Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 1, 1952 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1952
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tterlea a 1 >bog «. wo- average pinned 1o •f board j 'all employes: management has been 'Whether it plans to start a tb retain higher caliber es who haVe been offered tient Job* at three times esent salary. We don't, aterhent of the firm's fi- 'Uposition is attached. Allen' jdlfectod to the portion in r managemcnt also an* that if the employes wish jft a pivate fund to help the icct its expenses their con- will be gratefully acSigncd: The boss shook his head. Later in e 1 jnbrning he sneaked downstairs _ /a.haircut on company time.- Before attacking with bis shears, tfee .barber bowed and handed him a shell of paper covered with fig" 53D YSAfc: VOL. 53 -- NO. 301 •* H*M ItH. Pratt mi JM. II, HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 45 Cninese Prisoners Die Id Riot . "What Is this, Tony?" asked 120011 , *"• ounde U. S. Guari CHENJU ISLAND, — American soldier ijiards killed i4&. Chinese war pn w o u n d e d '120 othc Is today in "My prof it-and-lbss^ statement for tbe last 20 years," replied Tony; >"WA«t ao i eare,about that?" • .»* said Wilbur. • :&,, : ' -.,;':' jfe .''I'm <tired of hearing,the pub] ay barbers are scalping the: '' Tony. "You will please my car is five years old and.I: 'still Using the same scissors '. started business with. Just. can-'V| j ic attoraf a new pair/' -. : . .;7_ ?1 ; - Two Arnor j c a«s fascinated, Wilbur studied • the , sl j gntly j n t(, e figure. After work he dropped into among Communist a bar across-the street. With his S j nce last February. martfu the bartender held out a | Tne ,jie .hard Ch|icsc smashing a bration .of . third of 'the Chinese Comn forea, (UP) loners and wild, foi ilddcn celc- ^anniversary --"-' Repub- injured rioting prisOl inert Beds blackf notebook. >yjllauntihg 6bmmunist [banners: 1 an |"Mf income tax payments f<*f'singing Red songs, .Stacked th rteths list five years," he said. "The, Americans when, two) platoons- PpoUtieians say they are clean as aD out 70 men— charged into th a hound's tooth—well, I'm cleaner nriso'rt cornbou n toothless hoUnd. You can see payment for 1949. I want to that in details. I worked Brother that year, and '•wiy- lows 1 when he works for. a of his own family he iven steal enough to., •e taxes" . later,-*when .he 1 entered his neighborhood grocery store, Wil- was dazed to see the butcher scribbling like mad. -'The housewives are demanding a complete accounting of my fi- »anc'e,s," he said. "They even started an ugly rumor that I was curing my lUmbagb with, a ''mus- "plaster made** bf $100 -bill?, with me, M^ Feeble. I you to know the^full 'truth." JT ,,j>ur followed hirp''|o the. back ^Mn?;whcre the, butchW^ljeeied to waist. Five $10 bills were ban- caged aqjqs's l( pne, kidney- '*>Av*' i • "Vpu carr j see how easily things get exaggerated, can't you?" demand^d the butcher. • ® •' Wftpur laughed to himself all the way home. ^ - - •> "Tbe political candidates now ) have, got the voters following their bare-your'- bankbobli .campaigns," he told his Wife, and added joking: "When are you going to give 4? v p«blic report on your private fujr b nnnfr funH '*•.'' '"'' ' ' • ''' prisoin compound to qiicll the den oration.' •.' .Entrenched behind four-foot hit stone wall foundations of' t lhd new winter quarters,; the Cttha s fought^with stones, vicious bfrbfc iped staves, and poles. .I'thbtfgh the initial ann«nc ment did not specify what wqbons were used by the Americanslpris- on command officials said ntt o: the prisoner casualties were fusee by "bullets:" Prison command officialsjearc Continued 'on Page T Chancery Court Thursday, Circuit Court Is Oct. 6 The October session of the Hemp- Stead Chancery Court will convene on Thursday, October 2nd, with Judge James H. Pilkinton of Hope presiding. The. following cases arc on the docket for trial: Pearl Roscnbaum vs Newton ROsenbaum. R. M. Lagrone, Jr. vs Henry Linton, el al. 