiu on such reasonable terms that, no doubt, this opportunity will be grasped by manv of those who have alreadv heard Miss Raymond on the subject ot and by many more who have heard her' praises sung by those attending the previous lectures.

The Ciellin Watcli Tarty. A number of the young friends of Misses Louis and Ida Crellin gathered' on Wednesday evening at the home of the young ladies to ee, in the pleasing manner, the birth of the New Year. The young people dan vd the hours away to the music of Hendesvon's orchestra, in the course of the vening iupper was served, under the -direction of a caterer, who furnished the following menu: isx). l'E "1, TOO. i Chicken salad, 1:0 's.

saiulwiches cnoei'ia'o. ream. ADVERTISEMENTS. Usher thinks it very lucky to draw to pair of travs; that Ben Wyitian.on the principle that there is luck in odd number, generally takes two this to the theatre; that Khode Borden alwavs hugs a g.rl with his right arm, rather than his that Harry Hooguton has a mortal terror of the number thirteen and neyer alleges that number or any. multiple of it.

in givinj the figures ot Jus bunting and fishing that Cleve Dam always goes upstairs backwards on Hallowe'en and other holidays that Major Tompkins never personally arrests a tramp on Friday and uit Bob Fitzgerald has an abiding faith in the existence of banshees. It would till a book to give an account of all the superstitions of our set, and am not writing books just no'w. AVben 1 write a great society novel I shall devote tbe chapter to "Superstition Society." This is truly a queer world. There have been so many Yednlng3 this week that 1 hardly know what to say about them. The McNear-Tucker affair heads the list for gorgeousness and appropriateness.

It was the largest wedding ev-r held in St. Paul's Church and the preseuce of the Assistant Bishop added much to the dignity of the occasion. I will notattempt to describe the decorations. They were so beautiful as to be Tbfeyond any adequate description. And did you ever see a liner looking bridal party I'm sure you never fti.L The hrnle looked like a beautiful At the home of C.

J. Woodbury, on Fifteenth and Brush streets, the new year was ushered in amid the tooting of horns! and the shouts of merry voices. class of the Sunday school of the First Congregational Church gave a watch party to the class of Mrs. J. B.

llichnrdson, a class of young ladies. The evening was enioyaMy spent in singiug freeoi charge. Y'c are not responsible for outside dealer! who claim to sell goods from our establishment Thy our 2 Poet sd 50o CfcARKt OCR PKICK9: CLARET jpercaae2 75toiU00 CIjARET (Old Private Stock) per case $6 03 THERE IS NO DOUBT That Mme. Kuppert 's World Renowned Face Bleach THE PFA11L OF THE SOUTHERN FRFIT DKl.T: St iU acres of the choicest fruit land in California, to be sold in subdivisions on the most liberal terms ever tTe red. Located one-half mile from Cottonwood, fcfhasta conntv, fronting miles on ths California A Orego.i 11.

and three mi'es on Cottonwood Crek. 12000 acres of the riolicsf crook-bottom sediment loam, dotted with magniheent oiiks, and tiualmg in beauty and grandeur the most famous English parks. The home of the Peach, Fear, Prune. Cherry, rical roof of many folds of bunting, while sides were formed in evergreens and! fioWers, and paper lanterns sparkled from around the eige? of the roof. The decora- i ipergaL TSc to It 00 per case f3WHW (pergal II 00 to $125 college songs, in and dancing.

Late in the evening dainty refreshments were served. As the 12 o'clock bells rang out on the clear night air the entire patty went out on a serenading expedition. Among the guests present were: Mr. and Mrs. J.

B. ltichardson, Misses Grace Fisher. Bertha Woodbury. Doane. Tillie 1400 i per case jpersaL (per case ZIKFAN'DEL BUBGUXDy CABINET.

CArjTERNE SAUTERKE, O. Y. II 2S to 11 50" 1500 H23 Ice xr' Water Icc," I akes, per gal J( Nectarine, rig. Almond and Walnut, ino jpercaae i 111 Mill 1 liu l. rr be pianled to lruit tliis season.

