Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 1, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1952
Page 6
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>l, AIKA 5 «w»t tf * l»r* of the ir.lnln* South KorMn M Ml*n r««lvt. AM u«e Pair Enough ly Wartbrook P«|l«r 1162 By King F««ture§ tyndloat* rsilsHfjfit «^*TVJ J, ' iV^ », „„-„„„, fin aefwiTOMiptray..-^ if L. i-tJ.j. *— 1^ «^l^^*rf _>-, ftou-, ^ l, |Eii/tt£ R?JI-U ROCK'i 1tW)|' i *'( loMU'ltefM fm ^m^m^ ^fe i«w, losij, $WaJSB& wVWW SWi -'» «->-• -..aj^Wp- ^•••I'^v**-i*- l >i3«| . W»l«ni(«l for tr»lnln« to a U. S. Marine dlvUlon, t*nfc driving, u*lnr dummy controls. pride I am humullated by the cowardice of both candidates in groveling at the feet of William Gruen and Philip Murray and their council* Of damnable scoundrels In God's mimo can't We ever g"et a brave man to run for our presi dency? Can't we ever find n man who will refuse to seek .the favor of these gangs of thieves and ex torlloncrx, these liars and pictistl cnl hypocrites mumbling .prayers over bloody hands clasped In sanc- and tell ifkllC'^K'- » above. t«t«a»e» » . of motor repair procedure. - , of Korean voldlw* iers lorn 3>affQ One tW ChWefto prison- ^ru^ the «n* oaii»S of svto^iw ovder- R, , two flnys oft* e^oO o| |>Ut*« command, U. S, personnel were injured slight It wns the next to the worst Communist outburst in Allied prison camps. E lulu-five Communist pHaonets und one American sold i<;r \v«f% killed during o Red dem <UU|tj l «^ on nearby Koje Island «». Nnrh tftUsoti outbreak was almost provoke North Korean II rhi*r anoher Rips Leaders of GOP for Selfishness LlifLfe ROCK, Uft, - National Democratic Chairman Stephen Mitchell ended hli parley with party leader* from six Southern stat** here yesterday, and departed for another war council in Atlanta, leaving behind o barbed opinion on Iht major Interests of Republican. Meanwhile, Leffel Gentry, chairman of the State Democratic Com' hilttee, announced that the committee would meet here 1 Thursday to plan the party's campaign In Arkansas, both for the national ticket and for office holders who have Republican opposition In Ar- krnsas. Gentry said Mrs. John Bohnort of Pine Bluff, vice chairman of the committee, would head the women's activities In hte campaign and that an executive director and finance chairman probably would be named Thursday. Before Mitchell left lost night, he took notice of the recent Republican feud over who would do- *perise White House favors should their presidential candidate. Dwlght E. Elsenhower, win the election. Republicans, said the Democrat chieftains, are more interested ia "who's going to be postmaster somewhere" than in the notion's welfare. "The voters here should have no trouble now In determine that the main thing these disgruntled and renegade- Democrats who are supporting the military candidate and tne Old Guard Taft supporters are concerned with Is patronage," said Mitchell. "This attitude should be an eye-opener to the disgruntled Democrats who look to Elsenhower as a savior. I "They ought to know that th only way to improve their pa is from the inside, and the onl< way to improve their country i' with the Democratic party." Markets By The Associated Press Wheat made fractional gains and >rn 'maintained a steady tone in early trading today. Hogs and fat- tie are steady to lower. Wholesale meat was weak. Cotton futures opened 45 to 63 cents a bale higherV New York: Noon October Cotton .MJ.01; December 38.71 Today Commodity li-cport from the UJtDA: Hogs opened mostly steady with occasional spots of strength at the ea tern corn belt markets but later wrned weak, with frequent losseSvpf 16 to 25 cents, and sometimes Earl $21.25 mtnali at Ml; Mosi Wednesday, Oe» Soys Sol in Ko Own NEW YORK, MS 3| Clare Bocrthe LU Soldier* MS Koyea ower. At the pound *20 to, tops ranged from $21 to t the eastern corn belt ter- and stood mostly at $2a.75 ourl River /markets. * f the '90 to 270 pound v TI 1 H. o pound „, ,l'r lre "ported from $20 to $21 at* Sastern cornbeit to- astern cornbeit toj-mlnals. markets 100 to 250 wights are bulking from 20.75. McCarthy Promises to Rmew Fight BRID [EPORT, Conn., W - Sen - ator Jdeph McCarthy (R-Wls) promise^ last night that even more vgor isjgoferjj Into the fight against what hoca^f "the skunks in Washington. In de( ployed. I «ise of the methods em- his anti-Communists cam "The Paign, McCarthy recalled hood ch; fe of huming skunks Killed hi mother's chickens. which (.more success you (.