Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 1, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1952
Page 10
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win *«\ w to WOO ftiohth *»th very soot! pottlbtliitt* Of UWn* fuU tlm«, Incottt* . rot interview, In- tit ipplirMton. «t gur- Aportmtnts For Rent »sr*o, A , with bath. |W, Four room! with bath, (47.80 ' % 3rd 8t, - Homilon-Beat/ nti, j, room* with bath, tnd I37.W, Pour rooms witli 389-KA8T 2nd St, - Slick Aport. ; i»l«, J*our rt»m« with buth, Thrco room* with . , Co*, Apurtmtfttt, two rootn* and , bath, t». Thr»« room* w|th w bttd ««a 74)10 between t «nd 5 r **"•*' State to flay Mwsisjippi State Team ITATJE COLLEOE. Mi**,, f* _ Mii«lMlppl Stale, which looked better In IU one touchdown lot« to Tenntttea th»n ltd pre-»co»on cellar rating Indieatwi. lako« on Arkanta* State here Saturday In it» flr*t home football game. Coach Vo« En*Jand of Arkart- m* Slate moaned (hat "MlMlMlppi State I* way out r>l our clans. We Ja»t hope to hold the score down.' But Missistlppl Stnlc mentor Murray Wurmnlh, guiding the Maroon* for the flrnt time thU «ea- ion, took the opponent conch'n pralie with « shrug. He said hi* scout* toll him dlf- ferctilly warned him lo prepare *rrl(iu*ly for a contest with a stronger Arkansas State eleven than last season's when th« Indians pluyed In two bowl games and ended the year with 10 wins and (wo losses. Wnrmath had nothing but praise r his own team after its unexpected showing last Saturday against Tennessee, a pre-season toprnnkcr In the Southeastern Conference. "They made a fine showing In he M»7 loss to Tennessee," he »!4to. /The boys got o lot of fun )Vt of battling Tennessee eye-to- seye and such wonderful spirit con not b« denied. Even our green and Inexperienced personnel cumo through with flying color*," The Mnf-ons came out of the t-niiLVScc game- with no Injuries and u minimum of bruises. Fur thi Arkansas State game the Mis- lisslpplnns will have more strength mnwlcnlly than lust week, With r.o added services of offensive 3uard Murphy Roborson und Linebacker Otlkv Kuirchlld. Both were lihciied with practice injuries. Do- 'en»ive Halfback Donald Joseph, \urt In scrimmage, will not be In uniform, Joe Fortunate, driving Missis- ilppl fullback, and Quarterback fack Parker will have to match ho o'fehslve power of Arkansas State's Wchld Wait, a halfback Who has nine touchdowns in three jamas this aeancm —nil victories, A doubtful Arkansun Is Hobby eidv defensive star and Arkun- stit'l) -best kicker, who hits a shoulder separation. , October t, f§I 'Beat Hope' Week Observed Visions Grid Winners Come Saturday By CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN CHICAGO, J44 — Squinting Into u clovtdy crystal, the ol'. aXvanil makes another blind itnb: ! Wisconsin 2) Illinois 13-Wlp- shorter, matching Uu> Bin rren's top bent tullbacki, Bill Totfe vs. (he Bftdijcr* 1 > Alan Ameche* and ;ho paislng wizardry of Illinois' Tom Q'Connell v«. the confer- enco'ii newest qunferback star,' Jlrn HnlUskn. , .Agalnut Mnrqyette, UttluKka hit 14 out Of 21 «hoU fot; a school record of 37 yards. . tuj U0« Mm«: ho will be tnced. <yjo of the best pass defenses ^C*,nation, one that , swiped .! from .Rlr-mlndod Iowa JiftrmttUiti onli- fournom- ' a» yards. , ,Th* bl« lJItnoU cannot match rwinini of hHlfbttcks Harlnnd jfV Wttt and Tom Cnnny, . Smtts 30 Purdu" 14—thcy Day that (reaUmnn Hownrd Caa* •dy, who bavrelel to three Buck- tflucbdown* nguinst Indiana. c«oi«4 off ytf. . . thir plus ,ft»«t he g»m« U at m«y b« enough to, '' Woody HayW »pUt-T lor* "-'- t\m win over The Bobcats Journey to Prw- COtt this Friday night for a non- confer«ne« tut that