Lemonade. Bo-a Dans. i Newsoni, Belle Kincaid, Mattie Havens, Florence Swain, Minnie Fowler. Williams, Margaret Leach, Annie Harrington, Violet I M. lirown, Frost, Etta Brewer, Culver, Alex Stewart, Frank Leach, Abe Leach, Joscpn Medros, Will Kincaid, Charles GT-i vin.

Charles Parcells, George Furniss, Mr. tionsoftbe hall were pink and green, and manv figures were iormrd of ever-gre-ens- and' smilax and attractively arranged about the hall, in the company assembly room had been arranged two large beds of snow and tbe scene was frigid. It is safe to sav that Company holds tbe honor of having the most striking and original decorations for its party of any that ever, been flaced in the ball, iit re was just enough of everything, and nothing was overdone. Toe bcene during tbe dancing was most I "he uandsoane cos nines 'of the ht'hes an.I.the dillerent uniforms of the various branches of the niilite.ry service 400 .1700 1400 II 00 1350 When the New Year was several hour? jper gaL per case Jper Look at the dream; the bridesmaids were yigions of loveltiiCss, while the groom, his best man and the ushers were all manly looking fellows. I was especially delighted wnti the appearance of "Uus" Macdonald.

I 1 Purchasers payf cost of trees, planting ing fellow he is. I envy the lucky girl who Culver. Mr. Swain, Mr. McArthnr, Horace P.

Brown, J. A. Fowler, Julian Ljckwood, and others. Gossip. Mss Alice Vinzent returned from the and cultivation for three years.

payment required on tbe land for lire years, at RIESLING UOCK SHERRY SWEET ANGELICA ROYAL NECOR PORT WI8E3 which time land may be paid for. or at the old the young people were still enjoying ttifinseivcs. following were present: M'usei AiUMista Kent, Ella Morgan. M.yraU I I'raiher, Emma KniRht, Belle llutclun-pii, i Marion Campbell, Amy Camion, iVt-! terson. Miss A.

B. Crellin. Mac An-jiearth. lith Byxbee. Joie Chabot, ith-I rop Moiia Cieilin, Laura Crellin, Wiiiia Horn, Ralph ones.

co' se Hattiuan. Bo? HofFiuan. Barnard Miller, Wid Cooke, Will Baldwin, Herbert Dickey. Carr Nsal, I'ring'e, Fred Johnston, Ed 'i-ie. S'id Price, Hrdy, Thomas Pheby, Jstanlev Mamie Su (ieticvieve jpergaL tl to 12 50 per case $6 00 to 5 03 1 50 to 1200 ipercas 1600 JpergaL 1200 (per case 1600 per case 11003 (pergaL.

1 50 to $3 50 per caad 16 00 to 1303 option ol thf I'Urchaser. all money invested will be refunded, thus insuring Lnrrhaf-pr against all lisks. No such terms strikingly witn tne jirevailirig i de oroiions. It is "to the following com- i niiuees that mach credit is due lor the sue. ess of the affair: oniiiiittee of "Arrangements Lieutenant i i.

Hunt. First Sergeant K. V. I'oomian. S-rgant E.

W. Weeks. Sergeant W. H. ever oil' red before, and the ollir is limited East recently in poor health and since her I return she has not improved in health, Her friends fear that she cannot recover.

i Alolph Uhl of East Oakland, whose; ankle was recently dislocated by a misstep to the i0 acres to be planted this season Will get him lor a husoand. Another lovelv girl who has just taken upon herseif the duties and reponsibil- i itiedct uistrimonv is Mrs. Jenny Waters i Bowers. Her wedding with Mr. Bowers was an Occasion which we will all remem- her with pleasure.