••<"* w JSUUCU hunting ',ikuriks, the smell," speech \he said in a 'leading for a -ou campaign; Republic -- , Ollt Wushingion?" Cries at "No" tne audience. tht ' want to in No" came from . A group known as "the Republl Committee" sponsored iiimmiutia IIIUIMI-UI-IIUVI; unu tv« \viin me Democratic party I »* r »i sponsored them to go to hell and be damned? Mitchell's remarks drew a quicH . ar>hy ' s appearance here. It is 1 live for the day i rcstionse from GOP Onhornninri J no r .Connected with the state Ro Do these poor poltroons who seek oi.r suffrage realize what an Insult they offer to honest Americans? 1 1 live for the day ! response from GOP Gubernotor7a1 "!l lhl - co ' uicctcd with the state R~o Do these poor poltroons who seek Candidate Jeff Speck, an Eisenl? , n 01 '8 anlzati on, but almost _ „ , hower 8U PP° rler whose claim thai ,/L,»!!., r * nk . Re P l| Wican accept run afruld they do. Thus far, only Rub Taft has hod the manhood to holler up the truth thut these graft- inn, potbellied old bums cun't deliver a single vote beyond their own as individuals. It Is sickening to u man of moral courage to iciul thut linth nominees for the presidency of 11 republic which is nore precious to us than we can ever hope to soy In words, shuffled into the throne rooms cap in hand, after all that has been proved and admitted about the criminal conduct of their desperadoes. Now I find that "young people," as JUo. Boca Grande has been calling thorn In her monopolistic way for 20 years, are coming of age without tho haziest knowledge of the reasons why our unions are bbd. A girl of 21, married and the mother of a baby, wonders If I would write her a letter explaining r.iy grounds for attacking our unions and their bosses. This new citizen was playing with dolls when the gangs were robbing the American workers and the treasury of thousands of millions of dollars during the war with the sneering connivance of the Roose- •velt ring. She was only a year old when the master'Taker .took power and proceeded with terri blc cunning- to shove' through man, n called the Republicans " esitote on imith Angle .;MCK ;GTcm MB — Bepubliean IMWi-ed today to b« tuk- .._„ secondJooJc « making ; p»liti [. *'<i.a uwviupvu *.y^ 1 en by the CdrnfftU, Infiltrated into otif The Republican gresswoman froni Cohnoc that Reds "have been gr thriving in the organise Democratic Party for, years." ...•••Mrs. Luce conducted program last night ortj and television networks tional Broadcasting-Co:. program was sponsored Republican National Cor With Communist subVet ,Jn the Government" as iU. the. program was one pf'l to utilize popular lelevisjij Krnrn techniques, Although carried by Luco usad charts and ,„..,„ -^ iustrate her speech. Many tir...— the program switched "to WjwsreeTl shots of congressional hearings, and the words of the witnesses were picked up. These included ,T. Edgar'Hoover, FBI dire'Ctbr Alger Hiss, convicted perjurer and for infer State Department official, and ; Whittaker Chambers and Elizabeth | T. Bentley, fprmer Communists. Mrs. Luce said the safety of I every! American "depends on rooting out the traitors," and -she nj|-. Cd that the Republican candidates! Know this. ' r . She quoted the Democratic pros-i '- ciential nominee, Gov. Adlai EJ .Stevenson, as saying of anti-Corn] iriunlst activities, "Jet's not burr the barn to catch the rats." "There we agree with him," she said. "In the effort to root Com-1 munism out of our government wel must sacrifice none of our const!-1 tutional liberties. But still the stub-] born fact remains, we must rid of the rats. . . "On the record, the administration has no plan for rat" catching, none whatever. . " he would be the "federal governor"! 1 li , -•-!-««. n.«, 4 «V*JULH •notations to alien except Gov. of Arkansas should the B^neVaTbt'lf^"?.",,. !.'