Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 30, 1952 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1952
Page 14
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i>& ($**' * r e' ( M0M IT A*, HOM, AKKANSAS ifftjMP ilation Is Jem to Nations 'itjJtct (tJnrlrig hi* )fa C, B, PiOmat, '' Ino Mot Sprlng» view* of ordinary •WflK-ld problem* jttfc done or bfVO Uiefri.) B. PALMER ||y, Sept. 21 Via Air fortunate today in Jmrf wliu him spent w In tho rfe»r K«»t find and who has b»«n In tmly for ,, , »llu»Uon In t»f U>« bl*rt birth . tfan hn» been « ifrlotw economic proWcir, In Hilly, although th« prciwnt birth r*to, «* »h**n by •tfltldtlcd, l» comparatively low, Thin U t>*ciu*e many pro§p«euv* father* w*«. Hilltd 4urtn« th« *•'• . i.pproscWnK maturity an«t th« nan* fo* y«arji are e«rteta <o bring an other lnwr»a*« l« «*• Wrtb rBte ; My informant «»vn me His opm of populnUon problem* In MuritrU-s I" which ho hurt Democrats Say Ike Should Unveil Income •y LYUI 0, 8PRIHOF1KLD ,tl»,. (UP) nr o c o n ft d » n I now th«i Oeit, D, Eluonhowffr mM«t »f- vc/il hi* own ppnionul finanol*! hintory nhowlna « whopping mon rlDUl , «. Art iff MONIHtr CHANII Of A vfiy »erioun ulluntlon exist* In. India where preiwire of population on foml resource* l« connlnnlly In- crrimliiK nnd no other country to w«lcom« Indian Immigration Thin mnn lolel me Uurmn could solve llx problem If thif people wold bi» Induced to mlgrato to the northern aocllona new lightly pop ulatcd, In Maliiyn tho ulUutllon In very mllwr wnd there IH lh« »nme difficulty of inducing people t<> move mil of to* tin nnd rubber producing »!•'«»* to ri!«lon» whnre they can Hammerstein Again to Turn Actor By BOB THOMAS HOUUYWOOU '4'i - For the n«-o ond time In bis notnMfl career Oscar Hammenitetn ri Is turning!young man, 1 he related. "I stct«r. But It's merely to further f,tagc manager for one of my un way hl» lenthy romance with the thca w M lhI,n,olf in 'Main Street to Broad-] money out clc's plays, and the script called for the stage manager to come on «nd say a few lines. So I played myself. But the play only Id tho Kaat Indie*. Java IH one nt th« moot densely • populated MrtHis in tho world, but Sumatra i.n<l other Inlands could support (jreHtly Incrensod population*, However, lh» Jnvanesc arc reluct- aril to rttovp because It would went) leaving the grave* of their * Announcing the ., , ID ROGERS BUICK '• COMPANY (Formerly Roger Clinton Bulck Co.) 207 - 209 East 3rd Street I wish to tako this opportunity to announce that I have purchased tho Roger Clinton Bulck Company In Hope. I Invito each of you to come In and SOQ ?Vu*, and when you want complete Bulck ?'Service and parts be suro ond bring us ,your cor. SID. ROGERS HERB'S YOUR BOX SEAT TO THE WORLD SERIES parting Wednesday ; 1V.45A.M. ^ ifoliowlng programs will appear I^tw .times so that you may hear *e World Series i V:00 a. m. — Hymns of All Churches 1 {15 ,Qrm, -r- Noon News hiO 0,m, — KXAR Corral wfQ p, m» — Nqshville Hour * j. * ^ * i OTICE ppfortunity to x 4 now have profit from service In World War II, Tho profit came from tho general* war book. Oov. Adlal K, Hlcvenson. Onnv ocratlc proRldontlAl nominee, put the pressure on RUenhowor by publication of his own tax return* ulnce 1042, Hopul))lc»n vice p r it * I d e ntial nominee Sen. Hlchard M. Nixon appeared on television for his financial accounting last week, a comprehensive report but short of tnx return detail, Ben. John L Spwrhman, No, 2 on the Democratic ticket, Is In print with his flnan clnl story, although tho tax re turns Ihcmsolven still are to corno. Only Stevenson has laid hl« tax returnii on the table. If that Is good and the voters want It, Elsenhow ttr probably will have to d« thi (tamo, And (f tho general come through, the feat of Congress will be put to the Ire next session. Congressman