The bride, a queenly blonde, is too weil known in society to need Sultice it to say that in her wedding garments s-he was a sight to please the god. I must confess that I am somethine oi a sentimentalist, and I was very grentiy de- lichted with the singing of Call Me Thine I I Applications will be considered only in the IS TMKMOST PrrCKSSFrL I'lrKI'-A1LT1()N rOK Till; CtMi'LKXioN l.YKi: 1'SKD F.Y THE LADliS OF THE I'NITKD STATES. Tlie great succl-ss attending Muie. Ilupnert'petrorts in not order received. .1.

II. Neylan, Private i when leaving a tram, is now aooui low cn Cobbit Cori iral E. Wenk, Pri- 1 crutcnes. J. II.

i i'iedick, Private and full particulars at our H. bhaw. Private H. 1- Harvey. C.

Crawford, formerly with Albert Maps ifhce. Rici otiun Conimiitte Captain J. F. now of the firm of Tavlor oniy now to ixtr uetain BRAXDIE3, GRAPE per pd. $3 50 to $5 00 BRANDIES, BRANDIES, OLD COGNAC ('82) $1003 We are ao Agents for Mooremann, Miller A Kentucky Wbiskixs.

T. A. LAMPING CO. AaiJtT ts Teath atreei I Priiwn. who is Carrie Kilter, Fannie MeCume.

Hatfe Engiisli. StianiiHn, Mary Whitnev, Florence Sclby, Belie II int. Bessie lj-sie siiii, Agnes Haley, 1ilian Vsie Gray, B-il Mhoon. Maud LUiian Strong. E-uily Stoddart; Use Yrooman, Mary McLain, iu i tilt pvinn-j ic nnr nr nil cnrrincuv" Haves.

I.ientenant F. tiunt. Lieutenant Crawford, undertakers of Fresno, inen The unuuesiineu merits oi ner uiKpiesiioned merits ot ceremony; ana now ae-, Own durina the i. il. Wethern, Private Sely ost, Private t0wn.

ti. L. P. iter. )r.

A. E. Colerick. recently from Mich- ICARNALL- Face lead i is considered. It is not ltghtfully Miss Sophie Ncwlaud a inv AtaoraTt'a vinlin rvhliirAtft and Mrs.

J. Floor H-irector-Lieutenant L. O. Hunt; iealli located in Oakland. Dr.

CoIericK Gertrude Craven, EniTin Msioncv, Daisy cosmetic, but a skin tonic; cures am Edna irtlett, I Kioor Director Corporal J. belongs to tbe ecleciric school. Jj. Howard's organ plavia'g littingly accom- Howard, Grac F.artlett, -hr hpaiififii! voice. Mfjr.s.

Aba fraul relatives in LCWCliVU 13 VlSHlDg Charles Neylan; Floor Committee Sergeant J. H. tj -y. Lc? Oorrill, George Cubbledick. Corporal .1.

E. M. Taylor, Pri- i anta Koss. iwm Jackson. vate J.

H. Cobbledick, Private J. P. Dahlen, Mrs. Dr.

I I am always losing niv gravity at inop- lithrop. Joe Moore. Will nnnnn.niAmint hut I think I was iusti- Mc('hsnpy. tcorge hit Loaax and Miss Fiorence Web I removes Freckles, Pimplep, Eczema, Blackheads, Acns, Moth Patches, Sillow-' ness, and other forms of skin disease and blemishes. It also gives strength to the relaxed muscles and ligaments of the I face, drawing them hack to their former i 1 rivati; ijeoree 11.

fctiaw. FITZHUGH-HOPKIMS GO White, Beach tbe nartv was A mo iKinpy leal are of he presentation to Captain John F. Have lied in giggling, ever so )Ui tly, when, to lr. McLean's pestion "vWi.t thou take tins woman, Mr. Howi rs promptly answered.

''Yes, sir." It reminded me of the countrv bridegroom who. to the same question, responded: "You bet; 1 come a purpose." it was a lovely wedding, and the reception at Snell Seminary afterward was very enjoyable. The Snells verv loath to part with Miss Waters, they are all SOLE AGENTS, Smie, Ciarence Hoane. Walter Morgan, Philip Abbott, Charles McCicvcrty, Rryant rim wood, Hitter, l'rentiss Fr'd Marston. Fred llrock.