promises to be on* of'the roughest facing th« Hope eleven all season. Preicott is making big plans on taking the locals thl* year and ha» the wholehearted support of the entire town. Signs bearing th*word* "Bent Hope" arc displayed on automobiles and store window* and the Curley Wolves are all hep- ped up In dally practice »essionx Its no «ecret here that thi* year-s Proscoll team Is very capable o' doing ju*t that. Although win* ovet Hope have boen lean in recent years, the Wolves hove made « bal- tie of II all the way in every con test. While the Bobcats were going down In defeat 20 to 8 In a bruising contest with El Dorado, the Nevada county lads had llttlr more than o wnrrnup In coasting to u 26-0 vie lory over Arkadelphla lust Frt day night, On a comparative basis the Wolves are rated about equal to Hope They beat Stamps 14 to 13 whlK- the Bobcats .won over the Yellow- lackut* 20-13. But anyone who saw the Hope-Stamps go mt- will tell you the Bobcats were no better than the visitors for about three- quarters and the score didn't tell the real story of the game. Add this with the fact the Wolves would just naturally love to down the Bobcats and fans can see noth Ing but a rugged football night ahead for Hope. . had not said a word, but he did speak his question and ' Players All Feel Shaky in Series By MILTON RICHMAN imoOKLYN. N. Y., (UP) -Ask any of the World Series "rookies" how hu feels just bffort the start of the big classic und he'll readily admit there's a peculiar feeling In the pit of his stomach. Whether he be a veteran baseball ni«n like 35-year-old pitcher JRay Scarborough of the Yankees or a green rookie like 20-year-old Cu- bunborn Sandy Amoros of the Dodgers, the feeling is the same. Try as they may, they can't convince themselves that this is "just another bull game," food hasn't been quite as appetizing, as usual It's been n lot harder to work up interest In small-tulk or watch a television program, and sleep hasn't come ns readily the last few nijihts. XjUet some of these series newconv or* tell you about their reactions: Scarborough, Yankees — "Do I fuel tension? You bet I do I find myself pitching to Dodger batters When 1 try to lali asleep at night. All the fellows feel nerved up. If you don't believe it, just try to get one of them to sit down and talk quietly for five minutes." CJeornc Shubn, Dodgers — "I felt roluxcd for n few days after we clinched the pennant, but I can ft el UK> tension mounting as the scries approaches. It's a good thing for mo, thquKh. I play better when I'm keyed up. I've "been in minor league playoffs before, but U was nothing like this." Joe Bluck '(Dodgers' starting pitcher today) — "I try to make myself think that this is just like Any/other game, .but by games lime I know I'll have that funny feeling, in my stomach until I .throw the first ball. • It was the some way when I played football 15 college." ,'Ken Lehman, Dodgers (who was lighting in Korea six months ago) M back In Korea I never dreamed „_ ho In a series this soon. Why, I was discharged from the Army '' U) August. I don't ejcpect to ,_,_.. „., ,,..._ ,_.... , ^ «U),m\ich, pitching in the series, l'U J$"thr$wUi« every pitch r tatty w|m Joe filAck, Cart Era Erskiho Om-ftfMfina, a Hunting 060 fty JOE 8TET80N Dog Editor * Jim Baxter had been searching the countryside for two duys fctr hit pointer dog, and I could tell by the look on hl« facts that h<* had found the dog and In good health. HP when .._ -,.-_ _ -,.».,.