Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 17, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 17, 1894
Page 5
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DUNLAFS Celebrated Hats. Stiff: Soft and Silk. SPRING STYLES! DEWENTER, THE HATTER. OBSERVE The announcement of Tucker & Young THE PEARL ST. TAILORS, Their New Spring Goods are ready for inspection. Special attention is called to their $20.00 suits made to order. Yours Truly, "PUCK." •POWD£R- PUREST AND BEST. POUNDS,20$. HALVES,lO<t.QUARTeRS,3$. DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY MORNING. MARCH 17. This in St. Patricks Day. New gloves at Patterson's. This Is Pan H»udle pay oar day. Orancos -I0c pock at Rothormol'g. Dollar ties 25 cents today, at Krans'. —A G. Jenkines. Trustee. All few goods In our opening sale. See advertisement.—Golden Rule. Cull and get prices on the best paint In the world at Bon Flsber'a drug store. Bo pure and see the "aatln striped patterns" at the Bee Hive. Somijthinj no*. Millinery and dry goods opening Mond»y rnd Tuesday, at tho Nov^ Fashion store. Our mrnoval sale still continues, and f'csh (roods were never so cheap. —Tbo Boi Hive. Our $2. *3 shoes are all worth ,f3 f>0 to $3 75 special price a few d-.ys only —Plllicg & White, Spring wrapa for ladles, mlsbesaid children, at tho lowest possible prices, at the Trade Palace. Walter A. House and Nellie Eekley, holh of JrtCkson township, were yes terday licensed to wed. The next theatrical attraction i» Gut Williams In bis fa'Orlto • Aurli Fool" March 23, n«ti Friday. 87 the adjustment of affilr < In the Broadway »bot ifun award last even. lag Mr, H. 0. Wllley, tbe well hn. wn tr»»elloir m»D WM declared the owner «f th* JUQ. which will oome lo good tor the tprlog »hooHng, YOUR SAME IK PRINT. of a Peraoual Character Oon- •erulUB Loganiporter* and Tlielr Vrlond* Fred and Mrs. Davis are visiting at BurDOtt3vi)lo. Mr. A. O Jenfcinos has returned from New York. Mrs Mollio Anderson has departed to her former home at Anderson. Wm. Lindormood, of Greencastle, (D., is visiting Iriends in the city. U. C. Eistwood, of Ft. Wayne, was calling on old friends hero yestoreuy. Mrs Chns Jackson is entertaining hor mother, MM. Stephen Lowe, of Mnnticello. Mrs. L B. Custor returned yester day if urn a. visit with her daughter at Ind annpolia. Mist Flora Crawford will be at her post at tho Fashion Store on Mondaj after a month's vacation, Misses Maud and Madge Maxwel entertained a party of friends at their home on oast Broadway last evening Mrs Louisa Longwell is entertain. Ing Mrs J. H. Whiteslde of Battle Ground and Mrs. Mattle Franklin o Young America. Rev. W. A White of Waynesburg, Pa,, is in the city. Ho will occupy the puiplt of the Cumberland Presb? terlan church on Sunday.. Mrs Ira Jones entertained a party of friends In a very pleasant manner at her horn* on Spear street last even- iofi- In honor of her sister, Miss Gaeso- vray, who will depart today for her homo in Dccatur. Ill Aqnther HI In tho matter of big fortunes which i ort people have bsen receiving hero of Into there is reported another, a fortune coming from Fatherland and which wi',1 largely benefit a Logansport lady, Airs. C. W. Miibser, the wife of a workman at the l j an Handle shops, who by tbo death of an aunt in Germany is left the third liuir lo u fortune of Mo.OOQ, l)i« share buir.tr #10.000 Tbe fortune was lo'i to ibrco ulsters, Mrs. Mus.-;or, of tbifcity, jllre. Bnv/mito of Ft. Wayne and Mra. Frank Lft&dahl, of Muncle. Tbe husband of tbe latter heir was bere veaterduy looking afier thoma.ler and bo placed the manor of the local claim lu tlie hands of Mr. S. M. Velsey for collection. Who tvlil be tbe next Loganeporter to fall heir to a considerable fortune? tle-e lately there seems to be nothing like it. _ At tbe down town temperaco meeting lust evening R v. W. U. H Mann addressed a large audience. ' The meeting will be addressed thi* even- Ing by Boa, J. T. Beyer. " , THESE STATEMENTS ARE TRUE. Tlie Journal'" Unlly and \Vtehlr rirculalloo Lnricer Tliau That ot'AuVOtber 1'aix.T In Hie <'HI--A HncttPHilou Cor \itvffiintr*. Messrs. Goo. I'. Howell A Co., publishers of tbo American Newspaper Directory do not make any stateir.cr.te i-CKirdinpr the circulation of any newspaper unless tho sumo '-na be substantiated by the existing facts in tho uaeo. In view of this fact the Journal Is pleased to publish tho following statements which wore received from Messrs. Kowoll & Co. with the assur ance that they had carefully invest! £at,od tho matter and found tbiit the circulation of tho Journal wus larger than'that of any paper in Lo£apspor und Cass county. Followlni: is statoments. STATK.MENT 1. The Da'ly Journal is tho only daily paper in Logansport, Ind., to which a guaranteed circulation rating will bi accorded in tho now edition of tho AMKKICA.N" Nuwsj'Ai'Eii DIIU-:C:TOUV fot 1S34. which will appear May 1st. Tho correctness of the ratine la guaranteed by a .