Sam N'aal. Harry Horn, Walter Taylor. AhraliaHKoi Krotliero' Banquet. The employs of Abrahamon Bros, saw the old year go out very pleasantly. They were banqueted by their popular employers, Messrs.

Ju ius and Ifitgo Abra- lKsition, thus removing the wrinkles not caused by old age. Send i cents for particulars. sent to any address on rereip of price. One bottle i bottles (usually re iuired to cleir the complexion) Mine. A IttPPKltr.

121 ost S. Parlors 7 and S. i in cjnimand of the company, with a hand-some sword, with ivory handle and heavy i gold mountings a fitting tribute to a most popular otricer. The presentation was made by Major F. R.

O'Brien. Fifth In-I on b-tialf of Company before the companv drawn up in line and it was as i if.iuii as Captain Hayes could do tind words wub nich to express hi gratitude 1 624 Market San Francisco. ster hive returned to Stockton. T. Whitehili ot Lorin has gone on a business trip to Wheatland.

II. Stfcelaot East is at the Faraiso Springs! Fred Adams of Santa Rosa spent the holidays in this city. Mrs. Simmons, wife of Professor Simmons, is quite ill. Rev.

G. Grr tnwell and wife have been visiting Lorin friends. Miss Anna Brown, of San Francisco, ami Edward Chatlield, of Biggs. Butto county, both well known in Oaklajitl and San Fran-clsco, were married at the home of the bride, 1108 Scott street, San Francisco, on Thursday evening. January 1st, by Rev.

J. ti. Adams of the Westminster Presbyterian Cnurch. Opoite I'alare Hotel. Have You Seen It! The NEW JEWELL LAMP, Small Cheap and Safe, elves BIG LIGHT, Rochester Pattern.

This same Lamp can be used as a St-and, Bracket or Hanging Iiamp. To see it is to bny it. For sale by GEO. R. READ i Dealers In Lamps, Stovee, Oil and Gasoline, 1012 WASHINGTON STREET.

latupagne ana Sergeant R. P. Poorman was also the wel- I appeal to thccriantabler-'ris nt i 'atciana uauu" 3 help a cause to give something PP- toasts were tor those who have themselves become of empiovfr ami emp.oye, for those to Truth TraTeln Triuiuplmntlv and Boldly l'roclaimn That and those presented with his exempt certificate. present ever retnembt the hv fhpir fflorts in befralf of going out During tne evening reiresimitius were served and dancing continued far into the dawn oi the new vear. L'l.

hiv Mr 9nwll is in w-half of of and the coming in and the coming in ot MRS. HARRISON'S IMPROVED Cucumber and Elder! the impecunious society Itj ctere-WooJ. will hp rpmemtipred that after the P.ohem- On Christmas evening Dr. Geo-ge O. MAKIUAGK KKCOIID.

Gere, Professor of Surgery in the California Medical College, was united iu marriage, by the Rev. Dr. Horatio tel bin-, to I Josephine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. "Will- iam Harrison Wood, formerly of Oakland, 1 at their residence, bio Van Ness avenue, San Francisco.

The bride, who is well iap-Athenitn charity match the boys from over the bay were given- a' banquet at a certain French restaurant. It now floats to my ears upon the waudering zephyrs that the "aforesaid "feed" has not yet been paid for. The same-fact was brought, with startling snggestiveness, to the consciousness of two young gentlemen the other eveninp. Flower Cream Is Superior to All Other 75c per bottle. Certificate Recorded for tli Week Ending January 3.

ltf.Dl. December 20th George El Brown, aged Tt, and Mary E. Ila-gardin. aeed both of Francisco; by C. K.

Snook, J. f. December 14th Daniel M. Lawlor. aged 20, and Kate Loughney, aged 2i, both of ban Francisco; by C.