will not past any li.w requiring publication of their own Income tax returns unless they are terrified , and absolutely convinced that the voters will kick them out ot office It they balk. Out tburo litnt much doubt that Btevensons Income tax move was ktnari politic*, Tho governor Is a counter puncher, willing and uble to bolt himself out of n corner In which the overall ruckus about secret funds ncemdd to have put him. This looked like his Sunday punch. The Nixon expense account ex |Ki»urtt backfired somewhat on thi. Democrats and on Stevenson, per mmully, A reulUllc political appraisal o .Stevenson'« publication of hln own Income tax returns makes It • rrosNliig request to Nixon that h tell more. More about his income i and outgo, that In. It WM» more than a hint to Els- enhower to lay hla Income returns before the public, including 1040 when he received gome or all of a flat cum tor tho book, "Crusade In KfUt COMO, Itiily. foi all p<:i«'m« •uthored tlrtn lam t.y th night; rw funt-rnl« dylnK I-T' 1 wi-r* city admlnislrn- tor. America'* must successful write of lyric* and musical plays willi lasted three weeks. |,(»tray himself in a film called I if rny performance had "Main Street to Broadway." Ill to do with that, but It will bn a co-operative utfair foa-! didn't help. luiinH most of the Broadway nlar* urid benefiting tho Council for thf J.ivlnlng Theater, The • latter I? aimed nt pumping llf« back into tho IfRll theater, now undergoing «,ni> <>f It* .periodic Illnesses. , cenn his partner, Richard Iiofl!5fTS, and th«ir wives. "The script call.? (or me to ask «r»meone for a match," Harmrier- I don't knowl gtein m ,. n ti fi rioU. •'Which is very in anything I tcrt . stjn(? ljccauso neither Dick nor Ttte Imht Of th<; full moon l» only »t'"Ut half a ttiilllorith of thnt from the noondny sun, Miirnniortteln was here to ••Funny thins. to be an .actor. certainly,, smokcs .» I Speaking about his favorite topic, theater. H;iminerstoin admit- I alway* wanted I did a lot of it In college, where 1 could write my ted that the way was a lust season on Broad- bad one. "But I sus- own rnatcrlnl, and direct and pro duce myself in it. But aftev wards i nobody would give me n chance to net. I j'iies« iny family, being so grandchildren and the louringj close to the ' theater, didn't want u-mipany i <if "South • Pacific" 1 asked him about his two widely M.>|iiiraled'acting chores. "The first was when I wus a to become an actor." around $70,000. "The problem is also a one There doesn't seem to much Design to the era we livinR in. No wondcf It is p,-. t -'i thore have been worse ones," I ff-r playwright^ to find ht- SMid. "Back in the '20s there to write about. weri> Mime Rood pl.'iys. But there wtrtt lot.s of o'.hcrs running that were pretty bad. "That's the trouble with the slajji- today there., is no margin forj aiwny» ™< ; "_;;'-"-^.^^ flvo aiw . pioblem. plays for minimum But h« has no doubt thi atcr will survive, as it hj> s . "Since the beginning time." he observed, is no mar-Kin for I always been people wh ? The man who wrote the words for error A .show lv;is to be a trc-j show off, and therei na as "Show Boat" and r.icndous hit or it can't last. Youi Lecn people wno wanicu will again be playing i used to Ue able to salvage some 1 and watch. ,_ such shows "Oklahoma 1 Duublt'day und Co.. published 'i.'ruhutie in Kurope' Nov. VII, 1048 ot $!t ii copy. KgtlmHtoti of the price punt lOKiiiniiower have run to $1,000,000, which probably la for too Perhaps fftOO.OOO to $700,000 would be donor to It, Doubleday and Co., told tho United Press that only lilnonhowor and four others know tho «alc prlcu — and they arent lulling. Not yet, any way. Stovonson hasn't boon doing too uucily $38,000 gros.i Income In llMii and a steady vise, the same Lt'inu the mark ot industry, gun- orally