° dgt '' on " Baking tour in (expected from several states par- nlurlull Enl nft ,i rVID r-'~,:l.. »i.,u. [j % "'"Ol I1KI. ! ' ' elected set off u GOP fa'mily ..„ Speck, 'reached ut his home Frenchman's Bayou, said very fact that Mr. Mitchell the trouble to come to Ai-lta..™., ttnd criticize the Republican party is on indication he is worried. . about Elsenhower carrying the state." He added In an obvious allusion to Elsenhower's recent campaign appearance in Arkansas that "it iS also apparent that'Mr. Mitchell j>- ashamed to bring his left-win^ friend, Adlui, into the state of Arkansas for the people to see." Osro Cobb, stute chairman of the Republican Party, c^clined' to comment on Mitchell's statement. The Democrat conference wound Up with a brief mooting of Mitchell with a few of the leaders who itayed over from Monday's bi« meeting. Mrs. Jack Carncs, Arkansas Democratic National committeewoman, said "we just talked about the general political situation." Maryland produced 532 million eggs in 1950. Wallace New Head Hereford Assb. -1TTLE ROCK, i/f) - The • .. iitu 111; w iOsid<?tU of the Arkansas Hereford ticularly Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana and Mississippi. Forty-two bulls and 42 females hnvo been consigned to the group's annual Arkansas sale to be held lit the Livestock Showgroupds sift tent Friday.. of jsociation is Glenn Wallace shville's Glcncrest Farms. Wallace, who was elected here night, succeeds H. E. Tabor b-eford Farms at Berryville. J. J Countiss Jr., of the Hereford Jms at Elaine, was named vice nsident and E. M. Arnold of Lit- Rock was re-elected secretary- i:j>r. • he association also voted to [isor a roundup bull sale of JSouth in late February at the tnsas Livestock Showgrounds, hbers said consignments are Ject to no. legal or moral restrictions against, robbery, insurrection extortion and oppression of a thou sand varieties. There was absolute Jy no public demand tor this law. Only Roosevelt and his crew ot conspirators wanted it. And they wnrited U us on instrumeftt of power over ull the workers and »U the industrial plants, of tb^-United States and, finally, over the elections. * j > Have I got to start all over now and educate the million? of citizens who were enjoying childhood's happy hour when these exposes w«,re gojn* on,? Most of'«!«'" ,-„ -.. thja .... The radJO..- an utter trollop ft, th« '-jffi *•"-' " ••' ''jnteg-V that .,- thinking for us, thereby depriving us of our civil liberties and re- ducihg us to the status of puppets and 'morons? Isn't thought control fc device of the Communist politburo? Why do some union leaders make such a pretense of fighting communism when the techniques «•«»—• they use are identical? Why do the j_ policy makers set up a double standard of ethics .regarding fair employment practices? They make a big to-do about mob violence, discrimination against minorities, etc but encourage strikes of violence and intimidation. "Do you believe in government seizure of industrial plants? Wouldn't that open the door to the seizure of any man's property? If a worker, through thrift, saves for hi* old age, should he be forced to provide for the upkeep of the wastrel and the shiftless? "Why do union leaders cover up for the graft, corruption and treason rampant in Washington? If our spokesmen would clean our own DoritRun the ^ ^^ ^ ^ •* ~^f M M M of Missing a Gooa Night's Sleep Why take n thancc on spending another night tQssing and turning—when 1 or 2 Turns, eaten at bedtime, will quiot the churning acid lhd[ .keeps you awake? Try* Turns tonight! See if you don't Sleep like a log, feel mpre refreshed in the morning,•AlwaJli k e e p T u m s \rtp d y T* counteract gaslheart: burn, sour stomach, acid incligfjtioo. Get u roll today. at its racketeers and ne'er- lB and spend less time attacking and smearing good loyal teans ot Integrity ond charijc- thw* would be no grounds Kit by Westbrook Pegler. notrljr 40 y(m rs \ hive car- wrd, have tried to ability to fulfill „ »s a member. I ia«m wby my union * ' * ' with my tlie [THE PROOF OF S GOODNESS E ITS THOUSANDS REGULAR USERS/ $4.98 . . whitf gnd colors. i to 4Qr Ideol fer suit