$100 forfeit, offered by the publishers of the Directory to sny person who will show that the circulation of the paper is not correct ly stated. The cliculation accorded is aiso larger than any other daily paper in the piece is credited with. STATEMENT 2. lit Cass county, Indiana, according to tho AMBUICAN NKWSPAVEK DIUKC- TOKY for 189-1, now ID press, tl e Lopa nsport Weekly Journal ban* larger regular issue than any other paper and the Directory guarantees tbe accuracy of the circulation rating accorded to this paper bv the offer of a reward of $100. payable to any person who will prove that its actual issues were not aa stated. The Journal will be pleased to sub stantlate theio statements by ita prose room report* for the benefit of anyone who may bavo been in doubt in regard to the circulation of the daily and weekly papers of this city, and hopes that its hosts of advertisers may ap predate the fact that when they placs ;heir advertisementg in the Journal they reach the largest number o! people. Tbe Illugworth Cam;. Tho JjOgantport natural gas war continues to increase in violence, their natural gas monopoly being about the worst in the State, which it saying a good deal agalnft that corporation. The particular aggravation hich tbe Logansport people are just now trying to bear is tbo unprecedented and surprising interference of he supreme court In behalf of the pas company and against the citizens iOmo weeks ago the circuit court en. olned tbo natural gus company from rginfr more than ordinance rates, ind the injunction is still in force. As be company paid no attention lo tho rder of tho court an affidavit for coa- empt WHS .filed against it about a month ii£0, and upon a hearing the court construed the ordinnoco an warned tho gas company that fuUir violation of it would be punished Thereupon the company, withou taking an appeal, filed an Bl!id«vit i tbe supreme court, and upon their ap plication tho court, by Chief Jnstic Howard, granted a temporary orde restraining tho lower court from en forcing Its injunction by punishmen for contempt and enjoining the citi •/.eDt) of Logansport from making- com plaint. Under this order tho company cortinuid to charge ard Is still charg ing the rate which the circuit cour declared illegal and extortionate * » * * Judge Howard has oomi to the relief Of the Logansport octopui lo the unusual and remarkable man ner explained above. Tho Logans porters are justly indignant and nay well wonder whether tho people hav any rights under law and In plain contracts against a natural gas com pany which our highest court will respect and conserve. oC Out Engineer's Plaid Waists 25 cents. Engineer's Bib Overalls 35 cents. Engineers Overalls, without bib, 25 cents. $1 50 Percale Shirts 50 cents. $1.50 Undershirts and Drawers 50 cents. Red fleece-lined and natural wool Yacht Caps, blue and 40 cents. For men, boys and girls. $2.00 Fedora Hats and Derbys $1,00, $1.00 Neckwear, ALL DAY, for 25 cents. Come Today. A.G. JENKINES, Assignee The Otto Kraus Stores. Where He Wan Barn. Crawfordsville Star; "What do you think of Crawfordsville audiences," asked a Sunday Star man 01 Walker Whitoslde, tbo tragedian. "They are. as the boys put it 'All High,'certainly they appreciate hard work and bett endeavor. They are quite critical, still very fair and I like to appear baloro them. Where vrae I born? Well, I don't remember; but I am told it was at Logansport; but, I grew up to man's estate at Louisville and spent several yoarf at Denver. I guess Indiana has LDP right to claim the honor, If honor t bo to claim my birth. I am look- Ing forward with pleasure to appear. again before a Crawfordaville audience. ^ TbA ITIodern Way lommeuds itself to tbe well-informed, j do pleasantly and effectually irnat wa« formerly done In theorude*t man. ner and disagreeably as well. To Cleanse the* stem and break up cold*, es and feveri without unpleat- ant after effects, use the delightful Uratire remedy, Syrup of Fig*. A Itamor 1'nfoiindctl. Some time ngo there WRB a rumor ;ained current concerning tbe itllogod mttiap out of the way of John Qu!