„. had an urgency about it that be it|.ioke his real love for his do? ana a respect for game and thi* j.nne laws. "How am I going to keep the dantfcd fool from chatting doer?" he n«ked. "It's bad enou«h thl» running off so that I lose 'u couple of dny§' work and a night 1 .; sleep, but anybody who sees him in the act has a legal right to tthoot him — and some one of these times he just won't be so lucky." Jim had set the fuels up exactly in those two sentences. A deer chasing dog is a menace to gamr> u hazard to himself and a worry to his owner. Not so long ago the problem of deer proofing was a difficult one To bi-eak a dog was necessary to catch the dog In the act so tha'l he would definitely associate thf apt with the punishment and then reprimand him severely. It is much easier to talk about Sports Take the Lead Over Chicks SHHEVEPORT, La. Ifl _ The Memphis Chicks will try to even up the Dixie Series plays here tonight to two games each with Tom liurd on the mound against Shreveport's Bud Lively. The Sports of the Texas League cnme from behind last night to edge the Southern Association Chicks, 2-1, after Memphis hud taken a 1-run lend in the fifth Inning. Manager Mickey Livingston of the Sports evened the count in the seventh with a long solo homer and the clincher came in the eighth on The Negro Community •y Heieft TufMr Phaft* 744J* *r kriAt turn. MtMttfA at Hick* Puntrai Hdm The senior choir of Seefiee ..— mortal CME church will rehearse Thursday night, October 8< A:" members are urged to be preSetti Mr. and Mrs L. C. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gulley of Angeles, Calif., and Mrs; C Curtis of Bakcrfield, Calif., „„, the breakfast guests of Mrs. Vetft Jones on Sunday. catching a dot? on a deer track than to do It, and a great deal of. time and effort may find an owner still trying to find a opportunity to intercept a dog when he knows he is on deer. Bu there has been progress lr> the methods of doer proofing. The scent companies have prepared^'on centrated essences of various'-animals'•including deer so that it i* now much easier to associate 'the scent of the animal with the action you wish to take. . ' "Order some deer scent 'from one of the scent companies, .Jim" I said. "They will send yob in structions with the .Vent and ' 2*' "'"" guarantee, if you follow the ih . 1 lts °P eller - structions, that, your dog win never chase another deer," '.' How do es it work?" he queried. I ve heard of encouraging dogs to retrieve dummies by putting pheasant or duck scent on them but how can you reduce a dog's interest with scent?" "It's not at ail complicated. You can explain it in terms of -familiarity breeds contempt' or you can associate the smell of deer with reprimand. In the first Instance, by spraying the dog ut frequent Tulsa Opens Big Offensive, Drive NEW YORK — Wl Tulsa Unlvel sity's Golden Hurricanes leaders i total offensive in college footbit last season, have; picked up'rigl' Where they left off last fall. The Missouri Valley Conference champions opened their 1052 campaign by rolling up 603 rushing and passing yards while whipping Hardin-Simmons Saturday, 56-27. Tills put Tulsa on top of the list in the first 1952 team figures compiled by the NCAA service bureau. Tulsa had 427 yards rushing and 170 via the air. Last year in game? Tulsa rolled up 5,282 yarc_ 'Miami Fla is second in total offense with 495 yards gained, all but 46 yards on the ground, giving tnp Hurricane's first place in rush ing. Miami trounced VMI 45-0 in double by Chicago Garcia. Garcin's game-winning two-bag- ficr was his first hit of the series. Despite nine Chicks singles, Hugh Socter of the Sports deserved a shutout with his mound performance. The Memphis run came on Al Kozar's single, an infield out and Shortstop Koppe's wild throw on Pitcher Jim Suchecki's slow roller. Kach pitcher allowed nine hits, walked