E. Snook. J. 1 December 15th Horatio W. Lilttlewood, Known as a society ocne, was lasieiunv at- Ask your dniseis; for it, or at Mrs ll.irrison, "Beauty deary street, sfs.n I'rancisco.

gown of silver gray material, 1 uuo ui jiucjl ju'iti i nred in a with mucp grace anu an r-ngtisu uuceni nj. embroidered with silver cord New glenwood, NEW 0AKW000 FLOWERS tne gate curing ine gieai None but the innneuiate relatives of the while the others' shapely form gained i Th aeed 4. and lsabelia McFarland, aged Isa of San bcila McFarland, aeed 40, both following were of those present: E. J. Stewart, Corpora! Captain J.

F. Haye-, Eoiil lJiauer, Charles A. Major F. R. O'Brien.

Osgooa, James Pullman, jauiHs R. Nevlan. Robert Harvev. .1. kl.

Buse: s. E. Weuf. Mr. Shaw, 0.

H. Wedge-woo I. Louis II. Sagehorn, W. II.

bam King. Bert Revarde, A. B. Kately, Mr. Byrne.

Mr. Deiiv.ison. Mr. Ha'ch, Lieutenant II. Weihem, W.

Sigehorn, Ed Medan, J. Golf, J. 1). Hunter, George B. dough.

J. M. Frv, Mr. Bracktle. G.

God, Sergeant R. P. Poor-man. 1.. P.

Wocnis, J. Morri'on, George S.igtlrirn, A. H. Vandewater, Edward OL-en, (ieorge Shaw, Ernest Snow, Harry Kvle, Harry Teeple, L. G.

Wolfe, F. L. Stewart, Brooks, O. Fortin, Dave Williams. Robert Lewi.

F. Cobbledick, Lieutenant C. J. Evans. W.

S. Smith, P. J. Frank Teeple. Miss Ollie Wilson, C.

1'otilter, L. W. Dennison, J. Jacobs, Lieutenant B. Y.

Morris, F. Marchand. Mr. Squires, A. Hughes.

J. J. Eagan, T. Hop-pin, Sergeant Ross P. Bromley, John Dtivid Wise, T.

Crawford, Corporal J. K. M. Tavlor, George B. Hallenbeck, Al.

B. Woods. Fred Stoer, F. Moore, A. D.

Dennis. W. W. Curuow, Mr. Rosenberg.

George Buslev, Mr. Cowell, -Miss Carrie Williams, Corporal fid. Rutherford. Snook, J. Francisco: bv C.

Louis Merer Champagne muiu oiouk 1 iJ rr i tiaiipv pair aet arteu on ttieir noneymoon him in die Athenian nclrt. The ottier Iote. Ve Monte at MontereVt evening thev strolled into the French 1 1 restaurant where the great banquet was Uancine th ew ear la served and vti'h lordly air called for! Young Men Institute, No. 12,, gave its dinner. To-their amazement tiie ilinner fi rs grand ball and cntertaiument at DAIiZIEL MOLItBqS, was not fortjicoming; out tee manager oj Hall Year's Eve.

The hail, which Ostricli Feathers. FANCY FEATHERS. decorated with ferns and uras elaborately the place informed tnem, with great politeness and a French accent, that no thine cduld be furnished them until the Highest Grade Champagne in the World. "CARTE 13 LANCHE" (WHITE LABEL) palms, was tiiio lo us utmost capacity nl ot tne order. banquet which ibey had ordered was fwith member in the share cf Handsome pro settled for.

They blushed and haughtily i CALIFORNIA RAILWAY TO Mills College and Laundry Farm bells were distriSfeted. A verv interesting, en'ertainment occu withdrew. Poor Bertie! I can imagiue how looked. It must have been almost aa much ot a blow to him as the marriage to another fellow of the girl he worshiped. Now, girls, vou see what a worthy pied the attention of the guests during the eany part of tbe evening.

The programme was as follows: December aoth Charles ulterdinpen aped 23, and Edith Taylor, aed 18, both ot Berkeley; by C. E. Snook, .1. F. December James Mott.

aged 37. and Frances B. Harden, aged 35, both of Sen Francisco; by C. E. Snook.