'Edward Free vs Mailio Bcli jTle- nory. In addition to liic (.rials, several other matl'jrs will be heard pertaining to cases already tried. Among these are a motion to vacate a previous decree of the -court in the 'case of John R. Harris vs Barto Hill which involves some land in north Hcmpstcad County, and a pclition for ciation for contempt of court in the case of Para- Ice Murphy vs James Murphy'. The Chancery Court will complete its October docket this wojek and the Circuit Court will convene on Monday, October 6, for the rcg ular fall term, with Judge Dick Huie of Arkadelphia presiding. A*, MM MM j Local Breeors CopSomeN^ns dt State" fund "I'm glad you brought that up Wilbur," said •Trellis Mae She.wen to a vase and shook out a sinal storm of paper. ' 4| The fund is empty," she said "But I have ten of your I.O.U.' totaling $150. What I want to know* is what you did with the money. 'And don't tell me you used it to fight Communism. Are you subsidizing the new blonde stenographer i+m your office?" • iiri Wilbur's mouth opened and closed like a winded goldfish. "I deny all," he said. "I will not dignify such baseless accusations «with an answer. This trend toward financial nudism has got: to £top somewhere, and it is going- to stop right here." But if you think it did — well you just don't know Trellis Mac, LITTLE ROCK. Ufl — A [-year- old lass from North Littl Rock reigned over the rodeo ane 13th annual Arkansas Livcstf Show today. , ; . , Frankie Goss, daUghte and Mrs; 'J. ' F,. Goss Little Rock, /last night contestants Mr. North ifeated Ro'deof^ueen; and'*wln a Sdlebag full"of'pr|zes. - I Riding her beautiful lomino, which she trained hcrselfjss Goss won among othe"r thingk white horse', complete riding ojt and a ueen by Wherfjshe was cro^vn ciatiorg thife'wmner gavnuch of the credit' for her vicf to her horse, but added: -"I k't want her to see my new ho| because she'll be Jealous." It was Qte second mpt by brown-hajwa' Fankie win the coveted title. She won heavily- iraided, gojf. velvet Ing habit parade (fore the PMA Program Has Many New Features One of the important features ol ;he 1953 Agricultural Conservation Program will be the contact of individual farmers by their electe< #M'A :-• community CommUtijdrriefi', Says H. B. Gilbert, ehairrrian ot the Hempstead County PMA Com mittee. The soil and water conservation practices to be carried out by the Hempstead County farmers under the 1953 .ACP will bo those which the individual farmer and his -com munity committeeman determint are the most needed on the farm In the chairman's opinion, thi important step in program develop-1 ment can be expected to result in reaching more acres with needed conservation practices and in using . Agricultural Conservation Program assistance for the most urgently needed '• practices. The chairman explains that when the community committeeman visits an individual farm, ho will be prepared to go over the farm field by field with the farmer and help determine what practices are most needed. A year by year schedule of conservation operations worked out for each farm will enable"'rtlie farmer to use program assistance most effe ' ROYAL INVESTITURE—Assisted by an aide, Air Commodore Prince M. C. Ransiyakorn Aphkom, of Thailand, dons one of tho new. nylon bullet-proof vests during al visit to the Korean front Thejprlnce is deputy commanding genarnl of the Royal Thailand Air Force Tactical C rnmand.' Arkansas Cities Want Air Service WASHINGTON, Wl — More Re - presentatives from Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas cities lined up today to give their views on proposals of Central Airlines, Inc.. tc continue and expand its feeder service in the area. A score of others who appeared before the Civil Aeronautics Board Is Truman a Talking Like Lobbyist While Ike Attacks Foreign Policy "V •jft By EKN68T B. VACCAHO ABOXRO TRUMAN TRAIN ..., Proildont Truman, dodldittiif * tho 10a-mlUibh dollar Hunjjry Horse &\^~~*. *• u j.l.-^i.^j «** .>... ? teL. ..;»..• t W. Dam,- aacuscd l«ht D. n i n a OetM 8R|lnsi ^uSi "proleA. «dH%unf ing 5 "th^&epubUoap B»My, Trurhah aft id the Republican presidential 1 ' ^nominee is talking "like qne 1 bf^p lobbyist* tor the private poWeJ^BnopQli^". and if \«'> w >• . 'Aboard KlacnhowW; 1 Special, 'l#i 1 L throgoh: kichigah today , the -OpocraUc, lendcrfthlp V Wa« hvigo crowds gatharod "MichiganTdrlvo b. andjiBvoanad 9, another struc- tho At'» N aw Approach to Oil Problem Considered ho' is ( time befor' turn of thl' It wns ' another speech in President's^ cooly caldulatod tempt', to destroy i filWitthOW(?