wfQr. ,lty, Otrobtr 1, SOCIETY »Mfl« 74411 ••tw*«n • A. M. Mi 4 P. M. Jar *Jtday, October 1 e Gardenia Garden Club will Wednesday, October 1, at n the home of Mrs. S. \V. «Jr. With Mrs. James Pilkln- Mrs. Howard Byers as co- is. Each member is urged gld this meeting in order to for tne Fall Flower i i* { iJtO Stfl Pat Clcburne Chapter of ill meet Thursday after 'October 2, at 2:30 at the of Mrs. Jim O'Neal. The m will be on "Newspapers ifcdcracy." Girl Scout Community Com- ,tco will meet Thursday morn- at 10 o'clock at the City Hall for tKclr regular monthly meeting. Texarkana, a recent bride. Receiving with Mrs. White antd the honoree was Mrs. E. S. Greening. The ta'ble overlaid with M white lace and outwork cloth was< centered -.vHh an arrangement of white stock and green grapes 111 a milk glass footed bowl ond green tapers in mlKk glass holders. Stocw and chrysanthemums were used in the reception rooms. Assisting Mrs. White in dispensing hospitalities were Mrs. Harry Lcmley, Mrs. Kendalli,ejtnloy, Mrs Chcd Hall, Mrs. C. Cl McNeil!, Mrs. C. D. Lester, Mrs.STohn Vt-s- cy, Mrs. R. T. White, ^rs. Free kilis, Mrs. William Helton, Mrs Jim Tucker of Texarkana ann Misses Eleanor Scymoun and Ahct. Lilc of Texarkana. Workers Sunday School Class Elects Officer* Workers Sunday School Class ot Bible Story Is Same But Told Differently By GEORGE CORNELL NEW YORK W) — It's the same basic story, but some of it Is tolc a little differently in two new ver sions of the Bible. Their appearance Is hailed b churchmen as a major rejiglou milestone. ;' To be puViiahed tomorruiv Is.';,» now revision of the entire scriptures, completed after a 11-yoar- Interdenominational protestant undertaking. Advance copies were made available today. And published today was a new translation, by Roman Catholic scholars, o f the first eight books of the Old Testament — the Initial phase of a historic project to re translate all ancient Bibllcan manuscripts. As an example of how the books vary, here are the new and old versions of the 20th verse of the first chapter of Genesis: Protestant — old King James The Jctt B. Graves Sunday School Class of the First Methodist Church will have their monthly pot luck supper at the church Thursday night, October 2. All members are urged to be present. .The Pansy Jr. Garden Club of gkOglcsby School will meet Thursday "tu'ternoon at 2:30 at the school, ,. •;. • • ,f Buttons and Bows square dance club will meet at Elks Hall Thua's- da;y night at 8 o'clock. All members nri! urged to be present. \| The Nandina Garden Club will meet Thursday night, October 2, aV .7:30'p.m. in the home of Mrs. O.wen Hollis with Mrs. Alvin Willis as co-hostess. Plans for the [ flower show will : be made and all members are urged to be present. the Garrett Church met Memorial Baptist at the home of Mrs Version "And God said, Let the flopc Chapter 328 OES will meet Thursday night, October 2 at 7; 30 in,'.' Masonic Hall. There will be an initiation. All members uro urged td be present. Refreshments will -be served J. L. Cook on Park Drive Tuesday mgnt, with, Mrs. J._ R. Neece a* co-Hostess. .'£• The meeting opened with the singing of three songs followed with prayer by Gwen Frith. Mi's Cook gave the devotional usinu Hsalms 111 after which Mrs. Elbers O'Steen led in prayer. Mrs. Dalton Dragoo, president, presided over the ^business session ;$iie tollowing officers were elect <>«: President, Mrs. Gladys Roh erts, vice-president, Mrs. Ols» Smith, secretary, Mrs. Dale Ton ncmaker, assistant secretary, Mri ji. M. Hazzard, reporter, Mrs, Vi>'' gte Kobertson, treasurer, Mrs. Ruth JL aylor. n. surprise handkerchief shower was given .in honor ot Mrs. Drag oo who is leaving for her new nome in Oklahoma. Refreshments were served to seventeen mem ocrs and three visitors. Mrs. A. C. Kirby led the closing piayer. waters bring forth bundantly the moving creature that hath life, and .fowl that may fly above the earth ir> the open firmament of heaven." Protestant — new Revised Standard Version — "And God said, 'Let the waters bring forth swarms of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the firmament of the heavens'." Catholic — old