J. P. December 21th Charles I'. Everts, aeed 27, and Sarah L. Brown, aged 23; by Rev.

li. Ritchie. December 27th Frank C. Walktjp. aped 30, and Rose Bryant, aged 22, both of Alameda; bv Rv.

W. N. Scudder, Jr. December 23d George L. Kent, aged 23, and Louise A.

Warren, aged 'M, both of Oakland by F. B. Ogaen, J. P. July 30th Herbert G.

Hardy, aged 24, and Bridget McFaden. aged 23, both ot Oakland by Rev. W. Gleeon. November 22d James W.

McHugh, aged 25, and Anna M. Fonte, aeed 2 both of Oakland; bv Rev. W. Gleeson. November 27th Manuel Hindi, aped 2G, and Katie Rodriqucs, aged 10, both of OhK-land by Rev.

W. Gleeson. December 4th Antonio G. Sarmento, ased 21). and Rosie Foate, aged IS, both of Oakland; by Rev.

W. Gleeson. Address bv trand rresiucnt uou.J. t. bulhvan charity this is.

Will yoa not contribute Blethen, lhoaias Ulethen, lhonias Trains leave Fruit Vale- tS 80, 9 55, 11S 30, 2 55, 4 5b 65 Arrive Fro It Vale 18 20, 9 50, "1150, 1 Stl 2i0, 14 50. $5 ML to it. Send vour gifts to Tiie Tribune I lai.leu, "Fairy Laud HoarJninu I.ibby lost. Mr. bhee-Ms Harr.ieU han.

O. A. Ward. Jos. Uorers.

E. Terris, Hats Trimmed IN THE Latest Styles A Magnificent Rich Wijej 'GRAND ITST SEC" (EF.0WN LABEL) Perfectionof 'a Dry Wine. Sec that every bottle' bcar3 the private label MACOXDK AY Sole Agents for the Pacific Coait. Solo A. I Mrs.

H. Sbeenan, Mis Nellie. Ratherrorl, Goggiuaud W. J.UurkeolNo. Mrs.

Cnrnow. Miss Waiters. Miss L. B. lDally.

tDaily except 8un(Jara. Smndayt only. Readiag YY Piano solo Tea or vaaiuruayaouif. tv V-nnVf Stw- Gussie Stoer, Miss Johnson, -Miss -AT- Miss Blien 1 1 v-, oio Miss Ij. Craib.

James Cobbledick. L. M. FairpT K'n TEE WONDER MILLINERY STORE, Bice and they will be properly applied to tbe amelioration of this great distress that fcas overtaken the The Assembly Club party at Washington flail last night was a great success. People, music, and supper were all that couldrbe desired, and for one, had an awfully jouy time.

One of my chief delights was the presence of so riiany lovely dancers, and the fact tbat some of them condescended to waltz with Tue Medpleb. J. P. Keller tad J. J.

O'Connor 04 Broadway, Oakland. ISO? and 1 FaRsenvera from Oakland ahoull take tralaj leaving Broadway 20 minutes la adrance dL leaTlng time aa shown from Fruit Vale. Eotd Trip Rats, Oakland to MUU 1 ia College or Laundry farm, TrAO W. BI. BANK lOQZli Eroadway, Oakland.

Traffic Manaftr Cobbledick, Miss Martha Maher, Mis May Cbbbiedick, Miss M. Bnebam, Miss Minnie Chester, Miss Nellie Tnrner. Miss Mabel Kngfjs. Miss Bryden, Miss Rose Turner, Miss Covall, Miss Lillie Specialties Goldsmith I At the, conclusion of the entPrtainmer the door was cleared for dancing, which hbmovaii. was Kepi up 1.

11 in uiujuiur 10 fiirriv--oil liv VnitUr's i WiiTinsrtnn. Miss Eoiiiv Noma. Misses December 23th John J. L-ynon, aged 31, tra," I Mrs.j Scott, Miss Delogne, Mias I and Johanna P. Kasmnsseni aped 25, bota 4Knt 1j1 in the rranrt Dormer.