one batter and struck out one. Shreveport's hitting was a. bit more timely. Tonight's fourth game pits two htirlers who won two games each in the Shaughnesay playoffs. any part of a deer. "With the second method you let the dog sample deer scent and then reprimand him. .My' letting him know that you object to his interest in deer scent he is very unlikely to follow the scent in the field. "It doesn't work in every single case but the percentage of success is so high that using it Is a logical first in dog training. It is the easiest and quickest way of saying 'deer' to your dog qnd then of saying 'no' whjfle he has visions of deer in his mind." Distributed by NEA Service Wisconsin, completing 14 of 21 passes against Marquettc, netted 237 yards in the air to lead in that department. Virginia is the early loader in total defense, allowing Vandcrbilt 63 yards, while Navy is tops rushing defense, holding Cale six yards. Virginia's forward pas ing defense, a minus two yards, tops that department. Utah posted the best early punting fifjm 40-yard average. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Los Angeles — Ramon Fuente 146, Los Angeles, stopped John La Broi, 153, Chicago, 7. Milwaukee — Joe Miceli, 144, Brooklyn, outpointed Virgil Akins, 136, St. Louis, 10. Mlami.Beach, Fla. — Mario Trigo, 142'/i, Los Angeles, outpointed Marcel "Rocky" Briscbois, Montreal, 10. Newark, N. J. — Doug Carter, 139%, Newark, outpointed Morortp, 141, New York, !!. . There are 36,107 farms in Maryland. „.•„ L—J*ilM*tM*i* CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE I ever in v i t e d to the homes of ROLPH and Kit left in the Nance's friends. It was, after a morning Rolph said, "I'll see you on Saturday, Nance." She said a skeptical yes. She was not at all sure she was going back to New York. Sam's and Eleanor's need ot her had become increasingly evident She had felt them unconsciously leaning on her, theie past few days. And 1 owe them something, more than 1 can ever repay, she thought. For the ftrst time in years there came the recollection! of the lonely, unloved $hlld «t tije Orphanage. Where would she be now. or what. Nance •Wondered, without this home, and ,thelr love? ' &h« Mid to Eleanor, on a morning towards the end of the week, "Wpthw, suppose I don't go back to Kit'a on Saturday?" mean, stay on another 4 ;i*nger. For good, \t you like." . JSteanorfc face lit up, although at wice, "Jt'a not-what we Ufe, Nance," her ftw, ot courae, m* Khetr love to Nanoe telt a surge of Invincible! fashion, a 'reprieve for Nance. Al first she had braced herself at.each entrance Into a -crowded room, so that she could scorn calm and composed for a possible meeting with Eve. When It did not happen, she relaxed a little. But it hurt, know- Ing that Eve's ostracism included Jeremy, too. These had been Jeremy's friends. Was this all a part of Eve's plan, she wondered? The first week in February, Nance heard that Eve was in the hospital with pneumonia. Nauce was having lunch with Janet McLean, "Pneumonia!" Nance said. She sounded incredulous." "These days," Janet protested, "with the sulfa drugs and penlcil lin, it's .easier to cure than a conv mon cold," •'&'?• ••'•.'-. "YesM kno$r. I was just sur prised at Eve .being ill." She had somehow fancied five immune to IHnees, Nance had a sudden disconcerting picture of Eve disdainfully shrugging off microbes. In Uie same instant that amusement struck her. came recognition of the faJae image she had of Eve, She'd Men her as indestructible, Invtpqfeae, Why, Eve Wfbl* to aicknejHt AS Of course she wasn't AM UU< tme, ^ one of a hand to atop Ev,, let her bulb ua into a atu,- fit tnaettw. M thf world a i is* «f*{ J?