^s prcstlno in a "glvo 'on? Wtt" cam* pHljm tout' tro|ti coast; lo'ToiiHt. ; Truman i$ working,tho.rolo; ol the Democratic paifty l ^j. l ,.'hfttohet man" with, the calm'wiol'^le^tlo tiSBUrance of n vqtpr«>fi Cftmpai, or going abbuiJ^lUajr Vv<)tKi Leaving his oampHlgn train 1 Columbia Fall^, -Mont f , he viewed the dam and drove on to 'Knllspell for a dedicatory speech In tho high; The presidential/ din , drew, an oatlrimtod Bay dltyuttd n - f ^ - • another aw; HfQ,000 yesterday were ireponderately favor of Cffi'itral's applications)' in The five-member board .ope.ned r '' two^day the recommendations of examiner Ho|aSTON, (UP> — A lending troleiim consultant today cal for a; "new nnd constructive proach" to the problems if the free world Is safeguard its position. Waftor J. Levy of New York said this is a vital need in view of the growing oigri pil^flperalions of and %itjsh companies, Herbert K. Bryan, Who heard 1 the- evidence in the: case. ^Central now;?ervcs a score of ciliesi in the thi;ee states. It ha» asked that its operating authority be*-renewed, that it be allowed to add some cities and eliminate oth ers in Oklahoma Kansas and Texas arid that it be allowed to expand with segments, through Arkansas with terminals at Memphis and Shreveport, ,. ; -.'; f , Bryan recommisnded: That operating.- authority be ex tended for five years that Central be allowed to",'.d.rop Winfield- Arkansas City, Kans., .Wewoka-Hpl. denville, Okla,, and Greenville and school gymnasium^ "All, of you wh^> ^a had better go ovejp o he,re today and take an- thomoUhqt ho Is on a crusadoit good Bpvcriunent bosod «» » ^ termination to aclilovc a of ,colloctlYO security, pralaod the record of OOP Senator, Arthur f a,»proa<ih, to Ttoreigp Ho accused .tho ad „ „ crushing a bipartisan approach tc lorsign policy by tryjng-W tak$ al tho credit for tho good things ane blaming Republicans for?the,bad Ho promised that if Octcd prat Idont ho,Would cobporate ,wl),K;iJqr bcrat^jaKd make them. "r« n«rV In working out basic 1 • 1M( of • ecoribftiic' "prfissUrei ;c before the petrpiurh Kti the American Institute' of the judges. r contestants faded most effectively. V. Mr. Gilbert ^ take advantage* of to get the most effective help from Gaifiesville, r Tex, >hftt^it add Still wat.er, Okla,, la this rotate that the 'board deny Central's "request for an Oklahoma City-Dallas Lirto via Chickasha, Lawtoq-'Ft. Sill and Duncan, Okla. that Central bo allowed to expand frorn-kTexarkana to Little Rpck vja, Hot Springs and that' a Little Rock-Msrfiphis ^eg- ir.ent via Pine Bluff, gfii%art and fa.rrhers lene^Power_of Hot sJgs, Patsy Smith,Vce-p^crry the program, fjcp; Ai-,man and frornY Three Automobiles Recovered by State Police Arkansas State Police recovered three stolen cars in this district rday. one followed a 95-milg our chase -;from Nashville ioj esburg which ended in the a'r- a couple of 13-yearTOld Tex- Itths. olman Lou Luter tried, to stop uths at Nashville and chas- to Lockesburg before tney ibd by a road block. The both 13 years old, live at Ule, Texas, but stole the ; Sulphur Springs. They were to the,FBI. 'riven off without the at, GreenhjUl Motor Barton of Ft. of Sprmgdale fftd.Fi Miriyard of Russellville. I Meanwhile the serifshow busi ness of choosing plaining livestock centered on btand dairy cattle and Poland 01 hogs. In the beef cattle felon, fords and Aberdeen-fus bied for attention, Lovey's Hereford ich o| JJ^r rison showed the.tonreford bull and Glenn Wifllace " showed the cpW male. Reserve champ hibited"'" whose Ned eral Soft Priok cornmittqe- ., , ., - ^-agencies ay|ul. able in Uie county to BjMfe him with his conservation problems. It will be a teat of the committee sySttm and a test of the to assure the production, , As tbe>-eha^rn.an *evs8grt sej,,. jamde|C'^L Dorado should -[be delayed _ T ,_ T __i8 ma^e In a Texas service case, he added. L Altl T * " * ~ — J ' ing -and Mctallnugical"' Engineers. "Some of these problems," JS,tvy note'd.' "have now been t highlighted In the cartel c h a V,$JW against the petroleurrP indust the IT. S. Federal Trade <a Cornml8 slon." 0" « ' Avoiding comment'On a: of the FTC. Charge " must be taken into "vital national and tcrcsts, not only States but of tho wl are at «tako.' Tho issues, Involv leurn confiultant too important "to cat .... W95 RiPlted up here ' fef Cooper Charlie Boydi- « released Because the him and wouldn't pros PA, euto

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