sound InvojtmonU and, of lute, about $15,000 a year in salary nnd emoluments accruing to any Governor ot Illinois. He reported $09,373 gross 1931 Income. Eddie Con tor Is 'Resting Will' HOLLYWOOD, 'tin — KUiilo Can tur wilt) ruHtUiH well lodwy In Co <iut'M ot l.cbunon llusplliil, whcr ho pUins to rcmali\ At ieusi a \voul bciuuisu ot whut his tloctur culls coinploto oxhau»llon," Tho (I0< j'OHr • old comic complained of toolintf III SunUiiy ni«hi uflcr (tntvhlnit hl» tirsl lolovlslou «ho\v ot thu RCUSOU. Dr. Julius KH!W lnui>odtnlely ordered him to the hospital, Search Starts for 80 Missing Fisherman KOTTKRD\H. 1** Netherlands (Jft "- American and AUiintlc Ocuan o«*t ot the A»oro» today, looklnu fur 80 persons miaslng (rom tho Purtuuuvao tishUia ' vessel Jouo Costa, which sunk lust vvcwk. A rudlo iv>os»aso received Uure anld the Amorlc»» (roighlcr Coin juiss, out ot Now York picked up 18 survivors yesterday uncl was conllnuing the nonrch tor ollu'rs. A French ship ond tho U. S. Coast Qunrti cutter Coos Buy also were combing the area, ancestor*. Betore U>o war the Dutch movod »evt>r»l entire vtl- iugcs, deluding the cemeteries, but conditions «r« «« unsettled liv Indonesia at prtaMiU vhal the pro- jji-ttnv U«8 Ro|t »j«f»i resumed by Ute new mdeiMmdent government. Sitttn «<H»W r»«*l H« problem tt Simneso wwW o*vly produce three rt*» croM a ywr^-whlch is (fs*siW«h*«n laud now pro- e ««««>, IfJrtMl*, WjCt ot UUs ctte crop i« WHwrtaB- A* «> «*• worthisrtt J»rt ot Slam i» comparatively llfhUy populated and could suppwrl p*ny »>we peo situation U similar to at lttdi», Th» Japanese «u-e W i»nBOfr*i« »ftd most e»unUi»s do noi w«lw»w« them. Is ChUv* *»* entirely un- th« pressuix ot popuUvlon U Uc- r« Urge pro* 's Save/ Walgreen Guaranteed 49* ASPIRIN 2 Bottles 0(100 JOHN P. (OX DRUG (0. DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 . WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS WHITE PINE with creosote, Tar & Menthol [Regularly 89cj 2 '- 90" B Bottle 200; 2 lor 80 C 8 /CD A Formula 20 Cream SHAMPOO Q<e_gularly TWICE as Much for One Penny Morel "Tidy" P' ajtic Spray Deodorant for the price of I plus You buy one item at its Regular Everyday Selling Price, Add a penny to get TWO! Triple Refined MINOYL Mineral Oil |Reg.. 63c Pintl "s64 c THURSDM WDM 39° of HYDROGEN, r'ali" Pint ••••ii^iiiiiiiii^.^^^—_-__ T| ^^ II |; 5° POCKET CO Hard Rubber P/easant Taste ORLIS Antiseptic Regularly 69c| 39 OIL, 3-oz. Bottle Big 9'Ounet Jar Perfection Hand Cream I R.guUrly 98T] 2 '«• 99* "formu/a 20'" LIQUID SHAMPOO JRtgularly 59c| 2 <« 60° 'Leon Laraine' FACE POWDER^, R.aularly $I.OO| 35 e EPSOM SALT Medicinal, 1-lb. Size . . . Luxury FRUIT or MINT DROPS 2i6 c liiiiiiJilll 98c SACCHARIN TABLETS Vz-gr. 1000 2199° Add STAIHLESS New Wafgreen's TOOTH PASTE with Chlorophyll Nature's "Green Magic" way j to banish bad breplh combined with flno polishing agents. Vitamins for Extra Vitality! OBa-Beron-i2 Vitamin B Complex, Liver, Iron plus Crystalline B-12 Mn 2 BOTTLES OF 100 98 .1.39 Olofitn COD LIVER OIL 2^50 VftUIKV 25 &R 39° 16-or. 49c Octint EYE DROPS 2150' Illlliiimiill Package Stationery 2 FOR 16 HMR BRUSH 2151^ 2\2V LIPSTICK Leon Laraine . .' CHILDRENS ASPIRIN Walgreen, Bottle 50 <t 5 ' GLYCERIN SUPPOSITORIES Infant or Adult RUBBING ALCOHOL Wajgreen, Full Pint ANALGESIC BALM Keller, I'/z-oz. Tube DIGESTIVE POWDER Bismadine, 4Vs-oz §t n ' Keeps You Fresh All O«> "Tidy" Chlorophyll STICK DEODORANT Rtguhrly 69c 2 FOR 98 •Ml ^f^^ Popular Po-Do SHAVE CREAM 2 i 59 "Perfection" COLD CREAM , [Regularly S9c| T«nntUe ANTISEPTIC POWDER .2I3 SHOE I, ACES 27-inch Milk of ag_^ Tablets 6-04.. ilUiiilUlllil Olafsei Irnl Oleim ••" ' 'nnq 999 filyecrii& MIUOF MAGNESIA 49c Tidy DEODORAHT 27c CAlAMtNE LOTION \Get ocTe of with any pv«cba8» 4 ill!

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