« terroriJied Was a policeman's cap. He said boredly, Yes, Chief. It's the girl all right; We found the diamond clips on her ... This man's linger was blunt, square-nailed. No, it was tapered and fine, with U's of polished nails. No, it wasn't a finger at all, but a needle with a sharp shining point. Someone was going to jab this needle into her! Someone was pushing back the bed- oovers •'. . . Eve moaned and opened her eyes. The room slowly turned upside down, but miraculously she did not tall out of bed. Odd. She closed her eyes again. When she Opened them, there was Jeremy. So aloof in his whites, she thought obscurely. "Hello," she said. The thin whisper of a voice was unexpected. She opened her mouth to try again louder this time. ''Don't talk," Jeremy said. He was skyscraper tall and his voice came from the clouds, five closed her eyes again. When she opened them, Jeremy was not there. She slept, she wakened. Now the room was white with sunlight; now gray, with a beam of light whose source she could not see but Imagined on the wall above tbe bed's headboard. She said to the nurse, "What day J« today?" /• •Tuesday." <f Tb* time here seemed longer ~*|» two nights and » day, or •barter? She couldn't tell. The ftUHW told her she had a penicillin needle every four hours, but Eve Jelt, they'd been jabbing needles Into fc«r forever. Off the third day, when Jeremy same, aha was wide-awake. f L ^^ff vii& J tt 5f j felt Hue, ahe said. "Jeremy, I was delirious, .wasnt **P144— taut?" "Nothing that made much " • Qfe. but it made sense to me. ah* iMM*t You'd be surprised! What '• —" it \ told you tS$t I KICKED ft AUU THE WAV SHOULD ee HEfJEANY MOMENT By j. R. Williams OUT OUR WAY / YEH, SHE MOSTLY [ SITS OMHFR.Mt " I WITH TH' BACK \ A FOOTRES-' f SHE'S UJCKV 0(?E \V GET AWAY WITH THAW FIVE AWFUL ) / TH' PAWTS AND TH' ™™**< - J (*®F£kSR- \ A-DOME IT.' 5 Club . 6 Gets up up of plnyars 8 Kind ot beet «-_ back 5 The pigskin 9 On the yard 12 Algerian 9 Wires 10 Always Jl Tidings 16 Beast 20 Fruits 22 Ventures .3 Song 14 Mrs. Adani ISlUSVating « ¥eiuull!1 17 Bulgarian coin 24 Part of a 18 German city harness 19 Farm 25 Footless machines og 21 Oft 33 Consumer 47 Pennsylvania 35 How the losing city team feels 48 Grant 50 Network 51 Gait of a hoi'se 52 Vipers 55 Individual 40 One or the . other ;.'•- . —-- , , 28 .Small ehildren'43Tnla.hts ,23 Scrap of cloth 30 Brain passage 46 Spt.tdrihkS WASH TUBBS 24 Possesses '27 Spar 29 Neat .32 Seem Think 30 Mental state 37 Fate 38 Revise 39 Observes ; 41 Elders (ab : .) 42 Bird's beak 44 Doctrines 40 Take away 49 Great artery 53 Before 54 Spectators 50 Ventilate 57 British statesman 58 Upon I'VB TH 1 PACT* i « Distribute ^. RMD TH «?UICKLY...W0f THEYLL, THE HOT SEAT With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSi How ABOUT MRS. WALDO 1 STANiD FOR LISHT AMD TROTH A(JD 8UT,L1&T'6 MOT FOR<3ET, THAT'-THIS GREAT /JATlONJ OF HARP/ FACES MUST BR COULD MAIL- gASS OM OF LAgOft, MAXTOR. HOOPLE? 6l-\E"D BROOM OUT THAT OWLS CLUB NlEST OP AND POT PICKS THEIR BOofS AND HER BUDDItS 59 French article 60 Dry 61 PI aces VERTICAL 1 Drill 2 War god 3 Surpasses 4 Leg joints WOULO Keep THEM OUT THEIR FALLEN! ARCHES/ By Dick Turner CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNY By H«r»hberge* FUNNY BUSINESS ir#j WWT ME / HE XNWW;T>lp WCREf gN B _ w _ H _^MM«H«*ti^^^—MW«M«IBMIIIH«>W«IBR«OTB«V^B«V*^«*^PI^«^« • ,' . ' ' -•.--., •'Just because th« TV tell* you tviry iNffWrnitM tercet a refreshing beer oUt of the icebo* i* HP |lgn ? y<>u h«e to .. » .- ;% p a y a tt« n i!priV' < £ ;$•- SIDE GLANCES Now will you KUS AND MIS FRIINOS

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