Douay Version — "God also said: Let the waters bring forth the creeping creature having life, and the fowl that may fly over the earth under the firmament of heaven." Catholic — new Confraternity Version — "Then God said, 'Let the waters abound with life, and oDove the earth let winged creatures fly below the firmament of tho havens." The Catholic translation, first ever clone by the American Catho He clergy, is an attempt at a clearer, more accurate version than the Douay Bible, which is based on a 15-centurics — old Lat- ., flitf Hithel 8W1 Jock Be ButM ifltfi' Webb, Conr; tftttt, Ed%8 : relt, Jfreftmah' I rell, ijettc Huge i«f! grounds. resemble Ihr spots-* tho ,„ Moroccd, Thdlf bands ahd servo, fhefe , W will be/ *tlos • - nftalr at /Friday, October 3 •Jlosc Garden Club will meet in '*'.the. home of Mrs. H. O. Kylcr, 402 Sputh Hamilton, Friday afternoon, at o o'clock. Mrs. W. B. Masun Will, be co-hostess. All members al'e asked to be present. . <M at l Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Middlebrooks liave had as. their housepuost inr nc past week, Mrs. Middiebrooks V-Saturday, October 4 >The Hopp Music Club Luncheon v&ill be held Saturday, October 4. g't.the Hotel Barlow at 12:45. ?OThc Catholic Altar Society will t insOr a j-ummage sale Saturday. toVor~T; at the New Theater .tiding, South Elm. Anyone hav- Irfjt rummage please call 7-2715 or/ 7-4582. •Mrs. W. E. White, Jr. ^Entertained with Tea "'••Mrs. W. E." White entertained on Saturday afternoon with a tea hon orlng Mrs. W. E. White, Jr.. *SAENGER TODAY & THURSDAY What would you do . . . If you were sent to deliver a secret that could blow up half the earth! NO. 1 TARGET FOR 11000 ENEMY AGENTS! slcr. Miss hicago. Virginia Marshall ot The hew hats for fall and Winter arc real hats. They arc deep, many ot them coverlid the side and hack h:Ur comp ctcly. Ihc cloche is back; so are helmets and turbans. Laddie Northridge docs a deep cloche of soft taupe felt (upper left) patterned with an embroidery of jet half-moons. I)ccp-IHttiiR bonnet (upper center) of dusty plum velours is a Chanda design. Crown has deep folds; is •ecenteAby a ridje of spruce green RrosRrain. Sally Victor's deep cloche in brilliant t|irquolsc angora felt (upper right) typifies this silhouette. For dinner and a»n«trtf L ihei*'s .H« beret of Irrldesccnt wht(« kMttljtt MtaiM by A , j,lnk silk roses. Or, ther* ( » Laddie NMthildte'j'itnUerln* |0W evenlnv hftt of rMtiwr-lkht Pla4«c ^***',j', <l »S*t ie !lW <ir) .W cent silhouette. The model wemrt i( mttlU-»WAn«l bib «UJw beads, Emme'« little JeWele* beret'(lower rifeM) in ttlnk fcld'l is studded with fcurnet stones and ^ccenttd >ylth inset bind of |»r net velvet. Accent Is on depth .»!«(> a »0tt look, * l ; , Abotit. army ?* DOROTHY DIX Mrs. Leon Bundy has returned om a trip in Allentown, Pa.. Wash !gton, D, C., and points, in North Carolina. Her son, Jack Bundy of Memphis, accompanied her home or a short visit. V. W. Warmack has returned to Chicago, 111., after a. visit with nisi Barents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Warnack. Mrs. C. Whitten is visiting in thi lome of her dughter, Mrs. JOP Downs and Mr. Downs. in Vulgate translation by St. Jerome. , The Protestants' new "Revised Standard Version" was authorized by 40 denominations. Publication is sponsored by the National Coun cil of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. Original manuscripts, some of i them discovered in modern times, \verc used in clarifying involved passages and outdated usages and correcting old copying errors. Following are other excerpts: Old King James — Gcnsis 11:1 — "And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech." New Revised — "Now the whole earth had one language and few words " Old Douay — "And the earth sva.5 of one tongine and the samn speech. New Confraternity — "The whole Incompatible Dear Miss Dix: I have been go-| ing with a very fine fellow, Joel, | for about six months. We broke up about two.' months ngo 'because we hadn't been agreeing too well. Ho is very quiet and shy — I am just the opposite. 