Mrs. ti. U. Hunt. Airs, wetnem.

i Ot uasiana dt mv. u. Anuersuu couules ioir.ed in December 23d Guadalupe Peralta, aged Miss lxiweii. miss l-iaan inieni, ii march, lerl by Charles Quigley and Misa A DRESSHAKIN6MADE EASY! EVERY LADV HER OWN DRESSMAKER. THE MKCHANICAL 8T3TEM DRE33-making taught by MRS.

ELLSWORTH, i U0Si Broadway; ackaowledfed by afreipettr to be tbe beat; ladle ean make their owa dreaeea while learninc. 53, and Marie A. Mirauda, aged 37, both of Livermore; by Rsv. P. Power.

December 27th Mannel F. Vargas, aged 21, and Adelaide P. Bilyeria, aged 20, both of Oakland; by Rev. Y. Tavares.

December22d Manuel R. Homem, eged 37, Hanloro, and Rita.da Gloria Silva, aged 20, Oakland; by Rev. Tavares. December 20th William 'Davis, aged 22, and Emma C. Drucker, aged 22, both of Oakland by Rev.

K. S. Chapmany December 22d WUham H. Cate. aged 29.

DR. MARY H. KENNEY II a removed her office and residence to 1003 Clay Street, corner of Tenth Where sne has added 3IVSSAGE, ELECTRICITY AND ALL KINDS of BATIIS For the treatment of all NEBV0TJSJLND 0HE0NI0 DISEASES The AeuiblT Club. The Assembly Club's party at Washington Hall last evening was one of the most brilliant events of the season. The club bad rot spared time or endeavor in preparing for the event, and as a consequenoe everything passed off pleasantly and 'enjoyment rated the hours.

The hall was artistically decorated with bamboo and flowers, tbe work oi decoration having been done under tbe direction of tbe dub members. Tbe music, furnished by Henderson 'a orchestra, was all that could be desi)red, anl the supper served daring an utetsissftm in dancto was so deli-wM to tempt ef to the cloyed palates of W.ia. Mr. and Mrs. Chas.

T. Poulter, Miss Gurish, Miss Nellie Goiirman, Miss Davis, Miss tadie Clark. Miss Etnby, Mr. and Mr. Lorenz.

Miss Griffith. MisseSStreet, Will Leonard, Harry Cunningham, Gerald Cunningham. Edward Cunningham. N. W.

Hall, R. Dresser. George Uhl, Dr. Stokes, Lieut. J.

S. L. iParsons, Harry Miller, Corporal W. JjjDowTjie, Captain A. Smith, Captain It.

B. Gaston, Serjeant-Major G. W. Hosiner, Corporal W. H.

Monrce. Sergeant C. H. Ellis, Corporal George Tvrrell, iMrsi R. P.

Poorman, Quartermaster-Sergeant J. H. Hendy. Miss Dobsoh, Miss Harris, Miss 11 Houghton. At a late hour in the eveving a lipht supper was Eerved by the Catholic Laciei Aid Society.

The affair was one o( the society events of the season, and great credit is dae to the following csmmittee for the able management of tbe arlair: Committee of Arrangements A. T. Mc-Donnugh, Dr. Maher. J.

J. O'Shea, Chas. F. Weld, Chas. E.

Qailey. Recepoh Gommittefl T. F. Aenew. J.

J. McLauzhlin, J. P. Keller, J. J.

O'Connor, Dr. Maher. Floor Manager Chas. E. Qcigler Floor Committee J.

CrowleJ, Chas. Hannan, I The Ptate Territory of Ore, for aale, wntcn her frarUealan ia partly estabusnea. xr call on Mai. Kllswjbtb. i J1' and Emma L.

Is ickerson. aged 28, both of Indneameata otrerad tA mak to represent our system. Sah Francilcorbr Kev. K. Boyns.

August 28th Thomas Match, aged 23, '-a.

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