^- oy, a man who worked at Cy Myer's restaurant and around his hotro some ime before the death of the latter. This rumor alto associated tho disap- (earanco of Quigley with Iho later iuiclflal death of Mr. Myors. While bo matter had been talked about and orncwhat discussed publicly there was little general discussion of the matter. Yes terday tho subject came up again stronger than ever—a matter as reliable as tbat which classed Jonas Parker among tho dead last week. A Journal reporter investigated the rumor and fov.nd, of course, that there was nothing in it. As a matter "of .'act, Qulgley, the alleged deaJ man, has been living at his old homo at Goodland, Ind.. for sumo months past to which place he had moved after his dissipated habits had led to his dls~ mi'sal by his old employer and tho rumors that ho. had been foully dealt with wore, naturally, unfounded and cruel. The public presontatgon of a very painful matter is made solely to set at rest a very distressing rumor and it is thought that there will be nothing further heard from on this line. Mt, Patrick'. Day. The services for St. Patrick's day will bo hold at St. Vincent do Paul Church at 10 o'clock. At this service a lecture will be delivered bv Rev. AH To Judge Ko««. Indianapolis New: The decision o a case in favor of tbe Pennsylvanl Jiallroad Company by tho Appeilat Court yesterday has led certain o Judge Ross' critics to comment on th court's decision in railroad cases Since January 1, two cases of th Pennsylvania Company, they say have been decided in the corporation" favor by tho courl to waieh Judgi Hoes belongs. The critics say ho ba been an attorney for the Pennsylvania Company, and ought not to have par ticlpatod in thedeclsioDS, Jud^eHos was not here today to attend the court's consultation, and hig state mcnt could not bo obtained. For Sale at Auction I will sell at auction to tto bighet bidder on Saturday, March 17th, a 2:30 p. m.. tho two-story 40x60 barn, situated on the West Knd addition to Logansport. Terms to suit. JOHN R. KENNMDV. ADDITIONAL. LOCAL*. Children's suits with two pairs of Leo. Harrlgan, C. P., of Plttsburg,' the subject of the lecture being "St. Patrick" and the Irish Character." A p'ecial program of music has been prepared for this occasion. Lambi illotto's celebrated mass has been urepsred by the following members of 3t. Vincent do Paul ohoir: opKiiiOS— Ml'ws Macpln Iwl.'in ;m'I NHIIe K AUoV-Jilysi'S Katie .Knrrei and C.Tile Carroll Tenor-Mr. A} WnriJ. Biuwo—Mr. J. ,T, liltigfiTt, OrKiinisl-Mi-s. A, ,]. Qiicaloy. 1'bo ohoir will render tho follow* p program: Lninblllocte l.iiubllloite ire M»rla ................................................... Own* pants, 4 to 14 years, worth |3.50 challenge price |1. 98.— Harry Frank. Rochester Sentinel: Logansport is paying an annual rental of f 10,000 to an electric light company. The oon tract ends next January when the city will put in Us own plant, having discovered tbat private rental* will pay running ex pen tea so the city will get its servicti free. The Jones Lumber Company are moving from Erie avenue to Fifth street to the Torr yards near the Wabash depot. The contracts hare been let by the adjacent properly holders on Erie avenue for the street work and a part of tbe avenue from Fifth street east will be improved and ready fortravol inside of six^y daye. LOOK HEREI If you want to buy or sell o house lot, If you want to buy or Bell a fare;, If you want to buy or gel) a stero. If you want to trade city property toy a farm, If you hare any cheap houses /or sale;., Call on M.M.GORDON, Room No. 1 and 2 Spry Block, lx>ganepcrt, loc. I wUl be A candidate for TrmsurCT of tho <i: of Losaimport, BUbJoct w tho will ol tlie Bepiili!! cim do Nominating OonvoiiUcH. O. B. flAKfit-S". Kubniarj 33, 3>*W. I will to a candidate for Treasurer of lie i of LMsnuport. /inbjBct to II* will of tbe can Cltr Nominating OonvenUoo. A. Losn. Ixxpuuport. Ind,, Ffbrnarr H, I8M. I Will be a candidate for MMdnaUon for tin- office of Cltj Twwrorwr s utijen to the wllloft>e BnpuWkaii Convention. j. D. JULLUUN. Login?port, Ind., >Vt3runr> 19,18M. 1 will be a i-aodWui* lot Tnwmuer el the e|tv if Locanipott, «ob]f>ct U) tlw will of tbo Ki-pu»- tt&DCttTNoia|Baikig GiriTcnMon. J.C. (O)POWIO.T^ , H.'irch (i. 1KW. J. E. Irwin o( Bourbon, lad., ha,ri iurchased the complete and -.veil elected Battery drug store o.- tie Vest Side and has taken pottts ion. te is a young man ' f experience anil will make a good addition to l.of.>->- ort's buslncEB luteresU. He w;l'. ring his family bore and reside over le store. Business compels u* K> offer f!J(5r;*aJ. ducemente for « Ir.ut uaye. S<-." !l;e jvely shoes that ?i.!)8 w;;l h;;r.- ~ Pilling & White. „ liiniW lotte leiituilistus L-uibi'iot e ,gnus Del Liuiiblllotus I J rof Steinhart's full orchestra will ccompany organ and choir. Larjro lartJes are coming from neighboring Itles to be pre-oot at these services, u d St Patrick's d»y today promises to be a day long to be remembered by t, Vincent de Paul congregation. • Spring negligee or percale ehlrtp,' worth from $1 to $1 50, choice of all 0 cents, the best bargain jet.—A. G. atitgnee, Otto Kraus, :••')'• NOW THIS IS A FACT | Carl W. Keller & Co., the Me. ^ chant Tailors, lead them all in the i Spring Trade. ^ LOOK AT THEIR PATTERNS Ask any man in the city the way their clothes are made to fit and then know th« truth. CARL W. KELLER & CO. 311 Market St. t

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