1 honestly admit mat at times 1 was loo noisy and even made a scene occasionally to ' liven things up. Joel didn't approve j ol! my exuberance. Me thought 1 would never settle down, and we ori'sj up. . Now I really miss him and realtsc I Uic.i j nav.c oeon loolish. J. am sure i£ I could see Joel, he Could be convinced of the change in my actions. . R. M. Answer: You are fa'c'cd with more than mere regret for past Doisterousnoss. You and Joel are fundamentally opposed in character; and your, .problem is whether the gap botiveen you can ever be bridged. If you 'have a naturally gay; vivaciouS"rinture. he will never like it; 'you on the other hand will never be'' 'able to adjust to his Secrecy of Government Hit by GOP 'WASHINGTON W 1 )—A Republican report says Democrats during th" Homer Ferguson of Michigan, The committee Is headed by Sen, Robeit A, Tatt of Ohio, ond decides party policy on major issues in the Senate. The report snld secreby in g6v- c-rnmenl bad increased slowly since 1033 and "reached its climax under Truman" whoso fldmihlstriv lion it snld used censorship,' 1 con Marion Davies to fb>s Party With $25,000 HO! l "'" 01 By JAMBS BACON past 20 years hnvc "stolen" the people their right to from know what their government is doing. It said the scope and methods of " governmental secrecy have grown to such'proportions under nl and deception to keep th«| BOLLYWOOD, iff) — Mnriorf Davin the dark about federal), onco moVHnnd's most labu- public in the dartt noout ioacfaijj eSi onco moVHnnd's most lobU^ atTniis. « Uoun hostess, will tosr a SZS.OOO "In one way or anothoi the [party tomorrow night (or Johnny vvl'ole of govturtmont has been Rny, n singoi 1 she must huvd hoard poisoned by this infection of scci'e- but never has nut, cy," the itport sttld. Thu soiree gives every indication "Truman is tho author of three of being the biggest soclnj affair famous executive orders having as m Hollywood In yours. The their aim first, Ihe concealment of nnco list, numbering 800 already executive action from CDngross — arid ftrpWIng-rend? like 'pages second, tbo slow strangling 9* fyom the moV every means of communication ~j Miss Oavies press, radio, tolevigton^nd moving the Truman administration thati p , c i u , cs an rt third, tho, 'deliberate even Congress "hnft iivfh/hl ffir In-! _. . _» ..... ____ ~.».di« Mn u^t^i n n«t n i 1^. f or m allon before Newspapers, it added, often can) political get facts only If reporters "turn! The throe j, — . — , — !..,.. ., _. _....!-._„ — , — ^. i .. * _ .ii "has to fight for ln-| use of supposedly, confidential In- •c it can legislate.", { ormtt tion in an 'attempt to destroy identified themselves into detectives and glim ,shqo;artists." •• '•• '• -I 5 '. •'">'•'.•'.''* The accusations were innde In a 12, 000-word report prepared by 'the staff of the Republican policy com quiet mood. will you meet Mobpitgl Notes Branch Admitted: Mr. James Almond. Rt 3, Hope, Mrs. Hale Bowden, Rtj 1, Hope. Discharged: Mr. Orville Powell, Hope, Mst. Don Powell, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Hale Bowden ol Route 1, Hope, announce the arrival of a baby girl, Oct 1. earth used the same language and the same speech." Old King James — Genesis 9:0 — "Who sheddcth man's blood, by man shell his blodd be shed: For in the image of God made he man." New Revised — "Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man on common ground? Even love can not accomplislv'so .great a mira.clu Are you prepared to spend tho years oc your married life quietly reading, or 'conversing'.' There will be no partieSi no dances, no gay companions. Always you will bo repressed. Marriage Wouldn't Work If a six month's friendship pro 'tis the 1047 a loyalty iri?i September,* . JpnUfiry 1 opening mittce in trie'Senate. It was dis-j turns to thd tosp(jo|tpn v <jl, thp tributcd from the office oC Sen. ate ru]t?s camhil,Ua<><7' f ort the p^onc and 'sho bride, tha tp}' son. Mm, Htiy Chorlte^ MiwUon,* Mccambo. But what brings < town, ironical at Olro'8/tfte Stmstst Strip night* J •Olro'* signed, » enKiigment, nt the th'st In' Johnny's romarioo ' , fc , with Ray PtTRtClA STEPHEN m-NEAL-McNAUY PLOMATIC URIER NEFF Julia Chester Adnifitted: Mrs, W. E. Bruner. lope,' Mrs. Hanson C. Jackson ol •lope, Mrs. Joe Bcaty, Hope, Joan fohnson, Rt 3, Hope. Discharged: William Thomas El der, Rt. 2, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bcaty of Hope announce the arrival of a daughlei. Extra: News & Cartoon Rose Turns Story Into Life Drama By JAY BREEN NEW YORK, (UP)— The of the Roses," Broadway's in his own image." Old Douay — "Whosoever shall shed man's blood, his blood shal be shed: For man was made to the image of God." New Confraternity — "Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shell his blood be shed for in the image of God man was made." Both new versions change "thcc" and "thous" to "you," except in prayers to God. Other archla 1 forms, such as the 'cst" and "eth" verb suffixes, are eliminated. Although the first eight Old Testament books of the Catholic translation were put out in a special %olume today, years of work remain to complete the Bible. The finished Protestant revision shows the changes over the entire scrip tures. Here are a few: Old — Proverbs 1512 — "The tongue of the wise useth knowl- "War duced disagreements between you and Joel, do you think marriage would automatically produce com- patioility? 1 assure you it would not. Slight differences in temperament arc not a hindrance to happiness — in tact, they are often con- uuctivc to harmony — but when nidjor divergences arc involved, Ganger looms ahead. Vou would undoubtedly be much letter ol'i if you trjcd to find friend who s equally fond of good ui-a dllu feay l_utii t v(4ll>. 4Jl/UL».<Joir your own exuberance, docs need toning uown, but ; it 'should not pu entirely killed. The world need), mugotur, and blessed arc those Wno can give It. edge aright But the mouth fools pureth out foolishness." Revised — "The tongue of wise dispenses Knowledge but_ of fools pour" out of * RIALTO • TODAY & TOMORROW A Screen Full of Your Favorite Western Stars! JACK HOLT TOM NEAL "f UZZY" ST. JOHN "Dalton's Women" AJI9: Comedy & Sporri can't marry her . the father »id. play today, eomplete with English butler and 'flopping gumshoes. Bantam Bifiy .Rose cast himself as a modern' Sherlock Holmes, and his detective's eye saw plenty of potentional villains. He revealed his suspicions in a soliloquy based on three questions, {n doing so, he hinted he had found some rlues to the mysterious .disappearance ol 629 antique pieces from his Beefcman Place mansion. 'The scene of act two was the luxurious town hwjse where v bantam Billy and curvaceous former swimming star aieanor Holm once lived in marriec bliss, ' Rose came iwn the scene in a melodramatic tenner by wa; the basement Itst Satvu^ay njght while the leading \ady. Miss Hphn was in Florida. He had since chAP^ed (he loci QJ the door- Tb* most pertinent aiwry Ijurte^ by So?e in his n?^ fr^te f>f private eye was directed £{ Jfurray Mackay. Miss Holm'«-"3PnglUh butler. "Did you le§x« as inventory, in it fpr the letter Hilleth, spirit giveth We." Revised — "Not in a code but In the spirit, for ten code kills, but " We." Old — Song ot Sojo'mpn Pear Miss Dix: Though I am only 16, I am v deeply Jn love wi,th a boy of 20. I have-built high hopes of marrying him in the near future, but he is continually letting m,e'down. Lately he has, often failed to come to the house after he promised to be thews', SJpr three weeks h e didn't see mC«f ftMt *«» ft ^h^^a'st.rMllkj'4 ^W>«nyWri. UvfCti LT.tijif ^K I ^.:i. ^/"^l A »«. ' * r d ypur nnajn f in of 97 pack o| art awl Mid • i called h,i»'Jace'of« s«i and e wo»J4 1s like a roe a gazelle, pr 9 young stag r you as expeditlously O14 —Luke 6:98 that ye mete be mesiured to you and my -big|e»t cannot ttlfe to way I would (ike t<?;W* fta^f i been ctPI*- Po you thtak would 'For the sam? you give will be the m*a»ure you back." " wanted to know.: "Pid you repwve or direct some- else to remove from the Seek- n Place house valuable objects Mr, Answer: to talk t« No. S to Holm's attorney heart wj& ieic teen-age ifegn IA met years tt w Arthur QarfieW t»n4 tfceir cto4Wre«, aUomey) tfast aptb- be removed from tbe tjie f auU lie* in the f«*t that an Place bnu«e and t>a» " rootber daeu) 1 !

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